Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To be a White Person in the SuperDome in New Orleans in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina..

PK Note: Being a new dad can be tough. We'll be back to normal soon. Promise. 

With the 10th Anniversary of unnatural disaster of black savagery being exposed in New Orleans by the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina approaching, I had hoped to finish a book on the subject and the racial history of The Big Easy.
The horrors for white people found in the SuperDome during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina matched its facade

If you've ever been to Key West, Florida, you'll have experienced the type of city New Orleans could be were it not for the black population found there (it's rare to see a police officer in Key West, when it's shocking to not encounter a police officer every five feet in New Orleans).

To me, the widespread availability of camera phones, Twitter, and Facebook now would have been truly advantageous for exposing the truth of black depravity (more so than World Star Hip Hop now) had this technology/social media been in place in late August/September of 2005.

Though it was a few years away from transforming the dissemination of news/reality, Hurricane Katrina did blow a potent wind upon those hoping to cover unpleasant racial realities in New Orleans.

No horror, save for that experienced by the French slaughtered by the black uprising in San Domingo, can match what those white people trapped in the SuperDome experienced during Hurricane Katrina... courtesy of blacks. [Blacks Turn On Whites In New Orleans Superdome, ParaPundit.com, September 2, 2005]:

An Australian newspaper reports on black crime against Australians in the Superdome motivated by racial differences.
Brisbane's John McNeil, 22, told his family he'd witnessed murders, rapes and stabbings, and feared he would be killed.
Mr McNeil's father, Peter, said his son was with about 60 other foreign tourists who had fled the Superdome.
"They couldn't stay another night, the situation was so bad," he said.
"People were just staring at them and making suggestions that they were going to kill them."John's sister Susie said he saw shocking acts of violence amid fierce racial tension in the Superdome.
"It's turned into a black against white thing," she said. "My brother has witnessed murders, stabbings, rapes . . . it's like a Third World country."
The BBC similarly reports that British whites in the Superdome are being targetted for violence by blacks.
"Then last night our mother got a call saying the situation had deteriorated.
"He witnessed a good deal of violence, with scuffles going on and people breaking things.
"The National Guard moved them out into the basketball stadium next door where the very sick were being held.

Have any American media outlets reported about the racially motivated attacks on whites by blacks in New Orleans? Or is the taboo so strong in America that only foreign news services will mention it?
Update: The British wire service Reuters also reports on black hostility toward whites in New Orleans.
Valenti and her husband, two of very few white people in the almost exclusively black refugee camp, said she and other whites were threatened with murder on Thursday. 
"They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us," she said, 
sobbing. "They were plotting to murder us and then they sent the buses away because we would all be killed if the buses came -- that's what the people in charge told us this morning." 
Other survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder. 
"The group really feared for their safety because they were being targeted because they were the only white people there.
"The National Guard moved them out into the basketball stadium next door where the very sick were being held.
The truth of what actually happened in the SuperDome after the law and order established by white civilization broken down in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is still only the stuff of legend.

So, for the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, SBPDL invites anyone who lived through Katrina in New Orleans to come forward with their story. Tell it in exacting detail.

Tell the world what you experienced.

Because the only certainty in these uncertain times is that the lawlessness and African-style anarchy on display in Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans will happen again.


Anonymous said...

Hurricane gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

White Lives Don't Matter

Anonymous said...

Might as well put the "Super" dome on wheels and tug it on train tracks through the Napa Valley. Whoever said that blacks didn't add vibrancy to our culture?

An apocalyptic break down of law and order, a very good description.

Segregation, anyone? This video should be required watching for proponents of AFH. A giant case study on race relations complete with toilets overflowing with feces, shootings, stabbings and rapes.

That's what happens when there isn't enough white privilege to go around. We better pay up or else. /sarc

Californian said...

I wasn't there, but will state the obvious:

"It's turned into a black against white thing," she said. "My brother has witnessed murders, stabbings, rapes . . . it's like a Third World country."

New Orleans was not "like" a 3rd world country. It was a 3rd world country during Katrina. Or rather I should say, like a 4th world country such as Liberia or Sierra Leone, where things had totally broken down.

One also has to ask, how many of those foreign tourists trapped in the Super Dome were of the liberal persuasion going in, believing that Africans in America were simply white people with darker skin, and that if only people were nicer to them and treated them equally, they would behave the same as YT?

And yes, it would be interest to get some first hand accounts of what went down. Especially from foreign tourists, and what conclusions they came to re race in America.

Californian said...

Also, be interesting to get comments from anyone in law enforcement, emergency services or the National Guard. What they witnessed, what orders they were given, details on alleged gunfire at helicopters, and etc.

Anonymous said...

When looking up horror stories related to this one I stumbled upon a 2005 Post Katrina article on NPR. What I found most interesting about the article was this comment- there were boatloads of excuses for bad negro behavior even then:

"What you had was a situation where you've got a tremendous number of vulnerable people, and then some predatory people who had all of the reasons to take their anger out on someone else," Benitez says. "Drug and alcohol use is another contributing factor, and no police presence to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to, to whomever they wanted to."

It's as if the "people" that they are talking about have no free agency whatsoever. Not only slaves to the white man, but to misplaced anger, drugs and booze, and from too much free choice.

...to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to do, to whomever they wanted too.

I can see why people often compare blacks to children, albeit violent and sociopathic ones.

Anonymous said...

British blogger's account of her experiences in the Superdome.


Day Three:

I can’t smile anymore, and I can’t contact home, so how will I ever get out? We hear there has been a rape, a suicide and a murder in here. An Australian guy tells us it’s not safe to be alone. A soldier says the generator is about to fail, so we’ll be in darkness and a riot may break out. I’m terrified.

I only know this because I’m white, and the soldiers keep chatting to the British women.

When it was just Rob and me, the locals looked out for us, but now all the white backpackers have congregated into a group, its turned into ‘them and us’. I feel vulnerable.

The soldiers are looking more anxious. “People will go crazy and attack you!” they say. The girls spend the night huddled together, surrounded by a ring of guys. Two of them stay awake and break chairs to use the metal poles as weapons. I can’t believe it has come to this.

Day Four:

Last night was horrendous. I heard shouting, and drinks machines being smashed. There’s no sanitation and it’s so smelly. My hair is greasy and I feel a wreck. There are crack alleys among the maze of corridors. The lights are broken in the loos which, as well as being disgusting, have become dangerous, so we now only go as a big group.

More people are arriving, and the dome is like a refugee camp. I see two soldiers carrying a corpse and we hear there are more dead in the basement.

Some soldiers join us, as they are too scared to be anywhere else in the dome. Just when I think I’ll never get out of this hell, Bud, an Australian who has got to know an army sergeant, says it’s too dangerous to stay, as we’ll be mugged.

Suddenly we’re being smuggled out in groups of five, so as not to arouse suspicion. We don’t know where we’re going. If anyone knows we’re leaving already, they’ll go mad. As we walk through the dome, people throw bottles at us and shout racist abuse. God knows what they’d do if they knew we were getting preferential treatment. I feel so guilty.

Medic Bear said...

I deployed to NO right after the storm and then a few months later. Let me tell you of the barbarity and evil that I saw firsthand. 99.9% of it was from Blacks. They truly showed their uncivilized, evil, criminal, violent, impulsive ways - I swear the most hardcore DWL would have turned into a race realist if they could have seen the joys of multicultural diversity with their own beady little eyes. There were many times if we weren't armed, we'd have been killed & eaten (and more). F'ing evil animals.

Haman of Baboon Rouge said...

No worries, PK! Being a new dad should be priority #1.

Seeing as I'm a White human and unfortunately from Baboon Rouge (just 60mi down the road from Nig Orloons), my story was rather simple. Me and some friends packed up our White privilege and took a road trip to a friend's camp in Galveston.

I was finishing up college then and I recall feeling sorry for the refuse that the Katrina Colon Cleanse left in its purifying wake. Thank god that times change.

Gulf Coast SBPDL'er said...

During Hurricane Katrina I was just coming out of a divorce and working my ass off to try and pass the time while getting my bank account back in the black. I watched it on the news as did a lot of folks. Sometime after Christmas and the endless barrage of TV footage showing the dire situation, I put my life on hold to volunteer for relief work. I worked with a well known relief agency that provided me with shelter & meals in return for my labor and knowledge. I worked in New Orleans Louisiana, Pass Christian, Gulfport & Biloxi Mississippi. I volunteered for ninety days.
What I saw in those ninety days: I saw a bunch of volunteers (all White) working 10-12 hour days to improve the lives of others. I saw White people grateful for the help they received, often offering to pay or give us valuable items- which we always refused. They always thanked us after we finished a job and took pictures with our group. I saw the local White church members out helping their communities and neighbors. I saw a LOT of Whites helping everyone.
I saw lazy negroes sit on their porches and lawn chairs while drinking watch us work on THEIR OWN HOMES, never bothering to lift a finger, offer a cold drink or snack. But the biggest eye-opener for me was that for every negro we helped that said “Thank you”, there were five that didn’t even thank us at all. I began to notice the resilience of the White people along with their never ending generosity compared to the negroes sense of entitlement and greedy nature with supplies in demand. I did not see one single negro church group out volunteering. I did see a lot of negroes, but not working or contributing to the cleanup. Mostly they sat around drinking or were seen pulling trailers full of scrap wood and metal. Every line for assistance was 90% negro that I saw. Since 2005 I’ve made an effort to talk to other relief workers in the ten years since Katrina and noticed a pattern. Of course this is not news to race realists.
As a reward for my sacrifice while on the Gulf Coast I happened to meet and end up marrying my wife as a result of my volunteering. She is a race realist to the core and we are raising three race realist children. I live on the Gulf Coast now and while I am a regular poster here at SBPDL, I will post under a pseudonym as not to identify myself. The Gulf Coast is a wonderful place, full of race realists but it’s because the negro population here hovers around 37% (US Census) while I think it’s realistically more like 42%. The poor, dumb Whites here have been convinced that the negro is their equal and have interbred so much that a trip to Walmart would convince you that you’re actually in Brazil. Looking forward to other stories.

Anonymous said...

This story lends credence to the "rumors" I kept hearing after Katrina 'bout Navy Seals and what-not being deployed there to quietly ice bad guys. I don't think anyone I know believes that media bullshit about those popping noises being merely gas pipe explosions. America's inability to face the truth about black savages will be it's undoing if something doesn't happen soon.

Anonymous said...

Compare black New Orleans with homogenous Japan in the wake of the tsunamee. Tens of thousands killed in a catastrophe of unimaginagle proportion yet not one rdport of rape, murder or violence.

Now Europe is importing the black menance too. Is there any hope for civilisation?

Anonymous said...

Good morning PK...YES, being a new dad can take up lots of time...you do a great job!

I remember stories like the one told above, but the media buried the stories. We heard about them on the news, but then they just faded away. Only when whites attack blacks does the media kick into high gear and report (what they want to report.)

I hope some readers will give us stories they saw or heard. I have to go to work so this will have to be short. Congrats on being a dad!


Ragno said...

Thank you, sir. This stinking corpse needed to be exhumed, and a proper autopsy conducted.

I don't know if there's been a more frightening case of social re-engineering than the invented memory hole Katrina has been shoved into. If I hear one more shitlib burbling "none of that ever happened....it was all a racist Urban Legend!...it's a proven fact!", I might spontaneously combust. Having lived in the area, with friends and family there all this time, I can assure you - if anything, the horror was under-reported.

But the scariest aspect of all is that the whole world, which watched days' worth of unedited live footage of the collapse of order as fast as the networks could get it on air, could so meekly agree to pretend they saw no such thing once the Dark Eminences around the broadcast-row conference tables decided it never happened, roughly 3 to 4 days later.

Watching in horror as (white!) people began parroting the lies, while curled up in a kind of dazed, don't-hurt-me intellectual fetal position, did a lot more than turn honest men's stomachs; it gave those Dark Eminences the all-clear to really begin tearing down the Old Republic, and by extension White America, once and for all.

To be replaced by....? Chaos, collapse and the soul-enriching joys of Tikkun Olam, most likely. Stay tuned. (But keep your teevee turned off.)

You hear it again and again these days: aghast disbelief at the speed with which Everything Is Unraveling At Once. I think, if you pack a lunch and bring a Coleman lantern, you'll soon discover that our national collapse, however long it has been simmering, was well and truly fast-tracked into being by Katrina and its shamelessly-mendacious aftermath.

deb harvey said...

really interested. after the hurricane there was a news blackout and all i heard were terrible rumors.
i want to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can kiss our beloved Europe goodbye if the people of Europe don't rise in unison against the invasion of African and Islamic hordes.

For years now, our ethnic homeland has been attacked from within by traitorous "leaders".

But it's now a full scale war against the indigenous culture and the people of Europe.


You can no longer hide. You can no longer take shelter from the oncoming storm.

Hurricane Africa coming to a location near you.

Philadelphia Mike

Gwoobus Harmon said...

I lived there from 2000 - 2009. I know firsthand and very deeply what NOLA was like before, during, and after Katrina.

I nearly stayed for the storm, because the year before (2004) my girlfriend and I evacuated Hurricane Frances. Our destination was only 5 hours away, but the traffic was so thick that it took 18 hours. We left at noon and did not arrive until 6 am the next day. Six hours into the trip, we were still in New Orleans. The first 12 hours of the trip, you would sit for ten minutes, then roll forward two feet. Sit for ten minutes, roll forward two feet. The vehicle began to overheat about 4 hours into it, so we compromised to turn off the A/C, this was in August mind you - pure misery. We vowed at that point to never evacuate, because there was no way it could be as bad as that trip was.

As the hurricane was forming in the gulf, by that Wednesday it was projected to reach cat 5 and hit New Orleans. The local government and media could not have been more emphatic that everyone should get out of town. Complicating things was that basically every summer for 35 years a hurricane would threaten New Orleans and always veered east at the last minute. We hadn't had a real one since Camille and Betsy in the sixties. Many people (self-included) had a false confidence that this would do the same. After a certain number of false scares, hurricane warnings become anti-climactic. Most people use it as an excuse to throw a "hurricane party" where you just get locked in, skip work, and drink for three straight days with close friends. I think this state of mind colored the State's and the city's preparation efforts. They didn't take it any more seriously than the public either.

By that Friday, as it stalled and gained strength in the open waters, it became a near certainty to impact NOLA head on. Then suddenly, people kicked into overdrive to get out of town. Like I said, I had every intention of just sticking it out, and made a last second decision that Sunday morning around 1 am to hit the road and meet up with family in the Northern part of the State. Boy am I glad that I did. Even though the neighborhood I was in, Algiers, experienced no flooding, we were basically blocked from all access to anything. It would have been awful to remain, even if fully stocked up.

When the storm made landfall and had passed, the initial reports were that it wasn't too bad, everything appeared intact and dry. Of course, later that day was when the multiple levee breaches began to accumulate momentum and pour water into the city, but not enough to really be visible. Even going into that Monday night, most people felt like it was another false alarm and we had survived. As the sun rose that Tuesday morning and the first TV images came in of everything submerged, we began to grasp what a disaster we would be dealing with. (cont.)

NY Girl said...

Congrats on the new baby, Paul! Never mind us, family comes first!

Some interesting stories on HotAir, namely the two news people gunned down on live TV, and of course, a Ferguson judge who has vacated any arrests/warrants prior to 2015. Guess the race!

World_War_Me said...

"Katrina Colon Cleanse"!!!! LOL, I love it. This is how I shall hereafter refer to Hurrycayne Katreenuh. Much obliged, Haman of Baboon Rouge.

Anonymous said...

All over the news this morning is the shooting of the two Roanoke VA TV station employees. Shot at near point blank range while doing a live broadcast, no less, so as the cameraman dies this dumbass's face is broadcast to the world.

Not circulating as widely is the shooter's a dindu, and it's not immediately clear from the picture as he's light skinned in a black hoodie under a dark porch roof. They're saying disgruntled former employee on this one. But police reports ID him as "Lester Lee Flanighan (unknown spelling) light skinned black male 6'3" 250lbs" .....

I guess the war's started. sorry if I'm repeating what others have already posted.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new addition to your family and thank you for your time. I drove from Laffeyete to STL a couple years ago, I could see the skyline of NO from the interstate, maybe 20 miles away, that is the closest I will ever get to that craphole. I probably will never, well I hope I never see it again, unless it's all white.
Yeah right

Gwoobus Harmon said...


So I had evacuated to a different part of the State and had made little preparation for an extended stay away. I literally thought this was going to blow over like all of the rest and had taken about three days worth of clothes and little else. It was a surreal time to be watching the non-stop coverage from afar. This was not some alien place, this was my home. New Orleans is really a small city when you get down to it, because it is physically limited and that prevents a lot of needless sprawl that you see in more modern cities. It was very traumatic to recognize streets you walked on, places you frequent, people you know. There was a personal immediacy while watching the coverage. I was near obsessive for the first five days, glued to the set, listening non-stop to the strong signal WWL radio station. But there was also an unrecognizable aspect to it, seeing throngs of blacks in tattered rags everywhere. My city looked like a Caribbean country. These looked like images from Haiti or Jamaica.

I was not a DWL, but I was not a full blown race realist either at that point. I was sitting there fighting and arguing with family and others as they criticized everything and everyone. Their main question was "why did they stay?" and many of them had an attitude of "they are getting what they deserve" for remaining. The kind of poverty that one sees in certain segments of New Orleans is generational. They did not leave because most of them knew no other place than New Orleans. They had literally never set foot outside of the city, not even for a day trip. They had no family outside to meet up with. Everyone they knew or were related to lived there too. They had no money for a hotel. They had no car. They were in essence a paralyzed population that only knew dependency. They had never had to provide for themselves, make a decision, or do anything to procure their own lives. Born into public housing, food provided via stamps, medical care via medicaid, transportation public, literally everything given to them. Why would they expect this to be any different?

Every interview, "where is the this? why *they* ain't bringing us the that? when *they* gonna help us?"

Never knowing who the "they" is or how "they" were going to accomplish it, just knowing that "they" was the party expected to do it.

Of course, "they" means government or just white people in general.


Pat Boyle said...

I visited New Orleans decades ago. Everyone seemed to casually remark that the city would be hit with a serious hurricane sooner or later. It was no surprise.

Today here in Oakland we are in a similar situation. There is a major earthquake coming and it will very likely be accompanied by a race riot. Like New Orleans in the late twentieth century Oakland is waiting for disaster.

Authors would be wise to visit Oakland now so as to gather their 'Pre-disaster' pictures and notes. Everyone will have observations to publish after the big shake but few will have those pre-disaster notes.

Like New Orleans this coming disaster is only serious because of the black population. The blacks who live down by the water's edge are unprepared. They live on 'Bay Fill' the quick-clay soil that fails with shaking. The water mains will crack and the roads will be blocked. The supermarkets will be empty. The white people who live on the top of the hills will have little or no shaking damage and most have emergency rations and water. But the blacks who live on the areas where there will be the most damage have not prepared.

The local black activists have promised to shoot the white cops if there is a disaster. Many Oakland cops live in Napa and other adjoining areas. This means that when most needed the cops will likely stay home. Napa will be damaged too. It will be hard for cops to leave their families to drive down to Oakland to be shot at.

So white people up here in the hills are all stocking up on firearms. In the next few years we will likely have a Katrina scale catastrophe in Oakland. I can see the headlines now. Oakland earthquake and race riot - The 'Perfect Storm' of natural disasters.


Anonymous said...

When I saw images from the Superdome I thought "what is wrong with blacks". Then the news showed blacks looting......only blacks. Other images showed blacks complaining, Whites volunteering (never saw a black working), Whites grateful to have survived, blacks accusing "da man" of killing blacks.

When news broke of Virginia state reporter and cameraman and person being interviewed were shot while live on air I said to my family I bet the shooter is black..........the shooter IS black. The shooter is former station employee who accused station of racism, sued station and accused dead reporter of racial slurs against him.

Black LIES Matter.

Now there is a frenzy of gun control nonsense being said.

Anonymous said...

This information about what White people experienced during Katrina needs to be shown, somehow to as many as possible.
The only thing is these Whites who experienced this terrifying experience will be called racists.

Anonymous said...

Nigdar pinging hard in Virginia.

i'll bet he 'suffered from 'scrimination' at work and went all violent murderous ape on two Humans.


Gwoobus Harmon said...


I was lucky enough to have a NOPD next door neighbor. He got me into the city to check my belongings and get stuff from my place about two weeks into it. I was amazed at his stories, but that is another time.

I moved back the last week of September, a mere three weeks afterwards. There were less than 10k people in the city at that point. Those are my biggest memories of the event. The immediate afterwards - that first six months.

It was eerily quiet. There were no cars on the roads. There were helicopters everywhere. Police cars from other jurisdictions. No sound other than distant hum of generators and helicopters. Debris in the roads. And effectively a militarized zone with curfews, and large blocks of the city off limits. You had to get everything done by 6 pm. No stores had employees. It was just a very strange place to be. It felt post-apocalyptic, empty.

There was a bizarre optimism though among those of us who were in that very first wave back. We all felt like we were going to bounce back and there was a sincere sense of community. There is no kind of closeness to bring strangers together like a shared tragedy. Basically everyone in the city at that point were the most dedicated and hard working. We all wanted to be there.

It didn't feel like "normal" until around two years later. Even the first anniversary, there were less than 50k people in New Orleans. Even though none of us would say it, we really enjoyed the lack of black people.

As they began to return, so did the problems. But for the first time in two generations, they did not control the political process. They still had major influence, but they did not outright control everything.

Around year two was when the black violence crept back in and there was no longer a police department to deal with it. The national guard had to brought back to patrol the remote areas of the city, so that resources could be directed to the populated portions.

I ended up moving in 2009, but I return several times a year. I can tell you that it was never paradise, but the city is the worst that it has ever been in 2015.

Anonymous said...

When CNN would only state that the suspect in the Virginia on air murder was male I knew it was either a black or middle eastern Well he is black

curt in pittsburgh said...

I'm going to give it until about Summer 2016 when the black parasites demand a change in the American flag. One stripe must be made black, or a half dozen stars. The sad thing is many "white" people will agree with them and help. Because as we all know the flag is just plain rayciss!

Anonymous said...

OT: A negroid "disgruntled employee" at a TV news station in Virginia shot and killed a white female reporter and her white camera man while they were doing a live TV news broadcast at 6:45 AM this morning.


This negroid filed claims of "racial insults" made at him by the white woman reporter that he murdered this morning with the EEOC before being fired from his TV news station job. The claims were investigated by EEOC and summarily dismissed.

Anonymous said...

That negroid gunman who killed the TV reporter and the camera man is reportedly dead now from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Good riddance to that uppity negroid. The word now is that he was a failed TV news reporter that nobody wanted to work with because of his "muh raysisms" chip on his negroid shoulder.

See, this is what happens when you give negroids jobs oftentimes. If you don't hire them, you might get sued. If you hire them and later want to fire them because they suck at their job or whatever, then you might get sued for that. Or in this case with the TV news station, you or your employees will suffer a deadly chimpout attack after you fire the uppity negroid. That was exactly what the deal was with Omar Thornton, the negroid beer workplace thief in Connecticut about five years ago. That negroid Omar Thornton was given a chance to resign gracefully from his job instead of being hauled off to jail for grand larceny - and then he started shooting up the whole beer warehouse to kill whitey. Then Omar Thornton blew his monkey brains out right after he called 911 to make false claims of racism against himself at work to the 911 operator.

Anonymous said...

Almost ALL of our problems with these savage subhuman beasts began with Lyndon Johnson in the 60’s.

Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963... "These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference... I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years".

Another totally believable example is cited in "Lone Star Rising: Lyndon Johnson and His Times, 1908-1960", by Robert Dallek. Johnson defended the Supreme Court appointment of the famous Thurgood Marshall, rather than a black judge less identified with the civil rights cause, by saying to a staff member, "Son, when I appoint a nigger to the court, I want everyone to know he's a nigger."

Like all democrat liberals, then as well as today, blacks are their pets and useful idiots at the ballot box. If it weren't for the fact they vote 99% black in every election, the liberals would probably exterminate them just for the hell of it.

behind blue eyes said...

I think this would make an excellent next book.
Good job on the daddy life. Its fun ain't it?
Thanks for all you do PK.

Anonymous said...

The negro filmed himself shooting the White reporter. Posted to twitter. Here is link:


Anonymous said...


Virginia news shooter.

Good grief!

Sir Donald, what is your comment on the out of control black on White violence in our country? How will you stop it?

Say something, please. We're begging you...

Euro American said...

I want to know what really happened, in detail, in the superdome.
There was a wonderful NYTs article about the horror that really happened at a hospital in New Orleans. Why does our media hide info from us? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/30/magazine/30doctors.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Thanks Gwoobus for your posts!

Anonymous said...

1. In case of natural disaster you are FAR better off taking your family and heading out towards the nearest safe state- even if it's a hundred miles away- than you EVER will be corralled in a holding area with negroes.

2. Notice how in today's newscaster shooting the media has Reported the shooter is a "male" without mentioning race. You have to go to facebook and twitter to know it is a NEGRO male that murdered these humans. When a white human shoots anyone "WHITE" is the leading description we are given. This HAS to be becoming obvious at this point, right? And of course, the mainstream, and liberal, web sites like Fark and Huffington are blaming the GUN for the shooting and ignoring the species of the murderer and that it murderd two humans. These same sites and their foums community posters naturally went RABID when the white guy shot the blacks at the s.c. Church. At that time race was their PRIMARY focus.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what a difference 10 years makes in tech. Could the media still be able to hide the truth in a time of smartphones, internet video and social media?

Anonymous said...

WDBJ in Virginia - the TV news station where the two white employees were killed this morning by the uppity black ex reporter - has reported that this uppity black ex reporter is not actually dead from his self-inflicted gunshot wound, but in critical condition.

AZ Ray said...

"I can see why people often compare blacks to children, albeit violent and sociopathic ones"

Can't remember who quoted it that the negro was "half child, half demon"?!..

Problem is, is that they have only the negative aspects of a child (narcissism, immaturity, whinniness) but NONE of the positive aspects of a child (innocence, sweetness, a sense of wonderment about the world around them).

That, mixed with no self control, no future time orientation, no respect or empathy for ANYONE or ANYTHING, insanely violent & amoral (the demon half?)

And horrific smell & simian features to boot?!.. How ANY sane white woman can possibly be attracted to a negro is beyond my comprehension?!..

WHAT sort of demon have the gods unleashed upon us??..

10mm AUTO said...

First Congrats Paul on little Paul (or Paulette!). May you have many more!

Katrina was the first time in a generation that Whites really saw negros with the mask off since the 1992 LA riots.

As to the negro shooter, while its "promotional" pic shows it to be clean shaven, please note that the picture of the killing Orc shows it wearing a NOI type of beard.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about the news crew shooting that occured this morning on live TV. Tomorrow it will be forgotten (especially here in East Tennessee) because college football season will start soon, and that is all that counts. All white men who watch negro sports are part of the problem, not part of the answer. Look in the mirror and perform a "self check" before it's too late for. It's time for all white idiots/race traitors who worship these proto humanoids to WAKE UP.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, racists!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Professor Crunk has a new column out:



Funny that PK should mention Key West. I had more interactions with the cops in a week in Florida than I've had in a lifetime in California, including a cop who stopped me in Key West for driving without my headlights on down a well-lit city street. Broken windows policing keeps nice areas nice.


Never been to NOLA, but my DWL family moved from Oakland to Marin so that "you could go to a school where you would feel safe."

Wait, do you mean a school without a lot of black people?

No! Of course not! Just a school where you would feel safe! It's not about race, it's about safety! Why are you even suggesting that a white girl might not feel safe at a school which is 1% white? Man, you're really racist for pointing out the reality of the situation.

Anonymous said...

I remember Katrina "refugees" being evacuated to different parts of the U.S. immediately after the hurricane. In DWL land there was serious opposition to bringing the diversity to their towns although of course the sanctimonious bastards blamed all the problems on racism, not nogs being nogs. Send them somewhere else, vibrancy for thee but not for me was their modus operandi. Fucking hypocrites.

Several hundred "refugees" from Katrina ended up at an old WWII Air Force base on Cape Cod that had been closed for about 40 years. Contractors were brought in to modernize the facilities for the "guests", it's racist to refer to them as refugees, and all of them were signed up for generous Federal and State benefits as well as a special bonus because of the hurricane. All of the "guests" knew every detail about exactly what they were entitled to, state benefits included even though they had never been within a thousand miles of Massachusetts before.

The Air Force base the "guests" were living in had become a big YT family oriented summer vacation area since WWII when it had been a remote location. Locals were worried about the riff raff wrecking the end of the summer season and worse, becoming a permanent problem. They were correct to be worried, the "guests" brought their old habits with them.

Immediately after the vibrants arrived there was an influx of drug dealers and prostitutes. There were no strip bars in the area and the vibrants didn't have cars so the prostitutes organized good, wholesome adult themed activities on the base which was large and mostly unpoliced. Sometimes their activities spilled over into family areas off base giving free shows to the children and there was also an increase in burglaries and vandalism.

Ambulances and police cars were regular visitors to the base as the guests settled countless disputes amongst themselves over drugs, prostitutes, money etc. without the need of courts. Things were getting worse as the vibrants began inviting their friends from other parts of the country to the area because of the first class gibs available. The bleeding heart politicians who invited the scumbags in were not to be found as the violence and degeneracy increased in spite of the combined efforts of the government and news media to suppress unfavorable stories.

What ended the whole thing was the coming of winter, something the vibrants didn't anticipate. The Autumn was still nice but by November the guests had decided to find greener and warmer pastures in spite of the premium gibs. After they left the part of the base the vibrants had lived in was torn down, so much for diversity.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

Here's a few new t shirt ideas of mine:

"Justice for Alison Parker"

"I am Adam Ward"


Anonymous said...

The best recorded documentary of black behavior is the video of AFRICA ADDIO. You can see lots of it on YouTube....and can get the full movie with English subtitles on torrent sites.

Blacks slaughter blacks and whites.....perfect examples of black tribalism.

Blacks dumping and smashing tons and tons of food like eggs, oranges and beer...while blacks are hungry and being starved by their black tribal rivals.

Blacks driving out whites from cities and farms....using bulldozers to rip out nicely taken care of lawns and blowing up trees that aren't "African".

Dozens of black squalid squatters in a white home...shitting in the sink...carrying of the toilets....making a fire on the floor for their tribal cook pot....the fire being fueled from a formerly pretty wood bench that obamas grandpa is sitting tearing apart and hacking up with a machete....while a fireplace sits unused a few feet away-----as the feral dindus can't understand that white mans juju technology.

AFRICA ADDIO....well worth your time....DOWNLOAD it and show/send copies of it to all you know.

Anonymous said...

Sir Donald, what is your comment on the out of control black on White violence in our country? How will you stop it?

Um, if one were to publicly ask Trump this question, it would perhaps be the one single time in his life he could not willingly be totally honest about what he would REALLY like to do.

It would be rather like asking a man whose wife was raped and children slaughtered by a gang of Chicago Zulus having some "fun" on a Sunday afternoon what he would like to do to the black gang members who had one of their typical street parties.

Anonymous said...

This was a Tweet from the disgruntled employee Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan:

"Alison made racist comments"

So I guess Alison deserved to be shot dead on live television, right, mister uppity black man?

African logic was in full effect here, I guess.

Anonymous said...

To get a good idea about Katrina. Go to your browser and type in "Africa in our midts" It's one hell of a start, you won't stop reading until the end.

NYP3% said...

@ Philadelphia Mike:

Germany is an occupied country without freedom of speech. After 70 years of allied propaganda have robbed the Germans of any ability to handle truth, or dissent. I actually had German liberals lecture me about how docile hispanics are, how oppressed blacks are, and how great Obamacare is. My experiences on the ground didn't impress them at all; they seemed to assume my problem was that I couldn't enjoy the proper German TV perspective on the world because Americans only watch Fox. (I am German, btw).

Germany will not save Europe. They have to grow a pair first. If anything can help us, it's the Internet -- that's the big game changer.

Thank you PK, and congratulations. May you get enough sleep.

Anonymous said...

Black on White hate crime, MSM not showing picture of suspect:

FlowerBell said...

To Pat Boyle,
You're a colorful and informative writer and I've personally enjoyed all your comments, on this site as well as others. You seem astute, accomplished and forward thinking (for example taking "before images" and impressions of Oakland) yet you live within hiking distance of a population that poses a very real threat to your safety. Why not move?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give it until about Summer 2016 when the black parasites demand a change in the American flag. One stripe must be made black, or a half dozen stars. The sad thing is many "white" people will agree with them and help. Because as we all know the flag is just plain rayciss!

Perhaps Mount Rushmore can be recarved to show the visages of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Trayvon Martin. These are much more important to blacks and their struggle for liberation. After all, Washington and Jefferson were (gasp) slaveholders; Lincoln wanted to deport blacks back to Africa; and Teddy Roosevelt was an imperialist who oppressed people of color. Oh well, maybe the cuckservatives can compromise and replace one of them with Walter Williams or Ben Carson.

FlowerBell said...
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NC Realist said...

Having been a Roanoke Va area native for 30 plus years I'm familiar with WDBJ 7 and their news team. The shooting that took place this morning was nothing short of TNB. The gutless cold blooded coward low life negro was shamed and dis-respected. And rightfully so. Supposedly he is still alive...but barely...after shooting himself. His family will say the typical negro things....and say the police shot him. Some commenters here will ask where's al and jesse and muslim obama.....blah blah etc. DONT ASK. Try to make yourself understand that they are exactly where they want to be.....on the sidelines...cheering every event like this. I sincerely hope the scum black stain dies.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson said...

check out the comments section at WorldStarHipHop on the VA news team shooting:


the comments made by some of the "people" on there are beyond disgusting. The MSM likes to paint us a horrible, bigoted racists, but the comments made by black people there are 10,000x worse than anything I've ever read here. Why doesn't the SPLC designate WorldStar as a Hate Site?

Medic Bear said...

Post-Katrina NO is a small glimpse of what would happen nationwide if the SHTF. The DWLs that make me blind angry are the ones who spout tired old saws about "desperate and vulnerable people" and the crap posted from NPR. One of the tenets of civilization is that individuals and groups do what's right no matter what the situation or who may or may not be watching. Blacks anywhere and everywhere - in emergency situations or not - do the "right" thing for them - no matter what the repercussions, ill side effects or harm of their actions. The type of pathological immediate gratification goes beyond what toddlers and children pass-through as a normal developmental stage.

I'm babbling, I know, but my experience in NO is unique in many ways - and I have deployed to many other hell holes globally: Haiti, post-earthquake, Angola during Ebola 10 years ago and others. Everywhere I have been I have seen the worst evil behavior by Blacks but NO is in a class by itself. Blacks are somewhere between dumb animals who can't be expected to behave any differently than instinct tells them to and true humans who are able to act beyond their own interests and for the good of others. Sub-human ? I truly believe so. Far different from Homo sapiens sapiens in many, many ways.

Pat Boyle said...

Currently Donald trump is calling for what amounts to major revision of the Fourteenth Amendment. Maybe his proposed reforms are not really a repudiation of the Fourteenth Amendment. There is a lot of legalistic dispute. Trump thinks foreign women are having babies on American soil (anchor babies) to as to qualify them for eternal US welfare benefits.

This bizarre circumstance was never envisioned by the Founding Fathers so the Constitution never anticipated it. As it happens the amendment process is so cumbersome that the liberals like Obama who favor the invasion by illegal aliens think they can delay any reform indefinitely. So the liberals think America is stuck. It must grant taxpayer resources to what amounts to robbery.

I would argue that much the same situation also is part of the Fifteenth Amendment. Blacks today seldom pay federal income taxes. They are disproportionately receiving various forms of public welfare, food stamps, housing assistance and other subsidies. The Founding Fathers also didn't foresee this possibility - although Milton Freedman did.

I think we must take the vote away from blacks. I would argue that they have proven that they cannot handle it. It will be argued I suppose that blacks will riot and demonstrate. But so what? They already do that.

Trump may have just shown us a way out. This is a moderate solution. Without some kind of dramatic reform like this we are on the path toward some really unattractive alternatives.

I'm a bit too old and lacking in energy to lead a political movement but I can at least write some comments here. Tell me if you agree.


Anonymous said...

The "racist comment" the murderer alluded to on twitter that he claims the victim made to him was probably, "I'm sorry. I'm seeing someone else."

Anonymous said...

@NC Realist, the negro reporter (hack AA hire) had similar behavior at a station in Jacksonville, FL. He is an abrasive, agitating, lying colored turd. He files false racial hoax harassment claims, causes disruptions, was fired and escorted from the WV news station. The reporter's room was evacuated when he was being escorted for fear of him Category 5-ing the place. The media is now lying to make it appear that this is some mystery and came out of nowhere. One witness came forward and told the truth about the animated turd. Stay a realist, Stay aware and be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link yesterday about the dindu who punched a white woman for rayciss disrespek.

If it's okay to punch a white woman for that, why isn't it okay to shoot a white woman for raycissly disrespecking muh dik?

Anonymous said...

OT Re: Negro shooter of reporter.

Sorry, I have little sympathy here. I am indifferent to what has happened, at best. Always keep in mind that 99%+ of media reporters, anchors, etc, are LEFTIST assholes who would sling the terms "racist" and "bigot" your way; if they suspected you of being race realists.

Remember, kids---when the SHTF, understand it was the 5th column media in this country that helped bring about the downfall of the nation through lies, disinformation and outright selective non-reporting. Take appropriate action, when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Dixie here - remember that dindu mayor Ray Nagin arrogantly saying that NO was "chocolate" and that they were going to keep it chocolate? They were told to get out of NO. Such simple and direct instructions go straight in one ear and out the other, especially when it's spoken in the English language of YT. Getting off their arses was far too much trouble. Easier to let YT come save them - just like typical little whiny children who get stuck and then yell for help. Of course, it's all Bush's fault.

Last white person out bring the flag, please, and let the whole place slide right on into the Gulf.

I visited NO in 1981 and have never been back. In 2007, I went to Baton Rouge, Mandeville, etc. on business and was struck at the horribly poor condition of the roads. Like driving through volcanic craters. Tax dollars sure weren't being spent on infrastructure. Won't ever go back there, either, even though it was far less chocolate than NO.

tradcon said...

From the British blogger's Katrina-related post quoted above by Anonymous @ 9:03 p.m.:

"When we get to Dallas, it’s a relief to be met by men from the embassy. They take our passport numbers and parents’ phone numbers, then tell us to go a hotel and flights will be arranged tomorrow. But as we check in at 5am, I have mixed feelings. I can’t help thinking that when a poor black men jumps off a bridge, or when a homeless woman prostitutes herself in the loos of the Superdome, no one cares. Clutching my passport, I reflect for the first time ever how grateful I am for being white."

Even after all she and her white mates had been put through at the hands of black supremacists in the Superdome, she's still hopelessly DWL and suicidally altruistic to the bitter end. Utterly pathetic white woman.

Anonymous said...

Despite dropping a few references to Fergustan et al, hope the Trump doesn't get trapped into race race

NY Girl said...

Gulf Coast: this reminds me of another poster here, way back when, who was trying to conquer an alcohol problem and started going to different churches to see if he could find a spiritual home. At one church, an outreach group did a presentation on their experience with some "Homes for Humanity"-type group in NOLA. They mentioned rehabbing a middle aged Black woman's house. Every day they were there, her 20-something son would wake up at NOON, glare at the workers (because their noise had woken him up), and disappear for the day. He would come back when they were wrapping up for the evening, having never lifted a finger to help his Mom or HIMSELF. Very similar to your story.

I'm glad everything worked out well for you and you, unlike SOME PEOPLE, were able to come through adversity all that much stronger for it. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

As of this posting the video of this mornings shooting is still online.


He claims to have experienced racism, so this is soooo understandable /sarcasm

chattanooga gal said...

I knew a guy who was foolish enough to take in some Katrina "victims" and let them live in one of his duplexes. they absolutely trashed the place, including crapping on the carpets. they terrorized the other residents, and believe me, no matter how " disadvantaged" they are, they know every nuance of eviction laws, so it was murder getting them out, too , even though they were not paying. luckily for me, I'm hoping he will remember this when they start pushing the AFFH crap, and refuse to take section 8. His duplexes are not too far from me.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......I was still in NY during the DIANA ROSS CENTRAL PARK CONCERT RIOTS. It was unreal. Thousands of gang bangers attack the concert goers in the park and then flooded into Mid-Manhatten. This was in the early 1980's. I went out and bought all the local papers so I could read about it. Every cop in the city was called on duty. The next day the hospitals were filled with the beaten and broken bodies of the white victims. A lot of them were tourist. It remained a local story as I recall. It was one massive horror show as the mobs of attackers swarmed out of the park and into the city streets beating and robbing every white person they saw. They charged into all the fancy hotel lobbies and restaurants attacking any prey they could find. White movie and theater goers in Time Square were also robbed and beaten. Total fucking brutality against innocent white people.

I was in Virginia Beach a week after the OCTOBERFEST RIOTS. Total and complete devastation. Smashed out windows and boarded up shops. The street corners still had HUGE PILES OF BROKEN GLASS. The National Guard was there for two or three days. The only store that was not looted and destroyed was a BIKER SHOP that sold leather jackets and other type of biker gear. The lady sitting in front of the store told me they called all their biker buddies for help. The bikers surrounded the place and all were armed with shotguns and spear guns. This event was never broadcast nationally. Remember.....These were the GOOD NEGROS. Students from the black colleges and universities.

And of course the ever so wonderful actions of our African friends during the 1977 BLACK OUT RIOTS in New York. Three to four days of looting. I have already told those stories so I won't repeat myself. There are some really good stories and films on the internet about what took place. Well worth checking out. When you personally see the damage caused by these animals it leaves an image in your mind that is very hard to forget.

awakend white said...

White lives matter, RIP victims of DIEveristy.

Anonymous said...

No surprise, the media is treating the Virginia black shooter differently than the way Dylan Roof was treated in the news. The black shooter is not called a racist terrorist, not called a race baiter, nothing. Disgusting!!!!!

The media is feeling sorry for the shooter.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Gwoobus for his interesting Katrina narrative.

I think that if someone (like PK) writes a book on Katrina there should be a "postscript" or "After Katrina" type section touching at least briefly on the cities where NOLA refugees went (were delivered) in any kind of numbers. The diaspora didn't work out well for the host cities, did it? Crime stats could be useful.

My town actually refused to take any refugees, for which the town fathers have to be thanked, especially since they took a lot of "you must be racist" shit over it. Of course they vehemently denied being racist or frightened of crime, citing housing concerns....heh heh, whatever works. That time they got away with it.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday we were talking about how black women and wine tours don't mix. Today we see why trying to employ blacks is a dangerous risk. The disgruntled black ex-reporter was apparently a chronic victim of rayciss talk. Odds are he hit on the White female reporter and she rebuffed him- that be rayciss as we all know.

Another day, another reminder (and today it's a tragic one) of why we NEED Segregation. At a minimum!

Mr. Rational said...

The negro filmed himself shooting the White reporter.

Already taken down by YouTube.  I hope you got a copy of it first.

Can't remember who quoted it that the negro was "half child, half demon"?!..

Kipling, "White Man's Burden".

Anonymous said...

"Racist" T-shirts? "White Pride" is "racist"? Would "black pride" be?


0007 said...

Regarding Key West in the '60's...
I was stationed down there from '66-68. This was the time of the "freedom riders"; busloads of black activists going into segregated towns(but only in the South) to force integration on the evil white racists.
Key West had Conchs, blacks, whites, Cubans and a few mixes. I was told by a black friend that a busload of freedom riders was met at the bus station by a mixed group of Key West residents and told in no uncertain terms to get their black asses back on the bus and get the hell out of town. It was an interesting time and place... Lots of "remittance men" from rich families up north added to the ambiance of the place, heh, heh.

Ragno said...

Since I'm presuming it will turn out that the two dead reporters had next to no interaction with the Avenging Dindu, they'll drop the 'racist remarks' trigger (in the everlasting search to explain why this melanin-rich martyr was forced to kill) most likely in favor of the Product Of White Supremacy diagnosis.

Sure it's not a real disease. Yet. But I have great faith in our psychiatric community; anyone who could find "Caitlyn" Jenner sane can find "Bryce" Williams justified.

Csra said...

My apartment complex in Augusta Ga got a few carloads of refugees, while the place already had Army guys acting like fools off duty.
24/7 shenanigans, and they all quickly were booted out for property destruction.
Highlights include seeing a grown one headbutt a screen window and crawl through on all fours, shooting their own windows out with a bb gun, and jumping on people's cars throwing a basketball into a tree, hoping to dislodge an big lizard in it.

Anonymous said...

I live about five miles away from where this waste of air and space died. I hope someone puts a cross or memorial up so I can destroy it. Thank god those looney Oath Keepers weren't there to harass the poor innocent negro as he went about his duties. Obama gun control statement in 5, 4, 3...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many White House reps Barry Soetoro will send to the murder Vester Flanagan's funeral?


The SuperDome is in the wrong zip code.

Anonymous said...


A moment of silence for the two victims of the negro shooting today in Virginia. Have it announced before every football game in the country. Remind people the animals they are cheering on will turn on them in a NY second when they feel they've been 'dissed'.

Make a request at your local venue.


Pat Boyle said...

Flower Bell asked me why I didn't move. Good question. Simple answer - Reverse Mortgage. I don't have any mortgage payments.

Oakland has the best climate in the US according to several authorities. My neighborhood is very good - very safe and very white. My only problem is that according to all the experts we are due for a big earthquake. When that happens as it soon must I expect visitors from the blacks lower down. In the meantime this is an excellent place to live.

I am philosophically sympathetic with Texas but I spent some time in Texas when I was in the service. It's simply too hot for me. Washington DC where I was born is both too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The only place I would really consider would probably be across the bay in San Francisco. But the quake that is coming here will also effect there.

The Hayward Fault last slipped in 1868. It was called the Great San Francisco Quake. No one lived in Oakland then except cows. In 1906 of course the Sa Andreas Fault slipped and they had an even bigger quake so it became the Great San Francisco Quake. There will probably be a good deal of damage in SF too. The Marina and parts of the Financial District are also built on poorly consolidate land. They were damaged in the Loma Prieto quake even though the epicenter was fifty miles south.

Just yesterday I bought some more water containers. Now I have to get my Stevens shotgun so I can defend them from those who haven't prepared. In the 1906 quake the third leading cause of fatalities was from gun shot wounds. There was a good deal of chaos. San Francisco in those days was the center of the Vigilante movement. But today we have black people. I expect trouble.


Anonymous said...

I was in LA in the aftermath of Katrina. More specifically, I was in Gonzales helping to care for the thousands of animals abandoned in the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Did you know that some in New Orleans rescued their clothes instead of their dogs? I digress. While in Gonzales blacks came to the emergency shelter, which was overflowing with sick, injured, and terrified animals, to steal pit bulls. It seems that word got out that Gonzales was filled with pit bulls who could be stolen and used for fighting or as "bait" dogs. [Think Michael Vick]. On more than one occasion, I personally saw thugs walking around looking at dogs as though they were out shopping. I also know for a fact that at least several dogs were stolen. One evening I came across an old black man antagonizing and laughing at some of the dogs who had already endured so much. I told him to get lost. For many blacks, animals are less important than clothes, television sets, cars, etc. That's why so many dogs (including those on chains in backyards) were left to drown, starve to death, etc.

Anonymous said...

They're just itching to find out exactly how much we and other races do matter they're not liked by anybody and its their own damned faults!



We all know earthquakes happen. We all know they CRACK in a matter of seconds, yet the forces leading up to the quake may have taken hundreds of years.

The coming race-quake has taken hundreds of years to build up and when it CRACKS it will be sudden. Something, somewhere will happen and some critical mass of negro, (or even fed up Whites) will snap and cause too much violence to hide. Then, within hours, all critical mass negro areas will snap as the anger spreads while the internet is still "on". (It WILL BE SHUT DOWN)

The racequake itself will take a few hours, spread across the country in a few hours more, but like an earthquake, it is the after-math that will unleash the real violence. With no food, no electricity, no "National Guard", no police (protecting their families), there will be open season on hominids.

When the racequake happens it will be TOO LATE for any of you to get guns, ammo, clean water and food. GET IT NOW. Tonight. Get off your computer and go to the store and stock up NOW with Campbell' Chunky Beef, cans of Crab, bags of chips...all the things you can enjoy while hearing the gun shots in the distance. (Don't forget cigs, booze and tylenol for currency)

Anonymous said...


P.K. is going to have a field day with the Virginia negro news shooting!!

Oh man....

Anonymous said...


guess who--- Virginia shooter

Later in the manifesto, the writer quotes the Virginia Tech mass killer, Seung Hui Cho, calls him “his boy,” and expresses admiration for the Columbine High School killers. “Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin.'"

Sources familiar with the investigation tell ABC News that in his attack, Flanagan used a Glock 19 -- a firearm similar to one that Cho used in his mass attack.

In Flanagan's often rambling letter to authorities, family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Flanagan calls it a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family."

He says he has been attacked by black men and white females
He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man
He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work

A source with direct knowledge of his complaints against the station said a pair of tweets sent today and attributed to him accurately reflect previous complaints he lodged against the two people he killed today. These are the two Tweets: “Alison made racist comments,” and, “Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!”

Anonymous said...

The negros name was Vester Lee Flannigan the 2nd and he wasn't too light nor very bright either he died of self inflicted gsw he crashed car while trying to escape, of course racism made it him do it, he tried to sue everybody he worked for on grounds of racism. They really do need to be on reservations for the greater good of all other Americans.

Anonymous said...

A black coworker of mine who was raised in the infamous Robert Taylor Homes told me the blacks won't evacuate, it is too close to "the first of the month"

Anonymous said...

Discernment = don't ever believe the news media. They lie. They stage events. They hate YT morals,ethics, intellect. They want a raw ecar and are doing everything to get one by cooperating with the vile gov't backed tar snakes. YTs in the news media are scum that push to the top of the outhouse pile by being in intimate contact with the Marxist tar snakes filth. Just like in rioting protests, Marxists are colormixed to destroy YT stability so blacks get criminal control like Obama has.

Anonymous said...

Think hard about this. Has any white person in ANY work setting EVER met a nog without a huge chip on his shoulder, and who actually carried his or her own weight in the workplace? And they wonder why so many of us would rather not be closer than 300 light years from them. If there IS a God, I truly wonder, every second of the day now, why He created these useless, vicious, barely sentient beasts who are a blight on this planet.

Anonymous said...

They need to speak up and tell the truth regardless and suing people and businesses for defamation when wrongfully accused of racism, the truth is the truth and nobody deserves to be punished for telling the truth and this is where white people went wrong we accepted pc when we should have fought back and shamed the devil.

Anonymous said...

its past time to kill pc and stand up for ourselves its our silence that hurting our fellow whites and its unacceptable it makes us as guilty as the msm!
We have a right to free speech and we must fight for our rights or we will lose them as will our children think about that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now we're too cowardly to tell the truth? That's too bad because nothing is going to change until we stop being affraid of labels.

Anonymous said...

NO! You need to think beyond your nose!

Anonymous said...

I've interviewed many a negro for job positions and never once for a moment considered hiring any of them. Some were actually well dressed, respectable and on the surface seemingly qualified for the job. However, I did not want the baggage that goes with them. When a white supervisor gives a negro positive critique regarding job performance, all they see and hear is 'Massa' standing over them with a bullwhip. Subsequently, a chimp out in HR is inevitable. No thanks......

Anonymous said...

What does it tell you that one would be safer in a hurricane and flood then in a shelter filled with negroes?

Anonymous said...

DOJ to open investigation into news channel racist workplace and racist white lady reporter and racist white cameraman that made sweet, innocent, never-hurt-a-fly Bryce open fire.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's go these websites and be just as rabid and outraged on behalf of our own! We are becoming victims out of fear of pc and its getting fellow whites and others hurt and even killed, this black is a murderer and there is NO acceptable excuse for murder and its THEIR behaviours that causes others to not want to be around them or have anything to do with them!

Anonymous said...

The dindu done died.
Good riddance to bad garbage.

Anonymous said...

"If there IS a God, I truly wonder, every second of the day now, why He created these useless, vicious, barely sentient beasts who are a blight on this planet."

August 26, 2015 at 4:20 PM

He never expected civilized countries to bring them over and let them loose?

Anonymous said...

The kind that belongs in hell but Liberia will do.

Anonymous said...

He was a two time loser, black and gay. The low I.Q. negro is getting his 15 seconds of fame.
Now, I wonder how all the other white people, working at tv stations, well, I wonder what they're really thinking about all the negroes they have to work with now?
Seems like in the last couple years, the tv stations have been hiring negroes by the butt load. Now...........


Anonymous said...

You can help them see the truth by telling them how wonderfull and fun it is to vacation in Chicago or similar city make it irrisitable and let them go for a visit lol I've woke up a few friends this way. Its kinda sneaky but its neccessary.

Anonymous said...

They're no different than many other non blacks, their in denial because they're ashamed to admit the truth and this denial is what's getting non blacks especially whites hurt and killed, we need them to stop feeling too ashamed to tell the truth. So that we can stand together and stop this insanity, nothing will change until we do.

Anonymous said...

I lived through Hurricane Camille in August, 1969 hit Pass Christian, Miss. We all went inland to escape the storm. I lived on North street which was two miles north of Highway 90. We didn't have the problems NOLA had in 2005. Camille was a much stronger storm. You have to plan ahead, people had lived through Hurricane Betsy in 1965.

I think the reporter who shot the reporter and camera man, probably suffer from some mental health problem. He claimed racism at all his jobs he took as a reporter.

Anonymous said...

Anon asks:

"...Has any white person in ANY work setting EVER met a nog without a huge chip on his shoulder, and who actually carried his or her own weight in the workplace?"

I'm a regular reader and occasional poster here, so my answer may surprise you.

Yes, I did work (in very demanding, blue-collar, hard-ass manual labor) once with a black who kept a good strong pace up and never slacked. Hard to believe I know, but that black could bust his ass all day long. Earned every penny they paid him. I don't know about the chip on shoulder part-we were too busy to talk.

But I file him under the old chestnut classification "the exception that proves the rule". I've worked with other blacks who raised sliding out of honest labor to it's highest art form. Blacks and hard labor don't mix well as a rule. Unlike a lot of good-natured, optimistic Whites, I don't allow an IKAGO or two to take my focus off of the inestimable cost to this country, and to White culture, of the black undertow.

I've often opined that most Whites will gratefully latch on to a lone IKAGO in their experience and then issue a blanket pardon for every savage, insidious, evil, ignorant, and destructive black in the whole God-forsaken country.

Yeah, I knew that ONE black guy. I also knew a bunch of others, including females complete with crazy hair-triggers. I can also read the news, and blogs like this one.

Would I, given the chance to send all blacks to Africa, do so even knowing a couple of IKAGOs would also be on the boat? You bet your ass I would. If there were ten times, 20 times, 10,000 times as many IKAGOs, we'd still be so underwater on this black social experiment that getting rid of them all would still be the Best and Wisest of choices.

Anonymous said...

11:18am- "Sorry, I have little sympathy here... 99%+ of media reporters, anchors, etc, are LEFTIST assholes... Remember, kids---when the SHTF, understand it was the 5th column media in this country that helped bring about the downfall of the nation through lies, disinformation and outright selective non-reporting."
You are worse than the DWL reporters, who are mildly retarded and brainwashed. YOU, on the other hand, have no excuse. You know better, but upon watching a nigger murder two young White people, you cuck-tuck your junk like Bruce Jenner and refuse to even consider getting pissed off about it, making every excuse in the world how they probably deserved it.
I wish I knew you personally, so after SHTF, I could recall how you used to march in the 6th Column. Hell, you might even have a sports jersey hidden in your closet.

Anonymous said...

their hypocrisy is a problem for non blacks and endangers other citizens this must change if things are to improve from now on they must be called out for it they've been throwing everybody else under the bus to spare themselves and we're guilty of allowing this at our own peril, NO MORE!

D-FENS said...

Take a population with a median IQ of 85. Throw in a genetic disposition for violence and lack of impulse control. Tell them for generations that they are poor, helpless victims that are owed compensation while constantly sustaining them with the wealth of others. Finally, praise them for any accomplishment no matter how small or insignificant - even when such an accomplishment it expected of any civilized human and is often accomplished with little consideration even by newly arrived who don't even speak English.

What do you have? The negro menace.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Racist" T-shirts? "White Pride" is "racist"? Would "black pride" be?


August 26, 2015 at 1:20 PM

It wasn't the "White Pride" shirt that caused the ruckus. It was the one with a Klansman in white and the caption, "Boys in the Hood."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon we shall NOT be silenced!
We shall shame the Devil and tell the truth!
Pc be damned.

Anonymous said...

"We're experiencing negro difficulties, please stand by."

That is what the news desk blonde woman at the WDBJ-TV studio should have said when the live reporting feed from Alison Parker and Adam Ward was cut by the broadcast engineers.

Bath house Barry Obongo is supposedly making some official statements about this shooting incident. Nothing about anti-white hate crimes, of course, just more of his predictable drivel about the "need" for better background checks and gun control. Terry McAuliffe the Virginia governor was already spouting off about his civilian disarmament agenda - including something about his veto of a bill regarding machine guns of all things - this morning; this was even before any of us even know the name of this negro shooter.

What we really need is better negro control in this country.

Anonymous said...

Yes the msm does use that biased tactic but its easy to see through and a good way to cobat it is to get on the msm websites and mention it so that all their viewers become aware of their biased tactic aand it dosent hurt to inform friends and family.
Fight the pc

Anonymous said...

A bit OT, but I volunteered to help out a few coworkers on a Habitat for Humanity project as I have a decent collection of woodworking tools and a fair bit of experience in finish carpentry. The home was in an area of Detroit just south of 8 mile bordering on the city of Warren. I worked all day, for 3 weekends and was NEVER offered so much as a glass of water. The family (black) consisted of mom, grandmother and 4-5 children aged from 6 to 14. The grandmother would keep conversation with us now and then, but the mother was much too busy texting/talking on her sail foam to even hold a dust pan or to plug in an extension cord when one of her brood tripped over it and unplugged it. Sometimes, their extended family members would stop by in their hoopties and mom/grandma would tell them how excited they were that they were getting basically a new home for free. None of them even bothered to thank any of the mostly white volunteers that were rebuilding THEIR home. If anything, family members would look at us with contempt for being in their "hood". I remember that 3 or 4 of us went to Wendy's (Warren side) and brought back some lunch for ourselves. The mother was pissed off that we would eat our Wendy's in front of her children and that we should have brought everyone back something to eat, because her children were whining at her that they wanted Wendy's too. That was the first and last time that I helped out. I was not mad at them, but at myself for wasting my time and effort trying to help people that are too lazy to help themselves. The entitlement attitude was unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I was working as a deputy sheriff in Arkansas at the time of Katrina. Working the midnight shift, I slept during the day and watched the news about katrina in the evening before going to work. The hurricane really didn't have much effect this far north.

Refugees were flown out of New Orleans to Ft. Chaffee. Deputies and police officers in the counties around Ft. Chaffee were asked to volunteer to help. That was it. We were asked to help period.
Who to help and what we were supposed to do, well we weren't told at that time. I had no desire to help those I thought were too stupid to help themselves, so I didn't volunteer and few others in my department did.
When they came back, they told us all the refugees were black. As each one came off the plane, they were taken into custody by two officers. Turns out almost all of them had been inmates in New Orleans jails.
They were not happy about being taken into custody immediately upon leaving the plane and, I was told, the use of force was liberally applied whenever needed.
It was only the first few off the planes that caused problems. I guess word got around real quick what would happen.
In the meantime, I stopped a car with Louisiana plates one night. The woman driving the car was from New Orleans. She was going to her parents home in Iowa. I saw this as an opportunity to get some first person knowledge about how bad it really was in New Orleans.
Turns out she was a nurse. If memory serves, she had left New Orleans just prior to Katrina. I think she said it was Shreveport she had gone too. There, she was to assist the local hospital as they expected hospitals in and near New Orleans would be closed, and others overwhelmed with the injured.
The Katrina incident was still in progress. I asked why she wasn't in Shreveport? She told me it was bad enough working in New Orleans, insinuating black people were the problem, but she had got in her car and left Shreveport when some negroes came into the E.R. and started shooting at some other negroes that were being treated for bullet wounds. Her future plans did not include returning to Louisiana.
Oh, now I remember. She was tired, she had worked that day (evening?) in Shreveport and was fleeing to her parents home in Iowa.
I assured her in this area, (at that time) there were very few black people. There was a rest area just up the road and she needed to get a little bit of sleep before trying to drive all the way home.
Best I can remember, her car was in the rest area only 2 or 3 hours before it disappeared.
She's one of the few people I remember after 25 years in law enforcement. A very nice young lady in a profession of helping people, and those same "people" scare her to the point she flees her job to escape their violence.

What a disgusting excuse for a "human" race.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......We must understand the reason for the shooting of two television media people. There are two main narratives being taught by the typical American educational system. What is being taught is WHITE GUILT and BLACK VICTIMHOOD. I first saw this in NY with the Colombia University Socialist I had encountered over the years. They made the MOONIES look normal.

25 to 30 years of Black Studies is nothing but propaganda about how the evil white man is preventing the poor and suffering black person from pursuing his rightful place in the GREAT AMERICAN DREAM. The constant lies about oppression and denial of rights. Blacks came from a highly advanced civilization but now live in a RACIST COUNTRY RULED OVER BY HATEFUL WHITE PEOPLE. Michelle Obama made his speech to a graduating class at some black school. He talked about social justice and racism and blah..blah...blah. What was really being said is YOU ARE ALL FUCKED BECAUSE OF WHITE RACISM and you might as well give up trying to have a decent life. YOU ARE ALL VICTIMS and don't have a chance. Black professors and teachers are being paid good money to preach about being the ETERNAL VICTIM. VICTIMS must fight back against those who are holding them down. The victim state of consciousness is taught by the schools and media on a daily bases. All blacks are victims. The news show shooter was black and gay. Hey...A two for one victim. Thank God he wasn't a midget. He might have shot more people. America is now the land of victims. Oh how they suffer.

The bullshit being dumped on whites is even worst. Whites must feel guilty BECAUSE BLACK FAILURE is all their fault. American educators have become nothing but priest teaching the new government approved theocracy of WHITE GUILT. This new religion produces nothing but failure, guilt and hate. Guilt ridden and hate filled losers are taking over the country. They take pride in their feelings of guilt. They march in streets where they can get tear gassed. Groups of them risk being run over by a FLAT HEAD MACK TRUCK so they can block interstate traffic. Remember...they took out student loans to be taught all this bullshit. They be down with the struggle and mommy and daddy just got screwed because they co-sighed on the loans.

Even though I am a crazy old fucker living out in the middle of nowhere I will admit the WHITE PRIVILEGE bullshit threw me for a loop. I saw some of the hidden film clips from those meetings and was really shocked. I still cannot believe that middle and upper class white people would pay money to be degraded and humiliated by nasty loud black people. Unreal. What kind of system would teach white shame and black failure. We all know the answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

Once they are hired you are stuck with a huge problem!!! Surprisingly ole Vester was fired and not able to collect on it. It's a horrible gift that brings misery once they are employed. The absolute worst!

AnalogMan said...

Congratulations on the new baby, Paul. Seems like just the other day when you announced your wife was expecting. Time flies.

Thanks to all for the interesting and edifying comments today, with special mention of Gwoobus Harmon. I'm sure Katrina is an almost inexhaustible mine of such stories

And now, for today's round of "Guess That Race" (and based on no evidence whatever):

2 Women Arrested After Fight On JetBlue Flight At JFK Airport

Two women were arrested Wednesday after they attacked each other as their flight arrived at JFK Airport from Jamaica, police said.

What are these creatures doing on a plane, anyway? I still get a feeling of unreality seeing them in cars. Send them back to the jungle.

Euro American said...

Active voice! I cannot believe it, but I see it. Not passive voice.

"A gunman shot and killed a TV reporter and cameraman"
I am shocked. I corrected it in my head when I read it. It should read "violence took the life of a TV reporter" or "the streets ended a reporter's life".

At CNN...well still passive voice, of course.

Washington Post, wow, active voice!
"Shooter fueled by rage"

My point is that when journalists are murdered by blacks, they forget the passive voice and point out that a violent black guy done did it.

At brainwashing central, CNN, of course, nothing ever changes.

Anonymous said...

"...Has any white person in ANY work setting EVER met a nog without a huge chip on his shoulder, and who actually carried his or her own weight in the workplace?"

I knew some blacks in the military who saw themselves as Good Americans. They tried to fit in to YT's world. And often they succeeded.


The critical thing is: this was at a time when YT still had confidence in him/herself. It was a time when YT set the standards and did not lower himself to accommodate other races. It was when YT had landed on the Moon, and still controlled YT's own countries.

Today? Why would any black person respect YT, given how YT has given away the farm in the name of "diversity," "multicultism," "disparate impact," and a host of other slogans? Look at YT today, gleefully tearing down the Confederate flag, and worshiping MLK, jr and Nelson Mandela. Who could respect such sellouts? No one, especially not blacks.

Anonymous said...

Well as always humans should avoid mixing with the violent negroe primate, given a choice Ill take the storm every time. As for the negroe that shot those humans, again you must never let your guard down around the negroe as violent and lethal chimpouts can occur at any time for the slightest reason. Reguard the negroe as you would a rabid baboon,when you see one an attack us sure to be right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I had a relative who was in the National Guard during the 1938 New England Hurricane. This was way before my time, but he had a book of photographs which they gave to the guardsmen who were involved in emergency work. You had companies of (white) troops clearing debris, and groups of (white) homeowners salvaging their goods, and (white) townspeople showing stoicism in the face of adversity. One photo I still remember shows railroad tracks ripped up by the force of the stormy.

But the area rebuilt. I lived in Connecticut when I was younger (again, way after the storm) when it was still white majority. Lots of nice houses, factory jobs, people sitting on their front porches, Saturday nights at the amusement park. America. White America.

Now I see many of these olde New England cities are being overrun by Africans in America. You wonder how long it will be before things look like they were after that hurricane...

Anonymous said...

I read several European languages and I can tell you that things are (finally) changing in Europe. The Sweden Democrats, Sweden's only race realist political party is now the second-most or most popular party in Sweden depending on which polls you read. In Germany, which is supposed to accept up to one million fake refugees this year, asylum housing is being burnt down by enraged patriots all over Germany. Anti-immigration rallies are no longer the sole territory of shaven-headed thugs, but are attended by families and seniors. The Danes threw out the socialists and elected a conservative government. The FN continues to increase its influence in France. Hungary is building a wall to keep out the fake refugees. The social democrats (Ap Party) in Norway are foundering in the polls. The new Justice Minister Anders Anundsen (Frp Party) achieved a sharp reduction in street crime by simply arresting and deporting the thousands of Muslim illegal immigrants that the Ap party had tolerated for years. Finland is even more resistant to third-world immigrants and culture than it was before, and Finns are speaking out against immigration all over social media. A huge contrast from ten years ago, when a Finnish blogger was arrested and prosecuted merely for revealing the race of two Congolese "refugees" who raped and mutilated a Finnish woman.

As the population of third-world immigrants in Europe continues to grow, resistance will continue to grow. Things are changing, finally.

Anonymous said...

I was at work in Emeryville the day the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred. Our whole area was built on landfill too. I immediately ran outside the building, which was surrounded by a large expanse of more or less empty land. For as long as I live, I'll never forget the sight of the ground around me literally rising and falling in long, smooth, ocean-like waves created by the shockwaves from the earthquake passing through it. It's at times like those you gain a visceral appreciation for the fact that the world we think is fixed and permanent is the thinnest and most fragile of temporary shells built upon a nature that will do as it pleases.

Anonymous said...

I am white and was not in New Orleans, but have many accounts from my white friends of the time afterward. The thing is - most white people did not go to the Convention Center or the Superdome during the aftermath. They stayed near their homes if they were still somewhat habitable or otherwise got to higher ground and survived as best they could and banded together to help each other get out, since local government response was virtually non-existent - nothing was done for those left in town until the feds showed up. In fact, the mostly black (at the time) NOPD joined in the looting of what stores did not flood and shot citizens who asked for help or talked back to them.
There's a lot of bitterness among my community (non-rich white people) who also lost everything in Katrina but who have been made completely invisible by the media narrative that it was somehow a conspiracy against black people only. A lot of people suffered in the storm and all of it was preventable if the local government had some tangible plan in place to deal with this entirely foreseeable emergency.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

It wasn't the "White Pride" shirt that caused the ruckus. It was the one with a Klansman in white and the caption, "Boys in the Hood."

But the guy wearing the "White Pride" shirt was just as fired as the Klan shirt guy.

Tell me two blacks, one wearing a shirt with a strong anti-YT motto, the *other* wearing "Black Pride" would BOTH be fired; I doubt that even the one would be.

Mutant Swarm said...

Euro American said...

" Active voice! I cannot believe it, but I see it. Not passive voice.

http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2015/08/26/suspect-in-virginia-tv-shooting-who-formerly-worked-at-kpix-in-san-francisco-shoots-himself/ ..."


Thanks for the link; very informative. There is also a link to a neighbor, who expresses shock that he could do such a thing, he was a good blah blah blah. And a very interesting still photo of the shooter:

Bryce Williams

I distinctly remember seeing this photo earlier in the story's timeline, where his face was severely overexposed to make him look white, and possibly cropped at the hairline. Can anyone find a link to a story with that photo?

Alexandra said...

I heard that when Katrina refugees were shipped to Houston, the crime rate in Houston promptly shot up. Hm. How could that happen, I wonder...?

Anonymous said...

I retired from the Army Reserves and was based out of Belle Chasse about 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans. I know for a fact the Government or at least the Navy believed Katrina was not going to hit N.O. Remember, the hurricane never actually hit the city, the levees gave way a couple days later. I left Belle Chasse about 7pm Saturday and drove through the city on the way home. By Sunday morning the evacuation plan was put in action. I live in Madison Ms., 180 miles inland and Katrina was a Cat 1 even here. I've heard several stories from different people who patrolled Jefferson parish. They stood on the Parish line with guns and refused entry to blacks from Orleans Parish. Algiers is a white enclave on the West Bank. Lots of black looters were shot there by white armed patrols so little actual crime took place. What I was shocked at was the number of blacks who looked around and saw all the white people leaving. All radio stations and TV stations were advising to leave New Orleans. Most of the black people actually refused to leave even when offered rides or when they even had a car themselves. Most blacks stated that they were waiting on the white people to come and get them.

Alexandra said...

"Anonymous said...

A black coworker of mine who was raised in the infamous Robert Taylor Homes told me the blacks won't evacuate, it is too close to "the first of the month""

I guess it never occurred to them that technical difficulties caused by the hurricane could delay their gibs.

If it did...that could've set them off too.

Anonymous said...

A black coworker of mine who was raised in the infamous Robert Taylor Homes told me the blacks won't evacuate, it is too close to "the first of the month""

Interesting bit of information, what is sometimes called a "factoid." It does explain some of the black passivity in the face of a natural disaster.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Katrina Obummer said "The people of New Orleans didn't just inspire me, you inspired all of America."


I'm missing something. Was there more than one Katrina incident in New Orleans? I want to read about the one where things went so well.

Anonymous said...

We've had all of those things for years, and they're lying more than ever. They don't care. They're crazy, and so are the people who demand to be fed even more of their lies. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

riptapart said...

"Guilty"? I wish they had left her with the savages. I wonder if the other whites who were rescued from rape and death felt guilty. This woman should not be allowed to breed. I certainly hope that one day while she is being raped, she apologizes to her rapist for making him do it.

CountryBoy in TN said...

That is chilling to read. Nola has been a no-go zone for whites for a long time. Who in their right mind, other than foreigners, still goes there? They have to be the only ones still supporting their tourism industry.

Anonymous said...

"Can't remember who quoted it that the negro was "half child, half demon"?!."

Take up the White Man's burden, Send forth the best ye breed

Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives' need;

To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild—

Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child.

"The White Man's burden" - Rudyard Kipling

CountryBoy in TN said...

Spot on! Guaranteed she rejected him, and he felt inadequate, since she was with a "weak white male".

riptapart said...

I hope some day she gets enriched to the fullest extent. That much "altruism" is really an arrogance.

Unknown said...

I moved out of NOLA to Houston seven years before Katrina. I twice volunteered during the emergency, once at a shelter close to me with a group from work, and then with my religious group at the Astrodome, ironically with a NOLA member who was staying with me.

The small shelter was filled with grateful people of all backgrounds. One memorable encounter was with a black man who told me that he and his family were going to be moving to a new apartment in a few days, and they'd all found jobs. He was a welder, and couldn't work because he was injured, but was anxious to start working again. I wished him luck. His kind are always welcome--hardworking and industrious, that is.

That Saturday, there were a lot of people around in the Astrodome that may have kept the place from erupting into chaos like the Superdome. There was more than enough food for the evacuees, who were loud, boistrous, foul and complaining about everything. Places like Jason's Deli and Schlotzky's donated huge amounts of food, but most of them didn't know what that was. They were asking for McDonald's.

They also didn't know who Sheila Jackson Lee, Al Sharpton or the Nation of Islam were, but they were walking around shaking hands with all the black people from NOLA, and skipping the few white people there, while volunteers from all walks of life were serving food to the hungry. The TV news did NOT show the Nation of Islam walking around in their paramilitary uniforms, either, but there they were. WHY they were allowed in is anyone's guess.

Houston absorbed the bulk of these "refugees," and many discovered that life was better outside of NOLA (like me, 7 years prior, but I have a Bachelor's Degree from Tulane.) People who took in some of these "refugees" were robbed and killed, just trying to help people out. Houston was VERY generous, Dallas turned their nose up at them, and while many were happy to be extended courtesies, that one subset of the population has increased the Houston crime rate ever since then.

Stories have abounded of people who got more on their EBT card here, got very nice Section 8 housing that most people can't afford, and the same stuff they did before, that we're supposed to think of as a "mistake." Like the woman who left several children at home with an empty EBT card so she could fly to Nigeria and marry the "husband" she met online. I am not exaggerating. That happened about 2007 or 2008, I think. She got a $1200 plane ticket to fly to Nigeria, somehow. She was arrested when she landed, and had no idea why.

Couple that with the influx of illegals, low-life Muslims (they're not all like that, I hear), New Yorkers and other people who come here because "it's better in Texas," and now Houston is not as nice a place to live.

Amazingly, my idiot brother in NOLA wants me to move back there. I told him if I was ever forced to do that, I would kill myself. I got tired of being poor years ago, and that's all NOLA ever was. POOR.

Me, I want to move out of the city fast as I can and into a rural area, but even that's on hold, because I'm stuck in a suburb and I don't have a job. (They don't give food stamps to white people, as a rule.) See, now that everyone's coming here from other states with high unemployment, unemployment is still an issue in Texas, especially if you're over 40 or 50--they just don't hire. Because a 20-35yo kid from NY or CO who's desperate for a job is better than an experienced worker who asks for a reasonable wage.

So, yeah. . .Katrina hurt more than just the inner-city folks.