Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crying Wolf Long Enough Will Eventually Awaken Something Long Dormant....

Crying Wolf Long Enough Will Eventually Awaken Something Long Dormant....

Atavistic even. [Students who falsely reported a racist attack will be charged, Washington Examiner, 2/25/16]:
Several students who falsely claimed they were the victims of a race-based attack at the hands of a dozen white people will be charged, most likely with filing a false report.
The three students at the State University of New York at Albany claimed they were attacked by a dozen white people while riding on a bus in January. The alleged attack quickly caught the attention of Black Lives Matter activists, the school's president and even presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, all of whom condemned the attack before any evidence was provided. 
The evidence showed the attack was a hoax, and in fact that one of the alleged victims threw the first punch. Bus cameras also showed that no passengers yelled racial slurs at the students, as they had claimed, but one of the accusers did use a racial slur against a white passenger. 
Nonetheless, SUNY Albany President Robert Jones said he was"deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident." He added that "there is no place in the SUNY Albany community for violence, no place for racial intolerance and no place for gender violence." 
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even tweeted about the incident shortly after protesters took to the campus to decry the alleged assault. Clinton wrote: "There's no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus." 
One SUNY Albany student actually did become a victim after this story was reported. The brother of one of the accusers — who is a lineman for the San Diego Chargers — threatened a student over Twitter whom he claimed was one of the attackers before quickly deleting the tweet. The threatened student allegedly left school fearing for his safety. 
In an odd decision, the Albany County District Attorney actually allowed activists to view evidence of the alleged assault. One activist who viewed the footage of course argued against jailing the accusers, but suggested they apologize.
 Eventually, when you cry wolf long enough, no one will care nor believe you when the wolf actually appears.

The more you call people a racist, the more the potency of this word erodes, until finally they reply, "so what?"


Kyle said...

Those last two words are so true. It's very, very rare that I give a shit about black lives anymore. In fact, my usual reaction to hearing that another one was killed by policemen or, in the more common instances, themselves is "hooray!" That is unless it turns out to be a DECENT black person, which isn't common in these stories; it's almost always some worthless criminal scum or a parasitic BLM professional whiner and thus nothing of value is lost. Maybe that's because decent black folk are smart enough to not piss off the police and also know to stay the Hell away from criminals?

Anonymous said...

Typical. Every time there is a black church vandalized or burned down White supremacists are to blame, and ends up being a Black doing the crime. Blacks who claimed they were attacked by Whites, or received threatening Tweets by Whites turn out to be a hoax by the Black.

Muslums are doing the same. They charge discrimination, hate crimes, and false bomb threats and turns out the Muslums did it trying to blame White Christians.

What pisses me off is everyone jumps on the band wagon before evidence is in, and condemn Whites as racists. Just like the Ferguson mess.

They are so desperate to prove that every White is racist that they have to manufacture everything, and control the narrative. The race card is constantly played.

Nothing happens when Blacks gang up on Whites. I wish we could get thousands of Whites who are sick of this double standard to protest and cause havoc.

Today on a California campus a conservative writer for Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro, had protestors crash his speech, his camera woman was attacked by black lies matter members, they were threatened with bodily harm by blacks when it was announced he would speak and they had to have police escorts. The campus administration said nothing. The administration did not want him speaking because he is conservative. And this is a publicly funded campus. All universities are run by facists and let the black thugs run things. What a disgrace.

I am sick that the evil GOP is playing dirty tricks to get rid of Trump. If Trump were president this shit will be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Those POS should gave been jailed. They get a free pass to destroy and lie and committ crimes because Obloblo protects them.

Anonymous said...

Find these stories and share them on social media. Text the links of the hoaxes to friends and family. This will help generate more realists.

Anyway, I read comments from SJW enablers before any evidence came out, they were 100% sure this incident happened exactly as described and white on black mob violence occurs all the time, this was just another example.

On a positive note I talked my only brother out of accepting his admission to UAlbany. My grandfather, my father and I are all realists. My brother, being young and impressionable, is subject to the SJW brainwashing and I worry for him greatly.

What's the purpose of becoming a victim anyway? I know we say stuff like "because they want free TVs" but there has to be something more than that. Why go through the trouble and waste time/energy? Why destroy someone else's life in the process?

This is the great example as to why they are not like us. Their activism is based off non-disputable lies. My guess is that they want to push things to the tipping point, they want to declare and "intifada" of some sort (this fits them well because I view them no different the the Palestinians, they are taught to hate, to reject logic and resort to anger).

Arm yourselves and arm yourselves well. I'm going to the desert on Saturday to try my AR at 300 yards.

Make every effort to avoid the dindu. Without YT's resources to leech off of they will only further self destruct.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad case of negro fatigue!

Ex New Yorker said...

I have already confessed that I am the JU JU MAN in JU JU LAND who is sending out all the bad JU JU to the ghettos where blacks are killing each other. I also have another confession. In the late 60's and early 70's one of the things I did to bring in extra money was I BOUGHT AND SOLD SMALL CHILDREN. For any white child with blue eyes and blond hair I would pay up to fifty bucks. By placing ads in the New York Times and the Village Voice I would sell the kid in a couple days. It was a good investment and I could easy double my money. Selling white children was always a fast turn over. For kids with red hair and freckles I only paid $25.00 but they were still good sellers.

One time I bought a two year old black boy. His mother was a dope head and I got the kid cheap. I paid only five bucks. When I listed the kid in the newspapers I was only asking $20.00. I was hoping for a quick turn over but I found out that black kids were a bad investment. After bringing the price down to $10.00 I still had no luck. No sale after two weeks so I finally listed the kid for free. Still no respond so I offered six months of free diapers. Finally a black women called about the free diapers. I told her she could get the diapers ONLY IF SHE TOOK THE KID. She said she already had six keeds. She called me a racist and hung up the phone.

A day or two later a white childless liberal couple from Yonkers called. They were both professors at Columbia University and we made a deal. That is the good news. The bad news is I had to PAY THEM to take the kid off my hands. I learned my lesson the hard way. That was the last time I ever bought a black kid no matter how cheap the price was.

I have been reading Paul's blog for over four years now and I only have three brain cells left. Sorry folks...There are times I can no longer take this shit seriously. Thank you...The JU JU MAN from JU JU LAND.

Anonymous said...

Money quote (from the version of this article): ""What happened on the bus was not a 'hate crime,'" Wiley said. "The only person we heard uttering racial epithets was one of the defendants."

Uhhh, wouldn't the fact that one of these future BLM activists assaulted another person while uttering epithets make that a hate crime?!? Or does the term "hate crime" only apply when white people are on the giving end?

The fact that this supposed assault by white PC students unraveled so completely is about as surprising as learning that I'm actually not going to receive a wire from my internet friend in Nigeria who has repeatedly promised me a windfall.

Californian said...

Look at the bigger picture.

Blacks have been crying "wolf" for half a century. Even when given everything they have demanded, they scream (horrors) "racism" over everything and anything and even nothing. Blacks'll scream (horrors) "racism" even when they are the ones beating members of other races into the pavement.

The reality is that blacks are so totally divorced from reality that anything they say ought to be suspect. Let me note that this is not the first, nor will it be the last, hoax crime. It seems to be a black specialty, while enter stage left, DWLs believe any cry of "wolf" as long as it emerges from black throats.

PS: American Renaissance has some excellent articles on black perpetrated hoax crimes.

Anonymous said...

What is being missed here is the long history of blacks being forced to ride in the back of the bus by segregationist laws. These young blacks were obviously trying to raise consciousness by reenacting the Montgomery Bus Boycott, no doubt after viewing "Eyes on the Prize." The so-called violence was an attempt to show how Alabama cops attacked peaceful protesters at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

You also have to look at how we have de facto back-of-the bus segregation in America today, sad to say. Why, just the other day I was riding on the bus through the vibrant inner city outside campus. Several African American teens were sitting in the back row, trying to hide from the bus videocamera and its blatant micro-aggressions. So I gave up my privileged front row seat and walked down the aisle to rap with them. They looked at me with suspicion, as well they might, given the legacy of Bull Connor. I am sure it had nothing to do with the small plastic bags they were exchanging for money, no doubt a creative game to pass the time. I told them that they should come to the front of the bus, in the heroic tradition of Rosa Parks.

Wouldn't you know it, right at this moment I lost consciousness. Perhaps it was owing to the joy of evoking the Civil Rights Era. Anyway, I woke up to find the teens gone, my jaw quite sore, and a couple of paramedics hovering over me. They muttered something about a "drug deal gone wrong" but no doubt they were just expressing their prejudices. All I know is that we have a long way to go before blacks can feel comfortable sitting in the front of the bus.

Ivry Tower, BS, MFA
Critical Race Advanced Progressive Studies

A6NimitzGuy said...

Cry Wolf? Meh, we've been hearing of this for so long, I always assume it's the other way around as it is here. #BLM stirs the pot, it boils, people get hurt, property burns, and it's full circle back to Black Lives Matter. Blacks killing each other by the hundred-weight every day, no #BLM. Feminists and Rape Culture and microaggressions and "safe zones" are all about crying wolf to me. Because I then see the same feminists (Obama and all his men ARE feminists, by the way) importing and celebrating the real-world Rape Culture of the Middle East. But by all means, let's designate a bunch of White boy pussies as Rape Culture at UVA and Duke and who knows where else on college campuses, always avoiding the rape cultures of Rap and #BLM in the meantime. Race attacks? Try a public bus or subway in any major city. Get a taste of race discrimination for real, feminists. Funny how White Liberals always seem to stay out of the subways.

Cry Wolf indeed.

R_Moreland said...

This is something that law enforcement needs to consider: how many so-called "hate crimes" are frauds? How many of these crimes are facilitated by university administrations which want to perpetrate a myth of white-on-black violence when the reality is just the opposite? How much law enforcement effort is going to be wasted on this sort of fraud? Especially when you know the reality of black perpetrated violence overloading the criminal justice system.

Law enforcement needs to look at the bigger picture. "Hate crime" law is really another attempt to undermine rational law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Being called 'racist' means that you are on the right track. Better yet, I'm sure that most of them have never thought about how to respond if someone actually calls them up on their bluff.

Of all of the recent stories, this one resonates with me so much because it distills the negro experience and its dishonest double-standards to its simplest:

Blacks play the bully, start something, and then play the victim when the crowd gathers. Even though they are so incredibly dishonest and hyperbolic they are given the benefit of the doubt first and every time over all else involved.

These are the same @ssholes who brought you the "hands up, don't shoot" narrative that was also a complete fabrication- and this is even after Brown's convenience store bullying/robbery footage debut.

White privilege? More like white and black reputations, with the latter being known for being deceitful, opportunistic and completely untrustworthy.

You can't build a community with those who you have no trust in. People know how you play when the cat is away, video cameras don't lie even if you disregard every personal white story ever told.

D-FENS said...

Negro goes on shooting rampage at his workplace in Kansas:

Note the criminal history of the negro. Apparently, his employer has "banned the box" and doesn't let a violent criminal past get in the way of hiring a negro.

Brian in Ohio said...

re: Kyle

What are these "decent black people" of which you speak? Is that some new slang?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Wolf! Wolf! Wolves everywhere!"... Be careful what you wish for....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

I gave up even slightly caring about being called a racist long ago. Their constant whining while doing nothing about the conditions they bring upon themselves, and the SWJ s constant excuse making have robbed that word of any real impact among the awakened.

-CR said...

When one is being victimized, the right of self defense is invoked.

The Dindus have craftily twisted this concept to justify their TNB, crying victimhood at every turn. The mainstream media, academia, and great swaths of civilized people have been deceived by this ruse.

What this incident illustrates is twofold: First, the Dindus aren't really being oppressed by anyone but themselves, and second, when thus deprived of their favorite victimhood scam, they simply fabricate lies.

When those lies are revealed, more eyes are opened to the truth we realists already know: the savages are among us.


Anonymous said...

Given the political climate and the nature of the accusations, they should be charged with a lot more than filing a false report. Of course, no matter what they actually are charged with, they will get a fine with no probation or jail time.


chattanooga gal said...

they have been crying wolf for so long now that most of the people I know who hear a story about " racism" just presume it is a hoax, an over-reaction, or an outright lie. The same with the " unjustified killing of an unarmed youf".They outplayed that hand ages ago. I no longer worry about being called a racist. that word has been stretched so far as to have no meaning. you might as well say " I breathe and I am white- therefore, I am a racist"

PaintJob Theory said...

Wait, I've seen this one before. It's the one where the stone age primitives are thawed out from a block of ice and set loose in a modern western city and hilarity ensues as homo erectus tries to negotiate the pitfalls of civilization.

.... oh wait, this isn't a B movie at all, but real life in African America of the 21st century. God help us.

Bird of Paradise said...

How many more of these are filing false crime reports as we might remember the Duke LaCrosse players falesly accused of rape and how the liberal rag the New York Slimes and their insistence they were guilty and now this Frankly i hope they throw the book at these goons and fine their backsides off

Anonymous said...

Selling white children was always a fast turn over. For kids with red hair and freckles I only paid $25.00 but they were still good sellers.

Oh man that cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

College campuses are rife with negro crime. Lehigh University made headlines when a negro (who never should have been at that school) raped, bit and murdered a young white woman by the name of Cleary. Her parents are responsible for forcing universities to publish their crime rates.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at Hillary Clinton's jumping on the racist bus before the evidence is even examined. Won't be surprised if someone calls her out on it and she says it never happened. Such a disgusting woman.
Now blacks making up stories about racial attacks, totally believable. But between the liberals and blacks spouting these fairy tales, I would hope the people with a slightly higher IQ would start to investigate these stories on their own.
People don't like fooled. People that may be sympathetic towards another's plight, will become angry as hell when they learn it's all a scam.
The fairy tales screamed by liberals and blacks need to be heard nationwide. When evidence shows the fairy tale is false, that also needs to be heard nationwide.
Ferguson was a prime example of black incompetence. Liberals jumped on the racial aspects. Black "witnesses" stated Brown's hands were up and he was shot in the back. Evidence proved them to all be liars.
Blacks and liberals believe everyone is as stupid as they are.


Anonymous said...

I was a student at SUNY Albany in the 1990s. I was in a math dominated major, so there weren't any minorities in my major. Most of them seemed to hang out in the Africana Studies Department. From today's Africana Studies SUNY Albany website:

"Promote and share in the University's stated objectives to provide for a racially and gender-balanced curriculum and contribute to the elimination of racism and the creation of a more equitable society by offering new knowledge and research paradigms."

I can't imagine what a glorified ghetto SUNY Albany is now. It was deteriorating then, but now I wouldn't want to spend one dime at that place. Even as a math/science student, I had to take two "minority courses", one was "Racism in America" the other was "Geography of Africa". It's sad I believed the crap I was taught back then. The good news is after a few years of "realistic events" after my graduation, I stay as far away from black Americans as possible now. It's unfortunate our society is hell-bent on destroying itself through altruistic cultural destruction, but so be it, it's not my problem. I'm grateful everyday I currently have the ability to avoid the negro, although it is becoming more and more difficult in this country.

Anonymous said...

The more you call people a racist, the more the potency of this word erodes, until finally they reply, "so what?" -- The fact that the "nigger" word doesn't have the same erosion, gives evidence that the "people" are different. And by "different", I don't mean "better".
@JU JU MAN - You may only have three brain cells, but they're firing on all four cylinders.

Long Island Guido Realist said...

My goodness all blacks do is lie and deciet.

Can we just get this raw ecar "officially" started and over with already!?!


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Crying wolf is a concept negroes don't understand. See, they don't like to read. It hurts their hayads. Most of the white chillen have been read to by their mothers and dads about the boy who cried wolf. They took away the moral of that story, which is in effect, if you lie repeatedly sooner rather than later no one, and I repeat, NO ONE will believe you. Ergo, it's better to tell the truth and not squander your reputation and be known as the village liar. Cause and effect.....sound familiar? Well, yeah, it should, cause if you're white, you understand that simple concept. Turn on a burner on your stove, let it get good and poker hot, and lay your hand down squarely in the middle. Kinda hurt, don't it? That there is your white privilege. Bet most of you learned, if not after the first experiment doing this, surely after the second or maybe the third. The negro? Not so much.

You can be sure a negro is lying and I will tell you how to spot this - its lips are moving. Yep, whenever you see those fantastically over-sized, Angela Jolie lips flapping away, you can be pretty dad bern sure that you're hearing a pack of lies. Witness Barack Insane Obama. Can any of you tell me a time when he DIDN'T lie? "You can keep your doctor." "TPP will be good for Americans, honestly." "Most families will see their medical insurance premiums fall."

The commenter who stated that the employer of the negro who went on a shooting rampage the other day disregarded the "if you've been arrested for a felony, check this box" hit the nail on the head. If Obama and his overlords have their way, every workforce in the country will be overrun with violent negroes with long felony records. If Hillary or Bernie gets elected, I'm taking early retirement. I believe I've had just about enough of negro lies, their vibrant diberstee, and cultural enrichment.

Anonymous said...

Negroes screaming racism and telling lies is par for the course. Nothing surprising or uncommon there. However, news orgs, politicians and others jumping on the bandwagon and automatically believing the lies says to me that they're pretty damn stupid. Even if they know the truth and are just supporting the lie in pursuit of some agenda or some personal benefit, it shows they have about as much integrity and self respect as a piss soaked wino laying in a gutter and should be relegated to cleaning public toilets as a career.

Long Island Guido Realist said...

Im seriously at a no nonsense point right now and any DWL or SJW that presses my buttons will get something they dont want.

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said...
Negro goes on shooting rampage at his workplace in Kansas:

Note the criminal history of the negro. Apparently, his employer has "banned the box" and doesn't let a violent criminal past get in the way of hiring a negro.

February 26, 2016 at 3:27 AM

The media is already saying that this Kansas shooter Cedric Ford, a 38 year old tattooed black buck with a muscular build, was "bullied" by other employees at the workplace and had mental issues. Uh, whatever. Yeah right is all I have to say about that.

Are the media going to next say that there might be some cell phone pictures of "racist graffiti" in this Kansas workplace bathroom, like they did back in 2010 after Omar Thornton the black buck shot all of his white coworkers at the beer distributor in Connecticut? (The pictures of this graffiti never materialized despite a yearlong police investigation into the Connecticut beer distributor shooting.)

Cedric Ford the tattooed and muscular black buck was a felon with multiple convictions related to grand theft and burglary. He posted a video on Facebook of himself aimlessly firing his AK into a dusty cornfield. He also posted at least two other pictures of himself holding his Glock pistol and his AK on Facebook, but nobody on his Facebook said anything sensible about that, but then they act surprised after this happened.

I'm just tired of this double standard when it comes to gun ownership. Law abiding white people who own semi-auto AR and AK type rifles as a hobby are labeled terrorists by the media, but felonious neroids who aren't legally allowed to own any gun whatsoever can post "gangsta style" pictures and videos of themselves brandishing their guns on social media, and nobody even makes a peep about it. Last I checked, photo or video evidence of a felon in possession of a firearm that can be viewed by the general public is supposed to be enough to at least stem a police investigation. I guess that little rule doesn't apply to negroids anymore, because racism, right?

On the plus side, Cedric Ford apparently used his typical African marksmanship skills while he was shooting at his coworkers, being that he only killed 3 of them, but 14 others were injured. So things could have been much worse. This latest mass shooting incident also ended with a dead negroid, so at least we won't be dealing with insanity pleas and 50+ court appeals all while our tax dollars go toward the upkeep of this worthless negroid. Good riddance, Cedric, enjoy your trip to the giant watermelon patch in the sky. May you endure 30 lashes every hour on the hour from massa's whip for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

They have watered down the word "racist" so much that I was considering putting it on my personalized license plate.



All tools being pushed by those who shall not be named to destroy whitey and his culture.

Mr. Rational said...

Ex-New Yorker is one of my favorite commenters here, and it's not like there isn't plenty of good stuff posted here.

Anonymous said...

Personally, if a person makes an accusation like the one these three women did and it is false, then they should be facing the full wrath of the legal system for the same punishment as the crime they falsely accused someone of doing.

The lard butt brother should be charged as well for his threats. Civil penalties for the lives destroyed by the liars too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The JuJu man is at it again, causing the sistas to tell a lie! Come on JuJu, you have to stop this! You are making us black folks look bad! We cry racism when there isn't any or we make up stories to get attention. We're like a spoil child!How can anyone take us seriously after reading stories like this over and over again. Where are the grown ups?

Thanks PK on another good story.

Willie in Naperville

10mm AUTO said...

On the other hand, if you slash White people's faces enough, you might get their attention. Newest variation of the knock out game, Cutt'en da YT.

Don't worry you stupid Goyium, in the 567 attacks, we can't detect any pattern, they are all completely random Whites getting slashed by blacks. Razors gone wrong. All 567 of them. Now go away and pay your Fu**ing taxes.

Anonymous said...

A good point made by several above. Every time I see one of these "hate crime" stories posted on the main page, whether it's some "white supremacist" supposedly writing the n-word on a tab at a restaurant or hanging a noose on a college campus, my first instinct is that it's a hoax. And lo and behold, I'm almost always proven correct.

The problem is, most low information whites out there only hear the OUTCRY! over the initial reported story and never hear the fabricated truth (since the reporting on it is minimal), and thus the hoaxes become truth.

Anonymous said...

You hear? Sharpton will leave America if Trump elected.

And cue the landslide...!

SC Girl said...

JU JU MAN said:
*Selling white children was always a fast turn over. For kids with red hair and freckles I only paid $25.00 but they were still good sellers.*

Damn it! Us pale gingers always get low balled. No wonder it took so long for Orphan Annie to get adopted. Sad face. :(

Back to the subject at hand, perhaps I'm just in a jovial mood today but I love this story. It's funny to me because blacks have gotten so uppity and brazen lately they genuinely have no idea that they are thisclose to getting their @$$es handed to them by white Americans and for some reason this stupidity amuses me. They REALLY don't get that a lot of us are over it and could not give even half a sh*t when they call us "racist."

You have to marvel at the fact that these low IQ, non-perspective having creatures just cannot fathom for the life of them why we don't want them around. It's also entertaining that it doesn't matter if the black person is a poor, ghetto hood rat or Oprah "land whale" Winfrey, they ALL play the race card.

Check out these entertaining little gems of "the girl who cried racism" from everyone's favorite magic negress:

Anonymous said...

Negro hoaxes can be spotted from a mile away because they lack logical thinking skills and and don't realize how easily their shenanigans are tested. Sadly though, most media outlets aren't interested in anything other than the accusations.

AZ Ray said...

The sleeping giant is slowly, albeit achingly slow, beginning to awake..

The "Amish" no longer control the narrative. We can clearly see that the emperor has no clothes no matter how much they say otherwise. I'm beginning to have something I have not felt in quite a while.. Hope!..

Whites worldwide are growing sick & tired of the madness. Nationalist parties are on the rise throughout Europe. Mein Kampf is the top selling book in Germany & much of Europe & America. In Europe, border fences & controls & outright resistance from the populace about the "refugee crises" is reaching a fever pitch. Being called "racist" is losing its sting & people who five years ago would have cowered from the word now shrug & say "so what"..

Dare we hope?. We should NEVER underestimate our people. It takes a lot to get us riled up, but when we do, the earth trembles..

Of course white libs & BLM cretins will find some excuse from this case, as they ALWAYS do. That Negros never EVER take responsibility for their actions is proof positive that they are a child race.

A hallmark of being a mature ADULT is taking responsibility for ones own actions. For honing up to ones mistakes. That nogs excuse their utterly demonic-depraved, childlike behavior EVERY time on external circumstances like "white oppression.. Colonialism.. the legacy of slavery.. The flying spaghetti monster", whatever. What further proof does one need that they "are not like us"?..

Anonymous said...

If you stop and think for a minute the widescale destruction blacks have created at all levels: Politicians, Street thugs, College students, black professors etc...

It is truly mind blowing and down right sickening.

Anonymous said...

It works so often, these negros think it's foolproof.

Look at Mizzou. Some negro who just happens to be an activist claims rednecks in a pickup truck called him a nigger as he walked along an open-access street.

Result: president fired. School shut down, incoming freshmen subjected to diversity brainwashing.

These incidents - crimes really - have given rise to the STFU movement.

Hillary and Bernie like to pander to negros and parrot their talking points, but EVEN THEY don't want to hear BLM's bullshit, since it's directed at them as well.

Pat Boyle said...


There was a moment last night when Marco Rubio Ted Cruz and the woman from Spanish language TV all celebrated the fact that two "Latins" had made it to the Republican party debate stage. They all seemed pleased with themselves. But what did it mean?

I took Spanish in high school. So am I also a Latin? I can order most Mexican food with a decent accent but that's about all. I didn't understand a single word that she and Rubio said in Spanish. I also took German, French and Latin. I took all those languages in a desperate attempt to find one that I was good at. I was very good in school at math and sciences but languages - not so much.

Spanish speaking people in America are considered a race and a protected class. That means they are a race that underperforms white norms. The underperformance comes from two sources - Amerindians and southern Europeans.

There have been only four studies of Amerindian and hybrid IQs. These were done in 1922, 1925, 2005, and 2011. The pure Indians got IQs of 67,86, and 83. The hybrids had IQs of 93,89, 94, and 94. The Europeans had IQs of 100,100, and 98.

The brain sizes in another series of studies, were 1426 1369 and 1319 for the Europeans and 1420, 1366 and 1240 for the Native Americans.

The political will to help Hispanics is aimed at what are commonly called Mestizos. In twenty one studies of Hispanics in the Americas from 1924 through 2007 they had IQs from 83 to 99. So American Hispanics are generally a little smarter than African Americans who average 85.

But of course neither Cruz nor Rubio is a Mestizo. They are both pure Caucasians. Cruz's people are from the Canary Islands. That is an Atlantic Island near Spain. There are not now nor have there ever have been any Amerindians in the Canary Islands. The most famous person from the Canary Islands was probably the tenor Alfredo Kraus. He looked a bit like Cruz - coal black hair, very white skin and an aquiline nose. But Kraus had very pale blue eyes. He made a number of movies. He was a sort of Spanish Mario Lanza.

It is also true that Europeans from the southerly Mediterranean nations are not quite as smart as those from the north. Spain has IQs from about 94 to 102 whereas Germany is from 96 to 107. Italy for example has one of the highest national IQs in Europe but most of the high scores come from the north not the south.

Clearly both Cruz and Rubio are very smart cookies. They have IQs well over 130. They are not the kind of people for whom there are government compensatory programs aimed at giving help to the slow witted. So it strikes me as a little silly to hear them continually telling us how poor and downtrodden their parents were. America has good social mobility. Most of the smart guys you meet had less accomplished parents and many of the so called Latins you meet are descendants of the Conquistadores not the native Indians.


Michigan Jom said...

" Bus cameras also showed that no passengers yelled racial slurs at the students, as they had claimed, but one of the accusers did use a racial slur against a white passenger. "

Damn those bus cameras. Another Whitey invention. Cameras be racist.

Anonymous said...

I'm granny.

I'm new to this blog. I stumbled on it and I am sooo glad I did!! However, I am a little confused about all the short-cuts (I know what BRA is) such as SWJ, SJW, POS, DWL, and TNB. Can anyone clarify what these mean?

Nothing will happen to these kids who "cry wolf"!! They are just a bunch of rabble rousers who are depressed and need attention. I live in Cleveland, Ohio (suburb, obviously) and we are getting prepared for the Black Lives Matter protests and disruptions planned for the Republican National Convention. The rumors are that they will be out in complete force and mass trying to stir up trouble and mayhem!! More crazy black kids out to cry wolf in July!! What the Republicans have done to them is essentially...nothing!! But they'll be here nonetheless!!

Anonymous said...

Ivry, you are probably an undiagnosed diabetic.

Something similar happened to me. I was walking at night when a helpful negro holding a 2X4 came out of the shadows. He was a carpenter, I guess.

Just as I was was fainting, he must have tried to catch me, because we got tangled up and the board accidentally clipped the side of my head.

I came to for a moment and saw him looking through my wallet for my medical energency ID card and holding my phone.

Just then, a cop car pulled up, and he got scared and ran, likely thinking he would be falsely accused of something by racist cops.

I advertised on Craigslist trying to find this hero, but to no avail.

I really want to think him and offer him a reward.... I'd also like to get my phone and wallet back.

Anonymous said...

There is no bigger group of whiners and complainers than the groid. They always were and they will continue to be. They will shout "Racism" at the drop of a dime. Its the only way they can deal with the stark realization, something they have known about themselves from the moment they could reflect upon themselves, and that is that they are useless. Imagine what that must be like. To look in a mirror and have that ugly negroid face staring back at you. To realize how stupid you are, how lazy you are. That you can't be trusted. That you are incapable of acting on anything other that the basest of animal instincts. That that thing staring back at you is worthless.

Wayne and his wife

Anonymous said...

Most crimes are committed by white people. I know this from TV commercials.

Whenever I see a white man in a suit, I always hold my purse a little closer. Didn't you see the commercial set to the song "Getting to know you" where the hapless black man has his credit cards scanned and his ID stolen by 5 or 6 random white folks?

I also found out, from watching security monitoring commercials on TV, that most home invaders are white men.

The newest thing I found out from TV is that all alcohol abusers are white men.

A commercial has a woman walking through the city singing the musical question: "Where are all the good men?" While she sneers at and abuses passed-out, white-male drunks.

She is joined by sisters of all colors as they walk through the city where drunken white men sleep on trains, on park benches and in hotel lobbies.

Finally, a noble young Hispanic male who has been drinking responsibly, is shown refusing another beer from an admiring white female bartender.

Young white men have a lot to learn from black and Hispanic men and women of all colors, if they'd only open their eyes.... And, of course, turn on the TV.

Marc B said...

Being called a racist lost much of it's potency during the 2008 presidential race. It will continue to do as Whites realize it is designed to shut us up whenever we broach topics advocating for our group interest and typically has no basis in racial hatred toward non-whites. The Trump phenomenon is part of this larger awakening will outlast his candidacy.

M_Young said...

Yet another idiot white female...this time just roommates with you know who

Anonymous said...

O/T but interesting nonetheless.

Former Detroit mayor (Dave Bing of NBA Detroit Pistons fame) is threatening that the black population of Detroit is upset and feeling excluded from the resurgence of the city downtown. He fears a Ferguson/Baltimore conflagration if new black leadership does not rise up to get their seat at the table and help control anything that may explode.

Incredible. Always bitching and moaning about something. Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) and Mike Ilitch (Little Caesars Pizza) have done an unbelievable job of rescuing the city and bringing the downtown core back to life. Young YT's and entrepreneurial types from all the country are opening businesses and they are full all the time. This time, it is a true YT renaissance. However, dindu's are not in sight anywhere and of course, the fact that civilization is being rebuilt without them pisses them off to no end so they are getting ready to burn it down.

If Detroit explodes in riots one more time, that will be the death knell. The city should just burn to the ground and be buried once and for all.

Unknown said...

I seem to remember Tawana Brawley..BS then, BS now

R_Moreland said...

This is the great example as to why they are not like us. Their activism is based off non-disputable lies. My guess is that they want to push things to the tipping point, they want to declare and "intifada" of some sort ...

This may be.

There are reports that George Soros has funded BLM-related protesters. Perhaps BLM is seen as the equivalent to the various groups which brought about the Arab Spring and Color revolutions in Eastern Europe. The idea would be to unleash the same forces of chaos that have been set into motion elsewhere, only this time in the USA. Certainly we have seen BLM being responsible for a wide range of violent activities, from disrupting the speeches of political candidates to torching a couple of cities in America.

If this goes really widespread, then it could be exploited by high level power brokers. There's a lot more going on than is reported in the media, I should note.

Anonymous said...

The Sharpton comment about leaving USA if Trump elected is blowing up the internet! Awesome!!

Californian said...

This incident indicates another problem with having large numbers of blacks in a polity: the line between reality and delusion dissolves. Blacks create a fantasy world in which they are the perpetual victim even when beating a white person into the pavement. Be interesting to interview the blacks perpetrating this crime. Do they perceive that they were lying? Or are such value judgments beyond them?

There is nothing unique about this incident. It's the same "narrative" which is pushed by the mainstream media, academia and the Obama administration. It's the overall paradigm in which blacks operate, supported by that establishment. Thus, BLM can assault speakers, disrupt political rallies, torch neighborhoods--but the perpetrators are transformed into "victims" fighting for "social justice."

Another point: can blacks ever fit into the political ecology of other civilizations? It is increasingly apparent that blacks lay waste to cities they dominate (Detroit, etc., ad nauseam). But they also lay waste to the assumptions of civil society. They can not fit in to a civilization in which people are expected to act rationally...and to tell the truth as a matter of routine.

Anonymous said...

From what hole did Mitt "lifelong varmint hunter" Romney crawl from?

Spoiled blue bloods I guess are lining up to defend the establishment.

Anonymous said... .Here we go aga in . Students painting wall at schools depicting cops shooting blacks. Read story , no news here from here amongst us readers but it sure appears that some blacks just can't wait for a race war.

Anonymous said...

Here in Metro Atlanta, recent news reports gang activity spiraling upwards in DeKalb county, and that approximately 50% of gay black men have the aids virus. The CAUSE of these problems are never mentioned. But even though white people are mostly not involved in either of those problems, a way will be found to blame white people for it. Why?? Because white people still have most of the money in American society, at least for the time being. Every time a problem is blamed on "rayciss" white people, all I hear is the complaining person or organization saying, "Gibs us money". That is the bottom line. There is NO profit in them taking responsibility. But if the shakedown continues, things will change even more. I hope the next government body passes a law that if a person is injured or killed in the commission of a felony, there is a cap on how much the family can sue for. And if the family does win any sum, it has to be shared with the VICTIMS of the deceased felon. The victims seem to be conveniently forgotten in these scenarios. And I hope the next President refuses to pass any laws that benefit only one group of people or special interest groups- if the law or grant does not benefit ALL (legal) Americans, it's a no go. Except maybe ones that protect children. That is true equality- being treated just like anybody else- NOT being given special rights and privleges.
Also, keep an eye on the Oscars this Sunday. I know a lot of you great commenters advise to skip Hollywood type things- and I mostly agree- but you also have to know what is happening out there. And what is ALLOWED on this live broadcast, to be said and done, is the way the rest of the media will follow. I expect to see lots of digs at white people. Of course, white people will NOT be allowed a voice to reply, or bring up statistics about just how criminally minded a great many black young men are, and the rate of illegitimacy and lack of fathers do figure into a great many black homes. In any "talks" about race are held, it is remarkable that these stats are NOT allowed to be even brought up, and white people are just supposed to sit there and smile and not say anything that is not approved by the PC police.
A few posts back, a gentleman remarked that, since he has moved away from a mostly black area to a mostly white area, his mental health has improved remarkably. I am hoping that will happen when I move. I am getting the last of my ducks in a row to do just that. You talk, think, drive, and even walk differently when you are the minority white. I imagine not having to watch every utterance out of your mouth and being able to drive in streets not cluttered by jaywalkers refusing to move, and not looking over your shoulder every moment when you walk, will contribute very much to peace of mind. More power to you, sir.
L in Atl hell

Awakened white said...

We need our own space so these poor little angels wouldnt have to endure us and our privilege anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ps a couple of black men worked outside my window when I was home with the flu. They used the "N" word 11 times, black 8 times and white 5 times. If the black community was banned from using the "N" word, the word black or word white, for 24 hours, their heads would explode. Another double standard.
L in Atl hell

Race Realist in a Black Skinkin said...

We need to see some DA's grow some pairs around the country to file criminal harassment charges whenever a falsehood exists. The penalty should be just as great as the actual offense. In this case, I hope that Charger ape gets sued by the guy he threatened for thousands of dollars.


Eddie in St. Louis said...

I call B.S. on all of these stories when I hear them. YT just does not attack for no reason unless provoked, it just doesn't happen. Besides I just don't give a Flying F**k about a gaggle of Butthurt Negroes anyway. If the media wasn't run by YKW, you would never hear about any of this crap.

P.S. Doesn't Rubio remind you of a Sissy Fag and Cruz as a Towel Boy at the Gym. Nomesayin?

D-FENS said...

We need to keep a list of all the celebrities who have threatened (promised?) to leave if Trump is elected.

So far we have:

Oprah Winfrey
Al Sharpton

Anonymous said...

Someone upthread mentioned that Ted Cruz's "people" are Spanish-his dad is white Spanish-his mother is American-born Italian and Irish.

AnalogMan said...

Anon 10:36 said

Today on a California campus a conservative writer for Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro, had protestors crash his speech,

You mean this Ben Shapiro?

"Of course there are legitimate racists and we should target them, We should find them and we should hurt their careers because racism is unacceptable."

Yep, great conservative. Good old Scottish name, too.

Ex New Yorker said...

I just came back from the "big city." Walmart had a sale on kitty litter so I bought 40 boxes. I saw two black people and three Mexicans. I also saw a real PENCIL NECK GEEK. He was pale white, had puffy lips, beady eyes, tiny little ears and his neck was 18 inches long. I hope he's been sterilized.

Bird of Paradise said...

This black on white crime can be linked to all this diversity poppycock the liberals are forcing on us

Anonymous said...

"We need to see some DA's grow some pairs around the country to file criminal harassment charges whenever a falsehood exists. The penalty should be just as great as the actual offense. In this case, I hope that Charger ape gets sued by the guy he threatened for thousands of dollars."

That's funny since what little money a nog has was yours to begin with. They have nothing to lose so they do as they please. If a snake bites you can you sue the snake?


1) Ex New Yorker: Change your man to Ju Ju Man......

2)Nothing will happen to these negroes. To punish them would be Raycisss.

3) I may change my "name" to "Shots Rang Out". Why? Well no negro knows what the F a "Centurion" is. But, every time "shots rang out" they would know who did it. Me. Centurion.

4) The former sp*c Presidente of Mehico just campaigned for Trump. Just like the porker from "that place in Rome" who insulted us and Trump, this aztec insulted US and Trump. The more "they" insult Trump the more I support him.

5) I really don't care what Trump says, in a way. I just know he will rock the stage. He will NOT take any crap. Sure he may or may not care about abortion (and I don't unless it is a White baby), BUT I think he thinks like us. He is too smart not to know.

6) The White Women in the Trump Family are just so hot. I will enjoy looking at them for 4-8 years. Who gives a sh*t about the world if we can gawk at them. Right? So far better looking than that Horse presently defecating the White House.

7) SC Girl. I once dated a Red head girl..She was 21 when I was 31. Let me tell you. She was the best. Natural Red hair (yep..natural) with brown-green eyes and perfect figure. I am still In Love today.

AnalogMan said...

I'm granny.

I'm new to this blog. I stumbled on it and I am sooo glad I did!! However, I am a little confused about all the short-cuts (I know what BRA is) such as SWJ, SJW, POS, DWL, and TNB. Can anyone clarify what these mean?

We have a glossary. Welcome to the party.

AnalogMan said...

AZ Ray said...

The sleeping giant is slowly, albeit achingly slow, beginning to awake..

The "Amish" no longer control the narrative. We can clearly see that the emperor has no clothes no matter how much they say otherwise. I'm beginning to have something I have not felt in quite a while.. Hope!..

I am encouraged to see that sympathetic, or at least not hostile, messages on the internet are getting quite sophisticated. Here's one that I loved, and for which Donald Trump should pay good money, if he hasn't already:

Winter is Trumping

Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies. 2m40s

This is the way to get attention. Three and a quarter million views since Feb 20.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good ole Cedric had a white, fat, stupid coalburner by the name of Sarah Hopkins. She gave him the guns and is being charged.

rex freeway said...

I quit believing all their lies in the 60's. It is now to the point that if there is a reported act of hatred directed at a Negro I know it is a made up story. And if it is in a college setting I know White Liberals are involved without question. The tide is slowly turning. And the further it turns the faster it turns.

PaintJob Theory said...

"The Sharpton comment about leaving USA if Trump elected is blowing up the internet! Awesome!!"

Could The Donald possibly get a better endorsement?

I remember long ago when I lived in African America and I used to have to associate with a couple IKAGOs I asked one of them WTF was the deal with Al and Jessee and he said that not even blacks take those two clowns seriously. It was the closest I've ever seen a negro come to feeling some sort of shame actually, it was quite odd.

D-FENS said...

Whoopi Goldberg has also promised to leave if Trump is elected. Contrary to what I said above, I think Oprah just wants Whites to die, and is not, unfortunately, planning to leave the country if Trump is elected.

Anonymous said...

Comprehension is a skill lost to the negro.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you AnalogMan,

I appreciated the glossary, however it didn't tell me what SWJ, SJW, or DOS meant. However, I was able to ascertain the other five "shortcuts". Thanks for helping me and welcoming me to the blog.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous D-FENS said...
Whoopi Goldberg has also promised to leave if Trump is elected. Contrary to what I said above, I think Oprah just wants Whites to die, and is not, unfortunately, planning to leave the country if Trump is elected.

The incredible level of attacks and murder against older white people are a direct result of Oprah calling for their death. She told her audience, on video, that old white people must die. She called for their murder.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Clinton apologize and state that violence against whites on campus won't be tolerated.

College: shared house, two shared kitchens. There were communal meals , shared our groceries, cooking and cleaning. With the exception of Jerome. black male. With a big story. some where he found a large black Mammy, I went into the kitchen one day. Sound track was some R & B music. Him and Mammy were cooking up soul food-translation: disgusting overcooked collard greens, some kind of stinky meat and macaroni and cheese. how that came to be soul food I don't know,maybe they got it for free somewhere back in 1925. Mammy had a giant wig on. Bizarre. the tradition here was that there was sharing. Anyone cooking offered you food. Jerome and Mammy did not offer and did not share. I was confused then. Now I learned the lesson. Blacks do not share with whites but expect and demand that whites share with them. Lesson? All that sharing that I was told to do from kindergarten on is over rated.

Anonymous said...

What does IKAGO mean?

Valkyrie said...

That Wolf is Fenrir.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Article. PK does it again!

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Long Island Guido...

Im so with you bro...100%!!!

As if I needed another reason to support Trump.

He wins and we get rid of some uppity negroes to


Blue Eyes Matter said...

What about the story this summer where the little nog fell on his bike, so told his mammy that a homeless man who worked pumping gas had hit him? She shows up with girlfriend and kids in tow, and beat him with a chair leg, while the others chimp out and hit, and kick him. He died painfully, then it turns out the kid admitted the untruth. He got a few kicks in on the poor guy, though. How do you explain that? He knew the guy was innocent, but went in on the kill too when the others worked themselves into a blood rage. That's what you call tnb.

And they have the unmitigated audacity to talk about micro aggression, while they exhibit mega aggression daily. Give me a freaking break. They say you learn racism, true enough. But I tell you this; they're the ones who taught it to me. I used to believe this liberal crap myself too. Once upon a time in a world far far away. Day in day out, one insult, one crime at a time, they wear you down to the point you just don't give a f*ck anymore. Any day I hear a blm clown's hysterical screeching, I assure you, not one f*ck was given. They can all line up and kiss my white *ss on the way down to hell. I don't care if there are good ones, they're way outnumbered by the bad ones.

Myself, a child of the fifties, I remember when we didn't have to be around them; and I gotta tell you, it was much, much better. All the obscenity they use in every day speech, all the loud obnoxious ignorance from their uncensored brains, nobodys children should have to be exposed to that. I swear, if you spend any time around them, you'll come away stupider for the experience. Any day I don't have to see, or be around one of these terrible mistakes of nature is a good day. Even if it's -20 degrees, and 30mph wind( deadly wind chill) it's still less threatening than a pack of young blacks. You can dress for the cold, even relax and enjoy it. You can never relax around these animals, if you have any sense at all.

Valkyrie said...

Oh, by the way, Christi just endorsed Trump.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Sharpton will only leave to avoid prosecution for the 5 million he owes in back taxes. I'm sure his butt buddy in the White House is directing the I.R.S. to stand down for now and Sharpton's not willing to take the chance under a Trump Administration that he will still be given a free pass. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

"What's the purpose of becoming a victim anyway? I know we say stuff like "because they want free TVs" but there has to be something more than that. Why go through the trouble and waste time/energy? Why destroy someone else's life in the process?"

My SJW mother summed it up perfectly when I said that "Since Obama was elected blacks cross the street even slower now"
Her reply was "That's the only power they have."
They are walking to wherever they are going, poor, angry at society, so if they can make some "white privilege muhfuggah" in his car miss the green light while waiting for them to shuffle across the street, or hold up the line at the grocery store because they are separating their purchase into what will be covered by food stamps, and the beer and fried chicken is paid for with cash, those are their victories for the day. It's the same when they go to restaurants and run the servers ragged, or chimp out at the customer service desk trying to return some broken junk at Walmart.

Bird of Paradise said...

Time for the slumbering giant to awake and throw the United Nations into the trash bin

Anonymous said...

"Blacks do not share with whites but expect and demand that whites share with them."

I've had the same type education about blacks in the workplace. Always wanting one of my drinks, one of my cigars or some snack item. As long as you give, they'll say you're "cool" but once you can no longer sustain the giving (which, once started will be for eternity!)due to the personal expenses, they chimp out and call you a racist and other names. Then begins the black reprisals where they try to cause you as much trouble as they can at work. Obstructing your work, sabotaging your work, spreading vicious rumors about you, lying to those in charge and accusing you of offenses you didn't commit, acting sulky and hostile. Passive aggressive behaviors at their finest.
On the one hand, it's revenge for your non-submission and non-compliance and on the other hand, it's an attempt to force you back into submission and compliance so they'll stop their crap and continue getting everything they want. It's all about getting their "gibsmedat."

As I've often said, with blacks it's all about them and what they want and what they get. Anything that interferes with that will enrage them and put them on the chimpout path. As for their idea of sharing, you'll meet some who will "share" but the exchange will always be heavily weighted in their favor- you'll get 10% value while they get 90%. Any refusal on your part to go along with this "deal" will result in a fit with the negro screeching that it gave you something and therefore you owe it.

The only way out of this negro hustle is to stop it in its tracks and to lie and tell them you're so broke you don't know what you're going to do for groceries or gas or some similar lie. They'll drop you like you're radioactive and go after someone else.

Anonymous said...

Granny: "I appreciated the glossary, however it didn't tell me what SWJ, SJW, or DOS meant."
SJW: Social Justice Warrior
SWJ: SJW misspelled
POS: Piece of S**t
If our glossary doesn't list it, you can always g**gle the unknown word, e.g. "SJW acronym". None of these abbreviations are unique to this site.

Anonymous said...

Of course civilization is being rebuilt without them. It's the only way possible.

Fu said...

It is for power and dominance, plain and simple.

Fu said...

I would say we should instigate this horror, but where will all the rats run to?

I'm surprised that democrats aren't starting these riots in a better attempt to intergrate neighborhoods like they said they would.

Fu said...

Something is off about rubio and graham, but Cruz reminds me of a high class equadorian waiter that doesent speak English and doesen't really take your order, rather comes around periodically to fill your cup with water.

Anonymous said...

And the guns he used to go on his rampage were registered to his fat white mudshark ex girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

The term racist/racism has been throw around so much that it has completely lost all meaning. It is similar to the South Park episode where they say "Shit" 200 times in one episode, by the end of the show the word had lost all shock value and meaning.

Mr. Rational said...

Those of you with acronym/slang questions, let me direct you to another useful resource:

Both SJW and POS (but not IKAGO) have existing definitions there.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

What does IKAGO mean?

I Know A Good One. Basically equivalent of They're Not All Like That. Often used to refer to a Good One.

I refer you again to the glossary linked in my earlier comment. Note that that is specifically for SBPDL terms, but it contains a link to the Urban Dictionary which is useful for more generic acronyms (like SJW).

Anonymous said...

I know a good one, which means a groid is who is not so typical and actually a decent semi- human being. It too seems to often be a misnomer!

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
What does IKAGO mean?

February 26, 2016 at 10:51 PM

When a negro learns to camouflage its true nature, and pass itself off as a, while still non productive, at least non threatening member of society.

Un-awakened whites who encounter such a negro, will respond to race realist comments with "I know a good one."

Among race realists, the term is used sarcastically.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I attended a SUNY college myself some 20 years ago.

The thing that struck me was even this Agriculture and Technology school in a hick town so small the only reason it had two traffic lights is the main cross roads came out about 100 feet apart... you had all these blacks there. A lot of them were one and done, they'd flunk out in one semester because all they did was party. The school didn't even have a football team then, so I've no idea what attracted them to this place.

All I can figure is they were there on grants, aid, or scholarships of some sort. I paid extra for a single room on a floor with a little more security and even on those floors you had a lot of blacks. I attended one dorm party the second year and it was all blacks... left after about 10 minutes.

They were like 90% of the crime. Including an off campus stabbing death a year or so before I attended. Virtually all the crime or terrible behavior I encountered while there was from them. Outside of that, a few fights, lots of underage drinking, the usual college stuff.

I can't imagine much has changed, the same dumb creatures and the same dumb behavior and the state probably imports even more of them.

The only odd thing I noticed at Albany is these three idiots are all from Elmira. But like Ithaca or Binghamton these smaller cities have been gaining in black population and as a result the crime goes up. Where ever you have Africans, you have Africa.

Anonymous said...

Here here. OG gangsta represent. Ex New Yorker goes way back and is one of THE BEST. We shall not take any bullying of him.

His mention of the vote scam book is very good. That was one of my big wake up calls since I understand information engineering, mathematics, hexadecimal and binary as well as computing.

Your vote doesn't count and hasn't for years, the voting machines were beyond easily tampered with and integrity guarantee mechanisms purposely left out.

Easily hijacked, multiple ways, etc.

-Baltimore Watcher

Mr. Rational said...

the voting machines were beyond easily tampered with and integrity guarantee mechanisms purposely left out.

My jurisdiction uses Scantron mark-sense ballots.  They are scanned electronically but they can be recounted either by machine or by hand.  There's no way to rig the count short of physically stuffing the ballot box.

A few well-timed fires in storage rooms full of Diebold machines would be... interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most DECENT black people voted for Obama and support the Democratic party and the Civil Rights Acts that deprive whites of their constitutional rights.