Sunday, February 14, 2016

Black Heroin Dealer in New Orleans Kills a Dozen before the Age of 20: Instead of Immediate Execution, Now Works with Feds

This is your American Judicial System corrupted by an intense aversion to actually punishing black criminality. 

Meet 24-year-old Gregory Stewart of New Orleans. 

Street name "Rabbit."
Gregory "Rabbit" Stewart: An individual whose existence proves America is irredeemable 

He's murdered at least a dozen people and is now actively working with Federal prosecutors to get his four-life sentences reduced. [A dozen murders before age 20: a young killer and his help for the federal government, The New Orleans Advocate, 2-13-16]:
In a city afflicted by murder, the most prolific New Orleans killer over the past several years might well be a 24-year-old drug dealer who goes by “Rabbit.” At least Gregory Stewart has admitted to more killings than anyone else in recent city history. 
By his own reckoning, Stewart had a hand in a dozen homicides over a 15-month stretch of bloodshed that started in early 2010, when he was 18. 
Only one of those gun assaults involved multiple slaying victims: acclaimed bounce rapper Renatta “Magnolia Shorty” Lowe and Jerome “Man Man” Hampton, the intended gangland target in a December 2010 barrage of more than 50 bullets. 
Stewart, who told authorities he started dealing cocaine at age 11 in the 9th Ward, has acknowledged leaving corpses in neighborhoods from Mid-City to St. Claude to Little Woods in New Orleans East, court and police records show. 
U.S. District Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown tallied up the carnage at a hearing last year, saying Stewart has “accepted responsibility for the murder of at least 14 people.” 
Now jailed, Stewart is helping the government in a big way, hoping the feds come through on a promise to try to reduce the four consecutive life prison terms Brown handed him last year. 
In his come-to-Jesus moment, Stewart came packing. Court records indicate he has revealed names and other specifics on numerous killings, shootings and the ferrying of heroin from Houston to the streets of the 9th Ward and Central City. 
Federal prosecutors, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurice Landrieu — Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s brother — have parlayed those revelations into one of the biggest street gang indictments to date in the Eastern District of Louisiana. 
Handed up last June, the indictment against 13 alleged members of the city’s “39ers” gang listed 13 slayings, numerous shootings, drug trafficking and gun crimes in a 45-count roadmap of urban mayhem. Three of the 13 defendants already have pleaded guilty. 
Federal prosecutors often go to bat for helpful criminals, before or after sentencing. But Stewart’s exceptionally bloody history, and his key role in the case against several of his alleged killing partners and drug mules, has raised questions over just what the cooperation of an admitted killing machine is worth. 
Stewart’s murder spree — as triggerman, shot-caller or driver — ended with his arrest in June 2011 at a motel south of Atlanta on federal heroin distribution charges. He was 19. 
By then, federal agents had been monitoring him and other alleged members of “G-Strip,” a 9th Ward drug gang, for several months in an expanding array of wiretaps. 
Stewart had risen during his teens to upper management. Prosecutors describe him as a top dog in the 39ers, which the FBI says was a “hybrid” force of G-Strip and 3-N-G, a notorious Central City drug clan named for its stronghold at Third and Galvez streets. 
The combined group’s aim was to control the heroin trade in two of the city’s hotbeds for drugs and violence, prosecutors allege.
There's a lot more at the New Orleans Advocate, but it's a tough story to get all the way through.

In a sane world, "Rabbit" would hang from the highest point in New Orleans for days.



As a reminder what happens to drug dealers.

Punishment must be unusual or else it serves no purpose.


Anonymous said...

The feral govt must have big plans for this one. Why else would they want to keep him alive for four consecutive lifetimes, or about 300 years?

Anonymous said...

Bizarro logic at its finest.....The more sh*t you cop to, the less time you get.

Anonymous said...

God help us........seriously......we have to sincerely pray for this country....

Obamastan really did implement scorched earth policies for America. I wish someone would take out a few elites starting with Georgy Schwartz aka Soros.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

The only bright spot out of this is even though this guy might cut a plea deal that includes a reduced sentence, his odds of survival will go way down. This snitch will need so many stiches, he'll look like a needlepoint sampler.

New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, Memphis, Camden, Detroit, Selma, New York, Indianoplis, Atlanta, DC, Orlando, Oakland, Houston, DFW and Los Angeles.

Kind of funny listing all those cities. To those of us old to remember the idea of a "winnable" nuclear war back in the early 80's, that list would be expected to be shining like a watch dial. No nukes have gone off, but these are no-go zones if you want to hang on to your life and health . . . not to mention your wallet.

The world of Mad Max is just around the corner. Katrina and Sandy should be all that needs to be said about how thin this veneer of civilization is. Prep up, train up, link up. Summer will be here before we know it.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Unknown said...

He has such kind gentle eyes and an attractive sloped forehead.

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do with "Rabbit" is set him free so he can go back to doing what he does best. With a kill record like that he would serve a good purpose. Can you imagine what those he killed would have done if he had not got to them first. The man should be given a medal for making the streets safer. I don't think the government should interfere in gangs killing each other.

After the next rigged election (pre-selection) and the new "great white hope" (Bernie) is on the throne he will be letting thousands of them out of prison and shipping in more from out of the country. Bernie is supported by different Christian groups and churches (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, etc, etc) who are moving in Somalians and Muslims who hate Christians and want to kill them. Not only is the country dying but the people who live here are stone cold fucking crazy.

Race said...

In a sane world, "Rabbit" would hang from the highest point in New Orleans for days."

... In a sane world, "Rabbit" would never be roaming free in North America in the first place.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

In a sane world, "Rabbit" would hang from the highest point in New Orleans for days.

I have to disagree. I know our host's distaste for heroin and heroin dealers, perhaps even stronger than murderers. If this killer HAD been strung up, then the Feds would not have gotten, per the story "the indictment against 13 alleged members of the city’s “39ers” gang listed 13 slayings, numerous shootings, drug trafficking and gun crimes in a 45-count roadmap of urban mayhem. Three of the 13 defendants already have pleaded guilty. "

That's 3 people already in jail as a result, and I'd bet a lot of heroin dealers going away. We complain about the ghetto cult of "snitches get stitches," but here is a snitch (who will likely get knifed for it.) if the host truly hates heroin dealers, he has to back this.

Awakened white said...

Three people in three weeks. Beasts, just beasts ...

10mm AUTO said...

This is exactly where we are heading. These are not White gangs looking for order, profit and territory taken don by an accountant who wants to cut a deal, these are animals, murdering their way through the Heroin trade. negros like this get caught and then turn States Evidence, which of course leads to punishment for Snitches.

With Police depts shot through with incompetent negros, the clearance rate gets lower every year in every city that is "fundamentally transformed". As soon as he is cleared of his multiple life sentences, he will enter Witness protection, be given a government job and AFFH will get him a rental house right next to you. This horror, his breeding sow will be the highlight of the neighborhood. It's spawn will be in school right next door to your daughter.

How many more are there like him? I bet lots. Lots who can't change their spots.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

U.S. District Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown tallied up the carnage at a hearing last year, saying Stewart has “accepted responsibility for the murder of at least 14 people.”

The pos is responsible whether or not he accepts it.

Accepting responsibility is the groid equivalent of a “time out” or “king's X.” When a groid gets caught committing crimes, the evidence is overwhelming, bail can't be posted, and prison is inevitable the groid knows to chant the magical phrase “I accept responsibility.” He doesn't know what it means, but it always impresses people and it can cause a sentence to become suspended and make the prosecutors and judge want to help the groid out of his predicament. This works because the act of accepting responsibility implies that the groid didn't previously realize that he was responsible, and it just isn't right to send someone to prison who didn't understand the connection between themselves and the mayhem that happened.

In this case the magic chant resulted in four life sentences for the murders of at least 14 people which is less than 6 years per murder based on a life sentence being 20 years. If the sentences are running concurrently, we're looking at only 17 months per murder unless the sympathetic prosecutors and judge reduce it further. By accepting responsibility, the serial murderer has probably managed to pay a misdemeanor price for his pattern of felony murders.

Our expectations regarding black behavior have become so low that we reward them for the simple act of saying the words that they accept responsibility for crimes that they have committed. In a rational world we wouldn't give a shit if a serial murderer accepted responsibility for his crimes.

Sam said...

Hey y'all,
We gots to cut da brutha a break, nome sayin? He found Jeebus so dat mean he be sorry for what he done. So, I propose he get only 3 consecutive life sentences, instead of 4. And when all dem homies in NU realize he ratted them out he will probably get shanked anyway. What a waste of oxygen, food, and any other resources. Also surprised the Just-Us department allows the feds to investigate this kind of activity. After all, it be disparate impact.

Anonymous said...

off topic

It's just like that common core math equation.
If Zachary has two arms, but loses one in a failed robbery attempt, what color is Zachary?
Any one else see the story about the guy who ran over the dindu thief who robbed him at gunpoint? The dindu lost his arm after the car ran him over.
In commie NYC, the driver is now charged with attempted murder, rather than given a medal for taking out the trash. The dindu is being discussed as a boy and shown sympathetically by the media.
But remember the black woman who ran over 40 people a few weeks ago, allegedly after muttering something about their privilege? It's now memory holed. No one talks about it. Fewer even remember it...and that's not an accident.

Unknown said...

Has "Rabbit" been accused of, or admitted to, shooting a White person? If all his "crimes" have been perpetrated against other blacks I consider him to be performing a much-needed public service. He should be released immediately and given all the free range time and ammo he wants.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Were his victims full-fledged humans or were they the less evolved variety? That distinction may have affected the decision for leniency.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Just have to wonder, how many life sentences will this negro work off if he cooperates with the feds? Two, or three? What would that leave him with, say one or two? And how long is a "life sentence"....25, 30, 40 years? Does the negro see a connection between his punishment and the crimes he has committed, or is it just a dance the negro does to appease the white man and escape punishment?

There appears to be a real disconnect among blacks when it comes to their perceptions of the roles they play in society. I've mentioned this before, but during Black History Month, ESPN was on in the breakroom at work. They had a panel of negroes discussing the pain of racism. Bear in mind, one of these bucks was from that school where the football team went on strike, following one negro hunger strike. Think it was University of Missouri, where that coward college dean stepped down after negro intimidation. Anyway, there is no end to the imagined slights they perceive everyday.

Negroes call any perceived behavior that doesn't validate them, focus on them, honor them, or bow to them as being micro-agressions. One negro player said that he felt the room get uncomfortable when he entered into a place that was majority white. I think most of us can feel a bit of unease in a room full of strangers. I've often found myself at a party where I knew absolutely no one, except the person who brought me. My self conciousness was usually over come by becoming interested in a topic somebody was discussing, and formulating a reasonable question about what they were saying. That usually works in breaking the ice.

I suppose negroes don't understand that either, the fact that a room full of strangers rarely will give you a group hug when you enter a room. No, it must be the micro-agressions resulting from the turbul, turbul legsee ob duh slaybaree. Watching this program really reinforced the fact that this is a race of people who will never be happy. Always, always, always there must be something to bitch about. One of the
negroes was very agitated when a white guy said to him, "You blacks have come a long way, man!"

The negro took that as a micro-agression and said to the white guy, "We've always been great. You whites just never took the time to notice."

You're guaranteed to lose whenever you get into anything with negroes, which is why most whites actively seek to avoid them if at all possible. This, the negro takes, as further "micro-agressions". The white guy in the above example was trying to pay a complement, but the negro took it as a "micro-agression".

To my fellow whites who are reading this and still think you will be able to relate to negroes as humans without walking on egg shells, I offer this sage bit of advice: Do not get into a battle of wits with an unarmed negro.

PB said...

"Only one of those gun assaults involved multiple slaying victims: acclaimed bounce rapper Renatta “Magnolia Shorty” Lowe and Jerome “Man Man” Hampton,"

Sounds like he wasn't all bad then.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so angry. This negro killed Renatta “Magnolia Shorty” Lowe and Jerome “Man Man” Hampton? Mag Shorty and Man Man were the best hip-hop artists I have ever heard. They were unbelievable. There is no one alive that could say Motherf**ker faster than Man Man. Mag Shorty could spin around while spraying 9mm's into the crowd like no one on da earth. Rest in peace my homies.

Kyle said...

People who protect monsters are the worst enemies of the most defenseless innocents in all of the world. If you show pity to the pitiless to the point that you think their life is worth more than the life of the people THEY FUCKING MURDER, then you're just as uncompassionate as the murderers themselves, and society gives you a fucking cookie for it.

There have been several HUNDREDS of murders of innocent people because murderers were released from prison, rather than being executed and being made an example of like THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Any self-righteous death penalty opponent who, deep down, knows damn well that they're wrong, is an accomplice to the murder of innocent people whenever murderers kill again and again because evil wasn't removed from the world. You deserve to be punished for all of these human lives destroyed AND YOU KNOW IT.

Everyone, even the deniers know how to deal with these subhuman monsters featured on the site. "Kill them. Kill them all." Being a little pussy bitch and BAWWing about racism so you can squirm like worm to get out of it won't change that moral fact. Make an example out of them and strike terror out of the other people who would terrorize innocents. As for the deniers and accomplices, the ones I just described, punish them and make an example out of them as well. And everyone knows THAT, too. Why do you think this huge backlash against progressiveness and "leftism" in general is reaching massive proportion if it's not because everyone knows it?

Anonymous said...

While I overall agree that we should just hang him and be done with it... There is some potential for not killing him right away.

Figure that we go ahead and reduce his four life sentences to just one, and then keep him in a gilded cage. Law-enforcement still gets whatever information he had, but he still never goes free to threaten an innocent. Then, in future negotiations, his nice accommidations can be used to show why anyone else arrested should 'snitch'.

If we're really ruthless and want to be through with him, just wait five years and have him die of a drug OD in his cell. I'm sure he'd try to get drugs, so just make sure that one day he gets a bad batch.

That said, I'm sure we all know that his sentence will get reduced to ~40 years, minus time served. And after the sentence reduction, he'll be released on "good behavior". And around 2025 he'll be picked up after he's killed a few more people. That's how we do "justice" around here.


Detroit Refugee said...

Just once, I'd like to corner one of the cowards that force this insanity upon us.
With both hands around his or her neck, and a couple inches off the ground, I'd ask
"Why"? This black crime wave is everywhere
now. From this blog I learn about TNB in parts of the country I'd otherwise never hear about.
But trust me, it's out of control up here as well. Most recently, a youth killed a teen at a family fun zone type pizza place or whatever you call it in Melvindale,Mi.
From the NewsHerald site, we learn this is how Detroit blacks celebrate a 1 yr. old child's Birthday party.
Back to my point, getting hands on one of the elite would be "interesting"!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of thing hillary is campaigning for...just google her latest poor negro campaign commercial. Keep on sittin on that fence all you undecided people.



Now that's the face of a killer if I ever saw one. So not only has this lowly common negro killed 12-14 other humans ( possibly ) but just think how many lives he's killed thru his drug selling abilities. It possible that some have o.d. From his narcotics sales. Not to mention how many White lives he's destroyed. I could care less about the black ones. Hey that's just me. And as P.K. and countless others have said here at SBPDL " we owe blacks nothing!" But what we do owe them is a bed in a prison cell. Thugs like this should never be let out of jail again. If he wants time reduced too bad. Let him get other small benifits such as salt and pepper or other meaningless items of favor.
As usual giving in to the criminal gets others killed down the line. Rot in that prison cell. And always remember barrack o'dumber said that drug dealers are harmless and therefore should be let out of their incarceration. Remember? Well I do and always will.


Anonymous said...

Just another third tier serial killer.

D-FENS said...

From the names of his victims, he killed other negroes. Release him but confine him to negro areas.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if you'd listed a few innocents (white or black) that he'd offed I might tend to get angry and upset. Seems like his actions could be considered in some ways a public service.

Anonymous said...

That's why we had lynching... by the way.

Nigs want to use government power to force the races to live together (parasites), so why can't we use govt power to separate races?

Mr. Rational said...

From the names of his victims, he killed other negroes. Release him but confine him to negro areas.

All that does is shift the breeding population further toward the soul-less, unthinkingly violent ones.  We have to stop feeding them and make the sows rely on WORKING MEN for their support, THEN the dysgenic trend will stop.

Either that, or re-colonize the entire lot.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to read old books on the negro problem- insight from those who attest to harbouring no malice based on skin colour rather postjudice based on behaviour.

The incidents described by all other cultures from their time spent with blacks are shockingly similar to what you'd hear about - or rather not, in MSM at least - today.

Same gratuitous violence, lack of foresight, total absence of compassion or remorse, and childlike glee in the commission of crime as entertainment. Eat it, steal it, fu-k it, or destroy it. In other words, the diametric opposite of how they're characterized in media, and woe-is-me Hollywood guilt films.

Truism: civilization, freedom, a black population... Can only have two!

Oh, what a pathetic race- the negroid!

The crux of the problem is genetic.


PaintJob Theory said...

Now hypothetically, if some civic minded fraternal order were to mete out justice the old fashioned way late one night, would the police:

A. Ignore it as they ignore the open air drug markets and blatant negro criminality.
B. Make the impromptu justice administrators top priority for apprehension and come down on them with the full weight of the law?

Again I ask, who is protecting what from whom?

Bill in St Louis said...

4 fucking life sentences.

When SHTF, not only will we have to deal with orcs like this run amok, but I would have to consider dealing harshly with those who could even begin to justify allowing a plea/sentence reduction deal as well.

Anonymous said...

I hate street drug dealers! They're selling poison and it kills people. I wish the police were allowed to execute these death dealers where they find them on the street. But I know that won't happen, but If these snake rectum were publicly hung after their second conviction, I could live with that.
There would be a hell of a lot less addicts and dealers. White people, with the ability to think about future risk and benefits, would find other jobs.
Police would have more time to investigate drug overdoses, then find and get the dealer executed.
This rat bastard is admitting he killed X number of people only to help himself.
But how many more have died from the poison he sells? How many became addicted and "will do anything" for their next fix? Including young white girls?
Yeah, the police should execute these pieces of shit where they find them. Let garbage trucks haul their carcus to the dump.
Buzzards got to eat just like worms. (I know, Clint Eastwood line, but applicable).


Anonymous said...

Damned auto correct! FARTS!

Cheeseman said...

This is the latest news I found for the Las Vegas sidewalk bowler.
1000 yrs. versus 4 X life for this post's POS.
20 yrs. max for either?
I do not understand this world we live in. I was gulled into thinking this country was
a shining beacon. This site, and a few others (Jihad Watch being almost unbelievable),
have permanently pushed me off the fence. Aybah poda hep,but I feel that,other than trying to spread the word, I can only try to survive.


Anonymous said...

Basically this guy is a serial killer. But since he is only mostly killing blacks (didn't see anything about white victims)hooking other blacks on H. So far not too bad. Blacks want this type of scum running around their neighborhoods more power to them! I see Kanye is doing the "Nigger rich" thing bein "broke and all". Negros are entertaining if kept at great distance!

Anonymous said...

Bring back gladiatorial combat! Gives these perps swords, shields, tridents, nets, and set them in one on one combat to the death. Can you even imagine the PPV revenues? At least these criminals would serve one final, useful purpose. They could even be sponsored! The proceeds would go to the families of their victims, of course.

Anonymous said...

If this guy was white, he'd be referred to as a "serial killer" and his name would be added to the supposedly all-white list of serial killers.

As it is, he's one of thousands of unnamed mass murderers of color trying to get their lengthy prison sentences reduced to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Now that the feral creature has been captured and is cooperating with the authorities, does that qualify him as a "good boy who is turnin' his life around?" Has he now become an "aspiring rapper," was he a "feetsball/bakkaball player," or was he planning on going to college to become a doctor? Have the streets or zip codes been blamed for his criminal activities since the streets went bad or the zip code was poisonous? So many questions! Is it somehow the white man's fault he dealt drugs and murdered people and did the evil inanimate gun somehow possess him and use his finger to pull the trigger against his will?

If you're a low IQ black hoodrat, the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES. It's all the fault of the white man, the streets, the zip codes, the gun manufacturers and a host of other evil forces that conspired to take down a fine upstanding black man who was left with no other choices. You're to blame, white man! If not for you, he'd have lived in a mansion, gone to top tier schools and founded a fortune 500 company and made his momma proud! Oh lawdy! Why you white mens gots to destroy da black folks of da worl'?

If you're an intelligent non negro, you know all of this is just typical negro bullshit, excuses and behavior. If you're a libtard or social justice warrior, you're sobbing so uncontrollably that you can't take a sip of your soy mocha latte with foam or you're angrily ramming a lemon poppy seed muffin into your mouth and viciously chomping on it with so much outrage that you can't enjoy the muffin much less taste it. Later, you'll rush down to the local libtard/sjw coffee shop, burst through the door with a crazed look in your eyes and be asked, "What's wrong?!?" by all your oh so concerned compatriots. You'll explain the horrid comments you've just read on a racist website and be consoled with a group hug. Then, when the local negro crack addict comes in hustling for money for his next fix and axin' fo' donations to help negro children learn to read, you'll all get googly eyed and donate extra cash to the crackhead to make yourselves feel morally superior, make a difference and show those racists a thing or two! Take that, you racists!

Brian in Ohio said...

So he killed 14 other negro drug dealers? What`s the problem?

Let him out, he`s doing better than the courts. At least someone is cleaning up the "Chocolate City".

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

They should give out free heroin, crack, meth, etc. at Planned No Parenting in the Hood facilities. Give 'em as much as they want 24/ could even have a drive thru. Although the drug kills well enough, Cartel money is the basis of the killings.
That is, of course, if you really want negroes to stop killing each other. I don't.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Wayne Williams is in prison for life for only killing two. They claim he killed 23/29 after his conviction but who knows, he may not have killed any. I'm a bit surprised BO hasn't pardoned him.

Anonymous said...


I think we all know how to stop the drug problem in the US because it has been proven what techniques are necessary to accomplish this end. “There were 70 million junkies in China---addicted to opium, morphine and heroine.” This is a statement from an article by C. Clark Kissinger entitled, How Maoist Revolution Wiped Out Drug Addiction in China.( ) I’m sure that the people who really profit big from the drug trade feel that without drugs and booze in the inner cities blacks would be harder to control due to their lack of initiative, brain power and propensity for violence. We just don’t need any cotton pickers today and the number of rappers and ball players is so small as to be insignificant as a goal for blacks. What’s a first world country to do with an overabundance of blacks who are genetically ill equipped for living in a civilized environment? China was lucky because they are a homogeneous country, without any guilt being forced upon them, so they could deal with their problem head on. Because of political correctness we have to make excuses for our problems and never try to solve them, only look like there is work in progress. We are not evolving, we are devolving and it ain’t pretty.

Anonymous said...

one of Rabbit's victims was named "Quelton Broussard"
Seriously? "Quelton"?

Anonymous said...

lakeisha will get ?? life wo parole?

Anonymous said...

No soul, or brightness or light in those evil eyes......nor sign of any intelligence.....pure evil.

Anonymous said...

This is an easily solved matter. Just throw him into Angola State Prison. Then have the officers tell everyone ol' Rabbit snitched on his people and you could be next. Then sit back and watch the fun...

Anonymous said...


riptapart said...

If drugs were suddenly legalized, can anyone imagine the instant anger from the Africans in America. They would be looking for war. Not understanding our legislative system they wouldn't know who to declare war on and would just start killing each other. Or, I guess they would blame the police as their simple minds see as the law. They would lack what it would take to legally distribute a product of any kind. I doubt many could even read the application for a license. To those of us who see the state of majority black cities as being analogous to "war zones" now, the legalization of drugs would end the analogy and make it absolute reality all across our former country.

Anonymous said...

They should erect a statue in his honor since he has probably rid society of more hood rat drug thugs than the police have.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing to do: Vote Trump. If he applies his can-do attitude towards n*gger violence in America the solution will be epic. He's proudly anti-PC so he'll relish taking on the n*gger-lovers in America while cutting gun crime dramatically by enforcing existing gun laws in da hood.

YeeehaaaYahoo said...

YeeHaaYahoo says...but think if he had been on the other path as a responsible law abiding business man all the good he could have accomplished. Those entrepreneurial skills were just misapplied and as simple as a MBA he'd have been the next Star-"bucks" Wall street hero. I've actually heard this comparative analysis being made by the patronising class as if, if only they'd more options they WOULD have been a force for good. I say the gangs drug dealing business models are no more sophisticated than a child's Lemonade Stand and amount to the equivalent of a troop of chimps on a rampaging foraging expedition looking for baboon baby takeout at the Congo KFC.

PB said...

"Let him out, he`s doing better than the courts. At least someone is cleaning up the "Chocolate City"."

That's true, but when he's finished he'll need to be put back in the "box" himself.

Jim said...

I recall several decades ago in NYC, two innocent Jewish men were mistaken for Mob guys, and murdered. The Mayor at the time may have been John Lindsay, although my Google search turned up nothing.

Anyway, the NYPD went on a rampage against the Mob. The headlines mentioned something like "let the Mob kill one another, but once innocents became victims, all out war will commence."

This thought process needs to be resurrected...everywhere.

PB said...

"Seriously? "Quelton"? "

Quilton is a brand of toilet paper in Australia. Its close enough.

Brian in Ohio said...

PB said...
"Let him out, he`s doing better than the courts. At least someone is cleaning up the "Chocolate City"."

That's true, but when he's finished he'll need to be put back in the "box" himself.

February 15, 2016 at 12:57 PM

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did anyone else think "Mike Brown" as soon as you saw the mug?

Let's not kid ourselves in thinking that individuals like him are "redeemable" or that they have anything to offer the rest of humanity when compared to their "cost".

It's not like we weren't forewarned about what would most likely happen if negroes were given full equality. They abuse any privilege that they have been given, take it for granted, and then end up losing privileges for the rest of us due to their own behavior. And it is never their fault, so their behavior never has to change. They have been bluffing us for years and feeding off of white altruism and compassion while they never had any substantial hand in the first place. And DWLs have allowed them to lie and bully everyone else while playing the poor oppressed victim every time.

From pool parties to ATVs, movie theaters and even entire cities, BLACKS RUIN EVERYTHING. We can't keep them out and they just HAVE TO BE INCLUDED even if they know that they are not wanted. It must be their way of sharing their own curse with the rest of us. Misery loves company, and the negro is misery.

Freedom, security, and blacks. Choose any two.

Anonymous said...

If drugs were suddenly legalized, can anyone imagine the instant anger from the Africans in America. They would be looking for war. Not understanding our legislative system they wouldn't know who to declare war on and would just start killing each other. Or, I guess they would blame the police as their simple minds see as the law. They would lack what it would take to legally distribute a product of any kind. I doubt many could even read the application for a license. To those of us who see the state of majority black cities as being analogous to "war zones" now, the legalization of drugs would end the analogy and make it absolute reality all across our former country.

If legalization ever happened,within a month the EEOC would be filing Disparate Impact lawsuits the legal ( and almost certainly majority White/Asian ) dealers.

No kidding,folks,that would happen.

Anonymous said...

"Freedom, security, and blacks. Choose any two."

Makes no sense, you can't have anything where blacks are concerned, and certainly not freedom or security.

Anonymous said...

Derek Langer · Works at U.S. Federal Government
Young black males, the main perpetrators of all crime in this country, make up only about 4% of the total US population.

REPEAT: 4% of the American Population commits all of this crime:

2013 FBI Black Crime Statistics:
- 56.4% of ALL Robbery
- 52.2% of ALL Murders
- 33.9% of ALL Aggravated Assaults

Did you grasp that? Only about 4% of the total population creates ALL of this misery!!

Anonymous said...

By day a legal intern in a metropolitan prosecutors office, by night he dons his mighty hoodie of social justice and becomes...Dindu Nuffins!

Using his amazing disparate effects vision, he spots a black man victimized by YT's "homicide" laws being held prisoner in the 21st century equivalent of a plantation, just like on "Roots." Quickly, Dindu springs into action, and the cry goes up: "I'll make a deal!" Faster than you can chant "Emmett Till," Gregory Stewart gets his murder sentences reduced. He is now free to spread all the enrichment for which black gangbangers are known over New Orleans.

Standing atop the Super Dome, Dindu surveys another mighty city to which he has brought truth, social justice and the BRA way. He flies off, but Dindu Nuffins will be seen again in the next exciting episode.

Coming to a 'hood near you!

Anonymous said...

Anon - " Makes no sense, you can't have anything where blacks are concerned, and certainly not freedom or security."
The logic works. If you have Blacks and Security, you'll have no Freedom, because you'll need to be confined in a Supermax prison cell to remain Safe.
If you have Blacks and Freedom, you'll have no Security.
If you have no Blacks, you can have both Security and Freedom.

Anonymous said...

After checking out the brothers forehead, I kept thinking his street name should be 'Slope'.

Anonymous said...

Hang him for weeks for drug dealing? What about the 20 people he killed.

Anonymous said...

If drugs were legalized, the incomes in negro neighborhoods would plummet only to be replaced by some other form of criminality to make up for the shortfall. It's really a no win situation with negroes and any expectation that they'd decide to pursue legal and less lucrative means of gaining an income would be pretty farfetched. The rates of other crimes being committed would soar into the stratosphere. That too would be blamed on "the man."

The first rule that must be remembered at all times is that no matter what anyone does or does not do, the negro will always bitch, whine, moan, protest and complain.

The second rule to remember is that nothing is ever the negroes fault and you (white man!) are always to blame.

The third rule is that negroes will always use the rules #1 & 2 to insist on or demand more gibsmedats, free money and programs for themselves.

Rule #4 is that if anyone notices this pattern and says anything, they must be shouted down and demonized as a racist.

As was said in the movie, "Wargames" the only winning move is NOT to play. As per the negro, that means utterly abandoning them to their fate and paying no attention to them whatsoever until they decide to riot/attack and have to be put down with extreme force. Anything else and you're playing the game and it's their game.

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do with "Rabbit" is set him free so he can go back to doing what he does best.

I understand the sentiment but there are two major problems:

1. They maim more than they murder and those medical bills are passed along to YT.
2. Eventually an innocent person is caught in a crossfire, hit in a car chase, or targeted for robbery.

A single shooting can easily rack up a few million in medical bills. Some of the wounded gangsters end up in wheelchairs and need lifetime assistance. That's Medicaid/SSI. It's not like the cities are footing the bill.

Gangsters like rabbit need to be locked up at an early age. Prison costs would be minimum if we could go back to hard labor and chain gangs. Also go back to shooting them if they attack a guard.

Anonymous said...

If drugs were legalized, the incomes in negro neighborhoods would plummet only to be replaced by some other form of criminality to make up for the shortfall

You're right, they would just engage in some other crimes but I still think it would be better.If they could buy heroin for a few dollars at the drugstore we'd have a more sedated group to deal with. Of course we may have to worry about the ones taking cocaine and stimulants though and chimping out. The Negro's nervous system and higher levels of intellect is not the same as most White's.Very few Whites no matter how bad they become will sink to the negro's totally animal level where all humanity is lost. They'd be very similar to those experiments where rats keep pushing the lever for more drugs. You can see that they already do this with food which today is cheap or SNAP financed and the obesity that goes with it.There's something very defective with this race because even a gorilla won't eat himself to death.
Make drugs illegal and put the cartels and dealers out of business and take away their income. Sure, they'll do other crimes but as risky as drug dealing is trying to rob white businesses may be even worse and get you killed.And in their 'hood there may be nothing to rob.Take any money away from them so they can't buy guns.
There's no solution except to have policies that will deplete their population and support Planned Parenthood and other things etc Margaret Sanger had the right idea.
It was a big mistake taking them out of their natural habitat and bringing them to the new world.We're paying for what a handful of businessmen did in the past to use cheap labour in the West Indies and the US.Even back then it harmed White people and small farmers who couldn't afford slaves or the best land.Lincoln was trying to abolish this feudal plantation system but unfortunately it led to an unnecessary war where a large number of whites were killed.Nothing ever having to do with the blacks has ever led to anything good in the end.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to it, but you forgot "attended church" and I'm quite sure he was focusing on his studies and hoping for an athletic scholarship.

Since I've never been incarcerated (too busy being a husband/father/productive member of society) I can only guess that he won't do time well.

And as many of us can guess, NONE of this is his fault.

chattanooga gal said...

3 major problems, actually. every day he is out there, he is breeding more just like him

Anonymous said...

As Dr. Zaius would say... Ape shall not kill ape.

Anonymous said...

Loved the anonymous post at 5:50 AM. A great description of the colored and crime. Combine the insights of his post with a genetic predisposition to violence and the groid as a perpetual criminal is clear.

Chattanooga girl you are so right. One of the few things you can depend on with a groid is their disgusting need to breed.


Mr. Rational said...

Wayne @ 9:27 AM, instead of paying the criminals to stay out of trouble we should be paying the sows not to breed.  We could pay them in vouchers for weaves and nails.  They love flashy things, we'd eliminate the ghetto in a generation for cheap that way.

Bird of Paradise said...

Leave it to a goverment run by a crinimal(Obama)who wants americans disarmed releases crinimals from prison and opens up our nations borders to allow a serial killer to be a informant Screw the Obama Cabinet