Sunday, February 21, 2016

How Dare White People Want Safe Communities! Indianapolis Star Bemoans Fact that Whites Don't Protect White Murderers

Living in a high trust society means a zero tolerance when it comes to criminality, for as broken windows policing shows any form of law-breaking must be immediately stamped out or else civilization will eventually collapse. 

And as the good white liberal writers and white editorial board at the Indianapolis Star show us, anytime a racial disparity exists between white and black people, not only is racism to blame, but the disparity immediately calls for an alacritous front page story bemoaning the obvious example of white supremacy in action. 
Oh no! Black people don't snitch on black criminals, thus the Indy Star has a need to call the disparity a crisis!

In this scenario: how dare white people not tolerate white murderers and protect them with a steadfast aversion to snitching to the police! [Families of Indy's black homicide victims seek justice:CASES INVOLVING WHITE VICTIMS ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO GET SOLVED — AND THE DISPARITY IS GROWING., Indianapolis Star, 2-21-16]:

Clarence Wade Havvard III, a city employee and father of two, was shot and killed outside a house on Bernard Avenue last summer. 
Coriana Johnson and Makayla Mitchell, two teenagers who served as role models to girls through a youth empowerment group, were found dead in a car on the west side in the fall. 
Deshaun Swanson, a 10-year-old sports fan who dreamed of playing professional basketball, was at a memorial service in Butler-Tarkington when bullets sprayed the home. The young boy’s brutal death sparked a citywide uproar over the state of violence in Indianapolis. 
What these four victims have in common is concerning. It's not just that they were part of an especially violent year in Indianapolis. And it's not just that they are black. These four represent a particularly troubling and growing trend among the city's black homicide victims: No one has been held accountable for their deaths. 
An IndyStar analysis of homicide data provided by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shows that since 2011 a significant gap has developed between the solve rates for black and white homicide victims — and 2015 was one of the worst years in the past decade. In 2015, 87 percent of homicides involving white victims were considered solved by IMPD. But when the victim was black, the rate dropped to 50 percent. 
What's worse, it’s not projected to get much better. Experts say any solutions might require years to have a noticeable effect. 
This growing disparity is happening at a particularly tense time. Police are losing connections in neighborhoods as foot patrol officers are stretched thin. A pervasive “no snitch” culture has taken hold of many neighborhoods where witnesses with criminal records avoid police for fear of being arrested themselves. And a yearslong national conversation about race and policing has fueled additional mistrust. On television and social media, people are left picking sides, leading to pro- and anti-police factions that rarely, if ever, see eye to eye. 
The racial disparity in homicide solve rates wasn't always this wide. From 2008 to 2010, the gap ranged from 5 to 12½ percent. 
But the disparity has grown noticeably since 2011. The department’s closure rates for cases involving white victims has averaged more than 86 percent in the past five years. The solve rate for black victims, however, rarely edges above 60 percent. For 2014 and 2015, the department has solved about 50 percent of such cases. 
"It is disturbing whenever a case is not solved," Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said. "An unresolved homicide is unacceptable regardless of the race of the victim. It's particularly unacceptable if there is a growing disparity." 
The data are not perfect. IndyStar was given access to homicide data only from 2007 through 2015. Officials cited record-keeping difficulties before city police merged with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office that they said affected the accuracy of older reports. 
The data provide a clear picture of the disparity. What it can't explain is why. 
Without knowing the intricacies of every case, it’s hard to understand why one case might be harder to solve than another. And officials can’t point to specifics that explain the gap, saying the solvability of each case is determined on an individual basis and often relies on the evidence or witnesses available. Such details aren’t present in the homicide data reviewed by IndyStar. 
Compounding the problem is a growing number of killings. Last year, the city recorded 144 criminal homicides, the most in city history. Most happened in the last six months of 2015. 
"Would I be honest to say that I wish our end of year would have been better than it was?” asked Bill Lorah, IMPD’s deputy chief of investigations. “Absolutely, because we're striving to solve them all, and we fell a little short. But it's not over yet." 
Lorah said he’s confident the department will solve more 2015 killings throughout 2016. In cracking those cases, he said, the racial disparity would naturally improve, since the approximately 50 cases involving black victims are almost entirely what’s left to solve. 
But history shows the chance of clearing many of those cases is getting slimmer. Data show the vast majority of homicide cases are solved within the first year, when evidence is still fresh for a detective. Typically, only a handful of cases are solved in the following years. 
But how does a community become more willing to talk to police? Joe Simpson, a black City-County Council member who represents Butler-Tarkington, said part of the solution is for the police department to simply look more like the community it serves. 
“If you look at the police department in the city, it doesn’t reflect the community,” Simpson said. “You’ve got all kinds of people that live here that they can’t even communicate with.” 
The most recent racial breakdown shows that more than 80 percent of sworn IMPD officers are white, compared with 60 percent of the city’s population. Meanwhile, only 14 percent of the department is black, while 27 percent of the city is.
So because black people commit more crime, and because black citizens of Indianapolis protect black criminals by not snitching on them to police, there is a dire need for more black police officers to "reflect the community..."

Blacks are extremely violent in Indianapolis, and the black community these violent black criminals prey upon would rather fail to cooperate with police than work to get them off the streets by providing valuable testimony helping detectives solve homicides.

White people do it. Why can't blacks?

There are two simple solutions here: 1. No more police patrolling black communities, and 2. All white journalists must live in these black communities and enjoy the community they so happily write about as eternally aggrieved by ever-present white racism.

If black people don't feel they have a responsibility to cooperate with police and turn in black criminals who terrorize their own community, then I don't have a responsibility to care about the black community at all.


Anonymous said...

2 black 16 year olds were killed in Erie, Pa on the night of Friday July 24th, 2015 at a party in front of a crowd of over 40-50 witnesses.[ALL BLACK]. Has the murder been solved? NO! Why? because blacks won't "snitch" in fear of retaliation to themselves or their families by these black thugs. Search the names of the 2 kids killed, just 16, "ELIJAH DI'ZEKE "CHUBBY"JACKSON AND SHAKURR OMARR FRANKLIN" and you can read about them online. No arrest even after 6 months, the recovery of 4 guns, and all those witnesses. If you will excuse the expression, the families of the victims are "dying" to know who killed their baby boys. It's f'd up. It's not whitey's fault. It's a black thang.

Unknown said...

Also, the biggest reason why white murders are solved so much more regularly is that when whites kill, it's most often a spouse, friend or acquaintance who they are killing in a crime of passion.

When blacks kill, it's usually a stranger they are robbing, raping or otherwise brutalizing.

How come this well known rule of thumb was not in their article?

Anonymous said...

It's no big secret that blacks do not cooperate with law enforcement. How would you expect detectives to solve crimes if the dindu has a "no snitch" culture?

You see, white privilege DOES exist, but not in the way these SJWs describe it. White privlidge means that you're held to higher standards. As we've read in numerous articles from PK, lowering standards to accommodate the failed race only leads to more destruction.

When YT commits a murder it's because YT is a sick violent criminal. But when the dindu commits a murder, we have a force of apologists who say we must account for poverty, poorly funded programs, and white racism.

You see, we owe our success to the double standard set by SJWs because no one is willing to make excuses for us when we fail. This is one of the many reasons as to why we dramatically outperform blacks. Our neighborhoods are safer, our children are smarter, our families stay together, we plan ahead, we make short term sacrifices to earn long term gains. I had to work extremely hard to get into a safe neighborhood. I spent numerous weekends in the books when I was in college. I saved money, I worked my ass off (and did a bunch of other "white shit")

This is just a guess: but perhaps the reason why cases involving white victims are solved faster is because the white victims are OVERWHELMINGLY productive members of society compared to blax. The dindu cannot carry their economic weight and depends upon YT to survive. Technically it's not a crime when a dindu is killed, technically a crime is reduced. Why waste more resources on dead dindu who depended on everyone else's labor and capital to survive? We already wasted enough money and still it didn't prevent the negro from getting killed. (It must be nice to retire at birth)

The effort isn't worth the result.

Ex New Yorker said...

Who and the hell comes up with this shit. Every day I learn more words that explain black failure. GROWING DISPARITY is a nice term for "blacks butchering each other". That is as good as URBAN UNREST for "crime, murder, rape and riots". My favorite phrase for blood thirsty psychopathic maniac street thugs who enjoy killing each other was "at risk children". These newspaper writers must be on drugs.

For years now we have been hearing about large numbers of blacks in prison. Bernie, Hillary, Obama, Jesse and Al the millionaire holy man go around wringing their hands crying about the "evil justice system" that is putting all the poor innocent blacks behind bars. Now some circus clown at a newspaper in Indianapolis is complaining that not enough blacks are being arrested because of the "no snitch" policy. It is all because black people don't trust the police. Holy fudge bar Batman, what else is new. All of this insane bullshit is of course caused by "racism".

For a person to be a "true believer" in their own victimhood there must always be an abuser to provide the victim experience. Since white people are not driving around in cars shooting at blacks, attacking them on the streets or setting their neighborhoods on fire they must provide these events for themselves. Since young "at risk" youthful urban teens (also older teens) are being oppressed by "systematic" and "institutional" racism they are FORCED to develop a life style where they believe that you are not a man until you "make a life or take a life". Translated that means you knock up Lipteesha and blow the shit out of DeAndre.

Californian said...

When is this sh*t gonna end?

No matter what is done for blacks, all they can do is scream R-A-C-I-S-M!

And then people ask why the USA in more sane times had segregation. If you do not keep a lid on blacks, they'll never stop throwing their tantrums until entire cities are laid waste. Looks like Indianapolis is next on the list of cities to be trashed. Attila the Hun had nothing on BRA.



P.K. Please tell me/us that you have sent the Indy Star some of your reports? I mean they can't be that friggin stupid can they? Oops I forgot that they are utopia liberals and never stepped foot in those hoods. The only info they are getting out of those hoods is the info from the dead lowly common negroes family. And we all know that info is flawed at best. It's utterly amazing how these lib-tards just take the info given to them and question nothing! My GOD liberals are stupid! The kind of powerful stupid that will get us regular White folks killed. I thank my GOD everyday that I wasn't born black or a White liberal! My eyes can see and I'm thankful for that as I Know my fellow SBPDL'ers are as well! P.K. send those utopia types over @ the Indy Star a few of your best works and just hear as the crickets get louder and louder!


Anonymous said...

Agree. Murder is a heinous crime. The real disparity is the way murder is carried out between the races which also leads to more clearance rates for whites. The Star wouldn't dare write about that.
Whites are more likely to be involved in situations that escalate into murder such as failed domestic relationships where the parties had strong ties. This makes it easier to "solve" because the perpetrator and victim generally have a clear connection to each other.
Black murders are more random. Blacks kill over drugs, material items and perceived instances of disrespect. There need be no logically identifiable moment that led to a black murderer to pick up a weapon. That's just what they do which is why it is hard to figure out who did the deed. It's not just that witness won't snitch it's that they don't know who the heck that was that they saw. Their social networks are looser and it makes it hard for for law enforcement to its job when the only identifiable qualities of the subject is "he go by pookie in them red Jordan's but I hear he got people up 'round 20th and Post road"
Robins and Blue Jays are both birds but they are not the same.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that the reporter filing this story doesn't think of what Mark Twain thought of numbers: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

Kyle said...

Whenever I read articles like this and they scratch their heads and say "what could the cause of this disparity possibly be?" I just laugh my ass off. The dysfunctional nature of the black community is the elephant in the room, and the MSM, and the mainstream conservative media are too much of a bunch of pussies about it. "Oh we can't dare make the black people angry! We must walk on eggshells to protect their very dangerous feelings even while they literally kill us! It's not like it would give us an excuse to finally rise up and defend ourselves!" I swear sniveling white leftards are some of the easiest people to make fun of in the entire world. It's no wonder Encyclopedia Dramatica is having a field day with all this BLM and social justice horseshit.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted the other day that minority voting blocks can sweep elections.

Watching some analysis of Nevada while in the hotel over the weekend, per the exit polls what pushed Hillary over the top was the black vote; Bernie beat her with everyone else.

So I guess in Nevada they have enough free stuff and just want corruption. Or they haven't seen that old Hillary in blackface pic that's going around the internet. Wonder if that's even real. I didn't even know there were that many -in- Nevada - or if they were, there were enough that still had the ability to vote.

Or it's just a game to try to make it look good for the news reporting.

Even more wildly off topic, I was in that town for a sales event, and the number of nogs I saw could be counted on one hand in a crowd of 5,000+ - of which two or three were kids with white parents or grandparents. And this in a dying city where as usual the bit of local news I watched, the crime was pretty well all black.

Usually these trade shows Sunday is good for about 50% of the sales of Saturday, but I guess something good happened Saturday night because my dollar total was well more than double and for a change I sold a couple of bigger ticket items. Wonder what it could have been (looks south)....

Anonymous said...

These things are such a tremendous burden on society.

Anonymous said...

In my country there is a problem...

Anonymous said...

OT: Two young adult age nogs in New Jersey have been arrested for the rape, murder, and dismemberment of a 15 year old white female.

(As usual, the local news coverage of this story IS NOT showing any photos of the two nogs that were arrested in this case. The link above is from a news website that is based in England.)

The teenage white female victim in this case was reported missing two weeks prior to the discovery of her corpse. The police in New Jersey DID NOT issue an Amber alert for her during those previous two weeks because they believed that she was a runaway.

Does anybody here remember the Autumn Pasquale case? That was another case in New Jersey from 2012 where a young white female went missing one day. The whole town searched for her, held a candlelight vigil for her, and then two young nogs (Robinson brothers) were arrested for murdering her. One of the Robinson brothers even attended the candlelight vigil. One of the brothers also made a plea deal later so that the other one could walk free.

So this will be the second time in less than 5 years where a young white female from a working class town in South Jersey has been murdered by two blacks males, ones who were in all likelihood at least somewhat previously acquainted with her.

I am so glad that I moved out of New Jersey and into North Carolina. There seems to be just too many middle class and lower income white families in New Jersey who either will not, or simply cannot (due to anti-white New Jersey laws such as the "Mount Laurel decision") do anything to keep their daughters away from black males of any age. The ones that don't end up murdered too often end up as single mother mudsharks.

Anonymous said...

You know it's always racial make-up only when whites make up the majority in anything,and only then it is a problem.

So when are we going to fix this ...

African-American males are only six percent of the United States population, but comprise nearly 70 percent of the players in the National Football League. With nearly 1,200 of the NFL's 1,700 players being black, football's concussion problem is also clearly a racial problem.
Love that,"CLEARLY A RACIAL PROBLEM" but blacks and libs will interpret that as blacks are being "scriminated" against.You know not because they make up 70 % of the league.

Anonymous said...

D-Fens (on the previous thread) already nailed it as per negroes in his comment about Compton, Ca.

"Mestizo's have largely forced out negroes. The city government is still dominated by negroes (likely because the Mestizo's can't or won't vote) but you don't hear complaints from the remaining negroes about the government reflecting the local population."

Negroes complain when they aren't "large and in charge" and it doesn't have anything to do with wanting to be "represented." It has to do with negro domination and control. If (in every city in America) negroes were 80% of all government workers/police/public officials etc, you'd never hear one peep out of them. However, if other groups complained about it, they'd scream racism and defend the fact that 80% were negroes.

On the other hand, in cities where negroes are a larger percentage of the police force, does that result in increased snitching by negroes, increased cooperation with the police and an increased number of black on black murders being solved? No. Those negroes are considered by many to be "servants of the man" or "house niggers" and traitors. The idea that negroes would be more cooperative with more negroes on the police force is laughable. They just want the police force to have a "black face" so they can feel large and in charge. Any failure to solve murders is because "the white man doesn't supply the black police with the same resources that white police forces get" or some other nonsensical claim. They'd never admit that it was because their black police were incompetent AA hires who only got on the force due to dumbed down tests and that's one big reason why the crimes also don't get solved along with the negroes "no snitching" mentality.

It's the same routine that plays out with failing negro schools where most of the teachers are black and they get a thousand dollars MORE per year per student and yet the results are pathetic. It's always going to be someone else's fault that any "disparity" exists.

Black students fail in droves because getting an education is "acting white" and is looked down upon and those that don't go along with it get ostracized and treated like traitors.
Black on black crimes don't get solved because "snitching" to the police is "serving the man" and going against your black brothers and sisters and the community.
All "disparities" in performance and results is always going to be blamed on others and never upon themselves even if blacks are solidly large and in charge. Just like the Flint, Michigan water problem- blacks were large and in charge and caused the problem but it's somebody else's fault. Everything will always be someone else's fault and never their own.

Understand that and that's all you'll ever need to know about negroes and their complaints. Expect it and you'll never be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

They whine about black murderers and criminals not being caught? If, and when, they are caught, then the negroes, and Bernie and Hillary, can whine about too many blacks in prison.
Its a never ending circle in which white people and republicans can always be blamed for systemic racism.
If it wasn't working, it would be funny as hell.


Unknown said...

L do everything possible to avoid American Negroes. I do nothing to impede them. I do nothing to hold them back. I just avoid them as much as possible. That should make Negroes happy.

Anonymous said...

“We need foot patrols. We need people walking in the community," Taylor said. “If a crime does happen, and you gain the trust of the neighborhood, the people will give you the information because they’ve got a relationship with you.”

What a load of crap.

As if it's the fault of the police for not establishing a relationship.

I don't have a relationship with my police and yet I wouldn't withhold information on a murder because they haven't stopped by my house for coffee.

The other factor not mentioned is that you have Black people shooting each other for stupid reasons. When White people murder it usually isn't hard to investigate the victim's relationships and find a suspect. Most of the time it will be domestic and the suspect will be quickly apprehended.

In Black areas you have shootings over 'disrespect' which could be some incident that happened years ago. Then there are gang and territory shootings. Of course the clearance rate is going to be lower for Blacks. God what a stupid article.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the Indianapolis Star owners and editors, with the complete agreement of the writers didn't allow any comments, at least not directly. Heavily filtered through Facebook with lots of censoring and the ability to backtrack track a comment back to a particular individual, maybe.

Whadda ya think?

Plaga Negra said...

Maybe these crimes would be solved if the Indy Star started reporting the race of the perpetrators. Liberal denial of the obvious can be hilarious at times.

Anonymous said...

Three things to note:

1) Whenever you compare blacks to whites along the lines of any positive phenomena/trait blacks WILL ALWAYS COME UP SHORT.

2) The writer in question is white- natural red-head white. I wonder which neighborhood she lives in and if all of her immediate neighbors are black?

3) Blatant excuse-making for black misbehavior and for black indifference to the deaths: A pervasive “no snitch” culture has taken hold of many neighborhoods where witnesses with criminal records avoid police for fear of being arrested themselves.

With #3, blacks don't even need to make up their own lies anymore because SJW do good whites do it all for them now.

It's fun watching white liberals continue to try to bail blacks (and themselves) out of this mess while they are standing in front of a giant waterfall.

Bird of Paradise said...

Notice when a white person is shot by the police there were no big time riots by a bunch of wild uncivilized heathen rabid space apes like what happened in Ferguson and baltimore

Anonymous said...

Its hard to catch any criminal when everybody "dindu nuffins..."

Long Island Guido Realist said...

White liberals are the cause of all this demented misery that is going on right now.

They must be eradicated from our society if we are to ever move on to being normal again.

PaintJob Theory said...

“If you look at the police department in the city, it doesn’t reflect the community,” Simpson said. “You’ve got all kinds of people that live here that they can’t even communicate with.”

Well that's your answer. You just need to fire all the white cops and replace them with negroes who can speak Bix Nood fluently enough to communicate with the community. Surely we can point to some evidence of another city which can show crime rates lowering or clearance rates rising as the police department gets darker right?

Of course another large factor as to why white killers are apprehended more often is that there is some obvious motive. A guy clips his wife after she leaves him and takes his business and children for example. Crimes of passion where the perp is the obvious suspect and others would suspect him due to a known motive.

Flip that around to a typical negro "motive". A piece of chicken, a kool aid recipe, accidentally stepping on someone's new sneakers, or just something to do on a Saturday night to alleviate the boredom of facing the world with a 80IQ. When motives are trivial, nonsensical, or simply non existent putting together a whodunit is nearly impossible. When any daily activity is likely to "go wrong" and turn into a bloodbath the list of likely suspects for any given violent crime committed by a black African is pretty much every nog within 100 mile radius.

Also interesting is that when more blacks are arrested for committing crimes it's racist, yet when less are arrested it's also racist. You absolutely can't win when you deal with black Africans. There is only one permanent solution to the negro problem. If western civilization falls I can assure you that the Chinese will not hesitate to take the necessary action to protect their future from this menace.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the solving of murders is raaaaaaaaaaaacist. To even the playing field we should "unsolve" some murders, and even attempted murders like this little gem:

Anonymous said...

You mean the police solve more crimes when the locals help them?


And clearly racist.

Anonymous said...

Of course the journalists involved are paid to sell copy and are not to be taken seriously. What is interesting in this latest episode in the Equality Wars is how slippery thinking about the way things " should be " rapidly descends into a solution : hire more black police officers. A quick and easy rejoinder to this solution would be a look at the statistics of black police officers involved in solving black crime. I bet the statistics are not encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I am numb to the absurdity that is black criminality. I don't know how you manage to keep writing about it - it's a little like banging one's head against a wall. Nothing will change - the country will literally need to come apart for us to remake it in a way that will adequately address the terminal mistake made by our southern brothers who were too lazy to pick their own fucking cotton and our northern brothers who were too lazy to repatriate said farm equipment once it became obsolete. And while I am certain nothing short of complete dissolution of the union will fix this problem, I am also certain there will never be another civil war; this country will not go out with a bang, but a whimper, and we will all be long, long gone when it finally does. All of this means that the black problem is, for all intents and purposes, an intractable one.

Anonymous said...

odd that he is black or mulatto?

10mm AUTO said...

Reading this makes me realize that negros are dysfunctional proto-humans. It also makes me realize that another race, equally dysfunctional, run our newsrooms. For anyone with over a roomtemp I.Q., negro dysfunction is typical, repeats itself in situation after situation and predictable.

To those who would sell us on the "paintjob" theory, it is some miasma in the air, some ether in the wind that is mysterious, invisible and only effects the poor downtrodden negro.

The negro has its problems, yes but the Saturday people, gatekeepers of information, is another that covers for them.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Black students fail in droves because
1-IQ 80
2-no daddy
4-welfare state, why work when YT will pay the bills?

Bill in St Louis said...

Y`all are overlooking the obvious: black on black murders aren't solved at the same rate as white on white murders because it isn't really a crime. It is just normal behavior, that the orcs have come to expect from each other, and therefore, being a witness, taking personal responsibility, etc. is just more "white shit" that they won't/ can't do. Aside from the opportunity for grandma or stepdaddy to perform "looksatmuh", this is no different from littering to them.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have no learned that equal outcome can't be legislated.
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Jesus.................YT just cant catch a break. Damned if you do...damned if you don't. I wonder if Davey Blackburn is reading this. We need to be forgiven.....I think.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . Black students fail in droves because getting an education is "acting white" and is looked down upon and those that don't go along with it get ostracized and treated like traitors. . . “

It is true that blacks are ostracized for getting an education because other blacks say that it is “acting white.” However, it seems likely that labeling something as “acting white” is also a crutch to avoid admitting that they cannot compete with whites. Even if blacks encouraged each other to get an education, their failure rate would be humiliatingly high because of their low intelligence. It is preferable to most blacks to discount the value of the things they cannot accomplish rather than actually attempting to achieve an impossible goal resulting in spectacular failure at the feet of whites.

Blacks are obnoxious, lazy, and ungrateful simpletons. Although their behavior could be modified to make them less obnoxious, lazy and ungrateful they will always be simpletons. It is unlikely that whites will ever be completely physically and financially free from the undertow, but the present intolerable situation can certainly be improved.

Anonymous said...


It occurred to me that one critical step we must take to begin fighting the spread of the orc hordes is to make an ENORMOUS change to our welfare system - it must be a LOCAL program, controlled by each state, and not a NATIONAL program. That way the orcs can be herded to the states controlled by suicidal libtards who have generous lifelong welfare programs, and states controlled by sane Humans can have very strict programs that are just a temporary help, not a lifestyle choice.

The orcs will gradually leave the states with the tougher laws; then they'll be concentrated in certain areas. Very helpful.

former liberal said...

Add to all of that is the fact that this idiotic race can't see beyond their own noses. Future time orientation is completely foreign to most Negroes.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese would at the very least allow YT our own homeland.....

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2/21 at 9:58pm states"2 black 16 year olds were killed in Erie, Pa on the night of Friday July 24th, 2015 at a party in front of a crowd of over 40-50 witnesses.[ALL BLACK]. Has the murder been solved? NO! Why? because blacks won't "snitch" in fear of retaliation to themselves or their families by these black thugs". You have to know what you're dealing with when it comes to the street thug, he's usually a high school drop out before the 10th grade, have a very difficult time speaking English, and who constantly getting high. His only aspiration no matter what his age is, he wants to be a rapper or a basketball player. They only want to eat unhealthy foods, smoke dope and have sex. It's the same in the correctional facilities, so people are in fear of repercussion from these thugs. Their mother is usually like the males, high school drop out, who only want to eat, have sex and get high! They are unrational and do not understand reasoning. It's a vicious cycle!

The color of the police force will not change any thing, look at the black control cities that have a majority black police force. Someone who has power and influence need to stand up and tell the true about what is going on in the black community. You would think that someone like Ben Carson, who's a conservative black would speak out about the serious problems in the black community. Over one third of black males are incarcerated, on probation, or have outstanding warrants and another third are homosexuals.

Blacks will continue to be the underclass and the undertow of our society. We just can not continue to blame the justice system ( yes it has its problems). Something has to be done or we will have predators seeking to prey on females and the elderly. Containment will not be the answer, or segregation, because they will come outside their communities and prey upon other communities where they will seek soft targets. This is why it's important to protect the second amendment, get your conceal carry permit and protect yourself. If we have another collapse like in 2008 and 2009, we will see an increase in crimes. I will have to place the blame on the government for allowing drugs to flood the black communities creating a predator class of people.

If the correctional industry wasn't so large, maybe we could do like the Brits, who sent their criminal elements to Australia. In our case Africa, we can pay or bribe some dictator to take them.

Anonymous said...

In my estimation the "whimper" issue is coming from a complete lack of intelligence and understanding of the importance of the white race by the white race, and you fit that mold as perfectly as those you despise. I would prefer wimps like you stay away from real White Nationalists that refuse to simply lay down!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a surprise! Want to know what you will get when you have black cops and prison guards....look no farther than Macon Ga. Several cops busted last year (all black) for some kind of real estate scam. They were selling homes that were not theirs, bright huh? Then just a couple of weeks ago the FBI or GBI did a sting on prison guards in GA carrying in drugs,phones,just all kinds of stuff going on. They got 49 people, there were 2 whites that I saw in the lineup. Of course the white boy was out front and center of all the photos.

It Da System Fault said...

I moved from a 28% black suburb of a 52% black city, to a 4% black suburb of a 10% black city. I am now off all antihypertensive and psychotropic medications, and don't even recognize the wreck of a human being I was a year ago. My liberal wife is at a loss to explain the change. Go figure.

Mr. Rational said...

Just like the Flint, Michigan water problem- blacks were large and in charge and caused the problem but it's somebody else's fault.

Word on yesterday's front page is that the only deep pockets are in Lansing, meaning Whitey.  The ambulance chasers can smell money.

Time to invoke sovereign immunity and tell them to sue the shitty councils of Flint and Detroit, who voted for this and/or doubled Flint's water rates out of spite.

Anonymous said...

Macon Georgia. haha.

I followed the blog of a young White guy who bought a $7000 home in macon.

he soon fled.

Anonymous said...

OT – I have to say that I'll be relieved when another topic or two has been posted so the picture of the sweet little girl wearing the Frozen shirt who was murdered by the groid will move off of the screen. I become very agitated each time that I see that picture. I'm not criticizing PK because this is the kind of news that must be presented. I'm beginning to wonder if blacks were somehow placed here by Satan himself.

Azathoth said...

It Da System Fault:

I feel your relief. I moved from a medium sized city several years ago to a tiny but glorious rural town that is all white, though they're rapidly section 8-ing us now. I saw two black women in Kohl's the other day. Every muscle I had tensed up. I realized then how relaxed I had become without having to deal with over-weight, potentially violent, screechingly loud black women spilling out of their too tight clothes. I live in blessed peace, until my government uses my tax dollars to foul it up for me, that is.

Anonymous said...

What the article fails to address is how many MORE black homicides there are, therefore causing a higher PERCENTAGE of unsolved cases. DUH.

Californian said...

How come this well known rule of thumb was not in their article?

Because when it comes to a choice between (a) publishing the reality and (b) publishing the egalitarian ideological line, liberals will always choose option "(b)." Ideology supersedes all.

Liberals, mostly, can not openly recognize that blacks are precisely the dysfunctional demographic that old time segregationists warned about. And that they are becoming more violent, less educatable, and increasingly unable to function in White civilization. All this is made worse by the dysgenic policies of the last several decades. Again, whatever the ideology, the reality is that every black dominated city is turned into a civic and economic wasteland.

The central issue for race realists must be smashing liberal ideological assumptions. That seems to be happening slowly but surely as more people take the Red Pill.

Anonymous said...

It is preferable to most blacks to discount the value of the things they cannot accomplish rather than actually attempting to achieve an impossible goal resulting in spectacular failure at the feet of whites.

This is what I suspect is the underlying cause of their anti-intellectual culture. I have a hard time believing it is a culture that simply developed out of thin air.

The majority of Blacks score low on general intelligence tests. We can debate why this is but the scores themselves aren't controversial. The controversy is over the cause and the validity of the tests

Their anti-intellectual culture is from expecting them to perform at equal levels. It's no different than expecting Asians to compete at an equal level in the NFL. A similar Asian subculture would develop where football is derided.

The evidence is in how Black parents will get involved in school sports. Go to any junior football game and you will see plenty of Black parents.

This presents problems for conservative solutions that assume this culture only needs to be fixed. Could their culture be improved? Sure but this is the wrong question as it assumes equality is a desired goal in the first place. Liberals are hopelessly deluded but conservatives in some ways have adopted the liberal goal of equality. They just have a different means of getting there. Traditional conservatism (pre-60s) assumed that inequality is natural and that trying to equalize outcomes (especially with races) creates its own caustic side effects. In fact it was observed hundreds of years ago that trying to equalize environments only makes genetic differences more apparent. You take away the mystery of the cause and that has a caustic effect.

Paint theory is really the problem. Conservatives that point their finger at culture are missing the bigger picture. That culture would not have developed if the civil rights movement didn't happen. Ironically Blacks would have a healthier culture if White liberals and conservatives did not try to help them in the 60s. Their current subculture is the result of trying to hold them to equal standards.

Anonymous said...

More bad math. Par for the course with self-loathing apologist Liberal lemmings. Hi-ho!

Anonymous said...

I feel your relief. I moved from a medium sized city several years ago to a tiny but glorious rural town that is all white, though they're rapidly section 8-ing us now.

Open a redneck bar or restaurant. Make sure you have plenty of biker parking. The more bikers and rednecks you bring in the better.

That will put a cap on the section 8. They stay away from towns that have redneck eateries.

I'm completely serious. Join a local credit union and get a loan.

Your equity is at risk if you don't do something. Redneck bbq joints can be started on a shoestring. You can start with an old house and go from there. Food trucks can be had for under 10k.

Anonymous said...

I moved from a 28% black suburb of a 52% black city, to a 4% black suburb of a 10% black city. I am now off all antihypertensive and psychotropic medications, and don't even recognize the wreck of a human being I was a year ago. My liberal wife is at a loss to explain the change. Go figure.

52% black city? Yikes.

What I hated the most of about libtopia were the White liberals. All my neighbors were liberals zombies that willfully denied reality. I lived around upper income Whites and I preferred to talk to the Mexican bartenders at a local restaurant. Upper income White liberals are truly the most uninspiring, depressing and self-loathing group I have dealt with. Liberal students at least would enjoy themselves at times.

I went to the country on a trip and teared up when I heard the sounds of nature. It reminded me of how I didn't belong in that city of lies. That's what I hated the most. Everyone just walked around lying to themselves about reality. Conversations were a lie. Opinions were a lie. Within liberal culture no one is allowed to speak their mind freely. This is why I would drink with Mexican bartenders and let my liberal neighbors judge me all they want. I wasn't going to join their bizarre and depressing group think culture. Liberals can also smell a strong sense of skepticism. They find a truly independent spirit to be unnerving. Their confidence in their beliefs is not as strong as they present it. Their intellectualism is vain and depends on group affirmation.

I vowed to leave that evil city and never return. I did it.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Indianapolus Star just another liberal rag only good for bird cage lining not worth reading

Anonymous said...

Blacks need their own areas to live in with their own cops to patrol the orcs. Nowhere NEAR Humans.

ot: Republicans! Wake the eff up! America WANTS Trump! It's all clear now; stop plotting to attack him and just suck it up. Weeks or months of infighting will just weaken us now; clear the deck, nominate Trump, and guide him towards the issues we care about: deport illegals, crush crime (inner cities first), strengthen 2nd Amend, jobs back to USA, widespread discussion of the genetic differences that make blacks act like savages and explains all the problems they create, etc.

Go Trump!!

joshrandall said...

They'll get their Negro cops,but it won't solve any more murders!Ha ha ha I'm still chuckling bout the BLM guy that got shot.

Anonymous said...

If, every time blacks killed or raped a white person, whites would gather outside the black community before entering in to get their pound of flesh in revenge by murdering, beating, looting, etc., soon the black community would understand that whitey is not going to take it any longer. Blacks would understand when whitey marches out in anger people die and things get broken. Even animals understand when someone doesn't like them.

Anonymous said...

OT. Romechia pushed her son Ji'Aire Lee in a swing for two days until the child died of hypothermia and dehydration. This falls within the normal limits of TNB and isn't really much of a surprise. What I found more difficult to understand is how the psychologist could rule that Romechia is schizophrenic, killed her child, and does not understand that her actions were criminal, yet she isn't a danger. I'm only a layperson, but she sounds kinda dangerous to me.

If she isn't a danger to herself or others, she probably can't be institutionalized against her will, she can probably vote, and she can probably own firearms. Obama wants to cancel the 2nd Amendment for everyone so people like Romechia won't be singled out and made to feel bad about themselves.

Brian in Ohio said...

Holding blacks to the white mans standard in anything, is a fools errand.

But unfortunately, I don't think its something liberals will give up on... until they run out of other peoples money, anyway.

They`ve even attempted to weaponize blacks with the AFHA. But this will backfire.

Canned food and ammunition, people.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

OT - we watched The Martian last night in which many noble negroes were ASTROPHYSICISTS! and IT GENIUSES! NASA apparently has a large negro workforce! So, imagine my shock when the 5:00 news here in NJ lead with a story of a woman raped in her office building Friday evening in NY by a repulsive negro felon - race of perp, of course, not mentioned, but lovely photo provided.

I'm so sick of the ridiculous portrayal of negroes in movies and on TV. I realize there is a baboon on the Supreme Court, but we all know how he got there.

Re: Indianapolis. Good God. There's just no end to the make-believe. The real (and obvious) reasons for the "disparity" are noted above. Thanks for a great laugh to Anon at 12:54 for his characterization of the helpful info that negroes provide - "he go by pookie in them red Jordan's but I hear he got people up 'round 20th and Post road". I'm still giggling.

It's only 5:30 now, but here's ANOTHER negro crime - gang of thugs attack same delivery guy in NY for SECOND time. TNB.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Re blacks and skoo:

I'm now questioning the stories of slabes who weren't "allowed" to learn to read and write.

Anonymous said...

Idiot fucking racist!!!

Paintjob Theory said...

@anon 1:48 pm

Isn't it fortunate we have our state and local law enforcement to keep blackie safe from our righteous retribution?

Anonymous said...

tarczan here.

From time to time I check in in the DR Phil show as I get the local weather. Today was a classic. This little white girl was on with her mother, and the a negress who was the mother of this real cute blonde girl's ex-boyfriend. Dr Phil and this shebong woman was accusing the white girl of pushing the future rap stair over a railing, leading to his death. Unf*****g believable. The police apparently didn't prosecute because the negro fell, but that doesn't stop Dr Phil. God that guy is despicable.

D-FENS said...

"And a yearslong national conversation about race and policing has fueled additional mistrust."

I thought the "conversation" was supposed to lead to solutions to the problrm.


Awhile back, I explained why the negro does not "snitch". I'll do so again.

The crime rate among the negro is high. Very high for both male and female. Odds are that every one of them has at least a misdemeanor charge, an unpaid ticket, or wanted for some involvement by the authorities, even if it is for questioning.

Add to this those who already have a felony conviction, which is about 50% of the males.

Then you have those out of parole. They can't afford to be involved in ANYTHING. And, these are the ones who got caught. I would suggest that 80 to 90% of all negroes are guilty of something serious and won't rat out each other since THEY are guilty as well.

If you "snitch" on the other negro, he will snitch back on you!! In the community, they KNOW what each is doing, who is fencing, who is selling drugs, who likes little children. So, if one names names, it will get out, and that person will be informed on.

It is that simple. They don't snitch because each of them is guilty. As for us Whites, maybe only 10% of us commit crime and genetically, we don't like that. So we help Law & Order.

We are 2 separate and unequal species.

Brian in Ohio said...

D-FENS said...
"And a yearslong national conversation about race and policing has fueled additional mistrust."

I thought the "conversation" was supposed to lead to solutions to the problem.

That's only if you admit what the problem really is, not just scream racism.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already fallen in love with The Donald, this article will seal the deal.

Anonymous said...

OT but hilarious:

Best quote from the article:

"Even though we do ass shaking, it’s the culture of bounce music. I didn’t know twerking violated anybody’s amendments,’ said Big Freedia, whose poster is on stage of a twerking event last year."

Ex New Yorker said...

CENTURION....You are right on about snitches. When I was living in the jungle if I had a problem with some shit head I never called the cops. I took care of the situation myself.

My friend Pat was a blues musician that played harmonica. He went to the West coast to play in a fill in band during the Summer. He left his record collection and amp/speaker with me until he returned. Some friend of his told me that Pat said it was okay for me to loan him the speaker because he was "starting a band". I was dumb enough to let the guy walk away with the gear. After Pat came back every time I saw this guy he told me he was going to return the speaker. I gave him my phone number but never heard from him. After running into this guy about half a dozen times I always got the same bullshit story.

I go into a diner on 2nd Avenue and 7th street and he is sitting near the front by the door. Again the same bullshit but I tell the guy that when he leaves I will walk with him to his place and pick up the amp. I sit down and he jumps up to make a phone call on an inside pay phone. I short time later a patrol car pulls up and he runs out to the car. I follow him and he is telling the cop I threatened to beat him up. I say something and the cop ask me to wait my turn and he will hear my side of the story. I tell the cop there is NO WAY I threatened him. The cop says to Mr Turd Brain let's just drive to your place and get the amp. At this point another car pulls up and all of us drive to his pad on 9th St. It was a bottom floor store front and we go inside. The cop shines his flashlight around and the whole back wall was covered with speakers. It looks like I wasn't the only guy he ripped off. I pick up Pat's amp and some of the other cops are shining their flashlights on a coffee table. This guy was a junkie and junkies are slobs. The table was filled with empty smack bags, bent spoons and cookers along with his "works" (needle) sitting there for all to see.

I walked over to the table and the cop says "Did you get what you came for". I said yes and he said it was time for me to leave. This dumb fucker was on probation for heroin and now he went back for another two years in the joint. This stupid asshole called the cops on himself. I got back Pat's amp and there was one less dirt bag on the street. It was a good day.

Anonymous said...

Smart Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Name calling! ! And your counterpoint? Why don't you just say something bad about his mama?

Sick'nTired said...

They just had an "anti violence" march on Friday, the following day a 6 year old was shot & killed, so they had another one on Sunday. I haven't seen the nightly news yet, but I am pretty sure the "violence on the streets" is still alive and well.!/108324/9ba9a8c08b2447b68e7a08284c20083e

Anonymous said...

I expect we will be reading a similar story about the poor victim of white oppression who decided to run over 30+ people on the Las Vegas Strip.

Anonymous said...

And a suspect was developed, evidence gathered, criminal charges filed and a warrant issued for the suspect.
A defense attorney for the suspect was obtained, an evidence suppression hearing may have been held. All evidence against the suspect was delivered to his attorney. Then a court date was set.
If a plea agreement couldn't be reached, a jury was selected and all evidence presented to the jury. The suspect presents his defense. All the while, the suspect is presumed innocent.
Then a verdict is reached.
No riots, no buildings burned, no pharmacies looted, no liquor stores robbed.
Its just too much for the african mind to comprehend.


riptapart said...

No no no non no. It is "systemic", not "systematic". I only take notice because it has become one of those signal words warning of a racial grievance statement, article, speech, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I just love good BBQ. When I'm riding the bike cross country, I watch for BBQ joints.
Can't pass one up if it's blaring out anything by George Strait.


Big Bill said...

Boy! They think a 65% clearance rate is bad? Once the city goes Full Negro like Flint, Detroit, St. Louis, Camden, etc. They are REALLY going to get a shock. Colored folks in Detroit would burst out cheering and crying if there was a FIFTY percent murder clearance rate! Heck, lots of Negro cities are lucky to get a clearance rate of 30%. Indianapolis should be PROUD of a 65% Negro murder clearance rate!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Notice how the data is being manipulated in order to project an agenda, instead of a statistical reality? Let me show you then. They're graphing percentages, instead of actual cases. 2015 shows a 90% success rate for solving white murder cases. Now, we have no idea how many cases that 90% represents. It could be four, it could be fourteen. As many of you have discovered, obtaining true numbers of black crime is damn near impossible, and you know why that is;it completely betrays the paint job theory. Like a previous poster commented, there are a significantly larger number if black murderers, than white. It's like a needle in a hayfield.

2015 was a very good year for these guy's, both in quantity, and quality of crimes against humanity. Consider the case of Kevin Watkins. Never heard of him? Good reason, he's black. Kevin is a 49 year old bailbondsman. He's never going to have a TV show like Dog the bounty hunter though. Kevin should have blm clowns hounding him day and night, hell, they should have burnt Indianapolis to the ground by now in outrage;except for two things, both he, and his victimns are black. Were black. Police were only able to recover blood, bone fragments, and brain matter of his two teenage victimns. Dionne Williams,16, and Timmee Jackson. Seems Kevin suspected these fine young aspiring rappers of stealing several guns, and a flat screen TV from his residence the previous week. Who knows for sure? After years of dealing with this dysfunction on a daily basis, I'm sure he had his reasons for suspecting the two. This was on Christmas Eve, by the way, traditionally a time of family togetherness, and celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Anyway, one of the boy's mother found blood on Watkins stoop, and called police. They found the boy's hoody, with bone fragments, and brain matter in his garbage can. More of the same was found at his business office. Kinda makes Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown pale in comparison, eh? Heard any thing from Farrakhan, Obama, or Lynch about this? Any blm assholes trying to stop rap concerts, or shutting down highways in protest? You won't, they know thugs will shoot their useless black asses. They only go for easy targets, like responsible white people

Annie Oakley said...

Don't kid yourselves, these reporters know damn well they're spewing out lies. They know nogs are violent predatory criminals. They know living around whites is the safest way. They know this. This is who they are. They're self-absorbed self-flagellating whites who fight to fellate the next negro or marxist that spews the anti-white line.

It's all about ego and moral preening. It's a game of who can top this. Who can top their desire for the race to the bottom. They're like the lint that's in the drain screen.

When I was involved in politics and helping candidates win a higher office, I had my run ins with these people. I've made many so angry I thought they'd have a stroke. I called them on their hypocrisy. I know these people. They're worms. On their own their complete wussies. In a group they're brutal. They're foot soldiers for their higher ups who hate whites. In fact the visceral hatred for whites is mostly reserved for working poor whites or middle income whites. The poorer the white person is, the uglier he/she is or the more unhealthy he/she is, the more they're hated.

These anti-whites are begging to be used. If you own a business for a service they need, charge them double. If you're in a position to be a caregiver for them, milk them for all you can (legally of course). Spare them no mercy.

Even now, in my little town, if I encounter one, I show them no mercy. I let them know in no uncertain terms I'm on to them. They're almost a worse enemy than nogs.

Anonymous said...

Breitbart did a story on black lies matter terror group banned from using a library to meet in, in Kansas I think....can not remember, sorry.... because they barred Whites from the meeting. The library said since it is a public place funded by public money then the terror group could not bar anyone from attending. So the blacks cry racism and White supremacy.

How much you want to bet that the person who made that decision, which is right, will be fired.

Anonymous said...

Fatal shootings by police officers of both blacks AND whites have become more common in recent years... of course we only hear about the blacks being shot and hear that it is because of "racism". But I began to be curious about why the rate of police shootings increased. I had a suspicion and did some research and sure enough - the number of black police officers has risen and it tracks perfectly with the overall rise in police shootings. When a black man is fatally shot by police, more often than not the police officer is also black.
So no, hiring even more black officers will do nothing to fix the problem, it will only increase tensions.

Anonymous said...

"The Chinese would at the very least allow YT our own homeland."
You're kidding, right???? Have you looked into how the Chinese treat foreigners in China? If whites are looking for Asian "protection" to survive, we have no chance of doing so and do not deserve to. That's pathetic. As for Asian tender mercies, take a look at the fate of Allied POW's in WW2, especially the Sandakan camp. There's a horror story for you. Makes Detroit look tame. Whatever the future holds, one thing is clear, all non-whites in some way are the enemies of white survival. We need total separation, but we will have to accomplish that.

Anonymous said...

I guess they gotta do this for the 60 subscribers and 3 blacks that can read!

Anonymous said...

Anon who watched the Martian- I am also sickened by how they portray white people in commercials- SouthWest Airlines recent commercial that show people jerking and twerking in a hip hop fashion- really?? I will never use that airline now- and like ADT who shows a white guy trying to break into a black guys house- yea that is what happens, right,-and well dressed pleasant blacks who speak proper English- where are these people in real life??- and on the local news in Atlanta, they NEVER tell the race of the perp, unless someone drew a sketch- the media thinks that knowing the race of a violent felon is something that the public has no right to know, in order to protect themselves, but if a WHITE cop says or does ANYTHING that the media thinks is politically incorrect- from saying "you people" all the way to defending themselves, the media lets everyone know that it is a WHITE cop and A WHITE person doing such as they claim. Yet you never hear the word black or African American used to identify anyone unless they are listing accomplishments or achievements of such person. Hypocrisy by the buckets....
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm escapes even the "greatest" of minds.....haha!

Anonymous said...

If negroes mattered we would see negro millionaires investing in negro communities and creating jobs in negro communities, yet we know that 2 things keep them from doing so...
1: Crime
2: Whites will gibsudat

It is that easy!!
Negroes are as important to this Earth as a shit stain is to a carpet!!

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS..... 100% ALWAYS someone else fault. Never personal responsibility, never community responsibility, never EVER the blacks fault. I have said this for years and just expect it to be that way and it always is. That will never change as they really do not have the mental ability to see things in a civilized manner. The biggest mistake ever done by the white man after slavery and freeing these people, was to NOT put them back on the same ship they came here on and send them home to the mud hut and the bone in the nose. Had they returned them then, the USa today would look like Mayberry!