Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"It's not crazy when the state of the world makes you want to kill everyone responsible. It's crazy when it doesn't."

"It's not crazy when the state of the world makes you want to kill everyone responsible. It's crazy when it doesn't." -- Frank Castle

I've held off writing this, because it's a story haunting my every thought. 

Nightmares are more pleasant then what Amanda Blackburn and her unborn child experienced in their moments on earth, when three black males (all now charged with murder) participated in a home invasion that ended only her in death. 

Trying to imagine the horror she faced alone in fighting for her life, I've felt emotions I'm not sure even her feckless husband has felt (more on Davey Blackburn shortly). Remember: she fought to the bitter end for her life, with her black killer shooting her somewhere "in the upper body so he would not be scratched... then he leaned over her body and shot her in the back of the head. He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.”

Sometime in late December of 2015, a story about her husband (Davey) was published, causing me to question virtually every belief I've ever had about religion. In early December 2015, he claimed God "allowed Amanda's death to give his church life," which didn't sit quite right with me. 

Before the start of the new year, he'd go even further. [Pastor whose wife was murdered preaches for first time since her death, WYFF4.com, 12-26-15]:

For the first time since a former Upstate youth pastor’s pregnant wife was killed during a home invasion robbery, Davey Blackburn preached to his congregation. 
Blackburn preached Wednesday night at Resonate Church in Indianapolis for the first time since his wife, Amanda, was killed last month. The couple had moved there from the Upstate in order to start the church.  
"Hope in the midst of hurt," he told the congregation. "Don't you think that I've asked God, 'God I feel like your promises, the dreams you put in my heart for Amanda, I feel like they failed.' You don't think I've asked that? Amanda was one of the most righteous and godly people I know." 
And she is being blessed because of that, he said. 
"Amanda experienced and is experiencing every single one of those. She was righteous and I believe highly favored," Blackburn said. 
But for him, he sometimes says he feels like he is on a trip with no way home. 
"My mind goes through that progression about coming home, then I realize I don't have a home because Amanda was my home. It hurts," he said
"Sometimes I feel like somebody's got my head and they're just pushing it under water over and over and over. And I have no breath inside me and I hurt so deeply and I can't breathe underwater and yet, for just a little minute, maybe a couple days, maybe a couple hours I get this breath. I feel this hope. 
I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs. Do you know why? Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her." 
Blackburn said he has hope, even for the men accused of killing his wife. 
"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?" he said.
 I've held off writing about this story for more than a month, because I can't quite grasp the joy Davey Blackburn feels in hoping the three black killers of his wife and unborn child have a positive meeting with Jesus. 

In our world, Davey, your dead wife isn't a martyr -- her black killers will be perceived as such.

Amanda Blackburn's "righteous and godly" nature didn't protect her from one of the most harrowing deaths I've ever read about, with an agent of absolute evil (Satanic?) peering over her body as he "watched her bleed."

There is no hope for people like Davey Blackburn (if he's correct in his theology, perhaps he'll find peace in the afterlife as I pray everyday his wife and unborn child have found), because no matter the depth of one's faith and devout belief in God, there's no definitive proof such a deity exists.

Read of the final moments of the poor Christians who sought refuge in the St. Sofia in 1453 as the Muslims took Constantinople, believing an avenging angel with a fiery sword would grant them salvation from the hordes of Turks rampaging through the city... those who survived spent their remaining years of slaves of their Muslims captors, cursing the angel for its tardiness.

"He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.”

That's the final sight your wife saw, Davey, as she viewed one of her three black killers looking down at her body as she bleed out.

Can you imagine?


North Florida Native said...

Davey's thoughts are just plain odd. Us race realists are on point. We should be pissed. Pissed because the regressive leftists always make excuses for their savage nature, poverty. If that's the excuse we should be even more pissed because YT's forced charities (taxes) allow the dindu to retire at birth, while they turn around and attack people that subsidize their self-destructive, life long vacations.

Off topic, but arm yourselves realists. After you get armed persuade other realists to get armed. I went to the gun store today and saw a dindu looking at AR15s which made me drop $100 on ammo before leaving.

On a positive note, I never worry about you guys and other fellow realists becoming victims of the dindu. That's what being a realist is all about.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine sending them to meet Jesus.

Kyle said...

I think the killers are just flat out Satanic. The fact they would murder a helpless mother and her infant whenever it just makes things WORSE for them leaves us with no other conclusion. Violence solely for the sake of violence and cruelty, especially whenever it's illogical, is demonic rather than a part of ordinary human sinfulness.

Do these Christians have any idea about God's promises to avenge and deliver them from wickedness? Or the fact that David himself outright prayed to God, in poetic form, to destroy the wicked and avenge the innocent? Who do these people think they are, to think that they're closer to God than King David by being a doormat for monsters rather than rejoicing for the day God will avenge them? This is exactly what the firmly Christian writer of Narcissists Suck talks about: God can save the monster, but He doesn't need YOU to do it. Who do you think you are that you're that important? So important that you have to crucify yourself and become the most Christlike thing since Jesus Himself in order to save the intolerable sinners? Are you really that hubristic?

Personally I LOVE the fact that God is angry and will destroy the evil and wicked one day, because they ****ing deserve, AND THEY KNOW IT. That's exactly why God is angry and vengeful in the OT, because they're just as willingly and knowingly monstrous in the OT as they are now in the present. Christians really need to rejoice in the fact that God is angry, jealous, and punishes the wicked, rather than squirming and sniveling under the the disapproval of sinners and unbelievers. All these unrepentant rapists, murderers, thieves, and all the others blights upon the face of the earth will experience exactly how angry He can be, and it's time Christians start rejoicing in that fact rather than feeling sympathy for the Devil.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. They should meet Jesus, sooner rather than later. But I'm sure Jesus is going to say "Sorry, we're all full up. Go try hell."

bluffcreek1967 said...

This pastor was a typical naive Christian soul who thought the Bible actually teaches him to 'forgive' or 'pardon' a gutter rat who has no remorse, no repentance, and no desire to seek forgiveness. These 'urban' ghetto dwellers don't even think in such terms, and those who might, do it in order to gain sympathy from gullible Whites. They found themselves a big sucker in this pastor.

If this pastor were a real man, and not just an Arminian weenie (theologically speaking), he would have sought the most severe punishment possible for the 'disenfranchised yoofs' who took the life of his dear wife and baby.

These are not the kind of White men we need. Let all such cucks leave us for they not worthy of a new generation of White men who are race conscious, who understand the primitive and vile nature of Blacks, and who will rightly defend their wives, sons, and daughters at all costs from the Black undertow.

Unknown said...

I've been around his type all of my life , there's no help for someone like him ,he'll go to his grave thinking it was "gods will" that these lower beings killed his wife.

Anonymous said...

"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?" he said.

It's sick, a mental illness. I can't find the slightest reason to engage with these religious types. If they speak for God, they do an awful job of it. It's a con game. This moron makes his living, instead of wielding a hammer or using shovel for that purpose.

Negroes and Christian preachers, Jewish Rabbis, Muslim Imams, it's all the same con. Substitute the political class, same thing. Use the violent, hateful negro as a tool for power and money.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Can you imagine?

Uh . . . wrong Beatle.

When you were young and
your heart was an open book
You used to say live and let live
(You know you did, you know did, you know you did)
But if this ever-changing world
in which we're living
Makes you give in and cry . . .

Live and let die

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Unknown said...


We know that you are passionate about what you do, because you see it as a job that needs doing. That's why we support you. And we know that some of the stuff on which you report affects you more than others. This was a truly heinous act, and it was compounded by the forgiveness nonsense by the cuckolded husband of the victim. As I often say, "if you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention." He clearly isn't.

I think we all have our stories that affect us the most. We just passed the 2-year anniversary of Amber Long's murder, and we've got no arrests. I don't know the ebonics word for "omerta," but I blame that. And I blame a society that tolerates this out of fear of being called racist. This one pisses me off more than most.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Anonymous said...

Davey: 'God I feel like your promises, the dreams you put in my heart for Amanda, I feel like they failed.'
A man shouldn't sound like a bitch, when he talks to God.
"What if these three [guys] end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?"
Why would you wish that upon Jesus, Davey? What the hell did he ever do to you? FFS, Davey from Davey And Goliath was more of a man than you.
Read of the final moments of the poor Christians who sought refuge in the St. Sofia in 1453 as the Muslims took Constantinople, believing an avenging angel with a fiery sword would grant them salvation from the hordes of Turks ... those who survived spent their remaining years cursing the angel for its tardiness.
I suspect a similar pathology has caused so many Jews to become atheists since 1945. You free someone from Egypt one time, and they expect you to keep on doing it forever.

PB said...

"Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her."

But they reached first. My god, what an empty nut-sack he turned out to be.

Ex New Yorker said...

The first people I learned about religion from was the Comptons. This was one of the many foster homes I lived in. He went to church on Sunday. When he came home he took a nap. Me and my little brother sat outside trembling in fear until he called us into the house for our weekly beatings. She would hold our arms behind us while he punched us in the face with his fist. My favorite memory is standing spread eagle in the corner. I could see my own reflection in the pool of blood on the floor beneath me as my face dripped more blood into the puddle. My little brother was in the other corner screaming and crying. I always waited until he passed out into his own pool of blood before I gave in. Until I turned 16 I had thoughts about going back and killing them. Their walls had pictures of this weird looking guy with long hair and beard. I found out who he was while living at the next foster home.

The Shoemakers had a farm. My brother and I got caught listening to the radio on THE DAY OF THE LORD. Mrs. Shoemaker took us upstairs and stripped us naked and beat us on our backs with a buggy whip until we passed out. That was when I first found out ABOUT BEING SINNERS. I woke up and she was putting our clothes on and then we had to sit on the front porch as she read the Bible to us. She told us about being WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB as we sat there with the blood pouring off our backs. When we woke up in the morning we had to peel the blood stained sheets off our backs as my little brother cried. That was how our day started until our backs scabbed over. I learned more about the bearded guy. They called him the lamb of God. I went through the buggy whip beatings three times while living there. I was six years old.

The next foster home also had pictures of the bearded guy on the wall. Every day when the man went to work the lady put me and my brother and two other little kids in the dark damp storm cellar. The little girl was afraid of the dark so I had her stand in the light coming in from the small window above our heads. With the light shinning on her she stopped crying. As the Sun moved across the sky I moved her across the cellar. One time I lifted up the trap door in the kitchen and saw the woman in the front room in her bra and panties. She was running around laughing as the mailman chased her around the room.

Me and my brother caught ringworm from the cellar and had our heads shaved. We wore these skull caps with some kind of medicine for two years. I moved back with my insane mother when I started the third grade. My ringworm was over but my brother still wore the cap. He was in the first grade and during recess the other kids would pick on him in the play ground and sand box. I was his body guard and would charge after the other kids and beat them away from him. I didn't play well with others.

This was only three foster homes. There were many others, but these were the worst.

I was now older and smarter and found out who the bearded guy was. They told me he died for my sins. What a bunch of bullshit. There was another bearded guy that traveled around in a sled with flying rein deer. More bullshit.

These people pray to rocks, walls and pieces of wood. They kill and rape each other. They have been doing it for eons. They believe in a God who sits on a throne in heaven next to a burning lake of fire. If they give money to the church they will be spared the eternal flames. Their great God can do miracles and all kinds of amazing things but always has trouble raising money. While they spend eternity in the big city in the sky with streets made of gold I'll be exploring the universe. I'm glad they'll have a place to go.

"Belief in a cruel God, makes a cruel men".......Thomas Paine from "The age of reason."

Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece Paul, short and sweet and I can feel the anger that you have that Davey Blackburn should have himself had


I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs. Do you know why? Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her."

Blackburn said he has hope, even for the men accused of killing his wife.

"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?" he said.

I wonder if good ol' Davey figured if he left his wife at home alone long enough with the door unlocked near a large population of black people that something would eventually happen to her? New lover? Gay? He doesn't ever speak of why God would think having his wife raped and shot in the back of the head just because the teens felt like it.

Would you leave your unaware and unprotected spouse at the mercy of a wild animal in the wilderness?

Then why in the hell do you leave them like sitting ducks while you go out for a morning of fun at the gym?

You're moving on with your congregation, and will double down on appeasing and attracting the negro as if one would want to attract ants to their picnic. But in your case you deliberately planned a picnic on a well known ant-hill.

Blacks can't be held accountable or made to care, which is why the way people like Davy's reactions are so crucial. And his actions are weird to the point of bothersome. But he will never have to answer in this life, because like SJWs he can sputter out a bunch of cliche word salad when asked any difficult or concrete questions. I'm sure he just wants to "get it all behind him". Hey Davey, how would you have wanted her to react and actually act if you were a ghost watching from beyond the grave?

Don't waste your time feeling sick over this guy. Feel sorry for those who actually have to listen to him speak. Just happy go lucky b.s. in an extremely dumbed-down version of the Christian faith.

And speaking of strange human reactions, how would you have reacted when talking to the police if you witnessed both your parents being shot point blank in front of you when you were only five years old? "This dude shot 'em. They be dead."


Anonymous said...

The thing you have to understand, Paul, is that modern-day crystal Methodism, as someone once called it, has very little to do with Biblical Christianity. The altruistic platitudes about forgiveness you often hear are not rooted in any sound doctrine. You are not required (or even allowed!) to forgive someone who has not asked for it and who is not remorseful. Furthermore, the denunciation of the death penalty by Leftist Christians is an inversion of Biblical demands for justice. There are millions of Leftist Christians in the world. The tragedy of the crucifixion did not lie in the death penalty at all, but in the condemnation of the Just! Every chapter of the New Testament is replete with messages that reinforce the demand for death as the enactment of divine justice. Nearly Every Chapter! These modern Christian churches are social gatherings; take nothing from the words of their representatives. Read for yourself.

MaineWoods (occasional commenter)

skybill said...

"Got Gunz.......OUTLAW!!!!???
Somewhere in my Christian education it was put forth to me that we as human beings (Both Feral and Civilized!!) were given by God....(FREE WILL) that is that it is up to us to make our own decisions!! The feral black that raped and murdered Amanda decided on his own to do that. His "momma" his surroundings and society had nothing to do with his decision to do what he did.
Amanda was in "Code White" when all that happened came down...and nothing but her bare hands to protect herself.
Go to insider.foxnews.com/2015/11/06/mom-shot-home-invasion-fires-back-protects-her-baby Sementha Bunce 21 y.o. Nat. Guard Combat Medic gets her husbands "pistol" and fires back at home intruders who fire at her. She was shot and in critical condition but expected to live. The perps were eventually caught. 'Have to followup on this story. One thing though, Sementha had the training and ability to "USE A FIRE ARM FOR SELF DEFENCE!!!!" and did!!
It is up to all of us to make the decision to be prepared to make the decision to do what has to be done to live thru such an encounter.
I am an old "Skydiver" and I used to be and Instructor. One of my Instructor buddies had a saying he would tell his students," When you step out of that airplane there are only 2 beings that can help you save your life......"God" and "Yourself" and as we all know God only helps those who help themselves!!!"...............
Got Gunz.........OUTLAW!!!,

D-FENS said...

I think religion came about to explain the world around us. Being able to explain the world gave man some sense of control. Very early on, some recognized that this power could be used to control people. Priests became closely associated with rulers if not the rulers themselves. Follow the will of God or be doomed. And by the way, I have the holy books and I will interpret the will of God. That weakened somewhat with the invention of the printing press and spread of literacy.

As science began to supplant God-centered religion, religion began to be centered around equality and the environment. What remains of the God centered religions have incorporated equality and environmentalism into their beliefs.

Religion: The most effective means of mind control yet devised by man.

Ever notice when a religious prophet sees or hears God, they are always by themselves (Joseph Smith, Mohammed etc.)? Kind of like how Mr. Ed only talks to Wilbur Post.

Anonymous said...

I will always protect my wife. Moving to a known epicenter of black violence has got to be the dumbest thing anyone could do.

Where was he and why didn't he take the bullet.

Don M said...

Good morning, PK and Wolfpack.

That scumbag f*ck is actually virtue signalling and status whoring over the death of his wife and child.

The article states he left upstate (presumably lily white and safe) to come to Indy to start the church. Not enough Orcs to make that oh-so-righteous outreach to upstate, eh Davey?

He's literally gleeful over the "martyrdom" of his wife because it gives him a "great tragedy" to ostentatiously overcome in front of his congregation. Praying for the (nonexistent) souls of the black orcs is the virtue signalling cherry on top.

Modern Christianity sucks. Its highest virtue is to cuck yourself to the first bunch of darkies that stick their paws out.

Fuck this guy. Our side doesn't need preachers, it needs warriors.

I need to go clean a rifle or something now so I don't lose my mind...

Tom Cameron said...

Dante put murderers in the 7th circle of hell, along with those guilty of suicide, blasphemy, sodomy, and usury.

Reflecting on those particular sins, in a society that seems hell-bent on committing suicide, whose popular entertainments are wall-to-wall blasphemy, which embraces sodomy even to the point of allowing sodomites to adopt innocent children, and whose financial house of cards is built on usury, I realize that the greeting upon entering hell is appropriate for current America: "abandon all hope."

NY Girl said...

I know a way Amanda's three black killers can meet Jesus!

I involves a chair and a lot of electricity.

chuck said...

Blacks, a genetically inferior stock (Read Shelby Steele, a black person unafraid of tackling the obvious and elucidating what anyone with Room Temperature IQ already knows.), ONLY respond to superior fire power, superior numbers and the use of force, with very, very few exceptions. This is a constant and a known known.

Frank Castle calls for the death (Very appropriately so.) not of just the Obama-Brown-Shirt tip of the spear black feral felons who murder, rape and assault with more and more impunity all around us as the Rule Of Law fails, but the White Progressives who have consigned us and our progeny to a real life existence in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. It would far more efficient to hang all of the "Davey Blackburns" in trees before we attempt to cleanse this earth of the 3rd World locusts, now an ever growing plague upon the Occident and the 5th column of inner city, urban abattoirs now streaming out into our midst while our lickspittle politicians sleep and the 4th Estate cheers them on.

I wish I had better news. I don't. Violence and only violence will end this usurpation of the Judeo Christian ethos and the Rule Of Law.

First, skip the Lawyers and hang the Progressives.

NY Girl said...

I left the Catholic Church several years ago, when the new pastor mentioned in his homily that pedophile priests should be removed from family ministry but should not be defrocked, because "that goes against our tenets of forgiveness."
I'm an accountant. If I use my position to embezzle money from my employer, he might "forgive" me. But I'm STILL going to jail, and I'll never again work as an accountant. And all I would have stolen was money, not a kid's life or future.

Anonymous said...

This is why I detest coddlers and enablers. We are at this junction because of them.
At least David Ruenzel was made good by one of his pets.

Anonymous said...

My limited understanding of Christianity tells me that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins; indeed the sins of all mankind, understanding that we are all sinners. I don’t understand how these zealots consistently make the ridiculous leap that He died so that others may freely prey on them and their loved ones. The only rational response is violence, the kind of violence that deters such behavior in favor of civilization.



That husband of the dead woman needs to be locked away in some kind of insane asylum as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes the past two months. But I'll be God damned if I wouldn't have anything but a deep hatred for those lowly common negroes who snuffed my Best friend/Wife life. No amount of Prozac could make me change that!
I just wonder if the preacher man will give them jobs when he helps secure their early release from their prisons. You know the same prisons that are racist and only latch the jail door locked when it's filled with lowly common negroes! Like the jail door doesn't lock for the White inmates. Another American negro myth busted. And that is this high-school to prison pipeline myth! Good Gid what excuse can they think off next! And that last statement goes for the preacher man too!


Anonymous said...

A really, really fine article. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

If this pastor truly wants his wife's killers to go "meet Jesus," perhaps he could help them along...just a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear from another pastor for his take on this situation....a pastor who WASN'T stupid enough to move his wife and babies into a warzone.

Anonymous said...

It is a twisted and sad story.

Worse than the fear of dying helpless and brutalized at the hands of savage primitive animals is the sickening acceptance often displayed by the survivors. It is pure counter-survival at its worst: embracing evil rather than rejecting and condemning it. Hugging starving lions is safer and less certain to result in a horrible demise than pretending Dindus are the same as us.

As for the appeal to deity, one thing can be readily observed: God doesn't work that way. All other debate aside as to how and if God exists, the gulf between deity and man could be like that between man and dog. A dog could go to the moon, but never build the rocket to get there. A dog will never have the capacity to understand at man's level, just as man lacks comprehension at the God level. What man can say is God doesn't work that way.

At the end of this sordid affair, the suffering of the victims (the true victims, the dead ones, not the savage animals who killed the wife and unborn child) is over. But it should never have happened in the first place.

If God wanted the Dindus gone, he would send a plague (such as a virus or bacteria) that only destroys them while being harmless to modern humans. If it were merciful, the end would come with warm euphoria and without pain. But again, God doesn't work that way.

Somehow I am reminded of the 1980's television miniseries "V", in which a biological agent (harmless to humans) was dispersed across the globe to repel an alien invasion. The aliens who didn't die as a result fled Earth and cursed the "poison planet" they could no longer set foot on and lamented the loss of their would-be food source (humans who were carriers of the biological agent). Actually, that seems to bear some parallels to the parasitic Dindu.

Maybe the modern world should be a poison planet for the Dindus, since they seem to poison everything they touch in it. Touch a modern human carrier of the anti-Dindu virus and perish (a reverse avoid-the-groid would go into effect). Civilized lands, contaminated by the engineered virus, would be unpassable to those who didn't belong there.

Until then, keep your powder dry.


Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

This is why I detest coddlers and enablers. We are at this junction because of them.
At least David Ruenzel was made good by one of his pets.

February 3, 2016 at 4:19 AM

Yes. And there were at least two, maybe three assailants in that case. And no arrests.

Fancy that.

Anonymous said...

"What if these three [guys] end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?

Actually I could imagine these three running into Jesus. The immediate thought that would flash through each of their primitive brains would be (translated into legible English), "Look at this white faggot motherf*****. Let's beat him unconscious and steal his cell phone."

I'm not up on my New Testament, but correct me if I'm wrong. I know Jesus forgave murderers in the Bible, but I don't think he pardoned anyone as evil as these three. The murderers Jesus forgave in the Bible had to be legitimately sorry for what they had done, or else he wouldn't have given them the time of day. These three orcs will never ever regret what they did, only that they got caught.

Anonymous said...

This dumb ass pastor tells me one of two things: Either the tenets of Christianity have been severely subverted or Christianity is a suicidal religion. I can't imagine how a God that made us to feel strong emotions such as love and anger would simultaneously expect us to forgive trash like these groids. If that forgiveness is the expectation, then God is not just.

Anonymous said...

Most of Christianity is hopelessly cucked these days. The only sanity left can be found in Orthodox faiths and a select few branches of Protestantism.

It wasn't always like this. Christians used to be strong.

PaintJob Theory said...

" Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her."

And you learned the same "lesson" you could have learned by reading Negroes in Negroland. Missionaries that are lucky escape with their lives after decades of trying to "convert" these savages and none have managed a single success, many (like your wife) have wound up in the stewpot.

"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?"

I'm sure they'll meet at least half a dozen muds named Jesus in prison. Do you feel better now?

If this fuckwit can't comprehend the math and inevitable conclusion of sacrificing one white woman to "save" one African savage, then I can only hope that the other Zulus in the tribe kill him and his child quickly. This is the ultimate cuckold taken to the logical extreme. Is there even a word for wishing for and aiding in the genocide of your own people? This clown should be in a rubber room and his child given to a family that actually wants him to live and not just to be a meal for a pack of hungry Africans.

I'm so far beyond caring about whites who lack the sense of self preservation to take appropriate actions to avoid being participants in these sort of stories.

200,000 years ago an ancestor of this shitbird figured out that creating a fire at the mouth of his cave would keep away saber tooth tigers and this muff can't own a big dog or security system to keep away dangerous predators? This same ancestor of ours (or one of his kin possibly) later discovered that if his whole clan sharpened sticks and worked together they could rid the area in which they lived of dangerous predators..... Most of our major cities' populations haven't collectively learned the lesson that our cave dwelling ancestors had worked out.

200,000 years ago some other distant cousin of ours thought that a saber tooth tiger was a friendly kitty to pet.... none of us are descendants of that fellow. Perhaps his entire tribe thought that by leaving enough food around their village that the tigers would simply eat their surplus, become full, and no longer need to prey on their clan. We do not descend from his tribe either. As would be expected, the predators only multiplied with the extra food and eventually did what tigers do.

In short, if we are going to restore and MAINTAIN civilization we need folks who can assess risk and have the desire for self preservation. By and large those who are becoming victims of the black plague aren't doing our gene pool any favors and I say good riddance to them. They may well become martyrs when we use the example of their deaths to finally do what's necessary to solve our African problem. Good riddance.

And please don't lump "Christians" into this. I fancy myself a Christian and if you gave me a jar containing a virus that would kill every single black African on Earth I would open it and spread it to the four winds without hesitation. The African negro is a soul-less creature and has no value in this world or in any other.

Political Season said...

It's 2016 and I see this little blog is still the home of blatant racists. Every element in society needs a place to hang out. Enjoy yourselves.

oogabooga said...

Hello Aaron Laramore. Love your sloping forehead and far set eyes! We have a great time. We work, love our families and hate you!

Hey boy, why not hang around and we'll have you hating you too!

Anonymous said...

And just to keep the poor little darlings from feeling alone and afraid, I'd help you send the rest of their family, friends and tribe.


Anonymous said...

That is the preferred way.

Anonymous said...

There are no more blatant racists in the world today than black people. And they are allowed to freely demonstrate their racism in public, and even get praised by politicians for it!

Steve Smith said...

Thank you. We will. We prefer to be called 'realist americans'.

Anonymous said...


Do you support the violent actions of your fellow blacks repeated ad nauseum in the articles posted on this site? Do you think they are being treated unfairly? Misunderstood?

My guess is that you aren't even black at all, just some effete white manlet hoping to race bait here and show the posts to your chatroom buddies as a way of morally preening.

Anonymous said...

In other news, I had to delete my iHeartRadio app today, probably for good. I don't need a reminder every few hours to 'celebrate black history month' and listen to music that blatantly attacks my culture and heritage and morals.

Anonymous said...

I know many of you are blaming Christianity but that really isn't the problem.

The problem is that this pastor subscribes to what they call "modern" or "emerging" Christianity. It holds that traditional Christianity is too judgmental and restrictive to appeal to "modern" (read liberal) society. These people are afraid that if they don't bend to liberalism then no one will show up to church. The end result is a fuzzy feelings church centered around singing and dancing that lacks moral authority or clarity. It also becomes very anti-rational as it is centered around emotions and appealing to liberal culture.

These churches are very easy to identify.
1. Minimal crosses outside as the design is meant to appeal to non-church goers
2. Often called non-denominational "Christian centers"
3. Heavy use of the internet, not just to post singing and dancing videos but to show how "modern" they are by using twitter.
4. Heavy emphasis on love and feelings.
5. Services with powerpoint slides and electric guitars.
6. Pastors wear casual attire and often have tattoos.

These churches are funded by wealthy individuals that think Christianity needs to "change with the times" (embrace anti-Western liberalism).

Here is a Class A example:

Anonymous said...

Good morning Aaron. You are correct about the year. Could you define racist for us? Or your interpretation of the word racist.

Anonymous said...

More "Teen" violence: http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/police-investigate-massive-teen-brawl-north-side/nqG6r/

10mm AUTO said...

Behold the modern religious Liberal. No more avenging sword of Righteousness! No more the quiet conviction of delivering the truth to the "Heathen".

What you have here is a guy who recycles, probably is a vegetarian, politically he is for Bernie Sanders and has decided in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that societies punishment will bring the negros back to "Jez-us"! Even worse, that three vicious criminal negros becoming religious (in his faith!) is a comfort in the face of the loss of the life of Amanda and his unborn child.

It is an Equivalence I cannot grasp, a gulf I can not span. How can this man think fondly of the idea of the three killers "coming to "Jez-us" when to get to that point it took the life of his wife and child?

The fact is we know that they are NOT sorry about Amanda, but they are sorry they were caught. He watched her bleed out because it held a sick fascination. Please remember that he shot her to paralyze her (1st shot high up in the back to prevent her from "scratching him") and raped her (remember the body was nude, with clothes torn off?). Then he watched the life go out of her eyes as she bled out from his finisher.

This is the guy who the Pastor wants to meet Jesus.

It is far more likely that the negros will get caught up in the Nation of Islam faith (which recruits in prison) and dream of killing more Whites and watching them bleed out than the hope that they will grovel at the feet of the "White God" (latest term for Jesus amongst the darker brethren.)

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Az Visigoth said...

Off topic, but have you guys been keeping up with the SUNY Albany bus attack? Three black female students from this school claim they were attacked by a group of 10-12 white male and female students shouting racial slurs on a city bus. So now we are going on 3 days of demonstrations over this.

Last night the first video came out of this so-called attack. It's not a great video, but I clearly could see that a black female was attacking someone who was seated. Several other people were filming the attack and those videos will come out eventually. So we have another race hoax which will quietly fade away with no consequences. Please Mr. Kersey, do an article on this!

If we respond to Aaron, we are only going to feed his big black ego. I am grateful when they use a photo of themselves as an avatar. Saves me the trouble of reading the comment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of these bible thumpers have read ALL of the bible? Or have they just picked through it looking for passages that support their agenda, or whatever you call it?
Why are parts of the old testament preached but only the new testament is supposed to apply to us? Who makes these decisions?
Like politicians, preachers will dance around the question and then smile like they gave you a straight answer.
I have read ALL the bible. God is given credit for slaughtering many giving victory to his chosen people, but "His" people always participated.
George Washington had a bible. He often prayed to God. Then he went and killed as many redcoats as he could with his army.
The bible, allegedly, has not changed. I haven't read anywhere you can attack and kill your enemy only if he's white.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to nominate Don M. for the post of the day... I'm in 100% agreement with everything you wrote, brother.


AZ Ray said...

SNOW DOG SAID: "I've been around his type all of my life , there's no help for someone like him ,he'll go to his grave thinking it was "gods will" that these lower beings killed his wife."

Yep. these delusional idiots are beneath contempt & beyond hope..

First of all, How can they possibly reconcile this demonic evil with the concept of a "loving god"?. And if they do beleive this is "gods will", then I'm sorry, but the "god" you worship is Satan itself..

God is an absentee landlord. God nor Jesus will save you or us people!. Prayer will not save you. Hope will not save you. Action, bold decisive action is the ONLY thing that has ever mattered in this world.. I imagine all those poor souls trapped in the twin towers on 9/11/01 prayed ferociously to god to be saved, for mercy. it did not answer. Those poor folks died horribly & gods "love" was nowhere to be seen.

If we are relying for some type of "divine intervention" to save us then we are truly doomed. We must save ourselves.

No talking bush diety nor white haired "guy in the sky" is coming to our aid. The unalterable laws of nature demand that only the strong will survive. The jury is still out if we have the strength to survive the coming storm. I feel that we do & if we do, it will be US that did it, not *ahem* "god"..

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Spot on observations of "modern" churches. Moral relativism repackaged as "tolerance" and "inclusiveness". No matter what kind of horrifying or sickening things get done, we get told to be "non-judgmental".

The whole point of having morals, ethics and laws is to develop sound judgment. Sound judgment leads to good character, and good character in individuals leads to good character in families. Good families build good communities, whether at a neighborhood level or at a national level.

This wholesale corruption of character has picked people off, one by one. Families have been disintegrating for decades. Neighborhoods as well. Now we are seeing the final stages.

Arm up and prepare. The long hot, summer will be here soon enough.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

Let's welcome our new guest, Aaron. It's always a treat to hear from the other side (however warped their perspectives).

On the off chance that Aaron is not actually some effete white SJW posing as the sort of articulate, emotionally balanced black that progressives dream of...a quick question.

If our race is pure evil incarnate, then why do you follow us everywhere we go? Why not get on an airplane and relocate to some beautiful Caucasoid-free utopia, such as Liberia?

~ Colonel Quasius

Anonymous said...

In traditional Western society the local preacher or priest has a role to not simply give sermons but to do what was best for church members. It is a position of intellectual responsibility similar to that of a teacher or magistrate.

In the "modern" church we are seeing a feelings-first clergy that rejects this responsibility and instead only act as motivational speakers. Even worse is that this clergy is unable to see how "modern" Western society is in fact resting upon piles of horse excrement (Marxism, blank slate, critical theory). Instead of keeping their patrons from the dangers of this excrement they are encouraging them to dive right in.

The answer is not to blame Christianity. In the absence of Christianity most Whites are unable to see the flaws of liberalism and fall for the idea that liberalism and secular humanism are based on science and are in the their best interest. I'm met some very intelligent people that are unable to see this and interestingly see nothing wrong with wanting to suppress any conversation that might undermine this idea. Thought control has been sold as "modern" to intelligent Whites.

For an example of this just visit any group of agnostics or atheists and politely bring up the subject of racial genetics. Watch how fast these "reality based" followers of TrueScience disown you for going against The True Way of The Science even if everything you bring up is factually correct and not disputed.

The real problem is in fact liberalism. It's fraudulent nature corrupts institutions that embrace it. This has already happened in education and government so a movement like the emerging church was inevitable as most Western intellectuals in all professions are unable to see the flawed foundation of liberalism.

CJ said...

If I'm wearing pants I'm wearing a pistol. I even take one jogging.

Az Visigoth said...

To Don M, yours was my favorite comment so far today!

"Virtue signaling"
"Status whoring"
Great descriptive terms! Apologists and coddlers feel very virtuous for continuously denying the truth and they are constantly putting their virtue on exhibition so we can all admire their "saintliness" and compassion.

When this story first broke I was convinced this was a paid hit. Davey seems a little too exuberant over his wife's death. If he left his sleeping family to go to the gym in the morning, then he was the one who left the door unlocked, right? Yet there doesn't seem to be any guilty feelings on his part. He also sets off my "gay-dar" alarms. He's a little too pretty and seems rather narcissistic. I'm still not 100% convinced that he wasn't involved.

Anonymous said...


Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Quite a few of our best commanders have been religious. Winfield Scott, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson come to mind.

Then we come to our greatest commander. George S. Patton was quite religious (Episcopalian), but was even more legendary for his profanity. A lot of people nowadays like to snicker at George C. Scott's performamce in the 1970 film, thinking all the blustering profanity was typical Hollywood exaggeration.

The real Patton was far more profane and temperamental than the film-makers dared to display. Quoting from the Patton Historocal Society website:

"When I want my men to remember something, I give it to them loud and double-dirty so they'll remember it. An army can't be run without profanity, and it must be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn't fight it's way out of a piss-soaked paper bag."

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

I remember when liberals used to constantly show up at forums like this one.

Some arrogant Sociology graduate would show up with the assumption that they knew everything about race and only needed "enlighten" the ignorant masses.

That assumption would be ripped apart and the arrogant teacher would become the unwilling student.

It was pretty amusing but now they mostly stick to their own corners of the internet where only controlled debate is allowed.

whirlwinder said...

This is an unspeakably horrible crime but if one turns his life over to Jesus as lord and saviour he becomes our brother in Christ. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful acts of Christian charity and is difficult for most to understand. The murderers may be executed for their crimes but in God's eye, if they have accepted Christ, they are among the elect and on their way to heaven.

All of this is difficult to understand for the non-believer, but such is the hope of mankind.

Anonymous said...

> There was another bearded guy that traveled around in a sled with flying rein deer. More bullshit.

Actually the Arctic deer-shaman of winter makes a fuckload more sense than the Mediterranean mental illnesses of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I was about to do the same thing. The reminder is obnoxious. I cleared my cache, and muted the info push from that app. I havent yet deleted the app, but I might out of principle.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that, oh well, maybe the SPLC can offer a reward for their colleague.

White-Skinned Goodness said...

I honestly don't believe that our guest-orc Aaron is genetically capable of processing the reality of his people. He's not going anywhere, Colonel Quasius. There are no gibs in Liberia...just the African mean. Poor Aaron foolishly believes that our feelings will be hurt, because he called us racists. Little Aaron can't glean the simple concept that, after living around his vile, sub-human race for 19 years (NC and GA), I would be absolutely insane NOT to be a racist.

White-Skinned Goodness
Enemy of orcs
A massive bigot and proud of it

Anonymous said...

If we are relying for some type of "divine intervention" to save us then we are truly doomed. We must save ourselves.

No talking bush diety nor white haired "guy in the sky" is coming to our aid. The unalterable laws of nature demand that only the strong will survive. The jury is still out if we have the strength to survive the coming storm. I feel that we do & if we do, it will be US that did it, not *ahem* "god"..

But that is the modern and globalist view of God.

I was just reading about the Zulu wars and the British certainly did not march unarmed into Zululand with the expectation that God would protect them.

It seems that Western society has gone from believing you can request assistance from God in hard times to believing that God will ultimately protect the faithful even if they put themselves in harm's way.

Even worse is that many White people don't even think in terms of harm or risk and it has nothing to do with belief in God. Just look at how many secular liberals oppose immigration limitations for Muslims. There are millions of Whites in Europe and the US that don't believe in God and yet think opposing Muslim immigration is raysiss. As someone else said using statistics for your own benefit is now raysiss.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have the intelligence or the balls to protect your wife, your child and your unborn from the groid, then your genes SHOULD be removed from the pool. Sooner or later the females of our species will have to wise up and quit reproducing with effeminate cucks.

Californian said...

I also believe Amanda is among the martyrs. Do you know why? Because she and I moved up here to reach people just like the people who killed her."

You know something? If all this missionary work in the 'hood had any effect, if it actually changed anything for the better, he might have a point. But it doesn't. The USA has had generations of Blackburns preaching in ghettos and inner cities, and what has been the outcome? An explosion of feral violence among blacks. Driveby shootings. Flashmobs. Home invasions.

And what of personal morality? Have we seen blacks get married, refrain from illegal drug use, buckle down and study in school? We know the number on these scores. (I will pass over why the numerous black clergy have been unable to make any progress on these fronts for 400 years...)

Look at the bigger picture. What has all the white missionary work on the African continent accomplished? I've had a couple of friends who have experience on this front. They inform me that no matter what they do, things get worse. Seems that Africans always revert to the African mean.

So why did Dave Blackburn go into the 'hood to preach? Is it to change things for the better?

Or to feed his own ego?

I don't know the man personally. I can't judge his motivations. Perhaps his statements are a reaction to the murder of his wife. Regardless, he is functioning under the first commandment of BRA: Thou shalt not speak ill of Africans-in-America.

Bill in St Louis said...

Malcolm Ex-Lax wins the internets today!

Anonymous said...

Behold the modern religious Liberal. No more avenging sword of Righteousness! No more the quiet conviction of delivering the truth to the "Heathen".

What you have here is a guy who recycles, probably is a vegetarian, politically he is for Bernie Sanders and has decided in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that societies punishment will bring the negros back to "Jez-us"! Even worse, that three vicious criminal negros becoming religious (in his faith!) is a comfort in the face of the loss of the life of Amanda and his unborn child.

If you go to a Black area you will actually see a lot of churches. Heck you don't have to actually visit, just use Google maps and take a virtual tour of Baltimore or Detroit. Blacks will take an old business building and turn it into a church or bible group and then add bars to the windows. Pretty sad that even churches in Black areas need barred windows.

But for whatever reason these liberal Christians and cuckservatives think the Blacks as a group need to be saved with White er I mean Modern Christian intervention. These people see themselves as superheroes with a divine mission to enter the dark areas of the country and fix our racial problems. The idea of carrying a gun or buying a rott and a fence goes against their sense of divinity. In fact they would call any one of you "raysiss" for suggesting it.

What I really hate though is that they drag their wife and children along. It doesn't matter if the wife is for it. The man of the house is supposed to make the harsh decisions for the betterment of the family even if they go against his sense of altruism or religion. That is an unspoken responsibility. Father knows best.

I know someone involved in one of these "emerging" churches. He and his wife are doing something similar and believe it is God's plan. Their children are at least grown but they still sold their house to fund their missionary work. I don't talk to him but I hear about it through friends. The whole thing sickens me. He could be working on a business or non-profit in his White community but instead believes he needs to enter the badlands with his wife. These "emerging" churches are a scourge.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real-life Ned Flanders!

Anonymous said...

That husband of the dead woman needs to be locked away in some kind of insane asylum as far as I'm concerned.

He is locked up in an insane asylum. It's called Black Run America. A madhouse run by lunatics and whose inmates believe themselves to be living in a free country.

Ex New Yorker said...

All those evil founding fathers who "owned slaves" were in agreement on who the enemy were. The Crown, the Bank and the Church. Their laws reflected those believes. The Puritans in the North were outraged about freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The right to print and mint out own money also had other religious groups pissed off. In Europe the Church and Crown were the state and was enforced by burning heretics and old women (aka...hags) at the stack.

People claim America was based on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPALS. This is not true. At the time "Christian principals" in Europe and England were expressed by priest who were still burning mid-wives and old women (aka...witches) at the stack and castrating choir boys. One Bishop in France who's claim to fame was he burned over 3,000 old women to death. I have not read of any time that Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Paine or any other founding fathers ever burned anybody at the stack.

During the early days of the Church millions of Gnostic's were slaughtered. In 1184 the Church started their slaughter of the Cathars in France. All of France was turned into a massive killing field and the butchery lasted for years. Whole cities were burned to the ground. Hundreds of thousands were killed and burned alive. Their only crime was they were not "true believers" and gave none of their money to the overlords in Rome.

The Calvinist (aka...Puritans...Protestants) were as vicious and bloody as the Catholics and also burned people at the stack. Oliver Cromwell slaughtered the Irish and those he didn't kill were sold as slaves in America. 300,000 Irish slaves were sold in batches on the slave markets. All shipped here in "live cargo ships" owned by Jewish families living in the Baltimore area. Large numbers of people were converted to Christianity with a sword at their throat. The sword or the cross. During the years of the inquisitions millions of people were butchered in the name of salvation. Forcing people to watch their neighbors burn to death was a sure fire way (no pun intended) to get people to join the Church. Burn of bow to Rome.

People to this day still worship the jealous and cruel "God of Moses" (Jewish) who when he got angry would throw poisonous snakes on peoples heads. The "God of Moses" delighted in slaughter. Kill all those who "breath the breath of life" which also included the goats, donkeys and chickens (aka...Jericho). Hey...sign me up for some of that. Killing goats and chickens sounds like fun.

Californian said...

200,000 years ago some other distant cousin of ours thought that a saber tooth tiger was a friendly kitty to pet.... none of us are descendants of that fellow. Perhaps his entire tribe thought that by leaving enough food around their village that the tigers would simply eat their surplus, become full, and no longer need to prey on their clan. We do not descend from his tribe either. As would be expected, the predators only multiplied with the extra food and eventually did what tigers do.

Good analogy.

Let's take it a step further. Supposing every time a member of that tribe woke up and said, "Hey, maybe we ought to get out some pointy sticks and chase off the saber tooths," he was called names and thrown out of the tribe? And then the tribe invited a saber tooth or two into their cave such that they could be enriched by a diversity of furry creatures? And then when a member of the tribe ended up on the saber tooth's menu, the tribal shaman said this was a good thing because it proved how tolerant they were?

Meantime, what happened to the fellow with the pointy stick who got tossed out of the cave? Perhaps he joined the next tribe over. And they hunted out the saber tooths. And now they are dominant on the steppe or between a couple of big rivers. They build mighty walled cities (to keep out the predators). They create surpluses of food (since they are not handing it over to the saber tooths). They eventually invent flying machines (easy to do when you are not living in caves!).

Meantime, the first tribe is still hiding in its caves. But then a demented member of the tribe with flying machines says, "Hey, why don't we invite that other tribe into our walled city so that they too can be safe from saber tooths?" So the gates are opened...and the process starts again.

Anonymous said...

This is easy. Public execution for all these animals. There ya' go. If there's a Satan I hope they will meet him and be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron, you anti-White bastard. So telling the truth about your border-line retarded ilk is "racist." Then so be it. In your ignorant eyes all Whites are "racist" whom would defend themselves from your less than simian intelligence ways. Hope I meet you some day. As a large assertive White man I'll gladly set you straight.

Pat Boyle said...

This is the kind of story that prompted me last week to note that Gibbon ascribed the decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to Christianity.

Turning the other cheek and loving your enemy is not a good strategy if you are under serious attack.

I don't want to offend all the good Christians in the readership but it is now time to get a little tougher. As I said it's time to "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war". We don't want to become so sensitive that we become like Sweden or Germany where the press suppresses all mention of the immigrant atrocities.

Anger, blood lust and berserker rage are all natural components of our nature. We put them away when we endeavored to create Western Civilization. It's time to use them once again as we did when we put aside Christian passivity to under take the Crusades.


Anonymous said...

Yes...welcome to your new home aaron....you blatant racist. I seem to recall your mother Diane...and and your sperm donor daddy Digit. Section 8 does run out fast though...they didn't last long...neither will you. Your good friends at boko haram will take good care of your female sprogs though.

10mm AUTO said...

Perfect Californian.

Must it always be so?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how in the media the word "Teen" have become a synonym for "black criminal"?

Seriously, wherever they write Teen, especially "unarmed teen", you can literally replace it with Black Criminal to get the correct meaning.

Anonymous said...

It seems more likely than not that Aaron is a black. A quick word search on the word racist in this thread presently consisting of approximately 74 comments turned up only one comment where someone actually called others racist. And of course that word was contained in the first of Aaron's three sentence meaningful dialogue and eloquent and persuasive argument. If Aaron is not black, he is a skillful poser because he knew to begin a discussion by calling people racist.

PB said...

"This is an unspeakably horrible crime but if one turns his life over to Jesus as lord and saviour he becomes our brother in Christ. Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful acts of Christian charity and is difficult for most to understand. The murderers may be executed for their crimes but in God's eye, if they have accepted Christ, they are among the elect and on their way to heaven."

You illustrate our problems well, except, not in the way you think you have.

Anonymous said...

WOnder how Rev. Davey feels about abortion?

PB said...

"He's literally gleeful over the "martyrdom" of his wife because it gives him a "great tragedy" to ostentatiously overcome in front of his congregation."

Well said Don M. I've seen this sort of thing referred to as "moral exhibitionism".

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Aaron won't respond. He will just call people names and leave, knowing that he has no argument.

FlowerBell said...

Genesis 9:6 (KJV)

6. Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

This pastor is misguided and has been punished for his errors and hubris. He now has to live with his mistake and atone for it.


Anonymous said...

Ammo.com has some great deals, I usually split my purchases with a friend or two to defer costs, and allow me to build up a stock pile. If/when society does collapse, bullets will be worth more then gold.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, you can call me a racist if you like. At this point in my life I really don't care. After 60 years in metro Detroit, being a racist is fairly normal. Watching the monkey shines year after year could only lead to racism. My feelings toward blacks and the black community and culture only reinforces my 140 point I.Q. If I liked, and appreciated what I've witnessed living in this area, that would only reinforce a double digit I.Q. . So, Aaron , take your knowledge of human behavior over to world star hip hop. Your insight will be much appreciated by your homies.

Ex New Yorker said...

Jesus said "Think not that I bring peace, I bring not peace but the sword" and he is called the "prince of peace." He also taught that he came to divide the father against his son and the the mother against her daughter. He said something like "he who loves his mother and father more than he loves me is not worthy of following me." This of course is just the opposite of one of the commandments about honoring your parents.

He admits to destroying the family and dividing them against each other. The million dollar preachers wearing thousand dollar suits while living in their fancy mansions and flying around in their Lear Jets (Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson...etc) call this FAMILY VALUES.

Somewhere and some how none of this seems to make any sense. Remember...a heretic is someone who "thinks for themselves" which makes them very dangerous to THE SYSTEM. I am very grateful they no longer burn us to death.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I'm sure Aaron came here by mistake. He saw stuff black people don't like, and hoped to get in on a white hate fest. Another minimal intelligence affirmative action hater, putting up posts of black love, family, blah, blah, ad nauseum. Who's your daddy Aaron? Do the world a favor, stay in Indianapolis long enough to be a victimn of your bruthas. They'd kill you for a five dollar lottery ticket, and you know it. Much as you'd probably try to spin the narrative you feel threatened by white men, you know damn well you're safer around them. Probably dream of living in a nice safe(white) neighborhood. Ain't that a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Non black cops need to stop patrolling orc-infested 'hoods; let the trash sort out its own problems.

Detroit Refugee said...

I'm still not 100% convinced that he wasn't involved.

Naw, no way. If these three perps had any info that could link him or show involvement, they'd offer it up.
They might not snitch in the good, but shoving a white man under the bus is totally acceptable.
Typo above; it's hood not good.
R.I.P. Amanda and unborn child.
You're husband failed you.

Anonymous said...

My God....! What if Hillary or Bernie win??!!

BRA on steroids!! White straight males will be hunted down... time to vote Trump, but prep for the awful possibility of a Dem prez. And, by the way, that will be it for Whte America; the 4 or 8 years of an open-borders Dem will swamp the nation demographically and end any chance of a Repub victory in the future.. and voila, South Africa or Zimbabwe. Get ready; could very well get ugly fast.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

One more thought Aaron:

Every element of society needs a place to hang out?!! How about the element that rapes, and kills a pregnant pastor's wife? Where do they hang out? These repeat offenders had a previous violent home invasion conviction. One of them just recently was driving around exposing his penis to white women in shopping malls. You're proud of being a political science major, that's code for "manipulative con artist", by the way. You must be, the way you flash it around in your posts. You'd fit right in with the Puppetry major in Connecticut, living in a black males only safe space at the university.

The point is: none of the " racists", as you call us, on this site have committed the heinous crimes reported on here. These were all perpetuated by vibrant young men of color. Much as you like to glory in your legacy of victimns of slavery, no white males anywhere commit the violent crimes blacks do on a daily basis. That's all blacks, everywhere around the world. Even the ones in failed black governed countries. And we're supposed to keep on looking the other way, not discuss it? You people( yeah, I said it) for too long have tried to control the dialog, make a discussion on race a one way street. No more, too many of us have had enough of this dysfunction. You've had your chance, if you were going to get your shit together, you'd have done so by now. All the advantages available to blacks that aren't to whites, government aid, scholarships, preferential treatment in hiring, nd housing, and still you complain? I suspect the hardest thing about your life is your dick in the morning. Get a real job(social activism isn't a real job).

Anonymous said...

I doubt Pastor Cuckburn really feels this way. But he's got a good scam going, and can you imagine what would happen to said scam if he got up in front of the congregation and said "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"? "Pastoring," is just a specialized form of "marketing," i.e. they're both complete bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Col Quasius: "Let's welcome our new guest, Aaron. It's always a treat to hear from the other side"
Let's not; and No, it isn't. If we wanted to hear from those shitheads and argue with them, we'd be over at HuffachodePost or WeIzBerrySmartBrudduhs.
This site is a White Refuge. You think it's an accident that trolls like him never get posted here? It's moderated and for good reason. They've been here before, and the arguments go nowhere, every single time.

Alexandra said...

I am a fundamentalist Christian myself--in fact I know people who were acquainted with Amanda Blackburn--and I can see what her husband is saying.

It is true that blacks can be saved. But it's also true that we've been conditioned over the past 50+ years to ignore what it is to be black. We've been conditioned to believe that they're violent because of poverty when it's the other way around.

So I basically blame the systemic brainwashing. And I think the murderers should be taken out and executed ASAP.

Tim in Kodiak said...

I hope these black bastards suffer the worst possible fate here and in the afterlife. Damn them to hell!

Steve Smith said...

My Great Uncle served under Patton and he verified Patton's legendary vocabulary.

You're 100% spot on.

Anonymous said...

I visit SBPDL.COM exclusively on my cell phone and I actually thought the avatar WAS a gorilla......damn Aaron that doesn't bode well for you.......

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Brian in Ohio said...

I think the dindu`s killed the wrong Blackburn. At least she fought for her life. They`d have had an easier go of it if Davey boy had been home. Well, maybe he`ll stay in that hood and keep leaving his doors unlocked...

I had a girlfriend years ago who told me about how her mother(who drove the church bus) would get "full of the lord" and yank her 6 children out of bed by their hair in the middle of the night and beat them with the bible. When she ran out of steam they would have to read the bible aloud til it was time for school.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Really gives a new meaning to God's "flock"?

Anonymous said...

Well said. Brainwashed idiots like him are just downright dangerous. Being a pastor, he'll pass on this cucked behaviour to his flock of sheeple, thus spreading complacency to his congregation.

Anonymous said...

So now we are going on 3 days of demonstrations over this.
Invite Aaron Laramore.

3 days over yet more 'fake hate'--their is not enough hate from the right so the left fakes it.

D-FENS said...

Driving home in SC all I see are Cruz and Carson signs. Thank you Jesus!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

As a southerner myself, I don't believe any South Carolinian should be allowed to vote.

SC Native said...

I'm starting to think the same thing. How Lindsey Graham continues to be elected is a mystery to me. I'm seeing those same signs everywhere but I don't know anybody that's for those candidates. Of course this entire country makes me scratch my head too, when will the nightmare end?

Anonymous said...

@ Aaron Laramore: I have read black blogs and the black blogs are 100 percent racist against Whites. There are no Whites marching and preaching death to White people and cops.....only blacks are doing that (and muslums calling for the death of all non muslims).

Blacks are not the only race to have been enslaved, to face discrimination, to be hunted and executed, etc....but blacks are the only race to play the perpetual victim card.....and it is beyond tiring.

Wow......no words about what
Amanda's husband said. Maybe he is trying to make sense of it all? I am religious and believe that bad sheet happens to good people. More and more good people are targeted because black thugs know good people,especially Whites, are soft targets. Not everything is God's will.

I do believe what the Bible says....that to be forgiven by God, we have to forgive the bad things other people did to us. But we must be realistic. Most murderers and thugs do not change.


P.S. We need Trump. Cruz is for increasing foreign workers, open borders, new world order, his wife is high up in Goldman Sachs, and he lies to covet his arse. He lies better than Hillary. Cruz is not liked because he is a jerk, not because he is anti establishment. He is a socialist big time. His donors are all billionaires. Rubio is another Clinton or Sanders also.

Anonymous said...

Every element of society needs a place to hang out?!! How about the element that rapes, and kills a pregnant pastor's wife? Where do they hang out?

During segregation, home invaders would "hang out" from the branch of a sturdy oak tree, courtesy of a rope.

Deadeye Dick said...

At Blue Eyes Matter:

What an awesome smackdown of the Affirmative Action Negro, Mr Laramore. I actually got all giddy inside reading it.

AnalogMan said...

"What if these three guys end up meeting Jesus out of this? Could you imagine?"

Of course there is absolutely no reason, rational or religious, to expect such an outcome. This is pure fantasy.

The beauty of religion is that you can find anything you want in it. Here's a quotation from a comment today by Fr John+ on The Irish Savant:

"He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong." - St. John Chrysostom

Anonymous said...

Aaron is correct you all are racist posters, and this is a site for racist people. So what is a racist, a person who loves his/her own race and feel that their race is superior to another race. Isn't this true, we love our race and our race is superior to the groids. Simple! We're guilty!

Anonymous said...

You must understand their hatred and by this I mean WHY they hate us, and in understanding it you will understand that nothing we can do will ever placate them.
They hate us for being what we are which is also what they are not and what they cannot ever become. Every time a black woman looks at some beautiful young white blonde/blue eyed beauty she has to contain (or maybe not) her insane jealousy. You can see this in their laughable attempts to try to pry themselves out of the mold that nature put them into through such things as donning imported Indian hair pieces or using lye to straighten their own. Both the black men and women suffer frustration from their own mental limitations and cry foul when they fail basic math and reading comprehension in the colleges that they are given preferential admission to. They are a savage hunter/gatherer subspecies as ill suited to competitive existence today's world as Cro-Magnon man was when Homo Sapiens took over the planet.
The religious "forgiveness mentality" is maladaptive in this time when our race is facing genocide. Arm yourselves and if possible, learn to manufacture your own weapons against the time when TPTB will come to take yours away (yes, this can be done and the information is "out there" - for now). Unless we are proactive in this way, we will ALL one day be looking up at some dindu watching us bleed to death.

Anonymous said...

@SC native:

The answer is obvious, isn't it? Diebold corporation voting machines. Evidently you aren't aware of all the fraud in past elections where huge numbers of people who voted Republican mysteriously found that their votes went for the Dem candidate? Don't you find it a bit perplexing that George Bush #2 was reelected in spite of that fact that he couldn't articulate a coherent sentence? Or that Obama was also reelected in spite of how much damage he did during his first term?
This reminds me of a quote: " two parties is the minimum needed to give the illusion of choice and the maximum allowable to maintain control". I forget who said it, but it's so true. Besides, it does not matter who you vote for since they are all vetted ahead of time by the Oligarch that rules the country behind the curtain.

PB said...

You can all vote Trump all you want. This election has already been promised to the Clinton Family by those who control the count of the electronic votes. Didn't you at least wonder a bit back when Obama was presented by their (not your) media as MLK for all races, while the Repub side was saddled with two of the most unelectable candidates imagineable? Didn't it all feel a bit staged? Its all a show, and who behind the curtain knows a thing or two about putting on a show? We've had the Black one, then we'll have the female one then the Gay one (Miss Lindsay?), then maybe a Trans....who knows? Given how much they clearly respect you this isn't at all an unrealistic scenario.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the other issues are, but the only prez who will come close to dealing with the groid problem, in my humble opinion, is Trump. If you agree, do SOMETHING to get him as many votes as possible. If we lose this election, the non-Whites have won and demographics will destroy our country right under our noses. Do it for your kids and grandkids; your ancestors are watching...

They're NOT happy...

Anonymous said...

Has any orc or nig-loving Libtard set up an anti-SBPDL site? Why not? They could so easily post all the scientific studies that show orcs are IDENTICAL to non-orcs when it comes to intellectual functions, IQ, etc. I mean those reports are a dime a dozen and would shut down the Race Realists and Human BioDiversity folks in a NY minute.

Oh yea, there aren't any; because all that stuff is true and negroes are genetically inferior when it comes to cognitive functioning, etc.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Protestant Christianity teaches non-stop forgiveness. People say "If you're Christian, you have to forgive." This is nonsense. You are supposed to resist evil and only forgive when it is warranted.

Anonymous said...

"Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors."

This may be a start in explaining the pastor and those white apologists like him and their foolish sentiments. In fact, this might begin to explain Americas captivation with the negro and the never ending hostage state we find ourselves in.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

This dupe is not preaching real Christianity, he is preaching Zionist laced B.S. Every Church that is a 501-C3 tax exempt entity is sanctioned by the state and is a state mouthpiece where the truth cannot be told or the Tax Exemption is always in jeopardy. If you give your tithes and offerings to these false houses of worship, you might as well be giving direct to Y.K.W. who wants YOU dead or ground under their boots. Please Google Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Montana and read what he has to say.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if God keeps count on how many good men no longer attend church. Not because they don't believe, but because those that are forgiven never stop being the obnoxious assholes they will always be?


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

In other news, I had to delete my iHeartRadio app today, probably for good.

Good start. Now you're ready to move up to the big league: Kill your TV. You'll be glad you did.

SC Native said...

Oh I know as well as you do, it's just a hard pill to swallow. And the populace continues to sleep.....

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all the posts yet but I will. This is the kind of shit that makes me have trouble with religion. One persons idea of heaven might be another person idea of hell. Religion is for the living. To make them feel better about losing someone they love, or feel better about dying themselves. I have never met a person who was in a great hurry to die and find out if it exists or not no matter how religious they are. Now, why in the hell would this woman want to see the Monsters that murdered her in the after-life?. As you said. There is no proof that heaven exists. Would NIGS exist in my Heaven. HELL NO!!!


Anonymous said...

I second Analog man's sentiments on television- after you make the change, watching any channel for any extended length of time will just make you angry. Commercials used to be bad, but they have turned insulting consumers and showering them with blacks into a science. Learning about all the ways they manipulate you will just make you even angrier. You can find your own news rather than waiting for it, and why would any one spend time watching sitcoms in this day and age? Or the morning shows? The past few times I've seen these programs I saw huge chunks of time to advertise for products DURING THE PROGRAM then interspersed with t.v. ads of black males keeping you safe from evil mischievous whitey. If you need series/movies then you obviously have better options. Some of the best stuff on the net is still just simple information that (mostly white people) have gathered and presented for one anther- altruism at work. Spend more time finding out things you want to know and reading the comments from people who have made insightful discoveries of their own.

Watching t.v. makes me visibly angry, but that's a good thing as it helps me stay the hell away from it.

I saw those two wheezing sowpottomuses getting congratulated for winning the college debating championship and knew something wasn't right. And of course after looking it up I could tell my b.s.-detector was still working. Blacks being awarded for being jokes. They did "research" for what they were interested in talking about and then just read stuff that they had copied and pasted from the web between gasps. It was guaranteed that a black group would win (the greatest thing for everyone ever for some reason) and better yet, it was two black land-whales.

That is just one example how getting your info from t.v. is pretty much useless.

Anonymous said...

The void that is in the center of American experience speaks again. Simply put, our country has never been invaded and occupied; we have never had to free ourselves in a life or death struggle with an oppressor. We don't have the political reflexes of Poles, Russians, Germans, French. We haven't had the liberating experience of forming cells, of actually killing enemy soldiers on our soil. Conversely, we have been spared the agony of mass bombardments, reprisal killings, daily national humiliation. These experiences have help form the core of experiences known as the Twentieth Century. We missed that core. Instead we have a void.
America is probably irredeemable as Paul asserts; but before that state of affairs arrives we have to put up with its incomprehensibility. A thug is killed and he dies an appropriate death and lies in state in the street in Ferguson Missouri. Do I need to repreat that the sight of an enemy - or conversely one your own fallen heroes - lying dead in the street happened millions of times in Europe during the years 1914 through 1945? The goofy outrage of black preachers doesn't bother me. Most blacks are not serious people. They are children; we all know this. What bothers is the steady grinding dementia of the mass media extolling the dead Mr Brown, or the dead Mr Gray. The absence of counter-demonstrations. In Europe, and in any other part of the world which has experienced war on its soil, counter-demonstrations do occur in ambiguous situations and do so vigorously. In Minnesota two men who went to the local BLM hate fest to observe it were severely harassed and fought back. The media engineered a week of outrage at their cheek; comparing them to the KKK.
I am frightened, not by blacks, but by the incomprehensible government which somehow weighs the value of white culture formed by the
standard workings of European history and experience, and finds it lacking.
The nihilists are in power, in the USA. They reign almost unchecked. My fear is that they are preparing Leviathan for us.

Anonymous said...

What all the people who act surprised about Trump are those who are completely unaware of the rising tide of nationalism, and yes, even racial pride among whites. People generally think of nationalists/realists as hicks with high powered rifles and giant off road vehicles with enormous Confederate flags waving proudly from the back.

White males of every demographic are getting fed up with decades of bashing and scapegoating- and having to move to the "back of the bus" in nearly every affair when dealing/competing with blacks while they take "they" sweet time and relish every moment of it. Or any other race/gender/ethnicity/victim-status for that matter. If you're a white male, your only options are to be gay or handicapped in some physical way if you want preference on the grievance gravy train.

This grates on people whether others choose to acknowledge it or not. And it has been YEARS of turning the other cheek, acting like being belittled or targeted on a routine basis is acceptable, particularly when it is done in the name of "revenge" or "principle".

Whites don't need any of you, but you sure need a lot of them to fix and figure things out for you. If it were a loss to avoid this selfish and aloof swarm of diversity then there wouldn't be laws and provisions forcing them upon us in communities we "fled to" in order to not experience their day to day behavior and bullshit.

Holding back and taking it has done NOTHING for whites- you could be a white apologist all day and still be robbed, raped, and murdered for your troubles when out on your own in any fuxated area. You could build 1000 bridges and then do one thing "wrong" and be just as bad as Elmer with the rifle on the tractor.

Blacks are like a machine that deliberately takes your money and then asks for more. Why would you keep interacting with something that would only rip you off every chance it got? Exactly.

I'm just glad people are arming themselves, I'm seeing a lot more positive articles in the news lately when it comes to fatal encounters.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that without religion people tended to turn liberal.

Save a couple funerals and a wedding I've never been to church that I remember. Something happened with my sister's baptism that made my dad angry and we as a family never went back, despite the church being close enough to walk to. I wasn't even 2 yet. Have never really read the bible or any of that, although I know most of the stories.

But here I am, more or less conservative, and a realist, despite never being around the groid much until college, save a couple tokens that attended my high school.

Maybe I'm just too smart to be a lib. I don't know, couldn't tell you what my IQ is either, but I was always considered gifted. I don't question, I'm just grateful for it.

PaintJob Theory said...

"It is true that blacks can be saved."

I call bullshit on this, though you're welcome to travel with them to Africa or to the camps when the time comes and work on that.

"Every element in society needs a place to hang out"

Perhaps you should try Sentinel Islands. There, in absence of whites, your kind hadn't invented the wheel or even tamed fire until the late 1990s. It's a veritable paradise with no white oppression to hold you back. No microagressions or legacy of slavery or colonialism and certainly no "racists".

Either piss off to darkest Africa or get down on your knees and thank us whites for the fact that you're not washing your burry head under a cow's arse and fishing bugs out of a termite mound with a stick back in your native habitat.

PaintJob Theory said...

Oh and you guys commenting really need to stay away from using "whom". 9 times out of 10 you are doing it wrong.

For simplicity's sake whom is the objective, used when the "who" is the object of a preposition (with which you should never end a sentence). So when directly preceded by words like: about, from, to, by, for, at, above, below, beside, around, or with you would use whom, otherwise it's "who". My recollection of the exact rules is a little rusty but going with this should help clean things up.

I'm not really picky about type-o's or grammar but misuse of whom is really tacky IMO and not using it when it is appropriate generally sounds worse than using it when it is not appropriate.

Az Visigoth said...

To Blue Eyes Matter at 1:43pm:

That second paragraph made want to cheer!
You articulated it better than I could have.

Enough is enough!

skybill said...

I know it will be hard for some people that are able to "Read" what I am going to write but here goes.... "Feral" is what the perps of Amanda's murder are. In the "Jungle" when an animal like a Lion or Tiger, definitely "Feral" animals, becomes a "MANEATER" after crossing the line and eating human flesh.....they don't stop....they want more!!! Then in is called the "Great White Hunter" with the Double Barreled Weatherby Rifle, English Accent, pencil moustache and Cold Steel eyes!!! He stalks the perps and usually with only one shot, takes them down!!! The perps of Amanda's murder while may be humanoid are definitely "Feral" and have "Crossed The Line" to become "MANEATER!!!" Unfortunately our society is unable to recognize that these humanoids are indeed "Feral" and have become "MANEATER!!! So, society will probably just pat them on the head, turn them loose and tell them to "play nice" ......To those in society who concur with this last concept, I leave you with words from an old cartoonist, Rob Crumb,"Now 'Keetchy Coo' you Bastards!!!" (Go dig into some old ZAP COMIX, you may find it??)
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,

Anonymous said...

To Aaron: Hispanics, Asians and Whites don't want negroes living in their neighborhoods. Are we then to assume that there is something seriously wrong with all three groups or could the common denominator be blacks and their behaviors?

What Hispanic, Asian or White person would prefer to see some black person walking down their street as opposed to seeing an attractive person of their own race? Even black women on social dating sites scream racism because they are the least wanted and least desirable. It's clear that the majority of every race does not have jungle fever and find the idea repellant. Not racism- just a matter of what people find attractive and appealing and negroes don't fit the bill.

No matter whether one is talking about neighbors or possible mates, blacks are the least wanted and least desirable among all races. Even on a cultural level, black "culture" (such that it is) is considered by the majority of every other race to be the least desirable to be around. You don't see people of other races rushing to live with negroes but you do see lots of negroes running away from their own. Even negroes can't stand themselves and the environments they create.

No one of any non negro race can be forced to like negroes or want to be around them or date them or have them as neighbors or associate with them. What people like or dislike is not something that can be forced upon them or legislated nor can you force them to be interested or force them to find it "appealing." You might as well try to force every cat and dog loving pet owner in the world to give up their cats and dogs in favor of skunks and try to force them to tolerate skunks. Not going to happen whether you like it or not. The same applies as per negroes.

What you call racism is simply the desire of non negro peoples to be left the hell alone and not be forced to deal with negroes in any way at all. They don't want negroes coming into their communities to feed off them and off of all that they've built and that is what the negro resents the most and the reason they scream racism. If they had the intelligence and the ability to build comparable neighborhoods, towns and cities and provide all their needs for themselves they would- but they can't and don't- and thus try to invade and feed off others. This leads to a natural resentment which is no more racist than someone objecting to a street bum moving into their spare bedroom and living off them and taking advantage of everything they've created, earned and built while claiming the homeowner is a mean and hateful bastard for not providing the bum with all his wants and needs.

When you scream racism, you're like the bum in the above scenario and just like the bum, your manipulative motivation is to get your little paws filled with all the special treatment and gibsmedat that they can hold and then some. To be propped up, supported and pampered~ and you think screaming racism will result in people feeling guilty and get you what you want or make them give into you and your way of "thinking." NOT going to happen. You need to go to a libtarded site for that.

Perhaps this is where you'll scream something idiotic such as white people get tans because they want to be black. Don't bother. That's like saying every man who grows a beard does so because he wants to be a gorilla.

Anonymous said...

As Emeril would say: "Let's take it up a notch!" Start paying fast-food workers and janitors $20 an hour.

Then they won't have to kill women for their purses, right?


But let's do it anyway. Because that will eventually prove that "poverty" isn't the reason for these crimes.

So let's just do that. And then we'll have to deal with reality.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the classic negro/liberal retort: name calling and passive hostility without a single fact, figure, or example to back it up.

Alexandra said...

Before everyone bashes Christians, think about this--while we're to forgive, that does NOT preclude allowing the government to bear the sword (see Romans 13:1-4) and executing the bastards (which these miscreants likely are to begin with). It means YOU PERSONALLY don't exact revenge. Let the system deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Negro logic dictates he will scream like a chimp as he rewrites your words to fit his empty narrative, ultimately sharing it on BootLip sites to promote his hatred for YT, as well as his ignorance on the subject of Reality!

Anonymous said...

I would like 30 seconds alone with Davey in a small unfurnished room. I'd put that pathetic fuck out of his misery quickly. Poor Amanda didn't have a worthy man as a husband.

PB said...

"Simply put, our country has never been invaded and occupied; we hav..."

Yes it has. It is still under occupation by a foreign loyalty that uses it willfully to benefit its own stolen piece of land. Your "Neocons" are akin to Commissars of the old Soviet Union. It all happened without a shot being fired, only with money being exchanged, and we are afraid to even name them out loud in case they get offended and upset.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could beat them up for you Ex New Yorker.
I often question the motives behind anyone who volunteers to take care of children who are not their own.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are forces at work that unleashed the virus(blacks) upon us? Worse than the Plague.

White-Skinned Goodness said...

Yikes, Ex-New Yorker...that's horrific stuff. My sympathies.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons I stopped believing in Jesus and Christianity, but also Liberalism, Conservatism, and Libertarianism. As a White man no amount of groveling will stop this and no amount of virtue signalling will change this. None of those deracinated cults will stop this.

This lunatic White pastor who sacrificed his wife on the alter of diveristy will not be rewarded in this life or the next. His religion made him blind to reality and got his wife killed. If he were a racist he would be safe, she would be alive, and although he'd fear the future, he'd at least be able to face it with his family.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

February 4 @1:09 a.m.

Hear, hear! Several of us here have put forth the same idea, though not so eloquently as your summation. I myself tend to forget what my dad told me so many years ago, "Don't get in a pissing contest with a skunk".

Just imagine a Dr.Phil like voice saying " Now you got a skunk in your chicken house, do you want to get it out, or get in a pissing match"?

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 1:09 AM

black "culture" (such that it is) is considered by the majority of every other race to be the least desirable to be around.

And yet...

I see beautiful blonde women with their hair tortured into dreadlocks. I see young White men with wheels in their earlobes. I see them with their underpants exposed. They seem to want to be Babuntus. Why would anybody want to see these animals, let alone emulate them?

Here in Auckland I have at least one thing to be grateful for, and that is that I seldom see them any more. But today, picking up my granddaughter from school, I saw one of them, a fat sheboon with the top of its head bleached yellow, looking like a brass pot scourer glued to its head. That's something that was popular with the soccer players in South Africa. Vile, vile beasts. Looked like a skunk, only not so pretty.

As Robbie Burns wrote

“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An' foolish notion.”

- To a Louse.

Not given to negroes. For which, I suppose, they should be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Ex-New Yorker, its clear the system failed you and your brother. I hope that both you and he have been able to move beyond that pain.

Hopefully those groids who murdered Amanda do not have a jury populated by the likes of her weak husband. Those animals need to face the harshest penalty Justice can mead out. The niqqers deserve no forgiveness, no sympathy, no understanding


Mr. Rational said...

Okay, diction/grammar time again:

Those animals need to face the harshest penalty Justice can mead out.

The word is "mete", "to distribute or apportion".

Yours for a more-literate nation....


"Mead" is appropriate since the mead something means to beat it to a pulp.

Mr. Rational said...

"Mead" is appropriate since the mead something means to beat it to a pulp.

In reality, not so much.