Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TRUMP: "We are men of action; lies do not become us."

PK Note: Latest PK at VDare is up -- Law & Order—The Inevitable Response To “Black Lives Matter”. Read it there, comment on it here. 

It's my belief the Donald J. Trump phenomenon is about to unleash something utterly historic upon the world. Today in South Carolina at a Trump rally, the reality of this became evident. Watching the crowd react to the two Trump supporters who roughed up a heckler was powerful. 

No, that's not strong enough a word. 

A tear came to my eye. 

I had a friend who attended the Trump rally in Birmingham in 2015, when a Black Lives Matter protester decided to disrupt the speech and he was quickly thrown out (with Trump saying, "get him the hell out of here," as a few white people roughed up the corpulent black agitator).

They told me the reaction to this moment and the entire speech was only equaled by the emotion found at a college football game (where, sadly, white people now derive their identity and tribal mentality from, even going so far as to shape their identity on their alma mater's football program), which brought a big smile to my face. 

For one, brief shining moment, those who can see where allowed to glimpse a vision of a world free of the shackles of thought control and conformity to totalitarian political correctness in not just Birmingham, but especially the video from South Carolina. 

It's a simple, subtle thing many people will miss, because they've trained not to notice it, but the video from South Carolina is one of the more cathartic clips I've ever watched. 


And it reminded me of one of my favorite passages from Starship Troopers. In a classroom discussion about the fall of democracy and the institution of a system of government where only those who volunteered to serve were granted citizenship, Robert Heinlein (the author of the book) gives us a powerful lesson in why the franchise must be limited. 

Why the concept of universal suffrage is truly universal suffering (what we have now). 

Here is the portion of the book: 

Sally stumbled through the first part. However, nobody can describe accurately how the Federation came about; it just grew. With national governments in collapse at the end of the XXth century, something had to fill the vacuum, and in many cases it was returned veterans. They had lost a war, most of them had no jobs, many were sore as could be over the terms of the Treaty of New Delhi, especially the P.O.W. foul-up—and they knew how to fight. But it wasn’t revolution; it was more like what happened in Russia in 1917—the system collapsed; somebody else moved in. 

The first known case, in Aberdeen, Scotland, was typical. Some veterans got together as vigilantes to stop rioting and looting, hanged a few people (including two veterans) and decided not to let anyone but veterans on their committee. Just arbitrary at first—they trusted each other a bit, they didn’t trust anyone else. What started as an emergency measure became constitutional practice . . . in a generation or two. 

Probably those Scottish veterans, since they were finding it necessary to hang some veterans, decided that, if they had to do this, they weren’t going to let any “bleedin’, profiteering, black-market, double-time-for-overtime, army-dodging, unprintable” civilians have any say about it. They’d do what they were told, see?—while us apes straightened things out! That’s my guess, because I might feel the same way . . . and historians agree that antagonism between civilians and returned soldiers was more intense than we can imagine today. 

Sally didn’t tell it by the book. Finally Major Reid cut him off. “Bring a summary to class tomorrow, three thousand words. Mr. Salomon, can you give me a reason—not historical nor theoretical but practical—why the franchise is today limited to discharged veterans?” 
“Uh, because they are picked men, sir. Smarter.” 
“Is the word too long for you? I said it was a silly notion. Service men are not brighter than civilians. In many cases civilians are much more intelligent. That was the sliver of justification underlying the attempted coup d’état just before the Treaty of New Delhi, the so-called ‘Revolt of the Scientists’: let the intelligent elite run things and you’ll have utopia. It fell flat on its foolish face of course. Because the pursuit of science, despite its social benefits, is itself not a social virtue; its practitioners can be men so self-centered as to be lacking in social responsibility. I’ve given you a hint, Mister; can you pick it up?” 
Sally answered, “Uh, service men are disciplined, sir.” 
Major Reid was gentle with him. “Sorry. An appealing theory not backed up by facts. You and I are not permitted to vote as long as we remain in the Service, nor is it verifiable that military discipline makes a man self-disciplined once he is out; the crime rate of veterans is much like that of civilians. And you have forgotten that in peacetime most veterans come from non-combatant auxiliary services and have not been subjected to the full rigors of military discipline; they have merely been harried, overworked, and endangered—yet their votes count.” 
Major Reid smiled. “Mr. Salomon, I handed you a trick question. The practical reason for continuing our system is the same as the practical reason for continuing anything: It works satisfactorily. 
“Nevertheless, it is instructive to observe the details. Throughout history men have labored to place the sovereign franchise in hands that would guard it well and use it wisely, for the benefit of all. An early attempt was absolute monarchy, passionately defended as the ‘divine right of kings.’ 
“Sometimes attempts were made to select a wise monarch, rather than leave it up to God, as when the Swedes picked a Frenchman, General Bernadotte, to rule them. The objection to this is that the supply of Bernadottes is limited. 
“Historic examples ranged from absolute monarch to utter anarch; mankind has tried thousands of ways and many more have been proposed, some weird in the extreme such as the antlike communism urged by Plato under the misleading title The Republic. But the intent has always been moralistic: to provide stable and benevolent government. 
“All systems seek to achieve this by limiting franchise to those who are believed to have the wisdom to use it justly. I repeat ‘all systems’; even the so-called ‘unlimited democracies’ excluded from franchise not less than one-quarter of their populations by age, birth, poll tax, criminal record, or other.” 
Major Reid smiled cynically. “I have never been able to see how a thirty-year-old moron can vote more wisely than a fifteen-year-old genius . . . but that was the age of the ‘divine right of the common man.’ Never mind, they paid for their folly. 
“The sovereign franchise has been bestowed by all sorts of rules—place of birth, family of birth, race, sex, property, education, age, religion, et cetera. All these systems worked and none of them well. All were regarded as tyrannical by many, all eventually collapsed or were overthrown. 
“Now here are we with still another system . . . and our system works quite well. Many complain but none rebel; personal freedom for all is greatest in history, laws are few, taxes are low, living standards are as high as productivity permits, crime is at its lowest ebb. Why? Not because our voters are smarter than other people; we’ve disposed of that argument. Mr. Tammany—can you tell us why our system works better than any used by our ancestors?” 
I don’t know where Clyde Tammany got his name; I’d take him for a Hindu. He answered, “Uh, I’d venture to guess that it’s because the electors are a small group who know that the decisions are up to them . . . so they study the issues.” 
“No guessing, please; this is exact science. And your guess is wrong. The ruling nobles of many another system were a small group fully aware of their grave power. Furthermore, our franchised citizens are not everywhere a small fraction; you know or should know that the percentage of citizens among adults ranges from over eighty per cent on Iskander to less than three per cent in some Terran nations—yet government is much the same everywhere. Nor are the voters picked men; they bring no special wisdom, talent, or training to their sovereign tasks. So what difference is there between our voters and wielders of franchise in the past? We have had enough guesses; I’ll state the obvious: Under our system every voter and officeholder is a man who has demonstrated through voluntary and difficult service that he places the welfare of the group ahead of personal advantage. 
“And that is the one practical difference. 

“He may fail in wisdom, he may lapse in civic virtue. But his average performance is enormously better than that of any other class of rulers in history.”
I'm not quite sure why this passage resonates with me so deeply, or why so many moments from the Donald J. Trump campaign for the Republican nomination for President have impacted me so deeply. 

Few as much as what transpired in South Carolina on February 16, 2016

But there's something powerful happening across this nation, and it will have dramatic implications for the governing (Managerial-Elite) order ruling across Western Europe. 

America is irredeemable. 

This much is certain. 

However, there are people in the United States of America who are not only redeemable, but are increasingly realizing there is no future with the course the nation is currently set upon. 

Enter Trump. 

Unlike most self-serving politicians who answer to the highest bidder in their quest for power (and do their bidding), Trump has made it clear he puts the welfare of AMERICANS ahead of personal advantage.

And though there isn't much of an America left to defend, there is a future still unwritten.

With easily corruptible politicians and an ever-widening franchise, we know the future in the USA is nothing less than a combination of that found in Brazil and South Africa.

With Trump, our decline isn't guaranteed to be reversed, but we will get moments offering chances for heroism to arise in the most unlikely of places.

And Trump is the source of this unlikely window.

Come Saturday, a Donald J. Trump victory in the South Carolina primary is the equivalent of a political Fort Sumter, with the good people of Palmetto State once again launching a strike against the ruling paradigm.


Anonymous said...

Not commenting beyond saying he's a good man of integrity who will make a great president.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Looks like both of the trains are picking up speed. The BRA train is rolling downhill into Deadman's Curve without an engineer and without any brakes. We have 200 years of history to refer to when making our case. Haiti. Liberia. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Detroit, Selma, Chicago, Memphis, Baltimore. The trainwreck is inevitable.

The other train is trying to backtrack to what used to work, and work damn well, for this country. Accountability. Personal responsibilty. A good work ethic. To quote Jimi Hendrix, I hear my train a-coming. When these trains pull into the station, better transfer if you don't want to be stranded on the platform. The BRA train is gonna derail.

Note to PK: Nice Heinlein quote. My favorite book by him is still Stranger in a Strange Land, but Starship Troopers is a close second.

And the first line of your post is from another awesome story. I'll throw in another quote from The Princess Bride. It's not from Wesley, but from Vizzini, and it relates to us NOT getting off the BRA train:


Malcolm Ex-Lax

European_American said...

Markos Moulitsas got an article published by The Hill in support of blm entitled, GOP: Listen to Beyoncé. The commenters immediately called him out on his 1 degree of separation from American communists, his hard left(hard core commie) daily kos, the new black panthers KGB connection, his supporters were taken to the woodshed. ect... I didn't see a follow up post on his site by him.

The 1/2 time show, from an objective viewpoint, was anti- White, "black & brown needs to get together", communist agenda, garbage. What better way to fvck America than to cuck the White Man?

2 articles details how the daily kos vilified the filibuster and weakened it.

1. A pebble watches the avalanche First hand report from the most epic netroots victory ever
2. Filibuster reform and the triumph of real activism

They don't much more openly fvck- America than POS.

in DC

Some Guy said...

Glad to see on the last video the non-vibrants giving some pushback. If the situation were reversed and White people disrupted, say, an Obama event, chances are good there would be violence against them - beatings for the men and worse for any women who dared to participate.

There are often demands that apologies be made for slavery in the US. Let me jus say I am sorry. I am sorry the descendants of slaves had their ancestors brought here. The descendants are certainly sorry they were brought here. We are all very sorry and we are becoming more sorry every day.

What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Trump is our last hope; the alternative will be, as you say, "irredeemable."

Meanwhile, in DC, this decorated Marine was beaten unconscious by a pack of black teens:


Anonymous said...

I doubt the Cocksuckertives will allow Trump to win but he's fun to watch, he reminds me of Tony Clifton.

Anonymous said...

Great piece PK and powerful video. I was standing pretty close to where the same thing happened at the Raleigh rally. Same reaction, the crowd roared with approval. Everyone around me yelled get his butt outta here. The emotion on people's faces was like they just broke through a ton of bricks holding them down. Funny thing was, it was also on the faces of his minority supporters as well, and there were more than you'd think, of several races.

For all the negative nancy's out there, go to a Trump rally. Even if you are on the fence or dont support the guy, the feeling of pure Americana is overwhelming. This was the greatest damn country the world had ever seen, and it ain't going down without a fight.

Lastly, i'll leave y'all with something that may cause you to hurt yourself laughing. Credit to SC Girl's (great name by the way!) link in last article about the video game celebration gone wrong that led me to this astute Doctor.


God Bless, lock 'n load my dear friends.

NC Guy



YES, YES, YES! It's time to take the garbage out in America! If only we could rid our shores of the minority.

NO NEGROES=NO PROBLEMS! And YES it's really as simple as that!



Anonymous said...

Maybe the author is too optimistic... or maybe not. Most people would settle for BLM to STFU, accept what they've gained, and move on with their pathetic lives.

One thing seems certain: rank-and-file whitey is sick of being told what genetic monsters he and his children are.

Forget politics, level playing fields or fair play. You have a majority population being told daily they are oppressors.

At some point, even the most Stockholm-Syndrome white asshole must realize there is never going to be enough concessions for these cretins.

Once the average white starts pushing back, blacks who have a place in society - even if it's unearned - will realize that throwing in with the vast black Baltimore/Fergusen underclass is not in their best interest.

It's like knowing when to walk away from a blackjack table. If a new dealer comes in and your luck turns, it's time to pick up the chips and leave.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but as the comments say, this is not being reported ...


Anonymous said...

Is Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not...but when you consider the alternatives you have to realize that he is the best shot we currently have, or probably ever will have. I am fifty years old and I have never seen a 'politician' who has real courage. The courage to say what we are all thinking. The courage to stand up to the human refuse who are destroying our once great society. The courage to bring ordinary every-day people into the fold. Do you know of any other person running for office that would pick random people from the audience to speak at their rally? Trump had the confidence to know that what two regular guys had to say would fit in perfectly with the message he is trying to convey.

This is a moment of utter clarity for me. There is no one else I can vote for in good conscience. Trump 2016!

Anonymous said...

Fucking nubians in that last video are typical. Covering themselves with red paint, sheesh.

Thank you so much for linking that Trump video-I had missed that-it was quite moving as the older gentleman could hardly keep it together.

Trump is the right man for this country. He can do it.

Anonymous said...

Right on, brother!!

Trump will restore White Man's law and order. Period. The way it could be.

Attn Trump campaign: Negroes are different not only in the way they look, but in the allele frequency in their genome. This effects cognitive issues like IQ, future time orientation, impulse control, (& testosterone level), etc. That is why the majority of them act the way they do and make non-negroes shun them. That is at the heart of their sorry state around the world, not White "racism".

Trump, look into it and you'll see it's true. Always follow the Truth; you know that.

You cannot deal with the Negro issue in America without openly discussing the science behind their bad behavior.

Awake said...

No, this does not immediately change the course of America but it does offer a glimmer of hope. A glimmer of hope that whites will eventually rise up together and defend what we've built, civilization. People, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Remember, it's just 13% of the population that is utterly causing havoc and destroying America from the inside out. What do you imagine this country looking like when they compose 20%, 30%, 40%? It's coming and there's nothing we can do about it short of segregation. And segregation will be the only solution.

Anonymous said...

This truly is one of the most interesting election processions in my lifetime (45 yrs)
I'm not even a huge Trump fan but I sure enjoy watching him and bernie put washingtons panties in bunch.

I don't think even Trump can reverse our course. But a glimmer of hope is nice for once.

I think a complete reset will be necessary and we know what that means .

Anonymous said...

I, too, felt so emotional when I watched that Trump rally clip yesterday. I don't idolize anyone, or place my trust in any man, or expect anyone to "fix" everything for me. I realize Trump is an American nationalist, not an ethno-nationalist as I am (and so many others here are). He genuinely does seem to like Negroes and certainly a number of them admire him - to him, they are as American as the next guy. That's not how I feel and they are not part of the America I want to live in.

Still, he's a huge step forward from having a president who loathes America's heritage and its White population. Trump may slow down the decline, may fix a few things, but I don't think anyone can stop the crash that is coming. What he will do (if he can survive the political machinations and get elected) is pave the way for an openly ethno-nationalist party. An America where the shrinking White population will advocate for its own interests and territory. That is what we desperately need. Trump is an FU to the establishment, a wrecking ball aimed at the globalists, and a herald of a potential White future. For all of that, whatever his faults, God bless him.

I voted early in Texas yesterday. First time I've voted since '08. First time I've voted FOR someone. Donald Trump for president.

Anonymous said...

OT yet related:

Scottish citizen complains on Farcebook about Syrian invaders in his hometown--promptly gets arrested by police (who are only following orders!)


Coming to America soon; Trump as Prez or not.

Save me a seat in the concentration camps, fellow SBPDL'rs....

Gwoobus Harmon said...

There absolutely is an activation happening, because we are in a transitional period of white dispossession. At the beginning, the first wave of dispossession (BRA, mass immigration, NAFTA era policy shifts, etc...) didn't really affect that many white people and those that it did displace/affect were the minimum wage, no degree, voiceless/powerless types on the margins of society. It was very easy to look the other way and continue to enjoy your own prosperous existence, so long as it affected someone else.

There were rewards in place for the middle and upper middle class for going along with it and this allowed them to feel a form of investment in the process. There were also peer enforced/social penalties for being vocally against these policies and an entire slew of invective came into being : "nativist," "protectionist," as well as the old standbys of "racist" and "bigot." The disease in effect had a twenty year resistance free head start to run unencumbered throughout the body politic.

The only problem is that as you dispossess a people they then have reduced capital and no reason to REINVEST into, nor cooperate with, nor believe in the system dispossessing them. If this is done for a long enough period of time, resistance WILL form. We are reaching a point where no one white (except the incredibly wealthy) wants to invest in a system that aggressively works to displace them. But this system requires white middle class participation to go.

We have reached that point where none of the old tricks work and no one cares about ideology, which is what was formerly used to control them --- they just want a prosperous, cohesive nation that offers a promising future for their children.

When you see Trump's republican opponents attack him with things like "he is not a true conservative" ---- that is the point! THAT is why he resonates! People don't want "true conservatives" - true conservatives have a losing track record.

"True conservatives" keep losing every key battle and cave in anyway. "True conservatives" have an idiotic and costly foreign policy because they cannot finance their campaigns without appealing to ISRAEL FIRST donors. "True conservatives" signed off on all of the "free trade" legislation that killed stable manufacturing industries and the ability of the working class to live what was once known as the American Dream.

Each place that you turn as a legit alternative to the system that wants you dead and replaced comes up with one word ------ TRUMP!

Anonymous said...


I'm guess this shooting won't be on CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Trump's first executive order be to make the public school system change their required reading choices such as "My Granny Is A Tranny" to "The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs"!

Anonymous said...

I think it's abundantly clear now that the ONLY candidate who is going to give the USA the needed kick in the pants is Trump. The ONLY one. Sure, there are qualities he has that might not appeal to you, but if you want to give the big "Eff You!" to the idiots currently in charge and to BRA, Trump is the only option, by a long shot.

He has to stay quiet on the whole n*gger issue in America, but once he's in I think it's safe to say he's gonna whip the orcs into shape. He knows the real deal.

Illegals out; jobs back; crush ISIS... what more could you want...? Oh yea, destroy BRA.

Do what you can to support him. Let's have him win by a landslide, not just a majority. Send a message. Turn a fence-sitter.

Anonymous said...

Amazing parallel to the movie "Bulworth". Sickeningly libtarded, but the concept of a White man with nothing to lose preaching non-PC truth to the masses (and becoming a hero for it) is the same.

Amazingly twisted final message in that POS movie is Senator Buloworth telling everyone to interbreed; to create a mass of Brown people to remove our differences!! Unbelievable! How that working out for shithole Brazil??!!

Damn, Hollyweird really is a f*cked-up place. Any message their big movies has is always anti-White and pro-muds/gays/feminazis, etc. Always.

Boycott. Pirate if u have to see their bilge. Send NO money their way...

Anonymous said...

Is there a site devoted to the latest atrocities being committed in the name of AFFH? The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing policy that Obongo is using to spread the negro disease amongst "too-White" communities? Active race warfare; an invasion based on racial characteristics!

This is such an outrage it really deserves a site unto itself to track the daily battle that BRA is waging against the Humans. Expose this monstrosity!!

ot: Still cracks me up months later when I think that Obongo has put in charge of the Homeland Security Department of our great nation a fat high yellow n*gger who was named after a LIBERIAN WARLORD!!! No joke; look it up! "Jeh Johnson". UN-f*cking-believable.


...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Thanks for giving us this clip, Paul. It really hits home to see some real men kick some a@@ when the situation is called for. It's what made this country great, and hopefully (do I dare have hope again?) Donald Trump will make it great again.

We need to rid the country of the p*ssified men and strident, masculine, hateful women who have destroyed us and our way of life. We need to immediately, as in January 23rd, 2017, introduce laws which will make it unlawful to employ ANY illegal alien. Welfare benefits will be denied to ANYONE not born in this country. Having more than one child will nulify any future welfare benefits and subsequent Social Security benefits. Zero tolerance policies in public schools. Real lifetime memberships to the Negro Country Club for all law breakers. Termination of all public aid to Israel (watch the foreign wars vanish over night). Caps to all PACS, no ifs, and or buts. Elimination or severe reining in of the Federal Reserve. All crimes committed in the name of the US, abroad or at home, submitted to the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. People like Obama, Hillary, Bush II, etc. should be hanged until dead after being found guilty. An end to Affirmative Action and denial of federal funds to ANY instituition that offers it.

Of course, this is only the beginning. We would have to furiusly tax all business that has manufacturing overseas (which Trump has alluded to), to bring back manufacturing. The MARXISTS have been in control for too long. It's time for them to answer for their crimes. The negro is an unwitting tool they use to exterminate YT. It's payback time, b*tchez!

Anonymous said...

A few months ago I was hoping for a Trump-Cruz ticket. Guess that isn't going to happen. I do like Ted Cruz, but will pull the lever for Trump if he is the Republican candidate. I do admire the enthusiasm of the Trump supporters. Who will be his vice presidential pick? If Ben Carson is Trumps V.P. pick, are you still supporters?

Anonymous said...

This latest assault by Washington D.C. teens on the white marine is so disturbing. No real coverage of the incident. The young blacks of this country have already started the "coming" race war. I think stories such as this one are being underreported simply to keep the lid on. Very scary to be around black youth. Once they approach you or engage in rhetoric such as this young marine experienced, it's time to call authorities to escort you from the situation. Funny how everyone that carries is still afraid to actually pull it out and use it. Washington D.C. black on white crime is escalating rapidly.

Anonymous said...

God no Carson anywhere-nice though man but totally unqualified for this kind of job.

PaintJob Theory said...

The president cannot create law, cannot levy taxes, and cannot spend one penny without the consent of congress.

It's fun to daydream but a new president isn't going to take one step backwards when it comes to BRA, socialism or world government.

rent slave said...

I was so proud of our kids at Rutgers that day.Posters here should visit the Current Events board on scarletnation.com.We hammer Democrats 24/7.

AZ Ray said...

Trump is a firebrand, & that has the establishment both left & right scurrying to throw a monkey wrench in the gears of his campaign..

Trump, not beholden to any special interest & paying for his campaign with his own money is in the position to speak his mind, regardless of consequence. That upsets an awful lot of people, oh well. I listen to talk radio at work every day & it's interesting to note that the two "conservitive" hosts Dennis Prager & Michael Medved, are the ones most adamantly opposed to the Donald. They are also of a *ahem*, certain "tribe", Hmmmm?. Maybe they realise the Donald will put America 1st instead of some worthless strip of rock & sand in the middle east?!..

If he wins the presidency, will it be enough to save us?. Only time will tell. We now are at only 65% of the US demographic & that number falls lower each year.. We have a gargantuine welfare state that is deeply entrenched.. We have a DEEPLY diveded electorate & we are often at each others throats (inevitable in a multi racial society).. We has a gutted industrial base & legions of unskilled-uneducated workers.. Our problems are many, but our people have survived countless crises before & came back swinging, we can survive this. But ONLY if we are strong..

Anonymous said...

Trump won't entertain that idea for a New York minute.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Ex...great Jimi quote. This may not be PC here, but since when have any of us been PC.... Jimi was great.

Anonymous said...

Establishment Cuckservative plan:
Offer tax cuts even though half the country doesn't pay income taxes
Give mealy mouth responses to everything else

This plan didn't work for Romney so why do they think it will work for Cruz?

Anonymous said...

Totally think Mr. Trump is our last, best hope. The demographics aren't against us, yet, if only women voters and some young people were farsighted enough not to indulge in their own demise and vote for him. It's in their best interest in the final analysis after all.

I remember seeing Mr. Trump on "The Apprentice", etc. and noticed that he was always very fair and reasonable. Never lost his temper or acted in a petty manner. That spoke volumes and I believe his character and values to be impeccable. He's not perfect but he's a potential Godsend and I'm supporting him all the way.

Anonymous said...

Denver Cracker...

And another vibrant chimpout.

Sure, blame the mental illness. Later in the article they blame the bus driver.
Sickening yet typical and predictable.

Anonymous said...

One of the powers every president has through executive orders is to declassify U.S. Government documents. This applies to BHO as well as the next president. This is potentially an extremely dangerous even revolutionary power because of the size and complexity of the government; it touches every part of life domestically and abroad. The government does rotten things every second of every day, leaves a paper trail a mile wide and tries to keep as much of it secret as possible and for good reason, too.

A President Trumpster could make public on his first day in office the 28 pages kept secret when the 9/11 report was released. Being a life long resident of NYC and personally affected by the 9/11 attack this might be something he will take a personal interest in. There are all kinds of rumors over what is in the 28 pages but it must be bad or the U.S. Government wouldn't be still keeping it secret . Even BHO hasn't released the documents which would probably devastate the Bush family although of course The Trumpster is the last one BHO wants to see in office by sinking that cuck Jeb.

There is also the matter of the completely corrupt, incompetent and secretive Federal Reserve Bank which had a near death experience after the 2008 financial disaster. A bill was introduced to audit the Fed which was defeated. Trump support of a new bill to audit the Fed would be devastating to Congress, Wall St. and both political parties, it would be a game changer.

Ultimately secrecy and control of money are two of the most powerful forces at BRA's command. An attack on both would end BRA, it cannot withstand public scrutiny thus the emphasis on secrecy by the U.S. Government. Executive authority by any president can be used to reveal much of what is now secret and fundamentally change politics to the detriment of BRA and its scumbag supporters and to the benefit of YT.

non-DWL from NE
BHO is going to the mosque

Anonymous said...

I will support a Trump and Carson ticket, he will win in a landslide over Hillary or Sanders. Now with Ted Cruz unfortunately he got caught in some lies, which hurt his chances. This remind me of Ronald Reagan saying "he will not lie to the American people, he leave that to others", same for Trump. He speaks the truth. If we want to see some changes in this country we all should support Trump.

Some day I hope someone will take into consideration genetics, when it comes to solving the negro problem in America. Tax payers's dollars can be spend more wisely toward programs gear toward a population that have a lower IQ and poor genetics. The schools for blacks will be gear toward vocations like being a barber for examples instead of trying to push them into colleges. I suggest these High school shouldn't be four years but maybe two or three years just enough to teach vocational skills. Blacks who do well on the ACT or SAT should be allow in college if they qualify, no more AA, only base on their own merits, just maybe this will curve the violence in their neighborhoods. Remember Trump said he's going to bring back the jobs to America. I also suggest that three strike law be enforce on the criminal elements in the black community, they should be sent straight to NU with full graduation honors.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all are right and more and more white people are realizing they have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to feel guilty about and they don't owe any parasites a living.
Someone said segregation was the only answer. You're too kind. The world would be happier with extermination. Don't say it can't be done, you would sound like Hillary.
It only needs to start somewheres. Like they're doing to us now.


Anonymous said...

OT but this is for you, thought you would like this one:


18 years old son of Obama found pretending to be a doctor in Florida, story at the Blaze.

Anonymous said...

"True conservatives" keep losing every key battle and cave in anyway. "True conservatives" have an idiotic and costly foreign policy because they cannot finance their campaigns without appealing to ISRAEL FIRST donors.

Not to mention that their charter school plan failed so what exactly is their plan for BRA?

American conservatism is stuck on stupid just like liberalism. But liberals can keep winning elections by offering free stuff.

The real conservatives were kicked out a long time ago. Establishment conservatism accepts the tenets of liberalism. They won't question liberals on race and they even stopped trying to close the border even though polls have shown that most HISPANICS do not want an open border.

Whether or not Trump wins won't change the fact that NYC style conservatism (Israel donations, tax cuts for billionaires, desert wars) is on the way out. As with liberalism it has too many flaws and only sort of works when the population is White AND doesn't have access to free information. NYC based publications like New Republic are in denial of websites like Brietbart. They don't get that they can't sell the same thing and expect to get the same revenue. The New Republic attack on Trump was a distraught backlash against an opponent that they cannot control. But it's not even Trump that is their main opponent, it's the internet.

These NYC publications will still exist since they are funded by millionaires but no one will read them. They might as well write their screeds in home and garden magazines.

Anonymous said...

Re: The black kid posing as a doctor.

I saw a lot of comments on the story saying, "he still must be very clever to pull that off".

No! Firstly, he claimed to be some sort of new-agey holistic doctor, so anyone willing to make an appointment with him was already probably desperate and "looking for a quack". Therefore, he could flash some strobe lights and apply compresses and the patients wouldn't know any better--that's the sort of nonsense they were expecting.

Secondly, with the casting of black actors in every commercial, TV show, and movie as hyper-intelligent scientists and doctors, the public at large wouldn't question the credentials of a black doctor. Does he look too young? Better bite your tongue, because if he turns out to be legit, you'll be outed as a racist for not believing his story. It sounds as if his family turned him in, a la Rachel Dolezal. That may have been the only way to catch him, as I doubt he would have ever got caught by his patients.

Anonymous said...

18 years old son of Obama found pretending to be a doctor in Florida, story at the Blaze.

That should be an immediate life sentence.

It should be viewed no differently than attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

Rush has been horrible as well as his callers. Totally faked and staged.

Anonymous said...

Re: The bus driver attack story



Two separate stories on the incident, two different ages. The Post says he is 18, the CBS site says he is 29.

The full court press is already being employed. Mom claims she was on the bus telling the driver to stop because her son has "mental health issues". If she was on the bus, where was she during the attack and subsequent posturing outside the bus? Wouldn't you think she would have stepped in to stop the attack?

Also, I love how mom and the "pastor" show up when the kid turns himself in two and a half weeks after the assault. They're playing the "good boy, dindu nuffins" card even after a long delay. I'm sure the pastor was there to tell the cops about all the church picnics and community outreach programs the young child participated in over the years.

Anonymous said...

Totally think Mr. Trump is our last, best hope. The demographics aren't against us, yet, if only women voters and some young people were farsighted enough not to indulge in their own demise and vote for him. It's in their best interest in the final analysis after all.

I wouldn't be so pessimistic.

The demographics will favor Hispanics.

But that doesn't mean liberals will benefit. Hispanics are less likely than Whites to pity Blacks. They also oppose gay marriage.

Liberals are also breeding less than other Whites. Much of their liberalism is most likely genetic. Empathy is believed to be genetic and my guess is that liberals basically have brains that are overly emotional and empathetic which limits their ability to think rationality about their best interest. They are also easily manipulated by emotional appeals like White guilt movies and don't weigh them against statistics.

Liberals believe in blank slate and especially for politics. But twin studies suggest that your religion/philosophy has a genetic basis.

I'm actually not worried at all about the future. I see the worst case being a temporary Balkanization of the US along with mass destruction. But that will be the final end of liberalism.

I am motivated to try and avoid that scenario as I don't want to see a civil war but if it happens then so be it. The North was wrong about race not existing and this internal conflict that has resulted needs to be resolved.

We can always rebuild the cities. A lot of the older buildings have poor insulation anyways.

Anonymous said...

"18 years old son of Obama found pretending to be a doctor in Florida, story at the Blaze."

Thanks for the story, now they are aspiring doctors just like on TV.

OT but Glenn Beck is even more whacked out than normal, is he sniffing glue again? Maybe this son of BHO can apply his medical skills to cure Glenn, as though his kind of crazy were even curable.

non-DWL from NE
BHO says hello to PK

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Re: 18 years old son Obama found pretending to be a doctor in Florida...

Aw, hell...even the ones with actual M.D.s are pretending to be doctors. True story: my husband comes home from his new dentist's office earlier today. I asked him how it went. He said they couldn't clean his teeth until they get a certification that he's no longer on anti-biotics due to a prior hip replacement. Oh, and his new dentist is a negress.

Well, as ya'll can imagine, I almost dropped my teeth right then and there. I immediately said to him, "Oh, I'd of walked out of of there so fast. Immediately he calls me "rayciss". So I tell him, "Ever hear of Affirmative Action?" He left the room at that point, so I'll just tell ya'll what I would have told him: That negress took a place in Dentistry school belonging to an Asian or White who was undoubtedly more intelligent and capable. She might well be the next Ben Carlson, but odds are extremely thin on that. I'll go with my gut and pass on the negro MD.

PaintJob Theory - I'm certainly not naiive enought to believe that a president can pass laws, legislate, etc., but I do know one thing and that's politics and politicians. Having grown up in D.C. from the Kennedy era on I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go. The last ones who successfully challenged the PTB was Jack and Bobby Kennedy - and we know what happened to them. They almost got Reagan, too. Probably many of you don't remember all that, but I do.

If Trump is elected and not assassinated, any of the Congress will tow the line and do exactly as they are told. Those spineless a@@holes will do or say anything just to keep getting re-elected. Christ, they's sell their own mothers. The last president who had that sort of allure and power was Ronald Reagan. Reagan scared the PTB so bad that they started awful rumors about him being senile and stupid. They also vilified Nancy Reagan. Any group of people who can put Miss Lindsay Graham over as a heterosexual married man has a great deal of power and influence. They don't like to be told "no". Nevertheless, if a president is popular, they have to keep their cards very close to their chests.

Donald Trump scares the PTB. That's why we're excited. He's like a drop of rain in the middle of the desert. No one here believes that he's the Second Coming, but a breath of fresh air in the stale, putrid BRA we are suffering through. Please don't piss on our parade.


Trump will not be allowed to be President.

Today, they let him act out. Soothe the stupid Whites. Let the White blow off steam.

BUT, when it is time, they will get to him, as they did George Wallace.

Anonymous said...

PaintJob Van Winkle: "The president cannot create law, cannot levy taxes, and cannot spend one penny without the consent of congress."
All due respect, dude, but Presidents have been doing WTF they want for decades now, even starting wars against countries that don't bother us. When Trump gets in, he will follow their precedent and do WTF he wants; and we're voting for him because he's the only one we think will represent the interests of Americans -- and I mean US, not the Persons of Crap who hyphenate their nationality.

Anonymous said...

AZ Ray: "it's interesting to note that the two "conservitive" hosts Dennis Prager & Michael Medved, are the ones most adamantly opposed to the Donald. They are also of a *ahem*, certain "tribe"
I used to listen to talk radio (quit in 2008, because I can't bear the sight or sound of Odindu), but many years ago Prager explained how nervous he got when Perot was climbing in popularity. He said he (and his tribe) are scared shitless that someone outside the two-party, never-change-anything system will rise to power, and become the Next You Know Who and build big beautiful gas ovens with big beautiful doors on them. Those people are so psychotically paranoid, it amazes me that no one blinks an eye at their over-representation in the political pundit industry, and accept them as the Guardians of Thought.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said 18 years old son of Obama found pretending to be a doctor in Florida, story at the Blaze.

That should be an immediate life sentence.

It should be viewed no differently than attempted murder.”

This demonstrates another advantage that AA gives blacks. It doesn't even seem odd to most people when their AA doctor cannot read or speak understandable English and is wearing a lab coat that hasn't been washed in two weeks. The 18 year old groid had to do no more than show up in a dirty lab coat pretending to be a doctor and no one could distinguish him from an official AA doctor, nor would anyone dare to ask why he seemed so stupid. A white boy couldn't have made it past security pretending to be a white doctor.

D-FENS said...

If he gets the nomination, I would want Trump to pick Maine governor Paul LePage as his running mate.

Californian said...

Regardless of how Trump does in the election, he does show what happens when Americans -- especially white Americans -- wake up and get mobilized. The critical thing is to turn this campaign into a mass movement for whites.

Anonymous said...

" If Ben Carson is Trumps V.P. pick, are you still supporters?"


Anonymous said...

remember how the sun never set on the British empire?
well no empire is forever,


Anonymous said...

If Trump loses... Whites lose... BRA is Lord at that point...

Anonymous said...

This demonstrates another advantage that AA gives blacks. It doesn't even seem odd to most people when their AA doctor cannot read or speak understandable English and is wearing a lab coat that hasn't been washed in two weeks.

NO! This shows multiculturalism. I am in California. I knew several people who worked for ECFMG of El Segundo.
It brings 1000s? of 'smelly indian doctors in' [employees term] and gets them help in obtaining a license in USA.

Last rime I went to a clinic I was met - mis treated by a Nigerian Nurse [kid u not].

Ex New Yorker said...

Back in the old days before I was born America used to be a country. Thanks to advances in military technology such as battleships, aircraft carriers and B-52 Bombers we became an empire. My years studying history I learned that all empires have expiration dates. Like a quart of milk with a "sell by" date we are now at the stage where we are turning sour. When you have an entire system based on greed, corruption and lies it is like building a house on a foundation of sand. Over the years with the "sands of time" things begin to change.

We have a money system that went from silver and gold to paper. From paper to pieces of plastic carried in wallets. Now the REALLY BIG MONEY is just digits on a screen. When AOL bought out the Time-Warner media giant some years ago for three and a half billion dollars was the cash shipped to New York in a big semi-truck. When they shook hands on the deal did some guy tell them "the checks in the mail". The payment was done over a computer by some geek in an office building. Electric digital money. When I was last in Florida the phone company was pushing payments through the internet. Payment by check had an extra $2.00 charge. It was called a "filing fee". Now that SPLC and Homeland Security has announced that people who still use cash are "radical right wing Neo-Nazi gun nut skin head racist anti-Semitic homophobic homegrown terrorist" who live in trailer courts and are members of "hate groups." Back when I was in New Mexico I saw a fag write a check for a $2.40 tofu sandwich. Last week in Safeway a woman in front of me paid for four boxes of toxin filled sugar doughnuts and spent ten minutes writing a $12.00 check. A fat lady in Walmart used a credit card to buy a $3.00 bag of Tootsie Rolls.

The empire is falling. Signs of decay are all around us. Where I live a third of the people are waiting for the RAPTURE to save them from a world they helped create. They will be sitting naked on a great big giant cloud with a birds eye view of the apocalypse taking place below them. After all the sinners and infidels have destroyed each other in a nuclear holocaust God will bring them back down to Earth and they will live happily ever after on a radioactive planet. Sounds like fun to me.

The America political system is based on who promises the members of the "hive mind" the most freebies. It is like a huge pig farm. The pigs vote for the crooked slobs running for office who promise them the most slop to fill their feeding troughs. And when the troughs are filled the pigs complain that the other pigs have better slop than they do. We are now in the middle of the "slop wars" (his slop is better than my slop). It never ends.

The local "Capital of America" is Wall Street where the corruption is almost at some kind of cosmic level. A private boys club where thievery has reached levels unknown in the history of mankind. Washington is the false front where the money changes hands and the best whore house are located. What ever your perversions are you will find it in Washington. Little boys, little girls and even dogs. The trickle down economy has now turned into "trickle down corruption" that would make Al Capone look like an amateur. The whole system is based on who can steal the most. Greed and power are the rules of the game. The crime on the street matches the crime in Washington. But know this great secret. These are the days where the good will get better and the bad will get worst. The middle is fading away in front of us. The worst it gets the harder it will fall. It will come tumbling down because it was all built on lies, lies and more lies.

Ricky Tucker said...

If Trump wins America will burn.
If Clinton wins America will burn.
Stock up on marshmallows.

Anonymous said...

The negro is really getting uppity. Getting way ahead of their meager self-control. And I'm lovin' it.

The negro is now doing the work for us. They feel entitled and beholden to ACT NATURALLY. And just look how stupid they are.

More and more sleepy Whites are seeing them for what they are. They don't talk like us, walk like us, speak like us or can ever debate like us. They CAN NOT sit in an auditorium and listen. They just can't do it. They will monkey and chimp and throw feces. They can not sit still like a 5 year old White child can.

This is excellent. This is what we want. Things are so close to going "Postal" and I can't wait.


Ex New Yorker:

YOU, dude, have a talent. Please, put a book together of all your writings, or better, have somebody set you up a blog where you can posts all that we have read here.

Your line: "......waiting for the RAPTURE to save them from a world they helped create."
is classic and perfect. I have always thought the same of these sanctimonious pious fakes.

PaintJob Theory said...

"The 1/2 time show, from an objective viewpoint,"

Why did you watch this? Why do you have a TV?

And to every other race traitor who felt the need to spend 4 hours supporting this filth by watching a pack of semi tamed apes running around playing a game with an inflatable ball, will you watch it again next year?

I'd bet dollars to donuts that no matter how much anti-white, anti-male, anti-family, anti-Christian propaganda YKW packs into next year's sporting events that no fewer viewers will tune in to give them their shekels to continue cuckolding you.

Anonymous said...

^ LOL..brutal, but you nailed it paint job theory!

Anonymous said...

I wish that Ron Paul had the gift of Trump's mouth.

SC Girl said...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE those video clips. I'm not one to get too emotional but I won't lie, when Trump invited those military men up there to speak, that made my eyes a bit misty. I don't want us to count our chickens before they've hatched but with a leader like that, you can bet there would be no more BRA.

I'm so proud to hail from the Palmetto State. Carolina Pride, baby!!!!!!!

Ex New Yorker said...

Back when my wife was still alive I was in Florida during the Winter. We would go up to the mainland (Hollywood) to visit her parents. We had coffee at our favorite coffee shop that was in a large outdoor strip mall. In the mall there was one of those Medical Schools that we always saw ads for on TV. All the ads had black girls who were training for a "medical career." Next to the coffee shop was a doughnut shop that would fill up with "students" from the school during their lunch break. About 10 to 20 big fat black women dressed in blue outfits would show up to to scarf down doughnuts and cupcakes. These women never talked. They yelled.

These schools were turning out what I think they called Nurses Aids. Not nurses (RN) but aids. What we saw was unreal. Totally fucking mind boggling. We got to know when they took their breaks and would sometimes go just to watch the show. Truly amazing. My wife and I wondered what would happen to any patients these women were let loose on.

Years ago I read an in depth article about how three companies now own almost all the hospitals in America except those run by the churches. I also saw a report on "60 minutes" where hospitals were hiring prison inmates as nurses aids. Now with the new Obama-con corporate socialist medical system Americas can now find out what our war veterans have been going through. The VA hospitals are death traps. The most life threatening thing in America is the medical system and now it will be even worse than before. Stay healthy. Your life may depend on it.

Anonymous said...

About that story of a man arrested for complaining about muslim invaders on Facebook...

I have to wonder how much longer the police will still be able to do that? Someone has to be tempted to set up a dummy account with a rental address as a trap. Police kick down the door, and a claymore mine or IED turns them into hamburger. That's what you get for following a tyrant.

TPTB can get away with that sort of thing, for now. Once they get bold enough to become predictable, well, I can't be the only one that thought of this.


PaintJob Theory said...

"All due respect, dude, but Presidents have been doing WTF they want for decades now"

With the full consent and support of congress and the supreme court. Presidents DO NOT have the power to create law, levy taxes, or spend money. They do not have the power to declare war either, and I can assure you, without the funds provided by the legislature they cannot have their military actions either.

You can read more about the office of president in the Unites States Constitution (article II, though reading article I should be useful as well to understand which powers belong to the house and senate which you folks seem to attribute to the president).

Ex New Yorker said...

Another New York story. I have already mentioned how back in the 60's I use to sell old and rare comic books to collectors. This was in 1966 after I made my final retreat and withdrawal from California. I sold comics out of my apartment by appointment only.

I had just bought a couple boxes of old comics and was sorting through them so I could call my customers the next day and earn some green paper known as "the Yankee dollar". I knew this "hippie kid" who lived over on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village. The place he lived in by my standards at the time was a "high rent" area. He also drove around in a station wagon that was a few years old. Well this kid comes into my pad and ask me if I wanted to smoke a joint he just rolled. I said no because I was "on the job" and explained what I just mentioned here.

He says to me "Wow man, I didn't know YOU WERE INTO MONEY" and explained how he had taken "an oath of poverty."
When I asked him how did he pay his rent and where did the money come from for food, drugs and gasoline for the car.
He said "Well, I get an allowance from my parents."

I lost it. I got so pissed off at this fucker I turned him around and grabbed the back of his shirt collar and walked him out the door telling him don't ever come back to my place again.

I am telling this story because I am sure this dipshit is now a professor teaching "social justice" at some major Marxist university and is waiting for his idol "Bernie Boy" to show up in town and make a speech to the "true believers."

For CENTURION....Thank you for the kind words. And especially a big THANK YOU TO Paul for letting me use his blog for a place to rant and rave.

The reason I will be voting for Trump is because I like loose cannons. I kind of get a cheap thrill watching the cannon as it rolls around on the deck and I like seeing the deck hands as they jump around trying to get out of the way. Bang. Thud. Crash.

Lulu said...

Amen Mr Paul K and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe they realise the Donald will put America 1st instead of some worthless strip of rock & sand in the middle east?!.."

That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell.

Mr. Rational said...

What PaintJob Theory said.  I was briefly in a bar that was running the Stupid Bowl.  I hung out for a bit and got out.

I am trying to keep track of Ex-New Yorker's testimonial comments, and if he or anyone else asks me I'll be happy to post my list of URLs.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker said ”Back in the old days before I was born America used to be a country. Thanks to advances in military technology such as battleships, aircraft carriers and B-52 Bombers we became an empire. My years studying history I learned that all empires have expiration dates. . . “

Nothing is without end, but it seems to me that the transition that we are experiencing is something other than the collapse of an empire. I'm no expert in this area, but I'll state my thoughts for what they might be worth. Empires are usually collections of nations of different societies held together by force and coercion, and an empire can usually only be maintained so long as the economic benefits of the empire outweigh the cost of holding the empire together. The Soviet Union might be a good example of an empire consisting of people of different nations held together by force until it became unfeasible and collapsed into its constituent nations. An empire is unstable because it must be held together by force, and it will always collapse.

A nation tends to consist of people with similar goals and beliefs, and it is held together by the common desire of its people. A nation can continue to exist so long as its citizens benefit from the cooperation and shared interests among them. Unlike an empire, a nation doesn't doesn't have the overhead of forcing its subjects to participate.

Other than its initial empire-like growth the United States has historically been a nation of people with common goals and shared interests. Its strength has always been found in the unity and common goals of its people. Our current problem seems to be partially caused from a growing lack of unity which I believe began when slavery ended and we tackled the impossible task of assimilating blacks into white society.

Once it became clear that blacks would not assimilate we had to find a way to work around their incompatibility with our society. Someone got the idea that because our country was built by people with diverse ethnic backgrounds that all diversity must be good. In fact, assimilated diversity can be good, but raw diversity that will not assimilate is completely contrary to the requirements for a successful nation because it injects people with dissimilar interests and goals.

For reasons beyond my comprehension our administration and lawmakers seem to want to double down on diversity by opening the borders in the name of diversity to anyone who wants to come to the US without providing a process to guarantee assimilation. It is possible that we are actually in the process of transitioning from a nation of people with common interests and goals to a quasi empire consisting of people of different cultures spread throughout our country with few geographical roots who can be held together only by force and coercion. If we reach this point, the quasi empire will eventually collapse, and we might have another civil war or a less violent collapse into separate nation states similar to the experience of the Soviet Union. We might look to Europe's current experience with Muslims to get an idea of how this process works because they seem to be ahead of us in some respects.

None of us can know with certainty what our future holds, but if we stay on our present course, it seems reasonable to expect things to get worse before things get better.

Anonymous said...

That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell.

sarcasm? satire? both?

Blue Eyes Matter said...

I sometimes think Obama was put in office specifically to initiate a race war. It's been known for decades now that the negro problem is going to increase at an exponential rate. The powers behind the throne, the shadow government, breakaway civilisation, whatever you want to call it know the negro race is genetically inferior, and unfit to adapt to an advanced culture. However, they can't pull the trigger themselves, they have to manipulate the common man to do their dirty work for them; make the situation so intolerable people take matters into their own hands. You gotta admit, he's playing the role of the useful idiot perfectly.

How else can you explain a person with such a woefully lacking curriculum vitae sitting in the oval office? Seriously, the man is so limited in perception he honestly believes he has accomplished more, and is more qualified than Trump. Can you say clueless?

The Obama administration, Hillary, and Kerry, have put the world in the most precarious position it has ever been in. They are personally responsible for building on the fiasco Bush,Cheney, and Rumsfeld initiated, creating a masterpiece of misery, famine, and death. How can anybody look at this clusterf*ck, and think it's OK, not speak out against it? Without Obama's three stooges act there would be no migrant crisis in Europe. Libya would be a wealthy nation, stopping the hordes of subsaharan primitives flowing into, and destroying European civilisation. Syria wouldn't be a bombed out wasteland, isis wouldn't be setting up a caliphate in the middle East, and destroying Britain, and France. My God, how can you look at this mess, and tell us you've accomplished anything? No wonder the world hates us. And you have the unmitigated gall to say Trump couldn't handle international affairs? You're fired!

Let's not gloss over the banking bailouts, either. Obama's solution: give them another scoop of your tax dollars, with sprinkles. Sprinkles are for winners. All you see in Washington are toadys. Preening, strutting, toadys. Their bully masters stay out of the spotlight.I swear to God, anything would be better than the same old same old. A one eyed monkey with a stick would be better than Clinton, or Cruz, or Sanders.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who mentioned Tony Clifton, I laughed my ass off. I'm sure most here will have to do a web search as to who he is but I remember him quite well.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Not to get into a theological debate, but:

What about the proverb of judging a tree by it's fruit? Judging a tree by it's fruit means that actions really do speak louder than words. For a people who will remind the rest of us until the end of time about what they may or may not have gone through, they are quite skillful at oppressing others when it suits them. A smart-ass armchair psychoanalyst might be tempted to categorize all the hand-wringing and hair pulling as a bit of Freudian projection. Kind of like the home-grown problem tribe we deal with.

In any event, those crazy fuckers in the Middle East have been killing each other since Noah got off the boat. Remember the peanut farmer we had as President? The dude who got a Nobel Prize for getting Egypt and Israel to sign a treaty in 1978? How's that peace in the Middle East working out for you? If there's 29 football players on a steroid induced rampage at Taco Bell, do you feel so much safer when ONE of them decides to leave so he can watch the Melrose Place marathon on Nick at Nite?

Fuck the Middle East. We don't need them. If the oil companies would quit sitting on the North Slope fields, we could grab some Coronas and put on some SPF 12000 lotion and watch those homicidal assclowns vaporize each other. I repeat, we owe the camel fuckers NOTHING. I am so tired of US (as in America) spending quitillions of dollars trying to keep the peace in a part of the world that has never, ever, EVER been peaceful.

AZ Ray said...

From: anonymous
"That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell."

February 17, 2016 at 6:51 PM

And THIS my people is EXACTLY why we are in the condition we are is?.. I'm really hoping this was an attempt at sarcasm?..

Let's see. America is far & away the most "christian" 1st world nation & few would argue that America is the most decadent, immoral & depraved society since ancient Rome, if not even more so. American "culture" has corrupted all of mankind.. The ENTIRE western world is now literally on the precipice because of American "leadership"..

Oh, & WHO controls Hollywood that spews the degenerate filth we see everyday & has corrupted generations?, oh, your "chosen" people!..

Well my "chosen" people are MY people!. Those of white, European extraction. If you wish to worship some cruel, petty, life hating, spirit killing desert "god", go for it. I'll take the pagan gods of my ancestors over a talking-burning bush any day..

"God" is not going to save you. Kissing the asses of his "chosen" people, will not save you. Only bold action & love of ones own people will save us..

Anonymous said...

The homosexual Cruz has so many skeletons in his closet that he'll be easy to control by the elite. He's also a wholly-owned nincompoop of Goldman Sachs. As Trump says, "He's nasty," and that is putting it lightly.

Anonymous said...

"All due respect, dude, but Presidents have been doing WTF they want for decades now"

With the full consent and support of congress and the supreme court. Presidents DO NOT have the power to create law, levy taxes, or spend money. They do not have the power to declare war either, and I can assure you, without the funds provided by the legislature they cannot have their military actions either.

You are both correct.

They can't create laws but they have a lot of power through the various departments that they head.

It terms of BRA they can make a huge difference with the justice department.

Anonymous said...

I wish that Ron Paul had the gift of Trump's mouth.

You do realize he is a Libertarian? As in open borders and race denial?

Anonymous said...

Rush has been horrible as well as his callers. Totally faked and staged.

I hate Rush Limbaugh.

He's an overweight Howard Stern that puts his thumb to the wind just like the slimeball politicians rails against.

The guy has no family and parades around Palm Beach in a 500k car. This guy is supposed to be a leader? He's just another vain entertainer. I bet he has a tiny c--- or some weird perversion. He belongs in Hollywood and not politics.

Anonymous said...

If Trump loses... Whites lose... BRA is Lord at that point...

Ok since when did Trump become our savior?

Let me remind you that liberalism is not based on truth. It's based on wishful thinking and the same is true for its bastard brother cuckservatism.

Liberals went into overtime to get their mulatto into office. Did that revolutionize America as liberals had hoped? Did it usher in a new era of equality? I remember reading numerous comments from liberals on how Black youth just needed an inspiration figure.

Well here is your hope and change

Chicago, Baltimore and DC all have seen increases in shootings in the last few years.

If the establishment takes out Trump it won't change the fact the establishment is trying to force a square peg into a round hole. They're not dealing with reality. What you see now is only the beginning. If Trump is pushed out then someone even more threatening to the establishment will come along.

The tide has already turned. White people are losing faith in the grand experiment and the establishment knows it.

Anonymous said...

6:51pm- "That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell."
Hehe. Next time, please use an alias so we know who to credit for the laughs. Or a tagline, e.g. "I'm Ted Cruz and I approved this message."

D-FENS said...

"I wish that Ron Paul had the gift of Trump's mouth."

Ron Paul is a good man but perhaps somewhat naive (I voted for him and wrote in his name on the ballot). He never should have tried to distance himself from his newsletter's race realist commentary. Note that the newsletter issue was brought up by a jewish homosexual Jamie Kirchuk.

I still give him props for stating that Reagan failed during a debate at the Reagan Library.

Bill in St Louis said...

A moot point the last 8 years as the cuckservatives in both houses have dropped to their knees and fellated obumble no matter what he does.

Anonymous said...

Dixie here, in reply to Anon at 4:02 -

another perfect example of the negro behaving naturally -


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell."

sarcasm? satire? both?

February 17, 2016 at 8:44 PM

Isn't this a little early? I mean, it's not even April Fool's Day yet . Save your "gallant ally" and "Islamofascism" talking points from Fox TV, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn "I'm off my meds again" Beck for April 1st, not now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be great. Go start your own friggin' blog so all the fans can go there. Now that's a winner!

PB said...

"That "worthless strip of rock" is a lonely outpost of democracy that is a gallant ally of ours in the fight against islamofascism. If we don't stand with God's chosen people, God will not stand with us. This nation will deservedly burn in the fires of hell."

You are the problem, it is your kind that have always been the real problem. At least the "Islamofascists" don't pretend to be on our side while they pick our pockets and stab us in the back.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Sheila4G. An America with a place for the inferior groid is not for me. Bring back segregation. Isolate them in certain places like it was when I was a kid. Our town had an area called :Chicken Hill:. It was the groid neighborhood. They only left it to do the only jobs they were fit for, cleaning, manual labor, and collecting trash. For too long The White Society has been kissing the groid behind. Its time to stop. Maybe Trump will begin the process of putting those low-lifes back in their place