Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Obama's Department of Justice Demands One Simple Rule With Attack on Ferguson: Black people don't break the law, the law breaks Blacks

Donald J. Trump, a battered, defeated, dejected people, dispirited people long for leadership. 

They long for hope. 

They long for a restoration of sanity in a world turned over to a people far more ruthless Dr. Zaius. 
We live in a world where blacks, free from being judged by the color of their skin or the content of their character, are free to rewrite the rules so that the law no longer restrains them from acting out whatever indulgences they desire. 

[Feds sue Ferguson to force compliance, USA Today, 2-10-16]:

WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department is suing the city of Ferguson in an attempt to forcibly overhaul the city’s troubled police and court operations, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday.
The decision comes hours after city leaders sought to revise a long- negotiated settlement, citing prohibitive costs of executing such a deal.
“There is no cost for constitutional policing,'' Lynch said late Wednesday.
"Painstaking negotiations lasted more than 26 weeks as we sought to remedy literally years of systematic deficiencies,'' she said of the government's action, which followed a public announcement last month of a tentative agreement that the attorney general described as "both fair and cost-effective . . . Last night, the City Council rejected the consent decree approved by their own negotiators; their decision leaves us no further choice.''
Lynch said the residents of Ferguson have been waiting "decades for justice,'' having endured civil rights breaches that established a pattern and practice of racially biased policing .
"I think the city of Ferguson had a real opportunity to step forward here,'' a visibly disappointed attorney general said. "Instead, they have chosen to step in the past.''
Earlier Wednesday,  Ferguson Mayor James Knowles signaled that the city was ready to take on the Justice Department in federal court. He defended Ferguson's unanimous decision to revise the agreement by removing language from the agreement, which local leaders asserted, mandated big raises for police officers. Local leaders also sought to free the city from its obligations under the agreement should Ferguson seek to shutter the police department altogether and enlist another agency to provide public safety services.
"The ball is in their court," Knowles said at a hastily called news conference in Ferguson. "We're sitting and waiting to talk. If they want to threaten legal action, then that's what they're threatening."
The threat became reality within hours of the mayor's appearance when the Justice lawsuit was filed in a Missouri federal court, alleging local law enforcement conduct routinely violated the Constitution.
"The residents of Ferguson have waited nearly a year for their city to adopt an agreement that would protect their rights and keep them safe,'' Lynch said. "They have waited nearly a year for their police department to accept rules that would ensure their constitutional rights and that thousands of other police departments follow every day.''
There's nothing troubling about Ferguson's police department or court system: what's troubling is that the now 70 percent black city of Ferguson, Missouri (a 76 percent white city in 1990) won't be saved by the hilariously inept overture of Starbucks corporate belief in the racial healing/soothing taste their coffee can bring...

America has a black crime problem (just as Ferguson has long had a black crime problem), not an inherently racist legal system problem.

Mark my word: 2016 will offer a powerful moment when Trump has the opportunity to forever remove the shackles of white guilt in America with just one powerful speech, by simply pointing out the truth of the previous sentence.

The United States of America might be irredeemable, but that doesn't mean a large portion of the population isn't: they are just in need of liberation from Black-Run America (BRA).


rex freeway said...

If we had a Gov. with a spine he would tell Obama and his pet monkey Loretta Lynch to get out of Missouri. They have caused enough damage as it is. But Jay Nixon is a Liberal ass wipe that cant pull his nose out of Obama's ass. Ferguson will hopefully fight this tooth and nail. And refuse to obey BRA. If they dont there is no use in Whites hanging around.

Anonymous said...

That will never happen.

paul marchand said...

I hope you're right about Trump.
He seems not to be blind, unlike so many others, and almost all pols.

Anonymous said...

Am I a little girl with long blonde hair? Do I have a Cheshire Cat and a Dormouse for friends? Did I just fall down a f'ing rabbit hole? I want my country back!!!

SC Girl said...

Just more proof that we have become the nation of coddling. And yes, blacks really do think they are exempt from the law. If you haven't seen this story yet, check it out. It's good for a laugh. A black professor is screaming racism because she got in trouble for going 67 in a 45....and oh yeah, she may have had a few unpaid tickets but that still does not change the fact that she DINDU NUFFIN!!!

Also, P.K. I am dying to know your thoughts on Beyoncé's black panther super bowl stunt. Any chance of a write up on that crap?

Anonymous said...

How is Ferguson racist? They hold blacks responsible for their actions (breaking the law)? Are you saying that blacks are known to be irresponsible and can't follow laws, so therefore the city of Ferguson is targeting them? Wouldn't assuming blacks are irresponsible be considered racist? I thought race was a social construct.

Maybe they should be redirected to another article that will clear things up for them:

"A staggering 70 percent of the revenue 98 percent black Pine Lawn brought in for fiscal year 2013 was through the courts (tickets, court fees, etc.)...

The entirely black city government of Pine Lawn has even used speed-cameras to collect more than $1 million in 2013... enough to boost the black mayor's salary by 200%!"

Oh I forgot, since they don't have a white mayor they can't be racist.

Anonymous said...

The OR standoff is coming to an end now. FBI is moving in now. I'm listening to it live on Clyde Lewis' show. Wild.

Anonymous said...

I try to read the quoted msm story, I do, on every post. I usually get two maybe three graphs in and give up. Makes me sick. Jump right to Mr. Kersey's analysis and get it.

F*** BRA. I want no part of it.

PaintJob Theory said...

What is "constitutional policing"? What part of the constitution gives the federal government any jurisdiction over how a town in the sovereign state of Missouri runs their police department?

Really this is just another 80IQ moon cricket flapping it's blue gums trying to sound important using words it doesn't even understand.... Planet of the Apes indeed.

Its a mad house a MAAAAAD HOOOOUSE!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Ferguson might as well be tossed into the garbage bin like the others. Let the orcs have it. Any white person in their right mind knows better than to start a business there or buy a home. You've got to be kidding. Ferguson has "Detroit" plastered right over its forehead. I've scanned their real estate listings ever since the Michael Brown affair pretty regularly, just last month, in fact. Houses sit on the market for months, prices continuing to be slashed, and still more come on the market. I can't imagine a worse career in the world than being a real estate agent in Ferguson. The time for whites to vacate Ferguson was over ten years ago. Any remaining whites need to just pack up and go. Nothing short of a nuclear bomb detonating inside its perimeters could possibly improve it at this point.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and that soon; and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard. The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and for his rights, is the most reliable soldier on earth."

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, speaking to the cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, March, 1861.

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

Where, exactly, can DWLs point their fingers and say that their policies towards racial integration and social engineering are a success...Detroit? Nope. St. Louis? Nope. Baltimore? Hell no. Philadelphia? Milwaukee? Memphis? Kansas City? Patterson? Chicago? No no no no no no no no no. What those place are instead are excellent examples of black dysfunction and liberal political manipulation that makes previous years of slavery appear benign in comparison. Blacks may have wanted equality in society in the past decades, but having been given advantages thru relaxed standards in hiring mandated by federal law, they cannot manage to behave as equals within society, i.e. procreate wisely, obey laws, curb violent tendencies towards others, incorporate family values and stay married, etc. They just cannot do it. There is a line in The Dark Knight when the Joker visits Harvey Dent in the hospital and explains why he does what he does, and it perfectly encapsulates black dysfunction: " Do I look like a man with a plan? I just...DO things. I'm like a dog chasing an ambulance-I wouln't know what to do with it if I caught one."

Anonymous said...

Still Stuck in Mississippi says...

Can I sue Obama for having to live next to this city?

The earlier headline which has since disappeared read something along the lines of....Police baffled by sudden crime wave. REALLY? I can explain it in two words, first one has five letters, second has six. Not hard, not hard at all.

And the woman says, "Our city needs a revival." No honey that is not what will fix this city.

And when the shots were fired at another Mapco gas station(not the one in nearby Corinth where a white woman was murdered)people just "prayed" they wouldn't get hit by a stray bullet. Yes Memphis, just keep praying, it has worked out well for you so far.

And then there's this.....

"Family and friends of recent murder victims are fed up with crime." They're fed up with crime? Oh well, we'd better stop and do something about this. Open another community center, pay people to not commit a crime, more handouts, and of course pray.

How about this? I am fed up with living near these POS, I am sick of their whining and crying and moaning. I am sick of sharing our income with these lazy low life deadbeats. I am sick of seeing their faces when I check out at a store or get gas. I am sick of their roten kids running out of control when I am trying to buy food. I am sick of hearing them sing and sick of seeing them break into a dance routine in the middle of Kroger because they think they are the next Beyonce. I am sick of the disgusting smell and the lint leftovers in their hair. I am fed up to, who's going to do something about that?

Sorry for the rant, I just hate this place that much.

Anonymous said...

In one of the Planet of the Apes movies, I recall a scene where all the apes were highly upset with a human and were going apesh*t. When questioned as to what was going on, an ape explained to the lead ape that a human had used a negative imperative on an ape. He'd said, "NO!"

It's the same with negroes- they don't want anyone telling them no or not to behave in any fashion they choose. Thus, telling a negro "no" via the white man's law is the same as a human telling an ape in the movie, "No!" It crushes their simian spirit and offends them.

Negroes just want to be themselves. If that means running wild in the streets, breaking all the white man's laws and creating a jungle environment, how dare anyone hold them to account for it. That's oppression! Just shut up and give Loqwanda a raise on her EBT card and pay for her to have her 6th fatherless bastard. OR, like New York, just stop oppressin' them and let them publicly piss on the streets whenever the mood strikes them.

Anyway, all this reminds me of how negroes complained (in some northeastern city)that they were being unfairly targeted and given speeding tickets more than anyone else. An investigation was launched and camera's set up only to discover that the poor oppressed negroes were getting more tickets because they committed far more traffic offenses. That, however, is an irrelevant fact to negroes. All they care is that they're suffering the consequences of their own actions and can't stand that they're being held to account for it and others aren't suffering equally even though they don't commit the offenses to an equal degree. Of course, that segues into negroes complaining about their "chirruns" getting punished more in schools and dat ain't right even though the feral brats are committing more offenses.

A negro DOJ jumping on the poor victimized negro bandwagon and siding with negroes is about as surprising as birds singing in the morning or flowers blooming in the spring. It's a foregone conclusion that they'll find something "wrong" with whitey and his laws since those laws stop negroes from behaving in uncivilized ways or punish them for it. A nig has to nig and if stopped, its going to start screeching and beating its chest in outrage and be supported by other nigs who'll come running to defend and support it.

Not to keep going on about it but thinking back to every fight or altercation I've ever seen between a negro and a person of another race, all the nigs would rush to defend and support the negro regardless of right or wrong. The primary goal was to support a tribe member. So, it's no surprise to me that this behavior and attitude would extend even into a DOJ run by a negro.
Hmmmm. I think I'll go to youtube and watch videos of negroes jumping up and down and celebrating hysterically like it was Christmas and New Years and they'd all won the powerball when OJ was acquitted.

Anonymous said...

Still need more reasons to arm up?

Middle school and high school "teens" swarmed an officer when he tried to break up a fight. He would have been dead had a legal gun owner not come to his rescue.

Would any of your kids think it was a good idea to swarm an officer if given the chance?

Not like us.

Anonymous said...

Check out real estate values in Ferguson. Another example of blacks and their Midas Touch.

Anonymous said...

Orc-rule is coming to an end.

Class assignment: write here the speech regarding nog violence and groid genetic differences that you would like to hear Trump give to the nation.

Anonymous said...

Overhaul the police and code is code for firing white people and hiring blacks.
What do they do when they can't find any blacks that have the qualifications? We probably already know the answer. Relax the standards. Slow the hiring of blacks with felony records. Maybe they should look at how that worked out for LA. The black and Hispanic cop horses used their positions to ad advance their criminal careers by providing information and security to their street gang counterpart.
This shit will have a domino effect as other majority black cities demand a more black crime friendly police force.
It appears that Obama is going for a scorched earth before he leaves office.
All I can say is there wont be a shortage of topics for Paul to write about. We are all in for shell of a ride.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...


"'Smash a B*tch’s Computer' – Female Student Attacked, Punched in Chest, Because of Trump Sticker on Her Computer"

Nothing will be done to this asshole.

ruckus said...

So, what would happen if the police force up and left Ferguson? Maybe those idiots would realize that they're better off with their "inherantly racist LE system" than whatever tribal nonsense they would put in place. They seem to be biting the (white) hand that feeds them....

Bill in St Louis said...

Fuck em. Let Obumbles justice department sue Fergistan, and I hope they win. Let the city be given over entirely to the orcs. After the last whites leave, (more than likely forced out through eminent domain in the name of diversity), and the residents resort to cannibalism, fence it off. Wait 6 weeks, problem solved. Most of No St Louis is a cesspool anyway, let them have it as "space to destroy". After all is said and done, the survivors can get jobs for $20.00 a day stacking bricks.

Bird of Paradise said...

Justice for the citizens and buisnesses of Ferguson and baltimore from the mobs of african savages Justice for the victims of Micheal Brown the thug justice for George Zimmerman from Trayvon Martins family of leeches and justice for all the victims of Black on White crimes(Mob and Rob,The Knock out Game Etc)and most of all the impeachment of Barack Obama

Southron said...

The justice department is going to destroy what is left of Ferguson that is good and decent just because a huge black oaf decided to do to a police officer what he had just done to a store clerk, and it didn't work out well for him.

I recently had to sell my home, and move further from orc occupied areas because of HUD assisted invasions of my formerly all white neighborhood.

I'm the third generation of my family that has had to make this move. It is heartbreaking to me to think of all the good while people that have had to move, sometimes at a loss, to stay away from negro dysfunction. Imagine all the homes and neighborhoods that were once safe and clean that are now ghetto hell holes because the black man simply can't get his act together and behave.

I remember a quote that goes something like this, "the hall is rented, the orchestra engaged, now it's time to see if you can dance." The black man has had 50 years to show us what great abilities he had that were being held down by whites. As many of us knew, he never had any rhythm.

Anonymous said...

off topic

I am at You Tube.
The new BMW ad, w the suave Black couple.



Off-topic but always on point.

This might have been reported here@SBPDL but did you GREATWHITES know that the city council of Washington D.C. has come up with a solution to the lowly common negro violence situation. Get this they want to pay these blacks not to break the laws. Something in the range of ten thousand dollars a year. Plus getting involved with an anger therapist. Of course the taxpayers will foot the bill. I just wonder when they are going to pay the people who don't break the laws. What the Hell are they teaching people when stuff like this is being thrown around city council chambers. Only in black run America!


It Da System Fault said...

I would like to open a screen printing business in Ferguson, Mizzery. I think it's Dindu Law that one must have several memorial t-shirts to commemorate each aspiring rapper and basketball player who was just about to turn his life around and was a good keeyid and was thinking about maybe getting his GED someday whose moms or ahhnt you know from the nail salon.

These shirts are to be stored next to their Fambily Reunion T-Shirts, of which most Dindus have at least five. Unless the fambily reunion ended in senseless violence when Uncle Cornelius using up all the hot sauce and someone getting they weave ripped out before the T-Shirts were passed out.

All kidding aside, I am continually mystified by the amount political power wielded by a group that contributes astonishingly little (short of keeping the Poverty-Industrial Complex - which is BIG business - flush with cash) to society.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Three consecutive generations of white people decided that their representative form of government should shift its priorities to never running afoul of black grievances, while simultaneously directing all resources to "uplifting" this degenerate population. It is called BRA.

Why and how did this shift occur?

Mainly through a non-stop saturating torrent of themes, images, and stories promoted by YKW owned media outlets, whites essentially created a totem out of black people. It might as well literally be a pole that they gather to bow beneath and offer sacrifices to. And that is when stories such as this one, the federal Ferguson lawsuit, bring this fetishizing, quasi-religious totem aspect into full light.

Anytime that blacks do not largely abide social norms that every other race of people do, (basic things like crime rates, school expulsion rates, incarceration rates, graduation rates, all the way down to simply paying a water bill, or maintaining good credit ratings, etc...) rather than concluding that blacks are the problem, the otherwise functional and efficient social structure is what is required to accommodate and adjust to the violators. "Da sissst'm is'seff," is then deemed to be "systemically" and "institutionally" rigged in a conspiratorial manner. DWL's and cuckservatives then chisel away at the foundation of western civilization (law and order) to "address" the "disparate impact" by removing consequences and punishments for the black violators, and shifting the rebukes instead to the viable institutions.

Society gets thrown away to yield to the totem.

So why do I not despair? (And I urge all SPLC types who lurk on this site to pay EXTRA SPECIAL attention to the next few lines, and let them sink in fully.)

...Because in life and in history the same whimsy that sways a people to seek out and adopt new religions are the same forces that work upon them to scuttle their old religions. There is a reason fads come and go. Post WW2 whites scuttled their sensible race realism and replaced it with this feeble faith that exists currently but is in its death throes, a self-imposed and self-enforced BRA totem that demands constant offerings and sacrifices, yet gives nothing in return. Your temple is increasingly empty, and an entire generation is coming of age that rejects your god.

When this pendulum swings back and whites reach a critical mass of those who've begun to realize that this totem, the god they've been forced to follow over the past 60 years, is a failing god that produces things like Detroit --- it too, like all other weak faiths and fad cult religions, will be scuttled overnight. Sixty years is a mere blip in history. Future generations will look back at this time and remember it as an insane era where people nearly suicided their entire culture chasing a self-satisfying belief in the interchangeability of populations - that turned out to be a passing fashion incapable of sustaining itself, because it had to eventually interface with reality. Each pile of bricks where magnificent cities once stood is a reinforcement of those realities that no amount of faith or totem visits can sustain. Once the human genome is fully decoded and understood - The same way we look back at the peculiarities of period dress, elixirs, and gadgets from bygone eras, so too will they look back at us and the ways of our times while shaking their heads - we suffered cohabitation with a non-evolved sub-species that threatened our existence because it made us feel good inside to do so. Until we stopped.

The zeitgeist and palpable shift everyone is feeling on either side of this (pro-BRA and anti-BRA) as that is fueling the rise of alt-right and BLM at the same time, is the self-imposition being removed. Those clicks you are hearing are the sound of the locks being released, the totem god being rejected, and the in group self-enforcement evaporating.

Anonymous said...

All he has to say is "law and order." Look how negroes are acting and Trump is still running in the primary. They know their shines will come to a halt.

Anonymous said...

How long do we have to put up with this inept AG, instead of attacking the law enforcement and city of Ferguson, she should ask Ferguson to impose curfews and do stop and frisk to control the violence there. It always surprise me when a groid says they want to move to a better area to escape the crime, they must realize they are the doer of crime. Their neighborhoods are flooded with drugs, gang violence, fatherless children and unwed mothers. Just think about it, if you give a 80IQ or less drugs and a gun, you get mayhem and violence. As the video says "You made a monkey out of me" but no the groid was always a monkey.

Anonymous said...

Mich Mike @503

You are correct. I believe scorched earth is exactly what the liberals are going for in Obama's last several months. The democrats know they are going to lose in November. They are already planning for the 2020 elections by destroying as much as possible before the Republican president, whoever it is, takes office next year.

CJ said...

This too shall fail.
No matter what they implement, with blacks at the helm, it will fail.
I know this because blacks are 0 for 123,569 attempts, win percentage of 0.00, even if they start with the lead.
This inevitable failure should be seen as yet more evidence to the obsolescence of the nigger. It will however be unfortunately spun into some sort of white guilt headline. Even though the entire apparatus was run by blacks from top to bottom, whitey still somehow held them down. And thusly it will continue.
I say good. Get blacks in charge of everything possible. Let the inadequate nature of the primitives take center stage. I'm surprised that people can still deny the failure of the black race as things stand currently, but let's see them continue to deny it when things get 50% worse.
A rude awakening is what the people need, and BHO, Lynch, double J, BLM and others seem to be bent on giving America just that.
Luckily the blacks aren't very good at cause and effect.
They're practically doing our work for us anymore.

Anonymous said...

Black Thug goes on rampage with sword and metal pole, targeting whites. Police don't know reason for attack.

Note that in the first attack, the other people in store (black) don't help and run away, it's the elderly white woman who tries to help.

On a side note, under related stores at the bottom, they have one about an 8 year old thug trying to rob a store with a gun.

AZ Ray said...

Anon said: "How about this? I am fed up with living near these POS, I am sick of their whining and crying and moaning. I am sick of sharing our income with these lazy low life deadbeats. I am sick of seeing their faces when I check out at a store or get gas. I am sick of their roten kids running out of control when I am trying to buy food. I am sick of hearing them sing and sick of seeing them break into a dance routine in the middle of Kroger because they think they are the next Beyonce. I am sick of the disgusting smell and the lint leftovers in their hair. I am fed up to, who's going to do something about that? Sorry for the rant, I just hate this place that much."

No need to be sorry brother, everyone here feels the same way, as does a vast number of whites worldwide!.

Nogs have no idea how absolutely sick to death so many whites are of them?. Nogs probably REALLY think, "i'm da shit". NOTHING could be further from the truth. As if catching & running with a ball had any value or importance in the scheme of things?.

*And what passes for their music? RAP?, oh they mean Retards Attempting Poetry?.

*Countless wrecked cities..

*Blacks countries, all a vision of hell..

*The need for COUNTLESS social programs to artificially lift them up-pull them ahead..

*And "black lives matter"?, please!. They kill their own with reckless abandon with hardly a peep from their "communities"..

*They hilariously try to usurp the heritage & cultures of those who had nothing to do with them, ancient Egypt anyone?. Claims that Socrates & Beethoven were black?. Gods, do they even realize how pathetic that is?.

*they hilariously try to lay claim to countless inventions & achievements when history PROVES the exact opposite. The black race has been a "black hole" (pun intended) in the record of human accomplishment. Again, a pitiful-pathetic spectacle.

And they honestly believe that dressing like clowns. Rhyming to mindless jungle beats & catching a ball makes them "it".. Nigga pleeze!. Hey bro, we are not laughing with you, we are laughing AT YOU!..

Anonymous said...

Here is a story for White Chicagoans who keep telling us that their city is safe and the violence is only isolated to a few neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

From the Tribune comments:

I live in Chicago and have come across stories about this shooting which gave the name of the neighborhood and a few more details. Much, but not all, of Chicago is indeed violence-riddled.

Before moving to another city, a person should do "due diligence" about crime patterns, seeking mapped info from various sources.

This tragedy brings to mind a bit of advice I'd give anyone in most of Chicago, even people who have lived here all their lives: don't sit in a car outside.

Well there you have it folks.

If you move to Chicago then don't sit in a car outside.

It's a warzone pretending to be a city.

Anonymous said...

Negro cries foul at Trump rally :

rent slave said...

Today on his WRKO radio show,Jeff Kuhner is denouncing the call for reparations,bringing up the African slave trade,etc.Jeff's not a White Nationalist per se,but he'll give people a fair shot on his show.It'll be archived on the site later.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. I believe scorched earth is exactly what the liberals are going for in Obama's last several months. The democrats know they are going to lose in November. They are already planning for the 2020 elections by destroying as much as possible before the Republican president, whoever it is, takes office next year.

What I find to be unnerving are the Bernie Sanders voters.

The schools keep churning out these emotions-first grads that have been duped into thinking they are intelligent for having leftist feelings. Wasn't Obama supposed to change everything? Or am I the only person that remembers this same type of mindless emotionalism in that election?

Western schools have become leftist drone factories. When I was in college I couldn't believe how many of my fellow students would just nod and smile like lapdogs. A lot of these professors are boomers that have perfected the art of indoctrination. The preach an anti-White socialist ideology where race doesn't exist and equality would be the norm if not for capitalism and White people.

I don't know what the answer is but I do know that the baby boomers are the worst. The younger left-wing profs I had at least weren't so arrogant and self-righteous. The boomer profs were not only arrogant but unprincipled and bitter. They absolutely hated White male students that weren't self-loathing and effeminate. These colleges are filled with amoral boomers that lack principle when it comes to grading. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it first hand. I even had a professor privately admit that she doesn't hold everyone to the same standard.

The leftists that went into education have long abandoned any ideals they once had for equal treatment. They morphed into a bitter nasty group that seeks equality by taking down Whites by whatever means necessary. If someone wanted to expose the cheating that exists in higher education all they would need to do is test the students outside of the classroom where their amoral professors can't control the results. Give students that have passed English 101 an 8th grade English test and report the results by race.

Unknown said...

Chicago Statistics

Anonymous said...

As most of all of you are aware, we live in a lawless nation. Any of that sense of "a rule of law" that you might have believed in during some point in your life, that's over. The political and financial elites will never be prosecuted for crimes. None were prosecuted for the real estate and subsequent market crash they engineered. None were prosecuted for fast and furious gun running scheme. The IRS "workers" who engineered the persecution of conservative groups went unpunished. The fraud of the Pigford settlement went unpunished. The SEC workers along with, I suppose most government workers, watch porn all day at work. A pervasive surveillance state has emerged around us. Our borders are deliberately left open and no one is held responsible. And that's a ridiculously abbreviated list.

We are swimming like fish in the ocean in a sea of lies and corruption. The situation has been beautifully described as anarcho-tyranny by the late Sam Francis. That the DOJ would run a mafia style extortion of the few remaining tax payers of Ferguson should surprise absolutely no one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”What I find to be unnerving are the Bernie Sanders voters. . . “

It is puzzling, but I have hope that his support is primarily because he is the lesser of two evils. Few democrats are going to just come out and say this because few of them are willing to actually say that Hillary is clearly an immoral lying criminal who should be in prison. I'm a registered democrat because I have always been one, but I don't remember the last time that I voted for a democrat in a federal level general election. I can't decide whether voting for Hillary with the hope that she gets prosecuted prior to the election or voting for Bernie because he is whatever it is that he is will make it easier for the republican candidate who will end up with my vote.

Anonymous said...

County asks governor to declare Chicago state of emergency because of 51 homicides last month. A total of 242 people were shot in the city. Barack Obama blames guns stores.

And yes, the gun crime is done by blacks. Big surprise.

Anonymous said...

I am SHOCKED.....***SHOCKED*** I tell you at the scorn I see heaped upon hapless Ferguson residents. Why, they just want to live civilized lives like the rest of us!...../sarc

OK, so how is our clueless whitey yoga instructor doing there?. If her website is to be believed, not bad. But it hasn't been updated in awhile.

Check out the pics of her "Ferguson Space Rental", where it looks like she is branching her business into renting a nice room for "events" (i.e. weddings, birthdays, etc.) Any odds on how long before Negroes destroy and/or shoot up the place? No matter. This dingbat is a true believer who wouldn't think ill of Diversity if it was raping her with a knife to her neck.....

chattanooga gal said...

"I'm the third generation of my family that has had to make this move"
same story here, southron. they are turning us into nomads in our own country.

Anonymous said...

PK, thanks for the "Stop the Planet of the Apes" clip. Who'da known way back when this episode of The Simpsons came out that it was indeed the future!

Californian said...

Today on his WRKO radio show,Jeff Kuhner is denouncing the call for reparations,bringing up the African slave trade,etc.

Here's a better idea.

White people should demand reparations from blacks.

Reparations for all the white people killed by blacks, reparations for all the tax moneys dumped into wasted efforts to uplift blacks, reparations for all the opportunities lost by white people due AA, reparations for all the cities destroyed by blacks.

Then take the moneys recovered and use them to fund a manned space program. Establish white colonies on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Californian said...

Looking at the picture of the press conference, it's like something out of sub-Saharan Africa: a group of blacks pretending to civilized behaviors when underneath it there is the primal tribal thing working. Because that is what this is about. Obama, as Big Man, is sending his shaman (Lynch) to drive out the evil spirit called "racism" in the opposing tribe of Ferguson. And she will do so by performing the magic called "civil rites."

Gotta dig up that evil spirit who has corrupted the place and which survived even after the town was pillaged by BLM. This is not how civilized people think. It is tribal level.

It says something about the level of corruption of BRA that the federal government can tolerate widespread rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore and around the Homeland by BLM with nary a word of reproval. But then that same "government" goes on a witch hunt over that big evil spirit called "racism." It makes little sense in terms of civilized White societies. But it makes lots of sense in terms of Africa.

And that's the point. You bring the African out of the jungle, but you get too many of them in one place and they revert to type. Thing is, the Africans in America are dragging down the entire country with them.

Californian said...

How is Ferguson racist?

Ferguson is "racist" because blacks claim it is "racist." Things like empirical proof or rules of evidence do not count; those are YT's tools for oppressing the black man and the black woman. You call something a name, that makes it so. That's the kind of magic they have back in the jungle. Blacks use it in America and it seems to work--after all, don't DWL bow down before blacks as if they were some superior tribe lording it over Liberia or the upper reaches of the Congo?

They hold blacks responsible for their actions (breaking the law)?

The usual party line is that these laws "disparately impact" blacks so they are (shudder) "racist." The fact that blacks break the law more often is not to be mentioned. This might bring in YT concepts like personal responsibility and cause & effect. More "oppression."

I thought race was a social construct.

Race is a social construct when it serves the purposes of BRA. Race is real when it serves the purposes of BRA. The meanings are changed to suit political ends, pace Orwell.

When blacks are given free rein (and with Obama, reign) things revert to African levels of civilization or lack thereof. Perhaps this is an unfair comparison. In Africa, they handle criminals with a swift necklacing, never mind the civil rites. Here in the Homeland, criminals have "empowerment centers" named after them and pillage cities unchecked.

Get armed.
Get organized.
Stay alert.

Anonymous said...

A cure for this mess we live in would be President Trump and V.P. Ted Nugent.

The Nuge knows what needs to be done...

Sam said...

When I first took a quick look at the pic at the top of this article it looked like that plant behind Lynch was part of her hair-do. Would not surprise me. Gots ta look Afreakin........

Anonymous said...

Ten thousand dollars to be good, that's ridiculous. When I was a kid I was good for nothing. Ha ha ha

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the grammatical errors in my post. When I type on my cellphone it anticipates the word I I'm spelling and puts in there and usually its the wrong word. Makes feel foolish when I dont review before I post.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Nogs have no idea how absolutely sick to death so many whites are of them?. Nogs probably REALLY think, "i'm da shit".

I saw an article somewhere online where a white South African mentioned a relative (a sister or aunt) who was a big liberal and openly opposed to apartheid. But she once admitted to him candidly that she could not stand those people (blacks).

That's the thing. Blacks really, really do not get how much they alienate everyone else. Whether it's their mindless violence, or their endless demand for "gibs," or the racket they call "rap," they take far more out of a community than they ever add to it. Yet the perversity of our era is such that too many whites actually worship blacks.

It does not dawn on blacks that every white society into which they have migrated ends up having to impose segregation, apartheid or just plain out exclusion to keep them in line. The dust up over Ferguson is one example. Blacks really believe there is nothing wrong when they commit violent crimes all out of proportion to their numbers. It must be YT's "racism" which causes so many of them to end up in jail or the morgue.

And with blacks, it never gets better. Ever. Has any polity on this planet ever been improved by the presence of large numbers of them? Do we see European or Canadian cities finding their crime rates going down because Africans move in? Are Chicago or New York City better places to live as blacks run free?

Perhaps there is some critical mass where enough white people wake up, and then the backlash sets in. Happened with the White Man's Revolution in the wake of Reconstruction. It can happen again.

Anonymous said...

"Fair and cost-effective." Ah, yes. Just like all the other programs, policies and gibs wasted on blacks decade after decade after decade.

NJ Woman

bubo said...

When I heard "justice department" and "lawsuit, charges" I thought for a second the feds were going after the thugs that burned the city to the ground.

Then I remembered we don't live in America anymore.

Awake said...

Anonymous said...

I've wondered for a long time if Pierre Boulle didn't write Planet of the Apes as a warning to White Western Culture.If you notice the Apes are somewhat self segregated as if the Gorilla's represent pure Blacks,stupid,violent and destructive.The Chimps seem brighter and better adjusted like some kind of half caste mullato group.The Orangutans might be intellectually advanced...... for apes,as a Quadroon might appear to be.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I'm about to kick back with a good Cigar and watch Donald Trump live on You Tube from Baton Rouge, LA. The excitement in the crowd is always thrilling! I suggest all who can watch these events should do so, they are all live streamed.

P.S. Ferguson has been a shit hole ever since Pruitt Igoe Housing Projects were torn down in the sixties and Uncle Cracker started Section 8. Coon Town on Steroids.

Brian in Ohio said...

To hold blacks to the white mans standard is a fools errand. How many more examples do we need?

Science, technology, medicine, the arts... These things are of, by and for white men.

If the black man could, don't you think he would`ve by now? Yet, even with every benefit of white society...Failure. Again and again and again. And with every failure, resentment and anger at the white mans success.

Oh, but there`s one more thing that whites are good at. Really good at... Warfare. We`ve taken it to a art form. Continents have burned. Entire cities have been vaporized in an instant. The conflicts have spanned the globe.

"The conduct of warfare...all other forms of human endeavor pale in comparison."-Gen G.S. Patton

Negros are so hung up on the past, one would think they`d remember what happens when the white man is roused to action? But, as they say about those who fail history....

Stay alert, stay alive.

AnalogMan said...

CJ said...

I say good. Get blacks in charge of everything possible. Let the inadequate nature of the primitives take center stage. I'm surprised that people can still deny the failure of the black race as things stand currently, but let's see them continue to deny it when things get 50% worse.

We've already tried that. We put the blacks in charge, and things got worse. Then we said "let them have it, it's ruined anyway", and we moved on to another city and did it all over again. When are we going to realise this isn't working?

People are biased to believe what they are told by authorities. As long as black people are in charge, they can get away with anything, and nobody, least of all other blacks, is going to face the fact that it's all turning to crap. It will continue until the adults take charge again.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the Justice Department wants Ferguson to top last year's record black on black homicides. I say good job and keep it up! After all, the end result will translate to more dead negroes.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi: "I am sick of hearing them sing and sick of seeing them break into a dance routine in the middle of Kroger because they think they are the next Beyonce."
They all look like Beyonce to me.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it.

Another way Aaren will continue to give back for years to come is through a GoFundMe page established by her co-workers. The money raised will be used to help at-risk youth in Chicago and to fund a scholarship in Aaren's memory.

At-risk youth? You mean the same black savages that killed her?

We need a GoFundMe page to establish a fund to pay bounties on these vermin, not help them.

Bird of Paradise said...

Just like with Rodney King a drug dealer and convited crinimal out on parole at the time the news media scumbags went and edited the film showing the so called beating and the riots of the black savages in the aftermath the truck driver Regenad Denny beatin by some rabid apes(Damian Williams)and what happened proves there no place in america for these vicious beasts and these journalists should be held liable for their fruadulent news stories

AnalogMan said...

Brian in Ohio said (previous thread) ...

The grammar lessons are becoming a distraction. we`re here for an education in race realism, not English.

Perhaps PK can put a spell check on the comment creator and we can all get on with our lives.

There is a spell checker on the comment box.

The problem is not with misspellings, but with correctly spelling the incorrect word.

There's a word for that: acyrologia. Mr Rational suffers from acyrologiaphobia, and you are anti-acyrologiaphobic.

I know Mr Rational will enjoy the linked image.

We're here, not only to receive an education in race realism (I think most of us qualify for a doctorate in that), but also to educate and support others, and just to rant. At least, those of us who comment here. If you want to educate others, you should take the trouble to express yourself correctly, else you degrade your message. I'm not hassled, I know some people have difficulty with that, but if it's within your capability, take the trouble to do it right. We're ambassadors for truth, don't give anybody an excuse to paint us as ignorant.

Truth Corps said...

FBI arrests 46 current & former corrections officers in Georgia in Statewide corruption sting.

They're just like us, right?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the encroaching diversity into formerly white and mostly crime free areas in both the U.S. and Europe and thought of the Superdome as a microcosm (I think I'm using microcosm correctly in this case Mr. Rational, I'll hear your report later : )

But seriously, picture the Superdome.

But this time with any of the resources, communication, and coordination to keep certain areas groid free, a green zone in a literal sense. Get to the point where every non-armed person isn't huddled in fear and are then able to produce, contribute and trust in the men protecting them to do the same for them. That hippy love sht really does work (see how Europe used to prosper with heavy does of Socialism) until diversity gets involved.

Diversity for the sake of diversity. Who ever would have thought? Thank you Europe for paving the way for our once trail-blazing (but now nog-bogged down due to AA, etc.) nation to follow. Just think of all the rapper/aspiring rapper names we are supposed to know about in advance if ever they gets keelt. A gun for every young black man and a gun law for every other citizen in the local community. Thanks blackie, you're doing swell. And you know that quote about evil's one and only need?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Aren't those the famed IKAGOs that everyone keeps talking about?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, that site has gotten phenomenal but to the point. It's pretty brutal even covering the number of people shot in the junk in a single month. It is keeping a tally of shootings and deaths as I write this. One city.

What happened to Chicago?

From Wikipedia this seems to be your founding stock:

"From 1890 to 1914 migrations swelled, attracting especially unskilled workers from Eastern and Southern Europe, including Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Greeks, and Italians, and Jews from throughout eastern Europe. World War I cut off immigration from Europe. New immigration legislation in 1924 restricted populations from eastern and southern Europe, apart from refugees after World War II. The heavy annual turnover of ethnic populations tended, and the group's stabilized, each favoring specific neighborhoods."

What is the general trend/pattern? Whites cut back on number of children to supply the existing ones with more security and a more promising future. They even make sure to leave enough for safety nets such as Welfare in case any of them falls upon some temporary hardship.

In come the opportunists who breed like rats while subsidizing themselves like parasites. They begin to notice all the unwritten but regularly established rules of behavior and push them to the breaking point one by one. This is apparently termed exploring their boundaries.

If two negroes litter for every one white person there is to pick it up for them, how long can a town realistically go before it implodes on itself?

Chicago, the New York of the Midwest - once the biggest rail hub in the world.

What a f@cking waste.

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is that the DOJ is suing the black local government because they wouldn't implement one of the DOJ's mandates because the town would go bankrupt with the $5.7m cost. It's funny because the town will have to pay for a lengthy legal battle with the federal government, which will probably cost around the same amount of money, ironically bankrupting the town all the same. The same people who burned down the town demanding justice, which the town ultimately had to pay for, are going to see their town go bankrupt because of the "justice" they demanded. When little tylique won't have books for his 3rd grade math class, the citizens will demand answers, and they can only look at themselves along with their idiot behavior, and insensible defense of a hood rat who assaulted a police officer. It'll be even better when the town has to shut down the police force because the city cant afford the cost anymore, which is what the city council is forecasting. They'll have to outsource their protection. When violent crime spikes, which will inevitably happen, those same people will wonder where the police went who were supposed to protect them.

It forms a giant ludicrous circle of black complaining: police kill a thug, public burns city in protest of police, city pays damages eating up a majority of public funds, city invites DOJ in, DOJ demands reforms which will bankrupt city, city refuses to enact, DOJ sues which will cost around the same amount of money as the mandates in legal fees, city either pays legal fees or enacts mandates, ultimately goes bankrupt, city closes police force, crime spikes, and original protesters demand police protection. Back to square one. That's black foresight for you though, I guess.

Anonymous said...

The city council is forecasting that the police force will be a casualty of the cost from the legal fees. The idiots WILL lose their police force.

Anonymous said...

The black Midas touch..... brilliant. Everything they touch turns to shit

Anonymous said...

I hope Trump does some nog coddling and doesn't fall into a trap. I would love him to tell the truth but he will crash.

Trump knows the difference between employing black maids and latino maid in his hotels.... One would be late all the time, hardly show for work, steal, be lazy, go off sick, moan, stink, be unfit. The other would work a 60 hour week, do double shifts, smile & be courteous and basically work.

Trump knows that blacks are low IQ, lazy criminals. The welfare door must be closed after he becomes POTUS. Criminal bucks need a life sentence in NU. I really hope he can slash prison costs by outsourcing to china

Anonymous said...

"should Ferguson seek to shutter the police department altogether and enlist another agency to provide public safety services."

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid!

(As obama calls out his soon to be announced "Department Of Homeland Control".)

Anonymous said...

Off topic,but relevant. Check out this article concerning black students attending Universities there. Their mantra is F---White People , printed on t shirts ,signs,etc.So here we go again.

FYI: The remake of ROOTS is ongoing or maybe by now it's finished. Would not want to be near Ferguson, Baltimore, or any large populated groid city when this "great" show piece comes out. As for any readers not around when the first Roots came out there were several disturbances. I was in the military at the time and there were fights galore at the military bases.

Anonymous said...

"What I find to be unnerving are the Bernie Sanders voters"

Yes, the Bernie Sanders campaign makes it well known that their issues are Socialistic in nature. Free stuff!!!Folks there is no such thing as FREE in this world . Somebody is paying for it. Especially middle class whites ,if there are any left. You millennials need to get a grip on reality out there, you may hate the older generations or your parents however, believing in socialism is not a cure. Look at countries that have embraced those kinds of values and see what has transpired . Venezuela anyone??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:13 pm. You ask about 2 blacks littering for every one white there to pick it up. You really need to come to south east Michigan and the Detroit metro area. You will see the answer to your question first hand. You won't see a dirtier area anywhere in the country. It would take an army of workers to clean up all the trash and litter that dots the roadways and landscape of metro Detroit. To top it off, because of all the welfare spending, there is no money left for the maintenance of the highway system. I'm at a loss as to how anyone affiliated with city, twp., or state government in Michigan doesn't make this a priority. Are there still states that use prisoners to clean the roads? Someone out there must have an answer. Help...drowning in a tide of black dis function.

Anonymous said...

They can't change their behavior so they have to change the rules.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Blackidas would work. Could describe both the negative effects on their surroundings and the chronic, painful reactions suffered by other races by their presence.

Malcol Ex-Lax

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

^ 99.961% of the dindus are "good for nothing" even in adulthood . . .

Thank you, thank you . . . Tip your waitstaff. I'll be here all weekend . . .

Bill in St Louis said...

How about a colony on Mars, for blacks only? A whole new world for them to populate, terraform, etc. Any and all can be shipped there, (once YT has built a basic receiving station) one way, for free! Eventually we will run out of them here on earth, and as for the ones on Mars.... no longer our problem.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders and Hitlery Clinton both moan about the poor dindu nuffins and offer the same old failed policies- more education, housing, and gibsmedats for negroes-while screeching about systemic racism. Bernie wants to release (by end of his first term) 500,000 dindu nuffins back onto the street. Negro crime is all the white man's fault and negroes just need to be coddled and pampered some more and they'll stop committing crimes.

These two whack-jobs are so delusional they should be chased down and netted by the men in white coats and put away in a nice padded cell.

paleocon said...

Ferguson will eventually be forced to disincorporate and no longer exist as a municipal entity. It will go through Chapter 9 bankruptcy (Chapter 9, Title 11, United States Code, governing municipal bankruptcies). Governmental functions will simply be taken over by the county.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that none of this makes any sense but then i remembered that enforcing the Law on blacks is a civil rights violation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, check this out. Note the race of the "students"

St. Louis City Schools to bring back anti-crime program

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -
The St. Louis Public Schools are re-instituting an anti-crime program in which the district works with police.

The district is re-instituting Gant Resistance Education and Training or the GREAT program. Officials believe it is a proven and effective and violence prevention program. Students are directly taught by officers and it focuses on decision making, communication and anger management.

18 elementary and middle schools will be participating.

Copyright 2016 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved

Anonymous said...

This is the season of Lent when Christians give something up as a token sacrifice to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Will the revruns ask their congregations to give up murdering for Lent? How about polar bear hunting. Maybe no more 40 ouncers for Lent, just the regular 12 ounce brews for the season? Charitable giving is also part of the Lenten season so how about the nogs give some money from their EBT cards to the yoga lady in Ferguson to buy an M-1 Garand and ammo? She's gonna need it this summer. Perhaps the good revruns can make do with only one Bentley instead of three just for Lent?

Trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Too many Blacks, not all but too many, bitterly resent having law and order imposed on them. They'd rather sit back and shoot each other than have White cops enforce the law. I say ship them back to Africa or set a aside an American state where only they live and let them govern and police themselves.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the city needs is an enema. Flush out all the stinky shit. But then without the negro antics, it might be a boring place to live.
I could live with boring. Knowing I could go to any town at any time and be perfectly safe. Yeah, boring sounds good.
F.U. negroes.


Anonymous said...

Must be why the demonrat candidates want college to be free. Like health care, cell phones and social security for everyone on the planet!




Markets closed Friday and "they" managed to push the Dow over 16,000, barely.

It it crashes, it is all over. 16,000 seems to be the magic number.

For oil? They want it $30.

Somebody is scared to death, but it will do them no good. The world's markets are saturated with "stuff" and the people are broke. Something big will happen soon to get the people scared and obedient since it is finally all falling apart.

Please, buy guns, ammo, food and have a water supply. In my honest gut, we have less than a year. This is also our last election.

Anonymous said...

Siemens Corporation has been firing a lot of white engineers.

This is the black head of human resources at Siemens corporation, Janine Kugel.

She has a passion for "diversity and inclusion", you know, white genocide.

In this interview, in Spiegel, she is asked why Siemens is training refugees to take Siemens jobs, why she demands increased immigration to Germany, when there are 2.8 million unemployed Germans.

She answers "there are not enough Germans, we need immigration".

The reporter did NOT point out that Siemens is firing Germans and REPLACING them with refugees. So, she is lying that there "are not enough Germans".

Siemens is hiring blacks as fast as they can in the USA.

"Black Collegian magazine calls them a Top Employer"

The blacks Siemens is hiring can rarely perform engineering tasks. They eat up budgets.

If you own Siemens stock, your CEO is not trying to increase shareholder value, he is pushing Cultural Marxism at your expense.

NY Girl said...

Very much agreed, FWIW. Go on other sites with a bunch of darkie and Millenial commenters, and you'll be appalled at the inability to use spelling, grammar and punctuation correctly. Typos are one thing, we've all done it, but misuse of what is usually our first language shouldn't be.

We already know that anyone who doesn't like us envisions some hooded toothless redneck pecking away at a keyboard in some Internet cafe because the homestead doesn't have any electricity. Let's not give them free ammo.

Anonymous said...

The term racist is thrown around everywhere now... look it up, memorize the precise definition, and then kill-shot libtards when they use it incorrectly.

e.g. Calling Trump racist because he wants ILLEGAL immigration to stop is utterly idiotic; has no connection to that term.

D-FENS said...

For you RAYCISS - here's what a world without Black History would be like:

Thank your local negro for all they have done.

D-FEZnS said...

In the picture, Loretta sure does look like Don King!

Anonymous said...

Get real folks... dump Cruz, dump Rubio, go all in on Trump. The ONLY chance we have to get anywhere near a strong White man in office who knows what needs to be done.

If he loses, the country is done; South Africa here we come...


I am a supporter of the Conspiracy Theory of History.

This means, for the last 200 years, at least, there has been a group of people whose intent is a One World Government, controlled by them. Some say it started in Holland with their initial Central Bank founded by the Royal Family and leading merchants at the time during the 1600's.

They do not care about "religion" but will use any religion to advance their goals. They do not care about gold or paper money, but will use what ever advances their goals. They do not care about deaths, concentration camps, killing Jews, Gays or whatever. They are above all that. If extermination of the White race, through "love" and "equality" achieves their goal, then so be it. It isn't personal. It's only the Right of Kings.

So, what does that mean to us? In my mind they own the money supply, the media, the networks and all major internet sites. So why are we allowed to write and hope? They let us blow off steam and rant are rave with Levin, Rush, Hanity, Savage, etc,who are all Stooges. They are either useful idiots or in on the game. Not a single Talk Show host will discuss the Federal Reserve, Race and IQ, the Income Tax, etc. Not one. That can not be a coincidence. It is control of the opposition.

So, this means we have already been conquered. They achieved that in 1913 with their Income Tax (control and surveillance) and Federal Reserve (private company granted the privilege to print paper notes as currency....fake money). Today is mopping up operations.

For this reason I realize everything I read, write, and think about is basically useless. Same with you all. There will not be enough people who awaken in time to reverse this. They have been decades ahead of us and it is over soon.

Sorry to be so pessimistic, but Empires have existed before. Rome, Britannica , Chin, Mongol. This is just another one. I am glad that I won't live another 20 years and won't have to endure it.

SKIP said...

" I really hope he can slash prison costs by outsourcing to china"

Better to outsource to Treblinka.

Detroit Refugee said...

It would take an army to clean up all the trash and litter, piled up everywhere by negroes.

I use that plain in your face fact against the IKAGO's at my job.
Truth is they don't give a flying fuck!
That's why the debris is lying everywhere to begin with.
When comparing communities, I'll ask," why do small armies of white volunteers give up their weekends to do a job that YOUR youth & teens should be doing"?
First answer? How much we getting paid? Let em live in their own filth.

Awakened white said...

@ 9:07 am, yep couldn't say it better myself. Trump may not perfect but the thought of ANY of those two clowns makes me not sleep as good at night.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Lynch, Holder and Obama together fills me with the urge to start tossing bananas.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if thats the same guy who went into a restaurant in Columbus Ohio and hacked up the customers.
Police caught up with him and shot him. They didn't say if he was black but I assume he was because the police said tazers had no effect on him (wink wink). It seems a lot of bucks are immune to tazers.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

"Charitable giving"?

Maybe they could start by tipping their wait staff or delivery drivers.

Anonymous said...

The candidates were asked how they would address high incarceration rates, which in Wisconsin reach a stunning 13 percent for black males. Sanders called the high rate of incarceration “unspeakable,” and vowed to stop punishing people for using marijuana.

Sanders is a true believer. It amazes me that someone can be that deluded for so long.

His followers are right in that he is genuine. He is genuinely deluded. His mind is stuck in 60s Marxism and refuses to leave.

Anonymous said...

I find it almost impossible to channel my pure rage towards the destruction of our country by the nogs and their enablers constructively but the only thing that is coming close to easing it is the idea of a President Trump. I think he will drop the hammer on the dysfunctional groids.

Love that he has mentioned believing in the "genetic" stuff and that he said he will crush the illegal gangs in Chicago etc; to me that is code for 'obliterate the orc tribes'. Also, the fact that he hasn't taken n*gger issues on in the campaign means he privately knows they are a YUGE anchor holding America's greatness back. I can't send the n*ggers back to Apefreaka, but I can support and vote for a strong White Man who will put them in their place and drive their enablers batshit crazy for 4 (8) years.

Hold your nose if you have to, but vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

Support BLM.

Those ape orcs are getting fence-sitters on our side.

Don M said...

"Charitable giving is also part of the Lenten season so how about the nogs give some money from their EBT cards to the yoga lady in Ferguson to buy an M-1 Garand and ammo? She's gonna need it this summer."

LOL. Nobody can argue the nog-stopping power of .30-06! But most women aren't going to be able to handle the weight and recoil of the M-1. AR-15s/M-4geries are a better choice for the ladies in your life.

My diminutive girl is partial to the AK-74 for the recoil-less 5.45 cartridge and simple manual of arms. The supreme reliability helps too. Ever tried to explain "Tap-Rack-Bang" to a girl? (No, non-shooters, its not THAT!)

I'm in a silly mood this morning, Wolfpack. Extreme Negro Fatigue will do that to you.

Anyway, time to get in some cardio and hatelifting.

Cardio. Because negroes can run!

TRUMP 2016 or Yugoslavia 1990!

Steve Smith said...

Funny. Makes me want to start tossing frags.

paleocon said...

To Anonymous @ 7:35 a.m. on 2/12/16, oh yeah, prisoners are being used all over the country to pick up litter, including in my state of Florida. See, e.g.: . Just do a Google search of "prisoners pick up litter" and you'll get results showing this is common. I don't know if it actually saves taxpayers money, but is probably on balance a good idea for many reasons, irrespective of the financial bottom-line.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad when you are cowed into not enforcing/changing valid laws to appease a tribe of low IQ/lowest Maslow stepped savages. Why would a sane person advocate such a thing?

Why would we let them?

paleocon said...

Libtoid supporters of Bernie Sanders love to point to the Scandinavian countries as veritable socialist utopias, but, of course, as usual, they're just plain wrong. Anyone who wants or needs to rebut such stupidity when spouted at them ought to read the works of Swedish scholar, Nima Sanandaji, who explicates the reasons quite well. See, e.g.: . The Swedish scholar's conclusion: "Scandinavia’s quality of life didn’t spring from leftist policies. It survived them." [I would add -- so far.] A shorter rebut to such stupidity is the following: "The goal of socialism is communism." Vladimir Lenin. .

Anonymous said...

The candidates were asked how they would address high incarceration rates, which in Wisconsin reach a stunning 13 percent for black males.

Only 13% are in jail?

Unknown said...

He was an African from the MuddaLand, Mickey.

Unknown said...

In reality chimps are the most intelligent of the Pongids and the most violent. Gorillas live in a peaceful cooperative manner and only eat vegetation. Chimps occasionally hunt for infant baboons along with other small monkeys and eat the. Goodall documented a chimp mother and daughter team that would kill infant chimps and eat them. They did this numerous times. So they were not only cannibals by chimp standards but also serial killers. Orangutans are solitary and elusive not as intelligent as chimps, gorillas stupid yet peaceful.

Anonymous said...

The .30-06 has a distinct sound when it's fire, you will need a suppressor, yes it will stop a buck(includes a sheboon too). I agree AR-15s will be lot easier for women. A .9mm is also better for women to shoot compare to a .380 ACP because they're harder to rack when new.

I think that Donald Trump if elected will help change the mood of the country away from political correctness to straight talk. I am afraid that the establish republican party will not let him get the nomination. We just have to wait and see!

Michael Savage often talk about the attack on White males and he also talk about genetics and IQ. He often refer to people with low IQ and poor genetics as morons, and his audience know he's referring to the groids. He often tell the story about when he was passed over for a professorship to an AA hiring of idiots and morons.

I often say that we should support reparation for the negro, give him his 40 acres and a mule in Sub Sahara Africa.

Anonymous said...

Paul - Realize you have no shortage of material, but here are two suggestions for you:

1. cover the weave killings and robberies over the past 30 days. Yes, they are now killing weave dealers for that shiny 3rd world hair they so desperately crave.

2. Hollywood's remake of Roots. This promises to be Hollywood's latest cinematic epic to whip up "hate whitey". The brutality against the noble slaves will be more over the top than ever and the negroes will respond with spasms of violence across the land. Oy vey, what a fabulous idea.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

It looks like Bill Gates and his do-gooder? organization is responsible for the Zika Virus by producing genetically modified mosquitos that blew up the natural order of things. Forward a few months to all the new Hydrocephalic Nog Chillens and what that will cost YT. Stop the whining about Planned Parenthood, it's a necessary evil.

Anonymous said...

Every time a negro looks at you its 'brain' is deciding whether to kill, rape or rob you (or all three).

It's that simple. They are programmed by Nature to think that way; they are jungle creatures at heart; we have been civilized. To mix the two is insane...

Kram said...

We can think the despicable RINOs in the Senate who voted to confirm this Marxist open borders Eric Holder clone for attorney general. We thought with a Repub majority in the Senate this nonsense would end but it only continues.

Our so called majority in congress betrays us over and over

PB said...

"I wonder if thats the same guy who went into a restaurant in Columbus Ohio and hacked up the customers."

Somali Black. Worst of them all.

Anonymous said...

Another step down the ladder into complete nog dysfunction for the NYC:

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to find an enormous stadium in a friendly locale about to vote and fill it to the rim. That will speak volumes!

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is dead.

Bongo will have a Lib N*gger in the court before his body is cold.

Adios America.

Get ready....

Anonymous said...

Justice Antonin Scalia found dead in Texas today. Near Marfa, Texas at a resort.

Ovomit will appoint a black commie judge to the Supreme Court. Shiite!!!!!!!!!

10mm AUTO said...

With the Death today of Anthony Scalia, the last pillar of enforcing the Written Constitution has left the earth. White Hate will now go mainstream.

Obama will appoint a new anti-gun/pro-negro creature and that will be all she wrote. Trump was a good idea, but too little and now too late.

Unknown said...

The most violent element in society is ignorance.

What is this person's name that predicted our future without even knowing it ???

Don M said...

"Obama will appoint a new anti-gun/pro-negro creature and that will be all she wrote. Trump was a good idea, but too little and now too late."

Yep, mark my words, hatespeech laws are the next front in the Cult-Marx assault on White, Western culture.

RepubliCUCKS in both houses will go along because, "I support the First Amendment, but it is about political speech and there is NOTHING political about denigrating my daughter's mixed-race baby!!!!!!!!!!"

With an Eric Holder (or one of Ginsberg/Kagan's co-ethnics) on the court, you can be sure they will be upheld.

The only bright spot is that after witnessing Paint-Job-Theory's epic battle last comment thread, I can rest assured that no one will ever be arrested for violating an unconstitutional hate speech law.

Trump 2016 AND Yugoslavia 1990!

Anonymous said...

Don't yet give up on a "normal" S.C. justice being appointed. Doesn't Obongo's choice have to be vetted by Congress first? Could take a LONG time, as in up to 2017 and after the installation of a non-communist president.

Anonymous said...

You guys are too pessimistic.

Core assumptions made by liberals have no more basis in reality than the easter bunny.

It's not simply a war against White society, it's a war against reality.

I doubt they have even 20 years before the genome is fully decoded and geographically mapped.

If they want to start a civil war in the meantime by trying to take away gun rights then so be it.

Come and take it.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood's remake of Roots. This promises to be Hollywood's latest cinematic epic to whip up "hate whitey". The brutality against the noble slaves will be more over the top than ever and the negroes will respond with spasms of violence across the land. Oy vey, what a fabulous idea.

After Ferguson I fully expected Hollywood to ramp up the slavery movies.

The egalitarians were not only pissed off at White America for not caring about a Black felon but were also embarrassed by how they were unable to control the narrative. The internet tore apart every bit of fraud they tried to push on the public. Ferguson made egalitarians and Black advocates look intellectually dishonest and unable to face the facts.

For egalitarians this event was deeply insulting and showed how the majority of Whites need further conditioning.

On the upside White people are not going to these movies as much as they used to. They are far more likely to go to a war hero movie which adds further insult to the Hollywood egalitarians. Selma bombed and made less than your typical Adam Sandler trash.

Anonymous said...

It is puzzling, but I have hope that his support is primarily because he is the lesser of two evils. Few democrats are going to just come out and say this because few of them are willing to actually say that Hillary is clearly an immoral lying criminal who should be in prison.

I think he has perfectly tapped into the ex-hippie boomer and unquestioning student demographic. At least that's what his crowds look like.

The deluded and the naive.

The fact that he calls himself a socialist and wants to run for president is truly astonishing. The media spent years trying to mock anyone that called Obama a socialist and now here comes a candidate that wears it on his shirt.

Mr. Rational said...

The only thing between us and an Ovomit-appointed Constitution-destroyer is the US Senate, and whatever heat we can make them feel to hold up any new appointee until the HNIC is out of office.

This will be easier to do if Trump makes it an issue.

Anonymous said...

Libtoid supporters of Bernie Sanders love to point to the Scandinavian countries as veritable socialist utopias...

They were pretty decent countries until they started inviting the third world into their territories. Now violent crime, welfare dependency and burning down a town or two are all par for the course.

What makes a country a utopia is the percentage of white people. Invite in too many third worlders, especially blacks Africans, and you end up slouching towards Detroit.

Anonymous said...

All things considered, black males are the most indulged, by far, of all criminals and criminal defendants. The reality is that they aren't nearly enough black males in prison. Every years millions of violent and other male in se crimes are committed by black male recidivists, most of whom should have been buried in prison long ago.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can argue the nog-stopping power of .30-06! But most women aren't going to be able to handle the weight and recoil of the M-1. AR-15s/M-4geries are a better choice for the ladies in your life.

Not to mention the 3006 will easily blast through every wall of a house. It will also blast your ear drums.

223 has plenty of power for urban warfare, especially with modern ammo.

AK is nice though if you want something compact. It also has a very evil sound that will send anyone running.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage often talk about the attack on White males and he also talk about genetics and IQ. He often refer to people with low IQ and poor genetics as morons, and his audience know he's referring to the groids. He often tell the story about when he was passed over for a professorship to an AA hiring of idiots and morons.

This is how liberals make mortal enemies. It's all on TV until you experience Affirmative Action first hand.

Someone earlier was talking about he was passed over for a promotion at a public university.

If you are a White male with a brain you should be avoiding public education unless it someplace like Montana or you have tenure or a very technical position. Otherwise you will have a target on your back. You'll make enemies just for doing your job properly. In many of these departments you can just smell the mediocrity. They resent the highly intelligent and productive for pissing on their low standards. I think many liberals even resent people that are naturally logical. It's a shame that these people have taken over public universities but this is the age of PC idiocy. What a stupid world the liberals have created where the intelligent have to be worried about losing their job to some idiot for the sake of diversity.

I would suggest getting out and learning a trade. A lot of the construction trades are in demand and they can be performed in small towns for a good wage. I'm sure you have accolades and all but you're not the first person to be in this position. Get out and move to the country. Don't waste another minute on these idiots.

Anonymous said...

What makes a country a utopia is the percentage of white people. Invite in too many third worlders, especially blacks Africans, and you end up slouching towards Detroit.

It would be nice if the libertarian crowd would accept this. I think a lot of intelligent people gravitate towards Rand out of hatred of liberalism but it's a flawed ideology because as with liberalism it denies genetics.

D-FENS said...

"Our so called majority in congress betrays us over and over."

Which is why it is called the "bend over" congress.

Anonymous said...

About ten years ago the place I worked went under and I found myself unemployed so I returned to college to finish an engineering degree. Since I had been out of school for so long they made retake English 101 . A class that should have been an introduction to writing turned out to be nothing more than 8th grade grammar. During the first couple of weeks everything went smooth. Once the teacher was able to ascertain who the smarter students
were she began to work her magic. She split the class into work groups of four people. I was put with three black teens. They were dumber than a box of rocks. They didn't even know what a verb or a noun was. But none of that mattered because we were to be graded as a group. This meant that they would be able to just ride on my coat tails and copy my work. The only thing that was graded separately were the finals so even if they failed the exams they could receive a C because I got a. A. During the exit interview the teacher praised me for being such a wonderful student. She apologized about the group grades because she knew I did all of the work.
She explained to me that she was under pressure to graduate these students or the University would lose some funding. I couldn't believe she told me this I wish I could have worn a wire.
You are right about giving them an 8th grade English test, they wouldn't be able to pass it.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . You are right about giving them an 8th grade English test, they wouldn't be able to pass it.”

Very few groids can read or write above the 8th grade level. I knew an AA gifted black girl who could act civilized and speak well enough to carry on simple conversations. She actually had an AA four year degree so she decided to become a lawyer. I didn't realize that there is a special AA track for blacks in law school until I learned that she couldn't even do well enough on the LSAT for an AA admission to a law school. Apparently this test measures almost every aspect of mental acuity that blacks don't have, and it is very unlikely that a poor test score can be improved with study.

Anyway, after taking the test her LSAT score and GPA were so low that she couldn't even qualify for an AA admission. Rather than tell her that she was too dumb for law school as they would have told a white person, the school put her into a special class for minorities. They spent an entire summer attempting to hammer enough knowledge and intelligence into her to raise her to the minimal level for AA admission. Predictably, after retaking the LSAT she again failed to meet the minimum requirements for AA admission. After the second failure she gave up on law school.

I have wondered how the blacks that manage to squeeze into a law school on an AA pass can actually become licensed attorneys. The bar exam is supposedly anonymous, and an AA black with a law degree, reading/writing skills at the 8th grade level, and no logical reasoning skills would seem very likely to fail. Perhaps the graders of the bar exam know to AA adjust any exam containing the distinctive writing of most blacks.

Anonymous said...

when is this world going to end?

Anonymous said...

From Chattanooga Girl: "...nomads in our own country" So disturbing. A country built on the intelligence and ambition of White Women and Men so over run by the groids that its White people are forced to move from place to place. Wandering in a desert created by an inferior race


Bird of Paradise said...

The citizens of Ferguson and Baltimore need reparations from the mobs of backward savages who loot,burn, and beat the white citizens especialy from Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Calypso Louie yjr Black Panthers and the Obama Dept of Injustice