Monday, February 22, 2016

ACLU and Black Family Members of the Gremlin Gang Defend Black Criminality Over White Police Captains Call for Law and Order

There's no going back now. 

It's coming. 


SBPDL is the ultimate racial seismograph for understanding what's upon us, and minor tremors on the racial Richter Scale are going off nationwide. 
White police captain calls out almost entirely black gang (they have a token white), family members of the black gang members defends their criminal children

We've been told for years the big one is coming, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 

All we can do is survive it. 

A lot of mixed metaphors here, but you get the picture. 

Most of us will never quite comprehend how many are actually on our side. They just can't fathom a society utterly dominated by those bent on our destruction and subjugation producing individuals able to withstand relentless, unceasing propaganda. 

And as the racial Richter Scale continues to notice tremors across the nation, the fault lines emerge. [ACLU blasts St. Landry’s law and order sheriff’s captain over comments on latest viral video, The Advocate, 2-19-16]:
St. Landry Parish’s law and order sheriff’s Capt. Clay Higgins, known for promising criminals they will be caught and punished, has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union over the latest televised segment of Crime Stoppers. 
“You will be hunted. You will be trapped. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire,” Higgins said in the segment that aired on KATC-TV on Wednesday. 
Higgins directed the message at the seven alleged Gremlins street gang members who remain at large. The Gremlins gang hails from Vermilion Parish, namely Abbeville, but Higgins used the highly watched St. Landry Crime Stoppers to publicize the law enforcement effort. 
As in past Crime Stoppers segments, Higgins employs his stern drill sergeant voice, mocking and belittling the fugitives, even sometimes cajoling them to turn themselves in. 
Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana, penned a statement that chastised Higgins’ message for what she said was stepping over a constitutional line. She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period.
But it gets better. ['Gremlins Gang' family members respond to Cpt. Higgins,, 2-22-16]:

Family and friends of accused members of the "Gremlins gang" disapprove of things being said about their loved ones.  
A meeting was held today in Abbeville to discuss Cpt. Clay Higgins' comments made in segment that aired on KATC last week. 
In the video viewed millions of times Higgins said, "If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we will return fire." It was one of the many comments that has both sides talking.  
"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. "Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for. It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice. " 
Community activist Raymond Brown headed the meeting, and he said they did not leave with derogatory attacks planned on anyone. He feels Higgins did more harm than good with his Crime Stoppers video.  
"He is laughing at this thing and enjoying himself with all the publicity he has generated, but this is no fun and game," Brown said.  
Some left the meeting emotional, because they said the criminal justice process has been damaged in this case.  
"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke," Carolyn Boudreaux, a mother and grandmother to members of the accused gang members, said. "I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me." 
Brown said he plans to send a letter to the justice department and ask for an investigation. 
There is no unseen hand guiding history. Those in power, the oligarchs, can attempt to manipulate the present to ensure they stay in power in the future, but they can't control human nature. The past can be rewritten, but humanity can't.

Despite decades of social engineering, the pressure of nature is building across not just America, but the world.

We were never supposed to save anything; on the contrary, our job was always to survive. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette


PB said...

Just so long as they shoot first, and we all know they'll miss.

Anonymous said...

Obama's DOJ will be down there shortly. The negro gang bangers will be back in business, robbing, raping and killing. The sheriff will have 200 federal government lawyers chasing him. This is Black Run America, a country that exists for no other purpose than to make life as comfortable as possible for negroes. The United States of Negroness.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great story PK and how pathetic is this?! There are indeed rumblings that will soon be heard far and wide. Have you watched Donald Trump Jr's question and answer session in Nevada yet? Think the town was called Elko. Anyways, he gets it!

Thank you for all you do and God Bless.

Here is a woman who is very refreshing when it comes to justice for her daughter. Be careful folks its gonna be a long, HOT summer.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

No surprise that the blacks are acting like innocent snowflakes. They need to run to their safe space, and get counseling. Their po babies dindu nuffin.

Racist White cops anyway /sarc

Anonymous said...

Running to the no justice department. The cops will lose their jobs.

My hell.....will we survive until January 2017?

Mark said...

"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams......."

You are absolutely right Coretta. The Captain was unfair to the animals. Your son is an evil, mad, uncivilized monster who needs to be put away as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that Islam, Obama, and the oligarchs....all working together to destroy the U.S.......are the Antichrist of Revelations.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

There's a reason the video has gone viral. Americans are sick and tired of this black culture of violence. We don't care what their families have to say. To them I say you're responsible for these two legged monstrosities that have destroyed the quality of life in this country. It would have been better had you all had abortions so this plague would not be loosed on innocent citizens.

To Mr. Brown, and the ACLU, you are the enablers who help hasten the destruction of society. Would be better if you worked at something to improve the quality of life in this country. Learn a useful trade, or pick up garbage, rather than encourage more human garbage. News flash for you: All criminals think they are OK guys. So do their families, no news here. The prisons are full of dindu nuffins whose family's scream they're discriminated against. The country is full of victimns of these thug lowlife, who the ACLU seem hell bent to silence. You are an abomination, an offense to all good people everywhere. The people are behind a movement for law enforcement to shut these criminals down, you can't stop it. The cumulative affect of all the criminal activity has reached critical mass. If you cannot see that, then you are part of the problem. You are a living, breathing obstruction of justice.

Anonymous said...

Another classic case of the negro being a bully and then playing the victim. Break the law with reckless abandon and terrorize everyone around you and then get offended when someone has the guts to stand up to your bullying/terrorism. They always act like these white responses are out of the blue and totally undeserved. If this guy is talking about you it is a pretty good indication that you are scum and deserve his wrath. Killing, raping, and other crime is ok, as long as nobody gets called a bad name and gets their feelings hurt. This sheriff deserves a parade.

If you want an example of someone who actually railroads people who don't deserve it, look no further than Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson. An Asian officer is being used as a scapegoat to attempt to placate a black mob.

Not familiar with Mr. Thompson? I found an article that sheds some light on this amazing human being:

European_American said...

11 more months till Trump. The n3gros around here have been a bit uppity, like a gaggle of well fed, spoiled savages, just before their big kahuna steps down for a White man.

in DC

Anonymous said...

There ought to be a *realistic* comic book series about inner-city blacks ... call it "The Injustice League".

The cast of characters:

-No Snitch Freddie. Kills anyone who talks to the po-po. Weakness: neck easily broken.

-Tray Hoodie. Eats magic Skittles and beats white people to death in the night. Weakness: stand your ground laws.

-The Reverend. Uses the power of his megaphone to cow evil whitey into submission. Weakness: fried chicken and bribes.

-The Thug Factory. A black woman who fires lil' baby thugs from between her legs to overwhelm her enemies. Weakness: an empty EBT card.

-Captain Spray-And-Pray. Fires bullets in all directions, never hits anything. Except honor students. Weakness: an IQ of 56.

-Downlow D. Shoots AIDS at his enemies. Always denies he messes around with dudes, though. Weakness: runs out of meds early every month.

-Leroy The Looter. Shows up for every smash-and-grab. Weakness: armed Korean store owners.

-Speed Rapist. Self-explanatory. Weakness: pants keep falling down.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Californian said...

She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period.

Less civilized time?

Less civilized...?

Today, in 2016, you have gangbangers doing drivebys. You have flashmobs and polar bear punching. You have home invasions "going wrong." You have cities being torched by BLM. You have children being gunned down and beaten to death by Africans in America. You have Detroit and Selma and Newark being reduced to rubble.

And this is more civilized?!

I'd point out that in those terrible, terrible days of segregation, cops did not need assault rifles and body armor to keep the criminal element under control. In those "less civilized" times law and order was maintained by a foundation of white supremacy. Get rid of the white supremacy, and that is when civilization goes down the drain.

True in Haiti.
True in Zimbabwe.
True in New Orleans

D-FENS said...

"OT - we watched The Martian last night in which many noble negroes were ASTROPHYSICISTS! and IT GENIUSES! "


Anonymous said...

Probably "gremlins" who just did this attempted armed carjacking in Boca Raton, Fla.

And just look how they leave out a description of the gunmen! Hard to believe the media still gets away with this! I think a boycott is long past due; shame them on this pro-n*gger PR move. And for this to happen in rich Boca, full of TWMNBN, is wild; closer and closer to all out war:

Valkyrie said...

The community he is obligated to protect and serve...from the criminals!These "people" are so stupid they make me want to scream!

Detroit Refugee said...

Including blacks in the video tells me this guy knows the score. Not only does he have to worry about the violent predators on the streets, he must pander or lose his job.

Anonymous said...

That cop deserves a spot in the Trump administration.

Hey, South Carolina White Men! WTF?! You let that Bangladeshi c*nt immigrant bitch take away your entire Southern Heritage by banning the Confederate Flag!!?? How the f*ck did that happen? Have you all lost your balls?!

For God's sake men, grow a pair and get that flag back up!


Don't let BRA take over South Carolina! If you guys go, who else has a hope...?

Anonymous said...

What is it with negroes and Chuckie Cheese?

Brian in Ohio said...

CENTURION explained it perfectly in the last thread. When criminality is so ingrained in a culture, this is what you get.

TNB on display.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

For the ACLU and the low life negroes "I DONT CARE"

Anonymous said...

What people fail to understand is that the constitutional protections we average citizens enjoy, the savages are not entitled to. They would have to contribute to the community in some positive way in order to be given any status as citizens with a bill of rights. "They" are enemy combatants at this point, and the police captain is giving them fair warning. "They" use guerilla tactics to carry out their mayhem and achieve their goal of instant gratification, then run and hide under the blanket of civil liberties after realizing there are consequences for their actions. "They" pretend to have expert knowledge of their rights because of what the television has jammed into their skulls eg. Law and Order, or NCIS.

These are the good boys that didn't do nothing, the good boys that just wanted to grow up in a good nieighborhood, attend decent schools, go off to college and contribute to the greater society. Yeah, right. These youths are the scum of the community. These are the ones who enable the police state to thrive because they are the ones who rob, steel, and kill.
They are enabled through social welfare, high-interest payday loans, earned-income-credit tax credits, gov assisted housing, gov assisted utility bill vouchers, free healthcare through medicaid, free primary education (with free transport and meals while in attendance), and a community that upholds this state of living and consumption.

Their families will never once condemn them for their savagery. A white person will virtually disown one of their own if the family member continues to be a dreg. "They" are the ones who call E911 at the slightest feeling of discomfort so that our taxes (money stolen from us at gunpoint) can be used to pay the paramedics and ambulance crews to cart their asses off to the local ER. "They" are the ones that refuse to insure their automobiles, yet will spend upwards of $2500 on a set of tires and wheels for a $2000 vehicle. "They" are the ones who will shoot 40 rounds at an enemy, never hit said enemy, but kill a defenseless child in the house next door with stray bullets.

I see democratic cops all over Mississippi that will throw empty food containers/wrappers on the ground just as quickly as the street savages do. The orc mentality is simple: 1. I gots to fuck sumptin. 2. I gots to eat sumptin. 3. I gots to go make dat hussle n buys me sumptin. A hustle is any form of enterprise to which "they" can gain a dollar. Hustles can involve a second job, but mostly involve selling dope or stealing. "They" get to sleep all day and ride all night while you and I have to behave like responsible members of society. "They" get papmered and coddled while you and I are forced to be finger-fucked and fondled by the TSA as we fly on a "business" trip. We have to endure the unconstitutional DUI/Narcotics/License checkpoints because the poor fuck cops can't just tell us who they are really looking for. We have to see the nightly news day after day after day of (insert your local metro here)____ is investigating a shooting in the capitol city after shots rang out at a local stop and rob...

We have to listen to our church "leaders" tell us that "God" will sort this out, and turn the other cheek. Our families teach us to avoid certain areas and to do this or don't do that. "They" get to move into an area and devalue all the real estate just by showing up.

I don't have much of a point to this rant, but I wanted to be first this morning. Tolerance is killing our civilization, and being too busy with our enterprises, waiting for the cops to sort it all out, is going to be our own undoing.

Stay sharp and stop with the tolerance...

Anonymous said...

It's okay for their little darlings to go out robbing, raping, murdering, and selling dope but when a white man, a white law enforcement officer, says I will find you, and IF you point your gun at me, I will shoot back, well the chimpanzees start pounding the ground and flinging their feces.
And the American Criminal Liberties Union get all bent out of shape. Maybe if Miss ACLU's house gets broke into, she can call da grimlins instead of the police. Of course, da grimlins may be right there.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the police are standing down. The negro murder rate is skyrocketing and no one BUT the criminals are happy. The DOJ investigation continues but so far, it's just racism. The DOJ is right. No one likes those damn racist negroes!


SC Girl said...

LMAO! Blacks are so ****ing stupid. And it never ceases to amaze me.

behind blue eyes said...

I really think that 2016 will be peak negro fatigue. Especially with HNIC leaving. A lot of groids don't understand the two term limit.
This cop lives in a very TNB state and is obviously tired of the shines. We all should be prepared. The 2016 chimpout is just warming up.

Anonymous said...

No Mrs Williams, your male offspring is an animal just like its mother.

Steve Smith said...

They're scared?!? Good! They should be. I'll bet they're not scared when they're out terrorizing innocent people.

I really hope one of these hood rats is stupid enough to pull a weapon on this officer.

10mm AUTO said...

negros know that "investigations" cost money and thus are a way at striking back at Police Officers. This shezilla Carolyn Boudreaux has practically birfed the entire gang herself. If she had wanted to save police time end effort, she would have closed her legs 17 years ago. Also, and as usual, no fathers present, only the Community Activist negro running interference.

I'm Pro-choice....for negros

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...


Bird of Paradise said...

ACLU stands for Athiests Communists & Lawyers Underground they want to make sure leftists subversives can kill police officers and be aquited by a all lefists jury of fellow leftists scum suckers and bottom dwelling wck suckers

Tim in Kodiak said...

Maybe the poor little tarbaies need to go to a "safe space" to recover from getting their "feelings" hurt. And after that they can continue their criminal mayhem!

Oil 'n Water said...

Hats off to people like Captain Higgins and Joe Arpaio, who have the guts to do what they know is right, and for that matter, lawful, in spite of this present regime.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Pope and Angela Merkel. All heads of the hydra.

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said...
"OT - we watched The Martian last night in which many noble negroes were ASTROPHYSICISTS! and IT GENIUSES! "

Yeah I saw it too. Was beginning to wonder If I wasn't the only one that did not catch that propoganda subliminal message. What a crock!! The head guys (whites and Chinese) at NASA are portrayed as being indifferent,offering no real solutions to the problem, UNTIL a black who I believe is magical mathematician takes the reins and has the ALL grand solution. I'm also seeing more black men hanging out with white women (on television,especially commercials that sell insurance or stocks) The women need proper direction,guidance, and are lost souls in society. We know Hollywood is doing this on purpose,from the marching orders of the BHO ABC agencies. Let's spread the word out there to know where this BS is coming from.

PaintJob Theory said...

"She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period."

So what in the constitution precludes this practice? If we compare crime statistics of our "less civilized" days to the civilized tallies for places like Baltimore, Detroit, or Chicago, what's the tale of the tape?

"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members.

I defy this negress to provide some evidence of this claim.

It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice. "

In the eyes of a negro the "community" is black criminals, gang members, and other tribal warlords. To humans these are the folks that police should exist to eliminate. It's also quite humerous that this nog doesn't even know what magnitude means or how to use it in a sentence. I find negroes trying to use big words absolutely hilarious.

There is no unseen hand guiding history.

I would beg to differ here. In fact the topic is well documented and the ruling class actually brag about it. They know good and well the immutable nature of humanity and are fully aware of the reality of TNB. The true believers and useful idiots may not, but.... well, let's put it this way, you don't see a lot of sub Saharan Africans inducted into B'nai B'rith, Skull and Bones (AKA Russell Trust), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, RIIA, Club of Rome, or Bilderberg Group. How many negro Jesuits can you name? Knights of Malta?

The weaponized negro is only a means to and end, and by my reckoning they're serving their intended purpose quite nicely. TNB is as predictable as the sunrise as is the reaction by humanity to it... Everything is going according to plan.

If this were all mere happenstance and random events surely white European Christians would get a break just once, right? At some point the chaotic rule of chance and probability would have the toast land butter side up for us just once.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

St. Landry Parish is the heart of Acadiana - Louisiana's "cajun" country. Many of the people who live there still speak French, can trace their family trees all the way back to France, and have done an incredible job of preserving their customs and cultures as a hard nosed, rural, Catholic people who settled and pioneered virtually inhospitable swamp land. Many of the families who settled the area, especially around Opelousas, were those who escaped Saint Domingue (Haiti) fleeing the black revolt that murdered all white French. These, the low lying Louisiana Parishes west of the Mississippi River, were the last stronghold of hegemonic French culture on the North American continent in the late 1790's and early 1800's. It was basically the only place left to run to for uprooted French colonists.

Over the centuries, these communities became incredibly tightly knit, generationally safe, and always revelrous. Culturally they are different from the rest of America, but in many senses these small towns are basically like the America of the 1950's, but with better food and weekly block parties. Neighbors know each other very well and do not lock their doors, mothers stay at home and raise large families, fathers work hard and provide for the families as single wage earners, people are very church oriented, divorce is very uncommon, everyone knows how to hunt and is well armed, crime is very rare, gender roles are extremely well defined, men are very manly - women are very feminine, etc... They, Cajuns, essentially never allowed themselves or their cultures to be massively perverted by adopting alien values - including permissive attitudes about criminals being given wide latitude to operate in their midst.

So yes, it is refreshing to see a parish sheriff speak in the same plain language that would have been used a century or two ago by a parish sheriff in the same position. In olden days, the sheriff would gather a posse, track down the band terrorizing his territory, but read a "riot act" to them first.

That is all that this is, a riot act reading of sorts - "You will be captured, and when you are, go peacefully into those cuffs, or no mercy will be shown."

Sorry if that upsets the local Shekelstein head of the ACLU branch, but no one's rights have been violated by being publicly warned to drop their weapons and not to attack arresting officers. Is that where we've really come to? Law enforcement can't speak mean words to criminals? And urge them to not shoot cops?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Absolutely inspiring! And now I'd like to tell my very own negro tale (tail?) I entitle, "A Realist is Born".

Background, my husband is a dyed in the wool, Age of Aquarius, "We're all the same" type of guy, who works part time at a downtown historic venue as a bartender/concessions manager. He works with "LaTONdra", a surly negress who has a bad attitude. He regularly drives the negress home after work, but not before stopping off at the negro curb market in the hood for some Newports and a 40. Anyways, I get home from work around ten PM last night and he is downright crestfallen.

Seems that LaTONdra balanced out the drawer at the end of their shift and hurredly axed him to initial it. Sensing something wrong, hubby audited the cash drawer. I don't have to tell you what happened next. He immediately notices the discrepancy and calls the General Manager over after recounting the till, which includes credit card and cash tips reported.

The General Manager asks where the $40. is and LaTONdra says that when she counted it was forty OVER and she looks through all her pockets and finds the missing tip money she was supposed to share with my husband. Hubby says to me, "I didn't want to tell you because I knew what you'd say!" So I said, "What? That's she's a thieving n*gger? And I suppose you drove her home AGAIN tonight, didn't you?"

Well, he was not only saddened but a little angry as well, so I said, "Look, consider this a very, very CHEAP lesson in realism. She's been stealing from you since you started working there. At least now you know. Many whites NEVER wake up to TNB, literally lying dead and bloodied during random chimpouts. LaTONdra is on her way out, but they cannot fire her (for reasons everyone here but negro lurkers and SJW know), but I believe they'll set a trap for her.

No "I told you so" from me. The best way for them to learn is to be bitten by their very own pets. Somehow I don't think he'll go off when I rant about TNB in the future. Another realist is born, my beautiful white friends. It cannot happen too soon!

Anonymous said...

No one down here in Louisiana takes the ACLU very seriously...

chattanooga gal said...

". Tolerance is killing our civilization"
best line of the week. yes, that is it in a nutshell.

AZ Ray said...

I've gotten to to point where I feel that the wombs of black women should be classified as a WMD!. Generations of monsters have sprung forth from these creatures.

It makes one wonder how much longer this can go on?. Surely the fiat currency system that allows this madness to continue has to be near it's deaththroes?. I have family that work in the criminal justice system & I often listen to my police scanner at home. The average white citizen out there doesn't have the remotest clue at how bad things really are & of the utterly depraved nature of the negro. The MSM covers only the merest smattering of whats really going on.

Curious thought experiment as to what will happen when the "system" goes bust?. What happens after the EBT runs dry?..

Anonymous said...

"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke,"

My goodness, we don't want violent wanted felons on the run FEARING the police now do we!?


EVERY policeman should speak this way, and they should do it confident that their superiors will back them up.

Anonymous said...

"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. This is the mind set we in the Black community have to face with when it comes to the mothers of these predators. Instead of having shame, because their child is a criminal, they want to attack the police who have to put up with their scum. Ms Williams, should be pleading with her son to give himself up and show some type of remorse for his action.But no their children are terrorizing the black community and preying upon the white community. You get an officer who wants to stand up against these criminals and predators, he's attack by the parents and the liberals.
How can we in the black community get any respect if our children are the murderers, rapists,robbers and thieves. Yeah, I know we could put the blame on everybody else but ourselves. You know the excuses, the government is flooding our communities with drugs, then there's the racist justice system. If black lives really matter we in the black communities would take control of our males, tell them to pull up their pants and be a man. You know many are afraid to take a stand because they fear their own children.

Willie in Naperville

Anonymous said...

Will Donald Trump control the negroes? Will 2016 be the year of full scale negro war upon the nation? The U.S. could see something like the Haitian revolution, with negroes under the leadership of Obama, Farrakhan and Sharpton engaging in battles across the land. The negroes could begin to use the abandoned industrial plants of Detroit to build tanks and troop carriers. Negro guerrillas could capture military and civilian aircraft and form a fledgling black air force. With no negroes in the work force, most businesses in the U.S. would quickly collapse. Non-negroes will have to be recruited and trained to provide TV news broadcasts. Basketball will degrade to slow, zone based defense with underhand shots from 20 feet. White Americans will have to turn to foreigners for their hip-hop beats. The world will face economic decline as the international weave trade is disrupted. Negro irregular troops will capture and occupy Washington DC, Chicago, Memphis, Birmingham, Newark, Camden, Philadelphia, Atlanta and LA. Will Donald Trump have the courage to engage or will he retreat with his battered troops to a small enclave in the Pacific Northwest? History will tell.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Love the comments today! Thanks for the history lesson, Gwoobus. Always interesting to hear about how white folk fare in other parts of the still not corrupted country.

It's evident that negroes really have no clue. That's why I have no pity for them. Before anyone jumps on my case, I must say that my motto is and always have been, "You live by the sword, you die by the sword." If you celebrate disfunction, look the other way when entire city blocks are burned to the ground, laugh and cheer when OJ and other negroes get off after clearly being guilty, I shed not one tear when little five year old LaQueefah gets inadvertantly gunned down on her way to skoo. Harsh? You betcha! Less than twenty years ago I would have wept over such an occurence. Now I see it as what it is, TNB in BRA, something to be accepted and even anticipated. The negro founding fathers pretty much say the same thing when they moan about the poor misunderstood gremlins getting skeered by the meany cops. It's all so incredibly f'd up beyond measurement, it would be laughable if not so tragic for whites just trying to survive.

To all lurkers, negro and non-negro alike, your day is coming. One day you will have to answer for the terror and disfunction you've spread these past fifty years. Rest assured, we'll show you all the mercy and kindness you've given us. Sleep tight until then. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the ACLU will get far with their whining because the Sheriff had at least 4 coonmunity Revruns standing right behind him while he made his video and the police force was diversified. Those dogs looked eager, too. Ha ha!

I think they're just sore because he called one thug "uneducated" and called them all out for holding their guns sideways.

Maybe the ACLU types should go live with the Gremlins gang and see how that works out.

I take a pretty dim view of what most police are doing nowadays (ticketing whites for nonsense but expensive violations) while ignoring darker, wanton criminality but I wish this Sheriff good luck hunting.

Anonymous said...

W O L V E R I N E S, drill drill drill!!!

Anonymous said...

The cuckservative control of South Carolina will end soon. Their weakness has been exposed through Trump.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:53 am said "tolerance is killing our civilization." Yes. Tolerating murders, rapes, robberies, carjackings, etc. committed by negroes is not what a civilized society is supposed to do. Negroes, being ignorant, wild jungle creatures, would not know this. God bless Captain Higgins.

NJ Woman

P.S. What is it with the infuriating life insurance commercials run by MetLife, among others, that portray intact negro families with conscientious working adults planning in advance for their "final expenses"? The notion of a negro actually paying monthly premiums with their income earned from an actual job is beyond ludicrous. They don't pay for anything. It's so insulting.

P.P.S. I am very happy for Formerly Miss Greenbaum and her husband. Praise the Lord! He saw the light!

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha!! I'd buy it too. There'd be no shortage of TNB material.

Anonymous said...

Hence the nickname "chimpy cheese".

Anonymous said...

Long time reader of this fine site, first time commenting. Please pardon my rant, but I felt like I had to let it out and I feel you folks might be the only ones that will understand. I love reading the intelligent, thought-provoking and informative comments from you all - thanks for sharing them.. and thanks for making me realize I am not alone.

My wife and I bought a modest house in a quaint older neighborhood about 12 years ago. To be honest it's the best we could afford, even on 2 FT salaries. About 7 years ago a few of the houses went empty and quickly purchased by section 8 companies. The worst was an elderly black couple down the way, the old man passed away shortly after we moved in and his wife tried her best to keep up the home, but encroaching dementia and Alzheimers set in. She would frequently be seen sitting in neighbors yards as she would get lost and didn't remember where she lived. Her children moved in, had her committed to a home and ever since it's been a revolving door 3-ring circus of pavement ape shenanigans. They sell drugs, they have between 3-6 cars smashed into their yard/driveway at any time. The cops are their frequently for domestic calls (which we all hear about as random she-boons are always in the front yard eeking and ooking so everyone can hear). Cars booming and throbbing at all hours. The worst is that they started a "ghetto pony" farm in their back yard. I've seen literally 100s of different pit bull and German Shepard mixes come and go in this time. They leave these beasts chained to trees, living in plastic barrels in all types of weather. They stink in the summer and BARK all the fucking time. I can't remember the last time I was able to open my windows on a nice spring day, or use my screened in porch. Thank the mad gods for thick brick walls or the sonic terrorism would drive me even battier.
I've called the police. I've called our local SPCA numerous times. I've contacted our city officials. NOTHING. All the while my city taxes go up every year (no doubt to support cretins like these) and my property value is now half of what I originally paid. HALF. I fear I'll never escape this place now.

Due to my business I have lived in numerous places throughout North America (Pittsburgh, NYC, Toronto, LA, and the place I grew up and so desperately want to return to, rural KY) and I have never experienced the lack of spine I see in Cincinnati. This city is currently experiencing a "public revival" due to all the money and window dressings poured into it from the recent MLB Play Off games, but don't let the new shrubbery, carousels in riverside parks, gentrification and new city trolley fool you. This city is increasingly (and ineffectively) run by blacks, and beholden to let them get away with murder (sometimes literally). I have never seen a city decay so fast. Ever since the riots in 2000, the city is petrified to make blacks follow the rules of civility. After all rules, laws, common courtesy...those are for white devils and Uncle Toms.

I would take a bath on this home sale and run as far as I could - I am self-employed and as long as I have a net connection, I can work, but my wife has a really great career here. She's really happy in her profession and deserves it. We are also only children with aging parents. My father has dementia, and my mother is recovering from cancer. Much of my time is also spent running errands and caring for them. Both compelling reasons why we endure this city.

I'm sincerely curious as to how people on this forum cope with this? I feel like I'm at my wits end. I feel like it's never going to get any better. I would love to think that someone will swoop in and change this country, but I just don't see that happening. I have always been a bit of a race realist, but I would consider myself a full blown "racist" after living around this horde for nearly 10 years. Can anything be done? How do you cope with it?

Detroit Refugee said...

I listen to the police scanner at home.

Very interesting, I suggest everyone do that at least once just outside an all black enclave. 23-24 yrs ago I was at a friends house in Lincoln Park,Mi. His scanner was on fire that Friday night! The one report that stuck with me up till now was;
Large black male on foot armed w shotgun last seen Fort St. between Southfield & Outer Dr.
Multiple residents terrified, 911 calls from all over the area.

Since then the area has seen a huge influx of diversity. When EBT's
fail, it's gonna be epic!!
They are going to hunt, shop, and prey further south for the"goodies".

rex freeway said...

"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. "Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for.

I'm Sorry Coretta, but as usual you are wrong. Your son has been an animal since you birthed this future ward of the state. I willing to wager a week's pay that you have no clue of his Father's name or whereabouts.

Prison or Cemetery are good bets. And that's where your demon spawn is destined to spend eternity. You know damn well the Sheriff speaks the truth.

"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke," Carolyn Boudreaux, a mother and grandmother to members of the accused gang members, said. "I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me."

Or maybe they just dont give a damn about laws and being responsible citizens. And are hell bent on destroying a civilization that they cannot assimilate to. Stop acting as if you possess the intelligence to function and thrive in western civilizations.

The only thing your future holds is mud huts, disease and death.

Detroit Refugee said...

What is it with negroes and chuck e cheese?

Mexican guy @ work posted the latest Negroe chimp out video on FB. With a lame comment, an lol & such.
I took the ball & ran w it, digging back several years, & sharing several examples of TNB.
Then an innocent comment " perhaps it's the demographics"?
And that was that. Pandoras Box
A guy from Germany shared his overseas version, the guy who blamed it on beer in a child's pizzeria was silenced. On and on.
People have eyes. People are also speaking out.
Blacks from Section Ape apt. communities are making it very dangerous for working white families to host a kids B-Day party.
Our job is to survive, & when opportunity presents itself, share info.

Detroit Refugee said...

Think you're right!!

Pat Boyle said...

It's apt that you use a seismic metaphor in today's daily column. I am sitting here on the top of my hill in Oakland waiting for our own seismic event.

I know I have written about this before but when it happens - and it will definitely happen - I will be off the air perhaps permanently. Oakland is due for a Katrina scale natural disaster with its concomitant racial sequelae.

Let me explain. Contrary to popular opinion, Oakland is not really a black city. Eastern and Midwestern towns like Detroit and Flint were until recently white cities that have suddenly and disastrously converted to black cities. the normal reaction of those whites who can leave is to run like hell. So the only whites that tend to be left are the very poor and the old and infirm.

Oakland is not like that at all. Oakland has the best climate in the United States. Looking out my window this morning it is bright and sunny - as it has ben for the last several thousand years. No snow, no heat waves.

The whites in the area tend to reside on the mountain tops. my house is at almost exactly 1,000 feet. Lower down we have a belt of Hispanics and at the very bottom next to the Bay waters there are the blacks. The town is approximately one third white, one third Hispanic and one third black.

Need I say, all the serious crime is committed at lower altitudes.

But this is an earthquake zone and we are seriously overdue. The San Francisco bay area has two large north-south earthquake faults - the San Andreas and the Hayward faults. As it happens they tend to slip each about once a century or two. They tend to slip one after the other. The San Andreas slipped last in 1906 and the Hayward in 1868. Seismologists tell us that the San Andreas will probably not slip in the Bay Area for many decades. But the Hayward fault which right through the middle of downtown Oakland is overdue now.

As natural disasters go, earthquakes are not so bad - at least in America. Most of the fatalities that you read about are cause by unreinforced masonry. This is a serious problem in Mexico but not America or Canada. We build our houses out of wood which flexes and bends. Adobe bricks just fall on your head.

So I don't worry about my house coming down. If it does, I'll just push off all the shattered lumber and crawl out. That's because I'm white and live at the ridgeline of the coastal hills. All the house up here are built on rock. The Loma Prieta quake that destroyed the Bay Bridge and knocked down the freeway - wasn't even felt in my neighborhood.

If you are black you live down below on consolidated mud - what they call Bay Fill. So we are due for a big quake but it will only effect blacks. How's that for a natural catastrophe?

Unfortunately our power and water lines will probably be severed. So I have stored a lot of big water bottles and canned food. I also expect the blacks who don't seem to be very well prepared to get hungry and thirsty to come marching up the hill.

That's why I also have stocked up on shotgun shells.

Keep tuned. It will be on TV although I won't see it. I'll be living it.


PaintJob Theory said...

"I truly believe that Islam, Obama, and the oligarchs....all working together to destroy the U.S.."

Islam? Really? Is this satire? Opposite day?

Check the surnames of those who pack the ACLU $PLC Federal Reserve, Supreme Court, Hollywood, and the media... .tell me how many "Mohammads" you find there.

If we can't even talk about who has created and who is defending BRA we are doomed to never extricate ourselves from it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon in Cinci. Your not alone. The east side is where you need to be. The groid still treads lightly here.

Anonymous said...

Where were these "parents" when the Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman? Where was the DOJ?


I've just seen a black group or whatever the hell they are, move into a home down the block. I told my wife to get ready to bail-our small w Texas town is mostly latino and Tejanos with a sprinkling of blacks and we moved here knowing that. I have to say our neighbors have been great but with blacks, and sadly I have too much experience, there is ALWAYS going to be problems. I don't care what kind of bath we'd take now, it'll only be a worse one with other dire consequences later. Pisses me off. We might just head back to the mountains in CO or ID-one thing is for certain, the nubians do not like the snow & cold.

Anonymous said...

It's common for these beasts to defend their offspring that way. They don't want two revenue streams (drug money, govt assistance) being interrupted.

Anonymous said...

OT on this thread. Regarding identification of Savannah Walker's body - “It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim,”

. . . “There’s was a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother,” Shaw said.

PB said...

"I truly believe that Islam, Obama, and the oligarchs....all working together to destroy the U.S.......are the Antichrist of Revelations."

Not Islam. Another religion that sometimes pretends its a race.

Bird of Paradise said...

It real'y was'nt that long ago when these politicians were rubbing elbows with gang goons and Bobby Rush was in the Black Panthers

riptapart said...

No, her son is not an animal. Animals quite often act ferociously with no remorse. They do so for the betterment of their individual species. Though made of flesh and bone matter, these brown things do not meet the criteria necessary to be called "animals".

Brian in Ohio said...

re: Anonymous@11:18am

Cincinnati native myself. You sound like you live inside the 275 loop. Sorry for your loss....

I know I would be livid if I paid Hamilton County taxes and knew they spent it on that fucking streetcar. (aka, The Homeless Express)

I knew it was bad, but the whole Sam Dubose/Ray tensing episode showed me just how cucked that city is.

Personally, I avoid it if at all possible. Unfortunately, like you, my work sometimes takes me down to the belly of the beast. But I do what I can to deny them any financial support.

If you don't own a firearm, get one. And learn how to use it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Unknown said...

Why did you two marry?
Were you once like him?

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...
@Anon in Cinci. Your not alone. The east side is where you need to be. The groid still treads lightly here.

February 23, 2016 at 12:38 PM

No closer than Batavia, but Brown or Adams County would be better. Adams county is considered Appalachia.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

First thing I'd do, Anon @ 11:18 AM is slip some not-so-healthy treats (if you get my meaning) to the dogs. Aren't there always rats and The relief from their incessant barking will help you think clearer about what to do next. It will also be the first effective pushback your dusky neighbors have experienced. They're raising those dog to fight and make money off of. Do the right thing and don't wait for the dogs to get loose and kill a neighborhood kid or even pet.

Anonymous said...

You have tough situation, and at this point you can pretty much just play defense...lots of defense. Get a gun. Get a large dog. Get a decent security camera system and make the cameras very conspicuous. The police have their hands tied but they still have to respond to your calls for service. You must be an asshole and call 911 for everything. You have to articulate what laws are being broken when calling and give good descriptions. Another approach is to call 911 and invite the responding officers into your home. Tell them exactly what is going on. Ask them for phone numbers to the guys who will still do policework. Hopefully, your responding officers are sympathetic to your situation; re: white and give a shit. Make contact with the guys who work narcotics/gang investigations in your area. I dont care how small your town is, there is someone who regularly deals with this type of ghetto assholery. It is literally everywhere now.

Also, make contact with your neighbors. Im sure you are not the only ones who notice the TNBS. Get their phone numbers and keep them apprised of what you see. You have to get the conversation going with likeminded people. Invite them over for dinner. If your neighbors are SJW or spineless, fuck em. Dont share anything with them and let them be ones to learn the hard way. Keep us posted and best of luck.

Anonymous said...

OT but anout 2 weeks ago a friend called me up to see if I wanted to go to the shooting range. We met around lunch time in the middle of the week and saw a wonderful sight. All the lanes at the range were occupied, mostly by older citizens, both men and women, practicing their aim and exercising their weapons. If you saw them on the street, you might imagine them to be an easy target for a mugging or home invasion, but at the range they were all smiles and proud of both their firearms and marksmanship. One of them was watching me shoot my AR pistol, so I let him try it and we talked about how lucky we were to live in a state that didn't restrict our gun & ammo buying options, or only allow 7 round magazines. These are people that will light up any orc or scumbag who tries to rob them, and have seen the decline of their country. It was a nice thing to see, and the other thing I've noticed when I go to the range is that it's usually orc free.

Anonymous said...

""My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members."

That nut did not drop far from the tree, Coretta. Your son is an animal, feral and a predator.

Mr. Rational said...

OT and a bit late, but I was in Ex-Detroiter's stomping grounds on Sunday evening and 3 wildebeests came in while I was waiting for my food.  I watched them carefully to make sure they weren't about to start something.

None of them took their winter coats off, and one wore a knit cap the whole time.

I didn't see any of them order a beverage other than water.

Whatever food they ordered, it arrived on appetizer plates.

If I see the waiter again, I'll ask him if they left him a tip.

Oh, and I've been leaving SBPDL.COM on bills quite regularly, trying to make it look like I got them from elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder... have the members of the local ACLU been doxxed yet, and if not, why not? Ditto Ms. Williams and all her children, if living separately. Make them feel the heat.

Anonymous said...

Again: If you're White and especially if you're a law enforcement officer, and you don't allow Blacks to do as they will, including robbing/beating/or even killing you if they so wish, then you're just a big ol' racist. How DARE the police try to defend themselves/enforce laws?!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Charlotte area of NC. I am watching the local news on WCNC right now and I just heard a story about a puppy at an animal hospital in Rock Hill, SC that was shot 18 times with a BB gun. Most of the BB's are still lodged inside the puppy's tiny body. People are coming forward from all over the viewing area to adopt this puppy. The reporter then said that a 17 year old and a 14 year old were arrested on animal cruelty charges. I then said to the wife, "Ten bucks says it was black kids that shot up this poor puppy." She said to me, "I won't take that bet." Sure enough, the 17 year old turns out to be a black male when they show his mugshot. The name of this black male is "De’Monte Ty’Juan Douglas". The 14 year old male was not identified due to his age.

I am very much a dog person, so I think that I would rather be legally allowed to shoot "De’Monte Ty’Juan Douglas" 18 times with a BB gun than collect that ten bucks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Zardos@12:39pm. I wish that blacks hated the snow and cold. Maybe they tolerate it because of generous welfare payments. Only reason for Detroit, Flint, Bay City, Saginaw, Baldwin Mi., and other black enclaves that dot Michigans landscape. Turn off the welfare spigot and southbound caravans will roll. Glorious sight indeed.

Anonymous said...

I work in the trades, and one of the companies I worked for employed a dindu named Derek. He was one of the laziest, sloppiest, non-caring people I've ever worked with. Cried about everything from having to work on a Saturday (with the rest of us earning time and a half), being asked to actually do work ("Y'all are racist, making the BLACK GUY carry stuff up the ladder), and my favorite, "Oh you all get to take materials home, but I don't". The reason he wasn't allowed to take materials, or order them for jobs was because he was caught ordering stuff for his own side work on the company's account. I work for a new company now, full of realists and have been told by the owner that he would rather pay overtime to his guys then hire a couple of dindus to fill out the ranks.

Anonymous said...

@ Cincinnati guy fed up with neighbors...

Well, you've got to move. You're miserable. Having to call the cops all the time will only worsen your nerves and isn't going to turn those people into good neighbors.

I'd look into renting out the house, if the income would cover your mortgage, taxes, insurance and upkeep. There are management companies who'll take care of everything from screening tenants to arranging for repairs. They typically get 10% of the rent.

Or just sell the place and accept the loss. Then find a great neighborhood and rent for at least awhile. Look forward to peace and quiet, to opening your windows, to taking evening walks down your safe street.

Start making plans. Get the hell out of there.

-- Man in Florida

Annie Oakley said...

Anon in Ohio at 11:18 am. Your wife's job won't mean jack squat if she's murdered or God forbid raped by one of the feral orcs in that town. My husband and under great financial sacrifice left an orc infested area. We don't have a ton of money but we're doing fine.

If you stage your house right, it will sell. You may break even or have a little bit of money left, but it will sell. You cannot put a price tag on living white. It's taken 2 years for my hubby to rid himself of the PTSD of living in the shitties. He's now sleeping the night peacefully.

GTFU now while you still can. If we have a major calamity, pandemic, civil unrest or earth changes scientists have been warning us about, you'll be trapped.

Don't be that person. Get your wife and your family out. Now. Personal freedom and living white is more important than any career.

Anonymous said...

'Gremlins' make them sounds cute... say what they are... "The Filthy Stinking N*GGERS!!".

Oh, this just in, huge animal n*gger burned alive a beautiful young White girl; she died in excruciating agony. Here's the story.

Do NOT let them bury this. Post it EVERYWHERE!

Black Lives Matter orcs, we're coming for you....!

Anonymous said...

This Summer will be the Big Chimpout.. all the pieces are in place, just warm it up a bit, let a teen orc try and bash a cop... ground ape will be made good and the hoods nationwide will erupt.

The pushback from YT will be a thing of Glory to behold. We aint takin' it lying down anymore...

Anonymous said...

It was a nice thing to see, and the other thing I've noticed when I go to the range is that it's usually orc free.

I used to live in Pennsylvania and I used to go to indoor shooting ranges there. They were all about an hour or two away from Philly at the most. It seems that all of the ranges there in Pennsylvania had dress codes that were intended to dissuade orcs from patronizing the premises. The dress codes were usually as follows:

* No saggy pants allowed
* No baseball hats worn backwards allowed
* No shirts with obscene words or graphics allowed

There might have been a few other rules that I have forgotten to include above, but these dress codes usually seemed to keep the orcs away.

Anonymous said...

More vibrant diversity brought to American schools courtesy of the savage n*gger beast and its enablers:

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"With no negroes in the work force, most businesses in the U.S. would quickly collapse."

Are you shittin me...??? With no shitstains in the workforce the productivity in the USA would quadruple overnight.


"I shed not one tear when little five year old LaQueefah gets inadvertantly gunned down on her way to skoo."

Far from shedding tears I celebrate whenever one of them is made good, regardless of age.

To first time poster anon from Cincinnati...

I grew up about an hour east of Cincy. Its been a nig city as long as Ive been alive (>50 yrs), just much worse in recent years. Stay alert and avoid the nasty bastards as much as possible. If you want some relief just drive east on SR125...lots of confederate flags flying out that way and very few nogs.

To everyone...

Please keep posting the links to egregious negro incidents. I have been archiving these into a list for over a year now. So far Im up to 6 pages. Im happy to share if we can find a way to connect.

Personally Im getting pushed right into my own red zone where an overt reaction is eminent. Im not there yet, but Im not too far away either.

Anonymous said...

This article rings very, very true. PK, what you think?:

Anonymous said...

President Trump, please use Rudy Giuliani in your administration. Please.

Maybe Attorney General.

Or Chief Executioner?

Anonymous said...

I have been putting SBPDL on every bill I come in contact with.


Anonymous said...

Extreme negro fatigue has set in. They always find a way to consistently top their previous antics, which is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain. Contrary to popular opinion, Oakland is not really a black city.

Yea looks like leave it to beaver.

Eastern and Midwestern towns like Detroit and Flint were until recently white cities that have suddenly and disastrously converted to black cities.

Oakland was a White city up until WWII. Detroit went into disaster with the riots.

It's not as Black as it used to be because of Hispanics and gentrification but it's still a Black city.

The government is pro-Black and the police are neutered. ATVs on the streets. No bicycling at night.

Black city.

Anonymous said...

A big thanks to everyone for the responses, concerns and the sage advice. It is truly appreciated. I agree with nearly all of it and hope to put much of it into play.

To answer some of the questions presented:
I do have a number of hand guns and am proficient with them as well as basic CQC.
I do unfortunately live in the 275 loop...ugh.
I drove through the east side over the weekend and it was like another world. So clean.
My father-in-law used to live in Adams County. We would take him to the local Walmart to get groceries when we visited. It was the cleanest, whitest store I had been to in decades. Everyone was so friendly, just stopping in the aisles, catching up, saying hi. The children were well behaved and well mannered. It was amazing. A different world.

My wife actually came home this evening and brought up the subject of moving soon. Apparently some of her colleagues are making plans to do the same thing. This is wonderful news!
I had never thought of renting out the property in lieu of a quick sale. Thanks for that suggestion as well!

I agree with many of the posters here that this year is going to be one long, hot, chimp-infested summer. Hope everyone stays safe out there and we all come through to a brighter future.
Thank you all. It's good to know that you are out there. Sorry you're all as fatigued as I, but it's nice to know I am not alone.


Ex New Yorker said...

Anyone living in or near the DEAD ZONES should get as far away from the jungle people as you can. There are safe FREE ZONES all over America. If you can get to a rural area where there are horses you will be in a spot where you can survive. Horses do not need gasoline which will be one of the first things to go if there are any black outs, large earthquakes or war. If no horses than a good solid DIRT BIKE for each family member if you are far away from any small towns. Spares tires, repair kits and air pump will also come in handy. I read all kinds of survival stuff before 2000 and on all the list were a dirt bike.

The elite have been digging underground cities for 40 years in preparation of something. They are well stocked with food, water and other supplies. What do they know that we don't. Will they be letting Latrina the jungle girl and DeShawn the jungle boy to move in with them. Will they invite you and me to live in their bomb proof bunkers. Don't count on it.

If and when the great empire crumbles away we are all on our own. Will your church going neighbors help or hinder you. Who will be your true friends. And most important of far away are you from the wild men living in the jungle. Fuck all this bullshit about WHITE PRIVILEGE and WHITE GUILT. The most important thing at the moment is WHITE FLIGHT. The further you fly the safer you will be.

Paul is right. Our job is to survive. We can rebuild from what we salvage from the ruins. THE MEEK WILL NOT INHERIT THE EARTH. They will be the first to go.

Anonymous said...

"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members."

KATC-TV's brief on Coretta Williams' son:

Gene Williams III, 19 aka Li Gene
Arrested six times since 2012, including drive-by shooting, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, and most recently, aggravated assault in October. He's never been convicted because most of the cases are still pending, and he was acquitted for attempted murder at one point.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder... have the members of the local ACLU been doxxed yet, and if not, why not? Ditto Ms. Williams and all her children, if living separately. Make them feel the heat.-------------

can you please explain? doxxed?

Anonymous said...

I wish that blacks hated the snow and cold. Maybe they tolerate it because of generous welfare payments. Only reason for Detroit, Flint, Bay City, Saginaw, Baldwin Mi., and other black enclaves that dot Michigans landscape. Turn off the welfare spigot and southbound caravans will roll. Glorious sight indeed..

Oh they hate it. Just look at pictures of Chicago when it freezes. Whites will be out jogging with smiles and Blacks will be in parkas and looking miserable.

The cold Northern air also dries out their skin. They just aren't built for cold areas.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but an empty lot on the block is probably better for property values than an orc-occupied house.

I'm sure everyone knows how to effect this transformation.

And remember to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

Racoon said...

Detroit Refugee got it right:

"Including blacks in the video tells me this guy knows the score. Not only does he have to worry about the violent predators on the streets, he must pander or lose his job.

February 23, 2016 at 3:27 AM

Elected Police officials - Sheriffs, Commissioners etc etc. The system has got to go. Too many political considerations are imposed upon these officials, which means they are handcuffed by popularity contests. Pay these officials appropriately, as high-level public servants, and remove one huge impediment that prevents them doing their fucking job.

Crazy, crazy system!

R_Moreland said...

This is something for all law enforcement personnel to consider: that groups like the ACLU are opposed to you. Look at the hypocrisy. While the ACLU may talk about the First Amendment, it attacks the free speech rights of this law enforcement officer.

And it is not just the ACLU, but much of the mainstream media, academia, "activists" and what is laughably called the "government." You can see how they took the side of the rioters in the recent Black Lives Matter disturbances. And they appear to do the same with gangbangers and other urban guerrillas making police duty increasingly hazardous. Blacks in the streets provide the muscle, while the ACLU et alia egg them on and provide legal cover. You have to consider them the real criminals.

Anonymous said...

Remember the movie "A Time to Kill" based on the Grisham novel from the 90's? There you had the little black girl beaten and raped by "white supremacists", an act of savagery that actually pales in comparison to what transpired here in Detroit in the real world (given that the black girl actually survived, for one).

Well that was the decade of peak White guilt.

I don't think it is a coincidence that White guilt hit the down-slope with the advent of the internet.

Before the internet the liberals had an easier time maintaining the idea that all racial stereotypes were false. Of course many assumed Blacks had higher crime rates but it was still a mystery due to liberal domination of the media and conservative cowardice on race. The internet made the FBI stats available to everyone at the dismay of liberals. The fact that liberals refer to themselves as "pro-education" is a joke. They long for a dark age where information related to race is under their control. They know damn well that the facts related to race are not on their side. Once a White person reads about FBI crime stats they can't unlearn them. They can watch a dozen White guilt movies but they will still know that Black crime levels are in fact well above average. This availability of information incenses the liberal manipulator. No longer do his one-way mediums have the same effect.

Liberalism thrives where information is controlled. It falls apart like a deck of cards if all countering arguments are on the table.

Pat Boyle said...

The Anonymous at 7:54 PM tells me that I am wrong. He says Oakland is a black city. To bolster his assertion he cites a YouTube video that shows a lot of Oakland negroes cavorting in cars.

I had a boss once who lectured me on the characteristics of Ireland after I came back from my Irish vacation. He had seen a movie. What a mindless boob.

According to Wikipedia Oakland is 34.5% white, 28% black and 25.4% Hispanic. It is true that Oakland was almost all white before WWII but it is much less black than it was when I first came to the Bay Area. The Hispanic sector is growing but the white sector is stable.

Of course it doesn't look like that to the media. Across the Bay the media lives and San Francisco has driven out it's black population. When I came west there were black slums in San Francisco. But today the black population there is down to about six percent. When the San Francisco media look around from their largely black-free city they see Oakland and think it's Africa.

If you come across the Bay Bridge you land in Oakland at sea level. Or rather Bay Level. As I explained before the flat lands of Oakland are very black. Go up a couple hundred feet and Oakland becomes Hispanic. Keep going up and it becomes white.

We don't have any blacks in my neighborhood. We don't have any crime. And we don't have any cheap real estate. Even modest homes cost a million dollars or more. Berkeley is the same way or more so. The flatlands are dangerous but the uplands are safe. They had better be safe. The city government took out all the cops years ago. We pay for them but they all work at lower elevations.

Please don't lecture me about demographics from knowledge gained from YouTube.


awakened white said...

I like Higgins too, minus the whole 'race doesn't matter' 'colorblind' stuff. I definitely know its coming too. Powder dry!

Anonymous said...

Imagine in the future:

Today, Police Chief Smith promised to apprehend and incarcerate the ruthless gang of rapists and murderers known as "Black Plague".

Family members of Black Plague stepped forward to the media to discuss the chief's controversial remarks.

One loving mother, Shaneequa Jackson, who's son is accused of raping and killing a 12 year old white girl, said, "How dare this police chief describe my little baby as a no good criminal. He is a human being that has feelings too, just like the chief's family. And to talk about incarcerating my boy is like saying he is a non human animal that deserves to be put in a cage. The racism is unbelievable. My son is a good child wnd loves God. Everyone makes mistakes in life.

PaintJob Theory said...

"According to Wikipedia Oakland is 34.5% white, 28% black and 25.4% Hispanic. "

Naught for nothing, Pat, but that sounds like Hell on Earth to me. If my little town had a negro population of 3 (that's three negroes, not 3%) I'd be putting up the For Sale sign. While I hear there are Mexican workers on some of the dairy farms up here I don't ever see them around town and you'd have to drive about 200 miles to get a proper taco.

I'd encourage you to pack up an RV this summer and visit some of our member's towns in the pacific northwest or come up to rural Maine and see what real white America looks like and I can assure you you will return to Ookland and see it for what it is, an orc infested shithole.

"can you please explain? doxxed?"

Their personal information (name address phone number, etc.) published online.