Thursday, April 21, 2016

Irredeemable: "Think Before You Thug" a Message for Blacks from City Leaders, Cops in Dallas

The old metaphor of "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic" comes into play here. 

No offense to any Texans reading this, but I've never understood the whole mystique about the state. 

Houston is a nightmare, and Dallas is nothing more than a laboratory for showcasing black pathologies on a daily basis.
This isn't a joke...

Now this. [Dallas’ spiking murder rate sparks ‘Think Before You Thug’ movement, Dallas Morning News, April 20, 2016]:

 Former crooks, community leaders and cops have a message to Dallas’ gang members: “Think before you thug.”

City Council member Erik Wilson announced the provocatively named awareness campaign Wednesday at City Hall. Wilson said a recent sharp rise in violent crime and slayings – Dallas had 14 more murders this year as of Monday than the city recorded on the same date last year — prompted the effort.
“This is an important issue,” Wilson said. “One life lost is one life too many.”
The campaign is similar in some ways to the pro-Dallas police campaign Operation Blue Shield, which also pushed a community awareness message. But unlike that campaign, “think before you thug” will not be led by business and political elites, Wilson said.
“This is not a top-down effort,” Wilson said. “This is a bottom-up movement.”
Wilson said the effort will rely on community leaders and reformed former gang members, such as Pastor Omar Jahwar and Antong Lucky, to get the message out. The duo, who were former gang members, attended this year’s State of the Union address as guests of House Speaker Paul Ryan. They are also close associates of former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders and have done consulting work for Dallas ISD.
The target for the campaign will be high-crime areas in the city. Police have lined up a community fair meant to spread the word. It’s set for 11 a.m. May 21 at 9759 Forest Lane in far northeast Dallas. The event, sponsored in part by radio station K104, includes basketball games, guest speakers, free food and a job fair.

 There are no lifeboats to seek refuge in from the sinking remains of the experiment once known as the United States of America. 

America is irredeemable. 




Anonymous said...

If one could "think" thugging would not be necessary, would it?

Fed Up in Middle America said...

How many fights, stabbings or shooting will occur after this dog and pony show. You put that many Orcs in one place and the odds are pretty good that something bad will happen.

Unknown said...

"Think before you Thug." It's catchy. Why not, "Look before you Spook." Or "Figger before you ..." (rhymes with "figger.").

I'm out. What do the rest of you all have?

Anonymous said...

I can see that campaign spreading to multiple diverse cities where the streets have gone wrong. If only it had been implemented months ago, maybe this father would have thought twice about using his kid as a human shield when confronted by cops. The same kid that shot himself in the face as a toddler a few years earlier when he found his father's pistol. Of course mama sow denies calling the cops (no snitchin!), and that it was the same kid in both cases.!/108324/1a8720a98a09edcd9fcad2559208378f

proudyt said...

More fucking community basketball games ? I wonder how many will be shot at this event. You want to stop the violence ? Public fucking hangings. So sick of the bullshit.

Mr. Rational said...

Typos in post:

I've never understand the whole mystique

Did you mean "I've never understood," or "I'll never understand"?

from the sinking remains of the expert once known as the United States of America.

Dunno what you meant there, but I really doubt "expert" was it.  "Experiment"?

Let me know when the books ship.

Anonymous said...

PK -

Google Haurka Weiser Austin.

The rest writes itself...

Anonymous said...

Texas is nothing now but a state full of punks. Negroes control all of Houston, Dallas, most of the larger cities. Your classic Texan "conservative" is one Michael Berry, a white AM talk host who has 3 Somali adopted children. Texas is no longer what you believed it to be.

tens please no twenties said...

. Police have lined up a community fair meant to spread the word. It’s set for 11 a.m. May 21 at 9759 Forest Lane in far northeast Dallas
Anyone want to guess how many acts of violence will take place during or proceeding this event.
These people know better. You can't have more than two blacks together in the same place without TNB occurring.

Anonymous said...

There's that word again - "Think".

If you know anything about blacks, you'll automatically know what's wrong with that statement.

Anonymous said...

treated as human when they are not. never were.

Californian said...

Here is a question: Is there any major city in the Homeland which has a large population of Africans that does not have a major criminal element? It's always some bizarre parade of prayer meetings, vigils for peace interrupted by gunfire, initiatives by civic leaders looking for photo ops, streets gone wrong, shots ringing out, the nightly parade of black suspects being hauled off in 'cuffs?


After a while, it becomes a grotesque parody of itself. One might be inclined to sit back and enjoy the festivities like some kind of bizarre sequel to D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation. The dilemma is that Africans are dragging America down with them.

Anonymous said...

“Think before you thug.”

Oh yeah, just what we want, thugs thinking. Then again, what would they think about?

Ruminating on

Anonymous said...

Black girl beaten to death by a gang of black girls in a high school bathroom in Wilmington

. Remember ... They are just like us.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Former gang members turned pastor`s".... Nothing more need be said.

Stay alert, stay alive.

NY Girl said...

Why are you hating on Texas, Paul? They're the only state legally allowed to secede, and IMHO will be the backbone of America 2.0 one day.

And I love the name "Think Before You Thug." It's just a hop, skip and a jump away from "Goddammit, Stop Being Niggers!"

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

You are right about the big city areas of Texas being showcases of post-modern, 21st century dysfucntion. The orcs in Houston & Dallas, the libtards in Austin and San Antonio and the shit traffic in ALL the cities listed above.

But once again, there is growing talk of Texas seceeding from the USSA, and we could probably pull it off. We are the second largest state in terms of area, behind Alaska. We are the second most populous state behind California.

If we were to seceed, we have a few other things in our favor. Economically speaking, we would be the 7th or 8th largest economy in the world, depending on which source you want to go with. We have several ports on the Gulf Coast for trade. Texas's electrical grid is not tied into the national grid. We also have a population of about 28.5 million people, which puts us right between Australia and Canada, the real difference being that most of is are armed. To quote Woody Harrelson from Zombieland: "Thank God for rednecks!"

Not trying to antagonize anyone from PA, but Texas is the new Keystone State. If Texas pulls out, several other states might very well leave as well. There was an article at I read earlier this morning that was posted yesterday. 439 comments as of 3AM CDT. There are LOTS of people talking about secession and not all of them are in or from Texas.

I don't know if things are heading towards a Second Civil War for sure, so it's kinda early to be talking about a new confederacy. And hey, maybe if there was a network of alliances in place, some sort of mutual aid arrangement between neighboring states, perhaps things could be stopped short of armed conflict. If the feds started to realize that an incident in Oklahoma would bring in help from Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado and New Mexico, they might think twice about trying to get away with a Waco 2.0.

Just think if the states were to start withholding tax receipts from the feds. Starve the beast. Why keep sending billions in revenue to DC and getting back pennies on the dollar?

Anonymous said...

How can this possibly fail?

You've got gang members-turned-"pastors", Deion Sanders, basketball games, free food, and a job fair!

Bill in St Louis said...

Think before you thug.

Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha!

The sad part is that no one involved in this, from the mayor to feetsball star Dijon Mustard, can see the irony. Thanks for the laugh, PK. This (almost) makes up for trying to read about the evangelicals who gave birth to black triplets, by poluting the wife with adopted black embryos. After reading that, all I can say is: What



Anonymous said...

OT, inspired by St. Freddie, Baltimore residents illegally try to polish a turd, and complain when they are shut down.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a baby name beginning with an "A".

Shaking Scrabble pieces in a Popeye's Chicken red soda cup and dumping them on the table has so far yielded no result.

But now that I've seen "Antong" I believe my search is over. I'm not going with the common spelling, however. I'm changing it to "Anttongue."

I'm a pest control technician, and Baby Momma be an entomologist n' shit, so that's just about perfect.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the kind of events at which shootings often occur? I advise white people to give it a wide berth!

Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit. Another worthless plan to stop n!@@ers from being n!@@ers.
They can't help it, they should be encouraged! Just confine their behavior to their own areas.
Make death quick and public for the killing of a non-n!@@er.


Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit. Another worthless plan to stop n!@@ers from being n!@@ers.
They can't help it, they should be encouraged! Just confine their behavior to their own areas.
Make death quick and public for the killing of a non-n!@@er.


Anonymous said...

Yes, America is irredeemable. Let us who frequent this blog create bumper stickers and T-shirts with this slogan as a method of preliminary identification; a graphic ice-breaker if you will. The letters “AI” could be used as a calling card or symbol, representative of those who can see. Others would simply ask, “What does AI mean?” To which we would respond: “America is Irredeemable.” Of course, if they were to ask you why, you could be in for a long conversation. A short response could be to explain the secondary definition for “AI”: Aryan Intuition (Intelligence).
On a lighter note, how many White or Asian parents in Texas this morning felt compelled to tell their offspring to “think before you thug today sweetie”, before putting them on the school bus?
“AI” my friends…..

Anonymous said...

OT bust must see:

(Trigger Warning)

Leave some tasty comments!

Paintjob Theory said...

So it seems that basketball, job fairs, "community leaders", washed up nog celebrities, and "reformed gang members" on their own don't seem to put a chain on the chimp but perhaps if we combine them all together that'll be the magic juju ritual that'll finally get blacks to behave in a civilized fashion. "Think before you __________" as a program, that for a species without the forebrain development to think more than 30 seconds into the future, is going to take about a quarter million years of evolution to implement.

Have you ever had to give a pill to a dog so you wrap it in butter or ground beef to coax them into eating it? In the same way, we wrap the bitter pill of a job fair and a lecture about trying to act human with a free feed and some basketball. I see the real Achilles' Heel of this plan (apart from the genetic incompatibility with civilization) the 11am start time. What self respecting nocturnal predator is up and about at that hour of the morning?

Honest to God, this insanity has to end. At what point do we collectively realize that our best efforts since we first discovered these creatures have all failed to tame these savages? When do we take a factual account of genetics and history and realize that the best we can ever hope to achieve is just insulating our own culture and civilization from their dysfunction through segregation or Jim Crow?

Any of you history buffs feel free to chime in on any historical periods of mass psychosis/delusion/insanity that may be useful parallels to examine.

Anonymous said...

Thinking requires a brain capable of that. The thought patterns of the common nog go something like this; looks at muh, gibs me dat, u raciss, muh dik, dis-ru-spec. That's it. Seriously, that's it. Tell a dog to think before it pisses on a fire hydrant. You'll get a better response.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how it would have all played out if the Neanderthals had survived and the negroid species had gone extinct.

Something tells me that our Neanderthal brothers would be much more compatible with us than the negro species is.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I suppose they´re using basketball, free food, and a job fair as attractions because lord knows those things have worked so well in the past. Let´s see, what is the definition of insanity again?

Anonymous said...

That area of northwest dallas is a formerly nice white safe area that has transformed into a Section Ape hell zone of crappy apartments full of violent blacks.

Anonymous said...

Since the dawn of the Civil Rights movement, think about how much money has been spent towards uplifting blacks from their mental stupor. Think about how affirmative action-which is nothing more than the 'soft racism of low expectations'-has been instrumental in passing laws and hiring requirements in both the public and private sectors. Reflect upon just how often white Americans are reminded they are racist towards blacks (the white privelidge hoax, commercials depicting blacks as reasonable, wise, with stable families vs whites as stupid, capricious, foolish and in need of black assistance & guidance(wtf!).

Then imagine, with all this effort and treasure being expended, what blacks could have accomplished if they were actually capable of taking advantage of all the breaks they have been showered with?

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Since the beginning of time and the advent of civilization, every group of people encounter obstacles to progress and basic problems that must be solved for their societies to continue operating fluidly. This can range from how to feed the population, dispose of the waste, how to make use of the land, how to enforce contracts, what to do with the sick and disabled, etc... all the way to modern, highly complex problems like how to safely mine and secure uranium so it can be enriched for medical isotopes to treat cancers identified by cutting edge biological research. Generally, the ideas and solutions come from the most intelligent individuals within the group. Groups that are composed of higher intelligence populations are always able to derive workable solutions, which then in turn permits elevated standards of living for everyone, because such societies have a high concentration of innovators and problem solvers. The origin of agriculture and humans settling down in large numbers together is dated somewhere around 8,000 B.C., so we are therefore entering our 10,000th year of this cycle - encounter problem, find solution, implement it, deal with next problem to arise, repeated ad infinitum until we reach the stars. Some populations are better suited than others for problem solving, and the nature of the world's nations reflect which populations are and aren't.

Part of the reason that blacks, wherever they are, always produce communities or nations in shambles is that they simply lack the raw numbers of high intelligence persons to draw from for higher minded ideas, and those that exist do not generate good solutions to problems, specifically detailed strategies with clearly defined steps that would potentially make the proposed solution successful.

Take something like this murder problem in Dallas. The black "leaders" idea of problem solving consists of tossing out some empty slogan meant to be "catchy," coupled with a vaguely stated end goal based entirely in hope, and most telling of all, absent of anything resembling strategy. It is like a business preparing a mission statement but no business plan, and wondering why they can't make it. Six months from now they will be astonished that the "plan" failed, and will counter with something equally absurd and useless.

The best solution their leadership can come up with is to tell uneducated, unemployable, intoxicated, violent, low IQ blacks to "think" before they "thug."

Really? Do they believe that is the magic trick that will have a profound impact that makes the dindus stop? Is that all it takes? Why didn't someone ever think of that before now?

But in the black mind, this is an original idea and truly innovative, with a high probability of success. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Orcs stabbing, shooting, maiming, and stomping one another to death is a glorious thing! It doesn't happen nearly enough! Yt needs to sneak into the hood around 10am when all the bangers are into their 3rd hour or so of slumber and paint opposing gang signs on their nests to ramp up wrong place wrong time and skreets gowan wrong
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

Gang banging for Jesus! Jesus guide my chopper! This shit writes itself and is the main reason my "give a fukr" is broken.
Ohio born

chattanooga gal said...

"Figger before you ..." (rhymes with "figger.").
don't think anything can beat that one. pretty much on the money.

SB said...

O/T , but check it out(Trigger Alert!!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a story!
They are just like us.

Bill in St Louis said...

My faith in humanity is restored.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

We don't have to go back very far at all.

But we can. There was a frenzy in Europe as the the year 1000 approached. People were sure the end would be soon. In medieval Europe, from the 13th through the 17th century, there were episodes of the "dancing plague" or the dance of St. Vitus.
Then there was a guy by the name of Torquemada, who was quite efficient in the art of torture for the Church during the Spanish Inquisition. (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) How about the Reign of Terror after the French Revolution?

The Salem Witch trials of 1692 proved that American colonists were susceptible to mass hysteria as well. How about the years leading up to our Civil War? Missouri Compromise of 1850, Bleeding Kansas, John Brown raiding the arsenal at Harper's Ferry?

Moving into the 20th century,some of the crowd behavior that Leni Riefenstahl caught on camera at the Nuremberg rallies in Triumph of the Will looks pretty close to meet the criteria.

The infamous "War of the Worlds" broadcast of 1938 - my grandparents told me their recollections of that little event when I was writing a paper for my American History class as a high school sophomore. This was the early 1980's, so there was also the whole nuclear freeze movement going on. There was an ABC made for TV movie called "The Day After", as well as the theatrical release Wargames, followed a year later by The Terminator. Hollywood loved to beat that particular drum. Much more recently, the whole Y2K scare comes to mind.

Even though we can be pretty smart on a one on one basis, once you are dealing with groups or crowds, the lowest common denominator comes into play, even with white people. The melanin enhanced tend to devolve much quicker in group settings.

10mm AUTO said...

This is a farce on its face. Grammatically diagrammed, it first advises the reader to stop, to pause and reflect and then GO AHEAD AND ATTACK.

It is not advisory; "Think, do you really want to attack?"

or admonishment; "Think, Thugs hurt everyone!"

or even congratulatory; "Think, Smart negros don't thug."

No, this says "Think before you thug". As in "do you have your gloves on, no cameras in sight, target is a White woman so probably not carrying a gun, no cops around...ok perfect, I have thought this through. Now I can Thug!!!

Filthy, disgusting negros.

Remember, where there is one negro, there are two or three coming up on you Six.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Texan. The big Texas cities are overrun but only blacks and libtards live in the big cities. The rest of us either live in the suburbs or the country; which is where "Texasc actually exists. Houston and Dallas are no more Texas at this point than any other major fuxated city.

Anonymous said...

"Think before you thug" is selling the bros short. They think "I'm a kill that mofo!" and then they immediately thug. Their thinking and acting sequence is very fast and very simple. Asking them to count to 20 before they thug might slow things up a bit. Or make change without a computer telling them exactly what to do might almost halt thugging although drastically increase the number of cash registers shot.

Truly quarantine in high-rise ghettos with all services and schools in the building is the best answer (don't forget the Planned Parenthood). I know it bothers some whites to see the results of that much dysfunction splatter on the concrete from the 10th story windows but I suggest those people move far away and pretend it isn't happening. A news quarantine on such an area would help save the DWL/SJW feelings. The newsmen could be persuaded to stay away if the police refused to provide protection for their forays into the concrete jungle. And not many SJWs dumb enough to go there would make it out alive or unscathed.

After all, high-rise living is very desirable in cities like New York and Chicago. I think our darker less fortunate should have the same amenities as the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

I thought of Texas as 'North Mexico' --full of browns.

and -- Leave some tasty comments! WaPo I assume will block or censor. If it does not, let us know.

race mixing
adding to black population
not having 3 YT kids
financing 3 blacks


feel free to add to my list

Anonymous said...

also notice how media NEVER [tmk[ mentions--
White males dont date black gals
White gay men dont usually mate w blacks
yellows avoid blacks


just when YT race mixes is that 'news' [propaganda].

AzDesertRat said...

"But now that I've seen "Antong" I believe my search is over. I'm not going with the common spelling, however. I'm changing it to "Anttongue."

That is the funniest thing I have read all day. Thanks for the laugh anon.

Major1 said...

Somewhat off topic...

I had the morning off from work and as I made coffee I flipped on the news and the very first thing I hear is "...the family wants answers."

Boom. I immediately knew a black had died somewhere under sketchy circumstances and his family was laying the groundwork for lawsuits and other money grabs. Next image on the woman, relative of a deceased black male, demanding to know how this could have happened. Next image is a video of what happened.....a pack of low-rent inner city blacks/Hispanics/vibrants milling around in front of a convenience store in Chicago, surprise surprise they start fighting, one guy gets his lights put out and later dies.

So, online I go. Sure enough, the family has filed an array of lawsuits against everyone and everything even tangentially involved in this horrible tragedy. You can look for the victim to be exalted as the usual identifiers....good boy, honor student, aspiring rapper with dreams of going to college, dindu nuffin, blah blah blah.

Okay fine. Black male dies violent death in Chicago. Anything else?
Yep. Next news story.....I kid you not. "Family wants answers."

Wait....for real? Is this the same story again?
Nope. A black high school girl was beaten to death in a school bathroom by a pack of other black high school girls.
Beaten. To. Death. In a school bathroom. By teenage girls.
And her family? Well, they, of course, want answers. Something tells me that very soon those answers will be lawsuits filed against the school district, the vendors who stock the lunchroom soda machines, the company that manufactured the bathroom sinks, etc etc.

God this is so depressingly predictable. The phrase "Same shit, different day" has never been more applicable.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way to have an orderly peaceful neighborhood/area/city with a large negroe population is to have a LARGE police presence visible at ALL times in ALL places, and those police must be free to use physical violence immediately and severly when a negroe or negroes commits a crime or is about to commit a crime. Thats it. They ONLY respect violence and they only behave when they're afraid they're going to be beaten. They need to know they are ALWAYS being watched, and not by cameras- cameras are not enough, they lack the cognitive ability required to understand that cameras can cause them to be beaten- they need to see actual police and nightsticks and guns and they need to know that when they get beaten by the police nobody will care- there will be no marches, no federal or executive actions will be taken against the police.

There is no other way to have a sizable negroe population without constant violence, crime, abuse, neglect, theft, drugs, gangs, and general misery.

Anonymous said...

Got Whitey on the Moon in the mail recently, PK. Thank you. I think the best use of the book would be to give it to a potential convert of race realism, or at least let them borrow it. Agree?

Anonymous said...

Or as Confucius once said, you can't take the jump out of the frog, the bark out of the dog, or the nig out of the nog.

Anonymous said...

Lol. A job fair for thugs? Give me a break! They're no more interested in jobs than some ghetto sow with 5 kids living off the taxpayer and getting tons of gibsmedats each month. Besides, with their narcissistic mentalities and off the charts self-esteem, they'd never lower themselves to take a job commensurate with their educational levels, skills and abilities. Each one would expect to be earning big bucks in a low impact job while wearing designer clothing and sitting about feeling all special and sheeit.

How about a "Learn Before You Earn" program? That would be guaranteed to cause offense and screams of "disrespek!" or the old standby complaint of "dat be actin' white!" Combine that with the "You owes me!" entitlement mentality and such a program is stillborn from the moment of conception and on auto-reject. Ditto for any "Go To Work, Not Berserk!" anti-chimpout program.

The thing is people have to understand the low mentality of the orc population. In that regard, I offer the following tale: A negro I had the misfortune to vaguely know was arrested for being a whoremaster with a stable of street ho's and was scheduled to appear in court on the charges. Anyone with any self-respect or sense of shame would be mortified to be involved in such a gutter existence and humiliated to be publicly exposed for it. Not the negro. He showed up to court with a posse of his homies and all were wearing T-shirts emblazoned with "Pimpin' Ain't Dead" printed across the front.

Job fair? Bwahahaha! That's the stuff of comedy right there!

Anonymous said...

No offense to any Texans reading this, but I've never understood the whole mystique about the state.

Houston is a nightmare, and Dallas is nothing more than a laboratory for showcasing black pathologies on a daily basis.

There is a mystique to the state. You just have to avoid those cities to understand it.

Anonymous said...

Houston and Dallas are truly ran by morons.

Think before you thug? Can they not even come up with a grammatically correct name for their campaign? Or is thug now a verb?

What I can't believe is that Blacks will even commit crimes like armed robbery in the state of Texas. It's not Chicago, they will actually lock you up for the rest of your life.

The same goes for Oklahoma. You would have to be a total idiot to commit any type of gun crime there. The population is armed and the judges are strict. But I've watched many First 48 Tulsa episodes and you can guess who had the leading roles.

Anonymous said...

Oh man....this is freakin' hilarious. Quick video here....catch this wonderful example that illustrates the absolute pinnacle of civilization here in beautiful 2016 BRA. Irredeemable indeed!

Anonymous said...

A catchphrase is all they can come up with?

You take people that have no problem with murder and you try to change their behavior with a catchphrase? My God this is so retarded.

Black leaders and idiot liberal Whites have no where go to. They have no serious solutions because they are unwilling to face the underlying cause. All they can do is come up with these pointless programs to make themselves at least feel better.

This country is sick. Homicide rates in Black cities are escalating and the media and liberal Whites are upset over losing a gay pop star to AIDS. Oops I mean the flu and other complications.

Anonymous said...

Saw this comment on the Dallas news website:
How about a "think before you pass civil rights legislation" movement.

How about
Think before you reach conclusions on race and evolution.
Think about DNA before trying to reduce poverty.
Think instead of accepting liberalism.

chattanooga gal said...

"Then imagine, with all this effort and treasure being expended, what blacks could have accomplished if they were actually capable of taking advantage of all the breaks they have been showered with?"
you can compare that to practically ANY other emigrant group, such as the Vietnamese. Even the Mexicans usually can expect some advances in succeeding generations.

Anonymous said...

The duo, who were former gang members, attended this year’s State of the Union address as guests of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

And some members of the GOP still don't understand why so many of us think their party is a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

@Gwoobus—well said, sir!

Y'all come to Austin. Yes, it's a liberal town. But who would you rather have for neighbors—gays and professors and artists and hipsters—or blacks? The negro population of Austin proper has actually decreased. Go downtown and there's a sea of white faces. There is no ghetto here. The hipsters gentrified East Austin and pouched the blacks out to Pflugerville (ruining Pflugerville). There are a couple of rough neighborhoods, but nothing like you have in the really big cities.

Yes, there are blacks. And a lot of mestizos. But we're pretty well segregated.

Why do you think Austin has been the fastest growing metro area for many years?

Houston IS a nightmare. I think it's something like 1/3 black, 1/3 White, and 1/3 Hispanic—roughly. People say its a city of the future because of this diversity. Puke.

Some reading:

Me, I'm sure I'll end up in a small town someplace as I get older. Someplace midwest or west and white. Any ideas?

Y'all have a good day!

FlowerBell said...

They want to possess our hair, our eyes and our skin. They also want to absorb our uncanny ability to thrive in literally any conditions on earth. They don't hate us for our abilities they hate themselves for their own inabilities by comparison. Pathological jealousy.

Californian said...

Think of this set to the tune of some 1960s Broadway musical, later made into a major motion picture...The Sound of Mayhem or West Side Shakedown. The sort of farce that MAD magazine used to do, but coming to a suburb near you!

Hug before you mug
Sob before you mob
Diet before you riot
Scoot before you loot
Run a lap then aspire to rap
Sing out before shots ring out
Unarm before you inflict harm
Hands in air, the cops will be fair
Be keen before you're a dead teen
Send a hash-tag before you gang-tag
Don't take a fall, play midnight basketball
High-five before you drive-by
Ruminate before you Section 8
Cogitate before you exterminate
Don't be mad when schools go bad
Turn on a light when you act white
Sing a song before streets go wrong
Show some luvin', don't do nothin'
You're in luck if you can find a cuck
Drink Tang(tm) before you gangbang
Start to think, mix up some purple drink
Better to brood than shoot up the 'hood
Protest NASA, YT is still the slave massa
Don't use a MAC-10 to kill faster, instead become a pastor

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

So "thug" is a verb now? Among many other things this population does that astonish me, the wolfpack beatdown these savages regularly administer to the English language is mind-blowing

Anonymous said...

The only way for peace is extermination of the negro. End of story. Everything else is bull-shit!

Unknown said...

Even though I have a horrendous toothache today and am feeling miserable, this story did lift my spirits a good bit.

"Think before you thug." As hopeless and depressing as our situation is here in America (and Europe, and all other White countries) I nearly spit my coffee out when I read that one, in a fit of hysterical laughter. Here's yet another simple mindless chant composed of a few words that they can say when some news reporter asks the nogs what their message is. They always have to have a simple slogan such as this, because the negro mind does not have the intelligence to give an actual explanation. A simple slogan consisting of no more than 4 words is all that the negro brain can remember.

A job fair, seriously? Even though they're offering free food at this event (this is an attempt to get the negro to show up) , I consider Job Fairs as Negro Repellent. It's likely they'll show up for the free food, which they'll gladly partake of, then book it outta there as soon as the food is all gone.

The picture is also amusing. You have tons of hoodlums pointing at their nigg noggins, which oddly resembles the gesture of holding a gun to someones head. I love the token white cop kneeling down at the front, holding his finger to his head. I can guarantee that the gesture I described is what is going to be occurring, instead of the thugs thinking, there will be only more of them blasting peoples heads off.

"Well, I wuz gawn blas dat mofo away wit muh piztul cuz I be wantin dem fly Air Jordans he wurn, but I pawzd ta thank an spekyalayte. Iz chanjd muh mine an dusidid aint werth it."

Are there any official stats on how many murders have been prevented due to these absurd programs? Has BLM actually prevented any crimes? Looks to me like murders have actually been higher than normal this year.

Anonymous said...

Reverend Bacon said...
"Think before you Thug." It's catchy. Why not, "Look before you Spook." Or "Figger before you ..." (rhymes with "figger.").

I'm out. What do the rest of you all have?

How about:

Do some think'n befo actin' like a sh**skin".

Paintjob Theory said...

"And some members of the GOP still don't understand why so many of us think their party is a bad joke."

Do you think they care? At the national level they are all every bit as Marxist as the other guys, and besides, what are you going to do, vote for Hillary or Bernie? As long as the sheeple keep voting for these clowns "because at least they're not the Democrats" you will continue to get more of the same.... opposition in rhetoric only as the continuity of agenda towards world socialism marches on.

Anonymous said...

55 million Latinos from a story on Drudge, majority Mexican.

This is the reason Trump is surging, they are about as bad as the nogs especially the 2nd generation. Like the Moslems they have endless grievances against white people for their own failures, especially the 2nd generation, more so than the first generation. This country is screwed if this isn't turned around and quickly, too. They are not your friends even though you know a good one and the gardener is always friendly. Stick to the devil you know.

NY Girl said...

No Son of Africa need ever get up before 3pm again, now that McDonalds has all day breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Aware Whites will fall back to defensive positions in all-White towns; the cities and nigrified burbs will be the battlegrounds.

It will be very ugly.


NY Girl said...

I worked at a company that was very in to technology, efficiency, and problem-solving. They implemented a database to track issues as they arose, and adopted a drill-down system to determine what the real underlying issue was, aka a Root Cause Analysis.

The problem with all these "programs" is that a true Root Cause Analysis would reveal the three biggest issues to be 1). Black People, 2). Everything Black People Say, and 3). Everything Black People Do.

Now, how exactly do you go about fixing that?

Anonymous said...

Y'all come to Austin. Yes, it's a liberal town. But who would you rather have for neighbors—gays and professors and artists and hipsters—or blacks?

I've been to Austin, the Whites there are DWLs that will trip over themselves in explaining how they're not racist or how Austin isn't like the rest of Texas.

I'd rather live in majority Mexican town like El Paso than Austin. The White liberals of Austin are especially vain and naive. They believe in paint theory and see themselves as living in a 99 degree Portland. Bunch of wannabes that are trying so hard to separate themselves from Texas. It's a place where you can't buy a coffee without some liberal slobbering about their opinions.

Me, I'm sure I'll end up in a small town someplace as I get older. Someplace midwest or west and white. Any ideas?

I'd look at Montana first. Just drive around until you find a town that feels like home. I've seen Idaho and Eastern Washington suggested but they get pretty hot in the summer. It really depends on what you like to do. Northern Idaho/Spokane is all about golf and fishing while the Boise area is dry and hot but has a nice downtown. Alaska is great if you don't mind the winters.

There are also still a lot of nice places in the South. Rural Tennessee is incredible. New Mexico and Arizona have a lot of nice towns as well.

Anonymous said...

But Prince! what about prince! Everywhere I look on the computer it's Prince! Prince oh Prince!

I'm negro fatigued something awful today.

Bird of Paradise said...

These totaly uncivilzed brutes need to be return all back to africa the entire bunch and Obama included

Anonymous said...

Here's the stuff the enemy is doing. Ya gotta fight this tooth and nail, or it's just over for White people in America.

Fight, fight, fight...

joshrandall said...

Guests of Paul Ryan? That guy is super CUCK!

Anonymous said...

More stupid than "Just Say No".
Right up there with the midnight basketball games, anti violence marches, etc.

Houston just got a $2.5 million muzlim library. Puke.

Anonymous said...

Help is on the way, obese n*ggers!!

Pat Boyle said...

The other day I suggested that we should develop the infrastructure to be able to mount a camera on minor offenders the way we currently put a boot on them. It seems to me that such a program has some chance of working whereas the goofy 'think before you thug' campaign will be forgotten in a few months.

Rather than put minor offenders on probation we should just make them wear a body camera for a year. The camera should be tough and cheap. It should be mounted on their shoulder next to their head facing forward. This position would have a good view of what they see. It would also clearly mark out the person who was wearing it. Others would be able to clearly identify the bad guys when they saw them on the street or driving a car.

If someone's camera was damaged or missing the perpetrator could be put in a cell for the remainder of their term. It looks like all cops will soon be wearing cameras too so the courts will have two views of many arrests.

The main objection that the civil rights attorneys would probably have would be that having a camera beside your head would make it tough for the criminal wearing the device in a job interview. But this problem could be overcome with some appropriate government program. Basically the lawyer's complaint is just asserting that a criminal has the right to go unobserved amongst his potential victims. I'm not a lawyer. Is this currently a right? We require sex offenders to register and we reveal them to their potential neighbors. This shoulder camera seems like much the same thing to me.

If we are serious about curtailing crime we are going to have to make some adjustments. I'm suggesting that all criminals after conviction who are not to be locked up or executed should wear a prominent video camera which keeps track of their goings and comings. This camera would be spot-able by normal citizens and that would probably affect their behavior.

Such a plan would broaden the range of punishments available to justice. For example, imagine a sixteen year old who has beaten up some kids in high school and has been found with stolen property on him. This is basically the Trayvon Martin case. Instead of doing what was done in reality with Martin - essentially nothing - imagine if we had just put a camera on him.

Wearing a camera he could still go to school but he would probably be reluctant to beat up other kids in the halls and stairways. He would probably lose his job as a spotter for his burglary ring. He would also probably think twice about attacking George Zimmerman if he knew he was on videotape. If Martin had been wearing a camera there might never have been an incident at all.

Imagine all the trouble that would have been avoided if Michael Brown or Freddie Gary had had a camera on their shoulder and were recording everything that they did or saw.

Paul is wrong. America is redeemable. We can work our way our of this mess but it will be a long, long struggle. It took nearly a century to dig this hole we find ourselves in, so we shouldn't expect a quick emergence.


Anonymous said...

Making the fFacebook rounds now on DWLs pages. Get a glimpse of the rot in their heads...

PK, you gonna LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't put up a fight in 1964 & 1965.

Anonymous said...

Love 48 Hours, I have NO idea how closed caption can decipher niggerbabble but it does, otherwise I could not understand what was happening.

Anonymous said...

Bill in St Louis mentioned the story of the Beta-Cuck Christian that let his wife have black triplets (he has other black adopted keedz, too)...

dude. seriously.
If this is what it means to be a Christian then I do hereby accept Satan as my Lord and Master... someone pass me some Deicide albums.


--- Jefferson

Anonymous said...

Dixie here -

Count to 20 before they thug? Who knew they could count!

"Can't take the nig out of the nog." I think that's the winner for this thread.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT, but I think they finally found a plan that will work. We will all remember where we were on this historic day that New Orleans came up with a way to stop the violence.

SKIP said...

N.Y girl said "And I love the name "Think Before You Thug." It's just a hop, skip and a jump away from "Goddammit, Stop Being Niggers!"

Keep this up, I love it. Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Laura, its 'all a dodge'--iow, negroes get money, hopeful stories in media, shuffle the deck and deal, again n again.


Anonymous said...

Waste of my time reading it, irredeemable is right, the younger generation are brainwashed morons, save the planet, global warming, feeling sorry for blacks, to each their own.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Isn't "thug" supposed to be racist code for "nigger"? So why would our dusky brother's promote that? I guess if you're white, you must say "T Word".

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

I was thinking; when you consider the horrors of our industrial food system (factory farming) on this planet; that pigs are as smart as a four-year-old child; smart or smarter than the family dog.. and they suffer so incredibly terribly (as do cows, chickens etc.).. why don't we just FEED black people.. to other black people..? it's a non-renewable resource after all apparently.. why not make it pay off in some way.. ? juss sayin..

Anonymous said...

Maybe Berry wants to have some pro afleets in his family tree. Like the seven foot tall Sudanese who emigrated to Canada and said he was only seventeen.
So he enrolls in High School and becomes the star of the varsity basketball team. It takes six months to figure out that Mugumbo is really twenty-Nine. Dat be racist and cruel to make a poor African child proove who he is before giving him the key to the country.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

We have to go to world star hip because you know somebody filmed that.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

How about " You can take the ni99er out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nig99er.".

Anonymous said...

So they want them to stop and think about consequences. Maybe they are getting closer to the core of the problem i.e. that ability is sadly missing.

Shame about the wording , makes it sounds like its inevitable that they will carry on in any case. Maybe dont thug, think! but once again mission impossible.

Anonymous said...

Are you a "third generation Texan"? My time in Texas showed texans to be arrogant, patronizing femmies.

Anonymous said...

At times I think R. Crumb is secretly in control. Obama is not real. He is a creation of Crumb. Mr. Natural has evolved into Trump. This secret control has been going on for some time. George W. Bush was Fritz the Cat.
When he was in an especially bad mood, he dreamt up Hands Up Don't Shoot.

Anonymous said...

Whoops earlier I left a comment in which I mistakenly wrote "northwest Dallas" in relation to that area of northeast Dallas, referred to in the article, that has been wrecked by black Section Ape apartments. I meant to write northeast, but FUNNY ENOUGH, in northwest Dallas near Frankford and Marsh there is a large section of black section ape apartments there too, and there is also the usual high crime and shootings etc that go along with them.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Looks to me like murders have actually been higher than normal this year.


From what I´ve read, statistics bear that out, Laura. You have to remember, the weather´s not even warm yet in most parts of the country. The negroes will push the envelope this summer. We all are in for a chimpout on a massive scale. There is no doubt in my mind. I try to be positive as much as possible, but this could be the year when we go full absurdity cannot endure much longer. It gets more and more bizarre each day.

Anonymous said...

Paintjobtheory,u need a baseball bat upside your freaking head!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic branch of humanity these negroes are.

And what makes dealing with them even more difficult is that they don't have enough intelligence to understand just how intellectually challenged they are compared to the rest of humanity.

Most of them cannot reason...they are befuddled by logic...they lend themselves to childish outbursts followed by ruthless violence.

Their females long for flowing Caucasian/Asian/Latino hair....they yearn for European jewel green or baby blue eyes...they lighten the skin of their faces with make-up....and yet...deep down...they have a burning hatred for us.

Their males long for the prized blonde haired blue eyed woman by their side...while all the while hating her very heritage.

They cry about black lives matter...yet are killing each other in record breaking numbers.

"Think before you thug" clever they must think they are to have come up with that little jingle.

All I can say is that the black reign of terror is coming to an end. I give it no more than 15 or 20 years. By that time the Asians and the Mestizos will have enough political power to undo all of the harm done by the white liberals.

And yes...hopefully I WILL be here to see it all happen.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Excellent list! These could be used as "prequel" phrases so that the court stenographer doesn't have to record "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Anonymous said...

"Ook Before You Spook"?


Hey, at least give your victim a warning.

Mr. Rational said...

Rather than put minor offenders on probation we should just make them wear a body camera for a year. The camera should be tough and cheap. It should be mounted on their shoulder next to their head facing forward.

Not gonna work, they'll just take it off.  Make it a collar, locked like an ankle bracelet, with multiple cameras.  Have it record audio and video, and give it WiFi or cell connectivity so that it uploads to a remote server as it can (especially in real time if e.g. gunshots are detected nearby).

Make wearing a hoodie or otherwise covering the lenses a violation of terms of release.

When the consequences of 24/7 monitoring drive them up the wall, give them an option to renounce their citizenship and take free transport and a stipend to go somewhere in Africa.  It'll be cheap whatever it costs.

Anonymous said...

Cute phrases such as "Think before you thug" are a last gasp effort to redeem what little is left in a failed program. That program is the "Great Society" of LBJ. It was then that the libtards of this country began to push the idea that the negroid was our equal and that if we just threw enough money and social programs at this group, we could raise them to human status. Well, we all now where that got this country.

These rhythmic and rhyming phrases appeal to the groid on the primitive level of the jungle. For a nano second, the groid is transported to a distant campfire in a far away land where it gyrates and connects with its ancient ancestors. Unfortunately, this other worldly experience lasts only a moment and the negroid is returned to the street corner, the back alley, the vacant lot where its frustration and despair ius taken out on the nearest White

There is no hope, no program, no cute little phrase that can turn a primitive, brainless and souless creature into a member of society.

Wayne and His wife.

Anonymous said...


I checked to see if there was a comment section and saw there isnt one so i didnt read the article.

If i didnt want to contribute i would read a magazine.

Anonymous said...

"NY Girl said...
I worked at a company that was very in to technology, efficiency, and problem-solving. They implemented a database to track issues as they arose, and adopted a drill-down system to determine what the real underlying issue was, aka a Root Cause Analysis.

The problem with all these programs" is that a true Root Cause Analysis would reveal the three biggest issues to be 1). Black People, 2). Everything Black People Say, and 3). Everything Black People Do."

Good point as far as it goes but I would suggest drilling down a little further. As everyone here knows the nogs don't have the intelligence or skills to organize anything beyond their local stupid marches, they are anarchists. The giant welfare system i.e. Section 8, AFFH, SNAP, EBT etc. were not invented by nogs nor are they the prime beneficiaries.

Drill down a fraction of an inch beneath the nogs and you will always find several layers beneath the nogs propping them up and directing them. They are just the noisiest and most visible but least powerful part of the problem. Someone else always profits off of nog dysfunction.

First there are the useful idiots i.e. college students, professors with beards, professional agitators like the ACLU, $PLC etc. right behind the nogs providing the organizing skills, logistics such as transportation, food, housing etc. and communications. Nogs cannot do those things. The MSM of course is the publicity department for all of this.

Another fraction of an inch deeper and you find the U.S. Government actively promoting protests, rioting and civil disobedience through the "Justice" (sic) department. The U.S. Government has actively promoted an anti-YT agenda since 1964 (Thanks Pres. Johnson!) through so called "civil rights" legislation and "immigration reform" since 1965. The legal system through court decisions has waged war against YT for longer than that.

Further down, about a mile below are the George Soros types, funding everything through their Tides Foundation and other communist front organizations. These are the greater enemies, the real enemies without whom we would not be troubled by "civil rights", AFFH, Section 8, immigration etc. If the Soros types and their pals and the twisted webs they weave were exposed then the ultimate root cause will be exposed and things will start to make sense that don't make sense now.

non-DWL from NE
BHO insulted the whole UK

Paintjob Theory said...

@ Pat Boyle's camera idea.... Isn't repatriation or segregation much simpler? Simpler still is to cut funding for and fire every government parasite and agency responsible for funding these beats and let them simply starve to death or die of exposure.

Bill in St Louis said...

--- Jefferson

April 22, 2016 at 5:28 PM

Sabbat is also a good choice, Hosanna in Excelsis is great to have ready in the CD deck when driving through the city, and at a red light you hear "Boom..BuBu Boom... 40 bitches, nine yo" or some other such crap.

Anonymous said...

Love the ending to the article that was posted earlier,

Many years ago, when I was in a stall of the men's room at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, I overheard one black man say to another, neither of whom realized I was there: "White Man's day is gonna come." I kept quiet, hoping to avoid detection. "Mm-hm," the other agreed. I thought: Jeez, I better tell the other White People! But in the end I spoke of it to only a few close friends, so they could make their preparations. I figured: We've had our fun. And, after all, everyone's day comes in the end.

I tell you this story now only because it's too late. My friends, the White Man's day is upon us.

With Whites like this why worry about blacks.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Making the fFacebook rounds now on DWLs pages. Get a glimpse of the rot in their heads...

PK, you gonna LOVE this!

"A letter to my fellow white people", by Tim Kreider. Short version: "We white people are evil, but it's OK, our day has come. Just relax and die gracefully."

Kreider. That's a good old Scottish name, isn't it?

These "white" people (when it suits them) are relentless, and so transparent.

SKIP said...

" Or is thug now a verb?"

I think it is a noun describing black men.

Awakened white said...

1:30pm I can't stand them either. Their dribble in the stores. Some 'family values' alright. I hope sure hope Trump builds that wall. I'd help design it.

SKIP said...

" We can work our way our of this mess but it will be a long, long struggle. It took nearly a century to dig this hole we find ourselves in, so we shouldn't expect a quick emergence."

And let's face it, a lot of violence will be involved.

Anonymous said...

Another Florida Guy


What a remarkable incredibly astute summary. You literally have explained as clearly as possible why distinct differences exist among various Nations....races actually.

Truth lover said...

I agree, but the George Soros types also run almost the entire world's banks and therefore control the entire world's money. They also control the entire world's media.