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Not even a $100 Gift Card Could Save It: Last Vestige of Historic "mecca of black culture" in Indianapolis Sold

Read this story with an exceedingly discriminatory eye. [Indy's oldest African-American church sold for hotel space, Indy Star, 4-9-16]:
Indianapolis’ oldest African-American church has been sold. With it goes the last of what was left of Indiana Avenue, historically the mecca of black culture in the city.
By August, the 150 congregants of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church at 414 W. Vermont St. will move out of their historic Downtown building. The buyer, Indianapolis-based SUN Development and Management Corp., plans to redevelop the church and its adjoining parking lot into two hotels. A clause in the sales contract stipulates that as much of the structure be preserved as possible.
A church fundraising effort to pay for $2 million in necessary building repairs came up far short.
“It wasn’t even a drop in the bucket of what we needed,” the Rev. Lewis Parham said.
The pastor, who has been at the church a little over a year, said he will miss the sanctuary, with its brightly colored stained-glass windows and the high archways of the decorative wooden ceiling, the most.
Bharat Patel, chairman of SUN, said the company has not decided which hotel company will occupy the space. SUN plans to build a replica of the church on what is now the church's parking lot for the second hotel. Patel said the company expects to include a small bar and cafe in the hotel that will face the Downtown Canal.
"I think it will be good commercial development down there," he said. "It’s long needed."
Patel said the company is doing a structural study to determine how much of the building can be saved. He said the church's tower and front facade will remain. He said the company is working with historic preservation groups to determine the best methods of saving them.
"That church has a wonderful history, and we would at least like to have a monumental preservation of it," he said. "We would like to build a building that would mimic the church."
Patel would not disclose how much SUN paid for the property.
The Indianapolis chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in the building. In an area of the city once considered Indianapolis' black residential neighborhood, before Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis was built, the building was home to many cultural events.
That history began to be stripped away as developers centered Downtown, building the college campus, high-end apartments and space for leisure activities. Parham said the new infrastructure, development and urban renewal projects forced out the black community.
"It completely changed the makeup of this area of the city," he said.

Although he has been at the church for only a short time, Parham said he does not want to see new development erase the history of people of color in Indianapolis.
"I respect and honor the history that has gone on here," he said, "the sacrifices that have been made."
The pastor said the congregation will move to a new and undetermined location, where "the evangelistic efforts we make would be more successful," and where there are residents with young families.
Last fall, Bethel was approached by multiple potential buyers, including SUN, Parham said. However, the church refused at that time.
In August, Bethel had hosted a community discussion and asked the 20 people in attendance whether to sell the building or make the repairs. Bethel has a mortgage on the building, built in 1869. The $2 million in repairs would have included putting on a new roof, fixing the foundation, adjusting the floor joists and replacing the electrical system. Church members felt confident they could raise the money.

The church made direct appeals to friends and family and created a page on the GoFundMe fundraising website. Parham said it was told by a Texas organization to expect $300,000 within five months once the GoFundMe page was active. Instead, the fundraising result was a $100 gift card from an Indianapolis resident and $11,000, separate from the GoFundMe campaign, in donations from church members, most of whom are on fixed incomes, he said.
“We were totally just disappointed,” Parham said. “People want the building to stay, but people don’t want to do what it takes to keep it here.”
The pastor said SUN approached the Bethel AME church again in February with a higher bid, though the amount was not the highest the church was offered.
“Considering the dollars that were involved, plus some of the other aspects of the contract, we thought his offer was the best,” Parham said. “His offer was one that would not call for demolition of this building.”

hurch historian Olivia McGee-Lockhart said the building has been a landmark for many visitors to the city. She said congregants have always been concerned about social justice in the community and have worked alongside many groups, though she said it's hard to find in the written history of Indianapolis.
McGee-Lockhart said her hope is that their history of social justice and dedication to improving the quality of people's lives won't be lost when members move to their next location. She said erasing black culture and people of color from Downtown will contribute to an impression that Indianapolis is not welcoming to them.
"You look around, and you don't see any evidence of the African-American culture," she said. "Without any concrete evidence, I think it would have an effect."

McGee-Lockhart said congregants meet people because of their closeness to the canal, and many are surprised to see the church. She said other than Madame Walker Theatre Center, the church is the last piece of black history Downtown. However, the historian said it's an accomplishment that the church lasted this long.
"You cannot talk about this city," she said, "without talking about the African-American community."
 All that was left of the "mecca of black culture" in the city of Indianapolis could only muster a $100 gift card (odds are only $1.14 was left on it) and $11,000 of the $2 million needed in funding for the necessary repairs to keep it open.

Without a black population in Indianapolis, you literally wouldn't be able to comprehend the value of the real estate in the city; with a city that is 28 percent black, only a $100 gift card and $11,000 were raised in five months. 

Don't worry though, as the true cultural contributions of blacks to the city of Indianapolis are still quite clear: just ask Amanda Blackburn's family.


Anonymous said...

OT (well not really): And here I thought it was genetics? I guess I stand corrected.....

-JSF- in Minneapolis

proudyt said...

"You look around and you don't see any evidence of African American culture". Does that include no thievery, crack dealers,prostitutes,rap music,pants sagging and hoodie's ,running red lights and stop signs,loud cursing in public places ,rape and murder,McDonald's wrappers all over and I'll say it again that fucking rap music ? Sounds very nice.

Anonymous said...

"You look around, and you don't see any evidence of the African-American culture," she said. "Without any concrete evidence, I think it would have an effect."

Evidence of black culture such as:
Garbage everywhere
Broken down cars
Gunshots throughout the day/night
Bruvas hangin' on da corner
Crack houses
Bad zip codes
Bad skreets
Bad schools
Hurricanes of violence
Unkept properties

What a shame to have lost these things....wait...they just moved dey culcha somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, changing gears for a second ...

Before it's taken down, an excellent mostly truthful article about Chicago's repeat BLACK offenders, and the poor sentencing guidelines that exacerbate the problem...

thank you

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Having spent a lifetime living in and working on old houses, I have to wonder how many years had gone by without doing proper maintenance and upkeep for repairs in excess of $2 million are necessary. A new roof can be hugely expensive and the average life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof is about twenty or twenty five years if you´re careful to clean out the gutters and not allow huge drifts of snow to sit too long a time on it. You can save even more if you replace the shingles before any dampness reaches plywood under the shingles.

Old windows can be problematic if they aren´t scraped, primed, and painted every ten years or so. In old structures you will usually find lead paint and it´s usually oil based, which brings you have two problems: lead can be a bio hazard, especially to children, as it tends to chip off and the newer water based paint doesn´t adhere to it, and the wood beneath is exposed to the elements which can cause expensive damage.

That being said, what exactly were these groids doing over the past thirty five years or so that their church would need two million dollars worth of repair? It´s fairly apparent they have no conception of what it takes to keep up a property.

As many of you know, I´m an amateur real estate investor, always looking at what´s on the market. I´ve been lucky to stay out of the market and avoid getting burned during the last blow up and I see another one on the horizon. It´s always interesting to see the black owned houses and their various stages of disrepair. In the rare case when someone tried to ¨fix¨ some place up, the results are truly comical, nine times out of ten.

I´ve seen countertops installed directly over windows, blocking the lower quarter windowpanes. Sometimes you´ll see light fixtures mounted unevenly on the ceiling or walls. The replaced plumbing fixtures and tile jobs are usually pretty f´d up, too. Cap all that off and throw it in the middle of a horrible groid filled hood, and you´ve got yourself a monument to negro failure on a grand scale. Think I´m kidding? Do a tour through ReMax or some other real estate company for Ferguson, Mo, zip code goan roan 63135, 63136.

Some of it is a real crying shame when you think of all the great, white prosperous people who once lived in these formerly nice houses. More proof that negroes destroy everything. It just took them a little longer (1869) to destroy this church.

Anonymous said...

I think the words "black" and "culture" should not be used in the same sentence.

I prefer "black chaos", probably more suitable and perhaps more accurate. Negros lack any semblance of culture.

According to a definition I found, culture is "the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively"

I have yet to see a collective of negro achievement resembling the above description of "culture".

The definition of "chaos": complete disorder and confusion.

That my friends is a very accurate description of the negro condition!

Anonymous said...

PK please cover this,

DWL journalist asks dumbest question of the year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure Indianapolis still has PLENTY of "African-American culture" ...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are too busy buying and doing drugs, and killing.

In this situation Blacks have truly shown that Black lives and so called Black history really do matter to them. / sarc.

The only time Blacks matter to Blacks is when communist Nazi George Soros pays them to care.

Anonymous said...

Well, it does show us how much blacks "value" their own history. And how irrelevant it is to them. They may have low future time orientation, but also very little appreciation of their own past.

Anonymous said...

Black "Christianity" is nothing but a looks at muh clownshow. Yelling and dressing like they are supposed to be part of some Vegas sideshow. They have to put their lazy, loud, and obnoxious spin on every white institution to "make it they own".

White churches and priests don't routinely hide, protect, and advocate for white criminals and killers. Black churches are a complete sham, along with their "revruns".

I love how they take something that is completely devoted to God and find a way to make it primarily about themselves. Well, not really, I don't love ANYTHING about blacks.

Anonymous said...

Check this article out:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nearly a dozen students and their parents have filed a class-action lawsuit against New York City claiming public schools are so dangerous that it has deprived them of their constitutional right to an education.

The federal complaint, filed in Brooklyn on Wednesday against the U.S. Department of Education, asserted that the "staggering" level of violence in city schools disproportionately affected minority students.

"The violence knows few boundaries, except that, on average, white and Asian students encounter far fewer incidents of school violence than black and Hispanic students," the lawsuit said. It also claimed that younger students, disabled students and gay, lesbian and transgender students are targeted more frequently for abuse.

Notice how it is once again whitey's fault?

Anonymous said...

Another article regarding another shocking discovery:

African Americans and Latinos in California are more likely than others to lose their driver's licenses because of unpaid tickets and then to be arrested for driving with suspended licenses, according to a report released Monday.

In Los Angeles County, black people make up 9.2% of the population but accounted for 33% of those arrested for driving with a suspended license from September 2013 to September 2015, the report said.

In San Francisco, 5.8% of the population is black, but 48.7% of those arrested for traffic warrants in 2014 and 2015 were African American. Whites make up 41.2% of the city's population but accounted for only 22.7% of the arrests, according to the lawyers' group.

So apparently this shows police/government bias because blacks aren't committing crimes on par with that of whites.

You know what a logical person would surmise from this report?

That black people ARE INCREDIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE and do not respect or feel the need to follow our laws.

Gotta love how logical consequences to black misbehavior and law-breaking always lead to one thing- racial profiling!

Anonymous said...

"Mecca of black culture"????


What, did it have a big shiny cubic magical space rock in it that bazillions of Moose Limbs circumnavigate compulsively and repeatedly between bouts of stampeding each other to death and dispersing communicable diseases?

Not even anything that advanced--i.e., the Dark Ages.

Mecca of black culture. I say again:


Anonymous said...

For something so historic, you'd think Hussein, Michele, and all their groupies could come up with a little something from their pockets?

PB said...

I'm sure there's plenty of evidence of African American culture down at the nearest courthouse.

Steve Smith said...

“People want the building to stay, but people don’t want to do what it takes to keep it here.”

Typical. Let someone else do the work.

Brian in Ohio said...

Sounds like a great location for a hotel with TRUMP in big gold letters across the front. lol

Seriously tho, Indy needs more jail space, not hotels.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Good, continue erasing all evidence that orcs violated our sacred spaces. Erase the buildings, then ship the negroes back where they belong - Africa.

ot: hey American Male Gay Community! Proud of your boy Dennis Hastert? Yea, we want you out teaching the Boy Scouts.

Oh God, what happened to our country??!!

Trump 2017. Please!

Anonymous said...

If YT doesn't pay, no one will. Why didn't they ask the race profiteers to pledge money? Surely by both black and reverends Jesse and Al would see the importance of keeping this historic landmark and symbol of historic value.

NY Girl said...

"Parham said the new infrastructure, development and urban renewal projects forced out the black community."

What the hell are they complaining about? The "black community" probably sold ttheir property to the University developers for 10x what they paid for it. Whitey should be so lucky!

chattanooga gal said...

" Parham said he does not want to see new development erase the history of people of color in Indianapolis."
welcome to the club. we don't like it when you erase our history, tearing down historic civil war monuments, either.

Anonymous said...

Evidence of African American culture? There's gots to be houzon projex in Indy somewhere.SHEEEEEEIT!

White Mikey

Anonymous said...

"That church has a wonderful history, and we would at least like to have a monumental preservation of it," he said. "We would like to build a building that would mimic the church."

Funny that we never hear that sentiment in reference to the civilization whites create that blacks destroy.

Anonymous said...

O/T but interesting:
I watched the Ray Charles movie "Ray" the other day. In the film, Ray is banned from playing in Georgia because of his opposition to Jim Crow. I was curious so I looked it up on Wiki and found this:

"- In the scene where Charles is about to enter a segregated music hall in Augusta, Georgia, in 1962, a group of civil rights activists protesting just outside the hall successfully persuade him not to perform; Charles then declares that he will no longer perform in segregated public facilities and in response, the Georgia state legislature passes a resolution banning Charles from ever performing again in the state. In reality, a group of civil rights activists did successfully persuade Charles to reject this invitation, but the advice came in the form of a telegram rather than a street protest;[8] Charles also did make up for the gig later, and was never banned from performing in Georgia and still accepted invitations to perform at segregated public facilities.[8]
- During the final scene in the film where Charles' version of "Georgia on My Mind" becomes Georgia's state song, Charles is congratulated by his wife Della, and a resolution is also passed to lift the lifetime ban he had received in 1962 after he declared he would no longer perform at segregated public facilities. In reality, by the time "Georgia on My Mind" became Georgia's state song in 1979, Charles and Delia had already divorced, so she wasn't present when Charles performed at the Georgia State Legislature;[8] and since he had never been banned from performing in Georgia in the first place, no such resolution was ever passed."

This isn't Hollywood taking "artistic license", this is propaganda plain and simple. This is how our history is unofficially being rewritten. People see this shit and take it as gospel without question.

Anonymous said...

A litte off topic but more pandering to rap vermin...

Anonymous said...

850,000 people in Indianapolis, 28% black. That's about 225,000 blacks. Do the math, comes out to about $9.00 bucks a head. But blm........oh wait yt was supposed to pay

Anonymous said...

You look around, and you don't see any evidence of the African-American culture," she said.

I look around and I see a whole lot of AA culture: shootings in Chicago, slashers in New York, affirmative action at my university, media talking about what dindus cannot get, achieve, and "disparities" compared to everyone else and lastly, cucked out politicians enabling black pseudo-victimization subculture.

This is an example as to why black "culture" sucks. All we witness is deterioration (in all aspects) and stagnation at best. Look at their communities: you cannot extract enough tax money from them to improve their neighborhoods and schools so they fall apart.

With that being said, why would any sane person expect to receive generous contributions from them to revive one "historical" church?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why the word "historical" is always inserted in the description of their garbage?
Talk about a species that needs stroking 24/7!!

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Pay attention to the role of DWL Republicans in this. The story notes that there was an organized, concentrated black community before urban renewal (driven by WASP Republicans like Mitch Daniels) built Indiana University on top of what was their neighborhood. The fact is, those close-in urban districts are valuable land, and will get more valuable as the gas needed to commute miles each day gets more expensive. Destroy the black community for the purpose of connected developers who want their land, and you get black dispersal into formerly white neighborhoods. Since the blacks cannot afford to move there at white prices, crime serves as the spur to get whites to abandon their lands and houses at prices blacks CAN afford.

The WASP Republican mayors in Detroit did the exact same thing in the 1950s, with the goal of uprooting the close-in black neighborhoods centered on "Black Bottom." Their "urban renewal" destroyed the neighborhood while replacing it with some Mies van der Rohe townhouses that are still highly valued today. This sent the blacks into Catholic ethnic neighborhoods of whites, controlling the Democratic political power and making sure that Cavanaugh in the 60s would be the only white Catholic Democrat mayor. The WASP Republicans won their battle with the Catholic White Democrats, and the city of Detroit was destroyed in the ensuing war.

Frankly, Black Bottom might have been a black slum, but it birthed the singers and performers of Motown. say what you will about that era, it FAR exceeded the cRAP that followed.

Paintjob Theory said...

"You look around, and you don't see any evidence of the African-American culture,"

I look around in my chicken coop and don't see any evidence of culture either. Just mindless, soul-less animals acting on base instinct.

Dressing like clowns and hooting and hollering on Sunday morning in some colorful 'looks at muh' mating ritual is no more cultural than a rooster crowing and strutting with his tail feathers on display. If you want culture, visit the Louvre, Buckingham Palace, or the Pantheon.

A crumbling building that white Europeans likely built isn't evidence of "culture" but evidence of decay, rot, and/or parasites. It's not like this church has stood and been maintained for the last 150 years and just was hit by lightning or a tornado. It is highly probable that no maintenance was ever done at all. The negroes state of evolution is that of a primitive hunter/gatherer or scavenger. Once the resources in an area have been consumed, they shuffle off to another area where the low hanging fruits are more bountiful.

I also got a chuckle out of the comment about the local Africans being 'on a fixed income' which I guess is newspeak for "welfare". Fuck you, Sambo. I haven't paid myself a dime in the last 2 years trying to grow a new business and have been relying a great deal on what I can grow, raise, and forage myself for food and I managed to give a little bit to PK in his last fundraiser (then again I also have savings).

60% of these shit-monkeys would starve within 2 weeks of a breakdown of the EBT card system, another 39% would starve if we turned off the spigot on affirmative action do-nothing makework jobs. There can't be more than 1% of the entire population of these primitives that could survive without the constant support from whites.

Anonymous said...

No black culture? Come to metro Detroit. You can bathe in black culture. It's everywhere you look. Streets gone black, schools gone black, stores gone black, houses gone black, abandoned cars and litter by the ton. Robberies and assaults. Drive by shootings and car jackings. Rap and hip hop blasting from uninsured cars. Welfare, food stamps and Medicare abound. To top it all off we also have constant bitching about 'being black'. Africa has nothing on us! Well, maybe animal safaris, but we can work on that.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "shots ringing out..."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent opportunity for outreach in the inner city. We at Conserving Urban Colored Kids believe a difference can be made in the lives of many natural conservatives by supporting projects such as saving this church. As you may know, the Reverend Martin Luther King, jr., was really a small government conservative. By saving this monument to civil rights, we can get young black people off the Democratic Plantation and into the voting booths where they can help us stop that raging madman who is out to destroy the GOP, Donald Trump.

D. Luded Wright

Anonymous said...

You can see black culture 24/7 in Indianapolis. Turn on Fox 59./ WTHR 13/ WRTV 6 and get the latest crime reports. Look at your mortgage statement and see why you have to live in the doughnut counties if you want to give your kids a decent and safe education. Fifteen years ago, movie night at Circle Center Mall was a treat; you don't dare go down there now.

A month before Ferguson, Indianapolis was one bullet away from a similar type urban meltdown. Don't be surprised if Indianapolis makes national news this summer with some kind of Chimpout.

Howard W. Campbell


(Way off Topic:

If PK will allow, I wish to ask for advice concerning my Depression. This previous week has been my worse episode.

I've had it all my life, but the last 5 years have been difficult and the last year, horrible. I've seen a psychologist for the last year, and it has helped, I'm on a low does of Prozac, and I am not the least bit religious, but I am not getting better.

Without getting into more detail, etc. my request is for literature, or books, etc. that some of you may know about that can help. I love to read. It is the only place I can "escape" (I can really concentrate when I am into reading), I refuse to drink, gamble, blow money, chase women, or take street drugs, etc., but I feel I am losing the battle yet I have two young children I need to raise (second marriage). When they are adults my job will be done.

I'm not ashamed to state all this. I have not made any attempts to take my life, but I think about it way too much. I'm intelligent enough (book smart, 3 college degrees) to know I need help but have little trust in "medication" and Psycho babble.)

Mr. P.K., if you don't post this, I understand.

Anonymous said...

He unwittingly answers his own question:

"Austin also has a large minority population with Hispanics making up 35 percent of the population. Jacksonville is 30 percent African-American."

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed to state all this. I have not made any attempts to take my life, but I think about it way too much. I'm intelligent enough (book smart, 3 college degrees) to know I need help but have little trust in "medication" and Psycho babble.)

Experiment with your diet. Try going organic or removing dairy. Also try removing or reducing gluten. Some people are very sensitive to certain foods and additives. Make sure you get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise, outdoor if possible. Don't live in gray area especially if it is liberal. The combination of gray skies and liberal idiocy will make anyone depressed. Being depressed in a city like Seattle or Portland is the norm.

I don't have depression but I have seen how much location, diet and exercise can affect mental health. In fact I think medication and psychoanalysis are unnecessary 99% of the time. I suspect our country's mental problems are a combination of unhealthy diet and culture.

Anonymous said...

(On the movie Ray)
This isn't Hollywood taking "artistic license", this is propaganda plain and simple. This is how our history is unofficially being rewritten. People see this shit and take it as gospel without question.

Yes and this is why White people need to stop watching that crap entirely.

Paintjob Theory said...

@ Centurion.

Please get yourself off the SSRI drugs ASAP! I've seen many people about whom I care deeply turned into zombies from that stuff. If you've been taking them for a while you'll need to be incredibly careful tapering off. Stopping abruptly can cause psychotic breaks. There's a storm coming and you certainly do NOT want to be a slave to a drug habit when the SHTF.

After that, I'd start with the obvious stuff. A proper diet and exercise often does wonders, doing some volunteer work or charity (perhaps to help whites in some way) also may help.

You're not going to read your way out of this, get off your arse and do something. You don't think your way into right acting, you act your way into right thinking.

If you live in African America, leave immediately. Do whatever it takes to move to some small town white-opia. As many have mentioned you don't even realize how badly being around black Africans every day drains your mental and emotional resources. You notice it only by contrast when you remove yourself from their presence for a little while.

If worst comes to worse I know you said you aren't religious, but they say there's no atheists in a foxhole. Perhaps try to ask God to help you out. You have little to lose by giving it a whirl, I've met plenty of folks that have had good results with that method of overcoming adversity, while I can't say it's been my silver bullet for life's problems, it's certainly worth a shot.

An even more practical method I've used in the past is to go out and buy 8 or 10 pair of brand new socks and wear a fresh brand new pair of socks every day. New socks feel really good and it's a nice way to start off your day for a week or so.

Good luck, we're all in your corner.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read on working as a bouncer in BRA:

Anonymous said...

In response to Centurion, you used to be one of the main commenters leading the charge along side 10mm. Always have loved your comments and views and have enjoyed watching you grow as a writer. As far as suicide goes, what many people don't realize is what a huge "fck you" it is to anyone that loves them when they kill themselves. These are the people who end up suffering, particularly those who loved you and tried to help.

As a realist you should be ecstatic to know that the tide is turning against blacks and BRA- don't you want to be around to see it?

And if you ignore all the above, bear in mind you are a father to young children.

You know what type of man abandons his own offspring? A black man, that's who.

Anonymous said...

Black "Christianity" is nothing but a looks at muh clownshow. Yelling and dressing like they are supposed to be part of some Vegas sideshow. They have to put their lazy, loud, and obnoxious spin on every white institution to "make it they own".

They also have no problem bringing politics in the mix which the IRS ignores because the government treats them like children that don't know any better.

It's actually illegal for a pastor to endorse a candidate on behalf of the church. But in The Wire you see that it is integral for the mayoral candidates to get the endorsements of the clergy because they control the votes of their patrons. That election was based on the author's coverage of the Martin O'Malley mayoral run. O'Malley won by splitting the Black vote and getting key endorsements from Black politicians and clergy. Both the ACLU and federal government give blacks a free pass when it comes to mixing religion and politics.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
Can anyone explain why the word "historical" is always inserted in the description of their garbage?
Talk about a species that needs stroking 24/7!!

April 11, 2016 at 7:14 AM

I think it was a typo on their part again. What they meant to type was *histerical", which of course, they'd even type the word hysterical wrong, because to do it right would be acting white.

Gentrification of an all black (hysterical) church? If it was up to me, after they signed off on the documents to sell the church I would have leveled it with as many C4 explosives as I could. We'd just call it an early 4th of July celebration!

I went to see a shrink last week. I explained to him that I suffer fropm a case of CNFS - Chronic Negro Fatigue Syndrome. I left him speechless. It's almost like he needed to see a shrink himself after that one :)) But I admit, the look on his face was so priceless, it left me speechless, too. We both sat there for a minute and pondered the thought. I wanted to ask him what was really going on in HIS head after that one. Heck, I could have been HIS shrink !!!

Unknown said...

I love you, Paul (like a brother) for all that you do for us here !! I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart. Keep on truckin' man! I hope you're feeling better !!

Of course I love all my fellow posters here, too. It is you that keeps the hope alive for people such as myself.... I haven't posted for a minute, been getting my stuff together a bit at a time... I'm ready to fly up out of Cleveland, possibly a week before the cat. 5 RNC chimpout begins !! As much as I want to see it take place with my own eyes, I think I'd be better off watching it unfold from a clear distance away from these useless, lowlife, worthless groids....

Anonymous said...

By comparison, a few years ago, our congregation of 350 white people raised $120,000.00 in sixty days so that we could install an elevator to all floors of the Church, do some brickwork, patch the roof, and install some new carpet and other cosmetic fixes. The building is as old as African Methodist, if not older, and is more expensive to maintain because of the architecture.

How did we do it? First, we didn't make excuses. We didn't rely on a "go fund me" website A plea was made to members at church. And they responded. Even those on "fixed incomes" who couldn't donate as much money, donated time by volunteering on dinners and bake sales. People were generous with their time and money.

Second, we had members who had businesses and actual trade skills. Most of the money we raised went to materials and the few tasks that our own membership couldn't do. In other words, professionals donated their own time and skills to the project. Had we done a traditional bid, I'm sure the project would have cost three times as much.

Third, in previous years, our church leadership budgeted for repairs and maintained the building. The fixes were "extras."

Fourth, we were able to get support from the community and local government. The zoning/permit process was easy. I believe that non-church members in our community were willing to help us out because of the good we do in the community and that we don't run around disparaging changes in our community or new members of the community. Changes like "gentrification" would be seen as a positive opportunity to expand our church.

What really irks me about this article is the need for blacks to blame whites, particularly so-called "gentrification" of the neighborhood. In the mind of these blacks, it was some circumstances beyond their control that caused the church to be sold. It is not, for example, the obvious mismanagement of the church funds in allowing $2,000,000.00 worth of needed repairs to accumulate.

Gentrification raises property taxes, which can have a harmful effect on businesses or properties that actually pay real estate taxes. I doubt very much that Indiana requires churches to pay real estate taxes, so I feel this claim is suspect. And even if the gentrification drove members out of the neighborhood, am I to believe that there is no bus service to the Church from the surrounding communities? A lot of rural churches have a few vans just so they can pick people up who don't have transportation to and from church. If you ask me, this "gentrification" argument is just anti-white bigotry and excuse making.

Anonymous said...

Centurion- I feel the same way you do. The last 5 years have been pretty tough for me as well. I am replying to anonymous' post to your OP because it is 100% correct and I appreciate anonymous' ability to put in perspective for me.

Anonymous said...

I also got a chuckle out of the comment about the local Africans being 'on a fixed income' which I guess is newspeak for "welfare". Fuck you, Sambo. I haven't paid myself a dime in the last 2 years trying to grow a new business and have been relying a great deal on what I can grow, raise, and forage myself for food and I managed to give a little bit to PK in his last fundraiser (then again I also have savings).

That welfare is SSDI. Liberals will point at lower TANF stats as supposed proof that welfare has gone down but the secret truth is that not only do Blacks disproportionately use SSDI for income but states actually want them to use SSDI over TANF because it is entirely federal. States will even hire agencies to find problems with their TANF recipients. So they take a welfare leech with 6 kids and pay some agency to claim in court that she has debilitating depression. Then they get her on SSDI and save $$ since it is Federal. How disgusting is that? Our states are playing shell games instead of facing the real problem.

Liberals will also not mention that welfare includes Medicaid which is more costly than food stamps or TANF. A big problem with Medicaid is that people will show up to a Doctor's office for the flu or even a cough. So they will run a $500 bill for a cold and YOU pay for it. Then some poor White working bastard gets a disease and is told that he isn't poor enough for Medicaid but doesn't have insurance either. The entire medical system is totally F-d up and a big part is because of liberal welfare and race denial. If Whites had their own insurance pool their coverage rates and care quality would easily top Europe or Canada.

The funny thing is that even Doctors who support universal care still think liberals are race denying morons. There is no race denial in the medical world. You could get sued for malpractice if you rejected racial biological differences.

Pat Boyle said...

Black religion is not primarily Christian. The Christian religions began in the middle East and migrated to Europe. This of course was the path of what we call Western Civilization too. This is not a coincidence.

Civilization on this planet started in the 'Fertile Crescent' - the desert river valleys of the Middle East. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all started there too. These are also called the Abrahamic religions.

African religions are very different.

All the Abrahamic religions have been associated with high civilizations. The Moslems at one time were an advanced people who build edifices in Spain and North Africa of great beauty. At one time Islam was associated with math and science. But they severed their connection with science and embraced a kind of primitive mysticism. Judaism and especially Christianity after Aquinas embraced Science and rationality.

Sub Saharan Africa of course never fostered a high civilization and had no achievements in science. African religions are called voodoo or voudu. There are several strains of these beliefs but they are all similar. First of all they believe in spirits. Modern Christianity thinks that God once created the universe but now it more or less runs on understandable laws. When a ball rolls downhill they think it was gravity, Africans think it was the action of some spirit or demon.

Africans also believe in something like witches. They think when they get sick it is caused by someone in the tribe who wishes they ill. The famous voodoo doll is one example of this. the doll is an example of sympathetic magic. But the most important aspect of this is that someone with no connection to you can effect you through some invisible mechanism.

When American blacks practice Christianity it is usually syncretic Christianity. It still has elements of African beliefs. The most common example of African religious thought is the belief in 'racism' or 'white privilege'. It has proven difficult to shake American blacks free of their irrational belief that they are the victim of the bad thoughts of white people because it is fundamentally a religious belief. It is immune to logic and reasoning. In Africa they attribute illness and misfortune to spirts and witches. They hire a 'witch doctor' to find out who is behind their misfortune. In America they have figured it out. The white man is responsible. The fact that they can never find any evidence of discrimination doesn't matter to them.

Racism is Voodoo.


Anonymous said...

I live in the middle of this cities original "black neighborhood" from before the civil rights Era and now all that's left are the YWCA full of baby makers and the salvation army shelter with howling niglets and big ol mammys pushing strollers......

But in the middle of this neighborhood is the black masonic's been kept up so great that it doesn't even have proper windows anymore....just plywood nailed in place. This is what the great African Community has to show. Of course it's all white people who have taken over the neighborhood now. All the buildings have been gutted and deloused and look pretty again. Last weekend they opened up a big huge grocery in a high rise building next to another high rise building....this is what the proud whites in Madison, Wisconsin have built. Not a bunch of crap one story shacks like the niggas built and left here.

proudyt said...

Off topic,just read Gene Simmons saying NWA should and bands like them shouldn't be allowed in the rock and roll hall of fame. Do you think snoop or fitty cent would appreciate the Beatles being allowed in the hip hop hall of fame ? Couldn't agree with him more. Not a big kiss fan but just gained a lot of respect for Mr. Simmons.

Anonymous said...

They value history so much. They're great intellectuals but everything and everyone connected to the civil war has to be destroyed!
At least until they get enough black monuments built so they can show the civil war was a war between blacks and whites, (and they won their own freedom).


Anonymous said...


I'm not expert when it comes to this. But find a hobby where you can express creativity. I have a very rough life, but I have enough money to chase a decently cheap, rewarding hobby that makes my life worth living.

I love aquariums. I keep some live plants on the inside. I prune them weekly, clean up the algae, watch my shrimp graze on algae and breed. I five siamese algae eaters and 10 cherry shrimp. I've perfected the algae growth in my aquarium so that I never have to feed the fish and shrimp. They depend on me performing weekly water changes to survive. Every morning before I get in the shower I take a picture of my aquarium and compare the pictures. It's awesome watching the plants grow like wildfire.

To perfect the planted aquarium it requires a lot of reading and some basic understanding of chemistry to establish a balance. I also spend lots of times building filters and C02 reactors in my garage. I have a filter with UV sterilizer in it. My water is crystal clear, I can drink from it.

Look into planted aquariums, it's extremely peaceful.

If not find a another hobby. I know this is a generic suggestion, but look beyond woodworking and crap. You just might find yourself in a new hobby. I was never the "creative type" until I got waist deep into this hobby.

Try to get off the drugs. Prescription drugs ruin lives far more than they help.

We need more realists on the team. Don't ever think about harming yourself.

-North Florida Native

Paintjob Theory said...

"public schools are so dangerous that it has deprived them of their constitutional right to an education."

First of all, there's no such thing as a "constitutional right", our rights are derived from our creator and the constitution prohibits government from infringing on them. Second, I have read the constitution quite thoroughly many times and haven't yet found anything in there which gives any branch of the federal government authority or duty to provide anybody with an education, nor any mention that "education" is some form of right. I think these folks are thinking about the 10 planks of communism which demand that the state provide education for all because it sure as shit isn't in any of the founding documents of the United States of America.

Of course the courts and "journalists" (likely comprised of the usual suspects) who make that article possible know this, so putting it out as "news" is intentional propaganda and misinformation.

proudyt said...

No ,the media will find it for them.

Anonymous said...

Whenever a story appears about blacks being driven out of an area, I'm sure everyone cringes as they know that means the unavoidable and inevitable demise of another area that they'll be migrating to. In my town, blacks used to be centered around a riverfront location but it was so valuable, they were "relocated" and a huge hotel complex was built. Thus, the negroes migrated to another area which was formerly considered nice. Thus began its decline into the typical uncivilized negro jungle where numerous businesses get shut down as public nuisances due to all the violence, drug dealing and other thuggery they attract. However, that violence, drug dealing and thuggery would exist in negro neighborhoods with or without such businesses. Negroes simply use them as popular gathering points to express their "culture" and that culture is the problem-not the physical location in which it plays out.

In fact, a club that opened in a non negro area was recently declared a public nuisance and shut down after a huge gun battle took place in the parking lot. That, of course, was only the latest incident in a long list of incidents. Naturally, the club was attracting hordes of negroes and that was the source of the problems- the presence of negroes.

I honestly think that instead of cities declaring businesses to be public nuisances because they attract violent and uncivilized negroes, they should simply cut to the chase and declare the presence of negroes in any town to be a public nuisance. That would be far more accurate and to the point. They should be restricted to their areas and not permitted to spread and inflict their dysfunctional behaviors on the public at large. Segregation and sundown towns are two ideas that should never have been abandoned or outlawed. Doing so simply started the unraveling of civilization. That plus the idiotic policy of paying negroes to breed out of control on the taxpayer's dime and propping them up so they don't turn entire areas into Haiti.

As for churches and other buildings that were paid for, built and constructed by whites and have subsequently been taken over/infested by negroes.....seeing negroes walking in and out of them (to me) is no different than seeing abandoned buildings taken over and inhabited by feral cats. Negroes don't belong in them any more than the cats do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Centurion,

The suggestions that others gave seem like sound advice. Maybe slowing down a bit for awhile and daring to be average would be useful to you, who could fault you for that?Your accomplishments thus far is empirical proof of your tenacity, just don't give up,even when you don't believe a nutshell that is how I beat smoking and booze. Sure hope this is at least a little helpful.Just so you know...You among some others are my favorite commenters here, always something relevant and new to this constant rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Correction to Pat Boyle:Islam may have been "associated" with math and science,but they never produced much of a anything.

Anonymous said...

'For a minute'?....I believe you in fact a negro troll. Whites don't use tthat phrase. At least the educated ones........

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Brian in Ohio said...

Formerly Miss Greenbaum said...
That being said, what exactly were these groids doing over the past thirty five years or so that their church would need two million dollars worth of repair? It´s fairly apparent they have no concept of what it takes to keep up a property.

It´s always interesting to see the black owned houses and their various stages of disrepair. In the rare case when someone tried to ¨fix¨ some place up, the results are truly comical, nine times out of ten.

I´ve seen countertops installed directly over windows, blocking the lower quarter windowpanes. Sometimes you´ll see light fixtures mounted unevenly on the ceiling or walls.

I believe it. Having spent a fair amount of time in junkyards, you can always tell if a negro has owned a vehicle. They`re "repairs" are...creative. I firmly believe this is where the term "nigger rig" originates. The 12 volt electrical system in a car is obviously light years beyond their capacity.

They must have a hell of a time in a state that requires safety or emissions inspections. That's probably why so many of them don't bother with valid licenses or insurance.

The painstaking restoration of a Victorian mansion or a 1967 GTO? These are things white people do. Why? Because these things are more than the sum of their parts. They are worth saving. Just watch This Old House, Yankee Workshop or one of the many automotive shows... All whites....

We build. they destroy.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Get this,DeBlasio steps in doodoo,with the often late Mayor of NYC saying he was running on CP Time,at a Hillary rally.

Jim said...

"You cannot talk about this city," she said, "without talking about the African-American community."

So very true.

oogabooga said...

Centurian, excercise is best. That is for sure. Go out and help someone else. That will get your mind involved. Try marijuana. The damn negroes can't handle anything and give everything a bad name. Start with an indica.

Anonymous said...

My brother.

I too feel this way at times and I only say this to illustrate that you're not alone.

I wish we were in the same city, because I would take you to dinner and just listen.

Stay strong. Your comments are very enlightening to many. Myself included.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

That 'go fund me' link is too funny!

A million thank you's for the laughs.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Ex New Yorker said...

When your owners and slave masters first came to your planet they called themselves "Gods from the Sun". The people called them SUN GODS and worshiped them.

Later these same gods called themselves "The Sons of God" and they still demanded to be worshiped. They had a great time breeding with earth babes.

After the sons of god bullshit started to wane they just called themselves "The Gods". Your history and religious books still tell the tales of their "greatness" and their advanced technologies. They still wanted to be worshiped and really enjoyed "coming into the daughters of men".

Their biggest thrill was war. After sinking a large continent and causing a world wide tidal wave known as the great flood they no longer called themselves "gods".

They now are known world wide as GOD and they still demand worship because they are jealous of each other. I will have no other god before me. This "God" takes many forms such as the "burning bush" god. The "man in the cave god". The "rising from the grave god". The "giant fish god" that gives people rides in his stomach. Because of this god ALL PEOPLE are either sinners, infidels, goyim or heathens. I myself fall into all four categories.

This "God" is angry, unforgiving, vengeful, jealous and is always pissed off about some kind of two bit shit. The only time "god" makes any personal appearances is when some massive killing needs to get done. He is a "god of war" who plans on SAVING THE WORLD by destroying it. He commands an army known as the "angels of death" and the "horsemen of the apocalypse" to do his bidding. Anyone who is not GOD FEARING will receive eternal damnation. His followers will "worship the lord" in heaven for all eternity. He gives orders and commandments that he himself never obeys.

It is well known that if you do not worship the angry vengeful god "You shall eat the flesh of yours sons and the flesh of your daughters".....Leviticus 26:31-33.

Religion, politics, the media and education are control systems embedded into the minds of men through their beliefs. Those very beliefs are what is killing us.

"Belief has always been the enemy of truth"....John Keel...The Mothman Prophecies.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

AME church's Pastor appears to lack management skills. A historical Black church that needs a 2 million dollar repairs, you would have to say someone should have taken action a long time ago. The best thing they came up with is a $100.00 gift card and a gofundme total of $11,000. Out of the 200 people who attends the church, no one though of hiring a professional fund raiser to obtain two million dollars, especially since there are many black mega churches who could have help. Creflo Dollar was looking to raise 63 million dollars for his own private plane, they could have ask him! It just shows that the Black community didn't care enough to save this historical Black AME Church.

Here's something many may not realized, the New Testament talks about two groups of people, the Gentiles and the Jews. Who are the gentiles, go to Genesis 10:1-5, it will tell you who are the gentiles. We blacks are not included!

Y'all is use by people from the South, it's not a white or black phrase! Educated and the uneducated use it quite often. It's American, no other English speaking country uses the contraction of you all.


Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...


My daughter was hospitalized last summer with dysthmia. While I am not a fan of meds, sometimes a chemical imbalance can't be "fixed" via therapy alone. She is a preteen and it was a hard decision to place her on meds. She's also is on Prozac (10mg). The meds, in conjunction with therapy, have done wonders. She is alive and doing well and Thats what matters. As I said, not a fan of meds but sometimes they are necessary and sometimes a med change is warranted.

Try some broad spectrum lighting, meditate, a peaceful hobby. I am an aquarium enthusiast also and I agree with the previous comments regarding what a great hobby it is. Exercise for endorphins? I know first hand how hard it is to find the energy while dealing with depression. My biggest help is music, I'm a child of the 80s so any hair metal usually does the trick. Are you looking for self help reading material or for relaxation?

-Soccer Mom-

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Centurion -

One easy step may be to change the type of music you listen to. I went from a steady diet of Five Finger Death Punch to Celtic and classical. I found that it seems to smooth out the peaks and valleys of my own personal emotional roller coaster. The only time I listen to metal anymore is when I'm doing something that requires a lot of emotional energy (workouts, dry fire practice).

Also, I've cut way back on my internet time. Too much gloom and doom skews my perception. There's good info in cyberspace, but it helps for me to push away from the computer and do something else.

Speaking of which, it's time to feed the dogs. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood "historical" movies involving negroes are often little more than propaganda pieces. Take for example the movie about the slave ship where the holy negro shouts, "Give us us free!" They don't bother telling how the sacred negro (that paragon of virtue) once free and back in Africa became a major slaver himself. That just wouldn't do. Any movie about negroes whether it be the one about the slave ship, the Tuskeegee Airmen or "Ray" are nothing but steaming, festering piles of cinemagraphic excrement full of lies.

Imagine for a moment if producers of movies based on historical events were required to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I dare say many of these movies that portray the negro as sweet innocent angels etc would never be made as telling the truth would defeat the purpose of the propagandists.

In that regard, whatever happened to truth in advertising? All the commercials showing negroes as upper middle class stable families with fathers in the home, great jobs and behaving like Whites or Asians are absolutely based on falsehood. The stats show over 75% of blacks are fatherless bastards so who are they kidding? Let's not even mention all the security company commercials showing whites as the burglars when crime stats show clearly the usual burglar will be a skulking negro.

Even "News" programs are in on the propaganda effort. How many times do you see a story about "gun violence" and shootings and the lead image is of a white hand holding a gun when statistics clearly show negroes commit the vast majority of gun crimes? Hell, they won't even tell the truth when mobs of negroes go berserk and flash mob and rob stores or engage in huge brawls-even then, it's "youth" and "teens" as if any and all races could be involved when it's strictly feral black trash doing it. Even then, many of them are "teens" in their twenties!

As is, companies that produce products and make false claims as to their products are often the subject of class action lawsuits in which they are punished for their lies/false representations. As for news shows, advertisers and so on, they too need to face the music and be held to account for their lies/false representations. No excuses accepted.

Of course, if such a policy existed and was enforced, negroes would be screaming and howling about how "ebberbody done be makin' black folks look bad." Wouldn't it be a glorious moment if negroes were then told, "No. No one is making you look bad. They're just revealing the facts about you and your community so shut the F up and go away! We're not going to lie about it and cover it up or force anyone else to do so just so you aren't made to look like the trash you are!"

When the coddling and lies stopped and negroes were told to shut the hell up, that would be the moment negroes rioted nationwide in an epic chimpout of astronomical proportions.

Ex New Yorker said...


Mike Adams has a web site called NATURAL NEWS. He has all kinds of good info on heath. STAY AWAY FROM ANY TYPE OF WI-FI SHIT. It is very bad on brain cells. Sugar and coffee are the worst things you can take for depression. Most depression is caused by lack of the right kind of nutrition. Wean off the meds slowly. Then try Ginseng Root, St. John's Root, Gotu Cola and Ginkgo. Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D-3, CoQ-10 are also very good. I have been taking liquid Iodine (about 5 or 6 drops a day). Omega-3 fish oil is good. Also Spirulina and Chlorella are good.

Last year I was starting to feel like shit so I changed my diet. No more junk or fried food. No sweets or sugar. No ice cream, pies or doughnuts. No GMO garbage. I cut back on dairy. Now I eat only organic. I'm taking liquid Oxygen supplements and also a tablespoon a day of Colloidal Gold. Just this week I started eating pure organic honey.

Try and find a homo-pathic doctor or one who is into natural cures. Have some blood test done so you can see what kind of nutrition you need. My problem was usually anger, but I did spend a year or so depressed so I know what you are going through. You can heal yourself.

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

Others here have advised that you get off the SSRI pills and I'll second that. I've had experience with them. I was at one time years ago talking with one therapist who sent me to another who had an MD and who could therefore write prescriptions. I was agreeable to trying SSRIs and started with Prozac to which was later added Welbutrin (sp?). After a while I noticed that they were affecting my memory - and not my memory of obscure things but things that I have known for years - like the name of my first grade school or the street where I lived as a child. If someone asked me about them my reply would be something like "Oh, I my grade school was ..." and my voice would stop as if it were switched off. Also I found I was getting clumsy. I would reach for something in a kitchen cabinet about a foot from my face and miss. At one session the pill-pusher asked if I could detect any changes. I told her about being in a conversation and making a response and almost simultaneously noticing that it was different than what I otherwise would have done. I said it was something like observing myself from outside and she just jumped all over that comment. So much so that I wondered about it afterward. In any case, I gave up the pills and the two "therapists". Flushed the pills away and probably made the day for some fish in Long Island Sound. I later read that people on SSRI have gone on violent, berserker rages and later described it as watching themselves from outside. That explained her reaction ... which she never explained to me.

I lived in the uber-liberal, yuppie-scum north-east until two years ago when I moved to North Idaho. I regret that I didn't move here at least 35 years ago. Among other things, I don't have the constant stress base-load of dealing everyday with blacks with attitudes, frijoleros with no English and other imported mystery meat. Also no Saturday SJWs although I have encountered a few California nut jobs.

Bottom line: get rid of the pills and get yourself to an area where there is nothing around you but white people who are friends you haven't met yet.

Anonymous said...

"They both have a similar minority population"... "they both have gangs"

The difference is that Austin's minority and gang population is Mexican, while Jacksonville's is black. There's a huge difference in the crime between the two.

The Mexican gang members typical commit homicides when it incurs on their business, while blacks commit homicides out of anger, a perceived slight, or something as stupid as "dat nigga scuffed muh Jordans". Mexican crime is usually gang oriented, and focused on the drug trade. They have the forethought to understand that homicides bring unwanted attention to the criminal enterprise, which would be punished harshly by the cartel leadership back home in Mexico. Their gangs are run like corporations, albeit homicidal corporations, but with the same risk analysis as any other company, and if you step out of line, you're punished. Murder is a last resort, not an impromptu response for something trivial, like blacks.

Black criminals are opportunists. Whenever they see an opportunity for a "lick" they strike. There's no worry about police attention because it's kill or be killed in "duh skreets" for them.

Mr. Rational said...

Aw, Texas... comedy gold!  2 months and a whole $165!

Anonymous said...

Lil' droctavious iz a gud boy. Even duh gud revorn tol us he be gud. It has to be duh skool and dat simtistic racym dat made droctavious brokded hiz basketball dribblin hand on dat oda niggas head. If dat 50 year old teacha would hav juz throwed herself in front of lil droctavious punch he'd be still be gud. Itz all duh skools fault. Dey bes pay me!!!

Anonymous said...

And the city morgue... loads of black culture there.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? There's plenty of monumental preservation of white culture in black communities.

There's food stamps, rent controlled housing, HUD/Section 8 housing, medicaid, welfare, new community centers, and city funded basketball courts. All paid for by the vestiges of white society left in the areas.

Anonymous said...

@ Centurion

You are obviously a very intelligent and gifted person based on your comment history. All of the folks who have responded to your post already have given excellent, practical advice. I would add only one thing, and in my life it has been the ONE thing that has gotten me through some awful times and losses. You state you aren't religious but you seem like someone who wants the truth and faces it however unpleasant. What if there really is a God, your creator? Look at a hummingbird and check out the complexity of that little creature and ask yourself if in 10 billion years you really believe that kind of delicate organization could happen by chance? Although you've expressed distaste for religious matters elsewhere, I would challenge you to read the Gospel of John for one month and ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you and to help you. If you are sincere, He will. I don't mean to offend you, but I will pray for you and your family. Again, I really enjoy your comments.

Anonymous said...

BLM protested at the Twins home opener today in Minneapolis. Shut down light rail service for a time. 98% of protesters were WHITE. Thus proving that blacks are to lazy to make their own demands for more 'gibs'.

Blacks: Truly a failed race.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

SKIP said...

"Correction to Pat Boyle:Islam may have been "associated" with math and science,but they never produced much of a anything."

The Arabs contributed a number of advances BEFORE Islam, NOTHING since but fire, sword, murder and rape, abuse of non muslims, terrorism, abuse of women...I could go on after 11 years in muslim countries.

proudyt said...

Anonymous 7:14 am. Spot on. No other people in the history of our country has been pampered like blacks. Italians,Irish,polish,German,Asian, and yes even Hispanic. If it weren't for the liberal media spewing lie after lie or simply reporting the truth this shit could have been snuffed out a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Read the first section of the Big Book of AA. You don't have to be a drunk for it to help.

Anonymous said...

In the same boat, and like you it's my kids keep me going. And hunting. But reading can be helpful or a hindrance depending on the material. But sometimes people need a break from all this doom and gloom. It will still be here next week or when ever. One monkey never stops the show. I actually had a breakdown earlier reading from another site happens alot but people need you and are counting on you. You can't let the dark get you. The future is bleak but nothing is set in stone. Please hold steady. SFC Woody

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up on yourself. I admire you as do so many others on this site.

America is lacking in strong, traditional-minded men like yourself. We don't have many men to look up to. You're of high value and we need you.

Don't forget that.


Pat Boyle said...

People are jumping up to object that I am being too kind to Islam. Me! favorable to Islam? LOL.


Anonymous said...

THIS SAYS IT ALLLLLLL! “People want the building to stay, but people don’t want to do what it takes to keep it here.”

Let's rephrase this....BLACK PEOPLE DON"T WANT TO DO WHAT IT TAKES....Just like when they are handed power to run countries.Whether it be something as small scale as this church or whole countries like SA and the USA....BLACK PEOPLE CAN NEVER DO WHAT IT TAKES TO FIX<BUILD<REPAIR,INVENT,LEAD ...ever!They have no idea what it takes to keep anything running.

Anonymous said...


Wean off the meds. I was told I needed them seven years ago and they caused me years of misery. Remove all sources of stress possible. In my case, divorce helped in the long run. If you can, get a puppy or a kitten. Exercise at least an hour a day. Bike helps me a lot. Eat mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. Simplify your life as much as possible to eliminate unnecessary decisions. When you have some good days, keep doing the same thing. I found a fixed routine of exercise, work, read, exercise, sleep same time every day helps.

Alcohol has less, and less severe, side effects than most meds if all else fails.

1776blues said...

I'm quite sure that muggings and other crimes favored by blacks will return to the area. I'll give them a crying towel so they can wipe away their tears because no one visiting will see black culture.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

They should have Bombed it themselves and blamed it on the KKK. Then all the guilt ridden White Cucksters and SJW's would have provided plenty of Gelt for the rebuild. Nomesayin?

NY Girl said...

It's probably why developers feel comfortable putting two hotels there. In a true black neighborhood, developers would hesitate to plop down one of those little plastic hotels from Monopoly.

NY Girl said...

You forgot "shots ringing out" and "fights over the last rib/piece of chicken," so I'm going to have to give you an A-! 😀

NY Girl said...

So, Bernice, you are familiar with black repair jobs and you're questioning the $2MM price tag?

I'm not surprised at all. Let's say you've got some big repair jobs; roofing, structural and electrical would certainly qualify. Well, if you're a pastor in the 'hood, you GOTTA use black labor, and it just so happens that Sister Loretta's unemployed ex-con nephew is a whiz at electrical! After all, didn't he manage to disconnect that TV before he stole it? And it would be a crying shame if you don't use Brother Leroy's contracting friend. And so on, and you can imagine the rest. Exposed wires that set fire to the insulation, load-bearing floor joists cut, shingles applied without far paper...basically, everything will cost 3x what it's supposed to, because you have to tear out the shitty black work and replace it with white work.

And even if you hire whites to begin with, you're gonna have to pay extra. Stuff will get stolen out of the trucks, the workers will have to be paid more to risk their all adds up.

Mr. Rational said...

"Islamic" contributions to the world were almost entirely the social capital of non-Islamics they conquered.  For instance, "Arabic" numerals actually hail from India and aren't used in Arabic.

I recall reading that more books are translated into Spanish every year than have been translated into Arabic, ever.  The Islamic world is closed to new thought.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I think you'd be surprised at how many people have the same problem.
I've had anxiety/depression issues since adolescence, and that was a long time ago.
I guess two things have kept me going: The knowledge that there would be "collateral damage" that I could subsequently never address; And secondly, just damn stubbornness that I wasn't going to quit. That when I left this world, it would be with an "honorable discharge" in hand.
Remember that everyone plays hurt to one extent or another. And that old adage is true: Life is a classroom, not a playground.
I know you value this website, as we all do. It's a sanctuary, where we can express our true feelings without censure.
But, I'm going to suggest something that may be counter intuitive at first. Stop coming to the site for a while. Stop reading the newspaper and listening to political programs.
Take a breather.
I know, the outrage and frustration that many of us feel in this 180 world, can, by itself, be depressing.
But take a break from it.
You just may be carrying the weight of the world with you, and no one can do that indefinitely.
I recall a program once where they interviewed people who were over a hundred years old, and asked them how they had managed to make it through the terrible period of the Great Depression. I always remember what one of them answered: "Because I knew that things would eventually get better. They always do."
So, do things that you really enjoy and can look forward to. For example, you like reading, so pick out some books in an area that you like.
Take care, and remember that you fill a space inside the hearts of many people. A space that can be filled by no one else.

Sick n' Tired said...

I think you're being generous expecting them to go 2 weeks without an EBT card. If there ever was some type of breakdown in the EBT system, I give it 4 days tops before cities across the country erupt in riots and looting.

Anonymous said...

The part I like the best is how when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, they pressed on and didn't give up. Since they loved the church so much they picked up other jobs and started running rap fundraisers and giving all of the proceeds to the church. Even though the money still wasn't enough, it did not get appropriated and it steadily continued to grow as people doubled their hours. Black stars (and white ones too, I must add) gave thousands that were returned because the black congregants wanted to earn the money for the church themselves.

That was a touching article Paul. And $100 is a lot for a gift card.

Anonymous said...

"850,000 people in Indianapolis, 28% black. That's about 225,000 blacks. Do the math, comes out to about $9.00 bucks a head. "

Thanks for the math but I think they prefer to just wait around and wail until whitey fixes and pays for it all, no questions axed.

I'm really glad the congregants learned a lesson through all this, I'm certain there will never ever be another neglected black church in Indy for miles...

Anonymous said...

To Centurion - You are not alone. You recognize your depression. That's positive. You know it's part of you and you have to deal with it. My nana and my mom dealt with it, and so do I. I've taken the lowest dose of Paxil for 15 years, and it helps me. Any higher dose is negative vs. positive. Sleep is my best medicine, though my fondness for wine often sabotages that. (I'm Irish!). Here's my best advice from a 62-year-old woman. You deserve to be happy. Love and enjoy your children. Give yourself a break. Most importantly, enjoy all the little things every day. The sun, the stars, the birds, flowers growing. There's so much to be angry about, but there's also small miracles in life every day. They matter. Look for them and enjoy them. You deserve that. You are a worthy person. A great big hug to you.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Anon April 11,2016 wrote "In that regard, whatever happened to truth in advertising? All the commercials showing negroes as upper middle class stable families with fathers in the home, great jobs and behaving like Whites or Asians are absolutely based on falsehood. The stats show over 75% of blacks are fatherless bastards so who are they kidding? Let's not even mention all the security company commercials showing whites as the burglars when crime stats show clearly the usual burglar will be a skulking negro." The purpose for this, is to project a positive image to it's black audience in hope this will change the way blacks behave in our society. As you know this has been a complete failure so far!

Willie from Naperville

Awakened white said...

OT but couldn't help but laugh at the whiners. Hang in their man, like others have said, eat healthy, work outside, etc. most important live in all -mostly White area.

SC Girl said...

Paintjob Theory said:
"I look around in my chicken coop and don't see any evidence of culture either. Just mindless, soul-less animals acting on base instinct."

Ha! That made me LOL. Pretty good description of blacks if I ever heard one. It amuses me that blacks think that by simply existing they are bringing some type of culture to our country. Culture is classical music, the ballet, and stunning works of art and architecture, not the ear rape that is rap music, constant violence, and an unwillingness/inability to do even the smallest of tasks required for maintaining a civilized society.

As PK noted, the REAL black culture consists of atrocities like the Amanda Blackburn case. I sense that one got to you, PK, as much as it did me. It is still heartbreaking to look at that picture of her with her husband and son dressed up as The Incredibles for Halloween. You could tell she was a good person and a great mom. If a case like that doesn't wake up white people, I don't know what will.

Bill in St Louis said...

"That history began to be stripped away as developers centered Downtown, building the college campus, high-end apartments and space for leisure activities. Parham said the new infrastructure, development and urban renewal projects forced out the black community.
"It completely changed the makeup of this area of the city," he said."

Why exactly were the "black community" (tribes) forced out? Is it because when faced with the prospect of Whitey expecting them to not litter, not piss on the streets, and otherwise act like humans, they weren't up to the task? What a bunch of bullshit... We let the area and the building that was SO important go to hell, YT came in and rehabbed the area, and now we must leave, because... racism. Tired, tired tired tired of all the whining.

Anonymous said...

Centurion, please know that I have also loved reading about your insight and opinions. Life does indeed become tedious and tiring at times. Not sure if you recently experienced an incident that caused a depressive reaction. I know what you are feeling as I also am prone to anxiety and depression. Walks outside and time with the children should help. As for the medication, i was never able to tolerate it. Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there friend. This might sound "girly" but a quiet yoga class with deep breathing and dim lights and soothing music is something that I found comforting. It quiets the mind.

Left Coast White Guy said...

I worked a school in L.A. we affectionately referred to as "crack ho" elementary due to the two "crack hos" across the street with adjoining motels. Each motel had it'its own pimp to slap around the " ho" for its motel. At least twice a day, the jobsite would stop and everyone would run to the windows to watch the "crack hos" that would start fighting each other on the side walk. Then the pimps would run out and start slapping and hitting the "hos". Then the pimps would turn on each other and start breaking with each other. It was quite a spectacle. In addition to this, we had armed security to protect us and our vehicles which were in a fenced in parking lot. This was to no avail as well as cars were still broken into. We were also forced to remove any bandanas and wear only construction shirts to avoid confusion and being mistaken as a rival gang member due to which color was being worn. Yeah, what a lovely culture.

Ex New Yorker said...

CENTURION......I forgot to mention that you are one of my favorite commenters. You always seem like a guy that has his feet firmly planted on the ground. I know you will come through this.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes SSRI agents like Paxil and Prozac don't quite achieve the targeted goal of eliminating depression because they only act upon one neuro receptor. These were the first generation SSRI's.

Cymbalta acts on 2 neuro receptors and has a much more impressive success rate than the earlier SSRI's.

I have seen incredible success with Cymbalta. Please speak to your doctor about it. It now comes in a generic form. And it also helps with anxiety and back pain.

Good luck.

Californian said...

Centurion, hang in there. I enjoy your commentaries. We have a struggle ahead of us, and we need troopers like yourself.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...


I concur with the others. Start slowly tapering off the drugs. Very, very slowly, let your doctor know that is your intention. Exercise and group therapy can be a life saver. I used to take anti-depressants and have been off them for over five years. I feel much better, think more clearly, and have learned to deal with the consistent blows we have to face in life. The groids simply make it more miserable.

Knowing the truth, as we do, is a form of mental empowerment. Letś face it, it´s why we come here. It´s why we share. Take care, and it may sound corny, but that old AA slogan of ¨One day at a time.¨ works wonders. Take care!

Ex New Yorker said...

CENTURION.......Four years ago when my wife was dying I was completely fried. I was the main caretaker and my mind just shut down. I spent months in a daze. My homo-pathic doctor gave me shots of liquid B-12. Two shots (0.5 fl. oz. each) and I came alive again in five minutes. I use the NOW brand and order it from Swanson's in Fargo. Each box has 12 shots. I don't know if you live near any health food stores but Swanson does mail order. This stuff will give you an energy boost and make you feel much better. You wean off the meds by daily chipping off a little from each pill.

A friend in NY kicked Methadone by chipping off the tabs little by little and two weeks later he was clean. Methadone is harder to kick than smack.

God bless you and I know you will be able to come through this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Centurion,
try a support group, or peer support group. maybe there's one online?

also try counseling. yes, half the therapists are crazy but they do get paid to listen to you.

Depression is a killer. don't be alone so much, get out and about.
sometimes there are free concerts, etc. well don't know where you live. but maybe your local library is okay? you can find a lot of books there.

Anonymous said...

About the church? Who winds up with the money they made from the developers? For some reason I highly doubt it's the older church mother's who work their asses off for their churches while supporting their grand children and/or their sons who just got out of prison. They're the ones who clean the church, cook food, show up for the services, hand out the food at the pantries. It's tragic. Blacks are also the victims of senseless black violence.

From what I know, the black churches are used as banks, credit unions, fiscal conduits. I got a grant with someone who used her church's non profit status as our fiscal conduit. Needless to say I did not see one penny of the money despite writing it and using my CV & press. I paid for that lesson.

I know blacks who are in hock to their churches for mortgages, loans and eviction prevention money . That church non profit status goes a long way.

Ian Smith said...

The modern diet is deficient in numerous nutrients. The following can have an immediate noticeable effect on depression:

1. Magnesium in the form of Magnesium Glycinate supplements.
2. Omega-3 fats in the form of Barleans cold pressed flax oil.
3. L-Theanine supplements - look for Suntheanine.

1. Vitamin D supplements - just about everyone is Vitamin D deficient.
2. Live yogurt containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus (L. rhamnosus).
3. Folic acid, B vitamins.
4. Vitamin C.

Azathoth said...


I've been there too. I want to reinforce what others have written: Try changing your diet to eliminate grains/gluten/potatoes, processed foods and dairy. L-Glutamine might help with cravings. It made a world of difference for me; my own life-long depression is beginning to moderate after a month of changing my diet. My next project is to stop eating sugar. Exercise helps me greatly too. It doesn't need to be vigorous at first. Just take a walk in the spring sunshine. Lastly, slowly and carefully wean yourself off SSRI's. I took them for years; they didn't help at all after spending hundreds of dollars a month. I found out my best friend was literally afraid of me when I was on them. Best of luck and prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle:

Thank you for that on the voodoo thing. I point to that to those still addled whites around these hyar parts who are so confused about why some ugly, ramshackle huts (no, would not dare call them a house, no!) that the lowest echelon blacks inhabit and as to why they are painted this hideous shade of Yoogly Blue.

"You didn't know? That's to keep the haints away."

Haints? Yeppers, evil spirits. True, Sundays, many of them go down to this church and sing and dance and whatever, but, away from that pretense, they return to their Haitian-Zimbabwe roots, and ergo, paint their structure with this shitty blue color.

(Poetic irony: It's pretty close to Confederate Blue....!)

Not that long ago, two women had to be terminated for fighting on campus. And over what? My knowledge of N'g is good, and what I caught was that one was "hexing" the other! Eyes roll. Oh, but there is so much more!

Gang signs, yes. A very old black woman let it slip to me: Those sigils date back to old Haiti, and possibly back to the old schools of Western Africa, oh, yes, so, without an explanation that the lying liberal media won't and others like you are correct: They brought their necromancy with them.

The truth is there and has been there. Blacks are uncivilized and superstitious beings who do not need to be here where logic and science...used to...rule.

Good call, Pat.

-Carolina Cicero

Sick n' Tired said...

We have a similar story going on down here. The groids are upset that the mayor wants to improve their beautiful neighborhood.!/108324/64a48d774e3a36b1afe000a26242ec22

Sick n' Tired said...

Except cats can be neutered/spayed, and are good for controling the rodent population in an area.

Sick n' Tired said...

A dilapidated building with broken windows and a chain link fence around it perfectly highlights the contributions that negroes have made to society. I don't think it needs any improvements.

Euro American said...

Centurion, you are not alone. I will give PK my fake email address and maybe he can pass it on to you? Write me. This is my area of specialty.

Oil 'n Water said...

To Centurion:
Sorry you're having a rough stretch.
Just had an idea that you might consider.
You mentioned that when you read, you are very focused.
I'll bet the same might be true of writing. It's clear that you have good writing skills, so why not take a whack at, say, writing a novel, or a non-fiction piece, whichever is your pleasure.
I speak from some experience, having written two novels and some non-fiction works, as well.
It's a very absorbing enterprise and gives a real sense of accomplishment and pleasure, especially as you progress and the work kind of takes on a life of its own.
Don't get me wrong: It can be hard work, as PK could attest to, I'm sure. But it is very rewarding. Plus, it can take your mind away from less positive avenues. And you can pick up or leave it according to your schedule.
I get way ahead here, but you could even publish it as an ebook, for free. See and, as examples.
From reading the comments, it's clear that you have a lot of people supporting you. Add me to the list.

Anonymous said...

Nazi Beyonce (who can't sing) and her thug drug dealing so called husband donated over one million dollars to Bowel Movements Matter. Interesting that not a single wealthy black person gave any money to save this church. Goes to show Blacks have a racist agenda against Whites and Black lives do not matter.

Anonymous said...

For Centurion: Good luck to you. I am going through the same thing. I have had so much bad stuff happen at once no one believes me. The bad luck never ends, it keeps getting worse and therefore my depression gets worse.

All gave good advice. Try it all to see what works for you.

Word of caution: If you go to a doctor and ask for Cymbalta or doctor puts you on it, be very aware it can cause worse depression and suicidal thoughts. I was put on Cymbalta and it turned me into a violent monster, and I was always talking suicide and was mean to everyone, yelling, breaking things. I actually bought a baseball bat to hit things with. My hypothyroid was also not being treated properly which added to the violence. My animals were afraid of me, and I am an animal lover and would never hurt an animal.

Anonymous said...

any donation to a church wouldn't get Beyonce the free publicity she was looking for. Black Lives Matter is a cause that will get her a lot of exposure.