Monday, April 4, 2016

Nothing Should be done to Save Fools from the Consequences of their Folly

Our job is not to save anything or anyone. Our job is to survive the unraveling of the American dream. 

When you realize this simple fact, you'll understand why the following story is absolutely hysterical and a reminder why the architects of Jim Crow are owed not just a huge apology, but will one day be celebrated for their foresight.   [Chicago Woman Who Lost 23 People To Gun Violence Now Fights To Stop It,, 4-2-16]:

Less than 24 hours after this story was edited, gun violence claimed the life of yet another close friend of Williams’s. On March 26, Cordero Mosley, 27, was shot six times on Chicago’s South Side. The two had been friends since grade school.
CHICAGO — The first time I meet Camiella Williams, she pulls out her smartphone and calls up a Facebook album she created called “Lost but not forgotten.” It’s filled with pictures of mostly young African-American men, and serves as a kind of memorial wall to some of the people she’s known who have been gunned down on the streets of Chicago. “Martece,” she says, pausing at a photo of a young man in a neon green shirt and a baseball cap. “He got killed on 81st and Ashland, in the dollar store.” The caption on the photo notes that Martece’s little sister was killed six months later, in 2008. Williams, 28, has lost 23 close friends and relatives to gun violence in the past 12 years.
We’re sitting on a bright orange couch in the student union of Governor’s State University, a small state school in a suburb just south of Chicago. It’s November, and students rushing by on their way to final exams stop to say hello. Williams has a round face and a gap-toothed smile, offset by fashionable rectangular glasses. The following week she will complete her bachelor’s degree in criminology, and then begin a master’s program in January.
Williams’s interest in criminology springs from a childhood spent in poor areas of Chicago’s South Side — Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Chicago Lawn — where gun violence is common. In the last five years alone these neighborhoods have collectively seen more than 2,000 shootings, according to the Chicago Police Department.
Scrolling through her Facebook album, Williams points to a photo of a grinning teenage boy with short dreadlocks. “This is my friend Johnathan,” she says, a weariness in her voice. “He was killed at a nightclub in 2008. He was shot in the head by the security guard.”
Another photo, another young man, this one singing into a studio microphone. “Tony was like my big brother. He was an artist.” Tony was shot in the face outside an apartment complex in 2008 and died at the hospital a few hours later.
More faces float by: A middle-aged man. A few adolescent girls. A young man named Deonte, fatally shot during a spate of shootings over July 4th weekend in 2009.
“Imagine,” Williams says. “They’re your friends on Facebook one minute, and then they’re gone the next.”

Williams has more than 3,000 Facebook friends. Amid the reminders of loved ones she’s lost, periodically she comes across people that she knows have carried out a shooting. Some of those same people circulate stop-the-violence messages, to her disbelief. “I’m like, dude, you’re killing people,” Williams says.
Not so long ago, gun violence could have consumed her life as well. Williams joined a gang in elementary school, bought her first handgun in sixth grade, and began dealing drugs in high school. It wasn’t until she was 19, when she was pregnant with her child, that she decided to break away from the dangerous trajectory that she had set herself upon as a girl on the city’s South Side. Her path from street life to graduate school has taken 10 years.
“If I didn’t have my son,” Williams says, “I don’t know where my life would have been.” But she can guess. Either the gang disputes she often encountered might have lead her to kill someone. Or someone would have tried to kill her.
Williams was born in South Shore, an economically struggling neighborhood in the city’s South Side with stately red-brick apartment buildings that recall more prosperous times. Even as a young child, she was aware of the area’s problems. But until she was seven, she says, “life was perfect.”
 Odds those stately red-brick apartment buildings were once "white only"?

100 percent. 

Life in 2016 Chicago, courtesy of blacks, is the exact reason why they were designated that way long ago. 


Euro American said...

What psychos we have in main stream journalism.
Let's see. Drug dealer, welfare mom, and now she wants to suck off the taxpayer as a bureaucrat in the criminal justice system. How about "no"? How about that anyone who has dealt drugs will never hold a job with any responsibility? She somehow has the balls to think that having been a criminal not only wouldn't preclude her from a job in law enforcement, but gives her insight into stopping crime. So...when she works for the police she can lecture all the young blacks at the elementary schools to go on and commit loads of crime as a PREREQUISITE for a job in law enforcement.
"Ma'am should I join a gang?"
"Absolutely, that is how I became interested in law enforcement."

Anonymous said...

This story makes me really sad. Sad that our government forces us humans to have to live with/near these feral negroes.


-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

It is hard to distinguish the sex of a negro. At first glance she looks an awful lot like a man. The women, I understand, actually have more testosterone than an Asian male.

Their aggressive disposition is very much like a man. I still contend that the females are worse, less destructive bit worse then in reguards of degeneracy.

Anonymous said...

First, we need our own territory. We'll quietly move into our chosen area until we become the majority. We establish political control. We identify the liberal enablers in our midst and, first disenfranchise them and then remove them. Then we turn our attention to their pets.

Anonymous said...

I thought a bachelor's degree in "Criminology" was printed on the back of every black's birf certificate! Or maybe that was an arrest warrant...

Anonymous said...

I love how the sowpotamus in the video talks about how the country should be dealing with gun violence (really black violence) in these democrat-ruled utopias like Chicago, but how about asking the question why these lives don't seem to matter to BLM? Where is BLM in dealing with this problem? Oh, yeah, BLM only focuses on the thugs that get killed by white police officers in commission of a crime. The other 99 out of 100 black lives taken don't matter. My guess is that some other Facebook friends of hers that are out killing people are BLM zealots on the side.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to them. Don't talk to their libtard handlers. The time for talking is over. We must join together, like minded whites, and sieze our own place in this world. The meek will NOT inherit the earth! TEX

Anonymous said...

Annunciation Camiella, annunciation. Are you too lazy to fully pronounce your words?

Tim in Kodiak said...

Until Obama gets his ass up to Chicago and talks to these chimps, Black man El Presidente to American Blacks, and tells these pricks to quit it with the gun crime and criminality, nothing will happen. Too bad he doesn't have the balls to do it though because he's a cheap race baiting politician and he would do nothing to put "his people" in a bad light. As America's first African-American President, he is uniquely positioned to talk to black America about this and get the conversation rolling. If not him, then who? If not now, when?
America has not failed the black community, Obama has. He has done nothing to address black gun crime and the slaughter of blacks by other blacks. He refuses to bring the subject matter up and as a result, it gets worse and worse. He needs to put his foot down now and tell blacks, :ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!".

Anonymous said...

Lets do the math. Williams had baby shitavious when she was 19 which changed her life, and she has been working on a 4 year degree for about ten years. It appears that she has never had a job other than being a liaison to the Congresswoman and being an activist in local gun violence prevention groups while engaged in an ambiguous teaching gig at an alternative school. I don't know what can be taught without a teaching certificate, but we'll give her the benefit of doubt. It is very likely that the taxpayer pays for every single thing in her life and will pay for her graduate degree as well. Then if she chooses to get a job after she obtains her AA graduate degree in another eight years, the taxpayer will pay her salary while she pretends to work at her busywork AA job making messes for others to clean up.

Because she is a black that hasn't been killed and knows a lot of dead n@@gers and might eventually obtain a graduate AA degree she is very special and must be interviewed as if she is a survivor of the Holocaust who became a CEO of a major corporation. A white person with her accomplishments couldn't get the time of day from the media. A white blue collar worker who has busted his/her ass, paid taxes, raised children and actually contributed to society during the 18 years she will have attended skoo while sucking the government teat isn't worth mentioning.

Anonymous said...

So, she's lost 23 friends in 12 years. Maybe she should consider moving elsewhere, where the bullets don't outnumber the mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

The part I don't understand at all, (and I care about people, I'm not evil, everyone gets a fair shake with me) is how is this MY PROBLEM to fix? Or in anyway shape or form my fault?

Paintjob Theory said...

"Not so long ago, gun violence could have consumed her life as well. Williams joined a gang in elementary school, bought her first handgun in sixth grade, and began dealing drugs in high school."

For the whole first 3/4 of this story I was thinking that this isn't mere happenstance that all her "friends" are winding up ventilated and here it is. A roundabout admission that she and all her friends and acquaintances are gang members and/or drug dealers. Oh well, live by the nigger, die by the nigger. Good riddance to the lot of these shit-monkeys and hopefully this cretin joins them in that great watermelon patch in the sky sooner rather than later.

The takeaway for me here is that I'm glad that they only pass out the violent guns in places with a lot of blacks and the guns me and my neighbors in Maine own are the non violent kinds.

Anonymous said...

Tha Muthafuggin skreetz got em, G. Dis sheeet be rayciss as hell.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these killing are a tragedy, but also an opportunity. An opportunity for outreach. And we at Conserving Urban Colored Kids are doing our part.

Just think, Ms Williams' 23 friends and relatives were all budding entrepreneurs who, if only the city had lower taxes, would have started their own businesses in the tradition of that great man of real conservative principles, Martin Luther King, jr. And there is a lot of potential.

Whenever I drive my air conditioned Lexus down Martin Luther King Blvd, I see many young black men and women engaged in business transactions, exchanging small packages for cash. No doubt, they are selling handcrafts which are over-regulated by city licensing. Lower taxes, get rid of licensing, dump the minimum wage and from there, I am sure it is short step to getting off the Democratic Plantation.

We at C.U.C.K are preparing a campaign for Chicago's enterprising youth to turn in their weapons stockpiles in exchange for stock portfolios.

Now excuse me, I am addressing a National Review conference on Real Conservatives Against Donald Trump.

D. Luded Wright

Les Robbins said...

I lived on the south side of Chicago in the 50's. All white! As kids we ran all around and nobody had their doors locked so we could all go where we wanted. Nobody stole a shootings,stabbings or BLACKS. I used Google earth to look at my old street...just above 109th st and what I saw was awful. Trash, cars on lawns and blacks in groups on the street holding their malt liquor and clogging the street.

Anonymous said...

I was watching one of True Detective shows today. A 21-year-with three kids was dealing out of her house when she was robbed and murdered.

This heart-warming story centered around the stiff's momma, who wouldn't give up searching for the killer.

Mamma says she feels bad for her dead daughter's kids, because HER OWN Mamma was killed at 21. Then, the negro detective chimes in that he feels really close to this family, because HIS mother was also murdered when he was a small child!

I've never known anyone who was murdered, and I don't know anyone else who does either, and I know some scumbags.

If these murder rates are so high that this bimbo knows 23 people personally who have been murdered, Rahm needs to ask the governor to call out the National Guard.

These animals need to be tranquilized and dropped on an island.

Anonymous said...

lets hope she needs a lot more RAM in that phone

Anonymous said...

As long as it stays in da hood, we should all pray they never stops da bilence. It isn't like there's a shortage of negroes. Just think how many there would be if they were a peaceful race, YT would have been bred to extinction by now. Not to mention the black abortion numbers. I say keep up the good work, natural selection in all its glory.

NY Girl said...

Wow, looks like all her friends were killed in 2008. Isn't that the year our first black, gay, post-racial president was elected??

On another note, I think we have to give a shout-out to the killers. A lot of these were head shots! Nice job, guys!

Mr. Rational said...

"I los' 22 frayuns to gun violence."

Yeah, those horrible guns, just leaping up and killing your friends out of spite.  And so racist of them, too; they don't do that to White people.

The language these apes use shows how deluded they are... if delusion is possible without the thought process.

Anonymous said...

The underlying theme here is so obvious. She also did not even know these people they were "Facebook friends".

Bought her first gun in sixth grade?

This is why we had segregation. I'm beyond amazed that people put up with this.

Also why is every criminal negro in skoo fo DEY criminology duhgree?

Seriously why are they all getting degrees in criminal justice? It's as if they're going to tank the justice system further with their negro antics and negro logic.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Were Roger, Dewayne or Re-run among the fallen Shirley??? Very humorous story. Sorry, couldn't help the What's Happening reference.

White Mikey™

proudyt said...

"Periodically she comes across people that she knows have carried out a shooting". Maybe she should let the police know who these people are ? And they want US to believe black lives matter ? Black culture is a joke.

Awake said...

Talking about these things or raising awareness will do nothing to stop or even curb the violent nature of blacks. There are no amount of government programs or basketball courts that will undo thousands of years of evolution. We need to Simply separate, segregate, avoid them at all costs. We are truly not the same.

Anonymous said...

"Williams doesn’t know exactly how her friends got hold of their weapons, but she says it was never too hard to buy or borrow a gun in that part of the city, where today a handgun can be purchased for as little as $25."

Once again proving that gun-grabbing legislation is essentially designed to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding white people.

VariedSort said...

Collecting 3000 'friends' on fb. Sounds like she has a nice deadpool going. Which will only get worse until she corrects herself into saying 'black violence' instead of 'gun violence'

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: don't let her 'friend' you on Facebook

ejit said...

Illegal handgun? Check.
Have a bastard at taxpayer expense? Check.
Drug sales to augment public assistance? Check.
Degree in black studies? In progress.

Great! Her credentials as a SJW & community activist are approved. She is now an expert in white racism.

dc.sunsets said...

"Gun violence."
"Gun violence."
"Gun violence."

Don't you wish you could ask these clowns a simple question?

"You bought your first gun in 6th grade? Really. You were selling drugs? REALLY! Maybe, just maybe the problem isn't the gun, or the drugs, maybe the problem is your culture that celebrates thug life?"

To these black clowns and their leftist-white-apologists:
Leave me and my guns the hell alone. I didn't buy guns, deal drugs, or pursue some sort of barbarism as a kid, or as an adult. If that makes me better than you, so be it.

170 years ago a free black man aspired to be like prosperous, educated white people. He wasn't focused on propagating a ghetto culture of thuggery, crime and violence. Today, such a man would be derided by you for "acting white."

Maybe "acting white" is exactly what black people need to do, or else maybe they need to be excluded from a society that strongly prefers "acting white" and "being white."

Anonymous said...

1 for 32??? I guess it was the weekend of the 380.

Anonymous said...

That sow will be next. Can we start a life insurance pool fund on ghetto negroes and split the profit.

ot/ gotta dump Cruz and protect Trump. The hooker files are coming out now and will destroy Cruz. Spread the word far and wide.

Anonymous said...

I got a chuckle out of this.

It seems the website came up with a "10 Best Cities for African American Families" in the US. (

I didn't read up on their criteria that make a city "best" for African-Americans. Highest rates of unchecked EBT fraud? Number of fried chicken restaurants open later than 2 AM? Lower rates of "streets gone wrong"? Having enough of a white population for mugging purposes and to keep the city afloat by paying its taxes?

I decided to cross reference the "10 Best Cities for African Americans" with the "100 Most Dangerous Cities in America", with predictable results.(

1. Tallahassee, FL (#82 most dangerous)
2. Lansing, MI (#50 most dangerous)
3. North Las Vegas, NV
4. York, PA
5. La Vergne, TN
6. Springfield, MA (#56 most dangerous)
7. Stockbridge, GA
8. Horn Lake, MS
9. Lawton, OK (#91 most dangerous)
10. Frankfort, KY

10mm AUTO said...

Negros and "Looks at Me!" Really it will never end. If our duty is to survive, then we must survive as a People, and by that I mean Whites.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

The same old crap/garbage.
Looks like she made up for lost time in the eating realm--oink-oink
Gun vilunz??? How about just plain old black vilunz.
Ties yo stomach in knots Hummmm --doubt that.
Yeah dat's what we needs to do-Talk bout it.
Lost 22 frens to guns gone bad
Dem braids be purty

Extreme negro fatique

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

The other day someone mentioned that liberals are confused about if "race" exists or not; depending on today's agenda; race exists, if it's convenient today; there's no such thing as race, if it's convenient today.. etc.. If paint job is true; if race is a social construct; if there's no such thing as "race".. etc.. then there's no such thing as "racial inequality".. problem solved. No more need for racial quotas or affirmative action practices.. Paint job is a religion; in fact liberalism (I used to be one) is a religion; it's the belief in some magical something.. that can't possibly be true..

Unknown said...

South Shore...hmm...could that be the same South Shore where Larry Ellison (founder and CEO of Oracle) grew up? Why yes, Mr. Ellison graduated from South Shore HS. I wonder how many of his classmates died due to "gun violence"? I'll save you the research, the answer is NONE. I remember well all the nice apartment buildings in the "alphabet avenues", and the ones in Jackson Park, and Morgan Park, and Beverly, and.....
blacks (small b intentional) are a plague upon the land. Perhaps the World Heath Organization can develop a species specific "cure" OR we can use what we already have at hand.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Enunciation. Are you too ignorant to spell correctly?

Anonymous said...

If I lived where 23 people that I personally knew were killed ...... I might start thinking that the people I associate with have a behavior problem. Time to leave and get new friends before "there but by the grace of God go I" no longer applies.

Anonymous said...

Once again, when people ask "Why was there segregation?" ... this article provides one of many answers. You simply can not have large numbers of Africans in an American city without an explosion in violence, illegitimacy and race hustling -- all of which make said city unlivable for civilized human beings.

Because that is what this is about: maintaining civilization, the ability to live in cities and have a full life. Just look at the type of life this person has chosen to live. Hardcore criminality at a young age, producing yet another child without bothering to get married, engaging in nefarious activities. Then one day she looks in the mirror and decides to "get religion"...probably because her homies no longer wanted an over the hill (for the 'hood) female running with them.

Now she lives in the ruins of what were once stately brick buildings built by whites, dodging bullets, and wonders why Africans are not exactly considered desirable neighbors by the rest of humanity.

Anonymous said...

..."she wants you to see their faces."

Why would I want to see their faces????? Black people are the most self-obsessed group on the planet. It's all about them and they actually think others care. We're supposed to be concerned because they don't have the self-control and common sense to stop killing each other. Their whole demographic is the #@######problem! Is this creature concerned about all the whites lost to black violence??? Is she worried about the virtual war that's being waged against us and has been going on for over 30 years??? I've lost 3 people over the last 40 years to black violence including a parent and I live in a fairly "safe" area. Sister, I DON'T CARE. Those blacks are dead because you folks are a violent, feral race. I despise this race for having been the instrument of our national destruction and I despise even more the whites who have enabled them. The number one rule in BRA for a white to reach old age is to avoid blacks at all costs. If this is not possible be alert and armed and it's best to be in a group. They're the most dangerous creatures on the planet. And they expect us to worry about and spend money to promote their sorry well-being.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the "gun violence" narrative too. IF only a well known politician would actually come out and say, "Listen, if you took away the guns from negroes, "gun violence" would drop by 97% in this country. We don't have a gun violence problem- we have a violent negro problem! However, the truth is that if all the guns were taken away from negroes, gun violence would plummet but other forms of violence by negroes would take its place. The main problem is everyone is wanting to blame the weapons used rather than blaming the people using them."

Of course, if such a statement were made, negroes and libtards would instantly go berserk and start screeching at the top of their lungs about the underlying causes and how something has to be done about that and then gun violence among negroes would plummet. You know- the old "increase the "gibsmedats" routine and "increase da programs for negroes" routine which, of course, have never solved anything.

It's quiet laughable really. Imagine for a moment that pyromaniac children were on the loose and burning down everything they could strike a match to. Would we be talking about "matchbook violence" and talking about taking matches and lighters away from everyone under the heading of "match and lighter control?" Of course not! Only children under a certain age would be prohibited from owning or possessing such items since they were the main culprits. Adults would not be forbidden from owning them. The first step in dealing with the problem would be to get the matches and lighters out of the hands of the little firebugs- not moaning about the underlying causes or trying to distract the pyromaniacs with gibs and programs while they continued to burn down everything in sight.

It's the same with negro violence and their using guns- get the guns out of their hands and make it illegal for anyone to sell such items to them. That's the first step. Of course, they'd still get them but then make such possession a death penalty offense and carry it out.

Excuse me- I've got to go. I just saw a drunkard careening down the street and I'm going to chase him down and -boy!- you just wait! I'm going to tell that car off but good and then I'm going to write letters to the car companies blaming them for producing a dangerous item! Then I'm going to write letters to the government demanding that all cars be banned and everyone use public transportation! And then! And then! I'm going to write letters to companies producing alcohol and blame them for the drunkard's behavior and choices! And afterwards, I'm writing gun companies and blaming them for negro gun violence too!

Sam said...

"Williams joined a gang in elementary school, bought her first handgun in sixth grade,..."

She was 18 in the 6th grade? So, Chicongo, how dat gun control workin' for ya?

Anonymous said...

If there were any justice in the world her memorial wall would require Facebook to buy more servers.

proudyt said...

It's only murder if a white person kills one of them. Otherwise it's fun violence.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this woman realizes that she is part of the very problem she espouses to hate. Bearing a child, presumably with the father unkown, long gone, or both, means the exponential likelihood that her offspring will become another banger...or bangee.
No, "the country" cannot help these people. The country did not cause the problem and has little control over how these people conduct themselves.
And will they give up a lifestyle that perpetuates their problems?
The speeches they give indicate they want an end to the violence. But, that's about as far as it goes - talk, candles, and vigils.
Genetics says fugetaboutit, ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

Someone in the last threat mentioned being underwater.

If you have a wife or family near BRA and you are only staying because your house is underwater then you need put your family first. Don't sacrifice your family for the system.

You know what you need to do.

It has come to this and it isn't your fault.

You know what you need to do. The people that founded this country never would have supported this embracement of total idiocy. They would be on your side.

You know what you need to do.

Anonymous said...

As long as it stays in da hood, we should all pray they never stops da bilence. It isn't like there's a shortage of negroes. Just think how many there would be if they were a peaceful race, YT would have been bred to extinction by now. Not to mention the black abortion numbers. I say keep up the good work, natural selection in all its glory.

Yea but it isn't natural selection. It's a perversion of nature. It's Africans in the wrong environment.

Most of the time they maim each other and YT picks up the bill.

There is a documentary somewhere that shows how it is common in Baltimore to see Black males zipping around in wheelchairs. Those are all the wounded gangstas that have been saved by White medicine. Guess who pays for the wheelchairs and support nurses?

Anonymous said...

Tim in Kodiak said"America has not failed the black community, Obama has. He has done nothing to address black gun crime and the slaughter of blacks by other blacks. He refuses to bring the subject matter up and as a result, it gets worse and worse. He needs to put his foot down now and tell blacks, :ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!". Well said Tim!

Ms. William talks as if the guns have a mind of their own, they just start killing her friends and others on the South Side and the West Side of Chicago. It's guns in the hands of low life blacks who have poor genetics and low IQ. Where is Black Li(v)es Matter in all this, for them to act, it has to be a thug killed by a LEO. Tim no one will speaks about the obvious with black folks, because we have become obsolete! Hispanics have become the second largest minority group in American, and Asian is about to surpass Black folks as the third. We will or already became the undertow in America!

The media is trying it hardest to put Blacks in a positive light by having them as professionals in their commercials, TV shows and Movies. Why do you think every show or commercial have some black person being the smart one and everyone else as idiots. This hasn't had any influence on blacks, because images can not change genetics. I had said this before, we are a primitive people, we need policies that address this fact or things will get much worse. There are some Black folks who address this, but they're not heard, they're often silent and called Uncle Toms. So the killing,robbing and rapping continues to get worse as time goes on. Should there be a cop on every corner in the black neighborhoods across the country, the cities are broke,they can not afford it? You know Abraham Lincoln had the right idea, when he suggested to return the African slaves to Africa.

I do not know if a Trump presidency will change any thing in our community because we lack the skill sets to take advantage of any employment he could bring back to America. All isn't loss for black folks, there are many smart black folks out there, they are the silent minority. Only three percent of our population commits the most crimes, they're the black males between the age of 15-34 years. One out of three black males are either in prison, on probation or gay. This is so sad!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

Most of the women are studying to be social workers. That's a job that keeps them on the public dole working for governmental agencies servicing clients who are also not on the dole. Negroes are an industry.

The King of All Crackers said...

Family is from Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago and we would dream of the days in the 1950's and 1960's we would live in neighborhoods like the ones the blacks have destroyed on Chicago's South Side. My Lithuanian relatives first and second generation moved out to Chicago Lawn and built churches, hospital and schools including two high schools after the World War II and I drive through there now and cry to see the wanton destruction of that neighborhood and the one north called Gage Park. A dirt little secret is that the South Side of Chicago lost over 20% of its population in the 2010 Census as people were voting with their feet especially black families and black middle class. Funny my old neighborhood Bridgeport that survived the onslaught due to tough lower middle class Irish that fought the British in the times of trouble preserved their neighborhood and now is flourishing and too expensive for me to live in now. The City of Chicago has now handcuffed the police and now the crime rate is now exploding and there is now crime in the Near North area (Michigan Avenue)that it has never seen as that was a no go zone but over the past ten years they stopped enforcing loitering and panhandling laws. A once great city that my Irish ancestors came to dig the canals is going to the shits as we used to say on the South Side. The Black Messiah (Barack H. Obama) was a false prophet to the black community and has lowered the average black person's standard of living in this country while George Bush increased the average blacks standard of living. A Republican ended slavery and the Democrats have the plantation now and had it before.

Elect Trump in 2016

Indict Hillary Now!

Anonymous said...

Good one:

Genetics says fugetaboutit, ain't happening.

Californian said...

The point that needs to be emphasized -- and then emphasized some more -- is that America has had six decades of civil rights and nothing changes when it comes to blacks. All the integration, all the war on poverty, all the PBS specials, all the Black Histrionics Months, all the MLK Blvd candlelight marching, all the speeches from the Teleprompter-Reader-in-Chief ... all that and blacks are exactly where they were way back when. High rates of violence. High rates of welfare dependency. High rates of tantrum throwing. Except now instead of being contained, their pathologies are afflicting the rest of the country.

Ask the bigger question: where anywhere have liberal programs improved black behaviors? Shall we look at the sorry history of post-colonial Africa? How did all that "majority rule" and "one man one vote" work out? You might be able to prop up a phony black middle class with enough government and government-mandated jobs and make-work college degrees. But at the end of the day, there's still the "streets gone wrong" and "underperforming schools" and "gun violence."

And there's the overall cluelessness in dealing with the situation. But of course, getting a clue would mean recognizing the reality of race. And BRA can not do that without its undergirding ideology self-destructing. It comes back to that ideological struggle. Ideologues would rather live in the ruins of a city than admit their ideology is total fantasy.

Which is why we need to push the Internet Insurgency and hand out those Red Pills.

riptapart said...

That "gun violence" just attacks these communities like a horrible contagion. The shooter and the dead and wounded just cannot stay clear of it. Since the 1950s roughly, the virus has adapted to this strain that is airborne and is become more unavoidable. We can stop this plague. It is going to take a very concerted effort on behalf of the entire country to finally contain and destroy this plague that afflicts so many urban areas. What is required is a massive economical investment into these areas. We need to pour dollars into these communities. It will be far batter to err on the side of more rather than less. A tax increase on large businesses, the wealthy , and the middle class. We could borrow from China if need be. The returns will be beyond worth it as these cities will soon be world renowned for the prosperity, peace, and advanced technology they become synonymous with.

NY Girl said...

True. They might mot actually do the violence, but they breed and raise the males who do. And at far higher than replacement levels to boot.

NY Girl said...

My question is, if she knows who they are, why doesn't she get off her ass and turn them in?

Anonymous said...


Guns are killing blacks - NOT blacks
It is the "country's" fault - NOT the shooters, their parents and a tribe that won't cooperate with police
We need more talk, talk, talk and gib, gibs, gibs - NOT jail, jail, jail
Nothing we do is our fault

That colored girl said she couldn't eat. My eyes tell me otherwise. She also clearly had her "hair" did - not too depressed for that. Were the glasses in her pocket supposed to give her a scholarly air?

NJ Woman

P.S. The phrase "the fairer sex" does not apply to this sub-species.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to have 'willie's' comments here?

I come here to get away from his kind, as I am sure most others do as well.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

'“Imagine,” Williams says. “They’re your friends on Facebook one minute, and then they’re gone the next.”'

Imagine, White people lived in nice White cities across this nation one minute, and then blacks moved in and the beautiful White cities were gone.

A (probably free) graduate degree in criminology is a waste of time for this girl. She does not seem to have any grasp of who the criminals are, despite having lived in Chicago her whole life. And, OF COURSE, she has a child. She's getting every freebee possible.

NJ Woman

P.S. Her video did not have the effect I think she was looking for. It made me happy. The ending made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

"So, she's lost 23 friends in 12 years. Maybe she should consider moving elsewhere, where the bullets don't outnumber the mosquitos."

Hell no. Let her stay put and enjoy the fruits of her genome.

I'm willing to bet a good dozen yoofs were launched into our dimension through the gateway of her legs.

r-strategy population. Breed much, die lots and young. Hopefully.

Truth Corps said...

That pesky "gun violence" again.

I've owned guns for almost five decades now and never had a single one get violent with a human being. Must be that "white privilege" thing they keep talking about.

Does "knife violence" get the same billing in the Media? Why not?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about taking all my guns back to the store because in all the years I've owned them they never "went off" and killed a bunch of people, or commited any other types of violence. Sounds like you and I must have gotten guns from a defective batch.

Anonymous said...

"Annunciation Camiella, annunciation. Are you too lazy to fully pronounce your words?"

April 4, 2016 at 9:24 PM

Yes, it should read "enunciation", but it's the thought that counts and spellcheck does crazy things. At the risk of sounding racially insensitive, I believe those lips are a real challenge when it comes to speaking clearly. That, and the laziness. And being black.

NJ Woman

P.S. Annunciation is, of course, a word. The girl tried to annunciate A SERIOUS MESSAGE, but was hampered by her garbled speech - along with the extraordinarily humorous narrative and funny pictures. It could be an SNL skit.

oogabooga said...

"Williams has more than 3,000 Facebook friends. Amid the reminders of loved ones she’s lost, periodically she comes across people that she knows have carried out a shooting. Some of those same people circulate stop-the-violence messages, to her disbelief. “I’m like, dude, you’re killing people,” Williams says."

And I'm like, dude, turn those criminals over to the police. And then I'm like, dude, I forgot you're a black and there's that no snitching boo-crap. So like, dude, too bad for you.

Anonymous said...

The one person killed was probably an innocent bystander.

Mr. Rational said...

I think Willie in Napierville is mostly Arab/Berber and/or Paul's pet IKAGO.

He's a hell of a lot more tolerable than Repulsive Throwback was, just because he writes coherently instead of word salad.

Anonymous said...

It is over. Trump has lost. The communist Republicans have ignored the people. Clinton will be the next POTUS and four more years of the half White House Mosque.

Time to start making plans to leave the country, or somehow Whites need to start working together to create an area in the U.S. for Whites to live together, work together etc.

Brian in Ohio said...

The fact that we no longer have segregation, and in particular the people who sell the "diversity is our strength" bullshit, reminds me of people who own dangerous exotic pets. Tigers, bears, huge pythons etc.

When anyone questions their choice of pet, "Nah, its fine. Its friendly as hell. Just like a big house cat." Then to no ones surprise, it does what nature built it to do and kills them, or someone else...Well no shit!

Cities and states pass laws restricting having pets like these because their wild animals and cant be tamed. But there`s always one delusional asshole who thinks, "I know this animal. It trusts me and would never hurt me."...until that one time they do...

We had Jim Crow laws and segregation for a reason. The same reason they don't let you keep a Bengal Tiger in your house. Its OBVIOUSLY dangerous and beyond your control, contrary to what you believe.

Well, you see how bad it is now. How much worse will it get before we can admit the obvious?... As Roy Scheider said, "We`re gonna need a bigger boat..."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing.

I'm very sorry to hear about your losses. I would love to hear how your loved ones were redeemed. I can imagine the amazing outpouring of solidarity the city put up. I bet the President came to the funerals or at least held a moment of silence at his next national address. Surely you never have to pay income taxes again. The government would understand that you would not want to feed and clothe and skoo the unfortunate blacks anymore.

I too lost a friend in high school to garden variety black criminality. A 17 year old girl was rushed as she got in her car by 2 teens. She was a realist, so she refused their demands and hit the gas. They executed her through her rear window as she tried to flee.

I'm sorry again for your loss. It infuriated me to read about it.

Anonymous said...

"Check" my White privilege...??

No, Negro, acknowledge your Low IQ (impulse control, future time orientation, etc) genetically based handicap.

MrGJG said...

Personally, I can't think of one person from my life who's ever been shot, let alone shot and killed. Where I grew up, it was a big deal if a kid got his bicycle stolen. I'm not a religious person, but the black race proves the devil exists.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at Korea for a moment: At the end of the Korean War, it was a shattered, poverty-stricken place, with a population that was starving in many places. They were just a few years from having been colonized and treated like slaves by the Japanese. Many African nations had a higher GNP and standard of living than Korea at the time. With some American aid, and the boundless energy and the innate intelligence of the population, they pulled themselves out of the poverty and despair caused by the war. During the same time, Segregation was ending in the US, and negroes had many of the same chances as these Koreans. Sixty-some years later, The Koreans are a wealthy, highly-educated, happy, civilized people who built a beautiful, super-modern nation (of course, I'm speaking of the South). How have American Negroes fared in those same years, despite having untold trillions of dollars spent to alleviate their problems? Have they improved their condition in any measurable way? It seems that their condition has indeed gotten much worse. When will we admit that there is just nothing we can do for negroes, and everything we have done so far has been a waste of money and effort, and has been destructive to every aspect of American life?

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a firefighter who works in the Washington DC area. He said when call come in, they can pretty much tell the race from the crime.
"Blacks shoot, Mexicans stab, and Asians use bats/clubs, and we don't really deal with that much Asian crime." He said that formula is on the money about 85% of the time. He was also telling me he wants to transfer up to Baltimore, because there are way more fires.

Anonymous said...

What's truly awe-inspiring (in a scary, sad way) is that this election is truly the last chance for White Euro America. If Trump loses, that's it. Four years of any Dem (or even Cruz) is a remaking of us demographically that will prevent any future Republican administration. That's it; Brazil here we come.

So get out and vote!! This is your last chance!

Anonymous said...

Black version of 23 and me. Odd that Rahm "never let a crisis go to waste" Emmanuel hasn't figured out how to shakedown YT on this spate of skreets gone wrong. Probably because it is not generally perceived to be a crisis.

Anonymous said...

South Shore and the Jackson Park Highlands were absolutely splendid places to live until they were hit by Global Swarming. Never been the same since. Look in the mirror, honey.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

AnonymousApril 5, 2016 at 9:55 AM

..."she wants you to see their faces."

Yeah.....they all look alike to me, too. It´s okay to say that around here.........isn´t it?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...


Okay, ya´ll, there is some disagreement out there about when to leave a negro infested neighborhood. My present situation is that I have two negresses in our condo building out of twenty four units. Not good, any way you slice it, but I´m a bit of a gambler. I´m financially able to high tail it out of here if my gay gentrifed, urban/suburban community goes ass up. Don´t get me wrong - it will financially devastate my husband and me - but we´d survive. My eye is on the EXIT sign, but we´re staying here until it gets completely out of control.

My unsolicited advice is not to cede your territory until you are given no other option. If you are miserable where you are now, the time to get out was yesterday. Leave. Now. I´m willing to walk away from my home if the circumstances dictate that. But I absolutely love it here and I will not leave until I feel forced to do so. One of the few nice things about getting to be a ¨certain age¨ is the ability to say to life (and people) F**K THAT! I´ve seen enough rot in this country going on fifty years now. I probably don´t have a whole lot of years left. Lord help the negro that tries to f**k with me, cause I ain´t goin down alone. Just say´n.

Anonymous said...

The last thing that fat sow wants to have is a realistic conversation about "gun violence" or, for that matter, negro violence on the streets, in the schools and in stores or malls. Any realistic conversation would have her chimping out like an ape on crack and having an apoplectic fit and grand mal seizures over "da racism!"

Any time a negro wants to have a conversation about any issue affecting blacks in da hood, you can damn well bet it's a prelude to it sticking its paw out for gibsmedats while blaming the rest of the world for the self created problems of negroes and trying to get non negroes to become their servants who rush to coddle them and provide them with whatever they want. They'll never accept their own responsibility in relationship to their problems or do anything realistic to solve them therefore any "conversation" is a total waste of time, effort and energy. All they'll do is try to make the right noises and say the "right" things to get foolish and naïve people to kiss their butts, serve them and coddle them and not one damn thing will change.

Listen up, sow. I don't care about you or even about your friend's who've been killed by other negroes. I don't care one bit about you or your people and want nothing to do with any of you. Why should I or anyone else for that matter? What's so special about you that anyone would want you around? What do negroes have to offer society or any neighborhood they infest? Illegitimacy, high crime rates, parasitism and social decay don't count but that's all you have to offer.

Go away and be a negro somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . Listen up, sow. I don't care about you or even about your friend's who've been killed by other negroes. I don't care one bit about you or your people and want nothing to do with any of you. Why should I or anyone else for that matter? What's so special about you that anyone would want you around? What do negroes have to offer society or any neighborhood they infest? Illegitimacy, high crime rates, parasitism and social decay don't count but that's all you have to offer.”

This reminds me of our conversation a few posts back with Anon @ 1:18. Did he ever get back to us with that list of net positive negroid accomplishments over the course of human history anywhere on the planet? Perhaps a single accomplishment? A single place where people were happy to see negros arrive?

Race said...

Ding, ding, ding...winner, winner! Lol

Race said...

Maybe she killed some of them

Anonymous said...

*Dons 'white knight' hood and robe*

I'm actually in favor of Willie. He's coherent and inoffensive. If he really is black, he's also a bit of an outside view keeping us from becoming too much of an echo-chamber.


Anonymous said...

"A single place where people were happy to see negroes arrive?"

I once had a conversation with a libtard in which I listed an entire plethora of dysfunctional behaviors and ascribed them to an "imaginary" people and asked him if he'd want to have a group of people around who behaved in that fashion and who had such a negative impact on the larger society. Of course, I was describing negroes but didn't say that. The libtard was a bit aghast and said no one would want those types of people around. I then dropped the bomb on the libtard and said that all the behaviors/dysfunctions described were those found in black communities all over the USA as a common feature and that all the statistics showed that clearly. The libtard had a fit once negroes were mentioned and wanted to protest. I simply said, "All I've done is describe a type of people and their behaviors and dysfunctions. It's not my fault who fits the description-it's theirs. Besides, before you were told it was negroes, even you said you wouldn't want them around!" I stood up and walked away leaving the libtard wide eyed, stunned, and with his mouth agape. The funny thing (in an odd way) is that anyone with any knowledge or awareness would have recognized that it was negroes being described from the very start but the libtard....I don't's like there was this massive blind spot where the connection simply couldn't be made or even acknowledged. A pathological denial so deeply entrenched that it precluded any awareness or realization.

If only libtards could get over their religious zeal for negroes and quit using them for the purposes of moral preening and posturing! The simple fact is they don't want them around either but just won't admit it. They simply want to worship them from afar, make excuses for them and demonize anyone else who doesn't do the same. The truth is that no one is happy to see negroes arrive in large numbers but libtards sho' nuff do love their token blacks whom they can gush over and grovel in front of to feel special. It's definitely some form of mental illness.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

So, she's lost 23 friends in 12 years.

Smacks of carelessness, doesn't it? But no matter, plenty more where those came from. She has over 3000 Facebook "friends". I wonder how many of them she would actually be able to recognise?

I'm old, and I don't know if I've even met 3000 people in my lifetime. As for friends, that's a very much shorter list. These Babuntus are strange. Maybe she's some kind of local politician or tribal chief. Or an aspiring rapper.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Annunciation Camiella, annunciation.

No, I don't think she's likely to qualify. I suspect her bastard child was conceived in the regular way.

(Sorry, that just struck me as funny. The word you want is enunciation. Annunciation is defined in the dictionary as "The announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary of her conception of Christ." A unique event, all the more unlikely to involve a negress.)

Anonymous said...

Per an old boss of mine? If this woman wants sympathy, tell her it can be found in the dictionary partways between s**t and syphilis.


-Carolina Cicero

Anonymous said...

Staying "honorable" to a corrupt system that is designed to displace you, keep you in an area that's dangerous and ultimately kill your family is no good.

Whites need to stop acting white to a system designed to exploit whiteness.

Credit is a Jew tool. Sell that
House get out do whatever is required.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Who names their daughter Porche and pronounces it pore shay? It's a frightening "culture" and mindset. Chicago must be in the top 3 most terrifying cities in the U.S.

PB said...

'Why do we have to have 'willie's' comments here?'

You know I think Willie would also like to get away from the same undertow. Credit where its due.

Bird of Paradise said...

Only a total fool beleives that disarming the public will make crime drop and frankly all supporters of Gun Control and Confiscation have the blood on innocents on their hands and that includes the blood of her 23 lost relatives and friends

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of our conversation a few posts back with Anon @ 1:18. Did he ever get back to us with that list of net positive negroid accomplishments over the course of human history anywhere on the planet? Perhaps a single accomplishment? A single place where people were happy to see negros arrive?"

I missed that post by Anon, was he sober when he posted? Let me help him out.
I will gladly list a few of the mighty negro accomplishments for you crackas.

1. Flying pyramids in ancient Egypt built by negroes. Even though the magic negroes only got the pyramids a few feet off the ground and only flew them for a few thousand yards no one else has duplicated that feat of negrosity.

2. Peanut butter. I know, I know it's just a recipe but let's be generous here and consider it a mighty accomplishment which it is by negro standards.

3. What about all the doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers etc. on TV who are always helping dumb YT, inventing, saving money, fixing up their houses and just overall great people?

For all that they deserve at least a month of celebration considering all the hard work they put in the other eleven months of the year.

non-DWL from NE
BHO says hello to PK

Paintjob Theory said...

"He needs to put his foot down now and tell blacks, :ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"."

Really? And that's going to help? This is the same insanity that produces ideas like midnight basketball is somehow going to keep these beasts from acting out in accordance with their genetic makeup. Funny how when we got stone age boat people refugees from Cambodia we didn't need to have a 50 year campaign to convince them not to run around committing murder and mayhem. Hell, even the incredibly primitive and violent native hominids on this continent have largely pulled their shit together (by comparison to negroes). It's always and only the black African that's incapable of maintaining any semblance of civilized behavior.

"America has not failed the black community, Obama has."

Because they were just such good neighbors until he rolled into town.

Bill in St Louis said...

How about a job for her? She could go around the entire city, (at least the hood areas) and shake hands meet people and make new friends? The more people she meets, well with her record, the fewer thugs overall.

Anonymous said...

Why, O why if she knows who the killers are, are she and BLM not marching outside their Section 8 nests demonstrating to "end da bilence and get some amsuhs"?? Or even holding a "bigil?" I can guess why not--probably would get in the way of her nightly date with Colonel Sanders...

Unknown said...

Anonymous said "probably would get in the way of her nightly date with Colonel Sanders..."

Methinks she's cheating on the Colonel, giving Ronald McDonald her sloppy seconds. And no doubt, she's doing Popeye several times a week as well.

Come to think of it, she probably ate half those 22 dead "friends" of hers.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading Willie's posts.

Bird of Paradise said...

Too bad for the idiots with their stupid MAKE FREINDS NOT ENEMIES 70's bull crap they need to get real

Anonymous said...

Precisely! It's these Cultural Marxist scumbags who are enabling these dysfunctional cretins.

Anonymous said...

That's a common theme in their community, naming your kid after something expensive or royalty. There's a bunch of NFL players named Prince for example. I think Chicago native Kayne West summed it up best with the lyric "Couldn't afford a car, so she named her daughter A-Lexus"

Anonymous said...

I'd rather take my chances living with a tiger then a negro, at least with a tiger I know what I'm getting myself into.

Anonymous said...

"That great watermelon patch in the sky". Hahaha I woke my wife up laughing at this. Definitely being used. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

there is a reason why the South had jim crow laws. they work.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why my post suggesting a new TLC show "XXXXX XXXXX - 23 and counting" wasn't allowed. Perfectly valid replacement for The Duggars.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

And now she wants to get in the criminal justice system so she can also protect those same criminals from the criminal justice system.
If it wasn't for her EBT card, those dead friends of hers would have also been ate!


GrimmTale said...

I'd like to know where my THANK-YOU Whitey is...?

Thank you Whiteman for paying for my illegitimate pregnancy - where I decided to keep the child, although there is no father, or any way possible for you to take care of it.
Thank you Whiteman for paying for my rent, food, clothing, etc
Thank you Whiteman for paying for my college courses
Thank you Whiteman for paying for my exit out of the gang-banging hood.

Funny, we never hear the media even ask the question of who would you like to thank, or read of any "thank-you" when the media deems it necessary to write these feel-good stories of how one black made it out of the killing fields one of a thousand is in any way acceptable odds. - Heck, academy award winning actors thank people all over the place when they receive their passage into stardom!-

Maybe this was what Obama was referring to when he said "You didn't build that" - because this gal most certainly didn't do anything by herself (except spread her legs and get pregnant perhaps).

IMO - THIS is the real "story" here. We all know about the black demographic killing each other - how many times are they going to keep ramming it down everyone's throat? We get it, the black demographic gets it and they DO NOT CARE. The story worth hearing is of how blacks are tripping all-over-themselves to give Whitey a great-big THANK YOU! {{ pffftt }}

Anonymous said...

I found this post to be both vibrant and enriching.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

I just checked my privilege when I was gassing up the truck. Still got it, but picked up a couple spare quarts for the road trip.