Sunday, October 30, 2016

84% of FBI Special Agents are White: No. 1 Reason Why Agent Revolt/Mass Resignation Took Place Over Hillary's Emails

Three important headlines to understand the re-opening of the Hillary Clinton email file:

Over time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become even less diverse — and its own director doesn’t know why.  
During a speech on Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey called a decrease in diversity a “crisis” during a time when racial issues are at the forefront. 
 “We have a crisis in the FBI and it is this: Slowly but steadily over the last decade or so, the percentage of special agents in the FBI who are white has been growing,” he said, adding, “I will have failed if I don’t change this.”  
The numbers show that FBI diversity has in fact been on a steady decline for nearly 20 years. According to the FBI’s website, as of March 8, 2016, its special agents are 83.41 percent white; 6.63 percent Latino; 4.37 percent Black; 4.48 percent Asian; and less than 1 percent American Indian/Alaska Native, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and multi-race.  
In 2012, a year before Comey became director, special agents were 83.1 percent white; 7 percent Latino; 4.8 percent Black; 4.2 percent Asian; and less than 1 percent multi-racial, American Indian/Alaska Native and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. 
White people involved in the FBI - for the most part - still believe they are upholding the U.S. Constitution, which means no individual (public or private) is too big to fail.

White people still believe in accountability and personal responsibility; non-whites in power only believe in being accountability to their own racial groups betterment (always at the expense of white people).

Once an institution, be it public or private, is overburdened with non-white employees, a toleration of corruption means a larger vacation for upper-management and bigger bonuses for lower level employees.

Though the electorate does not (and public schools are even worse), the FBI still looks like the historic - founding population - American nation; but the FBI might have inadvertently ensured Donald J. Trump wins on November 8th.

Trump, mind you, is a man who will only serve to unlocking the door toward the birth of a new white identity few can now dare comprehend.


Paintjob Theory said...

I say fire all the whites and Asians and make every single FBI employee from the director down to the janitors black Africans. Most of us will live to see these alphabet soup agencies used more and more openly to stifle (white working class) dissent and persecute political enemies of BRA, it'll make our enemies that much less competent and easier to spot if they're all muds.

In politics absolutely NOTHING happens by mistake, if it happens you had best believe it was planned that way. This is doubly true with intelligence and high level military "leaks" and "whistleblowers" and the like. Enjoy the show, just remember it's all just more "reality" TV to elicit an emotional reaction from you.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals and demacrats preventing the FBI from doing its job it was meant to do and thats investigate crimes track down wanted threats to america and keeping the ISIS and other terrorists out of america this PC nonsense will get innocents killed

Ex New Yorker said...

From what I know about the inner workings of the Beast I have always believed that the the revolt would take place within the government before it takes place on the streets. There are powerful groups fighting for control. I have mentioned before that the elite at the top are the ones cutting each others throat. Corrupt people do not make good friends. Nobody trust anybody.

You read about phones being tapped, e-mails hacked, hidden microphones and bugging devises. This is what corporations and politicians do. No one is tapping your phone because you used the N-word. No body gives a shit about you. All this snooping and spying is what takes place at the top. None of us are at the top. We are no threat to the elite.

America is a giant corporation whose only concern is power and money. Anyone who has risen to the top of the criminal corporate food chain is not there because they are honest. It is because they are as crooked as the company they keep.

Remember a couple years ago all those dead bankers that kept showing up. Bodies floating in rivers and hanging from rafters.

Once there in nothing left in the third world countries to loot and steal and the American Empire turns to shit these greedy little fucks will turn on each other.

This is what my mother told me about the Great Depression...."It had no effect on the poor people. All they did was tighten their belt one notch. It was the rich folks that were jumping out of windows and begging on the streets."

Anonymous said...

"White people involved in the FBI - for the most part - still believe they are upholding the U.S. Constitution, which means no individual (public or private) is too big to fail."

They are a carefully selected group of white race traitors who are upholding the ANTI-RACIST Constitution as amended after the Civil War. Any hint of pro-white leanings would be enough to disqualify someone from the FBI.

"White people still believe in accountability and personal responsibility; non-whites in power only believe in being accountability to their own racial groups betterment (always at the expense of white people)."

Or, in other words, what distinguishes whites in the FBI from non-whites in the FBI is the former's willingness, indeed their eagerness, to betray their own race. Comey sets the example, deploring the FBI as too white: “I will have failed if I don’t change this.”

Anonymous said...

The article with the picture of Comey say FBI is becoming more White and Comey gives no reason or resolution AS IF THAT IS A PROBLEM, maybe those are the best qualified, why is diversity important? Isn't A TRUE MERITOCRACY the best system?

On another note Whites still control who gets elected with over 70% of the population, if whites voted monolithically as blacks do (Obama got 95-97% of the black vote in 2008 and 2012, AND Obama got 41% of the White vote) then Trump would win in a landslide, but a lot of whites are anti-white (college professors, media and hollywood are known for this and they have large influence).

Because of the Anti-white whites, I think we are going to have a corrupt as can be perpetual liar named Hillary Clinton as our next President who will flood the USA with 3rd world immigrants including a 550% increase in Muslims who Isis says will infiltrate and commit terrorist acts and Clinton herself said on E-mail there is no way to vet them, so we would have a President (or 2nd after Obama) American President working to bring down the USA (Which SHOULD be Treason).

Our founding fathers have to be rolling in their graves wondering how we were/are so stupid, The Hart-Cellar/Immigration Act which Ted Kennedy said would not alter the USA's ethnic composition has been a disaster, crime went up, education down, taxes went up to support people who could or would not contribute, productive people for the most part stopped having babies (Fertility rate below replacement levels for decades) while the poor/unproductive people had lots of babies who grew up to give the unproductive political power by the vote, and they voted on more freebies paid for by the productive/taxpayers (Romney said in 2012 the Democrats start with 47% of the vote due to the welfare and entitlements, the 47% has almost certainly grown since 2012 and those voters are 1 issue voters meaning Give Me My Free Stuff)

Brian in Ohio said...

The fact that the FBI has become MORE white in the last 20 years tells me they may be the only Federal agency to NOT lower its requirements for the sake of diversity...yet.

Yup, its those damn YT standards, holding a brotha back again. They get hung up on the smallest details, like prior criminal convictions, domestic violence and being able to read.

If this story of insurrection by the rank and file agents of the FBI is true... There may be hope yet.

We shall see.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

While certainly possible, I'm not yet ready to embrace the "FBI staff in revolt" story, though I'd like to think it's true. However, let's not forget that they are government employees who have had several instances of incompetence ( Olympic bomber, Anthrax case, ruby Ridge, Waco, forensic lab screw ups etc.)

It's possible that it was realized that despite all the help from media, Wall Street and skewed polls, Clinton was not going to win and that a President Trump would actually do something about Obama/Clinton corruption that the FBI and career DoJ officials had covered up or allowed themselves to be less than vigorous.

There could also be a foreign intelligence angle with Abedin/Weiner.

AnalogMan said...

It's a good thing America only allows adults to vote, because this ongoing soap opera called the Presidential Election just got X-Rated. Vox Day reports scurrilous gossip about Carlos Danger, Hillary and the Lolita Express:

Behind the revived FBI investigation

Proudyt said...

The government makes up for the lack of diversity in the FBI in other areas. Just visit your local post office or DMV.

Anonymous said...

Why are FBI Agents mostly White?

Because to become an Agent you have to be highly educated and pass several exams that require actual application of knowledge.

If you want negroe Agents then remove the qualifications and simply hold a brown paper bag next to the faces of applicants and pass everyone who is darker than the bag.

Anonymous said...

This is historic comrade! What a glorious moment in the history of the republic.
That it happened now before the epic Fundamental Transformation into just another third world banana republic was almost complete, historic!
Will there be a decorative collector's plate of the blue dress and Granny Clinton doing a perp walk?
Ohh...the plate will be more like Lowrenta Lynch throwing out any case brought against Granny Gangster?
Good times comrades, good times in the United States of Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

I love the stench of lefty fail in the morning. Ummm...ummm...ummm. Yes we can!
The Eat Shit Poseur Network (ESPN) lost over 620,000 subscribers the past month and the no fans left league is down 24% for viewership with the halfway point of the season being reached this past weekend.
I was a football fan since the womb and haven't watched a single snap this year.
The email provider showed a highlight clip so I deleted that account and found a new email service outside the United States of Zimbabwe.
All the Grubers, Sobamas and Ma Kelly gangsters aka Hillybilly Clinton of the communist left can fuck right off.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of problems for black males:

1. One has to pass a clearance.
2. One has to have an education.

Since most blacks do not have these, they are unqualified. It has nothing to do with diversity or color, it is a function of honesty and intelligence. Most blacks have neither!

Anonymous said...

Anywhere they don't compromise on standards you won't find many blacks. Whether in engineering, research, medicine or even catering. When you spot a black face you can guarantee that standards have gone down the toilet. Horrible, nasty creatures...but I fear their (((enablers))) may be even worse. Sigh.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Mostly agree with your points, Mr. Kersey. The elephant in the room is, as always, low IQ. It is why the CIA is practically devoid of negroes. I was listening to a negro disguised as an FBI big wig on MSM yesterday. It was painful, watching him try to put together coherent, cogent sentences. Affirmative Action at its finest.

As I lay awake last night, ruminating over this election, I pondered the electorate this year. Let´s say the population of negroes in this country is 15%. Let´s assume that they are all out of jail and without felony records. They will always vote 100% FSA Democrat. That is why Bill Clinton winks at the negroes and they wink back at him.

Further, there is at least 25% of ultra lib, self-flagellating whites who want to prove their redemption and self worth by voting for Hillary. Next, the illegal Mexicans and the legal Mexicans, so very accustomed to free sh*t. Let´s call them another 10%. Hillary could (as she almost did the other night at a free Jennifer Lopez concert, climb on stage and masturbate with a crucifix), and the Mexicans would still vote for her. That there is 50% of the voting population. We won´t even bring up the electoral college. Short of the divine hand of justice meting out a lightning bolt to take out Madame Clinton, I don´t see this ending with a Trump victory. I hope and pray I am wrong about that.

rex freeway said...

Liberal Ideology has permeated every level of every government function. Between Negro dysfunction and Negro coddling liberals that allow, encourage Negro violence, there is nothing left to do but fight fire with fire. I would just as soon die then to be ruled over by either. But I want to live long enough to see both eradicated or put in there place.

David In TN said...

I recall listening to G. Gordon Liddy's radio show 20 years ago during the Clinton administration. A (white) caller told Liddy he wanted to join the FBI. Liddy (a former FBI agent himself) told him, "They won't hire you. White men don't get hired under Louis Freeh."

Freeh, in those days, was supposedly making a big "diversity" push. I heard Liddy say this several times on his show: "If you're a white man, Louis Freeh's FBI won't hire you."

Did the "drive for diversity" slow down after Freeh left?

Anonymous said...

lol, if Hillary Clantin elected she'll probably wipe out fbi all together or at least replace most of it's personnel. In the Social Fascist open sewer state all agencies & dept's must be 100% reliably committed to the social fascist power structure, 100% of the time

Anonymous said...

Agreed @Proudyt Just look at the DMV...inefficiency so bad even Disney cartoons mock it! Not to mention postal workers involvement in petty theft and credit card fraud. And what about airport baggage handlers helping themselves to tablet computers and laptops? Digusting. Sigh. The chimps are running the zoo...

Awakened white said...

10:41 is right, a lot are outright traitors. Look no farther then the Oregon standoff and countless others. Jack booted thugs. We"ll see if they defend the country they swore to defend.

Anonymous said...

Our simian friends thrive on mediocrity. They have no sense of personal responsibility or pride in their work. Sterilization of anyone 16 years or older convicted of a violent crime is the only humane option. Prison colonies could also complement the sterilization process. And back to Hillary Clinton, the level of cronyism and seeming corruption in her relationship with the "perpetually horny" (((Anthony Weiner))) is troubling to say the least. An almost oriental and foreign concept of loyalty is on display hear, folks...Sigh.

Anonymous said...

From what I know about the inner workings of the Beast I have always believed that the the revolt would take place within the government before it takes place on the streets

The revolt in government will take place by former true believers that lost faith in paint theory and are keenly aware of how much productivity is lost due to mediocre hires. It's not just Affirmative Action, there are also mediocre Whites in government that only have positions of power because they were able to sell their dedication to the cause.

This revolt is inevitable as more Whites lose faith in the end game. Once you realize that Africans cannot be turned into Europeans it becomes apparent as to what a massive waste of resources is being invested into this futile effort. Most Whites do not want to waste resources and want to feel proud in what they are doing. Contrary to popular belief this is even true for most Whites in government.

The same revolt will occur in the private sector, but mostly in large corporations. As more Whites learn about the reality of racial genetics through the internet they are going to be less tolerant of an AA manager or employee that they have to carry.

The most difficult sphere to change will be the colleges. This is because they have zero accountability and there are entire departments like Sociology that are built around the theory of race not existing and have no intention of changing. Whites that are naturally rational are chased out of the Social Sciences well before they can pose any threat to the status quo. The rare scientist that questions blank slate is turned into pariah. The only way to deal with the colleges will be to expose the fraudulent departments. If disbelief in paint theory became widespread then parents would warn their kids about the egalitarian deceit that exists in the schools.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I often get really depressed about our lot life but the sun still rises and the birds still sing every morning. I stay pretty ovlivious to polotics and news as its all propaganda anyway. Once you learn that youve been owned since your birth by international shysters all the little shit doesnt matter much. The dog and ponies, the bread and circuses...

It must be hilarious from ((their)) perspective.


Anonymous said...

Lock them all up. The Clintons, Weiner, McCabe, Comey and that Abedin woman. They are all guilty of treason. Putting their own corrupt interests ahead of those of the country. Lock them up!

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every contributor to this site. I gain more intelligence every day by taking the time to read all of your insightful thoughts. I help spread the word of this site everywhere I go. I might even be part of the reasoning the trolls are here. I like them coming here. I know that there is so many intelligent contributors on this site that these trolls don't stand a fighting chance against any of us. I invite as many people as I can to this site. It's great to know that all of you will state the whole truth and nothing but the truth where these trolls are forced to either run or swallow the truth, those are the only 2 choices they have here.

This site is and has been my morning newspaper going on almost 4 years now. All of you help keep me sane living in this country. You guys are simply awesome! Next month will be my one year anniversary of cutting the (cable) cord. I honestly have to say that the only thing I do miss about cable is the news. I miss listening to all the lies they spew. It's quite informative to hear the latest BS their spewing at the general public. But besides that I don't miss cable one bit. I have more money in my pocket. My internet bill is only $25 a month for a 30 mbps line. Absolutely no complaints about that. I'm paid up for the next 6 months.

Thank you to PK for giving us a place to air our intelligence. This is, by far, the absolute best forum on the net today. I will do my part and keep spreading the word about this site as far and wide as the eyes can see. I do it on Fakebook all the time. I throw the truth in their faces and rattle their chains as much as I possibly can. They absolutely hate the truth. They can't handle the truth. It's freaking great! Fuck em! I get more and more vocal as the days go on. A true alpha male right here. Standing out and standing strong to each and every one of these bottom feeders! They ALL know they are intellectually inferior to us, which is exactly why violence is their only recourse against us. They know they have no place in our democracy, or our country for that matter.

Alright, time to get ready to enjoy my white privilege of the day by getting ready to go to work. Just one more thank you to each and everyone of you for doing what you do. I recommend that all of you do your duty to spread this site as far and wide as you possibly can at as many websites and in person that you can. My eyes were already opened before I stumbled upon this site, but for those whose eyes aren't open I guarantee that this site IS the eye opener for those on the fence. I hope you all have a great day! I know I will. Time to go watch the bantu's do what they do best..... needless to say you all know what that is....

Enough IS enough! Peace out!

Unknown said...

...why is the FBI less diverse?
Let me count the reasons...

Arrest record
Failing drug tests
Cannot speak proper English
Cannot write properly in English
Does not grasp the concept of "on time"
Despite having a college dumb as dirt
Always "offended" by some rule of the Department
Inability to concentrate on the "job at hand"

Do I really need to continue?

Anonymous said...

We're living in exciting times, folks. Hollywierd and print media have been rendered irrelevant. Hollywood is bankrupt of new ideas. The newspapers are witnessing the distribution collapse and advertisers flee. The porn industry has all but collapsed, revealing it's "famous starlets" to be nothing more than common prostitutes, "escorting" or more precisely servicing random Johns in cheap Vegas hotel rooms. The mainstream media is losing it's vice like grip on our minds and those of our children. Thank you alt-right. Thank you internet.

Clyde Tolson said...

I applied to the FBI in the early 90s. My father was a 25+ year veteran agent at the time working at HQ in DC and he told me that unless I had a computer science degree, a law degree or were coming from military as an experienced officer, that I would be designated AWB, average white boy, and because of diversity emphasis, non-whites and females were given hiring preference. I wasn't hired. I do remember very intensive psychological testing that I'm sure was designed to weed out any whites who weren't completely pozzed.

Another thing my father noted was that when he joined in the 60s, the FBI was a white male organization and it was seen as a lifelong career. Once women and non-whites joined, it became a job to work for a few years to put on your resume.

Anonymous said...

Whenever non-Whites (especially blacks) run anything, they run it for the benefit of THEIR people. Look at the "Just-Us" Department, even though there's massive black on White crime when was the last time you remember them ever investigating it? That's what will happen to the FBI if/when blacks are allowed to "move up the ranks"! White people are the only ones that want "fairness" while non - Whites play "the ends justify the means - winner take all"! When was the last time the White candidate got more black votes than the black candidate, but yet there are many examples of Whites voting for the black over the White. That's our "achilles heel" and blacks know how to play it for all it's worth - cry "racism" and get what you want.
As far as the election - blacks WILL NOT come out in anywhere near the numbers they gave to "the brother" to vote for some old "White woman". Bernie supporters are really pissed off and some will vote Trump but more of them will just sit it out feeling cheated by Hillary. It's been rumored that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Whites will vote that haven't voted in along time to vote Trump. It's also rumored that a lot of Democrats are voting Trump because they now feel alienated by their party. It's also been well publicized that the polls are being watched closer this time around and that MIGHT make some illegal voters think twice about taking that chance. I'm just hoping that between Wikileaks and the email mess Hillary gets buried and Trump can win big enough that it can't be challenged.

chattanooga gal said...

" Just visit your local post office "
I know someone who has worked at our main post office for 30 years. when she first got hired on, you had to be able to pass a test to get hired on. They also had temporary help around Christmas, who, also could not get hired on as regulars without passing tests. But, obviously, ANY test requirement is too much for the dindus, so now they hire people temporarily for Christmas who are GAURANTEED to be hired on permanently, later, with no tests whatsoever. now our main post office is getting blacker and blacker. suspect I'd better send my Christmas gifts ups this year...

Anonymous said...

I worked as a radiation worker for years and that's another job that's vastly and overwhelmingly white- even more so than the FBI. If it had ever been dumbed down through affirmative action as well as grading tests on a curve so unqualified blacks could get in, I'd have quit on the spot. Can you imagine LaTeefus being responsible for calculating the rate of exposure that would be acquired at Y distance from a radiation source in X amount of time and what shielding would be required to reduce exposure to the safest levels possible? Egad! That's the stuff of nightmares!

Meritocracy is the only sensible way to go. Forget about making unqualified people feel good about themselves by letting them into jobs they don't deserve and forget about including people based on skin color just so they're "represented" and "included." That is pure idiocy of the first order of magnitude.

Pat Boyle said...

I was going to explain who was the single most important person to Western Civilization today but that will have to wait another day so I can comment on the FBI.

I thought that the FBI reopening the Clinton corruption case might have been some sort of internal pressure from all the disaffected agents who were repulsed by the all the political shenanigans. It seems as though I might have been right. If this is so - and it reads like a Frank Capra screenplay - then that is very good news indeed.

I have two personal FBI anecdotes. First my father always wanted to be an FBI agent. He had gone through undergraduate school at Alabama on a football scholarship. Then he went through law school - not to be a lawyer - but to be an FBI agent.

But it didn't work out somehow. I never quite knew why. My parents were divorced and I was raised in a rather odd household. My mother was an identical twin who also was divorced with one son almost exactly the same age as I was. So I was raised with my genetic half brother Willie. We were raised as sort of twins. We always called him little Willie because he only got to be six one.

The story that I heard was that my father was too tall for the FBI. The legend was that J. Edgar Hoover wouldn't hire tall agents. There was a Hollywood movie in the sixties that had that as a premise (The President's Analyst). In any case my father never worked for the FBI. It might have been his eyes. He was legally blind. He wore those thick 'coke bottle' lens. He wouldn't go into the water when we went to the beach. If he took off his thick glasses he would never find his way back to the blanket.

Anyway I got back at J. Edgar Hoover later.



Anonymous said...

"Why is the FBI less diverse than 20 years ago?"

Possibly for the same reason that the US Air Force ,which would LOVE to boast of a large % of Black pilots, can't do so: IQ. The world is more complex today, and flying a jet fighter is more involved than flying a fighter was in the 1940's. Less than 2 percent of Air Force fighter pilots are black, and there is a very good reason for that; the usual reason, a biological and genetic one that PC cannot maneuver around. So too, for the FBI in a world that now is more dependent on technological expertise than it was 20 years ago. The black man and woman were at their best as farm labor in an agrarian society. The world has left them behind.

Pat Boyle said...

FBI anecdote II.

How I intimidated J. Edgar Hoover

I needed some kind of job to support myself after I had finished two years of college. My uncle got me dealership with the Washington Post. I had just turned twenty one. So I became an independent contractor to deliver the newspaper. I was a little embarrassing at parties to tell some girl that my job was a paper route - but it was a very big paper route. You couldn't walk this route - it was mostly embassies. The embassies were strung out over a large area in Northwest Washington. It required a car. It was too long to walk. This was at the time when all these new African nations were emerging from colonial rule. So there were always some new nation establishing an embassy and wanting to have the 'Post' delivered. That was me.

As it happened J. Edgar Hoover's house was on my twenty five mile long paper route. Hoover did NOT read the Post but I knew which house was his. So it came to pass that one day I was out collecting for my route. There are a couple things you need to know to understand what happened with me and Hoover.

First I was an opera singer student. I got it into my head that I needed to increase my lung power. So I built myself a blow gun. I found a length of copper pipe at a building site and I made darts from aluminum knitting needles. The other thing you need to understand was that this was shortly after the Kennedy assassination - government officials were a little jumpy.

So one day in the very hot Washington summer I was out collecting on my route almost naked in nothing but shorts. I was just the neighborhood paper boy but I was also pretty big at six four. I had nailed a dollar bill on this big tree and was shooting metal darts at it.

As it happened this tree was right in front of Hoover's house. Then he drove up - or rather was driven up. But he wouldn't get out of the car. I got into it a little. I continued to shoot the darts and he stayed in his car afraid to get out. After a while I retrieved my dollar bill target and went away.

That's the story of how I intimidated J. Edgar Hoover.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I'd like to point you in the direction of Her Highness and her recent Daytona Beach visit. The local GOP met her at the airport and acted as her motorcade, video available at Gateway Pundit. Worth your while.
The DICKerson gym where she spoke, holds 720, media reported 900. There are 40 parking spots. True pictures will show about 300, including the press. The area is nigger infested.
One more note about dum dums, walked into BJs and right upfront were bags of them with the following slogan, "the most handed out candy!"
PK, how many people are reading this blog?
Female in FL

Baron Münchhausen said...


How likely is it that BHO will do a mass pardon of Black criminals as a last Fuck you to (White) America? What would be the ramifications of this?

I have no qualms over that he will go crazy with the pardons. Just how big will it be?

The Baron

Mikep said...

That's an interesting angle on this story. It could be that the FBI requires the most talented available personnel and refuses to set lower standards for POCs, that is to say, they're racist, or, they have some reason to want to remain largely White. In other words they're racist.
Does anybody know if other essential organs of the US Government such as the CIA, Military Intelligence, Special Forces etc have remained "unusually" White? Deep State perhaps?

PB said...

Hey, how come there's a "reply" function here on my phone but not on my PC?

PB said...

"There could also be a foreign intelligence angle with Abedin/Weiner."

Gee, I wonder who that could be? Greenland?

Unknown said...

Miss G I hate to agree but it appears to me that even The Trump is trying to put the witch in the black house. I'm afraid this will not end well,some white somewhere will be attacked by the groids and will be armed and will put a few of them down and the shitstorm will begin.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes. The FBI is too White, of course. What we need is a negro run Federal law enforcement agency.

Yeah, that will fix everything. We can see blacks in other walks of life are always so successful and honest.

Let's see, 17 killed and 40 shot over the weekend in Chicago, all negroids. Or perhaps we can look at Obama, who has ran up more debt than all of the other presidents, combined.

Yep, we need negros to run things.

What we need is separation and then repatriation for all negroids in the United States of America. This scourge of animal life needs to be returned to its natural habitat in Africa. We have had enough of it and I hereby call for the removal of all Blacks from our nation.

Anonymous said...

It was only ten years ago that liberals were in a tizzy about the Bush administration shaping the FBI to fit its ideology and agenda.

It is worth noting that one of the major reasons Clinton was allowed to walk was because Obama was guilty of the exact same thing. Huma Abedin kept a copy of one of president Obama's emails over the insecure server when she found out that he wrote it under a pseudonym- if she was going to go down, he was too.

I am overjoyed that the spotlight is on the Muslim opportunist who finds power in the pants of the powerful. I'm sure Hillary is about to have a heart-attack with all the negative spotlight on her creepy relationship with Huma. It has been said that even Bill has to get through Huma to even talk to his wife. Both her parents are heavily involved with the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia but don't let that concern you.

The fact that Abedin and Podesta are still in Hillary's campaign shows that she isn't really running anything after all. They all know that she is a walking corpse that needs them just as much as they need her.

I don't see another Clinton presidency- if she is able to somehow limp, lie and cheat her way to the white house she will be like a bloody fish in the water. Somehow after eight years of Obama and no PoC running I don't see her pulling it off. The resent revelations are probably a way of bringing everything back to reality after months of being told a Clinton win was inevitable. It never was and they were just bsing everyone the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Pat; your insight and stories are part of the reason I come to sbp. What an interesting and amazing life you have led. Looking forward to more of your interesting stories. You really do need to write a chapter book of your life.

Unknown said...

Very good point,I recently was reading about this. The Air Force is bending over backwards and going nuts trying to get black pilots. Well turns out that AA can't make the grade. Back when they were making the Tuskanigger airmonkeys they searched the country for the best blacks there were. They trained for 5 the best plane built in the world,and even though the white pilots had already shot down all the best Germany had to offer (all they had left was junk plains and old men and kids to fly them)they still got thier assess shot off. They simply cannot do anything that takes a thought process.

Sick n' Tired said...

I was thinking that Greenland would make a good prison island. Build a prison, air drop in the minimal supplies to keep the bleeding hearts from complaining, and let the animals live like the animals they are.

Johnny See said...

now it gets really strange.

I can't say I'm surprised.

Unknown said...

when anyone says we don't have enough minorities, our answer should always be "tough."

when someone says this or that organization is too white, our answer should be "tough."

these whiners need to hear "tough" enough times to help them actually grow up.

Melissa G. said...

Anyone complaining that Blacks are under-represented in the FBI, NSA, or other Police forces, has just not watched enough television. Last time I watched, the head of the FBI (or whatever governmental intelligence agency it was), was of course Black. Many of the effective agents were also Black or Hispanic and they kept a couple of White toadies around to get coffee or for comic relief.
It just got so ridiculous, I couldn't watch any more and shut it off.
If there are any alien lifeforms picking up our television transmissions, they must only conclude that the Blacks are the only scientists, inventors, heroes, and high ranking officials. Contrast that with the news, where Blacks are always wanted criminals or burning down their own neighborhoods. How could this be???

Anonymous said...

Currently negros serve no purpose and have zero value to the nation as a whole. I can't think of a single thing they contribute to the world. There is no place in society for them. All of the programs initiated to help them excell have failed miserably. The programs were not at fault, no, it was the negro that was unable to learn anything.

The conversation needs to be had about what to do with them in the long run. If immigration trends continue the Mexican will have more political power in few decades. The Mexican does not care for the negro, and will not hesitate to cut off welfare to them when they inevitably gain political power. So what will they do with the negro plague?

Negros are bottom dwelling primates that are incapable of success because of their inherent low IQ. They are not to be blamed for being stupid and impulsively violent, but, ignoring the danger they present is not responsible.

The solution is obviously separation. But how and where do they go. Africa is the best option. However, a more viable solution might be to give them a few southern states. Perhaps Mississippi and Arkansas. Both of those states are of little value to Non-negros. The negro can utilize the land to farm. There is plenty of area for them to destroy and the destruction will be limited to their own land.

Haiti serves as an excellent model of what a negro controlled nation would resemble. The negro in Haiti destroyed their nation. On the same island we can see the Dominican Republic. Although it is not an ideal nation, it is much much better than what is Haiti. This of course is due to the residents being only part negroid, and not full blown Africans like Haitians.

First separation, then repatriation

Anonymous said...

Trick or treating tonight. What happened? large groups of blacks from the housing projects with their mother or father. I do not ever recall trick or treating with my father. I was getting really annoyed. They were in all the stores, hands out for candy. How is this night different from any other day in the USA? I thought it was houses you were supposed to go to. I'm assuming if the stores didn't give them candy they would start a riot or set something on fire. It was when I saw the four teenage blacks (and maybe older than teenage) with clown costumes and elaborate masks that I got scared. I actually said to one or two people, why aren't they trick or treating in the projects? because the projects no one is giving out candy, they get the candy from the whites.

Mr. Rational said...

How likely is it that BHO will do a mass pardon of Black criminals as a last Fuck you to (White) America?

Oh, come on.  He's doing it now, in batches.  100%.

What would be the ramifications of this?

More victims of criminals who ought to have stayed locked up, and some of the released scum wind up dead.  Blacks have a longer lifespan in prison than out.

Anonymous said...

Sigh....Can you imagine?
An overload of peace and prosperity 😉

Anonymous said...

FBI is less diverse than ever? No mystery. It's just hard to find minorities who actually learned something in school besides whining, crying and playing the part of the victim, and are actually qualified to do a job.

If you want to see diversity in an industry, just observe the growing fast food industry.

Anonymous said...



New Santa Monica school board head--Black
same at LA Unifed
santa Monica High prez--black
SM college --prez is black gal who was a diversity counselor
SM mpolice--black female police chief

---------a fucking joke

Mr. Rational said...

So what will they do with the negro plague?

David the Good has already written that book.  It's called "Compost Everything".

a more viable solution might be to give them a few southern states. Perhaps Mississippi and Arkansas.

Absolutely not.  They would give foreign powers a beachhead on our continent in return for payoffs to the Big Man, because antagonism is what they do.  If we're going to give them territory, it needs to be the far side of the Atlantic.

I made a brief study of options that cost less and don't require help from foreign governments.  I won't go into details, but if you're curious you might want to look at what rendering plants do, how much they can process and where their products go.  A little arithmetic is all you need from there.  Don't trust the movie starring Charlton Heston, it would be nothing like that.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, when Premier Hillary takes power, the FBI will be disbanded. They'll call them the NKVD instead.

PB said...

"If there are any alien lifeforms picking up our television transmissions, they must only conclude that the Blacks are the only scientists, inventors, heroes, and high ranking officials....

Which means when first contact comes they will seek out the wise Negro elders of the Blue planet 'Hood, and after the inevitable first 'dissin' we will have inter-planetary war on our hands. Not happy Melissa.

Solomon Silverberg said...

"If there are any alien lifeforms picking up our television transmissions, they must only conclude that the Blacks are the only scientists, inventors, heroes, and high ranking officials. Contrast that with the news, where Blacks are always wanted criminals or burning down their own neighborhoods. How could this be???"

As a media executive, I am as perplexed as you.

Brian in Ohio said...

Mikep said...

Does anybody know if other essential organs of the US Government such as the CIA, Military Intelligence, Special Forces etc have remained "unusually" White? Deep State perhaps?

My brother is current US Army Special Forces(Green Beret) and said that blacks are known as Unicorns, because they are so rare.

When we went to his graduation, not a black face to be seen. It was awesome.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Steve Smith said...

While I agree with you in principle, just hearing "tough" will not be enough to bring the savages to heel. They require much more painful reinforcement.

Anonymous said...

why would there be a higher percentage of blacks in the FBI than in the general population? DUH. Silly negores.

HaroldC said...

It has to be remembered that there are only so many Negroes with university degrees particularly from mid to higher tiered universities. During the last eight years demand has increased dramatically. Prior to Obama's push for diversity across all of society including the private sector the most popular avenue for Negroes was public sector. That is no longer the case. Many more are now found in the private sector than before and that simply leaves less available for the public sector such as the FBI.

C504 said...

Just like in the U.S. military, where the overwhelming majority of infantry, SEAL and other frontline warriors are white, even though the military has a higher percentage of minorities than the general population. In other words, minorities are adept at scoring less-dangerous desk and rear support roles. (I think I learned this in a SBPDL article a year or two ago.) Big surprise, eh?
For anyone who is relieved at hearing that non-whites make up a higher percentage of desk jobs than they ought in the military, let me burst your bubble by pointing out that blacks commit white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, collusion, etc.) at 3-5x the rate of whites. Blacks are just as dangerous with pens and keyboards as they are with guns and knives...

Anonymous said...

You may be right, maybe. But a lot of people, people that pay for their health insurance, are pissed. With more limited plans and rates going up twenty, thirty, up to 120%, (at least that's what the media is willing to admit) more and more people are getting disgusted with democrats at the helm.


Anonymous said...

Think of all the police officers, prison guard's, judges, parole officers, etc. etc. etc. that would have to find other jobs!
Taxes would drop, property values increase, there's just no bad side to this.