Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unidentified Black Suspect Fires 30+ Rounds at Indianapolis Metro Police Department Headquarters

How close are we? 

Every now and then, I remember Officer Perry Renn. Renn's interaction with a black criminal resulted in his absolutely tragic death; had he killed the black suspect, Indianapolis would have erupted into pre-Black Lives Matter insanity. 

In making statement about shots fired at police station in Indianapolis, the city's deputy mayor for neighborhoods bemoans shooting of unarmed black and brown people by police...

When an unidentified black person fires 30+ rounds at a police station, you know something is close.[Hogsett: Indy will not tolerate shooting at police station, Indy Star, 10-5-16]:

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Troy Riggs and Mayor Joe Hogsett stood together under a gray sky outside the IMPD East District headquarters Wednesday afternoon.
As a cool wind whipped through the parking lot, they discussed limited details regarding one of the city's latest shootings: Shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday at Northwest District headquarters, someone fired dozens of rounds at the station. They bombarded the building with bullets and damaged three police vehicles before leaving the area. There were no injuries.
"Days like today should never happen," Hogsett said.
On Wednesday morning, about 30 yellow evidence markers identified shell casings in the parking lot.
The shooter may have been in a vehicle when the shots were fired at Northwest District headquarters, 3821 Industrial Blvd., near I-65 and 38th Street.
Witnesses saw an SUV in the area at the time of the shooting, but Riggs said investigators don't know whether the shots were fired from inside a vehicle or the shooter stepped out of the vehicle.
Riggs declined to say what kind of weapon was used. The sheer number of shots suggests the shooter might have fired an assault-style weapon or multiple semi-automatic handguns or had time to reload a single handgun.
Riggs said the incident has strengthened officers' resolve.
"People have asked me if our officers are afraid or if they're shaken, and I can tell you that's not true," he said. "They're not afraid, and they're not shaken. They're more resolute and confident than ever before."
This is the second time in recent months that IMPD officers have been the target of shootings.
In July, March Ratney was wearing a T-shirt with the words "F--- the police" on one side and "Black Lives Matter" on the other when, according to prosecutors, he fired more than a dozen shots at on officer's home and car. The officer, his wife and their child were unharmed.
Ratney, 27, is facing charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and criminal recklessness. The prosecutor's office also could pursue a habitual offender enhancement because of Ratney's criminal record.
Riggs said the person involved in Tuesday's shooting is "obviously violent" and needs to be apprehended before something else happens, either to an officer or to an Indianapolis resident.
"If someone is willing to do this to a police station," Riggs said, "what kind of havoc have they caused in the community?"
David Hampton, deputy mayor of neighborhood engagement, said he hopes people of all communities in Indianapolis share disapproval of what he called an "attack on our community."
"There have been peaceful protests, and there are healthy ways to protest anything you feel is unjust," he said. "But I ask that the entire community hold equal disdain for the shooting of unarmed black and brown people as well as the shooting and violence against our police officers."
Insanity is upon us.

Our only job is to survive what's coming.


Proudyt said...

Once again nothing in the news about. Wonder what would happen if an unknown white person fired 30 shots at the new African American museum ? Think that would make front page news ?

Anonymous said...

We need a Devil's Island for habitual offenders or a complex deep in the Amazon Jungle- just drop them off and they'll never be able to return. It wouldn't be cruel and unusual punishment because they'd be getting tons of fresh air and sunshine instead of being locked up in a cage for life. They'd be free to do whatever they wanted and make whatever they wanted out of the place. Of course, wherever they were put, they'd turn it into a living hell for themselves but that's their problem.

Anonymous said...

The news report showed the shell casings in the street and these were rifle rounds.
The holes in the windows looked like pistol rounds.
The windows held up and you could tell the rifle round hole in the lower right corner of one window.
Maybe put a camera up on all police HQ buildings in Indy?
This isn't 2007-2008 this is the Hopey Changey Great Leap Forward era and no place is safe.
Those who don't live in gated ivory towers knew what a disaster was in store in early 2009 when nog trash talking went off the charts.
Locally there were large groups of nogs out on the streets and sidwalks trying to start fights with whites during an unseasonably warm January of '09.
Chants of black boys rule, white boys drool and we run this motherfucker now.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

Anonymous said...

Oh well college educated white women are just so put off by Trump and his antics it appears that we'll be getting closer & closer.

Anonymous said...

...which they began working on, over thirty years ago ­ and the vehicle which they chose to implement that was the Politically Correct 'social-program' developed at the Frankfort School in Germany in 1932. That global-nightmare has now become much larger with the addition of LBGTQ, to finish the destruction of the social-order compounded by their privately funded Soros-War against the entire white-race - world-wide.

Anonymous said...

Elections have consequences:

Gem Junior said...

He asks that people hold EQUAL disdain for the shooting of black and brown people as for the shooting of a police officer? No, absolutely not. Police officers are men and women who have accepted protecting others as a career. They die in the line of duty almost every day in some part of the country. Most are wonderful people and a few are assholes. As for black and brown people, they want their asses kissed 24/7 and fucking want to be put on some kind of pedestal. They act like they shit diamonds when many of them are lawless and when they get shot are only getting what they deserve. Try obeying the law for once and maybe you won't get shot. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. This means the negroes may have discovered the hundrad roun durum. Once they got the hundrad roun durum, then it's over for us. Negroes using the hundrad roun durum would be like an unstoppable army. it's time for surrender. Maybe they would let us white people live in West Virginia.

Anonymous said...

O/T but more TNB. They're not even waiting until noon now, this fight took place right outside the courthouse at a quarter to ten in the morning.

Man in critical condition after downtown Syracuse stabbing near War Memorial

A group of people leaving Syracuse City Court on South State Street got into a confrontation with some people outside the Onondaga County Justice Center, said Sean Egan, chief of security for the courts.

Security officers broke up the fighting by the court house, but the confrontation continued down South State Street, Egan said.


Police described the suspect as a black 20 to 25-year-old man, standing 5-feet 10-inches tall and weighing approximately 200 to 225 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants, police said.

Local radio guy figures somebody got arraigned for a past offense and both his boys and the crew of his victim all showed up for it, with this the result. Makes sense to me.

And it's not the first time even this year, here, women instigate a fight with another dindu, who produces a bat and sends them on their way, again before noon.

Watch: Video captures brawl in downtown Syracuse

Syracuse must have some real go-getters here, assaulting folks already when most muds are still in bed.

Anonymous said...

Radio station drops football games after anthem protest:

Bird of Paradise said...

Who is responsible for all this outbreak of anti police violence? Its time to investigate and find out who is responsible for all this and hold them financial liable wheather it be the NBPP,GANGS or the NATION of ISLAM and CALYPSO LOUIE or Hollywood director SPIKE LEE or maybe foriegn powers

Anonymous said...

What has to happen before whites start fighting back? Not only your average white guy but the racially aware whites who are police chiefs, officers, military men? Will any of them step up and lead? Our threshold is amazing, our patience incredible.

BiDil doesn't exist said...

White officers in these cities need to walk away.

Just walk away.

There are all kinds of jobs in the heartland.

It's only going to get worse.

Just walk away.

Anonymous said...

Let's stop screwing around and build them Iraq style police compounds.

Give them armor plating and MP5s.

Anyways as I have said before there is something very wrong with Indy.

The Whites there are not facing their reality. I just read that the police station didn't have cameras. What the hell is going on there?

Anonymous said...

Black people in America are now committing acts of domestic terrorism on a regular basis in the name of this so-called "black lives matter" movement.

rex freeway said...

Another violent assault crime. Brought to America by a piece of $hit who is still President.

big bill said...

Waitasec. Did you say the BLM dude who shot up a cop's home and family will only be charged with "possession" (of a gun) and "recklessness"?

Sounds like "non-violent crime" to me! I say we turn him loose. There are just too many black men in prison for "non-violent crimes."

Anonymous said...

Were is the national news on this one? The media kisses the ass of black people who are hell bent on the destruction of our country and people. I hear the NFL ratings are going down! Good!

If I want to watch coons running, I will watch them loot stores and run.

Anonymous said...

Trump leads again.

Anonymous said...

America is edging towards the day an African in America commits a sizable enough terrorist attack against whites that nobody will be able to ignore or explain away.

Anonymous said...

I'm White, found out about this site at Weazle Zippers. Have been developing a HATRED of Blacks since Obama has allowed it to happen.In my heart I knew there were decent Blacks like you folks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whites are so brainwashed by the media,schools,jobs,etc that they will not stand up for themselves. Blacks know they are on top of the heap and are calling the shots now.Prove me wrong.

Californian said...

"Days like today should never happen," Hogsett said.

Well, maybe if the USA were a White country, but when you have Black Run America (BRA) a shoot-em-up is the order of the day.

Look at the politics behind the thing. You have "teens" running amok across the Homeland. You have politicos from the White House on down in bed with BLM leaders anf giving looters "space to destroy." You have the media egging on more rioting. Then hizzoner scratches his head and wonders why bullets are flying in the direction of his police station.

Of course, he will ignore the Man Behind the Curtain.

uncle jalopy said...


Anonymous said...

Where is the man who was going to bring us together? The head negro? If he would speak up, these incidents would drop, but he likes it.
What a screwed up country, the guy shot at an officers house and he's out on bail.


Anonymous said...

Law and Order is needed in this country, by any means possible! Speaking of, will be very interesting to watch what happens in the these nog infested areas getting ready to get hit by Hurricane Matthew. If any of y'all are down there please report. This has a chance to become mass chaos just like New Orleans during/after Katrina. The general voting public needs to see the chimpouts, so it's up to us to spread the real news just like PK has helped do from Charlotte riots. Thanks again to all here and to you PK.

Prayers for all the civilized people in harms way. God Bless & lock n load!

NC Guy

Anonymous said...


DECARATION – Introduction – 3.) We resolve between now and 2030 to end poverty and hunger everywhere; to combat inequalities within and among countries; to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies; to protect human rights and promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; and to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources. We resolve also to create conditions for sustainable, inclusive and sustained economic growth, shared prosperity and decent work for all, taking into account different levels of national development and capacities.

Hillary Clintons 1996 book,- It takes a village -: “I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role”

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many shots missed the building entirely. I'm with a previous poster, how is shooting up an occupied building simply "recklessness"? If they catch this one, they'll probably charge him with illegally discharging a firearm within the city limits.....and littering, he didn't pick up his brass.

Then there's the go-to "mentally ill" charges.

Pat Boyle said...

Forgive me for stating the obvious but maybe some readers may have yet to appreciate what is coming.

Currently we are in a conflict with black people. But to date the dispute has not been equal. Whites and police operate by legal rules. So If there is a mugging or assault the police will search for the person who did it. But blacks are operating by war time rules. They don't bother with distinguishing individuals. Blacks who assault whites just pick any white person who is handy and appears vulnerable.

There is some loose talk about a race war but if our street violence ever rises to the level of real warfare the rules will change. If in WWII an American outfit was attacked our troops might have retaliated but they were not particularly punctilious about which Germans of Japanese they killed. They certainly never bothered with capturing, incarcerating and trying the enemy unit they thought was responsible. They merely killed whomever was handy.

So it will be if the blacks continue as they have. If blacks continue with their ' knockout games' and 'flash mobs' we will reach a point where we won't bother to find the exact negro responsible. We will simply retaliate against some convenient negro.

If blacks actually want to be the enemy of whites they should be ready for us to change the rules. Habeas corpus, the right to face your accuser, the right for a speedy trial, and the right to counsel are all likely to be suspended if things continue as they have been - at least for blacks.

Blacks are currently out of control because they fear no consequences. That can change.


Long Island Guido said...

Anon at 7:42 am said..

I'm White, found out about this site at Weazle Zippers. Have been developing a HATRED of Blacks since Obama has allowed it to happen.In my heart I knew there were decent Blacks like you folks"

HUH? Besides Willy from Illinois we are White Folks buddy.

Long Island Guido said...

Yesterday Paint Job Theory said...

"We should all keep a close eye on the burgeoning "alt right" movement for wolves in sheep's clothing. Mark my words, the first alt-right guy that breaks out into nationwide media and becomes a household name will not be our ally. The people who own the big soapboxes won't just let anybody stand on them to preach"

Yes, it already has happened and he goes by the name (((Milo))).

Anonymous said...

"In my heart I knew there were decent Blacks like you folks."

Indeed. We find it appalling that 90% of our brethren gives us, the remaining 10%, a bad name.

Anonymous said...

310 Ad on ((( you tube))),

New show, 'Chicago Fire.'
Guess who is prominent in ad? No, not black man. Black woman fire 'man.'

Anonymous said...

Groids really have been unleashed lately. I'd say I'm glad that I live in the Pacific Northwest but believe me, I am seeing more and more by the day when I used to see maybe one every month or two. They are being spread out among the rest of us like one would get rid of cards playing hearts. No one wants them, no one likes them, they bring nothing besides aggression and endless needs. Even when white men are thinking with their d@cks it sure never involves black women and their Halloween wigs. Black is not beautiful. It looks like burnt meatloaf.

The more they force themselves on the rest of us demanding our respect, attention, and verification that they matter the more it repels and repulses us. It's the kind of social dynamic that most of us figure out by the time we exit elementary school- at times I have labeled the entire race as having narcissistic personality disorder and have looked upon them as sociopaths. The lack of empathy is what I find the most repulsive. It is one of those traits that I generally assume exists in most humans but I don't see as much in black people. When compassion is displayed it is usually part of some manipulation to get something.

Whites have learned to live peacefully with all kinds of animals of the world with the exception of few, namely sharks, hyenas, and black people.

Mr. Rational said...

it already has happened and he goes by the name (((Milo))).

Milo doesn't claim to be part of the alt-right, but he is sure getting our name out there and driving leftards absolutely crazy.

Name another gay man who has Black boyfriends who's been driven off college campuses by threats of protests.  Just one.

Anonymous said...

Blacks will keep getting bolder and bolder until they start to see resistance. They are lazy and don't like working hard so they pick targets that are easy to overpower. Nearly ALL of these targets are well-meaning whites who would rather risk physical danger to their white bodies than dare insult a black person and possibly make them feel bad.

Under liberal eyes, blacks can do no wrong. Or if they do, it sure cannot be seen that way or talked about. It has destroyed their entire tent of grievances though. They have basically set it on fire and mugged the carnies and other freaks running the concession stands. They LOVE chaos even though chaos means a net loss for everyone else when we are trying to live in a lawful and civilized society. They can't live and profit by our rules (or don't seem to want to) so they are endlessly breaking the law and not being sorry for doing it.

They cannot change, we shouldn't have to change. We live in America for crying out loud. Isn't that part of the stated reason that people all over the planet flock here? All whites can do is leave and attempt to lock as many doors behind them as they can. Get armed and show resistance at a point where their encroachment becomes non-negotiable.

I'm sick of this "white supremacy" bullshit. The term is "white separists", as in people who go away from you and who only ask for you to leave them alone in return. It takes no energy to leave people alone. Just because blacks are so miserable with their lot in life doesn't mean that the rest of us have to be. Blacks view freedom as the freedom to harass and seek the attention of others while shaking them down for as much as they can get away with. I want freedom from rap music, Ebonical baby-talk, the n-word, rape, robbery, home invasion and black body odor. No matter how they want to spin it, freedom is non-negotiable and the rest of us reserve the right to defend ourselves when blacks continuously try to take what is not theirs.

FlowerBell said...

Anonymous said..."What has to happen before whites start fighting back? Not only your average white guy but the racially aware whites who are police chiefs, officers, military men? Will any of them step up and lead? Our threshold is amazing, our patience incredible."


I think many people have been waiting and holding out hope the next election will turn the tide.
I suggest preparing for the worst.

Anonymous said...

via Drudge
sident group in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis has unanimously rejected a request from HBO to allow three days of filming for the controversial show "Mogadishu, Minnesota."

The vote came Wednesday night after a confrontational hearing with residents where HBO representatives argued their show will be a family drama presenting Somali-American life.

• Earlier: Protests break out in Minneapolis over HBO production

The meeting was arranged by the Minneapolis Highrise Representative Council (MHRC), an independent nonprofit that represents residents of public housing high-rise buildings.

It came after the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, which owns the Cedars building on South Sixth Street, agreed to the filming — on condition that residents approve, and that locations fees benefit the residents. HBO had hoped to begin filming next week.

This does not mean the end of "Mogadishu, Minnesota," though. The three days of filming was to be external shots of the building, and shooting will continue at about a dozen other locations around the metro.

In response to the vote, the producers of the HBO pilot issued a statement: "We always want to work in concert with the community. We will respect the wishes of the Cedars' tenants and we will not be filming there."

At Wednesday's meeting, elderly residents complained about the potential disruption of filming, and younger people said the show will stereotype Minnesota Somalis as extremists.

Student Burhan Mohamud argued the show will not be the family drama HBO claims.

"And anybody who knows HBO, no one is watching that to talk about a Somali family. They don't care about that," he said. "They care about what is happening in Minneapolis. They care about all these headlines."

HBO representative Miriam Hussein read a statement at the meeting from the project's writer and director, the Somali-Canadian musician K'naan.

"When national and international discourse is driven by a perceived Islamic threat, 'Mogadishu, Minnesota' intends to look behind the generalizations and assumptions to reveal the truth about what daily life is like for Muslim Americans across a range of religiosities," Hussein read.

The project is backed by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges. The pilot episode is expected to cost $5.5 million, the bulk of which will be spent in the city.

If the pilot leads to 10-episode series, each show will cost about $5 million.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misattributed the organization of the community meeting. The current version is correct.
Stay Informed

The news on your schedule from MPR News Update

Anonymous said...

They are lazy and don't like working hard so they pick targets that are easy to overpower.
That is a description of a coward, not a lazy one.

Anonymous said... hmmm:

Anonymous said...

Will Pepe the Frog be at the vast alt-right meeting? I want him to sign my Alex Jones Reynolds wrap Viking helmet.
I avoid all groups because they are infiltrated within minutes of their founding.
Hivemind groupthink ends up in places like Jonestown with delicious Kool-Aid and should be avoided at all costs.
Zombie movies are so popular because the lumpen prole masses of Amerikwa/BRA are zombies being told what to think by greasy haired punk or punkette talking heads on the teevee and afraid to offend anyone or intrude on their safe space.
Do you think foreign enemies can't see how weak and soft this country has become under the metrosexual Marxist Muslim maggot?
Where do nogs think they are going to run to after they destroy Amerikwa?
Always questioning everything.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Daytona area. If people are going to shelters, they have to bring their own supplies, food, water, medicine, etc. I don't think the negroes will bring anything beside their fat asses.
Will let you know what I see or hear.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Please remember to keep yourself, and your children out of movie theaters this weekend.

Team rapist's movie is coming out to celebrate a deluded murdering slave.

AzDesertRat said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
I live in the Daytona area. If people are going to shelters, they have to bring their own supplies, food, water, medicine, etc. I don't think the negroes will bring anything beside their fat asses.
Will let you know what I see or hear.
Female in FL

October 6, 2016 at 1:21 PM"

You better believe that will happen. They will be the first ones on the TV wailing and rending their clothes about how no one cares about the black folk and how they "chillin's" is hungry and who is going to feed them, etc, etc ad nauseam.
If you find yourself in their vicinity keep a close eye on your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the flush garden of Eden, the jewel of the Caribbean’s:

LES CAYES, Haiti. People in the region's devastated main city, Jeremie, face an immediate hunger crisis. Matthew mashed concrete walls and tore away rooftops, forcing thousands of Haitians to flee for their lives.

Many were searching for clean water on Thursday as they lugged mattresses and other scant belongings they were able to salvage. "Nothing is going well," Jardine Laguerre, a teacher, told The Associated Press. "The water took what little money we had. We are hungry."

In other words: “We need gibs and a free trip to the states!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the MSM is going to ignore this story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Female in FL, yall stay safe.

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Is that show on after the one with the black woman who becomes a major league pitcher?

Detroit Refugee said...

Female in FL

I can visualize a white family packing all sorts of supplies and rations.
The flip side of that coin is young black males taking through intimidation and fear tactics.

cloudofhaze said...

Willy is not the only one. I'm black too.

Sick n' Tired said...

I'm in the S. FL area and they are usually completely unprepared. I stocked up on water & food, filled up my gas tank on Sunday and Monday when the stores still had it, and there wasn't a line to get gas. I was in Publix yesterday a couple times and they were sold out of every type/bottle of water, bread, tuna, and other canned goods. Nogs in the store could be overheard loudly saying "Whachu mean you ain't got water?". We have know for a week that this storm was going to hit us, how hard is yet to be determined, but so far it's not bad, but if we end up with power outages that last a week or more (happened) the last time we had a big hurricane down here. That is the dangerous time, because it makes people desperate. If the hurricane does a lot of damage, then the scams will start, dindus going around offering to clean up or remove broken screen enclosures, taking cash (usually from the elderly) and never showing back up to do the job, insurance scams, foodbank, and false charity scams, etc.

I've been thru a bunch of hurricanes, and they aren't bad if you're prepared for them. They put out hurricane prep lists at the start of the season, but they always leave one important item off of it...guns and ammo. A pistol, shotgun, AR15, should be on every survival checklist.

Proudyt said...

It all starts with the primate some call president. Race relations have never been as bad in my life time and I'm in my 50's.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Act like a wild animal, get shot like a wild animal.


FearpornRefugee said...

(((They))) are the ones responsible.

FearpornRefugee said...

Fall like a lead balloon!

FearpornRefugee said...

(((MILO))). There, fixed it for ya.

Anonymous said...

On the news last night, some Lutheran church group so frigging happy that up to 25 families from Africa will be settled in N.W. Arkansas. Stupid bitches!

Also, about 2 days ago the Springdale Arkansas police shot and killed a man after he pointed a gun and shot at them.
No riots, no protests, no looting and burnings. The idiot was white.


Anonymous said...

We're waiting for them to disarm the police, or better yet, totally do away with the police. Then justice can be taken back from the government.
There will be a lot of asswipes swinging in the breeze.


chattanooga gal said...

"Blacks are currently out of control because they fear no consequences. That can change."


that MUST change

Ex New Yorker said...

Oh no....More shocking news. Wolf Blitzer has just announced there is a rumor on the internet that "Pepe the Frog" might be gay. Pepe has been seen hanging out in New York's more famous gay bars. His companion is "Kermit the Frog" who is a well known TV and movie star.

To me this is vicious slander. It seems Pepe's only defender is Rachael Maddow who said "Just because you saw two frogs holding hands and kissing each other does not mean they are gay".

I am hoping this is not true. There is nothing more gross than two faggy frogs.

Anonymous said...

Just read about the cost of hurricane damage to Haiti. So far the estimate is about fifty dollars. Once the water reseeds it will bring the damage up by at least another ten to twenty bucks.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I hope that all the blacks who so hate the police live to see a day when there aren't any. If a time ever comes when white men don't fear losing their families, jobs, or homes from a run - in with the police, TNB will result in a group of guys settling your hash quickly.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Haiti, I listen to a lot of talk radio, all conservative, and they are falling all over themselves trying to help Haiti. I feel like calling up and pointing out that on the same island is the Dominican Republic, and they are doing ok, but they are more white. Btw, where is the Clinton foundation.?


Anonymous said...

We are in our home, should be fine. No way would I go to a shelter, thoughts of the Superdome come to mind.
Female in FL

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Stay safe, Female in FL.

Grant said...

A very informative post. My dad live in Tampa and for the lucky few in his situation that read what you wrote maybe a few hundred dollars or even maybe a few lives could be saved. Thanks. Keep up the good work

Truth Corps said...

I agree PK, our only job is to "survive what's coming". Our second job is to wake up those fellow Whites who will take the "red pill" (Matrix) and take the necessary steps to win the coming War.

People are waking up : White girl in St. Louis speaks
(P.S. Paul, do an interview with this realist!)

Prepare. I can't state it enough. We are likely on the edge of a Revolution depending on the outcome of the Election. Imagine not being able to go to the store for three months... now you know what to stock up on. (HINT) Guns and Ammo allow you to keep your possessions from theft by Dindus and Cucks.

Got Provisions?

Anonymous said...

haitians---94% afro DNA.
Dominicans --40% afro, from what I read.

And the dominicans dont want the blacks, understandably.

J said...

Proudyt said...
Once again nothing in the news about. Wonder what would happen if an unknown white person fired 30 shots at the new African American museum ? Think that would make front page news ?

October 5, 2016 at 8:30 PM

Of course it would make "headline" front page news.

Because the majority of us wouldn't do such a thing. It would be a shocker! The Dindu, on the other hand, not so much of a shocker. It's virtually expected of them to do such a thing. No mention of it because this is normal behavior in their tribe. But don't you ever forget they're the same as us, just with a different um, er, well sheesh, to tell you the truth, everything. Yep, everything IS the same :)

Lol, I most certainly have to chuckle over this AA museum. I haven't looked, read or clicked on any links about it. I simply divert these blatant smacks against OUR faces in another direction, far away from me. In all their eyes, it is US (this time around) that must die in order for us to achieve a level of forgiveness for our sins against the Dindu tribes people. A total sad state of affairs we're living in today... seems like me most certainly must die before we can rise again... but CAN WE rise again is the real question... and an answer that isn't too clear to see.

Anonymous said...

"Just read about the cost of hurricane damage to Haiti. So far the estimate is about fifty dollars. Once the water reseeds it will bring the damage up by at least another ten to twenty bucks."

The Clinton Foundation has already dispatched a cargo ship loaded with corrugated tin and blue tarps and is being delivered by white women in bikinis. Thank the Lord above that white Europeans were banished from Haiti long ago, taking their destructive culture with them.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Nogs in the store could be overheard loudly saying "Whachu mean you ain't got water?"."

And the ones "prepping" the day before are likely the talented 10th. The rest won't worry about food or water until they get hungry or thirsty.

"We're waiting for them to disarm the police, or better yet, totally do away with the police"

I was speculating the other day that perhaps much of this BLM activity isn't in attempt to provoke police. Push them enough and eventually some of them will snap and actually start going out coon hunting (as the mythology has been suggesting). Invariably this will be caught on video and become the excuse needed to federalize police forces. Knowing the objective always involves more centralized control of everything this is somewhat plausible.

Problem>reaction>solution and "the ends justify the means".

Anonymous said...

Blacks love the word "but", it's their escape route from taking responsibility, and they'll use it no matter how tenuous the thread of logic is.

Yes killing unarmed white people is wrong, BUT so is what happened to black folk back in 1685 when ...

It's really all your fault white man.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the Feds could've picked this up, but state time is likely less than federal time and the O'Bummer Just-Us Department will not do anything to cage raging chimps!

Anonymous said...

They don't went to be stereotyped... And by that, they mean they don't want to be filmed! They have their own high-rise public teat from which to suckle, but they don't realize that it's PUBLIC HOUSING. Rather than a resident housing council which keeps people from seeing the Somalicoons in their natural habitat (vile chimping, inability to speak English, etc...) they need to be shipped back to their craphole "country"!

For those outside the Twin Cities, I can tell you that many of their women have crippling disabilities, likely from the hands of their men. Many of these people have PTSD from the apelike behavior of their brethren and many of these people drink alcohol... Get stuck behind one of these hypocritical Moo-slums at a liquor store and they always want the alcohol double bagged so that the product is encased in paper bag so their neighbors don't see alcohol being brought into their homes. All the domestic violence these "people" engage in...

Anonymous said...

PK, is the percentage of LEO's killed by black criminals known or searchable? Perhaps that might shed light on the number of blacks shot by law enforcement. Is there greater threat from one population over others? We who frequent this site believe that to be true.

BLM is emboldened by our media and our president. If there is a truth to open conflict between criminal blacks and the rest of society it should be known and shared widely. That can reduce the conflict or more likely- allow it's prosecution to conclusion.

Riverside Rob

Bill in St Louis said...

"There have been peaceful protests, and there are healthy ways to protest anything you feel is unjust," he said. "But I ask that the entire community hold equal disdain for the shooting of unarmed black and brown people as well as the shooting and violence against our police officers."

Just had to get that dig in there about the PO-lice shooting unarmed black and brown people, didn't they? Not a word about if you were to 1) not break the law, or 2) co-operate with the police when stopped you wouldn't get fucking shot... (I know, NAPAs have no concept of cause and effect) but to put having to shoot violent, attacking beings on the same level as shooting up the police station, firing at officers, or just the basic groid random fire cause the noise makes people "looks at muh" is indeed insane.

Totally off topic but here at job #2, I have a guest sign in log, and a resident equipment sign out log. In the past hour, 5 different people have come in, and looked at them, both clearly marked, and asked "Which one I sign in at?". I will leave it up to you to guess the species.

Awakens white said...

Our job is to survive what's coming. I agree, the H with the lemmings and traitors they have made they're own bed. The hurricane coverage is too funny. They had plenty of time. I'm always stocked up.