Monday, October 3, 2016

New York Times Subtly Warns Pro-Black Race War Film "Birth of a Nation" Has Potential to Incite Violence Toward Whites

Back in 1988, a movie called Mississippi Burning was released. 

Why? The goal was obviously to induce white guilt in those white people who saw it and black rage in those black people who viewed the film. 

Both worked. 
NY Times warns Birth of a Nation walks fine line between inspiring black people and inciting black people to violence against blacks...

A review of Mississippi Burning in the New York Times - which the screenwriters admitted was mostly the work of fiction - wrote it "literally crackles with racial hate."

Why is this important to note? Because a number of black people who saw the film were compelled to: "Do you all feel hyped up to move on some white people?' "`You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a white boy; go get him.' "

This group of black people, enraged from seeing Mississippi Burning - remember, a work of fiction -  said,  chased down 14-year-old Gregory Reddick (after counting to three, a macabre timer for racial revenge) and "beat him severely, and stole his tennis shoes. The boy was rendered unconscious and remained in a coma for four days."

Why is this important to even bring up? 

This is why. [Tricky Goal for ‘Birth of a Nation’: Inspire but Don’t Incite, New York Times, 10-2-16]:

The coming film “The Birth of a Nation,” which recounts a violent 1831 slave rebellion and includes scenes that evoke present-day outrage over fatal police shootings of black men, has been marketed as an urgent call to action. 
In publicity materials, Nate Parker, the film’s director, writer, producer and star, says audiences should leave theaters asking, “When injustice knocks at our own front door, are we going to counter it with everything we have?” The distributor of the historical drama, Fox Searchlight, has promoted it with provocative posters depicting Mr. Parker’s character with his head in a noose made from an American flag and with trailers that feature Andra Day’s stirring rhythm-and-blues song “Rise Up.” 
But when “The Birth of a Nation” arrives in roughly 2,000 theaters on Friday, Fox Searchlight is hoping that a parallel and largely invisible marketing effort — one intended to contain and frame Mr. Parker’s message — will ease the film into communities already on edge. As the nation struggles to deal with the issue of race after a number of episodes in which unarmed black men have been killed by the police, prompting protests in cities across the country, the studio wants “The Birth of a Nation” to inspire but not incite. 
Whether Fox Searchlight can have it both ways will depend on the effectiveness of a grass-roots campaign aimed at churches, schools and pockets of political influence.
As it has publicly dealt with new attention on a rape case from 1999involving Mr. Parker, the studio has quietly hosted an unusually expansive series of private screenings of the film for groups like the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches. Aja Brown, the mayor of Compton, Calif., will be a co-host of an advance screening at a local theater on Monday. Studio operatives have also distributed guides to roughly 80,000 churches that contain suggestions for weaving the film and its themes into sermons. Classroom study materials were made available to more than 30,000 teachers. 
“We can’t control how the film is ultimately read, what actions people may take, but one message has been that there are very viable and practical steps,” said the Rev. Marshall Mitchell, a pastor and movie consultant who since April has been among those working to build interest in Mr. Parker’s film while also reducing its volatility. “Rise up by voting. Rise up to build affordable housing. Rise up in a constructive way.” 
In conjunction with the film, Fox Searchlight helped organize a voter enrollment effort in multiplex lobbies. Actors from “The Birth of a Nation” also recorded a video to raise voting awareness, which has run in participating theaters. “This fall, we will all have the opportunity to put our differences aside and celebrate the rights that unite us as Americans,” says Colman Domingo, who plays a slave named Hark in the movie. 
“The Birth of a Nation” recounts the true story of Nat Turner, a slave who gained a following as a preacher. But repugnant events — atrocities by slave owners, the gang rape of his wife by white men — turn Turner into the leader of a murderous rebellion. He hopes the killings will be the first shots in a war for equality and justice, but whites slay him and his followers as retribution. 
The film is direct in its effort to connect America’s racist past to the present. In one jarring scene that echoes contemporary accounts of police shootings, slave hunters stop Turner’s innocent father on a road and try to kill him. Mr. Parker declined an interview request, but studio publicity materials quote him as explaining, “If you look at history — if you look at the history, say, of how Southern police departments developed out of slave patrols — then you can better analyze where we are now.”
Fox Searchlight, which also declined to comment, paid a hefty $17.5 million in January to acquire distribution rights to “The Birth of a Nation,” which takes its title from the 1915 D. W. Griffith silent movie, which is considered a landmark for its innovative filmmaking technique but is derided as racist for its stereotypical depiction of blacks and its sympathetic portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan. At the time, the studio was confident it could turn the well-reviewed movie into a hit. 
The subject matter of Mr. Parker’s film is timely and relevant, dovetailing with the Black Lives Matter movement. Mr. Parker, who spent seven years struggling to get “The Birth of a Nation” made, had a compelling story to tell. And there was a shortage of prestige-minded films with diverse casts. The shutout of black actors by Academy Awards voters (for a second year in a row) and subsequent #OscarsSoWhite outcry made that clear. 
But the marketing plan grew complicated in a hurry. 
Police shootings of black men — many of them captured on video — continued to set off protests around the country. Then, in July, a demonstration in Dallas turned violent when a gunman killed five police officers. He set out to kill as many white officers as possible, Texas officials said. 
Fox Searchlight had conducted focus group research to see if “The Birth of a Nation” might be viewed as a call to aggression and concluded there was no risk. Even so, the studio leaned into its effort to position the film as a specific type of provocation — a peaceful one. 
“Part of our work has been to distill that ‘rise up’ message down,” said Mr. Mitchell, who is the pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Jenkintown, Pa., and a founder of Wit PR, a firm that specializes in outreach to spiritually minded moviegoers. 
Then, in late August, news reports brought renewed attention to a case in which Mr. Parker was accused and later acquitted of raping a fellow student while at Penn State. It was revealed that Mr. Parker’s accuser later committed suicide in 2012 at the age of 30. 
That disclosure prompted a backlash against the filmmaker. Some called to boycott the film. 
The movie’s awards prospects dimmed dramatically. On Sunday, “60 Minutes” dedicated part of a segment to the controversy, with an unapologetic Mr. Parker saying he was “falsely accused” and “vindicated.”
All of that means the financial prospects for “The Birth of a Nation” are now murky.
Some movie marketing experts say the question at this point, in fact, is not how the masses will receive the film but whether there will be any masses at all. Will women shun “The Birth of a Nation” because of the controversy about Mr. Parker’s past? Do black audiences want to see another movie with slavery at its center? Will the potential lack of awards season buzz depress ticket sales, particularly overseas?
In 1988, a group of black people saw the movie Mississippi Burning. They chased down and attacked 14-year-old Gregory Reddick, a young male who had the misfortune of being born to white parents,  leaving him in a coma for four days and deprived of his shoes. 

The New York Times has just published a story basically washing their hands of any racial hate the movie Birth of a Nation creates among blacks, and whatever racial violence the movie motivates directed at white people from blacks. 

The United States of America is basically ceasing to exist as a nation before our eyes, and it would be foolish at this point for any white person to believe it can be salvaged. 

In fact, it's important to note our Federal Government, media, entertainment industry, academia, and private sector now view Nat Turner as the hero (and not the villain). 

We're all just potential Gregory Reddicks now. 


Anonymous said...

Also in this new film, the catalyst that drives Turner to rage and murder is the vicious rape of Turner's slave wife by an evil white.

This is ironic on two levels-one because film director Parker and his homie pulling a train on an unconscious white mudshark in college, and two because it's established knowledge that Turner wasn't married-there was no record of any rape driving him to do what he did.

It's especially sickening how Hollywood has injected falsehoods--important ones, not minor, but lies that falsely concoct/magnify bad acts by the whites and good/heroic behavior by blacks.

Other films like that include The Butler, and the TV movie about the Rosewood Florida race
riot--in fact, the Rosewood movie, like Mississippi Burning did, inserted a completely fictional heroic black into what was supposed to be "a true story" The Rosewood movie also portrayed an actual white resident so inaccurately and biased that one of the real life blacks who was involved in the riot and was still alive for the film protested to the

Anonymous said...

Fucking retarded Hollywood
Don't they know this already, BLACKS DONT GO SEE THESE KINDS OF FILMS
The audience will be like 10 stupid white liberals (Who don't know the director is a rapist) and a scattering of the talented tenth.
It will be out of theaters in a week.
Only reason Roots caused riots was because it was on TV, not a movie.

Anonymous said...

The real “Birth of a nation” should be a 100% correct and accurate documentary on the true history of Haiti. Start right where they kill all the white. End with them (right now) huddling under their tarp covered shanties waiting for hurricane Matthew to tear them a new one.

Show all the headlines of the towns and villages braced for catastrophic floods and mudslides triggered by 140 mph winds and up to 3ft of rain. They have nowhere to go, that’s how they’re braced for it!

TNB. The history of Haiti should be one we never let our children forget. Keep a verbal account going from now on. “This is the negro in all his splendor and achievements.”

Proudyt said...

I would like to see a film about the civil war that tells the story of a white man that has to leave his wife and children to go fight for the freedom of Africans in America. Yea right.

Anonymous said...

Just saw an ad for this with scenes of BLM protests cut in with scenes from the movie...
It's going to get ugly out there

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why blacks hate the police. After all, it is only fear of law enforcement which is keeping many white people from ... well, you know what.

Anonymous said...

In your local theater on Friday. Hmmm. Guess I'll just have to pack a few more rounds as I head out for the day.

Anonymous said...

If white people dont start standing up to this violence, we are doomed. Amazing what has happened to this country since 9-11-2001. I believe that was the beginning of the end. This horrid movie is certain to cause mayhem and murder. I thought inciting violence was illegal.

Anonymous said...

Haiti had a slave rebellion and they built a glorious whitey free utopia.
Today Haiti is a vibrant diverse paradise. (not really)
Bad weather is threatening Haiti again and the Clinton Foundation will once again be there to help the poor downtrodden comrades.

Anonymous said...

Man runs onto field of pro feetsball game in gorilla suit with an all lives matter shirt and is arrested:

Anonymous said...

Not all blacks are featured at the Africans in America museum:

Paintjob Theory said...

Not like black Africans need a whole lot of provocation to last out in mindless violence. What is quite interesting is why (((Media))) seems to be trying to make the natives even more restless than usual? What do the people scripting this show have in mind as a punchline? Can we expect an "October Surprise" to clinch a Trump win?

You'd think that if the establishment was really worried about Trump they'd be trying to keep their pets on a leash over the next couple months not actually try to provoke them. Time will tell where all this is leading.

In any event this will effect me little to none. The only spade I've seen up here in the past couple weeks was being marched out of the county courthouse in an orange jumpsuit in shackles.

Anonymous said...

Given the true story of the murderous rampage of Nat Turner it is possible that this movie will move some of today's groid violence from the streets into the homes of whites. Turner and his followers went from home to home butchering and burning every white man, woman and child that they could find. Up to now modern groids pretty much riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. This movie will almost certainly embolden a number of groids to take the next step. The morons might be too stupid to realize that invading white neighborhoods will almost certainly trigger a trend that will be catastrophic for blacks. As a commenter in the previous topic noted, blacks will be unpleasantly surprised when whites begin to seriously participate in the current race war. Large scale murders of whites in their homes will give whites the moral permission that they need to eradicate the black plague, and once the process starts it will be out of the hands of blacks. Ironically, it might be Nate Parker who is responsible for the reconstruction of BRA.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Just a couple of issues. One, PK, the graphics are off on the quoted article so I could not read them too well. Might be my laptop, so I do not know.

Next, I view this movie in a positive light. Given the amount of time between now and the election, this can only further incite black violence against YT. Major Chimpout in a big metro area. Hopefully, they will really show their true negro colors and give Trump the added boost. Never underestimate the negro ability to be stupid and foolish.

This comment was spot on:

The United States of America is basically ceasing to exist as a nation before our eyes, and it would be foolish at this point for any white person to believe it can be salvaged.

In fact, it's important to note our Federal Government, media, entertainment industry, academia, and private sector now view Nat Turner as the hero (and not the villain).

We're all just potential Gregory Roddick's now.


Paul, I just received in the mail a copy of your book, The Tragic City, Birmingham..., and I cannot wait to read it. With your permission, I will review it for those who have not purchased it. (warning - I am painfully honest. I don´t sugar coat anything. I am expecting great things and I know you won´t disappoint me. Your podcasts are great. You seem to be an intelligent young man with an open mind. Thank you for being an astute observer of the negro problem we are experiencing.)

As much as I enjoy Paul´s blog, I love the comments as well. Pat always offers an intellectual side to any story about negroes and ethnicity. I would love to name you all, because you truly are a pleasure. Stand Up Broad, Centurion, Ex-New Yorker, Philly guy, and so many others whom I cannot readily recall at the moment. You make this site, and this Country, great. Do not ever forget that. Without us, America would never have been in existence. We are its life´s blood. The negroes, their (((handlers))) simply do not recognize this. Historically, they are blind to the brutal fact then when our backs are to the wall, we come out flailing. It won´t be a pretty site.

Anonymous said...

OT. watched (tried to) the new westworld HBO drama. change name to blackworld. a black in every other frame. no joke. yup the wild west was just loaded w blacks. even the sheriff

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Didn't really read because the text is oddly spilling out of the column to the right. I'm using Safari on a Mac.

Also, Roderick's should be Rodericks.

PB said...

Inglorious (black) basterds?

Anonymous said...

The New York Slimes?
Good for emergency asswipe or bird cage lining.
But you can get the latest Communist Party USA talking points from there.
Will there be any repercussions for the illegal posting of Trump's tax returns?
Some of the vast alt-right Pepe the Frog conspiracy say Trump released them himself just to pimp slap the media some more.

Anonymous said...

Nat Turner was hanged for the brutal murder of men, women and children. Let his fate be inflicted on all the savages that emulate his evil deeds.

Ex New Yorker said...

If and when their glorious race war starts it will be confined to the cities and surrounding areas. These places will be populated with large numbers of blacks. If it ever advances to the outlying rural areas it will be a massacre. Since blacks prefer weak targets to prey on they will be confined to the cities where not many people are well armed. The perfect victim for a black is an unarmed senior citizen.

In the rural parts of the country things will be much different. Blacks are horrible shots and do not have stashes of ammo. I can say for a fact that rural people are well armed. They may have trouble against a United Nations Military force but fighting a bunch of "teens" from the city would be a piece of cake.

Cowboy country will be the safest. You may not believe this, but where I live they have teenage girls in high school shooing clubs. I have seen what 15 year old girls can do on a shooting range. Mind boggling and beautiful at the same time.

Out here kids learn to ride horses at 5 or 6 years old. They learn to dance at 7 and 8 and by the time they are 10 they can shoot beer cans off fence post. Many things have impressed me since living "out here". The one thing I noticed the most was that the parents actually LOVE THEIR CHILDREN.

Since blackie can't hit what he shoots at they will resort to the "burn baby burn" mode of action. Once the big banks and insurance companies become burning infernos things will go in another direction. Do you really think corporate America is going to let a bunch of people burn down the local financial districts. I would like to see what happens if CNN headquarters gets set on fire. What about the New York Times building in New York. Teens with cans of gasoline outside the Washington Post.

Nothing is what it seems. Maybe the powers that be are conning the blacks into starting a war so they can have an excuse to wipe them out. Can you imagine what it must cost to be forced to hire millions of people that can barely read and write. Follow the money. Money is the man behind the curtain. What if "negro fatigue" becomes a corporate liability.

Anonymous said...

Just saw commercial for this with scenes from the movie alternating with scenes from black lives matter. Purposely making the black kids angry.

Anonymous said...

I'm a potential Gregory Roddick? Uh ... no.

THEY are all potential Trayvon Martins.

The Umpire said...

Hey, Hollywood! Since you're so fair; since you don't make propaganda to brainwash
and poison the sheeple; since you don't have sneaky, cunning, conniving agendas;
here's an idea that'll even things out a bit: "Detroit Burning."

What a great movie that would be: the tale of a white family watching their safe,
modern, thriving Detroit neighborhood literally revert back to nature. Imagine the
film starting out peaceful and happy. But then, "diversity" shows up, and life for
the poor white folks devolves into a nightmare: enduring various crimes, the 1967
riots, and--for the climactic scene--Devil's Night. The movie would also feature
lots of explicit violence, including elderly whites being set on fire while
sadistic blacks cackle with delight.

Imagine the opening scene: the happy family steps out their front door and into
the "Paris of the West."

Imagine the final scene: the sad-yet-stoic family steps out the front door and into a neighborhood.........that has disappeared! As they drive away for the last time,
we see that their old home is the only one left for blocks--everything else is
now nothing but tall grass filled with litter and wild animals.

Anonymous said...

So fighting against slavery if your a slave is wrong?wow I guess spartacus should have never took up arms against the Romans or the founding fathers against the crown.

Anonymous said...

Have the video cameras rolling as the enraged orcs exit the theaters. Much "Kill YT" behavior will commence...

And wear your Trump hat while filming!

Brian in Ohio said...

I hope this garbage film sets off a nation wide category 5 chimpout.

Lets do this.

Vote Trump for law and order.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Since this is a war on white people, we could look at the theaters that air this propaganda as enemies of the state. What do you do to the enemy? You destroy it!

IF there were true kickback among white people, they would make the theaters that show this filth pay a price for doing so.

Tell them this: If you show this film, I will never go to your theater again. The same with NFL teams that support BLM and Kaepernick: they should no longer be supported by white people.

Anonymous said...

Worth spending some time watching the 1915 original. KKK comes across as the Good Guys, formed in response to the first Reconstruction (the Second Reconstruction has been since the so-called "Great Society")

Anonymous said...

I tire of all of this Negro nonsense and MSM liberal pandering is even worse. The notion that an American police officer who stops a black person for speeding is somehow reminiscent of the acts of an African slave trader is both repugnant and ludicrous.
If the Academy has to set up a quota system for black actors, why shouldn't the NBA be forced to award a MVWP (Most Valuable White Player) trophy?

On the bright side, every Negro riot inspired by this film means more votes for Trump.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Fox Searchlight, which also declined to comment, paid a hefty $17.5 million in January to acquire distribution rights to “The Birth of a Nation,” which takes its title from the 1915 D. W. Griffith silent movie, which is considered a landmark for its innovative filmmaking technique but is derided as racist for its stereotypical depiction of blacks and its sympathetic portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan.

The way a movie gets made means that this Parker character spent a lot of time groveling for money and kissing the rings of his paymasters.

Hmmm, I wonder (((who))) would put the (((money))) up for this?

Why does "#HollywoodSoWhite" have a sudden interest in the past decade of cranking out film after film showing blacks being mistreated and getting revenge on whites? Whether that is Django Unchained in cartoonish bloodbaths, the maid crapping in the food in The Help, the remake of Roots, 12 years a slave, etc... and now this Nat Turner as Hero movie. I've honestly lost count of them all. Someone has a serious interest in making sure blacks feel aggrieved and emboldened to seek revenge upon whites, and that whites feel an extra layer of guilt.

When the term "BRA" gets used, it is important to remember that blacks don't actually run America. It is idiot whites and (((whites))) who run America and cede all authority and spoils to blacks. It is not a system run BY blacks, it is a system run FOR blacks.

The good news is that when the ticket sales come in that these kinds of films are box office bombs. There are roughly 40 million blacks in the country, which is a large number, but nowhere near enough to justify the costs of production. For example, they spent 17.5 million just for the rights to the title. Even if every black in the country went and saw it - it would still be a net loser, plus this kind of title has virtually zero overseas traction, which is where Hollywood makes a large amount of its money. There are also fewer and fewer whites willing to even consider sitting through such a film much less actively going out to spend money on it. Hispanics? forget about it, black struggle stuff has ZERO resonance with them.

The only films that make money are those that have broad appeal to average white people. Anything on the fringe with a transparent message and a large budget is money down the toilet.

So once again, this will be another dud, but it goes to show that the (((producers))) are making these films for reasons other than profitability. It is an investment for what they truly want .... keeping things at a simmer and whites on the retreat.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been and continue to brainwashed by their desert rat handlers that whites are an evil, oppressive race that keeps them down and has been keeping them down for 400 years. The truth is they are just genetically inferior. Their shitty genes keep them down, not us.

oogabooga said...

The media will pound the Trump tax situation and she wins. DAMN!!!

Unknown said...

Media supports and pushes the negro chimpouts. It generates money, page hits etc. They don't give a shit about the negro just like I don't. Negros are dumb careless and lazy. They're actually too dumb to realize how weak they actually are. If the law would step aside, for a week all this would be over in a matter of days, by the will armed white militia in this country.

Anonymous said...

Fox is trying to make a buck off of black anger by making anti-white propaganda. They should ask Sony about how well it worked for them when they tried to do the same with Feminism. I think it will flop, especially if tyler perry comes out with another film at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Paintjob Theory said You'd think that if the establishment was really worried about Trump they'd be trying to keep their pets on a leash over the next couple months not actually try to provoke them. Time will tell where all this is leading.

It is possible that Parker is merely pursuing an opportunity to push his movie when the social climate is right. I read somewhere that it has taken seven years for him to pull the movie together. Presently, blacks will be very receptive to the theme of this movie. If permission from the establishment was necessary for Parker to release his movie, we can probably conclude that it has decided that the benefit of a strong and energetic turnout of black voters will offset the risk of creating new Trump voters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. The Wire was realistic regarding negroes.
Everyone is hunkering down for the hurricane.
Female in FL

kikz said...


Anonymous said...

OT. Another misguided white person who conducted his affairs as if the 1st Amendment applied to him. We need to fill the void left by the missing 1st Amendment by exercising our 2nd Amendment rights.

Louie Vizcarra said...

The movie should NOT start with when they kill all the whites, for that would be counterproductive! It should instead begin with the previous decades, during which time Saint Domingue was the crown jewel of the French Empire and one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world! As soon as they killed the whites Haiti became a turd floating in the Caribbean, for the newly liberated slaves lacked any and all of the requisites to repair their country and reinstate the necessary structure to bring back the cash flow. They should have gone back the fields, growing the sugar and moving it to the ports where it could be sold. They could have found their brightest to negotiate the trade with incoming ships and in short order they would have been rolling in money, rebuilding and living in the Estates of their former masters. They could have used that money to establish Universities, museums, galleries, and perhaps they could have sent money and aid during our disasters because they would have been the pinnacle of success and peace and innovation. They would have been a beacon of hope in this dark world.
Oh, wait? What am I talking about?

Bud said...

It does seem scripted to allow Trump to win the presidency.
Either they want to blame what will happen on him (Republicans), or they want to create a new "jobs" program.

Here is an interesting quote from a link that Californian gave us:

[Teddy] Roosevelt only knew “that inasmuch as he is here and can neither be killed nor driven away,” whites had to treat him in an honorable and Christian way".

I suspect a Department of Cyber Security is coming our way. White people may not need apply.

Anonymous said...

Fox Searchlight Pictures is the distributor ... Theres a list of the entire cast online, so easy to figure out which actor and actress will never been seen on any of my electronic devices. Also, will never watch a movie affiliated with Fox Searchlight and any associated corporate entities or organizations. It seems every year now we have one of these provocative movies , black protagonist and white antagonist . The impact is diminishing because the narrative is clearly visible. It's supposed to suppress white confidence and self esteem , while simultaneously inducing fear in conjunction with subconscious guilt, powerlessness and resentment lol. It's spitting in our faces and they're trying to wear us down. They think they are so clever don't they? A facade veiled under the illusion of human rights and justifiable actions required because of the evil perpetrated by white people.

Personally , all this anti white rhetoric is having a very positive impact on my mental state. Not only do I feel like being white and proud has nothing to do with other races, all this attention is just projections of jealousy. Think about all of the great contributions of our people. I'm of Scots-Irish descent and if you share the same heritage , and you're feeling down, read about the Overmountain Men and their part in the American Revolutionary War. It will pick you right back up! Have a great day and keep a smile on your face!

Bud said...

Another good quote from Californian's link:

Ben Tillman typifies the latter. South Carolina governor then U.S. senator, he championed small farmers against big finance, built the state's first women's college, fought for railroad regulation, and the first campaign finance bill nixing corporate donations bears his name.

Yet he was a virulent segregationist, blocked the black vote, and stated that Afros "must remain subordinate or be exterminated.” His known sympathy for lynchers came from a fear of interracial rape, expressed thusly:

"I have three daughters, but, so help me God, I had rather find either one of them killed by a tiger or a bear than to have her crawl to me and tell me the horrid story that she had been robbed of the jewel of her womanhood by a black fiend."

Paintjob Theory said...

"So fighting against slavery if your a slave is wrong?"

I think you're on the wrong blog, Sambo, why don't you run along and rob a liquor store or whatever it is you savages do for fun while the humans discuss how we will preserve our heritage and civilization.

"Nothing is what it seems. Maybe the powers that be are conning the blacks into starting a war so they can have an excuse to wipe them out. Can you imagine what it must cost to be forced to hire millions of people that can barely read and write. Follow the money. Money is the man behind the curtain. What if "negro fatigue" becomes a corporate liability. "

While I mostly agree with the former, I can't necessarily agree with the latter. The (((financial institutions))) are "too big to fail" and are given license to create money from thin air via the magic of fractional reserve lending and have the taxpayers on the hook to balance their books if they gamble and lose. The (((press))) has largely been a losing venture for decades now primarily being buoyed up by advertising dollars from (((financial institutions))) who make the money on their own printing presses and advertising by other corporations with similar ideals. Make no mistake, virtually all advertising from big corporations these days isn't even trying to sell you their product, but to sell you whatever social engineering message they have woven into the commercial (generally anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-family), and to provide financing for whatever media outlet they pay to air these adds.

In short our enemies (at the top level) can print all the money they want right now, they don't need money. If this were purely a matter of profit we could collectively cobble together and pay someone more to get them to work for us. I have come to the same conclusion as others, that this is a religion and the motive is an ideal of creating a worldwide communist "utopia". It's a tale as old as the story of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

Any way you slice it though, black Africans are definitely a liability after the point where they outlive their usefulness as footsoldiers and as a voting block. If YT doesn't do something about them in the next 100 years the yellow man damn sure will. The only question is whether a few will be kept around in zoos or safari parks somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood knows that many blacks are ignorant, uneducated and extremely gullible and will swallow all the propaganda and lies hook, line and sinker as will many libtarded SJW's. Nothing seen on the screen will be questioned. There will be no fact checking.

I fully expect a percentage of negroes to go nuts. Just as we read about people being attacked by negroes while the negroes were exclaiming, "Dis be fo' Trayvon!" the same will happen as a result of this movie. Parents who have children in schools with a large number of blacks would do well to keep them out of school for a few days after the movie is released. Others should avoid any groupings of blacks on the streets or in any location. Anyone with any sense at all will have their situational awareness on high alert.

Be prepared. Dawn of the Braindead Negro is upon us.

Anonymous said...

First of all, just who is "fox searchlight"? Actually, I think we all know from which tribe they come. Nat turner is not being portrayed as anything. It's all just a plot to cause racial strife, he's just a useful idiot.
I do think the timing is interesting, it would seem that DJT will benefit the most from the violence. The people behind this don't do anything that has no's all scripted.
One thing is for certain, they are coming for the guns.....either under obama or hillary or DJT. Racial violence brings on martial law and then.....gun confiscation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, have ya'll read the latest on those wild and wacky swedish cuckasians in mn? They not only invite all those somalians into the state, give them free housing, food and SSI AND NOW they subsidize vacations back to the old country. How's about that?

Anonymous said...

Aren't these types of movies some of the 'Stuff Black People Don't Like'?
I expect it to have no box office at all and a dozen Oscar nominations.
Look, Hollywood and the media in general are the real enemy. They provide the focus they wish to provide. They promote the lies they wish to promote. Your only choice is to not buy into it.
I point it out to everyone now as we watch TV. All the commercials with the 'responsible' acting blacks and the idiotic whites.... the proliferation of mixed-race (black/white) couples... I bring it all to attention.
Once it is seen and recognized, the power of it is gone.
Be the catalyst.

Jim in Jersey

Pat Boyle said...

There are almost no examples in world history of successful slave revolts. The Nat Turner incident is a tiny insurrection that was quickly stamped out. The only serious exception to this generalization is Haiti.

There were three major slave rebellions in the ancient world - a time when there were many more slaves There was the First Servile War which may have involved 200,000 slaves and sympathizers. This took place in Sicily. About thirty years later there was a second slave revolt in Sicily. And another thirty years later yet there was a third slave war in Italy itself. This last was the most famous because it was also very large but mainly because it systematically defeated Roman legions. This was the Spartacus revolt.

All three were crushed by the Roman legions and then there were few or no slave revolts for more than a thousand years.

The Nate Turner revolt was much, much smaller - about fifty slaves and about fifty white victims. It was more of a criminal action whereas the slave revolts of the late Roman republic were full scale military operations involving armies and huge campaigns that lasted for a period of years.

Roman slavery was of two types - the first type were the agricultural slaves and slaves in the mines. Slaves in the Roman latifundia worked under extremely harsh conditions. They were usually prisoners of a war of conquest and were often worked to death. The Coliseum in Rome for example was built by the losers of the Second Jewish War. All of them seemed to have died during the construction of that giant arena. Why spend money on food for your enemies?

A much smaller minority of Roman slaves were domestics and functionaries who often chose to be slaves. A Roman paterfamilias who needed a teacher for his children might go to the slave market and buy a Greek who had sold himself in slavery when the market for philosophers got tough. All the financial civil servants by law had to be slaves so free men looking for a career in finance would also sell themselves into slavery - some became millionaires. Oddly enough the Roman government had to enact regulations to keep young free man from voluntarily selling themselves in to slavery so they could be gladiators. The law was already that a male slave could not be forced to be a gladiator.

None of these slaves from the softer side of Roman slavery revolted. Sparticus' many recruits were largely agricultural slaves.

Ennus who led the First Servile War was like Nate Turner - a visionary and religious leader. They were not visionaries in the sense that they made long range plans but in the sense that they had visions and hallucinations. Turner seems to have made no plans other than the murder of whites.

Communists have long honored Spartacus. He is a hero to revolutionaries. In Hollywood Spartacus was portrayed in a big budget Kirk Douglas extravaganza written by Dalton Trumbo - one of the Hollywood writers blacklisted for his Marxist views. Now we have a Nate Turner movie also written by someone more interested in politics than history.

The United Sates never had the kind of harsh slavery seen in Brazil or the Caribbean. By 1831, when Turner went on his murderous rampage, the abolitionist movement was well underway. Slave transport had been outlawed by the British government and navy for decades. Just two years later in 1833 slavery itself was abolished throughout the British Empire.


Californian said...

The film is direct in its effort to connect America’s racist past to the present.

In those terrible, terrible days of the "racist past" did the country have black mobs burning down cities? Did it have African-in-American gangbangers conducting driveby shootings? Were there blacks making flashmob attacks against White people? What were cities such as Selma, Detroit, and etc., like to live in?

What is not being "confronted" here is that African-in-America havoc has been such that extraordinary measures were required to keep things under control. You take the controls off, and you see entire cities being laid waste. We have had well over half a century of equality and we can see Africans-in-America today reverting to primal behavior.

One might also note that the reward White America has gotten for giving Africans-in-America everything they have demanded has been more contempt and more violence from those self-same Africans. Then again, that's the way it works south of the Sahara. When the next tribe over shows weakness, it's time to raid their villages.

There's a "nation" being born here in America today--and it's called Africa.

Californian said...

So fighting against slavery if your a slave is wrong?

This movie has nothing to do with fighting against slavery. It is an obvious, deliberate piece of agitprop to stir Africans-in-America into violence against White people. It also feeds into the guilt complex of white liberals who get off on groveling before those Africans-in-America. If there is any enslavement going on, it is in White people being compelled to support a dysfunctional African underclass.

Africans-in-America have never been opposed to slavery per se. After all, their ancestors engaged in the slave trade. Nor have we ever seen much in the way of protest against Arabs for their role in the slave trade. But we know why--any attempt to guilt trip Arabs would fail, and probably lead to massive retaliation.

Virtually every independent black-majority-rule country is a dictatorship or human rights disaster, with slavery returning in some places. And all this with scarcely a peep of protest from Africans-in-America and their string pullers. Africans are hardly the ones to give the rest of us moral lectures.

This movie is just one more racial shakedown against YT, in a long history of such shakedowns.

Anonymous said...

I went to my first black American movie back in the 1970's, it was the movie Super Fly, this was my first culture shock. The black people were responding to the characters in the movie by shouting at the screen. It was hard to listen to the movie! I avoided going to black movies after this experience, because it was a waste of money. I felt sorry for the American blacks, because they were child like in their behavior! I was disappointed, because we blacks in Morocco look up to the American blacks.

Will there be a chimp out because of the movie Birth of a Nation? I don't know! I hope not!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

I was pretty appalled when I saw the video after being alerted to it by a poster here.

It is a movie about a black man who used the knowledge and help given him by his white masters do go on a raping, looting, and burning spree. It uses the general approach of making blacks feel like oppressed victims so any violence, revenge, and torture against innocents is seen as justified and par for the course.

Watch the trailer and tell me that Nate Parker isn't having delusions of his own. I'm sure the rape of his wife in front of him etc. etc. is just more made up black excuses to make the black violence that blacks have always carried with them more palatable.

I never saw Fruitvale Station, but it makes sure to show you a clip in the trailer to show how the fight started on the train. Oscar Grant was just minding his own business when pretty white girl asked if he was Oscar Grant and started chatting him up (right). Then an ugly racist white guy asks him the same question and when Oscar replies yes, the white guy sucker punches him and starts the fight. Yep, I'm sure that's exactly how it all went down and that white people were even involved in Grant's fracas. But he sure thought a lot about his daughter even though he ditched her to go "party with the boys" on New Years eve (and not with his family).

I'm sure every reason and excuse will be laid out to make the murders of sleeping white women and children more palatable and "justifiable", which of course is never justifiable. Even worst than the re-writing of the story is the whitewashing of Turner as a positive role-model and freedom fighter. The movie is obviously trying and hoping to incite racial strife and "action", which means intimidating and bullying random white people and of course trying to steal valuables from them. This is how blacks see "justice".

Stay away from theaters and spread the truth about Nat Turner and how it goes against the liberal narrative of anti-violence and revenge. The Truth is Nat didn't take revenge on the white men who had enslaved him. He took revenge on local white women and their children, regardless of their role in slavery or "oppressing" black people.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As if anyone would pay to see angry, violent negroes. Why, here in North Carolina, we get to see them everyday.....for free. Not only are they violent, angry, miserable, and surly, they are also incredibly stupid. If God truly is a perfect entity, why in the world did he create such a stupid being such as the negro? It´s getting harder and harder to avoid them. They penetrate white neighborhoods and drag property values down wherever their nappy heads appear.

Anonymous said...

Black writer Vince Cunningham of the ultra-conservative New Yorker magazine wrote the following article:

Nate Parker’s retelling of Nat Turner’s rebellion does not succeed as art or as propaganda.

Amid this atmosphere of panic, a Virginia attorney named Thomas R. Gray published the story of an encounter he had with Turner in the jail in Jerusalem. “I determined for the gratification of public curiosity to commit his statements to writing, and publish them, with little or no variation, from his own words,” he wrote. One wonders what was altered or abridged, but Turner’s voice—straightforward and calm, stoic and unrepentant—is too strange to have been wholly invented.

Turner’s deadpan account of the killings is alternately thrilling and terrifying. He never discloses the precise nature of his communication with the “Spirit,” and betrays no sign of moral struggle or mortal fear. Instead, he casually catalogues routes taken, strategies deployed, weapons used, persons slain. At one home, there was “a little infant sleeping in a cradle, that was forgotten, until we . . . returned and killed it.” At another, after Turner’s men had stabbed a woman in her sleep, her son awoke, “but it was only to sleep the sleep of death.” As the band marched on, slaying household after household, they added new slaves to their ranks and weapons to their cargo. Turner organized the mayhem with a touch of sinister stagecraft: he placed his best-armed men on horses at the head of the company, and sent them galloping raucously toward each house that they encountered. “ ’Twas my object,” Turner says, “to carry terror and devastation wherever we went.”

Anonymous said...

Interesting that black hiskry always starts at slavery. Apparently slavery was the beginning of negro achievement. No films about pre-slavery Africa and their vast empires, technology, civilizations, etc. If it weren't for slavery, there would be no black hiskry.

Detroit Refugee said...

That image at the top of this article is the stuff of NIGHTMARES!!!!

Julie said...

Hollywood is a wonderful place, filled with the most creative people in our society. They know what the public wants and the public wants movies about negroes. Negroes fascinate everyone. The foreign revenue from this movie, from places like China and Africa will be huge. McDonalds already has a marketing plan in place to sell Nat Turner branded Happy Meals. Hopefully the movie will be true to the history and will show lots and lots of southern white men raping and beating the slaves. We all know that the principle life focus of white people in that period was to torture and harm negroes 24x7x365. It's going to be a great movie and will certainly continue President Obama's work to bridge the racial divisions within America.

I am looking forward to the Emmitt Till movie opening on Christmas day. That film, produced by Shlmo Bernstein, dramatizes the most famous crime in American history, the brutal murder of an unarmed young African-american boy at the hands of dozens of evil white southerners. Till was a teen from Chicago who in 1955 travelled to Mississippi to help educate illiterate white children. He was helping a white woman carry some groceries to her car when an angry mob beat him to death while screaming "n*****r". The trailers I've seen suggest it will be a heartwarming story of African-american pride, generosity, self-sufficieny and forgiveness in the face of unbelievable bigotry.

Hollywood is the best.

PB said...

In the late 70s there was an Australian movie called "The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith" which took a similar line in trying to stir up Aboriginals. Luckily for us they are well known for their idleness and lack of intelligence. I don't think anyone other than White guilters saw it.

Anonymous said...

The notion that an American police officer who stops a black person for speeding is somehow reminiscent of the acts of an African slave trader is both repugnant and ludicrous.

"Repugnant and ludicrous" is pretty much a description of Black Run well as the behavior of too many blacks.

PB said...

"I would like to see what happens if CNN headquarters gets set on fire. What about the New York Times building in New York. Teens with cans of gasoline outside the Washington Post."

Stop it New Yorker, you tease.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Go over to and watch the trailer for this totally ANTI WHITE hate film.

Absolutely disgusting, in the fact that it definitely will incite more racial hatred, from the Negro, than already exists...... Perfect to make Whites move towards Trump..... The timing of this movie is PERFECT for Trump.

It was horrific to have slavery in America. IT was horrific and wrong to bring these people out of their homeland. They suffered and we all suffer today, but a film like this is NOT going to make the point that the damage is done and we can either SEPARATE, and admit a horrible mistake in having them here, or kill each other. There is no other option.

Don't be ANYWHERE near ANY theater that shows this. I don't know if inner city, urban areas even have theaters, but you don't want to be around any group of negroes who see this. I will feel sorry (yeah, right) for any foolish White who goes to see this in a theater. The negro audience is going to do something. STAY OUT OF ALL THEATERS that show this, even if you are there for some other film. I can see beatings and rioting and other acts of hate in the Parking lots, etc. Do Not Go. Consider all movie theaters to be "No Go Zones" as long as this Anti-White Hate Movie is playing.

If all the other movies showing take a huge dive, since this propaganda is showing at the Multi-Plex, then the owners will learn never to book a movie that chases away their real patrons, the White folk. I can hear the hootin', hollering, cursing, foul language, etc. that is going to erupt from the negroes in the theaters. (I hope some fool does go, and films it, and puts it up on Youtube).

I wonder how many theaters are going to be trashed, seats cut open with knives, drinks thrown at the walls and screen. Cokes and boxes thrown at any White in the audience. That will teach these some theater owners a lesson.

I am not even going to be driving anywhere near the movie centers in my town this week-end.

The Umpire said...

Proudyt (7:40 PM): "I would like to see a film about the civil war that tells the
story of a white man that has to leave his children to go fight [...]."

Thank you friend. As a matter of fact, two of my great-grandmothers had to grow up
without their fathers: one died of illness as a prisoner, and the other died at
the Battle of Selma, missing the war's end by just 7 days.

How many times has white America paid de facto reparations? Hmmm, let's see: (1) The
blood of the Union soldiers. (2) White taxpayers paying disproportionately for
Medicaid, Section 8, Food Stamps, etc. (3) Blacks disproportionately using Medicaid,
Section 8, Food Stamps, etc. (4) All the American whites who've been murdered,
raped, robbed, etc. by blacks. (5) All the neighborhoods that blacks moved into
after whites had built them up. (6) Black taxpayers disproportionately mooching;
just look at all the black celebrities who've gotten into trouble with the I.R.S.
(7) White consumers subsidizing the disproportionate amount of black shoplifting.
(8) A.A. hiring. (9) Preferential admissions to various schools. (10)Various types
of white philanthropy (e.g. homeless shelters, food kitchens, 30,000 idealistic
Lutherans cleaning up Detroit, etc.). (11) Paying for the arrest, conviction and
imprisonment of a vast army of dindus. (12) Blacks receiving a disproportionate
share of various jobs (e.g., Post Office, duh). (13) Presents for black children.
(14) White "babysitters" picking up the slack for unproductive black "workers".

For instance, what has "Doctor" Ben Carson really ever done at "work"? Take
someone's temperature? He's clearly spent a lot of time flying around to
receive 60+ honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations,
and giving speeches to gullible sheeple who see him as their #1 magic-negro
role model! Pff, suckers.

D-FENS said...

More and more sites are blocked on airport WiFi networks.

I hope Trump is genuine and we can get this crap out in the open.

Anonymous said...

No effing way a black woman was gang raped by whites.


Anonymous said...

Holy mother of God! Okay serious question time - I live in a city that is 60% white and 30% black, and I live in a neighborhood directly between the high school and the movie theater. I just looked at the theater and inexplicably they are showing Birth of a Nation starting on Friday. A few years back we had a case of a college kid stomped to death at the local McDonald's by 10-15 groids. Only one was identified and arrested for assault (90 days in juvenile). So chimp outs can occur here. My daughter and I will be out of town (We're going up to Connecticut to see the leaves). I'm not worried about my husband, he's an excellent shot, but how do I approach my neighbors (60s, retired couple)? Should I just tell my husband to be extra vigilant for their sake? I mean it's Texas plus they're older, so chances are good that they're realists. They just might not know about the movie coming out.

- Brazos Valley

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that it takes very little to provoke groids, it will be interesting to see what comes of it. The fact that the director was aquitted for rape and his accuser took her life is par for the course. Most darkies involved in "entertainment" have a sorid past. If a race war comes, my first and foremost wish, is that all the rappers regardless of race are no more. Rap is crap. Movies, music, football players and the po-leese are all triggers to the cry baby african. The leader of whatever tribe it was that calls for 5 states all to the darkies, I say fantastic! You will not receive our tropical southern states, however the ones you've already f'd up will do just fine. You are all that is keeping me from moving down there, and that's not fair!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 20:51,

Something similar is happening in the burbs of Oakland.
It is just robbery and theft right now.
The irony is those good leftist comrades probably voted for Maobama.

Anonymous said...

Philippine leader Duterte tells Maobama to go to hell:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this should be titled "Afterbirth of a Nation." It will still be a horseshit movie, but at least it would be honestly advertised.

Oh well. With this ever increasing list of activities and companies that are no longer deserving of our economic support, our paychecks can go much further in terms of the things that matter. Who says our voices need only be heard in November every few years? Voting with our dollars is a right we can exercise all day, everyday.

These so-called policy shapers and opinion makers only have power because of our economic participation. The media and the academic types, the athletes and the entertainers, even the political class, all of them are dependent on the money we contribute. A one day embargo would get their attention; imagine a weekend with nobody going anywhere or buying anything. The effect would be felt beyond the businesses with vacant aisles, empty tables or idle gas pumps. The economic impact would go beyond the silence of the cash registers. How much sales tax revenue would evaporate that had already been forecasted, budgeted and allocated? The power of the purse strings has been overlooked . . . and WE are the ones in posession of that power.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:57,

Chocojesus will sabotage the economy and kick the Helter Skelter into high gear if it looks like Trump will win.

Anonymous said...

Pro football ratings ugly:

Brian in Ohio said...

I predict this film, like blacks in real life, will do poorly.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the remake be titled "Afterbirth of a Nation"?

Unknown said...

More (((Hollywood))) hate whitey films. A couple of weeks I was watching a show on TV with nothing but upcoming movie trailers. I shit you not, here is what I saw shown THREE IN A ROW:

1.) Birth of a Nation which you already know about
2.) Some other movie about a mixed-race couple in the Jim Crow era. There was a dim-witted white man with an articulate black woman. I don't remember the title.
3.) A movie set in England about, oh dear Lord, "Holocaust Denial". I don't remember the title of this one either, as I was absolutely stunned at the level of in-your-goy-face propaganda coming out of (((Hollywood))) now.

Anonymous said...


Death of a nation.

Anonymous said...

Im SO goddamn tired of angry whining ranting blacks, im just sick of it. I turn it off as soon as it starts, i dont care if a White cop shoots up a black kindergarten at this point, the NONSTOP bleating about "racism" has seriously TURNED me into a racist, because at this point I just want them ALL away from me and out of my life. I cant stand pop music anymore, i cant watch sports anymore, i see or hear ANYTHING black and it just irritates me and i get away from it.

Anonymous said...

The black "community" is being told so many outright lies that it is unbelievable.
"All white people are privileged, well off, and life is easy for them.". Ha ha, I wish.
"All white people descended from slave owners". Impossible- only 7% of whites had slaves.
"Innocent black men are being shot by police for nothing". Maybe once in a blue moon, but the MAJORITY of the black men were disobeying orders, resisting arrest, and trying to fight back or run. What the HELL do people expect when they do that??
Most black people in America- even the "poor" ones- live much much better than most of the people in 3rd world countries. Fact. Why is this not taught??
I am sick to death of black people always claiming the moral high ground in EVERY situation- EVEN when they or the people they are backing are CLEARLY in the wrong.
All of this defies logic.
Most of the white people I know are too busy working, sometimes 2 jobs, raising their children correctly, taking them to sports, church, library, other positive places, etc., to have time to even think about "disciminatin" against anybody. They hit the ground running and keep that pace until bedtime.
But most people think that is the reason that white people get up in the morning- so we can discriminate and mistreat them all day long.
Wrong. We get up to contribute by working and paying taxes, to give blacks the luxury of sleeping until noon, then heading to the local "protest" so they might get some free stuff by looting and robbing.
Free housing, food, phones, etc. is just not enough.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

I think that this film will be an even bigger boxoffice bomb than Red Tails. Just who is gonna waste their time and money on this propaganda? Not me, nor anyone else that I personally know, that's for sure.

What I would go see is a movie exploring just how utterly useless most American blacks are at, well, everything. If you exclude blacks that are successful at athletics or music (which make up a minisclue percentage of the overall population), there is a vast black population that is either unemployed/unemployable or performing menial labour...despite laws favoring black hires.

If blacks can't make it here in America, where else can they?


American blacks are the most useless people in the entire world.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I flat-out refuse to believe that negroe slaves getting raped by White plantation owners was a common or even semi-usual event. Those men were the Donald Trumps and Bill Gates and Michael Bloombergs of their day. They had plentiful easy access to the most beautiful young top-shelf French prostitutes, who would tour the American south regularly with their Madams.

I'm thinking these guys raping negroe slaves was about as common as sickos that rape cows and pigs. It happens, sure, but certainly NOT often or wide-spread practice. Slaves were considered a 1/2 step above the animals on the plantations, just useful tools. I would bet just about anything in ALL of the years of american slavery the actual number of negroe slaves raped by their White owners was not a triple digit number.

I just fnished reading the actual story of Emmit Till, and as usual, the negroes that tell that story are 1. Wrong about the basic facts of the event 2. Exaggerating details to fit their narrative 3. COMPLETELY ignoring everything Till did to instigate his own death.

Gee, sounds just like Mike Brown, huh? And Trayvon, and JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER NEGROE MARTYR they love getting all whipped up over!

So yeah, the whole "WE WUZ RAPED DAILY BAH OW MASSAHS" is total bullshit too.


Anonymous said...

Lock and load.

Anonymous said...

More encouraging news, with more than a hint of spin. Ratings for Monday Night Football have continued to drop. The most interesting thing out of the articles I've seen is what is NOT being said.

The various theories for declining viewership mention "migration" away from broadcast outlets to digital delivery methods. Some of the articles speculate that the "reality show" nature of the election has siphoned viewers away. One such article over at Sports Illustrated's site adopted a "wait and see" attitude, floating the idea that the ratings decline might reverse after the election.

The most interesting thing is that all of these rocket surgeons are most pointedly NOT making any mention of the national anthem protests affecting viewership, even though the topic is showing up ALL OVER the internet, with people stating flat out that they are DONE with the NFL. They aren't watching ANY of the games, the aren't attending the games, they aren't buying merchandise.

I live in Texas, and although we follow the US Constitution regarding separation of church and state, football IS the state religion here. Yet I can't remember seeing ANYONE wearing an NFL jersey in public since this little controversey started. I still see a few people wearing NFL team logo baseball hats, but it would seem that public support for the league is down. Officially, the league is whistling past the graveyard, but the NFL Players Association has already started to take notice of the viewership trends and seems to be getting a bit anxious.

Proudyt said...

I like the ending. It could be like the end of " the birds" but instead of birds thousands of mindless Nigs.

Proudyt said...

And still fighting 151 years later, nearly half of which they've been given generous opportunity to crawl out from under. 60 years of reparations. Free housing,school,food,phones and much more(I suspect cars also). Sick of the whining.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about the condition of Haiti now, much of the earthquake relief programs and federal funding were steered toward certain companies by the Clintons in exchange for donations to their foundation and speaking fees to Willy. Nearly all of them made out like bandits by doing inferior work and over charging immensely. Some didn't even bother to do anything they just took millions upfront and shuffled it around and filed bankruptcy. People like the Clintons would never let a good disaster go to waste.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

I predict that theatres showing this moving picture show will receive bomb threats. Of course, no such thing as bad publicity will be the reasoning behind the callers' intentions.

Anonymous said...

"Slaves were considered a 1/2 step above the animals on the plantations, just useful tools. "

Not necessarily. Due to the "one drop" rule and the fact that a child born to a slave mother was also a slave, some slaves were more white than black. Thomas Jefferson's slave Sally Hemings, with whom he most likely sired some children himself, is a good example of this. She was 3/4 white, his dead wife's half-sister.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet that this movie will be shown in the schools? Don't go near any multiplex showing this film, it simply won't be safe. I'm advising my daughter to avoid being near any location where Birth of a Nation is showing.

Anonymous said...

"You'd think that if the establishment was really worried about Trump they'd be trying to keep their pets on a leash over the next couple months not actually try to provoke them."

It's all part of their diabolical plan. Evidence against the conspiracy is actually evidence FOR the conspiracy. Capish?

Anonymous said...

"Someone has a serious interest in making sure blacks feel aggrieved and emboldened to seek revenge upon whites, and that whites feel an extra layer of guilt."

You watch a movie that shows a negro maid crapping in white peoples' food, and YOU feel guilt, not disgust or anger? You have a very finely-tuned moral sense, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Poll: 32% skip NFL over Black Lives Matter player protests

Rasmussen Reports revealed Tuesday that 32 percent of American adults say they are "less likely" to watch a game because of the expanding protests over how blacks are treated, especially by police.

By comparison, 52 percent said it doesn't impact their watching and a small 13 percent said they are more likely to watch football games because of the protests.

Not surprisingly, blacks and whites are divided on the issues.

Rasmussen said that 28 percent of blacks are more likely to watch now, with whites at 8 percent.

Buy a sizable 36 percent of whites are less likely to watch, compared to 18 percent of blacks.

So the protests have actually increased black viewership then? Wouldn't be surprising.

Luke said...

Man dressed in gorilla suit wearing "All Lives Matter" shirt. Rabid racist, right?

Nope. African male. Seriously!!

Shee-it, when they took the mask off his head you couldn't even tell. Gnome Sane?

Anonymous said...

And now from the WHJW NewsTeam, here is the September Wrap-up . . .

Coming off the gigantic shitshow that was August, it was unlikely that September would best its calendarial neighbor. This September was nearly an identical replay of last September, only last September was the worst month of 2015, this year it’s a distant 5th.

Final Total September 2016: 64 dead, 302 wounded
Final Total September 2015: 63 dead, 303 wounded
Final Total September 2014: 46 dead, 211 wounded

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

61 shot & killed
3 killed via other means
8 ongoing “death investigations”
1 police-involved, non-fatal shooting
2 CCW-involved shootings, 1 fatal
55 in serious or critical condition
62 males killed vs 2 females
71 teenagers shot, 10 killed
17 grazed
4 selfies
21 #ShotInTheAss

Looking ahead, October usually starts the yearly slow down as the weather turns with street corners and porches becoming less target rich. Last October posted just 31 homicides with an additional 203 shot and wounded. Seeing how this year continues to easily outpace last year, we’ll predict 55 homicides plus another 250 shot and wounded with the 600th homicide being tallied mid month.

So far in October, 48 shootings with 7 KIA for a batting average of .146

Anonymous said...

You pointed it out so simply yet eloquently.
Kudos 😉

Anonymous said...

Welcome to being a realist.

Anonymous said...

I see your eyes are wide open!😀

Anonymous said...

I'm watching a documentary on Thomas Edison, the Anglo-American inventor who helped give the world the phonograph, movie camera, and electric lightbulb. Around the same time in American history, give or take a decade, George Washington Carver, a negro inventor, gave the world peanut butter. I think you get where I'm going with this.

Anonymous said...

Parker apparently doesn't like black women - at least not enough to marry one.

Interestingly enough, he wasn't lynched 21 years ago - or even convicted of - inviting his buddy to participate in the rape of a drunk white woman in 1995.

The buddy WAS convicted. But the DA decided witnesses couldn't be rounded up for a retrial.

Then, these two miscreants had the balls to write a screenplay featuring a fictional rape of a fictional black woman by an equally fictional white man.

This is what the Black Lives Matter movement has to fall back on: Untrue stories "based" on "true stories" from 1830. That, and cops "murdering" combative violent black felons who attack cops- some of those cops minorities themselves.

Feckless public officials mostly white ones - are content to drop whites in the grease to keep the grease from igniting in their jurisdictions.

Case in point: Philando Castile. His ignorant-ass girlfriend posts videos of herself driving around stoned with a 4-year-old in the back seat, and she's a heroine, instead of being arrested and the kid being rendered to CPS.

The message: Blacks are to be held to a lower standard of behavior and civility than any other group.

The justification for this is that they are more violent and stupid than other demographics, due to stuff that happened 60 years ago - 5 generations for blacks - or 100 years ago or 500 years ago.

It's not playing any more, so the knew game plan is violence. It's coming to a suburb near you this summer.

D-FENS said...

"Thomas Jefferson's slave Sally Hemings, with whom he most likely sired some children himself, is a good example of this. She was 3/4 white, his dead wife's half-sister."

I thought it was determined that it was Jefferson's nephew who did the dirty deed.

D-FENS said...

"Okay serious question time - I live in a city that is 60% white and 30% black, and I live in a neighborhood directly between the high school and the movie theater. "

Get the fuck out, NOW!

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

I think that this film will be an even bigger boxoffice bomb than Red Tails. Just who is gonna waste their time and money on this propaganda? Not me, nor anyone else that I personally know, that's for sure...

October 4, 2016 at 5:01 PM

Not only should you not see the movie, you should not even go to any theater complex showing it. Here you are, minding your own business, waiting to see Sully, and then the crowd that just saw Birth Of A Nation gets out of the theater next door. Some sow bumps into you, starts screaming about "watchwheredafukugoin!" and it all goes downhill from there.

Perhaps letters on legal letterhead ("From the Offices of Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe LLP") are in order, warning of legal action if patrons are injured and/or killed at their theaters due to BOAN-incited violence. After all, if the New York Times says it, it's gotta be true, right? (Sarcasm ="off")

Anonymous said...

The independence of Saint-Domingue (Haiti) was proclaimed by Dessalines on 1 January 1804. Dessalines was proclaimed "Emperor for Life" by his troops. At first he offered protection to the white planters and others. Once in power, he ordered the massacre of most whites. Without regard to age or gender. White women declaring allegiance to him and agreeing to marry a black man could be spared.

[212 years later, It’s 2016.] Mathew, the most powerful hurricane in the region in nearly a decade blew ashore around dawn in Haiti. Widespread damage and human suffering is the result. Attempts to fully gauge the impact to the vulnerable flood-prone country where less powerful storms have killed thousands are under way.

( Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A place where many people live in shacks of wood or concrete blocks) The reason anyone is alive there, is because of support through international aid efforts. Ask this citizen of this wonderful totally black run country how things are:

"All the banana trees, all the mangos, everything is gone," Nelson said as he boiled breadfruit over a charcoal fire. "This country is going to fall deeper into misery.”

Anonymous said...

No, it's coming to a neighborhood near you after this film comes out.
Hollywood should somehow be held responsible for the deaths that result from making this fictional p.o.s.
There's little doubt as to how too many low IQ viewers are going to react.
If you're white, and you decide to see this movie, you'd damned well best make sure there are no blacks there. It could easily be a fatal mistake.
However, if you're a SJW go ahead, you might live long enough to become a race realist, maybe.


Sick n' Tired said...

1:6.5 killed to shot ratio is about average for any high crime groid area, consistently across the country. Which is interesting because it shows that whether they live in Miami, Memphis, Baltimore, or Chiraq, they are all fairly bad shots.

Anonymous said...

Connecticut is a great state, full of quaint white towns, villages, and restaurants. A the groids live in Hartford, Bridgeport, Waterbury, and New Haven. Stay out of those places and you'll have a great trip, take a ride up Route 7 from Danbury, it goes all the way thru the Berkshires into Vermont and is pretty much groid free. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

"I thought it was determined that it was Jefferson's nephew who did the dirty deed."

All that can be known from the Y-chromosome evidence is that it was a male of the Jefferson line. If somebody wants to believe that old Tom's nephew sneaked into Monticello and sported about with his dead wife's sister, they're free to do so. But that makes Tom look like either a low-grade pimp, if he knew about it, or a fool, if he did not. And it also leaves a lot of circumstantial evidence unexplained. For example, why was Sally Hemings given special privileges by Jefferson? And why, of all the hundreds of slaves he owned, did he free only her offspring?

Anonymous said...

As if anyone would pay to see angry, violent negroes. Why, here in North Carolina, we get to see them everyday.....for free. Not only are they violent, angry, miserable, and surly, they are also incredibly stupid. If God truly is a perfect entity, why in the world did he create such a stupid being such as the negro? It´s getting harder and harder to avoid them. They penetrate white neighborhoods and drag property values down wherever their nappy heads appear.

1) God doesn't exist, and the negro is just evolutionary detritus: a living fossil that should have gone extinct, but, like the coelecanth, somehow didn't.

2) God didn't create negros. Since the devil likes to copy the creator, but with twisted, corrupted versions, then the devil made negros. This does make sense in that negros look and act like parodies of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pro football ratings ugly:

October 4, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for the Negro Felon League.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Some philanthropic realist should offer to pay for a late night screening of "Birth of a Nation", allowing any negro free admission to watch the film.

About 30 minutes into the movie, chain the theater doors shut and set the place on fire.

Unknown said...

Oderint, Dum Metuant!

Paintjob Theory said...

" I live in a city that is 60% white and 30% black, and I live in a neighborhood directly between the high school and the movie theater. I just looked at the theater and inexplicably they are showing Birth of a Nation starting on Friday."

Bwahahahahahhaa. You're kidding right?

A few years back we had a case of a college kid stomped to death at the local McDonald's by 10-15 groids.

If you're asking what to do, I'd say go out and rent the movie "Blackhawk Down", that'll give you a fair idea of what your front yard will look like 12-24 hours after the SHTF and the EBT cards stop working.

So in all seriousness, if this is true, WTF are you doing living there? Do you think it'll be down to 20% nogs in 4 or 5 years? That they'll somehow become better behaved? That if you hold out a little longer you'll get a little more equity back out of your home? '

Dear God, if I see more than 4 or 5 a month I'm uncomfortable, 30% is unimaginable. When I visit Florida in the winter (in a county with around 5%) I feel like I'm in Africa or Haiti. ]

Whatever your excuse is for sticking around there, ask yourself, what's your life worth? The lives of your husband and children?

FranSusan said...

"... the gang rape of his wife by white men..." NEVER HAPPENED! White men haven't ever been desperate enough to rape a black woman!

Alt Right Studies said...

I see the positives of a movie like this.
We in Alt Right do not want co-existence and integration with blacks.
So, movies promoting love and peace are more dangerous than movies promoting hatred and antagonism. We want blacks to hate whites because it gives whites more reason to hate them back and call for a world of their own.

Better this movie than something like GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER and THE HELP.
I would say people like MLK and Oprah were more damaging to whites than people like Malcolm X and Farrakhan. If all blacks were like X and Farrakhan, we would have had racial separation already. Black hate justifies white hate. But when blacks act 'nice' like Bill Cosby, it is a Trojan Horse trick. Look what happened to the Trojans because they fell for the peace offer from the Greeks.
The MLK cult and memes of Magic Negroes and neo-mammies like Oprah(who smile a lot) made white people drop their guard.

So, I welcome these anti-white movies. The more, the better. I hope Hollywood makes 20 anti-white movies that rile up Negroes into violent action. It will 'redpill' many more whites.
Also, a movie like this is identitarian. It says blacks shouldn't accept and surrender to white culture but look back to Africa for heritage and identity. OKAY, fine by me.
Blacks in America should identify more with black Africans, and whites in America should identify more with white Europeans. Blacks and whites in America should not identify with one another as 'fellow Americans'.
Also, even though Nat Turner's rebellion was frightful and ugly, there is a moral lesson here. Slaves should rise up and attack the masters. This goes for slaves everywhere.
White Americans are now slaves. Not slaves in physical chains but in mental and emotional chains since media and academia go all out to chain white hearts and minds with paralyzing 'white guilt'. It's like having a ball and chain around one's ankle in the psychological sense.
Imagine if white folks were taken as slaves to China and forced to serve Chinese massuhs. If a white Nat Turner rebelled and killed Chinese massuhs and their kids, would you object?

So, I have nothing against slave rebellion. I agree that blacks were right to rebel and rise up for their freedom(even though, to be sure, black slaves were materially better off than 'free blacks' in savage Africa).
Sure, Nat Turner did grisly things, but what did US do in WWII against Japan? Japan killed 3000 in Pearl Harbor, so US retaliated by killing 2 million, many of them civilians by massive firebombing and dropping 2 nukes that killed scores of women, children, and babies. Righteous Rage always leads to excess violence. Blacks are no different in this.

Alt Right Studies said...

I'm all for what Nat Turner did. We need White Nat Turners. Let us have a white slave rebellion. White folks are soul-sensual slaves of Jews. Jews own the eyes, ears, hearts, and minds of white folks cuz Jews own the brain centers of the West: media, academia, government, advertising, entertainment.

Cuckery is psycho-sexual enslavement of the white race. White men are so browbeaten that they think it's 'progressive' to invite black 'bulls' to fuc* their white wives or girlfriends.

Today, cucked white fathers tell their sons, "Son, I invite big black guys to fuc* your mother. If you don't approve, you are 'racist'. I want your sister to reject a white guy and use her womb to have a black kid. And one day, you will also get to invite a black bull to fuc* your wife and then tell your son about it."
This is how cucked out white males think. They are mental slaves.


This is slavery. White males need to be angry. They need to be like Nat Turner. They need to get radical.

SWF (Scared White Female) said...

Re: TV dramas: I also tried to watch Westward and gave up. Then I was excited that Secrets & Lies was returning for a second season - except ths t it is an entirely different, and mostly black, show. The rich CEO of some huge corporation has a whole bunch of kids in their 30's - every possible hue of black - mocha, cappuccino,espresso - with white trophy wives.So, CEO patriarch must have had an interracial marriage way back when such a thing was practically unheard of (wife/mom is deceased), but, the set up is meant to indoctrinate our 20 - somethings into believing that races always mixed. I have black friends who firmly believe that races shouldn't mix as it weakens both - like mixing dog breeds - you weaken the genetic traits and end up with a mutt (although, mutts can be great dogs!). In nature lions don't mate with leopards or cheetahs. Blue Jays don't mate with Cardinals. If animals are bred artificially by human intervention you get a hybrid and hybrids are sterile, even in plants. Why this doesn't apply to humans - what was God thinking?!

SWF (Scared White Female) said...

I am the only white person in a black residential neighborhood. I moved here three years ago from another state a d rented my cute 1930's bungalow off of Craigslist. Never even thought to find out about blacks - I am in New England and have never lived anywhere that had blacks. I have been picked on and harassed quite a bit. I learned that stereotypes form for a reason.I am alone with my grandson who is seven and whom I have raised since birth. He is the only white kid in his bus line. I am 63 - so - perfect target for "them." I am very ill and on disability - so not in a positio to move - although I desperately want to. I am afraid every day.I had no prejudices when I moved here. I didn't think about black people one way or the other. Never known any or been around them. I met my first black person when I was almost 50 and he ended up being a friend. In the past few years ago have met two other black friends who I respect and would trust with anything. But now, seeing how they live, and behave - they are not capable of being civilized. And, yes - they hate white people.