Thursday, October 27, 2016

ANOTHER Black Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Blames Massive Black Riot/Racial Attacks on White People and Cops on... White People Who Notice the Black Rioters

The Happening draws nearer every day. 

It's not a question of if, but when

Hundreds of black people attacked white Temple University students and police in Philadelphia, and somehow white people are too blame (according to black Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Solomon Jones).

Joe Lauletta, the father of one of the white victims, Christina Lauletta, wrote on Facebook about what had happened to his daughter (not finding common ground with Jones in his assessment of what happened):
“I find out that her and her 2 male friends were badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene. I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised, it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones. If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina Lauletta in your thoughts.”
Well, another black Philadelphia Inquirer columnist - Jenice Armstrong - now is on the attack against whites who dare call the mass black mob attacks on white people "racial" in nature. 

Sorry Joe Lauletta: you are the true villain for daring to notice it was black people who attacked your daughter. [Armstrong: Stop Trying to Blame the Temple Attacks on Race, 10-26-16]:

THE TEMPLE attacks were about troublemaking teens - not race.
The youngsters who jumped those college students as they walked to campus Friday night are delinquents who need to be put in check before it's too late.
They were nothing but miscreants who took out their aggression and misdirected rage on random passersby. Why? Because they felt like wilding out that night. They were out to create chaos, so they did.
So, don't talk to me about gentrification in North Philly.
Don't talk to me about poverty.
Don't talk to me about race relations.
Those are whole other conversations and not what these attacks were about.
No one was safe from these teens that night. Not the six Temple students who were injured. Not the Temple police officer knocked from her bicycle by a 15-year-old. Not even a police horse. Anyone could have gotten caught up in that madness.
According to news reports, a crowd of 150 youngsters started gathering after an Instagram advertised an 8 p.m. meet-up at the AMC North Broad Street 7 (formerly the Pearl Theater at Avenue North), on Broad Street near Oxford at the southern end of the campus.
It was a beautiful fall evening, and according to Temple's student newspaper, word of the meet-up spread through social media, telling people to gather at the AMC 7 to see Ouija: Origin of Evil at 6:45 p.m.
Most of the high schoolers who responded to the online posting were good kids looking to socialize. But then the delinquents did what they often do and ruined it for everybody.
According to police, a group of 20 to 30 boys and girls in their early to late teens randomly attacked Temple students as they returned from a football game at Lincoln Financial Field.
They surrounded the students and punched, kicked and robbed them, in some cases knocking them to the ground. According to police reports, "an 18-year-old female complainant sustained scrapes and cuts to her legs, her cellphone was smashed and left on the ground, and her debit card was taken out of her purse." Two 19-year-old students were attacked and robbed of their possessions - an iPhone, a wallet, a gray backpack and a Bluetooth wireless speaker.
As mounted officers attempted to disperse the raucous crowd, a 16-year-old boy cruelly punched a horse's face not once but twice. What kind of a jerk hits a horse? He fled but was apprehended and charged with assault. In another incident, an officer was knocked from her bicycle while chasing a kid who'd been throwing rocks. That youngster also was arrested. Around the same time, another group of Temple students was attacked and robbed.
Altogether, six Temple students and two campus police officers were injured.
People keep trying to make this a racial thing because at least two of the victims were white and all of the assailants were African American. They make that assumption even though we don't know the race of the other injured students. (Lots of African Americans go to Temple.) Nor do we know the race of the injured officers.
Street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color. I went to a historically black university in a largely black city, and the students there were frequently targeted by neighborhood youngsters, too. I used to work late nights at the student newspaper, and even though I couldn't afford it, I'd take taxis to avoid getting mugged on the way home. African Americans are as afraid of getting robbed as everybody else.
Blacks have made Philadelphia one of America's most violent cities since free blacks were committing the bulk of the crime/homicides in the late 1800s.

To restore balance to the world, all we must do is stop pretending black people are some great asset and understand the wisdom of our ancestors in feeling no shame or guilt in noticing the great liability blacks represent (of course, noticing this means implementing laws to protect the civilization white people build and pass on to their posterity from this racial group forming the greatest liability - far more perilous than a natural disaster or an atomic/nuclear bomb - in our known history).


Anonymous said...

Off the subject:
Do not be deceived by all of these phony polls
that the Democrat Communists are quoting.
This is just another method to get Trump voters
not to vote, by making them feel that he has
no chance, in these rigged polls.
Election day is not until November 08, so
how can Trump lose if we haven’t even had
the election yet? Ignore these Democrat
Communists and their “polls”, vote
Trump on November 08, 2016!

Anonymous said...

OT: a pack of feral blacks robs a hair weave store and assaults Asian store who stood up for himself.

Malcolm Xcrement said...

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then I'm gonna live to be 150 after reading this. Gee, Diz beez da same place dat birfed da khanastooshun n 1787? Lawdy, lawdy...wutz wee gonna doo???

Paintjob Theory said...

"when it comes to random street violence, anything can happen to anyone - black or white."

The question of "random" violence isn't so much the to whom but the by whom. It's almost exclusively perpetrated by non whites. The fact that this negress believes that this is just something that can "happen to anybody" like catching a cold or getting the wrong order at a restaurant just goes to show how depraved the black African is. I can assure you up in my all white town in my 99% white county if you asked 1000 people if they thought being beaten by a pack of "teens" was even a remote possibility they'd laugh in your face. In African America it's just daily routine and could happen to anybody and any time.

Flee the cities if you haven't already, buy food, guns, and ammo. One way or another it's again looking more and more like we're not voting our way out of this. Your only job is to survive, plan accordingly.

Bird of Paradise said...

News papers any liberal owned of operated news papers are nothing but lies,lies and more lies liberal leftists propeganda no different then from the infamous NYT's or the talking heads

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Well, isn't that what "journalists" do, write about themselves? Of course it's about race. When's the last time you saw a group of hundreds of white teens beating, and robbing people? Never. Never do you witness that behavior from white teens. Only blacks have the lack of control, lack of empathy, lack of the human intelligence to behave in such a fashion.

Back when we weren't bothered by being called "racist", they called us " white man". That defines me. Typical negro behavior defines this chimpout in Philadelphia. Those so called "teens" had no thought of the "crushing weight of gentrification", that was the writers justification. Odds are he's running into the brick wall of his limited intelligence, and ability at work, so he tries to sound profound in his analysis of a situation that's beyond his comprehension. He probably hates smarter, more successful, whiter people in his neighborhood, that's why he attributes that motivation on the feral black youth. Odds are most of them have affirmative action employees for parents, and don't even think about such things.

Anonymous said...

The tide is turning.

Stay armed and prepared for the storm.

Anonymous said...

So the black journalist went to some historically black college and would take taxi's to get home (that she couldn't really afford) because local youth were attacking the college students and she didn't want to get mugged. Noticeably absent from her recollection/statement is the race of those who were doing the attacking- which, of course, we all know were other blacks. She simply tries to cover up that fact by using the word "delinquents" as if every race is involved in these attacks when it's strictly black mob attacks and criminality. Then she tries to claim it's not a racial thing because blacks have been attacked too. I guess if hundreds of whites are attacked and only one black that's still enough to make it "not racial" in her demented mind.

The euphemisms are growing- teens, youth, children, kids, delinquents. Anything but the color of those teens, youth, children, kids and delinquents. That's a big no no and we mustn't identify who's actually to blame. Instead, use generic terms which could apply to anyone of a certain age so negroes can be exempt from criticism or being held accountable for their actions or the actions of their bastard offspring.

Funny that the authorities (and news outlets as well) have no problem whatsoever identifying and reporting on which DOG breeds are the most dangerous and responsible for the majority of attacks but they'll cover up for negroes. Nor do they have any problem with the idea of certain localities banning certain breeds of dogs or requiring them to be kept under strict control. But not blacks-oh no- they should be allowed to run free and do anything to anyone they want without anyone saying anything or identifying them or holding their parent (baby momma) accountable. That just won't do. Their mantra and sacred rule is, "Thou shalt not notice nor shall thou speak of it!" Anyone who doesn't join the Great Pretense is a racist.

Sick of black people and their bullshit yet?

Mance Rayder said...

This is one of many mega-thousands of reasons why I-WE owe black people not a gawd damn thing. (b)lack dysfunction on parade. Not just in the streets but in the media as well. This "journalist" does not seem to grasp the word hypocrite. She has all the smugness of that "do as i say, not as i do." I only read half what spewed from her double standard mouth. Just imagine(no pun this time) if the roles were reversed and it was her son or daughter that got the soul beat out them. you can bet your ass she'd be singing another song. Believe that! So I say to you jenice is this, why don't you go F**k yourself! Your nor entitled to your opinion. Thank you as always PK. And to ALL the commenters on here.

Anonymous said...

B-b-but Paul, what about muh SPORTZ?!? Without sportz our lives would be so drab and colorless! We can't throw away an entire race of people just because of a few (million) bad apples!

Anonymous said...

"Wilding" is a term distinctively used to describe black people. It is a euphemism for assault, destruction of property, vandalism, and racial intimidation and it is hardly a euphemism anymore because black people ruined that word too.

I'll correct one of her final lines:

"Street violence is street violence AND it is overwhelmingly committed by young African American men and a lot of women as well. This is obviously a failure on the part of the parents, as someone must be held accountable for their deadly criminal behavior."

Notice how there is ALWAYS a glaring omission of parental accountability after "the few bad apples" are carted away?

We are done playing this cat and mouse game. Everyone knows you are violent, thoughtless, dishonest opportunists who would rather steal and destroy than help build or maintain. You have excuses up the wazoo so there really is no reason in even engaging you unless it is unavoidable. You have always been like this, the government just helped you hide the misery that you constantly bring to any areas in which you reside in large numbers.

Once the grievance coalition starts really falling apart (it's been unraveling for years) these aggrieved groups will rightly point their sights on you and will begin actively avoiding you as well.

At the rate you beat and victimize random people it is only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

For any women reading this, please take note that the author is a woman.

Feminists often talk about the "intersection" of gender and race, and this is one more clear example that black women will choose their color over their gender each and every time, no matter how bad the actors are on the black side.

One of feminism's most concerning and enduring issues has been violence against women, particularly rape. The black male demographic is miles ahead of any other male group when it comes to rape and physically assaulting women. They also tend to leave them with STDs and "black" babies to raise on their own.

White feminists are just as deluded as SJW white males because they cling blindly to the belief that once blacks can be made happy and shown love, they will return it in spades. They will honor their obligations because that is what an honest and thankful person would do, correct? All one human race?

If you still doubt me, recall the white BLM protesters who were being chased down by cops in a black neighborhood. Rather than sticking to their "didn't see nothin'" no snitching code they pointed out all the details that they could to the cops and the whites were apprehended.

Black women are not feminists- they are tribal through and through and it is sad that it this day and age people still need to learn this. Enough personal experiences (and hearing about the personal experiences of others) overrides the propaganda.

One of the biggest things that someone should pull away from this "article" and the one that PK posted before it is that blacks are TRIBAL and will rally the troops to cover for each other. Gang-rape, torture and even murder aren't beyond the pale when it comes to black excuse-making. They can come up with a racially-based excuse or reason for nearly anything at the drop of a hat- and they always will.

Brian in Ohio said...

Africans in America are the single greatest threat to our country today.

Segregation, repatriation or extermination. Pick one.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Fatigued (formerly) in Minneapolis said...

"Street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color." -- every day we wake up and get lied straight to our faces.. Daily life in this country now is an endless perpetual exercise in playing "let's pretend".. Hey everybody!.. let's pretend!.. Ugh..

Eddie in St. Louis said...

If there were a button to push to make all Blacks disappear how many cucked Whites would push it? IT'S NOT OUR FAULT PEOPLE! NO ONE ON THIS BLOG OWNS ANY SLAVES. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY GAVE US THE CURRENT BLACK PROBLEMS. A VOTE FOR HILLARY IS A VOTE FOR EVEN MORE BAD MONKEY BEHAVIOR!!!!!!! Nomesayin?

Proudyt said...

Jenice Armstrong,you are a moron. We don't know the race of the 4 other victims and 2 police officers because the media refuse to report it. The hypocrisy of the left knows no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Armstrong, a Negro journalist, wrote, "Street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color."

What she doesn't see, or refuses to see, is that there is little to no street violence in communities of Asians and Whites. She can't seem to comprehend the FACT that as the percentage of the Negro population in a community rises, so too does the proclivity for street violence.

I ask her why, in my 98% white county with lots of lower income families, is there so little violent crime when in a county with the same economic demographic but 98% black the violent crime will be much greater?

Ms. Armstrong? Ms. Armstrong? Hello?

D-FENS said...

They may be "teens" for only a few years but they will always be negroes.

Detroit Refugee said...

To restore balance to the world, all we must do is stop pretending that blacks are some great asset.

Absolutely true. I observe them at work from time to time, blacks are far from an asset.
They do the absolute minimum required, the very second the task at hand is completed the women especially sit their fat asses down. Phone in one hand, fast food in the other. Certain bathrooms are filthy, break areas are disgusting, (eat in your vehicle or standing up). When we have down time, white, and whites only will pick up debris or grab a broom to tidy up his/ her immediate work station.

Them there's the parking lot; empty liquor bottles , cigar/blunt packages, the protective sleeves & gloves we must wear (bins are labeled @ exit, blacks don't give a fuck), used condoms, on and on. As a whole, blacks are a vile race of people. My comment here is just my observation 6 days a week.

Getting back to the topic, blacks really really are worse than a natural disaster or weapon of mass destruction. This site exposes what happens to any city once blacks reach a certain percentage. Crime, corruption, filth, decay, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm inspired to use social media to invite Google yoots to my own style of wilding party. Knowhutimean?

Anonymous said...

"Teens being jerks" throw some litter on the ground, or say rude things to people, or cuss loudly.

Savage criminal 2-legged animals who belong in prison beat a female to the ground and then surround her, stomping on her head.

I am beyong tired of 6 ft tall bearded stoned negroes committing assault being described as mischievous tots. Maybe in africa this is a childish prank, but in the 1st world it's aggravated assault.

And look how OFFENDED the negroe journalist is that the attackers' race was even MENTIONED! OMFG! they didn't ignore that their attackers were black! What nerve on these racists!

I seriously hope the rest of White america is as tired of this bullshit as i am, because my negroe fatigue is maxed out. I am PRAYING Trump wins just so he unleashes the cops on these thugs and we have a Justice Dept that is actually focused in locking these animals up behind bars.

Amd of course, this is a PRIME example of why we ALL need to get Conceal/Carry and defend ourselves. ONLY Fear of us will keep these animals from attacking us.

Anonymous said...

I had mentioned a couple days ago that the only time that the attackers were named as "black" in any of the stories (rather than "kids", "juveniles", etc) was in the direct quote from the father of the hospitalized girl.

I also said that this was done purposely by the reporters (who were oh-so-careful elsewhere not to identify the mob) in order to frame the father as the racist villain of this story later on.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the Philadelphia Inquirer closed the comments section for this article, but they left it open for Armstrong's first article in which about 99% of the comments looked like they came from people that would be right at home here at SBPDL!

The editor was probably like, "Oy Vey! The goyim are figuring it all out! Quick! Post another article doubling-down on 'the narrative' and close the comments section so their can be no questioning our fantasy world!"

Here's a bit about the Inquirer's owner:
"Although Lenfest is not Jewish, he has made several significant donations to Jewish causes including $500,000 to the National Museum of American Jewish History, $650,000 in donations to the American Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the American Jewish Committee, and the JCC Macabbi games"

--- Jefferson

Anonymous said...

It appears that serious efforts were made to apprehend the groids that knocked a policewoman off of her bicycle and punched a horse in the face. Neither of these victims appear to have been seriously injured. However, I must have overlooked the part where any groids that participated in the beating of Lauetta or any other white civilian was chased or captured.

It is important for white people to understand that they are on their own in any race related crisis and plan accordingly. It is possible that we have reached a point where it is no longer prudent to even involve the police when it can be avoided. I would much rather have read a story describing police confusion regarding a handful of dead groids found about campus that had attended the pre-riot rally.

Anonymous said...

It kinda is all about race! If there is another race doing these attacks then name them! Blacks have always been this way and they will never change.

Bill in St Louis said...

Street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color. I went to a historically black university in a largely black city, and the students there were frequently targeted by neighborhood youngsters, too. I used to work late nights at the student newspaper, and even though I couldn't afford it, I'd take taxis to avoid getting mugged on the way home. African Americans are as afraid of getting robbed as everybody else.

Are black people really worried about being robbed by whites? Set on in mob-style attacks by whites? Negro fatigue this early in the day... sheesh.

Anonymous said...

If this was a gang of white kids beating and robbing black students, this would be all over the mainstream media with Obama or Clinton saying some sort of "whites need to be less racist, and listen to black people..." or some other nonsense.

But since it's black on whites....not a peep other than to do the usual victim blaming of whites as a whole.

Alfa158 said...

That's perfect, I now know what term to use to describe these people. It's not "youths" or "thugs", because those have been overused to the point that now everyone knows the real, unspeakable, hate word that they are a euphemism for.
From now on I will be using the term "youngsters"; or at least until everyone figures out the word we really mean and "youngsters" becomes hate speech as well.

Anonymous said...

“Racist” is being used against the 70% of the citizens of this country who are against amnesty for illegal aliens. Our position has nothing to do with “race”, it has everything to do with the rule of law, the fact that our government has refused enforcement of written laws already on the books (the one thing we DO want the government to do) and the overwhelming number of black on white attacks that have resulted. Instead, they give black criminals “Space”

If I’m not mistaken, some states are “paying” blacks not to kill someone. How’s that working out?

If liberals stopped calling us “racist”, they’d have to explain why Americans have to obey the law but illegal aliens and blacks don’t. Why they deserve to be citizens, even more than YT, when they don’t respect our laws, our flag, our language or our culture.

There is a tsunami of negro fatigue on the horizon. I owe black people nothing!


I am trying to find the number of people in each Trump speech event, for the last few months and those of Hillary's speech events.

The "media" NEVER reports on the number of Hillary attendees.

Do any of you know how to get that info?

A6NimitzGuy said...

Meh, it’s only the celebrated Diversity (Black Yewts, heh) beating up the GoodWhite celebrants of diversity at a Liberal college, the institution I most despise. What do I care that Blacks beat liberal college students around a liberal college? Colleges/academia set it up for this to be excused. I don’t care if every professor and administrator at Temple and Penn State get their asses kicked on the way in in the morning and again on the way out. They should get a good taste of what they think OTHERS should have next door. They never considered that Blacks are too stupid (or uncontrollable) to recognize their allies. How confusing to the GoodWhites that they aren’t special snowflakes with immunity to Diversity-dealt beatings and muggings! Their terror is well-deserved. Liberals throughout Liberal cities are getting what they deserve and need, wisdom and an understanding of why enabling the Blacks wasn’t such a hot idea after all.

This is beneficial to society in that the Liberal kids at the Liberal Democrat colleges are getting the most important lessons they could ever learn (assuming they aren’t killed during said lesson). Stop celebrating Diversity (Blacks), stay the hell away from Diversity (Blacks), arm yourself and finally, understand that the part of college education that instilled tolerance for diversity (Blacks) was a fraud. Meanwhile, with every mugging, every beating, every knockout doled out by Blacks to Whites at Temple, or everywhere GoodWhite Liberals gather, important lessons are learned by the people most in need of schooling. Liberals are responsible for this destruction, best they are on the front line for a good beatin’. Especially hilarious are the race-traitor GoodWhites that march with Blacks at #BLM “gatherings of diversity” (Blacks) who at the end get THEIR dumb Whiteasses kicked and robbed. Sorry, I just love that.

As they say, a Liberal is merely a Conservative that hasn’t been mugged by Diversity (Blacks) yet. I can imagine dear Christina, beaten by “youths” (Black Yewts, heh) to within an inch of her life, has learned well HER particular lesson. Ain’t no Kumbyah in the real world. Pity her Dad and the school doesn’t teach the truth she now knows so well. It’s also a good lesson to her what Black men think of feminism, women’s rights and domestic violence and rape culture. Gee, only WHITE MEN care about that? Surprise! Like Henry Hill said in Goodfellas, every now and then, ya have to take a beating. There be monsters out there.

Anonymous said...

Advice to dad: dry your tears, focus on "sick animals" and get mad. Really and truly angry.

Enlist other fathers and be in that area every weekend ready to protect your kids from those "sick animals".

My dad wouldn't have cried - it would have blurred his vision while he was loading his gun. That is the attitude required to turn this game around, Trump or no Trump.

Pat Boyle said...

Obviously in a just world this guy Joe Lauletta would have his daughter taken away from him for child abuse. His stupid attempt to deny the black savagery right before him so as to maintain his political opinions should make him ineligible for fatherhood. But that won't happen for two reasons. First there will be other brain dead liberals who will praise him for supporting negroes after they beat the hell out of his daughter. And secondly her beating - bad as it might have been - is probably not severe enough to qualify as real child abuse.

As I have mentioned before, back when I was quite young I was a public social worker. I specialized in unemployed fathers (AFDC-U). My wife who was also a social worker who did child protective services. Since almost all blacks beat their kids they had to have high standard for abuse, otherwise the County would end up raising almost all the black kids in the City. So black parents had to be particularly brutal to their kids in order for the kid to get protection. How brutal? My wife had a case where the mother dipped the baby in a pot of boiling water. I'm not sure if I could have handled her caseload - I have more delicate feelings. I doubt if I would have been tough enough to see that sort of thing day after day.

The very presence of negroes coarsens the white civilization around them.


Pat Boyle said...

No one wanted to play my game. I had two questions. First what single individual did the most to see that we beat the Nazis? Second which single person was most responsible for establishing Western Civilization?

Keep trying. Answers tomorrow. HINT: Both white men. One of Irish extraction the other Italian.


Unknown said...

"African Americans are just as afraid as anybody else..."
Yes, but WHO are they afraid of? Somehow I doubt that Asians or Whites induce the fear they feel. Maybe it's Native Americans, or Indians of the dot variety? Possibly Amish or Inuits?
She's still "down wit da bruvers" because she won't put a name to her males.

Anonymous said...

PK - congrats on "fighting the good fight" and helping our society endure challenging times. TRUMP is going to win (somehow - despite the obstacles) because GOD loves our country and wants us to survive. But mostly because of determined, hard working white folks that built this country and still run this country. We are strong enough to shut down the leftward swinging pendulum when we realize it has gone far enough. PK should be proud of being a part of this movement that will quietly solve problems. Collectively, we are unstoppable if we are strategic and smart enough to beat the LIBS at their own game. Additional credit goes to:

Buy PK's books and donate some $ so we can keep this going!

Anonymous said...

Repeated "Don't talk to me..." Even their writing has an annoying crescendo and sounds more like "Look at muh! Look at muh!"

Anonymous said...

They were at the theater to see BIRTH OF A NATION. Of course that has nothing to do with it.

Californian said...

Street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color.

Unless it is a white (or white-hispanic) shooting a black thug and then it's (horrors!) RACISM.

I went to a historically black university in a largely black city, and the students there were frequently targeted by neighborhood youngsters, too.

Ah, the youngsters. Those mischievous tykes! How could they hurt anyone? I mean, an unarmed teen might stomp someone into the pavement, but a "youngster?" No problem, comrade.

I used to work late nights at the student newspaper, and even though I couldn't afford it, I'd take taxis to avoid getting mugged on the way home. African Americans are as afraid of getting robbed as everybody else.

And who pray tell is doing all this mugging and robbing?
* The KKK?
* Neo-Nazi skinheads?
* Southerners carrying Confederate flags?
* NRA members coming from a gun show?

Oh wait, I forget, it was the youngsters.

Ministry of Truth, signing off.

Anonymous said...

Groidette said They were nothing but miscreants who took out their aggression and misdirected rage on random passersby. Why? Because they felt like wilding out that night. They were out to create chaos, so they did.

So, don't talk to me about gentrification in North Philly.
Don't talk to me about poverty.
Don't talk to me about race relations.

Okay Groidette. Without talking about gentrification, poverty, or race relations please tell us why the miscreants had all of this contained aggression and felt the need to misdirect their rage on random passersby. Why is it that they felt like wilding out that night, and why did they feel the need to create chaos? The obvious answer would appear to be that it is because they are black, but we at SBPDL are open minded. Tell us the real reason.

Californian said...

White feminists are just as deluded as SJW white males because they cling blindly to the belief that once blacks can be made happy and shown love, they will return it in spades. They will honor their obligations because that is what an honest and thankful person would do, correct? All one human race?

That is the mindset among DWLs.

Look at the number of White women who go to Africa with NGOs to Save the Children(tm). And you look at the number of these women who get sexually assaulted. But they still keep going to Africa. If only they could show enough compassion, Africans-in-Africa will become part of that great big human family!

Of course, they accomplish nothing other than raising the stats in STD clinics. And you can see the same thing here in the Homeland. All that compassion shown to Africans-in-America by White women and men over the decades is repaid with ... what? Another White female beaten by an African flashmob.

Black women are not feminists- they are tribal through and through and it is sad that it this day and age people still need to learn this.

This is so. African women stand by their tribe. Even when their tribe is putting them in the proverbial cannibal pot. This is especially so here in the Homeland. Note the admission by the Jenice Armstrong that she was afraid of being mugged after school. Wasn't her taking a cab to avoid "youngsters" a form of micro-aggression?

One of the things which give Africans political strength is their sense of racial solidarity. This is a lesson which Whites need to relearn.

Anonymous said...

The media does not want to admit the Black Narrative is a myth and a lie. The Black Narrative is that Blacks are in constant danger from white people. EVERY white person is a Klan member and is out to destroy everything Blacks have worked for. Of course, this is a lie. We know the truth is the other way around and they don't want that disturbed as we might move, reduce our taxes, stop hiring them, and other thins. This scares the hell out of them. They fear teh loss of tax money. They fear the set-asides. They fear someone that is qualified and white causing a stink when they go into a mostly black department of a city and demand a job there and then scream discrimination. They fear that.
We have given them EVERYTHING they want and it is still not enough. We need to stop the gravy train and expect the mule to do some work.

Anonymous said...

Blacks and Halloween.
A 12 year old attacked White adults.

California law is such some were in jail, no bail,

do read, if you like;

Oh, thise tricky teens. trick or Treat, blackies way

Anonymous said...

Lenfest? Uh gu vey.

thanks for that.

check NYTimes on long beach halloween hate crime by a 12 year old.

D-FENS said...

"I am trying to find the number of people in each Trump speech event, for the last few months and those of Hillary's speech events."

I can't remember where but I read that Trump's rallies have attracted a cumulative total of 675,000 while Clinton about 20,000.

Anonymous said...

"dipped the baby in a pot of boiling water."

That's just the ordinary, run of the mill "ghetto lobster" activity. Blacks are well known for their penchant for doing things like that or throwing scalding/boiling water on others. In America, it's the African American version of setting someone on fire as happens in Africa- although that activity seems to be becoming more popular with our imported primitives here as well.

"they (negroes) had to have a high standard of abuse." Naturally. Just another case of lowering the standards to accommodate vile negro behavior so they won't be held to account for it the same as others would be. However, don't be too hard on them- even blacks know they have to beat the absolute living hell out of their "chirruns" to make any impression on them and make them behave to any degree. Anything less and the chirruns will behave like out of control, wild rabid monkeys as they don't fear the consequences.

I worked mental health for years and one particular case was that of an adult negro who'd been in the institutional system since he was a child. The mother was a drug addict and he was born with many disabilities. Of course, it didn't help that his "baby momma" had thrown him down a steep flight of stairs when he was a toddler thus causing severe head trauma. With that one negro, the yearly costs were said to be (with all related "FREE" services) about a million dollars a year. Add that to the costs his baby momma caused the taxpayer and it's all quiet a horrific drain.

Even that's not an unusual story as per negroes. After awhile it becomes difficult to impossible to feel any sympathy for them and one comes to view the many stories the same way one would view a nature documentary where an animal will kill and eat its own offspring. It's easy (at first) to feel sympathy for the offspring until you realize that they possess the same traits and would do the same thing under the same circumstances had they lived and reproduced. It's the same with negroes and all their dysfunctions and uncivilized behaviors so it's hard and next to impossible to have any sympathy for them when they're ripping into each other- it's their nature.

Better to have no emotional investment in viewing their behaviors and to simply take a clinical approach when observing it.


Another commentor, on another blog, leaves this message: (We are growing)

"The problem with pardoning her is that the leftists can't pretend she dindu nuffin and this is all a hysterical Republican witch hunt and poooooor Hillary is a victim"

Anonymous said...

smashing Yt not pumpkins,

cts was severely flawed. The police never presented the victims or Ms. Alford with a line-up or photographs that included people who were not suspects. Instead, Mr. Williams, the defense lawyer, said in his closing statements, officers told Ms. Alford, “We got them,” as they drove her to a supermarket parking lot near the scene of the attacks to identify the suspects.
Defense lawyers did not dispute that the white women were attacked, but they called it a “high school fight” that got out of control and said 911 callers indicated that the victims were being attacked by boys, not girls.
Mr. Williams and other defense lawyers pointed to the testimony of two other witnesses whose accounts differed from Ms. Alford’s. They also said the three women had initially fought with the group and that there was evidence the victims had been drinking alcohol that night. The women denied drinking and provoking the attack.
But primarily, the defense attacked Ms. Alford’s credibility.
“There is no way for her to have seen what she said she saw,” Mr. Williams said of Ms. Alford.

Baron Münchhausen said...

Once upon a time in Austin, TX., I had a conversation with a dyke feminist cowgirl and I told her that white males do not have secret meetings where we plan out oppression on non-whites.

She told me I was lying.

I asked for one real world example of oppression, one law, etc.

She didn't have one.

I once told a SJW that blacks committed the majority of crime. He then told me that was a lie. He stated that is was infact White people who went into black neighborhoods and did these atrocities, and it was "systemic racism©" that covered this up. (His "logic" was that unknown suspect percentage was done by whites. At no point was he willing to consider the no-snitching aspect of blacks or historical crime rates etc.etc.)

I asked where he lived: in a white neighborhood

I asked if blacks were so peaceful why didn't you live around them since whites were so dangerous?

It ended with me calling him a hypocrite.

I've learned that these mentality incapacitated individuals view the world in a vacuum; their arguments can only exist when you strip away everything that contests their conclusion.

Like this nation of immigrants lie. I asked everyone who spouts that nonsense if they know what the difference between an immigrant and a colonialist is. (Hint: immigrants go to where there is established civilization. Colonialists create civilization) or what the percentage of the population was born here by the time of Revolutionary War.

In conclusion, their arguments, like this black "journalist," are based on a false premise: white people as a whole are to blame for everything.

Of course, they see nothing racist or bigoted about that.

Beam me up!

The Baron

P.s. be sure to wear an offensive Halloween costume this year. It may be the last time you're legally permitted to do so.

Unknown said...

To Brian in Ohio -

I cast my vote for extermination. "Nuke the site from's the only way to be sure."

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

Ah yes. The Philadelphia Inquirer. I'll never forget the recruiter from the Inquirer who told me that they were only hiring women and minorities. That was 1989 to 1992 when I was a Jounalism student. I'm not surprised that what they do hire can come up with crap like this.

Anonymous said...

Blaming the victim is supposedly verboten in modern America, oh wait; the perps are Black scum and the vics are White. It's okay then, because of the terrible legacy of slavery and oppression or poverty and hardship or lack of opportunity, or something.

As Blacks become an ever-smaller minority in America, they will continue to be ignored by those in power, because they have all but outlived their usefulness to the cause. Too few in number, outbred by incoming Latinos and Brown folks, slipping from number two in America by population to number five behind all the newcomers, who vote by the way, Blacks will continue to be ignored while they slip ever-further back in the pack to inconsequentiality.

While tight election years make them temporarily important for the political class, outside of a few votes that can swing close states, they have nothing to offer the political or money classes except warm bodies for Law Enforcement and the occasional cannon fodder. Having supported the program since the 60s to "stick it to whitey," Blacks now have no allies and nothing to offer. Even the corrupt scumbag Clinton does little but affect a Southern lilt and pander to the mob for these Africans.

Many AA's may well have woken up and realized the truth of the situation, but unless Trump gets a solid win, even his promises to aid their community won't matter much, as the Congress, the Bankers, and the Corporatists are all firmly entrenched on the side of the new Globalists fascist state.

Anonymous said...

My observation exactly. Cops only go after those that piss them off. At heart they seem to be the same as Negros.

Bud said...

A few things I find interesting:

Blacks always vote Democrat.
Democrats support Unions.
Unions exclude blacks from working (I somewhat agree on this).
Blacks riot because they don't get Union jobs.

British people give generously to African charities (if you have ever flown British Airways they constantly solicit for UNICEF).
African population grows such they cannot sustain themselves.
Africans migrate to Britain to get food and benefits.
British attempt to put up barriers so that Africans cannot migrate.

I find these things interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Howell said:

It seems as if Ms. Armstrong dusted off the old Thesaurus when she wrote this piece of crap:

Teens, youngsters, delinquents, miscreants, passerby, high schoolers, complaitant, cruelly, jerk.

She left out; hooligan, boorish, defamatory, menacing, nefarious, obtuse, irksome, contemptuous, insolent, and the all but forgotten but oh so appropriate "ne'er do well"

Bud said...

This community keeps going back and forth between Christians, egalitarians, social justice warriors, Millennials, etc.

It really gets down to one thing. We are afraid of our government and what they would do to us.

I suspect the US (and Europe) would be different places if we had two or three weeks of amnesty.

If this site was about White supremacy I wouldn't visit. We all just want to be safe and want our family to live without fear.

PvtCharlieSlate said...

I tried posting answers yesterday and somehow they vanished into the cosmic bit bucket. Those answers were George Marshall and Charles Martel. I'll change the first to Andrew Higgins (of Higgins Boat fame); as for the second, Leonardo DaVinci seems too obvious.

Anonymous said...

The power of PC is astounding. As best that I can tell, “wilding out” is the politically correct phrase that most white people know as “chimping out.” If I publicly referred to a group of teens as chimping out, I would be persecuted by the DOJ for a hate crime. However, a semi-literate AA orc can use the PC version of the same phrase and everyone is mesmerized by her brilliance. Perhaps I am mistaken and people are just mesmerized by a talking orc rather than the PC phrase.

Anonymous said...

@Pat Boyle:
I tried answering you yesterday and this evening using my i-phone and the text seems to have vanished into the cosmic bit bucket.
Yesterday my answers were George Marshall and Charles Martel. I'll change that first one to Andrew Higgins (of Higgins Boat fame).


Anonymous said...

Obviously in a just world this guy Joe Lauletta would have his daughter taken away from him for child abuse. His stupid attempt to deny the black savagery right before him so as to maintain his political opinions should make him ineligible for fatherhood


Pat, what in the world are you trying to say?

This guy was definitely calling a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

To Pat Boyle. I think that I can guess at one of your questions. Would the Irishman who did more than anyone else to defeat the Nazis be "wild Bill" Donovan, the director of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency?

Mark said...

Re Pat Boyle's rather difficult question about authority of establishing Western Civilization and defeating Nazism.
I would conjecture the establishment of WC would be St Benedict, during the chaotic years of early dark ages. For the second question I would answer, given you requested the name of one person, Alan Turing.

Anonymous said...

So there were 200 "teens" and "20 or 30" of them "ruined it for everybody."

Fair enough. It would seem that the miscreants would have attacked some of the other "good" teens if they were just looking for trouble, right?

She admits they were targeting Temple students, but how were they identifying them as such if not by race?

It's a very thin argument and not even she believes it.

However, it's an opportunity to call whites racists for daring to say they were targeted by negroes.

Anonymous said...

What both columnists have in common is their amatuerish writing skills.

Can you imagine how bad this slop was before some white editor rewrote it?

Anonymous said...

It's so funny to me when I read " how America is waking up to the bad black behavior ". I grew up in and around Detroit. I grew up way back during the 1950's and 1960's. You would have had to live in a cave to not have noticed this behavior. Where in the world could someone live to NOT know that black behavior is sub par? Is it that they didn't notice or is it that they just don't care? I noticed it kindergarten and by the second grade I was a race realist.

Anonymous said...

@Pat Boyle
Who did the most to see the Nazi's defeated? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess... Joseph Stalin. Pre-WW2 he tried to build an anti-nazi alliance, but was rebuffed. And then the European front ended when his army took Berlin.


Anonymous said...

Sure the tide is turning, the happening is near, just you wait. All BS, just frogs waiting for the water to boil , as demographics overwhelms.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm all for simply enforcing criminal law, and letting that purge the gene-pool of the most feral blacks. That said, I know I'm in the minority here. When the levy breaks, I'm sure we won't do anything that restrained.

We've tried repatriation. We've tried segregation. I suspect that extermination will be the next thing we try.

The justice-minded side of me doesn't like it, but the logical side of me knows we wouldn't lose anything of value if swept the ghettos.


Anonymous said...

Black women are not feminists- they are tribal through and through and it is sad that it this day and age people still need to learn this.

They are very tribal and it doesn't bother me when a Black journalist writes up an excuse list for the latest youff wilding.

I don't expect Black people to be intellectually honest when it comes to race. I don't expect Jesse Jackson to host a symposium on African DNA.

What I hate are the Whites that preach the propaganda. Blacks wouldn't be able to generate all this propaganda on their own. In fact a lot of their excuses are just recycled from shoddy liberal narratives generated decades ago.

SteelPalm said...

I can't get over how that column, written for a supposedly respectable newspaper, is filled with Ebonics and slang. "put in check". "wilding out". "Don't talk to me about..". "Those are whole other conversations"

Behold, the lack of education of what is at least the smartest third, if not smartest quarter of blacks in this country! All while defending and condoning thuggish dindu savagery!

It's all the more reason to segregate before it's too late. Failure to do so will result in massive bloodshed, which I'm sure we would like to see avoided.

Truth Corps said...

When The Happening finally occurs, you don't want to be like the Liberals; unarmed and defenseless. Use your forward thinking YT, buy an AR-15, at minimum a case of ammunition, six USGI 30rd magazines, a sling and a chest rig carrier. You will thank me later, but no thanks are necessary. If you want to meet some fellow realists in your area, just join your local gun range and start talking to the regulars, especially the long range shooters and competitors.

The key to surviving The Happening is the same as real estate; location, location, location. Don't be in or near any major city, live rurally. Stockpile food, water, (and a means of filtration) medicines, and a means to protect them (firearms and ammo). The idea is to hunker down with a group and let the ni99ers kill themselves off while they starve. After 2 or 3 months it should be safe to come out and start mopping up the last of BRA.

Anonymous said...

OT: I just watched this video, which was funny at times, and scary at other times, that shows in complete detail what the cops in Texas had to deal with when they went to an elderly negroid's house by the name of Floyd.

The cops were there just to investigate a domestic violence complaint that was called in about Floyd by a negress that he was having relations with. She lived across the street from him.

It was quite a chimpout there, and finally the cops had to taser Floyd the uppity negroid. Floyd did not ever seem to be drunk or under the influence of anything the entire time - Floyd was just a surly negroid that was upset and raging at the "redneck" cops that were on his front lawn.

REDUX Floyd beats his woman Family cries racist police Video tells truth

Pat Boyle said...

Ok since there are no takers I'll give you the answers. Of course these answers are only my opinion. Others may have equally valid opinions.

The point is that a single individual can have an influence that echoes down the ages.

Who won the Second World War for us? Roosevelt? Churchill? Eisenhower, Patton? Or maybe Richard Feynman at Los Alamos? For my money it was Bill Donovan.


He's better known as Wild Bill Donovan the founder of the OSS - the agency which after the war became the CIA.

The Nazis were winning. They had marched through Czechoslovakia with ease and Poland too. Austria didn't even oppose them. But the big shock was France when the whole world learned a new word - blitzkrieg. The Nazis were paused for a moment at the Battle of Britain because they had no amphibious invasion force but while the Germans couldn't get across the Channel, neither could the British. England wasn't going to launch an offensive into Nazi held Europe.

Had Hitler simply stopped at that point the little French kids in Paris today would be learning to speak German in school. But Hitler, drunk on his military success, went on to invade Russia. And he almost beat the Russians except for Wild Bill Donovan.

Hitler invaded Russia on June 21, 1941. As it happens that was almost the same day of the year that Napoleon had also invaded Russia - and it was too late. In both cases the invaders got caught by the Russian winter and their poorly prepared troops froze.

How could the Nazis have been so stupid? Well they weren't they understood the conditions like the 'Rasputitsa' also called General Mud. And of course they knew about General Winter. They had planned for all that. But they missed their timetable. They invaded late - five weeks late.

That was the opinion of Field Marshal Paulus - the Nazi commander at Stalingrad. He said that his side the Nazis would have won if they had only begun the invasion just five weeks earlier. If they had gotten off just those critical five weeks sooner they would have reached Moscow before the winter closed down the Nazi advance. Moscow was critical because the Communist system was so highly centralized. All actions everywhere had to have the approval of Moscow.

If that was so, then why didn't the Germans invade earlier as they had planned. One American Bill Donovan tried to delay Barbarossa. He initiated the Balkans War - a minor war designed only to annoy Hitler and delay his invasion of Russia. It worked, the Germans simply crushed all resistance in the Balkans but it took time - it took those critical five weeks.

The Nazis continued to sweep all before them in Russia for another two years but because they didn't score a quick total victory on the original invasion, we had time to send thousands of Studebaker trucks and other munitions through Iran and into Russia. The Russians eventually beat the Germans at Stalingrad and Kursk and that was that.

One guy - Donovan - who wasn't even trying to win, just to take some time in losing, that guy stopped the Nazis and eventually won the war for us.


Anonymous said...

I notice that the claim that these nogs were going to see a horror movie promoted on Instagram is unsubstantiated by any reporter - they are just attributing it to each other without verifying it.

"According to news reports, a crowd of 150 youngsters started gathering after an Instagram... advertised an 8 p.m. meet-up at the AMC North Broad Street 7 telling people to gather at the AMC 7 to see Ouija: Origin of Evil at 6:45 p.m."

Interesting that their is no screenshot of the Instagram.

Also showing at the AMC 7 that night: The anti-white propaganda film "The Birth of a Nation."

The New York Times predicted their would be Black on White attacks after the showings of this racist screed.

The cops are afraid to tell the truth and the media is complicit.

Californian said...

I trust we learn a lesson from all this mayhem...and the attempts of "journalists" to justify it: you can not assimilate Africans-in-America into civilized society. No matter how many civil rights you grant them, no matter how many "black studies" programs a university will gin up, no matter how many (White) taxpayer dollars you fork over to their outstretched begging bowls...Africans-in-America will not only run amok but then have their agitprop machinery demand even more.

It is time we end this insane experiment at "equality." Africans-in-America can be judged by the content of their behavior for the last five decades: the Long Hot Summer Riots; the gangbanger driveby shootings; the "space to destroy;" the wildings assaulting citizens on the streets. Africans-in-America are found wanting in the most basic of civilized standards.

Of course, prior generations of White people understood this reality. Which is why you had segregation, sundown towns and the election of the Bull Conners. Get rid of these things, and you end up with Africa in America.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Well it seems like Joe's friends' list got a bit smaller, maybe a few unfriended him eh? But yet, his fakebook banner has him surrounded by DIEversity. Take a look !!!

I truly hope Christina got the wake up call she needed from this attack, but it'll remain to be seen. Let's see if she still calls Temple her "skool" of choice, for if she does she didn't learn a damn thing from any of this. May there be more !!

Love the comment by Jim Christian on October 28, 2016 at 10:24 AM --- SPOT ON !!!!

Let them ALL seriously get a taste of their own medicine they worked so hard for to set free.

3,5k comments on his post thus far and counting. Mostly white liberal women.. and all the offers of prayers and condolences, like that is going to change a dayum thing of what is happening in this country that we continue to speak about on a daily basis.

I'm locked, loaded and READY !!!!!! Hope you all are, too !!! If not, that's your problem. I am one who knows it won't be my problem. I'll be one of the problem solvers, for that is the least I can do for MY country !!!

Anonymous said...

"The slave resents the master, the weak resents the strong, the IQ 70 African whose people can’t even build a railway resent the people who invented the internet. The nature of their resentment manifests itself by imposing themselves upon us and then seeking to drag us down to their level. The Paki grooming gang is doing this when they degrade white girls, the Jew is doing this through porn, it’s human, all too human, but what manner of ‘human’?.

The orc enjoys seeing elves bloodied and naked in the dirt."

Steve Smith said...

" Just imagine(no pun this time) if the roles were reversed and it was her son or daughter that got the soul beat out them. you can bet your ass she'd be singing another song..."

It sure would be fun to prove your hypothesis.

Meredith G. said...

Anonymous said...

Blacks and Halloween.
A 12 year old and eight others attack White adults.

Same old minstrel song & dance:
"Cherralle Hardison, the mother of the 12-year-old and three of the convicted teenagers, wept.

“My heart is heavy. It hurts to know your kids didn’t do anything and you can’t do anything to help them,” said Ms. Hardison, 46."

Sounds more like a case of a single parent unable to keep her chilluns from wilding and hate crimes....

Paintjob Theory said...

"My wife had a case where the mother dipped the baby in a pot of boiling water. "

In our circles this is called the "ghetto lobster". It's actually a very common form of discipline in the black community. You can usually find one or two news stories a month if you search around and I'm sure there are many more that go unreported.

Perhaps it harkens back to the old country from where they have ancestral memories of throwing each other and hapless missionaries in stew pots, or perhaps they just find it a creative way to induce suffering, but they do love to boil and otherwise burn their sprogs. A very uniquely African phenomenon.



Liberals just can't help themselves when it comes to protecting their human pets! (A.K.A. Negroes)

Now it's racist for White people to wake up in the mornings. We are dealing with the lowest of the low. And for once I'm not talking about negroes. I'm talking about self hating liberal Whites. The negro can't help he was born black and stupid. But the White liberal chooses to act and be that way. Therefore he/she must be called out and verbally destroyed at every turn.



Anonymous said...

As bad as the low IQ American Black is, many have white blood which offsets the total savage makeup that evolution deemed necessary for them to survive in the jungle. Our traitorous leaders are now bringing in Somalians to some of the whitest areas in the country. They have no white blood and are full fledged beasts of the jungle.

Anonymous said...

we beat the Nazis?
USA and Canada should have not fought in WW1 and 2. 'We' beat the Nazis. Look at our countries now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reporter should work for a black newspaper with a circulation of 20 people.....that can read.

Clown Hammer said...

Its weird, I don't hear of mobs of white kids attacking black people. But I do hear hundreds of reports of black mobs attacking white people. I must be missing something here.

Anonymous said...

The government forces unwanted integration and diversity upon us, and the media stokes racial hatred by blacks against whites. Could this be coordinated by one group that has undue influence over both the government and media?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but funny.

Look up the National Harmony Memorial Park in Hyattsville, Maryland. It's website makes it out to be a cemetery which include, "many distinguished African-American citizens and Civil War veterans". It also took 37,000 of these black bodies from, "historically African-American Columbian Harmony Cemetery (1857—1959), which had fallen in disrepair".

Just look at internet reviews of this place. I really think this will bring a lot of laughter to you good people!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is another one of my problems with Blacks. Even the "good ones" the "intelligent ones" and the middle class ones will defend their thugs.

Anonymous said...

When they talk about a "rape culture" yes there is a rape culture most certainly but it is largely Blacks doing the raping. I'm not saying Whites never commit rape, on occasion some White scum does but when a White does commit rape or some other crime, the White community as a whole doesn't defend said White criminal and say "he dindu nothing, he be a good boy."

Brian in Ohio said...

Standup Broad said...
To Brian in Ohio -

I cast my vote for extermination. "Nuke the site from's the only way to be sure."
October 28, 2016 at 3:09 PM

From Aliens..

My favorite line from the Sentry Gun scene, "Look at those ammo counters go...".

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"This is another one of my problems with Blacks. Even the "good ones" the "intelligent ones" and the middle class ones will defend their thugs."
No kidding I work with a bunch of Blacks, and the first thing that comes out of their mouths when an incident comes up involving a robbery,murder,shooting, etc, is the automatic reflex to defend the groiddal perp before any of the facts are presented. THEY THRIVE ON EMOTIONS!!, not rational thinking.Their emotions override all the common senses, you cannot argue with them.

PB said...

You were used as a blunt instrument by someone else who wanted the Nazis beaten down

Anonymous said...

And they're great "eyewitnesses" that will swear upon a Bible then lie their asses off.
How many swore they saw Officer Wilson shooting the thug Michael Brown in the back?
Then forensics said all shots came from his front.
Its always race first, their race. They're the biggest racists in the world.
But I noticed so that makes me the racist. At least they'll not mistake me for a SJW liberal. They don't carry.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Armstrong wrote in her piece that, "street violence is street violence. It knows no skin color."

Actually, it does know skin color, and according to decades of FBI crime statistics, it is overwhelmingly black.

Of course the (((editors))) Philadelphia Inquirer don't allow comments.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm dazzled by the brilliance of the answers to my first question. The readership on this blog is really impressive.

The commenter known as San Franciscan got Bill Donovan with very little prompting. Good show!

I warn you however that the second question is a bit more obscure.


Anonymous said...

When they talk about a "rape culture" yes there is a rape culture most certainly but it is largely Blacks doing the raping. I'm not saying Whites never commit rape, on occasion some White scum does but when a White does commit rape or some other crime, the White community as a whole doesn't defend said White criminal and say "he dindu nothing, he be a good boy."

Well, you're right....unless it's Hillary defending Bill....

Californian said...

This is another one of my problems with Blacks. Even the "good ones" the "intelligent ones" and the middle class ones will defend their thugs.

One argument I have heard goes like this: the fear among Africans-in-America is that if White people were made aware of the extent of black perpetrated crime, there would be a backlash which would be used as an excuse to repress the entire African-in-America "community." If, say, Whites saw all the African-in-America perpetrated flashmobs, home invasions and torture-killings, then the country might return to sundown towns, segregation, lynchings and back-of-the-bus.

Well, maybe.

It happened before and it could happen again.

But what this argument misses is that maybe the sundown downs, etc., were justified by collective African-in-America dysfunction and crime. There is a critical mass at which their violence takes the form of a tribal uprising. I mean, how often do White people who gather after a movie, expo or gun show then run amok and then start attacking people? The fact that Africans-in-America can not even hold a peace march without someone pulling a trigger ought to tell us something.

It's exponential. Double the number of Africans-in-America, quadruple the amount of violence. And coming to a suburb near you!

Stay Alert
Stay Armed