Sunday, October 16, 2016

There's No Turning Back Now: GOP Headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina Firebombed

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There's no going back, Mr. Trump.... you've changed things. [Pat McCrory: Firebombing ‘an attack on democracy’, Charlotte Observer, 10-16-16]:
Gov. Pat McCrory Sunday called the weekend firebombing of a North Carolina Republican headquarters “an attack on our democracy,” while one GOP official called it an act of “political terrorism.” 
In a tweet, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina.” 
Hillsborough police said somebody threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies and furniture ablaze before burning itself out. 
A swastika and “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” were spray painted on the side of an adjacent building. No damage estimates were available. 
“The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy,” McCrory said in a statement. “Violence has no place in our society – but especially in our elections. … I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”
The next three weeks are going to get exceedingly interesting, with the public relations specialists masquerading as the mainstream media openly hostile to both Donald Trump and those who support him.

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Proudyt said...

This is typical behavior from the left. Try having a rational conversation with a Obama or Hillary supporter. As soon as you disprove any weak argument they can come up with they immediately try to get in your face. We need to fight violence with violence,it's the only thing they understand.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

I happen to live about an hour or so from Hillsborough, which is a fairly well off suburb of Raleigh. It´s considered the somewhat poorer relation to top drawer, blue blood, neighbor Chapel Hill. Outside of the downtown, lots of strip malls make it fairly uninteresting architecturally. Hillsborough´s main attraction, despite being historical, is its proximity to the state capital.

Governor McCrory is hugely disliked in our state by the liberals. Hillsborough and Chapel Hill are FILLED with rich liberals as well as spoiled and over-indulged college students. Many businesses are pissed off due to the loss of revenue from the HB2 law that he put into effect. For the record, that is the bill that allows anyone of any gender to use whatever public restroom he or she identifies with on any particular day. A lot of rock tours, sports events, and the like were cancelled over other liberal states boycotting North Carolina due to this law.

Lots of people on both sides of that are hugely pissed off about the economy. Any loss of revenue upsets the electorate and small business owners are fuming over the Obamacare nightmare. It is costing them a fortune and bleeding them white.

That is the background. It is difficult to really get a handle on what YT is thinking about all this in North Carolina right now, because there is a lot that the Southern ¨redneck¨ crowd is taking in lately. There is, for instance, the recent revelations on wikileaks about the lamenting of Hillary´s campaign organizer, Podesta, that the San Bernadino killer was not a white guy when the news was first released. That, along with the earlier ¨deplorables¨ remark by the Hildebeast have some of these good old boys and girls really scratching their heads. Why, even football isn´t as much fun (due to negroes having tantrums on the fields) anymore. WTF???

See, people paint all Southern whites as these seething racist, toothless, hicks. Mostly they are friendly, attractive, if sometimes overweight, God-fearing people who only want to live their lives honestly and be left alone. Having a three bedroom, two bath brick ranch and a steady job at a factory is all pretty much what these folks want. Maybe raise a few kids and buy a new pickup every four or five years.

Contrary to the meme of the MSM, they do not sit up at night, thinking about how to cut holes into their white bed sheets, and hunt down innocent LaJayveeyus and Shiteeshah. These are the kind of people who make casseroles and Bundt cakes for those who have experienced a death in the family. If they don´t see you walk out your door and collect your mail in more than a few days, they´ll likely come knocking to make sure you are alright.

They really do not comprehend anyone inflicting violence on them or the American two-party system. Not too distant in their memories is the fun filled riot, looting, and burning the negroes recently had in Charlotte. This bombing must have them baffled. I will keep you all posted as events unfold on the ground here. NC Guy? Other Southerners? We need you all to weigh in on this. Over and out.

Greenbaum says, ¨Ammo is on sale, whatever the price.¨

Anonymous said...

This is the most INSANE election I have ever seen. Violent fanatics attacking people at rallies. A corporate controlled media. Crooks in high places freaking out because there is someone running for office that is not for sale. An old woman who should be in a nursing home or prison is making speeches in empty rooms.

Anyone who still cares for their neighbors or cares about the direction the country is going are now considered the enemy. If you love your country you are a Nazi. Speak your mind and the thought police get you fired from your job.

The media and the leftist are trying to start a war with Russia or a race war in America. Outside invaders are taking over our cities. In our own country white people have become the enemy.

It is encouraging to see the large crowds for Trump. I like to believe that some people are starting to wake up. But I'm still under the impression that the majority of people only care about the next football game or the price of beer.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of South Africa!

Two buildings at UKZN petrol bombed

15 October 2016

Durban - Two buildings on the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Howard College campus have been petrol bombed, police said on Saturday.

Police spokeswoman Brigadier Sally de Beer said the two incidents happened at about 8.30pm on Friday night. The building housing the HIV support unit was petrol bombed, as was the student residence affairs building. Police were investigating two cases of arson.


‘UKZN Westville won’t operate until education is free’

14 October 2016

Durban – Students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Westville campus warned on Friday, that the campus would not be fully functional until demands for free education had been met.

About 300 students marched and protested on the field inside The Oval residence at the Westville campus under the watchful eye of the police.

After obtaining assurances from police that they would not be shot and giving assurances that media and police would not be on the receiving end of a pelting of stones, student leaders spoke to the media.

Student activist Muzuzu Mhlongo said: “The campus will never operate until we get free education.”

He said that it was not just a case of a zero fee increment, but that there should be no fees for all students.

Fellow student activist Londiwe Makhanya also urged the “demilitarisation”of the campus, claiming that students used stones as a “defence mechanisation”. She said that students would not destroy their own campus if police were not there.

She said the government had been made aware of the demands of the students, but that it was now time for the students to implement the demands.

Banda Lukhanyo Mtsingana, a former Student Representative Council president for the Westville campus who was arrested last year in connection with the arson attack that gutted the campus’ administration building, said the campus was devoid of students because they were scared of the police.

He said the university also needed to rid itself of the current vice chancellor.

“We have a problem with a very racist [Vice-Chancellor] VC [Albert] van Jaarsveldt.”

He said that for the first time female students from the university had been arrested under Van Jaarsveldt’s watch.

He accused the university of promoting xenophobia by using a security company Mi7, which employed other Africans, to control student violence.

“They send our own Africans to brutalise us,” he said to loud cheers.

After a bit more singing students slowly dispersed as police watched them go on their way.

University spokesman Lesiba Seshoka said there was attempt to disrupt lectures and tests on the university’s Howard College campus using fire extinguishers and fire crackers.

“The students were handed over to [South African Police Service] SAPS Umbilo, who subsequently released them,” he said.

He said that three people were arrested at the Pietermaritzburg campus after their vehicle was intercepted. There was seven litres of petrol in bottles in their car.

Two of those arrested were students. A fourth is on the run.

He said that there was a low student turnout at the Westville campus on Friday, which was largely peaceful.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of why I believe that polls might not reflect what the actual votes cast will be. When I see a Trump sign or flag in someone's yard I think to myself that a bold person lives there because they are almost certainly ridiculed by the leftist wackos in our area. But, interestingly, I see almost no Clinton signs. This is the first election that I can remember being impressed by someone's boldness for merely expressing their political preference. The First Amendment now applies only to PC speech, and PC is what the left says it is. Thankfully, we still have a secret ballot and the Second Amendment.

Also, I'm not convinced that Trump's crude comments have turned large numbers of women against him. I've discussed this with three or four women, and not one of them thought the comments were nice, but not one of them thought they were abnormal comments for a man in the company of other men. Two of them told me that conversations between women after a couple of drinks are often far worse. Perhaps my female acquaintances don't represent women in general. All of the women I spoke to feel that Trump's crude language is nothing compared to Clinton's criminal and unethical behavior.

I'm not going to give up on Trump until the votes are counted. However, I do think that I'll order another case of ammo tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Here is a U.S. Government petition to rename the warship USS Harvey Milk the USS Harambe. Why not?

non-DWL from NE
Maybe USS BHO, an NYC garbage boat?

Anonymous said...

Hey, RNC, whatcha doin'?

Bird of Paradise said...

More acts of domestic terrorists by radicals bent on disrupting next months elections perhaps by radical demacratic supporters the type that Joe McCarthy warned us about these people are cowards and crinimal's and belong in prison for the rest of their lives

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Of course, the first thing CNN does is blame Trump.

BLM bastards.


Anonymous said...

Someone posted this:

The new buzz excuse for liberals is lack of data. You see the evil Republicans are preventing them from studying "gun violence" and coming up with solutions. It's not that they lack solutions, it's that Republicans are holding them back by not allowing the CDC to study "gun violence" like a disease.

Could one of these liberals tell me what exactly they don't know? The cause is negro violence. Why do we need to pay a Federal department billions of dollars? So they can come back and give us every possible explanation but the obvious? So they can propose mandating things like trigger locks and gun safes for Whites in a pathetic attempt at avoiding the racial factor?

Those bloody bodies filled with holes are the result of the Western war against reality. If you don't like patching them up then move. We also know they patch up White rape victims that are also casualties of this stupid war but of course the Baltimore Sun won't ever speak of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I thought I'd just share some biology-inspired political theory. While I personally have my doubts on Trump, this theory does cast him in a rather good light.

Figure that neither the left nor right actually want to represent the mass of America. Instead, they want to advance their own ideology as much as possible, and pick their candidates accordingly.

That said, it's the independents who decide elections. So while each party wants someone as far to the left or right as possible, they still need to look like less of a wingnut than the other guy. Both parties want elections to be a choice between a shit sandwich and a giant douche, to quote South Park.

The strategy works... but only as long as both parties keep playing the game. As soon as one party nominates a candidate that moderates actually like, they sweep the election.

That's what we're seeing here with Trump. The left is just throwing a tantrum because they were playing by the old strategy when they selected Clinton.


D-FENS said...

I wonder that with this talk about cyberwarfare against Russia, there will be loss or degradation of internet access between now and the election. Since Clinton has the mainstream media in her pocket, this would give a clear advantage to Clinton. Additionally, since Russians would be blamed and Clinton is the de facto "incumbent", Clinton would also benefit.

Brian in Ohio said...

The lefts tactics, the slander and wild accusations, reek of desperation. Which tells me they`re scared. And they should be.

"When the ship is going down, fire all the guns."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

"Nazi" Republicans. Once again the democratic/ left/moonbats have projected their inner desires onto their opposition. Thank god Trump had the balls to identify the source of this attack in a public forum, since even if Hillarys handlers can dope her up enough to make a public statement denying any knowledge of the attack, the MSM will still have to admit it happened at all.



For the love of our Christian GOD I want to see those leftists and their pets the lowly common negro have a hissy fit when DT pulls off the greatest upset in the history of America! All those Whoopi Goldberg liberal dog shits say they will keep their word and leave White Right America! Please let this happen!


Bird of Paradise said...

CNN the Communists News Network and the BLM radicals working together to disrupt the election and the lowlife scoundrels who commit these crimes and the real nazis are Liberals every friggin one of them

Anonymous said...

PK, a quick suggestion. Since the genetic issue is at the core of our Negroid problem, I think there must be a way to constantly remind people (especially new visitors) that this is the case; that any program etc is doomed to fail since the differences that cause all the friction between us is genetic, unchangeable. Maybe a line in your heading? A permanent link to the latest data?

Remember, the allele frequency differences in our genomes gives the Negroids (in general) lower average IQs, poor future time orientation, lower impulse control and a tendency towards physical violence. Added up, these differences are why when given their own countries to run, they are 3rd World sh*tholes. It's genetics.

So, we can, and should, discuss all the awful ways these genetic differences manifest themselves in our lives, but the core mission should be to educate people about the root cause of our Negro problem and focus our problem-solving high White IQs on that issue.

And the ONLY logical real solution...? Total repatriation. Those poor Negro dears have suffered sooooo much, they really do deserve their own countries, no? And their beautiful Motherland Africa awaits...

Anonymous said...

I bet $100 the perpetrators of the firebombing were Antifa.
The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area are full of these bastards. They have absolutely ruined the hardcore punk scene in that area (and in Charlotte) as they go to shows just to start trouble and hassle anyone they think aren't PC.
Hardcore was once blighted with Skinheads who hassled folks that weren't white or straight. Then there was a problem with militant Straight Edge gangs, especially in Utah and also up and down the East Coast with "FSU." --- Now the Antifa turds are ruining the scene.

--- Jefferson

Anonymous said...

in a city of 35,000 people namely Grants Pass, Oregon. If anyone can walk and/or drive around this city and see the empty buildings for lease or for sale, the many houses listed for sale, former big retail stores closed and tell the world the economy is going just fine, they are either liars or stupid. Go to any city in any state and you will see the same thing.
You can't drink the water out of the tap and the whole infrastruction is crumbling. When I was told that the Social Security Trust fund had $3 trillion dollars in it I thought something was drastically wrong. Yes, but those $3 trillion dollars are in IOU's. This government trust fund, like all the other government trust funds are empty.
The National Debt is at about $19 trillion. The Johnson, Nixon, Bush, and Cheney wars cleaned out all the government trust funds. Let's face it people, rich or poor or those once the middle class,
I am 80 years old and I have never seen things in this bad of shape

Oceandweller101 said...

This country is going down the tubes. Rather than be reactive and whine like I see many doing all the time I and my family have started prepping. That said, it required a move out of the city. I will not run far out into the middle of Montana when I am from Alabama. I hope we can find ways to build anti violence communities. I am not anti black, its just really bad in the south all over and its nearly all black caused. There are muslims that you would never have seen before in the heart of the deep south.

Areas in ruin in the south... Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Mobile, Atlanta, Charlotte, Jackson, Tampa bay and the list goes on. Each of those cities has a vast area of white flight, mostly with very high income areas but nearly all have gotten to the point where the flight can no longer continue. What if another Obama type decides those areas need to integrate much like the 1970's? The crime rate in Texas is about to explode. The northwest I see many of yall claim to be great is over run with liberal sympathizers and an overly high cost of living. How long before the violence migrates there? Our only hope is to make small communities that have serious firepower and self sustainability. Unfortunately from there we will sit back and watch it burn.

Any ideas on good places to move to left in America? I am happy here for at least the next 10-15 years being out in the country. A nice state by state analysis or something would be nice, but then I could see the progressives using that against us. They after all are planning on bringing illegal "kids cough cough" here to south Alabama to be "temporarily" housed because they don't know what to do with them. It feels everywhere I have traveled and I get out a lot that there is a powder keg willing to explode. I have heard a lot of rumblings from my friends in the military and we are all in agreement.

Anonymous said...

Weekend Update from

Another violent weekend, with numbers in all categories equaling or exceeding the COMBINED numbers of both 2014 and 2015; this included a stretch on Friday where 50% (8/16) of the day's shootings occured in the Garfield Park area, all on the same street. A single shooting in the 4500 block of West Maypole at 6:50 PM, followed 90 minutes later with 7 being shot @ 3305 West Maypole with 1 KIA.

Weekend Tally 2016: 10 KIA / 42 Wounded
Weekend Tally 2015: 3 KIA / 20 Wounded
Weekend Tally 2014: 3 KIA / 22 Wounded

Last Week’s Totals (10/9 – 10/15)
Total Shootings: 111
Shot & Wounded: 94
Shot & Killed: 17
Total Homicides: 18

October to Date
Total Shootings: 223
Shot & Wounded: 191
Total Shot & Killed: 32
Total Homicides: 34

Year to Date
Total Shootings: 3484
Shot & Wounded: 2945
Shot & Killed: 539
Total Homicides: 602

2016 Shot Clock Standings-
A shooting happens every: 2:00
A homicide happens every: 11:34

700 bodies is looking to be not only possible, but probable. ARSON has claimed the #3 spot for cause of death, behind shootings and stabbings.

Yes We Can!

Anonymous said...

PK, thanks for posting this! Formerly Bernice hit the nail on the head, as did Jefferson with his comment on antifa in the area. I will elaborate...

Orange County is home to the super corrupt UNC Chapel Hill University, who from the top down has been cheating and enabling corruption to win some bakkaball and feetsball games. Duke university is also nearby, as Hillsborough is a sleepy old historic town in the middle of them.

These universities attract all sorts of non native academia types, and they are like a cancer spreading into Orange Co. All the actual natives of the area are just like Bernice spoke of, but now all new developments are around and all the houses have out of state license plates (up north) with rainbow flags and "Flush McCrory" signs.

The antifa (and homo community) in Chapel Hill/Carrboro area are very active. A couple years ago, they took over an old building right on Franklin St in CH, and turned it into their HQ. Well SWAT teams came in, with their awful evil "military style assault rifles" and got them out. Instead of public and city council approval the police were hit with all types of nasty rhetoric. It even made the weak, openly gay mayor of CH cry (Mark Kleinschmit, since voted out). They use a bookstore in the area as HQ. They've also vandalized the lobby of a new development.

The late great Jesse Helms once said to put a fence around Chapel Hill, and just have that as the state zoo. Been like this for years unfortunately, and like a cancer spreads through the rest of this great state. But the actual natives and working class folks are great, and getting pissed off. Lots of bikers around here too... And ammo is for sale, and LOTS are buying (even some libs that are secretly Trump supporters).

This will only strengthen the resolve of Trump's fans here, and now thanks to the media attention, the rest of the nation. God Bless and stay safe all yall!

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Even though Trump has NOT stated that he is the White candidate and represents a return to White law and order, that is CLEARLY how his political opponents see him. The polls do not look good, but I am holding on to hope.

The hope is that millions of conservative right-minded people that have not voted for many years, if at all, will come out to vote for Trump. Considering the fact that Trump has broken the record for republican votes in the primaries, this seems reasonable. Also, Trump needs the evangelical votes. Around 5 million Christians would not and did not show up to vote for Romney, and it cost him the election. It looks so far as though they might show up and vote for Trump. And finally we can reasonably hope that the blacks simply do not show up to vote for Hillary. Since there are no blacks on the ticket it is likely that the massive black turnout for 0bama will be absent in November. Blacks vote for blacks, without a black to vote for they just won't show up.

Considering the fact that the american public is angry at the government like we have not seen in our lifetimes, it seems like a non-establishment non-politician who is HATED by both parties and the media just might have a good chance this November. All of this assumes, of course, that the elections are not just a puppet show the elite put on for us every 4 years. I am somewhat uneasy that the hame is rigged, the fix is in, and these electronic voting machines just make it that much easier to orchestrate the show.

But hey, I didn't think Brexit was going to happen either, so I am holding onto hope.

If hillary wins, she gives amnesty to 20-30 million illegals, opens the flood gates for middle-eastern and african and mexican immigration, she stacks the supreme court with as many as 4 liberals, making it 8-1, and the country we knew is finally over. The White population will rapidly decline to maybe 20% and america will look just like brazil.

Anonymous said...

The bombers were blacks. Violent politics is the norm in third world countries and it is so because of the genomes of the population. Issues can be as trivial as disallowing giant Afroes in classroom in college where such a hairdo would represent a visual obstruction, yet that can cause violent demonstrations.

lipistan said...

I was thinking the same thing. They also have a thing for heroin.

Anonymous said...

It is unreal watching HRC hiding away from the public for the past few months, only popping up to do a fundraiser or a scheduled debate. There are emails uncovered by Wikileaks that show that she was asking her inner circle about Provigil, the Parkinson's drug. It is highly addictive and cannot be used continuously- users have to take time off of it or face the consequences.

Even during the debates Hillary has hardly said a thing, hoping to wait it out and look bullied. I don't know about most people, but I don't want a leader that I am made to feel sorry for. I want someone strong. We have lived through eight years of a weak and highly ineffective president that leads by consensus. Hillary will be starting her term like Reagan ended his. If she gets in she will just hide in the White House 95% of the time and it will be anyone's guess who is actually running the country (hint: A Muslim woman named Huma Abedin).

Hillary is actually trying to "wait it out" while the media softens Trump up with a non-stop barrage of allegations. The badly kept secret though is that NO ONE is passionate about HRC. All the energy on the left is because of Trump, not her. The Dems KNOW that many liberals, black people in particular, cannot me relied on to actually come out and vote for her. She isn't black, and neither is her closeted running mate. She is so corporate and corrupt that Republican politicians are actually getting behind her- this is the person conservatives have been bashing for thirty years, non-stop.

This election is all about getting people NOT TO VOTE. The Dems already know that their side will fail to show up (for good reason) so they are doing everything in their power to make it look like Trump's campaign is in crisis and that he stands no chance. Even if Trump wins, who says the dual-party electoral college will actually vote the way voters told them to.

HRC did pay to play while Secretary of State and her administration won't be that far removed from Bush 2 (with different social causes) in how corporate America will get the best spots at her table.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same, the status quo, as well as 200,000+ Syrian "refugees" and the granting of amnesty to millions of illegal and unskilled (useless) immigrants.

What is most amazing about this election is how many different parts of the power apparatus are covering for the "woman who wasn't there".

She is completely fked either way. I just hope that she isn't allowed to take all of us with her.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:58 pm

I was just thinking the same thing.
Here in solid blue New Jersey I see Trump bumper stickers and lawn signs all the time. I've yet to see a single Clinton sign or sticker. Something is up. We may see a huge surprise in November.

Endangered White Male


Trumps comments were not crude. They were normal. All men talk this way. Hell, I've used worse language and had a lot of fun doing so.

Ask your daughter what womyn say when there are no men around. Ask them what they say about the waiter's ass, or the guy they want to do down on. Really. Donald is normal, healthy and would treat ISIS and Putin like the PUSSY they are.

IN fact, Trump is a wimp. He is not a real man. No real man uses the "P" word unless he is gay, a metro-male, weak or loser.

A real man uses the "C" word.

Anonymous said...

The alinskyite democrats SA street storm troopers have WON the battle. This won't even be seriously investigated by our corrupt & corroded power structure

Pat Boyle said...

The traditional American response to a problem has usually been to get some new procedures or technology. So if the stage coach is too slow and expensive someone will build a railroad.

So it is now with higher education. But the Marxist-Liberal approach is to simply get the government to pay for it. They would have America freeze its approach to education and just subsidize the old rotten teaching technology as the way "it's always been done".

I have taught college courses (never high school or elementary school) for more than thirty years. I did this part-time and I did it in many colleges and junior colleges. I taught technical classes - math and computer science. I only taught a few business classes like writing or research design.

It's easy to get a job like this. Currently the local schools are looking for teachers of calculus and chemistry - subjects I have taught. The Web is alive with ads for people to teach these subjects.

So one reason students have so much trouble with higher education is that the courses they want to take - like sociology or some ethnic history - are not in demand in the job market. Everybody knows which classes help you become more attractive to prospective employers but millions of students take the wrong classes and run up huge debts.

I have little sympathy for these kids. I went through grad school on a full academic scholarship. I have no school debt. If you have to pay the full price of tuition, maybe you shouldn't be in college at all.

But the worst educational 'reform' is free tuition. I gave lectures to classes usually of about twenty. A couple times I had huge classes in two story lecture halls. But most often the class only had a couple hands full of students.

This is obviously inefficient. You would think that all lectures would have been replaced by computer/television classes by now. I used to teach database design. They should have videoed me the first time I taught it and sold the video to new students thereafter. That would cut the cost of education tremendously. Colleges should continue to have live teachers in lab classes but lectures should all be videos. This makes perfect economic sense but the loonies are rioting for retaining old fashion methods. So called Progressives want to halt all progress by retaining obsolete methods.


Californian said...

I wonder...will Hollywood make a movie about this, perhaps call it "North Carolina Burning"? It would be about a heroic Trump supporter who fights against the violence of BLM, receives a temporary setback when his campaign HQ is burned down, but then -- with the help of the federal Department of Justice -- goes on to triumph.

What, you say? Hollywood would never make such a movie?

Stay Alert.
Stay Armed.

Anonymous said...

PK, a quick suggestion. Since the genetic issue is at the core of our Negroid problem, I think there must be a way to constantly remind people (especially new visitors) that this is the case; that any program etc is doomed to fail since the differences that cause all the friction between us is genetic, unchangeable. Maybe a line in your heading? A permanent link to the latest data?

Agreed. There should be hyperlinks on the SBPDL page to articles on:
* Blacks and genetics
* Blacks and IQ
* Blacks and crime
* Blacks and inter-racial crime
* Blacks and the wrecking of cities like Detroit
* Blacks and farm attacks in the rainbow nation of South Africa

Anonymous said...

An armed society ain't a polite society unless the arms actually get used by the politeness enforcers. Time's up.

Charles said...

I am old enough to remember 1980. Everyhing said or written, at the time, was that Reagan/Carter was a too-close-to-call race. We all know what happened. 2016 is a repeat, God willing, of 1980.

Anonymous said...

You guys really are on fire today, Bernice that was my favorite post yet!

I have noticed the exact same thing when it comes to Clinton and her "Stupid, Together" signs and campaign stickers- they aren't there.

She isn't going around revving people up and showing how she is going to lead. No one talks about how great she is- it's all about Trump, either good or bad.

I can only assume that this is why the media is hammering Trump relentlessly from every angle and ditching layer after layer of objectivity. It is actually kind of embarrassing to watch. I'm sure people like Katie Couric and Seth Meyers are racking up overtime as every big name in t.v. is going into overdrive to sway the election the "right" way.

They have poll manipulation down to a science now. If you look at the details and how they are actually representing them you will see that most of them don't amount to much. It is all an effort to make you feel all is lost so you will give up the fight. We need to keep the pressure up and keep filling up venues to see Trump while Hillary can't fill a hospital room. We are passionate, they are not. When people begin to see that they will know that she has lost.

Anonymous said...

Russell Crow Tosses black female rapper out of his hotel room:

Russell Crowe bounced rapper Azealia Banks out of his hotel suite when she turned into the “plus one” from hell and threatened to cut his guests and watch them bleed … according to multiple witnesses.

The bizarre incident went down Saturday night at Russell’s room at a Bev Hills hotel, where he’d invited about 10 people over to have dinner and listen to music. One of his guests was RZA, who brought Azealia along.

According to eyewitness accounts the trouble started when Azealia laughed out loud at Russell’s music selection, and then called him and at least one other guest, “boring white men.” We’re told a female guest jumped to Russell’s defense and suggested Banks pipe down.

Instead, we’re told she made an insane speech/threat to Crowe and the woman …”You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.” Then for good measure, witnesses say she dropped a few n-bombs … yet Crowe remained surprisingly calm.

We’re told Azealia reached for her glass, cocked it back … and that’s when Russell had enough — he grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the suite. He then called hotel security guards who removed Azealia from the grounds.

Azealia posted a different version of events, claiming Crowe called her the n-word, choked her, threw her out and spit on her.

We’re told at least 4 of the guests/witnesses gave statements during the investigation, and all 4 used the word “erratic” to describe Azealia’s behavior. For the record, we’re told … even RZA says she used the n-word, not Russell.

Anonymous said...

NC just can't get out of the news. An entire "college" now shutdown on lockdown due to mass black violence.... Yall wanna take a guess what type of college Livingston College is??

NC Guy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”It is unreal watching HRC hiding away from the public for the past few months, only popping up to do a fundraiser or a scheduled debate. There are emails uncovered by Wikileaks that show that she was asking her inner circle about Provigil, the Parkinson's drug. It is highly addictive and cannot be used continuously- users have to take time off of it or face the consequences. . . “

It might sound crazy for me to say this, but I believe that there is a remote chance that Hillary won't appear at the next debate. Wikileaks has provided Trump with an avalanche of dirt that Hillary cannot explain, her health is failing, and the moderator from Fox News has probably not given the questions to Hillary in advance. The problem for Hillary of course is how to get out of it without looking bad. This sounds difficult, but it might be possible. The MIA must not appear to be related to her health or her fault in any way, and she would need to be able to draw sympathy from the voters. One possibility would be a family emergency. If some very close family member suddenly had a very serious emergency, a person with family values like Hillary would be expected to pass on the debate even though she was looking forward to it. She could offer to let her VP fill in for her and of course no one would expect him to know many answers regarding Hillary's lies and dishonesty. I don't believe that Slick Willie would be a good choice because of his raping and all. If handled correctly, Trump couldn't throw too much of a fit without looking like a horse's ass.

I'm just thinking out loud here. The thought kind of popped into my mind, and I couldn't help but wonder if my spidey sense was telling me something.

Anonymous said...

In my area, there are lots of Trump signs and only a few Clinton signs. The interesting thing to me is that most of the Trump signs have been battered and beaten/crumpled up and have been straightened out by the person who originally put them up to the extent possible. The Clinton signs haven't been touched by anyone. So much for the tolerant left!

Oh well. It's par for the course as per the left- they pay lip service to freedom of speech and free expression but have an absolute damn fit when anyone says anything they don't like or expresses an opinion they can't stand. Then they go on the attack. Not even a yard sign is safe from their hissy fits. Or an RNC office.

One day the leftards are going to push things too far and the backlash is going to be epic especially in conservative areas. People are getting absolutely tired of their tantrums and their demonizing and attacking anyone who says anything they don't like. They can only push, prod, pick on, attack and torment people for so long until they finally get a right cross to the jaw and knocked flat on their asses. People's patience with them has worn paper thin. When the backlash occurs, whatever the leftards get will be richly deserved.

Anonymous said...

You can actually "vote" right now...

Donate money.

First to PK for his outstanding work here exposing the n*gger beast for what it truly is..

And then throw a few shekels Trump's way. Be counted...


Anonymous said...

I remember 1980 also - it was my first vote. The newsmen about lost their minds. I pray Trump has a very decisive victory along the lines of Reagan's second election. That's the only way it'll be cheat proof. God willing.

Brian in Ohio said...

Oceandweller101 said,
Any ideas on good places to move to left in America?

Appalachia. And there are still a lot of good, clean, small farming communities in the mid west, you just have to get away from the cities.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

Here's why I think Trump is doing MUCH better than the polls suggest. (I have already voted for Trump)

Why is Hillary still fundraising from her (((Hollywood))) fans and corporate interests?
Why is she not campaigning for Senate and congressional candidates so she has working majorities in congress when she is elected?
Why doesn't the Clinton campaign and the DNC retarget funds to the congressional races?
Why are there no Clinton signs or bumper stickers?
This is a non-political sign: The media avoidance of attributing the negro protests at NFL games for falling viewership numbers. They are blaming it on the presidential campaign even though there is supposedly no movement in the poll numbers.

I think her scarce campaign appearances are largely due to health issues and they are trying to spin it as not needing to campaign as part of a "shock and awe" strategy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:08 pm:

I see what you did there.

Anonymous said...

Dude Im just waiting for somebody to get in my face about anything political or racial. My fucking arm twitches just thinking about how hard Id have to push to put someones face through the nearest window. Not too hard. These people dont expect you to put their teeth in their stomach, they expect you to meekly back down like a douche and most people do.


Mr. Rational said...

The polls do not look good, but I am holding on to hope.

Ignore the polls.  They are cooked to try to MANUFACTURE reality, by discouraging you from voting.  Don't fall for it.  Don't let your friends or family fall for it.  TRUMPSLIDE 2016!

FWIW I saw my first Clinton lawn sign the other day.  I need to check to see if it's still there.

Anonymous said...


Spread this video far and wide NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

"Around 5 million Christians would not and did not show up to vote for Romney, and it cost him the election. It looks so far as though they might show up and vote for Trump."

I've seen no evidence of that, and in fact, quite the contrary. The ones I've heard seem to be outraged by his sex talk. If Trump ends up losing, it will be in no small part due to the strain of prudery about sex that was introduced into white culture by Christianity. The Puritans who founded America represented a particularly virulent strain of that infection. Christians in general are still among the most badly afflicted.

Anonymous said...

Black man arrested for "walking down the street", NAACP demands formal apology. It is all on video and there is much more to this story. If I were the NAACP I wouldn't want the public seeing the footage as it is exactly the kind of TNB that those of us here would love the world to see. He hits the squad car with his backpack and repeatedly cusses at the officer. This video will open even more eyes.

Anonymous said...

You can't spell Triumph without Trump

Anonymous said...

NW Florida here. This is a fairly conservative area, lots of military and LOTS of retired military. I have seen hardly any Clinton signs, and you can't go a block without seeing a Trump sign. He's been in Pensacola twice to huge, huge crowds, and once in Panama City Beach, where there were 9000 people in a space for 7500 and close to 10k who couldn't get in. People literally came and camped overnight at the venue to get in! Pence has been here too, and had a huge crowd. Bill Clinton was scheduled to be roll through on their bus tour but it was cancelled due to the hurricane(!), and Kaine's wife was in Panama City today, speaking to a room with less than 50 people in it. There is no enthusiasm for Clinton so I really don't get the belief that she's already won. Just go vote and let's laugh as the media's heads explode trying to explain the Clinton loss!

Sick n' Tired said...

One of the other demands they have is that science is racist, so it should be removed from the curriculum, and replaced with African Black Magic.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the groid

Race said...

"And the ONLY logical real solution...? Total repatriation. Those poor Negro dears have suffered sooooo much, they really do deserve their own countries, no? And their beautiful Motherland Africa awaits..."

I so agree with this. They have been forcibly removed from their natural habitat and introduced as an invasive species here. The only right thing to do is to return them to their native habitat.

Sick n' Tired said...

I grew up in Grants Pass (Go Mustangs!) and left in 2001 just after the influx of Californians started taking over and building tract homes in all the hills. Once they paved the road down to the Illinois River by Selma, it allowed all the townspeople who used to not risk damaging their cars driving down the dirt road. It also brought in more cops and park rangers, who justified their salaries by issuing DUIs, and BUIs (drinking beer while floating down the river on a raft/kayak). I am sad when I go back to visit family and see how far to shit the town has gone. Between the homeless, meth heads, corrupt police and justice system, and pot growers, it has become a shell of it's former beauty that made it such a great place to grow up. Plus I've noticed a lot more dindus around town when I go back, when it used to be just 2 families back in the day.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

They should give her a list of questions, then ask her different ones at the debate.

Anonymous said...

"Oh well. It's par for the course as per the left- they pay lip service to freedom of speech and free expression but have an absolute damn fit when anyone says anything they don't like or expresses an opinion they can't stand. Then they go on the attack. Not even a yard sign is safe from their hissy fits. Or an RNC office."--Anonymous

Marcuse taught "No Platformism" to the bourgeois Bolshevics of the Sixties. No, they most certainly DO NOT support your freedom of speech, nor freedom of thought. Totalitarian revolutionary communists.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Vote against anyone who rides on Hillary's anti Trump coattails in local elections, and there's a lot of them in Minnesota. I would vote for a three legged skunk before any Democrat in Minnesota now. The sickening thing is most of them have the same self serving values they accuse the right of having.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this amazing work of actual journalism by Project Veritas? it seems like sbpdl people would care about it....
Rigging the Election - Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Feels good being on the straight shooting Trump train, but sure are up against some slimy creatures!

Anonymous said...

I'd any of you have friends and family that are undecided or uninspired to vote offer them $50 or $100 to vote for trump. I think that would be more efficient dollar for dollar than donating to Trump's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hillary may not need to be out doing anything because the "fix" is in. Trump wins popular vote, Hilldabeast wins electoral college.
They've got lot of money for bribing and no compunction about killing anyone that stands in their way.
Lots of dead people didn't support the Clintons.


Anonymous said...

That exactly!! They know Hillary's fat ass is getting smoked in reality. So show the polls in their favor to discourage Trump voters from coming out. They did the same thing with Carter and Reagan. Polls showed Carter way ahead and he got his clock cleaned. Go vote!!!

Steve Smith said...

Like you, I want to be encouraged. I want to believe things are beginning to shift. However, the truth is, it's only getting worse. We must prepare. We are in for some tough times.

Steve Smith said...

Although it's a good option, it's not the ONLY viable solution...

Anonymous said...

Let me be clear to all the fence sitters out there. This election is not about the tabloid issues. This election is about WAR. Pure and simple. Killery is HELL BENT on decimating any country or person who gets in her way of the globalist agenda. She is in it to win it, meaning the WORLD. World domination is her clear goal. The flip flopping to cater to whatever group she needs support from is a clear indication of her forked tongue. Any person who votes for her will not only be disappointed, as they probably feel the same about their voting for the muzzy in chief, but chained to the dregs of countless new wars. These wars will also not need congressional approval. These wars will be not only be fought internationally but nationally. Some of us are ready for a civil type war, but no one is ready here for a foreign military on U.S. soil bloodbath. I strongly suspect if clinton is commander in chief, our options will be out the door. Isis is knocking at our door and she will hold it open for them all.


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