Monday, October 31, 2016

Black Suspect in Shooting of Two Indianapolis Police Stations Motivated by Anti-White Hatred (Threatened 'Whites Must Die')

Remember the random shootings at two police stations in Indianapolis

The black suspect has now been caught though the shootings also had a more sinister, censored racial angle the police kept hidden until today. [SWAT standoff suspect linked to Zionsville murder, IMPD HQ shootings, WTHR, 10-31-16]:

The suspect in a SWAT standoff on Indianapolis' far northeast side Monday afternoon has been connected to recent shootings at IMPD headquarters and the September murder of an 82-year-old Zionsville man.
The suspect in the shooting of two Indianapolis Police Stations was motivated by anti-white hatred (as reported by WTHR/NBC)
Wilcoxson was holding his 6-month-old son inside the apartment during the standoff. The boy's grandmother stood across the street during the ordeal, waiting alongside everyone else and hoping he would be okay. 
Thankfully, Wilcoxson handed the boy over to police when he surrendered. The boy appeared to be okay but was taken to the hospital to get checked out just in case.Wilcoxson was armed during the standoff and police say he fired at officers through the door. No one was injured and officers did not return fire due to concerns for the child. 
"Just loud booming going off, so I grabbed my kids and we were against the wall in my bedroom," Crystal Thompson said. She and her two kids were trapped in their apartment right next to Wilcoxson's. 
"I was scared for my kids, and I didn't know what was going to happen. I was thinking, 'Oh my god, is he going to bust through the door?'" 
SWAT officers eventually rescued Thompson and her kids as they worked to clear the apartment complex. 
Prosecutors say Wilcoxson faces a murder charge for the shooting death of John Clements less than half a mile from Zionsville High School on Sept. 28. It was the first murder Zionsville has seen in 20 years. 
These charges arise out of a joint investigation conducted by the Zionsville Police Department, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Indiana State Police and the FBI. Detectives connected a white Impala registered to Wilcoxson's girlfriend to the Zionsville fatal shooting. 
According to court documents, investigators believe Wilcoxson is also related to the IMPD headquarters shootings that occurred on October 4 and October 13. 
Detectives found handwritten notes demanding $100,000 and threats including "white must die" near the shell casings that were connected with the Oct. 4 shooting at IMPD Northwest District headquarters. Similar notes were found near the shell casings discovered after the Oct. 13 shooting at IMPD North District headquarters. 
"At least in one of those shootings, we believe that he intentionally targeted two police officers inside," IMPD Chief Troy Riggs said, "and we're going to be requesting attempted murder charges." 
He allegedly fired almost 50 rounds at those police stations earlier this month. No officers were hurt, but he allegedly left a note at the crime scene threatening more shootings if he didn't get $100,000. 
Detectives discovered that the shell casings from both IMPD shootings were a match. A DNA sample from one of the notes and a shell casing matched Wilcoxson's profile. 
Court papers say forensic evidence links his gun to all those cases, but his stepfather says, "No, no, no, he's not." 
The stepfather doesn't believe Damoine is connected to those crimes. 
His aunt, Detra Boyd, said, "He had a moment. That's all." 
But court papers show very different 21-year-old. 
FBI undercover agents friended him on Facebook during the probe into the police station attacks and the Zionsville murder. According to court documents, they found anti-white remarks and posts like "Kill mankind. No one should survive. We all live in lies," plus "eye-4-eye, tooth for tooth, head for head, life for life." 
For Crystal Thompson, Wilcoxson's neighbor, to think this was the guy next door, "It's scary. Because I didn't know I lived next-door to a murderer or anything like that. You don't know who you live next to." 
"As one can see from the Probable Cause Affidavit Wilcoxson is an angry individual who was looking to do harm to innocent people. I am relieved to know that he is now in police custody. My office will now get to work to see that justice is served and that he is successfully prosecuted and convicted for this horrible crime that he is alleged to have committed" Prosecuting Attorney Todd J. Meyer said in a statement.
I can't recall ever seeing a mainstream news story (WTHR is an affiliate of NBC out of Indianapolis) using the term "anti-white" before; more so, this momentary glimpse of truth comes after we learn Wilcoxson had written "whites must die" in a note found near one of the shootings of the police station.

The continued prodding of an easily agitated black community, with individual blacks routinely swallowing the most obvious lies as sure-signs of a white supremacist conspiracy against the collective black community, with tales of white police stalking innocent black bodies and 'implicit bias' will only result in antagonizing men of Wilcoxson's temperament to lash out violently against white people and the symbols of their civilization.

The consequences of the Obama Administration and the mainstream media playing upon black people's worst fears is that, eventually, some black person is going to react to those fears by fighting back against the evil white man and those institutions of power (police) protecting/perpetuating white supremacy.


Bird of Paradise said...

Just another example of the failuer of Diversity and this entire PC mess left by liberal do gooders

Anonymous said...

He looks very satisfied with himself in the mugshot. Grinning from ear to ear with a smug look on his grill. That is negro, that is death and destruction with a smile, absent of any compassion or empathy. Kipling said it best when describing the negro beast: half devil, half child.

This animal will most likely spend the majority of what remains of his life in prison, and he won't care abit. The negro, like a wild animal, lives in the moment, corrective punishment is not effective against this mindset. The only way to protect people from the violence of negro is to house them away from humanity. This is expensive, but it is necessary.

Negro has already self segregated to a large degree. Unfortunately they have also colonized our inner cities and throughly destroyed them. Anything negro touches, it destroys. The inherent ravages of negro are its natural state of being, nothing can be done to change it. What can be done is to isolate negro and segregate all of them.

First separation, then repatriation

Paintjob Theory said...

His aunt, Detra Boyd, said, "He had a moment. That's all."

Once again illustrating that even one in your town is one too many to ensure a peaceful and prosperous civilization. his aunt is probably one of the "good ones", quiet, married (to the stepfather), and as any good cuck-servative will tell you, all they really need to get their shit together is a father figure. Of course good old Uncle Rastus and his wife take in their wayward "teen" so he can have an address for parole and get away from "the bad influences", and next thing you know he has "a moment" and is going on a crime spree and using your police department for target practice.

Have any of you ever heard of any act so depraved that negroes will actually not rally around and defend their own? About the only behavior that will get you shunned in African America is being literate, wearing pants that fit, and having a job (that beez actin' white, gnome sane?) Besides that, no crime is so brutal or heinous that negroes won't cast in their lot with the lowest of the low. "He a goot boy, he din do nuffins", "turning his life around", "aspiring _______".

I tried to reply to Pat 2 days ago but it didn't get posted so I'll try again.

Pat mentions that in Paris the children would be speaking German today had the USA not intervened in WW2. I would counter that by saying, go to Paris now and the children are majority shit brown and speaking in the primitive grunts, clicks and whistles of darkest Africa. I wonder if the handful of remaining native white French still think speaking German would be such a bad deal? But hey, at least our team won, right?

Anonymous said...

Burn this negroe in the electric chair! The use of the electric chairs warm embrace is deterrent to minorities, the dread of the electric chair helped uplift many a murderous negroe.

Anonymous said...

This is noting compared to what will happen the day after it is announced that Trump won the election. As usual in the negroe we can expect a nationwide chimpout.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a note, making cash demands or else. He and his TNB watch too many movies.

You can see it in his picture. He’s already thought up a rap song for himself to impress his fellow inmates and future new pals in the poke. He’s in his element, riding the wind, showing himself what he’s made of. What a lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

Is that one of those magical made-up names? It looks like you pronounce it "Da money" ...

Anonymous said...

This fading worldwide laughingstock third world banana republic stuff is kind of fun. (not really)
Forward! Forward to the glorious Zimbabwe/Haiti/Venezuela utopian paradise on earth.
Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Putin is Hitler, Trump is Hitler, Pepe the Frog is *gasp* Hitler:

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!!!!! He just "had a moment" that's all. We can all relate to that.

Anonymous said...

The National Barack Channel affiliate WTHR is a steaming brown snake shaped pile that never mentions the race of perps when the other fossil media channels in Indianoplace always show pics of perps and give names.
Their newsbabes and weather girls are old and busted too. Peyton Manning shagged the hottie dreamboat weather girl on the way out of town and she jumped to another station forever ruining their hot bimbo quotient.
That is amazing that they mentioned any race angle at all.
I don't watch that corn studded turd of a channel so right after they mentioned the anti-white views of the Dindu did they have a story about how obama is the messiah and the streets will soon be paved with gold because the economy is on fire?
Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of the fifth column of rats known as the mainstream media in Amerikwa.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they have a suspect!
This is just further proof that we must separate the races.

They get angry about anything and they just open fire !

If you ever notice. They kill or hurt whites until we wise up and leave the area they turn around and start murdering each other!

They cannot stand the fact that we have superior civilizations and want to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

I also think the dam has sprung a leak very small, but it's a start.

Get a load of the aunt, "he had a moment." Sure wish YT would stick together like these things.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

Seems shooting at police stations was his downfall. Forensics done on shell casings and then FBI befriending him on Facebook? Bet the white 82-year-old's murder didn't get that kind of investigating.

This is what people have been saying all along - the cops aren't doing their jobs to get violent criminals off the streets. And their murder investigations are cursory at best (I know someone whose grandmother was murdered and when the cops couldn't quickly pin it on a family member they did nothing more until a jailhouse snitch handed the guy over for a favor).

I'm amazed such truthful detail was reported, right down to holding a baby while shooting at cops and granny wringing her hands, aunt "he had a moment" and step-dad "dindu nuffin". If that apartment building's owner willing rents to lowlifes like this guy, then burn it down and charge the owner for cleanup. Time for a reservation system for ethnics who won't assimilate to American culture circa 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i'm sure the 0bama Justice Dept is scrambling to investigate and file Hate Crime charges as I type this!

Proudyt said...

Just imagine if there was fair and impartial reporting by the media. How many white liberals do you suppose would be swayed by events like this one ? I know the bleeding heart ones wouldn't but maybe enough to say,get Trump elected ?

Anonymous said...

"Eye4eye". Firing an entire box of ammunition (50 rounds) at a police station. "He had a moment" . No, it wasn't a moment. Its a declaration of war. Think about it.
Mr Turner

Anonymous said...

Gee, imagine my surprise when I read this headline and found out it involved negroes!!

4 wounded when bullets start flying during fight involving crowd of 30+

Just like whites I tell you - just like whites.

Strange how reality is nothing like the commercials featuring responsible, high IQ, professional blacks.

Steve Smith said...

" His aunt, Detra Boyd, said, "He had a moment. That's all..."

Oh, I see. He had a moment. Well, I'm glad it's nothing more serious than a 'moment'.

If anyone can an look at the pool picture of this animal, with his smug look, and still believe that they are just like us, deserves to end up as cannon fodder.

Anonymous said...

The city planners of Indianapolis and the Federal Government are about to declare war in the white suburbs of Indianapolis.

There is a huge push for a public transit expansion by @IndyConnect to "connect" the white suburbs of Indianapolis including Fishers, Noblesville, Avon, Brownsburg, Greenwood (south), Carmel, and Zionsville. The public libraries, State Fair, museums, shopping malls, and other venues in Indianapolis have had large maps and government transit workers peddling literature to the public. It appears that most of these advocates are gay white men and white women. I understand from a source that they have planted pro-transit operatives in the city government of these suburbs to push this plan on the public.

These assholes have a referendum on our ballot next Tuesday, which would fund the first line called the Red Line for @IndyGoBus, our current bus system. The Indianapolis bus system is owned by ghetto blacks.

They've already built the Julia Carson transit center, which is named after IN Rep. Andre Carson's corrupt black mother. Red Line will be finished by 2018 with massive federal funding. The GOAL is to flood the white areas with HUD ghetto turds and force the whites to pack up (again) and move back to the urban core to fund the crumbling public schools and infrastructure. I would say that at least 1/2 of Indy is now a shitty black ghetto. It looks like a bomb hit it. The blacks have breached their ghetto borders, and are now terrorizing civilized people north of 38th St.. We've even had Monon Trail attacks-by-negro north of 86th St. and plenty of armed robberies during the day.

The north side Castleton Sq. and Fashion Malls (((Simon Properties))) are both being swamped with loitering blacks and Mexicans. Whites are now fleeing to the pre-fab shopping districts of Carmel and Noblesville. I bet 2016 Christmas shopping numbers will be very different for these malls.

This is a very well orchestrated push for demographic change and I am so sick and tired of the stupid WHITE PEOPLE who refuse to even acknowledge the rapid browning of their communities. Half of the yards along the Red Line route have pro-transit signs. Majority white Carmel, IN rejected the orange line of the expansion, which would connect downtown Indianapolis with their ghetto city center. Good for them, but the fight is not over. The devil never rests.

The plan is to connect all of these "regions" by dedicated rapid bus lines, which means that they are going to tear up the most heavily traveled streets and build a dedicated platform for the electric buses down the middle of the street, reduce street parking for residents, AND build several bus stations that will be placed right in front of people's homes. The first project, Red Line, will essentially replace the number 17 bus, College Ave., which is always empty except for the negro beggars, who travel from their ghettoes to the white cultural district of South Broad Ripple, and beg the guilty restaurant dining white people for spare change.

I see negroes EVERYWHERE in Indianapolis now. They have to be more than 27% of population. There is nowhere left to run. And these central planners don't take no for an answer.

Anonymous said...

The IMPD has been pandering to ghetto blacks for a while now, I am not surprised.

To blacks, this is a huge show of racial weakness. Last year they went door to door and gave black hood rat breeders $100 gift cards (from Old National Bank) for Christmas. "Anonymous donor." LOL In one photo, the baby is sleeping on a blanket on the floor. No furniture in the place. Child neglect? Absolutely.

These people are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Note to the Dindu shooter:

They make these things called rubber gloves but they were invented by a whitey cracka so you shouldn't use them.
That way your Dindu DNA will be all over shell casings.
See how magic the negro is? Only held down by those peckerwood neckbones or else they would turn the world into paradise.

Anonymous said...

Metro Detroit, and south east Michigan, also want to move blacks into the far out regions with mass transit. It will add approximately $450.00 a year to my property taxes. Another government project that I will never use, but get to pay for. Affirmatively furthering blacks into the suburbs. This is getting nuttier and more expensive by the day.

Anonymous said...

About five years ago we had some misfit mooncrickets move into our humble neighborhood and it was almost ruined.
There were 37 people living in a two bedroom condo, (c)rap "music" blaring at all hours, barbecue grilling and children out playing at 2 in the morning, the police called on an almost daily basis.
In their brilliant neighborhood enrichment plan they would talk trash to little old ladies out walking their ankle biter and anyone else who dared to come and go in a neighborhood around decades before they ever showed up.
The area around their abode was ridden with trash and there were people sitting in cars and pulling up and leaving after a few minutes day and night.
After not paying any rent for months and maintaining a common nuisance they were evicted.
Vibrant diversity is so indispensable and enriching that we just can't do without it.

Anonymous said...

No remorse in this creatures eyes. Maybe fear is the only way to control these chimps. They seem to think it's all one big f**kin joke. As another poster has said here their lack of forethought renders prison ineffective. What they need is a good dose of terror. String em by the neck in their ghettoes and leave the bodies there for a week. Beastly people.

Sick n' Tired said...

I really hope so. After reading the comment section on any Trump/Hillary story, especially on Yahoo, I pray that he wins just to see the reactions of the SJWs who defend illegals, hate guns, and back Hillary. I think the DWLs will have the first chimp out after he wins, blacks will start chimping out once he starts implementing law & order, stop & frisk, and more police patrols in the ghettos.

Sick n' Tired said...

"A group of females were involved in a heated argument in the street when it escalated into a large fight with males becoming involved".
If you picture a bunch of chimps and David Attenborough's voice, it's like a nature documentary. I also like the headline about how bullets just started flying around the crowd, their fighting and shouts must have disturbed a bullet hive.

Californian said...

The USA has "had a moment" since May 17th 1954--the day the Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs Board of Education that segregation had to be ended. That moment does seem to have lasted a mite long...through the Long Hot Summer riots of the 1960s, the Zebra killings, the gangbanging and flashmobbing, the home invasions, and now into the BLM pillaging expeditions and African-in-America shoot-em-ups.

As always, you have to look at the politics behind this sort of incident. Would it have happened were it not for the massive agitprop machinery telling Africans-in-America that they are "oppressed" and that YT owes them something? Would it have happened were it not for DWLs rationalizing away every act of African-in-America violence? Would it have happened had it not been for Africans-in-America being given everything they have demanded for the last six decades but never being held accountable for trashing city after city?

In a civilized society there would be no reason for a Wilcoxson to "hate" Whites. After all, he was brought up in a country where everything is directed towards giving him jobs, housing, access to education, and contracts for which he would not otherwise be qualified. But of course, we are not talking about a civilized society, we are talking about BRA. It's a country where YT's beneficence is viewed as weakness, as an opportunity to demand increasing piles of loot and conduct ever more acts of savage violence.

Just as in Africa.

chattanooga gal said...

" their fighting and shouts must have disturbed a bullet hive"
Good one!

Anonymous said...

Sick n'Tired wrote" I think the DWLs will have the first chimp out after he(Trump) wins, blacks will start chimping out once he starts implementing law & order, stop & frisk, and more police patrols in the ghettos." If Trump is elected next Tuesday, he will face a hostile congress and senate. He will not be able to implement half the things he's promising in his campaign! Although he will be able to turn around the US foreign policy towards Russia and China, which is a good thing, because World War Three is a bad idea!

A people who is not able to compete in a modern society will result in self destruction, this is what we are seeing in the black inner cities. President hopeful Donald Trump has made some promises to the Black inner city, unfortunately the blacks do not have the skill sets to take advantage of any incentives for employment. We will continue to have predators like Wilcoxson who prey upon the weak, such as senior citizens. The violence will continue! It's going to be up to YT to force the government to shift to a new paradigm to turn things around. Liberal policies has fail, after fifty years things has gotten worse!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

I've spent time in the Wayne county jail (Detroit), and I can tell you first hand that incarcerating these animals is NOT punishment. It's a never ending parade of friends and family getting locked up, released, and locked up again. They play basketball, lift weights, play cards, watch tv , braid each others disgusting hair, and talk shit about how much of a badass they are on the streets.
Most of them have a couple baby mommas or other family that put money in their accounts so on store day it's like the first of the month. They load up with chips, candy bars, soups, suckers and little Debbie snacks. Zoom-zooms and wham-whams as they call it.
They seem to actually enjoy being locked up for the most part. No responsibility or bills , sleep half the day away and make plans for future crimes the rest.I don't remember any of them EVER planning to get a job or go to school after release.

chattanooga gal said...

Anonymous said...
This is noting compared to what will happen the day after it is announced that Trump won the election. As usual in the negroe we can expect a nationwide chimpout.
November 1, 2016 at 12:54 AM
True, but it, at least, may be a short lived chimpout. If Hillary wins we're in for another 4 year almost daily chimpouts like we've been putting up with for 8 years of Obama.

Sam said...

Someone posted this on Incogman's site. While watching and listening to this video, remember, dey jus like us! I lost count of how many times I heard "I/We/Dey/He/She dindu nuffin".

Dindu Compilation

Anonymous said...

Trump has lead among independents:

Incredible. I never thought he would get this far. I figured with the entire establishment against him they would dig up something or trap him.


Anonymous said...

"Putin is Hitler, Trump is Hitler, Pepe the Frog is *gasp* Hitler:"

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be "Literally Hitler".

rex freeway said...

There are thousands just like him in America. And now with the help of Liberal douche bags they are coming out of the wood work. I would say the worst one by far is Obama. The election of Trump will bring this all to a head. And when it's finished we need to make sure that Negroes or Liberals are never in a position of power again.

Anonymous said...

Can't the government do something about this?
I mean the bestest government that money can buy has a habit of turning everything they touch into a solid gold bar.
The government is sort of like a magic chocolate fountain guarded by a unicorn.
In fact the government is so smart that its minions think they are going to run the world after turning Amerikwa into Zimbabwe and the fiat dollar into wall or toilet paper.
Nothing could go wrong with their brilliant plans and the current gov is headed up by the greatest human being ever to walk the face of the earth.
President Wonderboy will wave his magic scepter and turn everything into Detroit!
That is magical. Forward!

Anonymous said...

The Dindu should walk into the courtroom with that big dumb smirk.
Looks at me I'm dat magic negro. I be running this country now mahfucka.
The public offender will get him the best deal possible. (not really)
I always get a good laugh out of people that believe prison is punishment to a nog or the never ending quest to create jobs for people who don't want them.

Anonymous said...

I went to the video that our Sam posted...My ribs hurt from laughing so hard...Thank you for the link.

Anonymous said...

OFF topic--Just wait till the EBT card runs out on a grand scale!!!

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

Of course he's smiling in his mug shot. What he's accomplished is the negro equivalent of graduating college.

Anonymous said...

I caught a chuckle off of that one too.😉

Anonymous said...

I had a buddy that called it adult daycare.

Anonymous said...

"But hey, at least our team won, right? "

Pat isn't really on team white. He's an American, with all that that implies.

Anonymous said...

Cars full of black children being dropped off for trick or treat in Birmingham mi. They hate whitey but apparently like whiteys candy. Do black neighborhoods give out candy. Next year I'll have a separate bowl of black crows. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

OT. To Pat Boyle

Would the Italian responsible for western civilization be Galileo? Me thinks so.

Steve Smith said...

Yes...there are millions like him. He will rape your wife, mother, daughter without thought. He would burn you and your family alive without compunction, and still walk around with THAT POS smirk on his face. You would do well to remember that, white man.

Anonymous said...

Police discussing the case following arrest...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 0701hrs,

There is a mailer going around showing a shaggy haired veteran with the caption veterans served us and mass transit serves our veterans.
Vote yes on ballot referendum question 2. It also says all of this will cost pennies every day which made me laugh.
This "rapid transit" will be powered by unicorn farts I guess.
It says faster service, more convenience, expanded hours, servicing every route every day, even the ones with two people riding I bet.
I guess those parked little blue electric cars that no one uses aren't "rapid" enough?
All of this for pennies on the dollar. What a sad pathetic joke BRA is.
Also remember Hussein the RAT said he would destroy the suburbs so every city can be Shitcago or Detoilet.
Too bad about your declining property values suburbanites. When you go to sell your place there won't be any way to hide the vibrant diversity section 8 shithole across the street or even worse in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the shit tattooed on its neck means. It appears to be the digits 377 or 777 along with some smaller letters below. Perhaps it is a registered monkey number. This orc might be very special.

Anonymous said...

Check this out. Indianapolis is FINISHED.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN nations making moves that exclude Amerikwanstain:

Mr. Rational said...

The only way to protect people from the violence of negro is to house them away from humanity. This is expensive

A plane ride to Liberia and $400/month stipend is cheap compared to what we spend.  I'm sure most Black criminals cost us multiples of that in personal harm and property loss alone.  The advantage of Llibera is that we can just eliminate Liberia's visa waiver and keep them there.

As usual in the negroe we can expect a nationwide chimpout.

I've got plenty of stripper clips.  Let them bring it, it won't last long.

Pat Boyle said...

Time to end this little game and return to the topics chosen by our host Paul Kersey.

My question as to who was the single most important person to Western Civilization is important for another reason. As most readers know there is an puzzle over IQ and race. Whites invented the concept of IQ but recently it has become known that East Asians are small but consistently higher group IQ. But there can be no doubt that for the last five hundred years or so (The Modern Age) almost all human accomplishment has bee by whites not East Asians. How can that be? It isn't greater variation among whites or anything obvious.

The answer, I think, is the same answer as the answer to my question as to the most single most impactful man in history. That man was the hero of the Italian Renaissance - Filippo Brunelleschi.

Some of you are looking him up in Wikipedia but Wikipedia missed the point. They mention that Brunelleschi invented linear perspective. So it's easy to spot paintings before him - they are flat and distorted. After him paintings look right. But they miss the most telling point - Brunelleschi didn't just invent perspective he marketed it. He set up a demonstration so that all the painters in town would look in his device and see what a difference perspective made. BTW there wer a lot of painters in Florence in those days.

But the most heroic action he ever made was - he called in sick.

Brunelleschi had lost to Ghiberti in a competition to make the doors for the Sacristy at Pisa. Brunelleschi quit sculpture and moved into engineering but he competed with Ghiberti again for the dome on the "Duomo" - the cathedral in Florence.

They had built the whole bottom structure of the cathedral but left the central dome unbuilt. They held church services under a open sky - the cathedral with no dome. So the Church authorities issued a competition. Build our dome but you can't fill up the space below with scaffolding because we need to continue services.

No one could do it. It seemed impossible. But one man claimed he had the answer - Brunelleschi. As it happens the Church fathers liked Ghiberti better, They gave him the contract but told Brunelleschi to be his assistant. Brunelleschi called in sick. He was very polite but stayed in bed. remember the Church fathers at that time had a remedy for bad attendance. They burned you at the stake.

So Brunelleschi politely told everyone he was too sick to come to work. They weren't fools so they made him in charge and soon the Duomo was done. At the time it was the biggest dome in the world and remained so for centuries.

For did he do it? No one to this day quite knows. It's still something of a mystery.

You see Brunelleschi - greatest inventor and engineer of the Renaissance didn't make his greatest contribution as a machine or a building but an idea. He invented the concept of individual intellectual property rights. With the single exception of the Su Sung Clock we don't know the name of any Chinese inventor. In China almost everything that got invented was an imperial decree.

But later in life Brunelleschi invented all sorts of machines and devices on his own initiative. And to protect his credit he invented and got the first patent in world history.

The only sad part of this happy story is that that second rater Leonardo Da Vinci is now more famous. But you can always tell a Brunelleschi machine from a Da Vinci machine - the one by Brunelleschi works while the one by Leonardo doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Steve Smith said ”Yes...there are millions like him. He will rape your wife, mother, daughter without thought. He would burn you and your family alive without compunction, and still walk around with THAT POS smirk on his face. You would do well to remember that, white man.”

They can be trained not to behave that way, but the training isn't for the squeamish. And that smirk is only present because the orc is in a safe zone. Rather than wrestle with the law and public outcry against using the necessary force to train orcs, we can probably be more effective by being prepared to legally make bad encounters with orcs their last encounters. The moment one crosses the legal threshold justifying deadly force, that amount of force should be immediately and vigorously applied. It is important to conduct one's self properly before, during and after a self-defense shooting. I also suggest that no one ever attempt to avoid jury service. If I am ever a defendant being persecuted by BRA for shooting an orc in self-defense, I would be very grateful to have even one person like me on the jury.

(Sent by my E3610AFF)

Anonymous said...

The FOX affiliate just showed the grinning dindu and mentioned the whites must drop quote in the jibberish gibsmedat cracka note.
The DNA on the shell casing was matched because of a previous arrest in Ohio.

MrGJG said...

"They cannot stand the fact that we have superior civilizations and want to destroy it"

You're giving them too much credit. They don't understand nor even ponder such things as civilizations. They operate on pure animal instinct. The main difference is, animals have good qualities that can help humans, whereas the vast majority of negros are useless and dangerous. I'd compare them to zombies.

Anonymous said...

It's an obvious case of severely under-evolved Frontal Lobes...

Anonymous said...

I've read that shopping malls in the outlying suburbs of various melanin-enriched cities experience huge drops in shoplifting offenses whenever the local public transportation operators go on strike. Maybe we could somehow infiltrate confrontational strike-happy leaders into their unions.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hasn't Jeff Bezos had a team of investigative reporters working full time for months to dig up dirt on Trump? And the worst they could come up with was the Pussy Tape.

Anonymous said...

We're at the point in certain areas of this once great country where police forces are clearly out manned and out gunned. Like some bad, futuristic crime movie from the late 70's early 80's. The question is, now what? Do Staties move in? The Feds? Armed Forces? Who the fuck protects us from these fucking animals now besides ourselves? It's getting worse and worse by the day!


Anonymous said...

I've never seen cognitive dissonance in my lifetime as thick as the cloud of perpetual, unquestioning adoration that surrounds Barry Sotero's every word and deed. The man is an incompetent sociopath who has inflicted more damage on America than any person or event since WWII. His charming smile and ready quips are belied by the corruption and viciousness of his politics and the immense harm his actions inflict on innocent people around the world. He destroys whole countries and bankrupts industries, blundering from one disaster to the next like an out-of-control semi truck mowing down pedestrians on the sidewalk, and walks away laughing. He has bankrupted our nation, dissolved its borders, shipped its jobs overseas, and turned it into a global laughing stock. He openly violates the Constitution, degrades our military, exposes our citizens to attack by islamic jihadis, and enables urban terrorists whose supporters murder police officers on the streets of our cities. He worships power as a living god and stops at absolutely nothing to get it and keep it. He's insane.

And he has a 50% approval rating. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Tell your friends to vote .This election is crucial to preserve what is still left of a decent America. This is our last chance people !!!!

cecilhenry said...

Funny this anti-White attack specifically directed at Whites is not on the national news.

So very strange of the MSM to ignore such an important event.

I wonder what gives....????

Poman said...

We keep a bowl of dum dum suckers for this reason - all the homies get da dum dums

Anonymous said...

There was a school of thought out in Pacific Rim military tactics, strategy, and doctrine circles that the United States maintained a strong military presence in South Korea 50 years after the war not to deter a North Korean invasion, but to prevent the South Koreans from surging north and annihilating their bizarre, malnourished 'Hermit Kingdom' cousins once and for all.
Has a similar dynamic been at play in the US since Brown v. Board of Education? A strong, swift federal response to any real or perceived attempt by whites to maintain a crime- and disease-free living space has been the norm, with every event either preceded or immediately followed by glowing legal precedents supporting federal overreach and authored by our finest Old Testament (the Torah) scholars.
If yes, or if the answer is even close... to what end? To sell useless plastic junk? For the sake of diversity? So select peoples can avoid persecution like they did mid-20th Century? To avoid paying taxes? To break the backof organized labor? What is the ultimate objective?
Anyways, even if Trump wins, I just cannot shake the suspicion he is in cahoots with the Clintons. No one who is in it to win it conducts himself like such a Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer. Except William Jefferson Clinton the Turd.

General Ripper

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Indy, now I am in BFE Montana.

Howard W. Campbell

Malcolm Xcrement said...

I would love to see White American Males have "A Moment" and then record Auntie Detra Boyd's response to said white moment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . murder police officers on the streets of our cities. He worships power as a living god and stops at absolutely nothing to get it and keep it. He's insane.

And he has a 50% approval rating. I just don't get it.”

This fact is more disturbing than Obama himself. Unfortunately, it isn't necessarily due to an aura of power emanating from the mulatto messiah. The same phenomena holds true for Hillary. How is it possible that she can be tied with Trump with her history of failures and dishonesty combined with the wikileaks revelations, FBI investigations, her links to known perverts (Bill, Anthony, and probably others), and her pay to play schemes? The only person that I'm reasonably sure would make a worse President than Hillary would be Charles Manson, yet Hillary is admired by millions. Something is seriously wrong with a very large portion of our population.

Anonymous said...

I ended up watching like 4 of them, thanks for the laughs. And they wonder why the police profile them.

Anonymous said...


Had a similar circumstance years ago with a neighboring section eight house. Brutal couple of years dealing with the negros, music, and drug trafficking. I'm not really sure why she left the house, but I took a walk around the inside after she left - the Mexicans fixing the place up were kind enough to let me to walk it.

Completely destroyed. Smelled of urine and feces throughout the entire house; holes in the drywall, doors punched in. Cigarette burns were all over the carpet, where the carpet had not been torn up. The Mexicans asked me what kind of people were there, I told them that blacks had been living in the house for about two years. They nodded as if they were no longer surprised at the condition of the house.

They were there for about three weeks. Everything had to be replaced. It must have cost the owner upwards of $20,000 to get the place back in order.

First separation, then repatriation

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

"What a Clinton Presidency Means for AmeriKa"
More theft by the Kleptocracy
More divisiveness.
More disdain for main street Americans
More illegal felons allowed to stay in more "sanctuary cities".
More Syrian refugees/terrorists allowed to enter the country.
More open borders.
More abortion on demand.
Expanded Obamacare.
Higher taxes.
More amnesty for illegal aliens.
More assault on the 2nd amendment.
More lies.
More "carelessness".
More far-left leaning Supreme Court justices.
More cigars in the White House.
More disregard for the Constitution.
More cop killings.
More BLM rioters.
More ISIS cells forming in the U.S.
More welfare and medicaid for the loafers.
More destruction of the middle class, which is already decimated.
More owning of Washington by bankers.

The list goes on and on. We may never recover from the last 16 years of incompetent, lying bums in the White House. If this arrogant, lying wench wins AmeriKa NEVER will recover.

A concerned, "deplorable" citizen (watching this country come apart like a five dollar suit in a hurricane)

TRUMP 2016


Anonymous said...

"And [Obama] has a 50% approval rating. I just don't get it. "

It's not too hard to understand. The non-white population is about 35% in America. Just about all of them approve of Obama. The remaining 15% comes from anti-racist whites, particularly young, single white women.

Anonymous said...

"Whites invented the concept of IQ but recently it has become known that East Asians are small but consistently higher group IQ. But there can be no doubt that for the last five hundred years or so (The Modern Age) almost all human accomplishment has bee by whites not East Asians. How can that be? It isn't greater variation among whites or anything obvious."

Could it be that IQ isn't everything? That maybe, just maybe, other personality characteristics are important too? Or maybe even race is important?

Wow, what a concept!

Mr. Rational said...

Maybe we could somehow infiltrate confrontational strike-happy leaders into their unions.

Just pay some of the dindus to behave in ways that get drivers to strike on their own.  It sure wouldn't cost much; it's already happened in Detoilet without anyone laying out a cent.

This is our last chance people !!!!

This is the Flight 93 election (with followup).

Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud at that bullet hive comment. That's the funniest thing I've read in awhile.

Anonymous said...

"Funny this anti-White attack specifically directed at Whites is not on the national news.

So very strange of the MSM to ignore such an important event.

I wonder what gives....????"

People generally don't want to know information that causes them discomfort by challenging their worldview. It's called cognitive dissonance and that's very painful for most people. Just look at the way Christians in this forum defend their faith-based worldview as important for white people to retain, despite the fact that it has completely failed to preserve the white race. It failed to preserve the Confederacy. It has failed in contemporary America and Europe. It again failed abjectly in Russia and South Africa. It even failed in NS Germany, where the leadership, at least, was aware of its defects and tried, rather ineffectually as it turned out, to counteract them. Yet, mysteriously, this record of failure doesn't matter to Christians. In fact, they cite all of those failures as instances of glorious success! But the victors in all of those struggles were also Christians, most of them white Christians who fought like demons for a raceless worldview, and all of their victories were over other white people. Christians have a long history of killing their Christian opponents. That's how they have always dealt with heresy. In this way racelessness has become the dominant worldview, and except for a few extreme outliers like the people who frequent this forum, nobody wants to see that challenged. Jesus, you see, would not approve.

Anonymous said...

Bullet hive! Hahahahaha.racist bullet hive!

Anonymous said...

Notice how the article keeps focusing on the boy and his well being? Who cares about the boy- not me! Just another thug killer when old enough to destroy! White hating thugs, all of them!

Anonymous said...

Like Indy, Syracuse is about 30% black. Happened to look at a story on this morning because it set off the nigdar. Sure enough, the guy who robbed someone at knifepoint downtown in broad daylight, black. Two suggested stories at the bottom of the page, more black crime. The other story, looking for a black guy.

And everyone is up in arms because a white guy dared shove an autistic nog who was running with a high school team over in Rochester, because how the hell can you tell the autistic ones from the just regular retarded ones?

No one can make the connection.

To Anon from Nov. 1 at 7:01 AM -

I've said this before, but as someone who visited Indy three times between '97 and '01, to go back again in 2013 was like a culture shock, all the vacant farmland to the north and east turned into retail and housing from the white flight, I-69 redone to around eight lanes. And in the course of driving around within the city it does look bombed out in a lot of areas. You can see it deteriorating. It's even creeping into the area around the Speedway.

I was very surprised to see they'd done an outdoor mall, Hamilton Town Center, near Fishers. Indy does see winter weather if not to the degree say Syracuse does. But the whole point of building it that way is the nogs don't congregate there to loiter and cause trouble, especially in the winter.

Which, the trend in retail has been to stand-alone stores and out of malls for a while now.

Can you imagine that, one demographic has that great an effect on business that they change how an entire industry sets up shop to sell things?