Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Has the Burning of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi (With "Vote Trump" Written on it) Been Deemed a Hoax Yet?

It's amazing how so many of the acts of intimidation/violence/harassment by Trump supporters against non-whites/Muslims have been quickly proven to be hoaxes (instantly promoted as fact by the corporate media, perpetrated to provoke hatred against Trump supporters) in the wake of Donald Trump's November 8 victory. 
An obvious hoax, perpetrated to engineer hatred against Trump supporters and ensure a victory for Hillary... it failed

The most egregious is one down in Gwinnett County, Georgia, where a Muslim teacher named Mairah Teli instantly became a national source of sympathy for a note she discovered on her desk which she obviously wrote herself. If she is still employed by Dacula High School today, it's a reminder of just deep the rot goes in our nation (and why I'm still convinced Hillary Clinton's campaign stole the concept of 'irredeemable' from this site). 

The incredible amount of hoaxes nationwide, eagerly reported and disseminated by a corporate media completely aligned against the interests of white Americans, provide an abundance of evidence as to just how clearly Trump supporters are hated. 

Truce? Coexist? Peace? No peace

Few people are willing to understand the truth behind this one scene from Independence Day, where the stated goal of the alien invaders is anything but peaceful and coexistence is a possibility entertained by only one side. 

Which is why the question must be asked about an incident that garnered international news just days before the November 8 election: the burning of a black church in 76 percent black Greenville, Mississippi (with 'Vote Trump' spray-painted on the side of the building) on November 1, an act of "arson" instantaneously promoted by the corporate media as a warning of the darkness about to engulf the nation if Trump were to win. 

The only problem is the act of "arson" is, like the action of Mairah Teli, obviously a hoax designed to enrage white liberals nationwide and shame white conservatives into compliance (of their continued, targeted demise). 

Only one, brief story has been published post-Trump's election on the burning of the black church.[Mississippi church arson: No sign of accelerant found, The Clay Center Dispatch, 11-15, 16]:
A fire chief says the burning of an African-American church in Mississippi is still considered arson, but the state Crime Lab determined that no accelerant was found on items it tested from the church.   
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville burned Nov. 1, and "Vote Trump" was spray painted on the side of the building. 
Greenville Fire Chief Ruben Brown tells the Delta Democrat-Times ( ) that the fire could have been set by paper, clothing or direct flame contact. Brown did not return calls to The Associated Press. 
Brown says an investigation continues. No arrests have been made. 
Greenville is a Mississippi River port city of about 32,100 people, and about 78 percent of its residents are African-American. 
The FBI opened a civil-rights investigation into the fire.
Whoever set the fire at this church failed in their mission to create enough anti-Trump sentiment nationwide to ensure he was defeated only seven days later. The mere fact the FBI and local police have yet to locate a suspect in a highly charged 'racial' incident is proof the burning of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville (with "Vote Trump" spray painted on the side of the charred ruins) is nothing more than a hoax designed to engineer maximum anti-Trump sympathies. 

In about a month, the suspect (probably a black member of the church) will be arrested and the story will forever disappear.  

It was never, ever about coexisting. There was never a possibility of a truce. Peace, a fools hope, was sadly not an option. 


Anonymous said...

The whole "Vote Trump" bit was pretty blatant but also lame, very lame.

Bird of Paradise said...

No big headline no big news stories like they did when all those black churches were being torched a few years back but if someone burned down the church of the infamous Jaerimah Wright it would make big headlines in all the birdcage liners/parrots toilets/fish wraps in the nation and the talking heads would be on it dor day and maybe weeks

Mance Rayder said...

PK, I couldn't have said it better myself. That whole "sybil" rights era BS was pure scam!! The illusion of meeting half way to work "it" out was a complete con. To those that have any doubt just remember detroit was the focal point for BRA. The rest of OUR(yes, OUR!!) cities followed suit. Just look around, do the math. That bastard coleman (not-so) young has everything named after him just like they do in those third world shithole countries. Again, when YT stops the guilt trip BS, things will improve!
PS PK, the podcast with Jared was spot on!!Peerless stuff.
And thanks to ALL the commenters here!!

Anonymous said...

In a 78% African town, YT would stick out like a sore thumb. Hoax. They probably know who did it but are keeping it hush-hush.

Anonymous said...

The FBI should be able to analyze the paint and check the local Wal-Mart or Lowe's for a match. They must have sent negro FBI agents to investigate.

Mr. Clean said...

PK said: "Few people are willing to understand the truth behind this one scene from Independence Day, where the stated goal of the alien invaders is anything but peaceful and coexistence is a possibility entertained by only one side. "

i.e., they are NOT opponents, they are enemies.

Californian said...

Outrageous and all -- arson, disinformation, politicized media, a cheap shot at YT. But it's standard operating procedure for BRA. This church burning is rather petty when compared with the media deception campaign surrounding Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and the mayhem which ensued. And then you look at the bigger lies which must be told every day to support the pretense of ekwality. It's all one big fraud.

BRA = Burning Rectories by Africans

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Well,now,this story just reinforces the lesson we've learned from the last eight years. The liberals are totally incapable of understanding rational conservatism. We've witnessed it in the cult of clintonism, and their half-baked, emotional attempts to subvert American voters. There's no one on this site stupid enough to think a stunt like this would get votes for Trump. Nope,only one group of people thinks like this, liberals. Obvious ploys to provoke backlash, aren't that obvious to an IQ of 75. That's how stupid the DNC think's we are. Even now, they're trying to think how to rebrand themselves, so they're more palatable to " common man". Their words, swear to God! No thought of actually serving their constituency, just tricking us again. It's like the cola wars, trying to make a product selling gimmick. The chameleon Bernie Sanders picked up on it quick, now he's tryimg to make like he's tough on companies leaving the US. Better late than never, eh, Bernie? Just go live in your nice beach side mansion, courtesy of the DNC for letting Hillary steal your nomination, maybe write a boring book of your memoirs.

Remember that awful pseudo country song "Stand With Hillary"? A blatant attempt to portray the she devil as being down with the working white man. Truth is, she's standing on our throats, ripping off her countrymen to further destroy the working class. The irony is lost on the liberals, any Communists worth their salt would see her for the tyrannical , soul destroying viper she is.

OK, what have we learned? Liberals lack future time orientation, the future appears to be pink fluffy unicorns dancing on a rainbow to them, regardless of their words, or actions.

They have poor impulse control, leading them to make unfortunate decisions. How else to explain this election cycle?

They're prone to violence. They were the ones threatening, harrasing, even attacking the elderly in this election. The Clinton's themselves have a trail of bodies behind them rivaling the Medicis. Talk about intrigues! One overlooked by many, John Kennedy Jr., well loved New York resident, was deemed to be a sure bet for Senator in his election bid, a Senate seat coveted by Hillary as a springboard to the presidency. Too bad his new airplane crased off Martha's Vineyard, and a botched rescue attempt was launched hundreds of miles from his location, ensuring no survivors. Imagine an alternative universe where Clinton never won the Senate, John Kennedy Jr. became senator, then successfully ran for president, instead of Obama. No Benghazi, no SOS Clinton assassination of Ghadifi, no horde of Muslim immigrants and Africans overrunning Europe, and the US. Just goes to show, a good person can't make it with the liberals.

Brian in Ohio said...

If I was a betting man, I`d put money on the building being insured for three times what its worth mere days before it went up in flames.

Yes, they are that stupid. Remember, this is blacks were talking about. There`s no reason they couldn't give the DNC some good optics in the election AND get paid in the process. A nigga`s always got a hustle goin.

This is exactly why insurance companies have their own investigators.

Negroes have become the race that cried wolf.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Proudyt said...

I love all the left whining and complaining. All it will do is insure a second term for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like how, time and again, it turns out to be that those dreadful homophobic spraypainted slurs on gay people's homes turn out to have been put there by the lesbians themselves. Kinda like how half of all rape accusations are proven to be not merely unfounded, not merely unproven, but false - often maliciously so.

Detoilet Cheeseman said...

Always sounded like a "remodel fire" fire to me.

Anonymous said...

There's one out of Baylor that I can't get past. Black girl walking on campus said she was run off a sidewalk and says someone stood up for her. 300 raging liberals walk her to class in a sign of solidarity, yet nobody has questioned the story or attempted to find the supposed witness who stood up for her. Here's the link:

Her video recount screams hoax, but nobody has even attempted to expose this yet.

Bill in St Louis said...

If I recall correctly, here in StL there was a big to-do over a "rayciss" church burning or two a while back, until they caught the BLACK guy who did it. Then.... crickets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting P.K., I found another from a while back, not sure if it is legit or not. Seem to be having a really difficult time with the Swastika:

Personally I would bash diversity or say "thank you BLM", not GO tRUMp or vote TRumP.

There are so many things you could say if you were going to go through all the trouble to spray paint something and possibly get caught for it. Even a basic black rape statistic would be far more effective than just "Go Trump".

I hope someone is documenting most/all of these events as they appear in the media and note the dearth of follow up. White liberals have been championing diversity and diversity likes to break and take things as well as swear in nearly every sentence. The litter alone is evidence enough that they are not good for your neighborhood. If you need a gauge of compassion and empathy see who is time and again the worst of tippers and customers.

Liberals planned and prayed for disunion and they are getting it in spades.

Anonymous said...

Now they are saying that the Broadway show, "Hamilton" has been sold out for the next 6 mos, HOWEVER, these tickets were sold before their lecture to VP Pence and audience.Besides their pontification and trying to embarass our candidates, it should be remembered that they had posted for actor try outs that only non-whites would be considered for jobs.

Bird of Paradise said...

More proof of the intollrence of the left and escecialy liberals they are the most intollerent people on earth along side bolshiveks and communists/socialists

Anonymous said...

someone in connecticut posts

In the past week or so ‘Cultural Enrichment’ has been taken to a whole new level here in the Nutmeg State.
Porfolio Diaz arrested for driving 130 mph at 2am on I 84 … with 4 little kids in the car.
In Hartford, 4 year old Jose Gonzalez killed in a stolen car being pursued by police at 3 am , driver being the dead boys mother’s boyfriend.
In Milford, Enrique, Juan, Jose and Fidel cause massive pileup on I 95, burglary suspects running from police back toward New Haven.
In Stamford, illegal carves up his wife and ditches his 5 year daughter in NYC bus station (this case is unique in that the local newspaper headline read, ‘Connecticut man murders wife’ and went on to a screed about domestic violence in Connecticut.
Only problem is the guy was an illegal who lived on CT for one (1) day). In Willimantic, 2 illegals from El Salvador beat their cousin to death with a baseball bat, then make a break for it; they were picked up by police in Phoenix.
In New London, on Thanksgiving Day, another Jose beaten to death with fists, body found in the hallway of a public housing project …
Phew, there’s a lot more; these are just off the top of my head from watching the local news.
Most notable, in Hartford, is the flash mob of 50 ‘Youths’, and ‘schoolchildren’ who overwhelmed a convenience store Wednesday, stripping it clean and injuring a police officer; ‘Youths and Schoolchildren’? Video shows a large mob of black teenagers streaming in and smashing the place up. Of course the media is offering all kinds of explanations for this embarrassing situation; the explanations boil down to one thing: in the long run it whiteys fault.
This is a Sanctuary State, which seems to exist so BIGLIBs who run the show, and base their careers on racial politics, can feel good about themselves. Illegals are streaming in here from all over Latin America and Africa, via NYC, to get a DL, or a city identification card, and the generous welfare benefits that go along with it. But the state is in debt billions and vital services for the disabled and the handicapped are being eliminated. The result is social chaos and erosion of public safety.

Sick n' Tired said...

I'm sure these people are already on their way down to help them rebuild the church.

Anonymous said...

In the bigger picture, we would not have church burnings, hoax crimes, a lying media and etc., if we had an all-White country.

Something to think about in the coming chaos...

Anonymous said...

No picture of the suspect.

PB said...

"Kinda like how, time and again, it turns out to be that those dreadful homophobic spraypainted slurs on gay people's homes turn out to have been put there by the lesbians themselves."

Kinda like swastikas carved into dorm-room doors. Almost always done by the "victim" for the attention and sympathy.

Unknown said...

Yep, time and again they presume that our differences are only skin-deep, and thus we can't figure out when they pretend to be us. As unlikely as it is that an actual Trump supporter would do vandalism or arson, they would have written something like, "MAGA."

And while I'm the farthest thing from a bible-banger, I do believe that we've strayed from our Judeo-Christian roots to the point we forget all the lessons. See "Judges 12:6" for the story about how the Ephraimites couldn't pronounce the word "Shibboleth," so when they lied and said they were not from Ephraim, the Gileadites knew.

When the New Ephraimites run around pretending that someone wrote bad words on their walls, they forget that the New Gileadites are smarter. And we always know.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

The tipoff is that she wouldn't file a police report. Had she done so, she would be open to criminal charges when exposed.

Can you even conceive of a white male attacking a black women in public view of witnesses on a college campus?

A negro wouldn't hesitate to do it, so they apply their own standards of behavior to others. That's how they get caught.

The Albany Bus Hoax is a prime example. Nobody really believed that a bunch of conditioned white female college students would attack negroes. Fortunately, the video proved the lie.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "but we always know" AFTER LaCrosse players lives' are ruined. College campuses are shut down, cities are burned and cops are murdered. It seems you can cry "wolf!" Indefinitely in America and still be believed, as long as you're black.

Anonymous said...

These leftist idiots would believe anything told to them by the msm. Remember back in the 80's when the big bad white boogyman was snatching black chilluns off the skreets and dumping their bodies off a bridge in Atlanta? Yup, while Big Al and the race hucksters were busy looking for whitey, a black named Wayne Wilson continued on his rampage. Investigators could have caught him much sooner had the BGI not got involved. Nothings changed in 30 years, same old red herring.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Only white guilt liberal shit birds waste their money on that tripe, the alternative media should have ignored their "looks at me" moment.

Anonymous said...

These Affirmative Action hires couldn't solve a game of 'Clue' by Parker Brothers.

Anonymous said...

The coming chaos...


Get ready.

Anonymous said...

When the story about the Muslim teacher in Gwinnett County, GA first broke (I live nearby and saw the story several times on the local news), it seemed fishy to me. I googled the content of her letter and immediately discovered another "incident" that supposedly took place in a Wal-Mart. The muslim woman in that case claimed a white woman approached her--totally unprovoked mind you--grabbed her hijab and went on an anti-Islamic rant (who could blame her if she had? But I digress)
In an uncanny twist, the slurs that were allegedly hurled against this poor, peace-loving woman were almost word-for-word exactly the same as the content of the note "left" on the poor, peace-loving teacher's desk.

All it took me was 30 seconds on Google to sniff out the bullshit...

NJ Woman said...

The fire was probably started by a hungry negro trying to fry a chicken or cook ribs.

As I watch the news, I am busy crocheting afghans for Chicago, the SANCTUARY CITY OF PEACE AND LOVE. ⚰️ 77 murders in November, twice that of last November and the highest in 25 years, speaks to the "population's" obvious devotion to Christian values. It is a veritable Shangri La. Please let the Syrians be funneled there to live in chilly, bullet-ridden harmony with their negro brethren. I can think of no better place.

My condolences to White people who have to share this once great city with the filth. The city is supposed to be adding more LEOs, but that will be useless unless they are allowed to shoot to kill in all violent negro situations.

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes Matter said ”. . . OK, what have we learned? Liberals lack future time orientation, the future appears to be pink fluffy unicorns dancing on a rainbow to them, regardless of their words, or actions. . .

This is true. I believe that we are seeing the combined effects of the irrational liberal mind and black incompetence. It might be possible that the left's infatuation with blacks has already damaged their their ability to compete. Hillary's campaign might be an example. There were many more black faces involved in her campaign than Trump's. Everyone in her campaign expected her to win right up to the time the polls closed, yet Trump's win wasn't that much of a surprise to the white brains behind Trump's campaign. The behavior of the left with their riots, cheating, threatening electoral voters, and other activities typical of the left actually resembles the behavior of blacks. It is entirely possible that the Democratic party has become too stupid to compete in today's political climate.

Anonymous said...

This is the base that they are pandering to and protecting. The comments are great too.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic...
Apparently today is national "Give Where You Live" day.
Six doors down from me, in my predominately white neighborhood, is a home that was displaying a "Give Where You Live" sign on their front lawn.
This pissed me off because I gave to this family before. Well actually, I didn't. The shithead, now 22-year old NAPA teen, who lives there in his Section Ape house, burglarized my house three years ago. It was an easy case for the detectives to solve since he left his jacket in my house. The vibrant black family consists of a single mother with 3 or 4 chillins. This scumbag who robbed me has a lengthy arrest record. Everyone in the neighborhood knows of this guy because I told them.
Anyway, I found it irritating that there was a sign that says "Give Where You Live" in front of their house. I doubt they've given anything. Parasites who take and take and take. And it's never enough. Hands are always out for gibs.
By the way, haven't seen the "22-year old teen" in a few months. I was always hoping he would be walking in the street when I was driving. Maybe he's doing a short stint in criminal college...aka prison.

Anonymous said...

That would be because they are bolsheviks and commie socialists.

Brian in Ohio said...

Another point...

Blacks are notorious half-assers and shirkers.

Notice how the church has only been DAMAGED by fire.

If white people wanted it burned, it would be burned... to ashes. And we wouldn't bother putting graffiti on something we were burning down. That's just stupid.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Truth Corps said...

Off topic:

Three black corrections officers in SC stab a handcuffed inmate...LINK

Ain't diversity grand?

Anonymous said...

They are waiting for that big govt grant to make landfall on the city. Apparently it takes millions of dollars to convince jigs that snitching can be done, as we just recently found out.
O/T ... It also has become apparent that you can live way out in bfe, free of Somalians your whole life. Lo and behold you make a post about the staggering population of them in your capital city and a few days later at your podunk grocery store you see two. Yeah, there was no mistaking their charcoalness, look at muh colorful clothing and gibberish emanating from their faces. Is this a form of karma??? Omg what have I done??

Anonymous said...

Liberals live in an echo chamber. Remember how many newspaper and TV websites used to have an anonymous comment section? When they found out that their viewers were not in lockstep with their extreme left views, their first actions were to ban the commenters, and then do away with anonymous commenting altogether, often replacing them with that insidious, dangerous Facebook. Then, they calmed down, and started assuming that those mean,bad racists had learned their lessons and gone away. With no opposing viewpoints, they started believing their own phoney polls and editorials, and we all know how that ended up.

Anonymous said...

Your first sentence about killed me! No, seriously I had a drink of coffee, aspirated and spayed myself and my husband. It was worth it lol!!!!!
Ohiogirl (who almost hurled:D)

Paintjob Theory said...

" Please let the Syrians be funneled there to live in chilly, bullet-ridden harmony with their negro brethren. I can think of no better place."

How about Sudan, Liberia, Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt.

Those evolutionary throwbacks have an entire continent rich with natural resources, coastline, and fertile soil. More importantly there's virtually no white Europeans there to oppress them or be insensitive to their culture, or whatever else their grievance is.

As to the story, this is the logical consequence of Marxist agitprop. Socialism is the religion of victims. Everyone is a victim and they must rely on the state to right all wrongs. First of all, the under-man can feel not a victim of his own inferiority, but some elaborate global conspiracy against him for his failure to succeed in civilization. Considering how much deference and preference is shown to those who can claim some special victimhood it's no wonder so many strive to achieve this status. All the people who become a 64th injun or get a perm and tan a lot and pretend to be a negro. Pretend a man's rectum is a birth canal.... whatever it takes.

Anonymous said...

Art Exhibit censored,
KKK photo


PvtCharlieSlate said...

Three years ago I packed up and left South Norwalk and headed west and didn't stop until I was in North Idaho. Going down I-95: Good bye Norwalk! Good bye Stamford! Good bye CT! Last time over the Tappan Zee bridge! My only regret is that I didn't leave at least 30 years ago. Imagine living in an area where, at night during the summer there's no gunfire; where every store, large, medium or mom-n-pop, is staffed by friendly, competent, English-speaking White people; where the only foreign language you'll hear is grossly mis-pronounced German during the Oktoberfest.
What frightens me is that the good people who natives of the Northwest really don't understand what is going on in the rest of the country and that it is headed their way.
Idaho has Constitutional Carry.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't there any black characters in "Clue"? Because then it would be called "Solved"

Mr. Rational said...

Lo and behold you make a post about the staggering population of them in your capital city and a few days later at your podunk grocery store you see two. Yeah, there was no mistaking their charcoalness, look at muh colorful clothing and gibberish emanating from their faces. Is this a form of karma??? Omg what have I done??

You've been handed an opportunity, that's what.  Track them back to their nest.  See what's going on, with pictures if you want.  Post it anonymously, e.g. on Craig's List over Tor (start the e-mail account via Tor as well).

What people do with that information is none of your concern, is it?

PvtCharlieSlate said...

For Anonymous in CT 01 Dec 09:05
Tried posting yesterday through my i-phone and things seem to vanish into the ethereal bit-bucket.
About three years ago I packed up, left South Norwalk, pointed the truck west and kept going until I was in North Idaho. Going down I-95 it was Good-bye Norwalk! Good-bye Stamford! Good-bye CT! Last time over the Tappan Zee bridge! The only thing I regret about leaving CT is that I didn't do it 35 years sooner. The difference really is that profound. Imagine living in an area where every business - large, medium or mom-n-pop - is staffed with friendly, competent, English-speaking White people; where in the summertime nights you don't hear gunfire; where the only foreign language you ever hear is mis-pronounced German during the Oktoberfest.
What frightens me is that the good, decent people who are natives of this area have really no idea what it is like in other parts of the country and of what is headed their way. I've tried gently explaining and it doesn't seem to sink in. A friend's son was heading off to Yale Divinity School and I took him aside and explained that it would not be a good idea for him to wander off the the campus, especially at night, to explore is new home town. He replied with a dismissive "Yeah ... OK ... Thanks" sort of attitude.
So, if you can get of of CT, do it! It's still America here and Idaho is a Constitutional Carry state.

Retired FF said...

Speaking of fire & blacks, you should look into this story Paul:

Hattiesburg Mississippi firefighters put out a burning UPS truck,
then steal the packages.

Now of course they aren't named, and they aren't fired. They're "demoted" and put on probation. In case your'e wondering, the Fire Chief, Paul Presley is black, as is his Assistant Fire Chief,
Eddie Wilson.

Blacks & fire go together like moonshine and mason jars.