Monday, July 3, 2017

Not a Joke: Fear of Black Violence Cancels Fourth of July Celebration in 55% White/36% Black Hamlet, North Carolina

Hamlet, North Carolina is a city of 6,391 people. 

It's 55 percent white and 36 percent black

And because of its black population, incapable of abiding by the law and refraining from violence, the 2017 Fourth of July events have all been cancelled. 
Without this...

Happy Independence Day! [Hamlet cancels July Fourth events after threats of gang violence,, July 3, 2017]:
The city of Hamlet has canceled all of its July Fourth events due to threats of violence. 
The Hamlet Police Department has received multiple threats of violence over the weekend. 
Police confirmed to Channel 9 the threats were gang retaliation for a homicide that happened last month.  
The threats were not aimed at one person or group, but were threats of violence at the celebration. 
After the police chief spoke to city officials Monday morning, they decided to err on the side of caution and cancel the city’s annual Fourth of July celebration and fireworks display that was scheduled for Tuesday.
... you get this. 
City Manager Jonathan Blanton told Channel 9 that Hamlet’s annual Fourth of July celebration is one of only two fireworks displays in Richmond County and is typically very well-attended by thousands of people. 
Investigators determined the threats weren't toward police or spectators, but for gang retaliation stemming from a recent murder. 
City leaders said that canceling the Fourth of July celebration upsets a lot of people, but they don't want to risk violence.  
"Those risks are not worth taking for the lives of innocent citizens and visitors to our city,” said Scott Waters, of the Hamlet Police Department. 
The threats are still under investigation and so is last week’s murder of Tierell Martin, which police said prompted the threats.
We used to have nice things in America... then we abandoned liberty for the policy of advancing non-whites (all subsidized courtesy of white taxpayers).

End result? Cancellation of Independence Day celebrations because of fear of black violence.

Happy July 4th!


Anonymous said...

This would be a great opportunity! Armed white folk should show up to celebrate regardless. Let's see how many monkey shines break out when half the people at the celebration have AR-15's slung across their back. This never-ending capitulation has to stop.

Anonymous said...

This is why communities need a volunteer militia to parallel law enforcement... the criteria to be simple only current or retired emt firefighter police could participate an actual armed Patrol people without that criteria could work as Support Services... unless one came from the area a little known fact from the Ferguson riots was that on the no Bill night the rioters were going to take to the residential area and tried to destroy the Victorian style houses in Ferguson... the reason this did not happen is that the inner Corridor people were armed to the teeth and the police might have been hamstrung by Carnahan and the County police chief Belmar the civilians had no such restraint and was ready to defend their property and life with lethal Force if necessary... black lies matter and their ilk knew that therefore they stuck with the West Florissant corridor where they knew the police was restrained by the politician.... why should we have to be held at Bay by these domestic terrorist it's time we start taking back our society from these anarchists... oh and another thing about Ferguson all those National Guardsmen that you saw had no cartridges for their weapons so even if something really would have hit the fan I don't know what they would have done bayonet training has been done away with years ago... again anybody that's able bodied that can afford it and legally able to do so should provide themselves with a firearm and ample ammunition and trained on how to use it Security Forces might not be there for you.

Anonymous said...

How sad, we go from defeating the might of the British Empire, to establish this holiday. And now it's being given up because a fraction of 2300 orcs threaten it?!

Anonymous said...

John Coltrane is rolling in his grave.


Anonymous said...

In a sane world, blacks would be banned from attending celebrations since they always bring their violence into play. Fighting, shootings, stabbings, robberies, assaults~ all part and parcel of their inability to live in a first world civilization. Sure, it seems unfair to those who can behave themselves but since no one can know which ones are going to chimp out and ruin it for everybody else, ban them all. They can throw their own celebrations and have the ambulances on stand-by.
In the meantime, civilized humans can have their celebrations and enjoy themselves absent the feral mobs of black "teens and youths." There's no sense in the rest of humanity suffering the consequences of their behaviors and it should all fall squarely on their own shoulders and their shoulders alone whether they like it or not.

Gavin Newsome said...

It's official: Beirut is now safer than the Eastern Seaboard.

Bird of Paradise said...

This is a disgrace too darn afraid of a bunch of uncivilzed brutes and afraid of offending them their all gone chicken too darn afraid ofa bunch of rioting thugs might i suggest they all just pack up and leave america and take these beasts with you

Anonymous said...

The irony of cancelling a celebration honoring selfless courage and determined resistance to tyranny because of fear of bodily harm is not
lost on the perspicacious.

Stay in your cages, mice. If lucky more cheese will be provided and you can
watch an NBA game.

Paintjob Theory said...

35% black. Do you really expect any less? I'm sure in addition to security issues the town probably doesn't have the budget to open a snowcone stand.

Add this to the laundry list of stories about public events that have either resorted to near martial law police presence to continue or have simply been canceled due to a critical mass of blacks and the destruction they bring. At least once a month here we hear similar stories from posters here and we can only extrapolate that this happens in far more places but none of us are around to see it and report on it.

As law enforcement becomes increasingly unable (or unwilling) to control black dysfunction it is inevitable that sooner or later we will see vigilantism either by individuals or groups rise to preserve order in our white enclaves as we are pushed further and further with our backs to the wall. The time for no-bag-limit coon hunting is not yet upon us, but I believe many of us will live to see the day.

An aside, I'd encourage everyone to think about the sacrifices made by our founders who risked everything so that men could be sovereign in their own right and not just subjects (property) of some inbred monarch. Read the story of Washington crossing the Deleware or Patrick Henry's speech. Let us all take some time to solemnly consider the meaning of Independence day (it isn't beer and cookouts).

D-FENS said...

It used to be called "Independence Day". However, we lost our independence at least a century ago. We face tax rates and limits on individual liberty far worse than what the British imposed. We are supposed to feel better about this since we supposedly choose our representatives?

I look forward to the day when the laws of economics and reason lead to the collapse of the house of cards and the oil and vinegar are allowed to separate. I only hope this happens before the psychopaths in charge get us into another large scale conflict.

Anonymous said...

It's always the same....Humans Build; N*ggers Destroy.

I've realized one simple concrete measure we can all focus on in the battle against the sh&t demons and their (((handlers))) is to find every single Confederate monument, flag etc that has been taken down, and get them restored. Identify every one, set up local group, and see what it takes to legally restore our history.

Will drive the nogs and lIbs bananas.

Restore our heritage NOW!!

Oh, and remove the MLK Jr BS names on our streets.

Anonymous said...

The article states: “The Hamlet Police Department has received multiple threats of violence over the weekend.”

It seems the uppity racist YT just caved in again and gave up another tradition to ease the “poor black folks” feelings. Sounds to me they gave right in to a “terror threat.” I was under the impression we do not negotiate with terrorists, or cave on terrorists demands.

Negro fatigue strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Hey PK! Happy 4th my man!!

If you'd be so kind...

Create a Ten Commandments of Raising A White Boy in the USA, circa 2017.

What are the key steps we Human Fathers should be taking to prepare our White sons?

Avoid rap and hip hop culture. Ban it? etc. What are the key rules in your opinion? Thanks.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

God damned apes ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

This is what needs to happen. Schedule a crap concert in the hood with free chicken, all the spooks will go there. Way over on the other side of town, have the white gathering. Put up road blocks to separate the two venues for "traffic flow."
Whitey will head home at 10, the spooks will be starting to get cranked up. Bonus, shots rang out.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

The gangs have figured out that no one calls in gunshots on the 4th.

That's why the number is so high in places like Chicago.

Anonymous said...

They just have to destroy EVERYTHING!😠

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this story. A shame isn't it ? On top of everything else the average NON-LIBERAL White American has yet another revered day taken away from them thanks to the africans. I do believe there are quite a few pissed off people in Hamlet NC. This is one of the times of the year so many people look forward to-days off-outdoor fun-good food-fireworks-but especially time with family that you haven't seen for years etc. Now the black plague creeps in and destroys what you have planned for a year. Just wait until the next holiday or family get-together. Do you enjoy the prospect oh having to call the police for an escort every time you walk out your front door ? Whether its going to work-taking the kids to school-picking up a gallon of milk from the store- you need to be vigilant that the plague isn't on your trail. The violent black african in America will kill you for no reason other than being White. This is what you have to look forward to White man. Are you ready to start eliminating these jungle bred savages ? It's you or them-get off the fence stupid-distance yourself the worst enemy you will ever have-the white LIBERAL-the driving force behind their pet negroes. Make no mistake-every time you see a negro there's a DWL somewhere close pulling the strings. George Soros Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders and the likes of them-ready to destroy 400 plus years of the USA and what it was created for. The war hasn't even started yet. There will be lots of blood. Liberals and their pets are going to die.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what color you are you walk on my flag you are a piece of shit you do it in front of me someone is going down you don't like the flag get the fuck out of my country POS come at me BOY.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to USA

DoubleTap said...

I'm so sick and tired of them indirectly and directly dictating what we can or cannot have. I have come down with a bad case of negro fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Know blacks,no peace

No blacks,know peace

Anonymous said...

"Dad is the parade today?"

"No, son. The black people said we can't have a parade, and they're in charge."

Anonymous said...


Do you know how much black population has grown? Billion +, worldwide.

behind blue eyes said...

Pandering to the lowest, weakest members of society. This is a shame. I truly believe that if this were evil YT threatening the innocent nobile groids this would be headline news. That small town would be a household name in seconds and a hate of YT the world over.
But since its black violence its know only to the whites of that town and us here.
Thanks Paul.
Have a great Independence Day to you and everyone else here on your glorious site

Anonymous said...

Hamlet NC and other parts of America festooned this July 4 with the bunting of diversity, behold your future, unless something is changed and changed soon: read a description of that ultimate 'Proposition Nation,' the Congo.
Read about Congolese Libertarians vying in the marketplace for the most
delectable items:

Anonymous said...

Did they have to cancel Fourth of July celebrations because of black violence when segregation was in effect?

Just askin...

Californian said...

What are the key steps we Human Fathers should be taking to prepare our White sons?

* Kill your television.

* Get armed and stay armed.

* Vet all movies you see and select ones which provide a realistic view of race (they are out there).

* Don't send your children to public schools – homeschool or find a private school.

* Provide books with the correct view of history and politics.

* Promote alternative media.

* Teach critical thinking – there is another side to the story they see on the telescreen.

* Take your family on tours of the local 'hood – from the safety of your vehicle...'nuff said!

* Many children like to rebel against authority, so don't push it too hard such that they rebel against you; have them instead rebel against BRA.

* Get yourself informed on topics like genetics, the real story of segregation, the fate of Whites in post-colonial Africa, etc., so you can answer questions intelligently.

* Get familiar with the various race realist, White nationalist, identitarian and other movements which promote White interests.

* Show by your own actions that you are strong, independent, resourceful, forthright and worthy of emulation. Never back down when you are right.

* Kill your television. Again!

Anonymous said...

84 shot and 14 killed over the holiday weekend in Chicago. Since today is the 4th, I'm sure they'll get those numbers up significantly. Go, darkie, go!

Awakened white said...

Happy 4th boys and girls!

Remember if you don't know, George Washington didn't come across the potomack river with a bunch of Haitians or other mystery meat.

10:02pm in a sane world they be back in da muddaland where they belong. 😡

Anonymous said...

"To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles..."

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is just a taste of what is to come for White America. If I lived in that town I would be raising hell with my local officials, hopefully, with other Whites at my side. But, sadly, I don't think that this will make them uncomfortable enough.
Well, I think my town changed the firework celebration day to June 25th. C'mon, June 25th for July 4th fireworks. I didn't hear any advertising or even see any advertising out in the community, so I missed it. I think they would have rather had a very small gathering of Whites than a large gathering that would have to include negroes. I guess that is the way we have to live now since there are laws against exclusion. I really enjoyed their fireworks in years past, they always did one hell of a show. I hope it was all White people and that they had a wonderful, safe time. I don't mind missing out on a little or sacrificing if it is for White people. I didn't hear anything on the news or radio about violence popping up or gunshots ringing out, so I know it was White people. And they all had a very nice time.
Happy 4th Y'all. Thank you to our Founders who created this great country, with great ideals, (til we seemed to go off the rails).

Anonymous said...

Gavin Newsom - I actually just got back from Beirut and except for the area controlled by Hezbollah, it's a lot safer than NW Washington DC.

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  I want to warn you folks about fake news aimed at us.  Read this:

This is a feel-good story but it lists no location, no time, no byline, and nothing comes up elsewhere in searches either for the story or the name "Bartholomeu Meegan".

I could believe a story being deep-sixed by the media but a legit story would at least say where and when the event occurred.

In 4GW, you have to maintain your credibility.  Read carefully to avoid being taken in and discrediting yourself in the eyes of the people you're trying to convert.

Anonymous said...

How can a bunch of gang members tell a city what to do and the cops go along with the threats. America is dying one city at a time.

Unknown said...

¿Parallel law enforcement like orthodox desert delicatessen people have?

Unknown said...

Let's take it to the ones that established the N. A. A. C. P.
You know the bagelites.

Anonymous said...

Woman shot at Detroit fireworks this year. I wouldn't take a child into that hot mess for anything. Gun control my butt. We need control over savage, low I.q., impulsive blacks. If there are any black people reading this today... grow the hell up. Get a job, send your children to school on time, stop begging, clean your filthy apartment or house, stop shooting people. At least it would be a start.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

To anonymous @ 7:10 am: While it's ok to be angry at the negro pictured treading on the flag, don't allow yourself to be too angry. You are falling into the trap of giving him credit for being sentient. He understands what he is doing as much as the dog who pees on a carpet. It's ok to be angry, but that's what they do. Channel your anger.

PvtChalieSlate said...

Whites create,
Asians imitate,
Blacks desecrate,
Frioleros fornicate,
Muslims detonate,
Jews infiltrate.

Great idea: Sanctuary Cities for Confederate-American Culture!

Detroit Refugee said...

Trenton, Mi. is all set for a fireworks display that rivals Detroits. Except the thousands of violent, angry 'Groids of course. Traffic barricades in place & no parking signs everywhere. All I've seen so far is YT families carrying their stuff in a calm happy manner. I'll post later if any TNB takes place, forcing the TPD to do what they are sworn to do.

Any SE Mi. realists coming down ?
I'm set up directly across from Trenton Village Theatre & Am Legion Post 426.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who is in charge, the thugs or civilization.

Anonymous said...

To Detroit refugee @ 3:04PM. Would have loved to have joined you in the Trenton fireworks. In traverse city for the holiday. Will keep Trenton in mind for next Fourth. Happy forth of July to all the readers and posters on sbpdl. Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Chicago has been managed by a liberal/negro/union alliance and is tearing down the state of Illinois.

This is also where conservatives tried saving the schools with charters.

Time for racial realism.

Anonymous said...

It is true that most blacks can not function without violence! The race issues got a lot worse with integration, you can not force people to get along with each other. By trying to do so made relations worse. Thanks Ovomit comes along and most blacks started getting more violent, even ambushing and killing law enforcement and the new black leadership tells the law enforcement to stand down! Than they say that law enforcement needs additional training to learn to be more sensitive to the black thugs needs! Than they Said that law enforcement needs to be equipped with body cams, and that backfired on the blacks. The body cams showed the violence in the blacks and this disrespect they have for law enforcement. It is time that the damn libtards quite making excuses for them and quite wasting taxpayers money trying thing's that don't work! They are violent by nature, they are constantly abusing the welfare system and looking to get something for nothing! Now they are offended by our Confederate history, so they want to dismantle everything Confederate! Our society needs to reel them back in and quite handing them everything! Ovomit is out of the White House, but he is not gone, he set up residence in D.C. for a reason. He is back to organizing and trying to undermine the Trump administration, which should be considered trying to overthrow the government! That in itself is a crime, he has gotten away with more than any other President in American history because of his skin color and the libtard support!

FD80215 said...

Reading stories like this makes me wonder, why in the hell would anyone still live in areas where these maniacs reside. The fireworks show is cancelled? What kind of weak, pathetic, beta male douche bags cave to these threats? Here's a thought, enforce the fucking law. Oh no, dat be racist! Let's just shut the whole thing down.

A few of our writers here repeatedly tell the visitors reading this fine web site to get out of the war zone. One of our esteemed writers says you need to escape to the "free zone." Damn right.

Driving down Main St. today in my small hick town you see Old Glory on display around every 100 feet or so. I love it, America isn't quite dead yet, at least in the free zone. Rather quiet today, majority of the towns business are shut down for the day. We have a couple of bars and grills. A couple of gas stations on one end of town and a small grocery store. Did I mention there are zero stoplights in town.

Everyone here is armed, just about everyone here hunts and partakes in some fishing as well. NRA people like to say towns that are well armed don't have much crime. I disagree with that. The reason there is no crime here? Let me see here, I'm gonna go with demographics, not guns. Gun folks like to point at Vermont for high gun ownership and low crime, bullshit, demographics.

For those of you still stuck in the big town, get out. Let me be clear here, screw your job. You can find another. We have a couple of small factories here, I have family that works at these places, average pay is around 17 to 20 an hour. Now that may not be great income for some but keep this in mind, you can buy a descent house here, say a two bedroom, two bath with a a basement for around 60k. I'm a construction worker, I do have to drive to the war zone sometimes, anywhere from 60 to 80 miles one way. Sometimes we get work in the little towns around my part of the mid-west. Guess I drive around 30k miles a year. With my job however you're gonna drive a lot anyway, so it doesn't matter much. My point is this, it can be done.

The sense of peace you have knowing that your kids can go outside and be kids is overwhelming. When you drive down Main St. people wave at you as you pass by. When I first moved here I was thinking, why are these people waving at me? The graduation rate here is 100%, I kid you not. Student per capita cost is about the lowest in Missouri. Property taxes are low, and there hasn't been a murder here since the 80's, before that, I have no idea it's been so long. I came here from Denver, so I know you can do it ,just like I did.

Our Fireworks Show will be held tonight as planned, we are the biggest town in the area so all of my fellow "hicks" from smaller towns will journey over to the city lake for some firework festivities. I've been going to this show for 15 years now, I would guess we get around 2000 people or so. Not one time has a shot rang out, no need for security either, it's a good thing too, we only have 7 cops to patrol 24-7.

Is it perfect here, well there is no such thing as perfect. But it's damn close as you can get. I have no worries here, no stress of the city life. I can get in my truck and drive anywhere around here and not be stuck in traffic. Other than when a farmer is trolling down the road in a tractor. No traffic, no crime, no hassles. Free yourself, make the move and when shit hits the fan someday you will not have to worry. It will collapse at some point, maybe not in my lifetime, but if it does, well lets just say America 2.0 isn't gonna worry me much, our side will win.

Long time reader, rarely comment as I don't have much to say because you all say what I'm always thinking. Happy Independence Day.

RolandR said...

In the 1950's the Montgomery White Citizens Council published a list of ten thing (truisms) about blacks. The only one which stuck in my mind was "they will never be satisfied", that is a truism so we need to stop trying to "satisfy" a group who will never be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Two state parks in Western Michigan were closed due to "teens".

Anonymous said...

What kind of weak, pathetic, beta male douche bags cave to these threats? Here's a thought, enforce the fucking law. Oh no, dat be racist! Let's just shut the whole thing down.

The threat wasn't against cops, it a warning that some rival shooting would happen.

Negroes are terrible shots and know it is easier to shoot someone on the 4th because of the noise.

Shutting it down was the right thing to do. A crowd of families means it is too easy for a White person to get shot. Once you have a huge crowd of people the bullet has to go somewhere.

It is unfortunate but police need to make these types of risk/reward decisions until our age of egalitarian stupidity is over.

Anonymous said...

For those of you still stuck in the big town, get out. Let me be clear here, screw your job. You can find another. We have a couple of small factories here, I have family that works at these places, average pay is around 17 to 20 an hour

Amen and what a lot of urban Whites don't realize is that you don't need to make 40 or 50 an hour in the country.

There is no reason to stay in these cities. There are plenty of jobs for hard working Whites in the country. Whites trying to work an office job are killing themselves unless they are making 6 figures. And even then you have to sit in traffic and go home to a condo or townhouse with a mini yard. I did it for a while and was shocked by how many Whites consider that to be normal life.

There is also a shortage of trade workers in many rural areas and those guys are making 40/50/60 and sometimes even more. I met a guy who quit computer programming to work on a diesel mechanic. Stop being slaves in the cities and get out.

Anonymous said...

Small town America is still alive and well. One of PK's favorite taglines is "Demographics Determine Destiny." Almost every story I've read here since stumbling onto this site a few years back could be summed up with those words. hasn't updated the Chicago Carnage Counter since 8 AM, but so far, 7 killed and 54 wounded - and the official weekend count doesn't stop until 6 AM tomorrow. I'm sure there'll be streets going wrong and shots ringing out most of the night.

To all my fellow thought criminals, Happy Independence Day! To any lurking SJW types and other Kool-Aid drinking morons, why don't you make like a hermaphrodite and go fuck yourselves?

AChineseInCanada said...

//Pregnant woman wounded in 'retaliation-type crime'

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun
First posted: Tuesday, July 04, 2017 08:00 AM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, July 04, 2017 12:38 PM EDT

double Toronto Police at the scene outside 2757 Kipling Ave. on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 after a man and woman were shot. (John Hanley/Toronto Sun)
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Three intruders opened fire on a pregnant woman and her boyfriend — who was wanted for attempted murder — as they slept in a Rexdale apartment early Tuesday.

Toronto Police say the woman, 20, her unborn child and the man, 23, survived the shooting, which unfolded around 1:30 a.m. as two young children slept in another room at 2757 Kipling Ave., south of Steeles Ave. W.

“It’s unbelievable ... when any shooting happens, but particularly when there is a pregnant woman who is shot in her home,” 23 Division Supt. Ron Taverner said.

“We’ve experienced these things in this area before where a pregnant woman was shot and killed,” he said, referring to the unsolved murder of Candice Rochelle Bobb in nearby Jamestown just over a year ago. “These are just despicable crimes.”

Bobb, 35, was five months pregnant when a gunman opened fire on the car she was in on May 15, 2016. Her baby Kyrie was delivered by emergency C-section but he died three weeks later.

Taverner said Tuesday’s double shooting appears to be gang-related and was likely motivated by retribution.

Security cameras captured three black males wearing dark clothing entering the highrise, but he said investigators are not yet ready to release the footage.

The trio “entered the apartment by unknown means and shot the two victims while they were lying in bed,” he said, adding two kids, ages 8 and 4, were asleep in the next room.

The woman, who is three months’ pregnant, was hit in the chest and the bullet lodged in her shoulder, Taverner said, explaining she and her unborn child are “lucky” to be alive.

The wounded man was struck in his hand and leg, Taverner said, adding both victims remain in hospital in serious condition but their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

“Of note is that the male victim in this matter was also wanted by police for numerous offences,” he said, explaining the wounded man was sought for attempted murder for a shooting that occurred in “a home invasion-type robbery” in the city’s west end just over a week ago.

The injured man, whose name was not immediately released, now faces various charges.

“We do believe this has gang tones to it. And certainly there are indications that gang members were involved on both sides,” Taverner said. “The speculation we have is that it’s a retaliation-type crime.”

He said the perpetrators of the shooting have “no sense of value of life” and the outcome could easily have been far worse.

“These people could be dead. The children could have been in bed with them,” Taverner said. “It’s disgusting that these things happen.”

AChineseInCanada said...

//Casket containing human remains found on Philly sidewalk



PHILADELPHIA - Police are investigating the discovery of a small casket found on a north Philadelphia sidewalk that contained some embalmed remains believed to be those of an infant or child.

Police said the small white casket was reported shortly after 9 p.m. Monday across from the Mount Vernon Cemetery. Inside, officers found no body, but a bag with what appeared to be internal organ tissue.

Who wants to bet this involves a black funeral home?

...oh, up in Canada, Ryerson Student Union lead by Negress Susanne Nyaga told us not to celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday because it is about genocide. I'm sick of her 'people', they don't create or maintain anything of value.

...and re the Rexdale gangland shooting at 2757 Kipling Ave. on Tuesday, July 4, 2017...the targeted gangster family is a 20 year old female and a 23 year old male and their THREE children, in a ghetto apartment. The perps don't understand the value of life, but neither did the gangsters who had the children in such circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Antifa, BLM and other moronice groups need to get their collective heads out of their collective ass's and and start behaving like civilized adults and not whinny little bitches on George Soros payroll! Right now, their actions and stupidity makes each on everyone of them equally worthless, good for nothing trash.

Anonymous said...

If the journalists were not pussies (or complicit) the headlines would have read, "City Fathers Bow to Criminal Element and Cancel Plans for Independence Day Celebration".

If the white population petitioned to end some fakery like a Kwanza celebration or a MLK memorial, the newspapers would have been up in arms screaming for the removal of every white man in government!

Instead, we swallow this sh*t on a daily basis. As said farther up in this thread.... the 55% should have shown up, rifles in hand, and celebrated anyway. If we can't have an 'independent' media, let's be independent from them.

Jim in Jersey

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to, but I'll need help. I think first thing to do is to set up a town like Orania, but quietly at first, and preferably near a source of water. Orcs and mystery meat would not be welcome, and find it impossible to live there since nobody would sell them the necessities for life. Some type of messaging system would alert everyone in town to arm up if the government or BLM comes to town. We'd have to have sustainable farming since the government would eventually create an embargo on such a town. The most important thing is we would have to stick together no matter what. If everyone who "supported" Randy Weaver actually marched up that mountain armed in overwhelming number, and told the FBI to piss off, his wife and son might well be alive today.

Anonymous said...

You will never address it if denial is your answer to the "problems" you list above. Mindless feeding back of perpetual lies is not the answer. You are not oppressed by Whites or legal systems of white civilization, but instead lack the ability to live within its structural bounds. And you are not silent when you kill each other, but simply use those frequent occasions as opportunities to bemoan the state of blacks you yourselves naturally create. There is nothing to "address." You are who you are.
The answer is total separation, where your genetic norms can play out.