Saturday, November 25, 2017

His Name is Damon Allen: White Police Officer Killed by Black Career Criminal on Thanksgiving

Officer Damon Allen had three children and a wife he was preparing to go home to and spend Thanksgiving evening with, an opportunity to make special memories as a family lasting for the rest of their lives. 

Allen was a white police officer, trying to maintain law and order in a country where the FBI had enough credible evidence to warn "black identity extremists" pose a threat to them. 
White police officer murdered by black career criminal on Thanksgiving 

Officer Allen made a routine traffic stop on Thanksgiving, one where this white police officer pulled over a habitual black criminal. 

He'd never make it home for Thanksgiving to his family. [Trooper killed identified; shooting suspect captured,, 11-24-17]:

FAIRFIELD, TEXAS - The Texas Highway Patrol trooper who was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Thanksgiving has been identified as Damon Allen, 41.  
At approximately 3:45 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 23, Allen stopped a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu for a traffic violation on southbound Interstate 45 just south of Fairfield in Freestone County. 
Preliminary information indicates Trooper Allen approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver. He then returned to the patrol unit, and the suspect fired multiple shots from a rifle at Trooper Allen, who died at the scene.  
Allen, who was with the department since 2002, was a husband and father of three children.  
The suspected gunman, identified as 32-year-old Dabrett Black of Lindale, fled the scene and was later captured in Waller County, northwest of Houston.  
Shots were later reportedly fired in the area where the suspect was spotted fleeing on foot. Texas DPS troopers and multiple law enforcement agencies cornered Black before he was safely taken into custody at about 9 p.m. He was booked into the Brazos County Jail and charged with capital murder of a peace officer. As of Friday evening, Black was transported and booked into Freestone County Jail. 
EMS was on scene to check the suspect's condition. 
Black has a previous criminal history that includes evading arrest and violence toward law enforcement, authorities say.  
In July, WFAA's sister station KYTX in Tyler reported Black was jailed in Smith County after a car chase with deputies. The chase ended when Black struck a patrol vehicle and both he and a deputy were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Black was charged with evading arrest, aggravated assault against a public servant, and reckless driving. 
"Our DPS family is heartbroken tonight after one of Texas' finest law enforcement officers was killed in the line of duty," DPS Director Steven McCraw said. "Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Damon Allen was a loving husband and father of three, and we ask for your prayers for his entire family and his many friends and colleagues during the difficult days ahead. Trooper Allen's dedication to duty, and his bravery and selfless sacrifice on this Thanksgiving Day, will never be forgotten." 
Governor Greg Abbott also reacted to the fatal shooting from his Twitter account.
"Sad on Thanksgiving to lose one of our state troopers in the line of duty," he wrote. "Prayers for his family. Swift justice for his killer."
Dabrett Black is a black man with an undistinguished history of violence directed at law enforcement officers, for which he never faced significant jail time and strangely was able to constantly bond out on.

One thing is for sure: Officer Damon Allen will never again kiss his children before he tucks them in at night, nor will he ever finish a family prayer and carve the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another black career criminal has killed a white cop.



I have a new thing I like to do, when I am finished working on Saturdays, other than drinking. I now listen to PK and the Host, over at AMREN, when they do their pod-casts.....while doing my end of the week paper work....and drinking.....

Last week I listened to the one entitled: "The content of Character" and was blown away (not in the Hollywood way) with PK's description of his feeling when he loaned a bathing suit to a negro (Yep, dear folks, there was a time PK was tolerant, diverse, Social preening and Virtue signaling......but I haven't given the story away....).

PK's explanation for how he felt was SPOT ON when it comes to how and why we White Folks are exterminating ourselves. His discussion of the endorphins and the feelings generated explain WHY we have this "altruistic" behaviour that is a blessing when we share with other WHITE PEOPLE, but will cause our extermination when we do so with the muds.

Way in our past, through our unique evolution, through Ice Ages, we who experienced a rush of pleasure in helping out our fellow tribal members, through sharing, sacrifice and hard work, created the White Race...the most intelligent, civil, unique Race on Earth.

Those who got no endorphin rush didn't survive. Thus the creation of the White Privilege that has created the most awesome civilization on Earth. AND created the only civilization that the others will kill to live in.

I encourage you all to listen to it. His remark(s) are near the end and it would do well if it was transcribed and put as a post on this blog.

It clarified for me why the Social Warriors do what they do to help the actually makes them feel a form of sexual fact, it might even be the same neural network firing.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in TX,this animal's face was all over the local and major networks here in Central TX.The other photos showed Allen smirking when the reporters were sticking the microphones in his face. Unrepenting and cocky , the usual "black chip on the shoulder" Death penalty is way too humane for this POS.

the Watcher said...


I finished listening to "The Content of Character". Good stuff. Very accurate.

The only point I continue to have issue with (and it's not related to the podcast) is Blacks stating 400 years of slavery. Where does that come from?

Black slaves were first brought to the United States right around 1619 and continued until the end of the Civil War (1865). For a grand total of 246 years. Even if you allow for it starting at 1600 that still only adds a few more years.

Personally, I think Blacks are just butt-hurt over finding out that: freedom did not equal acceptance. And simply tacked on the span of time from 1865 to the 1970s as including "slave times" to try and make their case more compelling.

To get even closer to 400 years one would have to include time up to year 2000. Which makes me wonder: Are Blacks going to simply keep moving endpoints of the time covered by slavery? Every decade or so adding to the maximum time that Blacks were held as slaves?

It is inaccurate, actually deceitful, for Blacks to claim such a time-span when historical record demonstrates otherwise. And attempting to keep everyone's eyes (especially Whites) off such facts allows for movements such as "social justice" to flourish. Since any attempt to demonstrate the anti-intellectual nature of such statements results in shout-downs by Blacks and White apologists with charges of intolerance and racism.

We (Whites) are kept on the defensive so much, that little is being done to address relevant issues.

PB said...

"To get even closer to 400 years one would have to include time up to year 2000. Which makes me wonder: Are Blacks going to simply keep moving endpoints of the time covered by slavery?"

Simple explanation: Countin' be all hard N'sheeit.

Mr. Rational said...

Blacks were only slaves from 1655 (Johnson sued Robinson to decide the ownership of John Casor) to 1865.  210 years.

The only way to get 400 years is to count from the first Africans landed in Virginia to the present day, as if everything from share-cropping to Jim Crow through the civil rights and affirmative-action era is STILL slavery.

Which is preposterous.

Anonymous said...

This black guy is going to be executed. Texas gives the death penalty. Black people don't think; they kill.

Detroit Refugee said...

"Sad on Thanksgiving to lose one of our state troopers in the line of duty".

Yes it is. Even more sad is the fact we have feral blacks running wild/running free. Blacks with records as long as ones arm. Catch & release is bearing fruit.

rexfreeway said...

Another POS who was released back into society knowing damn well he was going to re offend. A police officer had to lose his life to hopefully end this violent Negroes life. Because tax payers should not be forced to pay another dime on him. Remove Liberal ideology from society and this problem goes away overnight.

Detroit Refugee said...

Preposterous is a good choice to describe all the blacks claims.
The blacks I'm forced to endure claim they built the pyramids, they claim Detroit is theirs and theirs alone. They also think two blacks can create a white child! But whites can't bear a black baby.

The middle aged ones are the worst, youngsters only care about fast food, rap, gambling/betting, sports, fighting and such.

Anonymous said...

"Black has a previous criminal history that includes evading arrest and violence toward law enforcement, authorities say. "

Let's fix the typos, I think the message is clear:

"Blacks have previous criminal histories which include evading arrest and violence toward law enforcement, authorities say. "

See. Much more accurate now.

Ex New Yorker said...

While these guys complain about years of slavery the white tax-slaves are paying their room and board.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the next logical step would be to find out why black males are so jumpy and evasive when it comes to dealing with law enforcement. Do you really want me to believe that they are afraid of white cops indiscriminately hunting them down in the street, or maybe their is a simpler explanation:

Outstanding warrants. Failure to pay child support. Failure to appear in court. Failure to pay the fines that are stacking up. Throw in some aggravated assault in there as well since it seems to be so common among these people.

Blacks hate the law because it attempts to limit their criminal behavior. Blacks are ALWAYS waiting for the consequences of their past actions to catch up with them. Running out without paying rent, giving bill-collectors faulty addresses, "staying" at your bang-buddy's flophouse while driving her car around without a license.

When you live like that it's a numbers game and only a matter of time before you get caught by law enforcement and are held accountable for your own personal choices. But of course why take that as an explanation when you can formulate something much more credible such as the "school to prison pipeline".

Unknown said...

For what it is worth, killing white cop seems to me a good example of what black people DO like.

Anonymous said...

Glad to the sight back up.
.they've said for years that they are descendants of Egyptians ( that's the whole "we wuz kangz", angle ). I was particularly pleased to see the DNA testing performed on Tut and Ramses- their DNA was very similar to Western Europe , not Africa . That's why you don't see as much we wuz kangz stuff , rambling on about how they made the pyramids and all, as often. Lol. Always trying to claim some others accomplishments as their own- gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Can humans invent an app that allows anyone to snap a foto with your phone of any orc you encounter that then uploads the beast's location to a database that matches its snout against criminal photos. Then if the orc has a warrant it alerts law enforcement to its location.

Let's use our higher IQs and ingenuity to do battle with the sh*t demons.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but I just saw this on the morning news. Black nurse posting a racial tweet:

to quote "Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”

Anonymous said...

what about the democrat--elected--black woman who stole 800k from charity and now begs for compassion?

Paintjob Theory said...

I wonder how Officer Allen would react when ordered to investigate a "hate crime" of putting up "It's OK to be white" stickers? How eager would he be to hunt down and catch a citizen vigilante who took out the trash the old fashioned way?

It doesn't matter now because he is dead, but the point is police today exist primarily to collect revenue for the state and to protect black Africans from us and the elites from everybody else. More police being murdered by black Africans is excellent because it gets us marginally closer to the day where they will either join our side to restore civilization or at the very least turn a blind eye when citizens take the initiative to reclaim their towns and cities. Police could potentially be great allies in the battles to come, but by my estimation they're pretty worthless now. If you doubt this go to your local coon-town and witness open lawlessness by blacks completely ignored by law enforcement.

the Watcher said...

@Anonymous (Regarding Black nurse story)

That's unsurprising. The climate in the United States is such that Blacks feel they can openly say or do as they wish and feel justified about it.

She lists on her (now deleted original) Twitter feed that she is a grad of Purdue. Seems she was there. She is listed as a senior (honoree) in 2016 during the 41st meeting of the Black Caucus Program at Purdue.

She is listed as attending the College of Health & Human Services area of Purdue.

She is also listed on the 132nd Commencement at Purdue (Graduation 2017) as receiving her Nursing degree Aug 4 of this year.

The Black Caucus, and Purdue itself are strangely silent about the whole matter.


Anonymous said...

As I look at Black's mug shot, I notice that 99% of black thugs have that same smug look on their face. I know how to fix that, but that is another story. I hope this guy dies for what he did to that policeman and his grieving family. Black is a worthless piece of shit. Too bad our justice system moves the speed of a glacier even when it knows who the guilty party is. In those cases, swift justice should be served. If it is known for a fact he is guilty, I would execute him on the same day at 11:59 PM.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 5:19 AM

Taiyesha Baker said a lot more than this:

"Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”

She said white men were the rapist, terrorists, and just about any other vile creature to walk the earth.

I am not surprised by what she said as it is how they think. The only problem with her assessment is that it is not accurate. If she were to compare black men with white men, she would see it is not white men raping so much as black men. I would challenge her to show me where any white man raped a black woman and compare that singular occurrence to black men raping white women (about 35000 per year for black men to less than 10 per year for white men).

Nothing will happen to her as she is a black woman (two layers of protection right there!) She is just another pig.

D-FENS said...

It will be interesting to see where “law enforcement’s” sympathies lie once their pension systems become insolvent. I wouldn’t count on them being our allies. The could double down on the revenue collection aspect of their “public service”. Or they could do the bare minimum required to collect their paychecks.

I believe the Dallas Police Dept. pension is furthest along this road.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a story people can share. Perhaps people can call their toll free (i.e. they pay for the call) number to share their thoughts that this nurse be fired.

Perhaps complaints can be registered against her since she is in a licensed profession with the state, perhaps her career could be jeopardized.

Californian said...

The only point I continue to have issue with (and it's not related to the podcast) is Blacks stating 400 years of slavery. Where does that come from?

Blacks are enslaved by having to live in White civilization which expects them to follow YT's rules. A tribal warrior has a right to pillage as he pleases, and take down anyone who tries to stop him. When a police officer dares shoot a black thug (I mean, "aspiring rapper") who is attacking him, said African-in-America is being oppressed. More generally, educational standards and maintaining infrastructure can be oppressive to a race which has low median IQ, lack of impulse control and dismal future time orientation.

Where you have a disciplined system, such as segregation or apartheid, blacks can function in White civilization. But when those controls are removed, things quickly revert to Africa.
True in Port au Prince
True in Monrovia
True n Johannesburg
True in Fairfield, Texas

Anonymous said...

can her license be revoked...teach her a lesson? if she can learn.

Anonymous said...

Taiyesha Baker said a lot more than this:

"Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”
She said white men were the rapist, terrorists, and just about any other vile creature to walk the earth.

If so, then why does Taiyesha choose to live among White rapists, terrorists and other detriments?

There are plenty of black majority rule countries which would invite her in as a citizen: Haiti, Liberia, Congo, and et cetera. Perhaps she could work for the ministry of health in Zimbabe, post Mugabe. And if she does not want to move to another country, there are enlightened black cities like Detroit and Newark which are free of the detriments that YT creates (you know, detriments like low crime rates and functioning infrastructure).

But of course we know Taiyesha will not hie her carcass to the balmy climes of black rule. She wants all the bennies that YT provides, like law and order, running water and someone to pay for AA hires.

Brian in Ohio said...

Always trying to claim some others accomplishments as their own- gotta love it.

They have too. Their sole contribution to the entire recorded history of man is AIDS. They never domesticated an animal, cultivated a crop, tamed fire or figured out the wheel... Forget about math, science, medicine, engineering, art. They only held those back.

But claiming others accomplishments does highlight one thing they excel at. Theft.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

....can [Taiyesha Baker's] license be revoked...teach her a lesson? if she can learn.

Revoke her license? She is an oppressed black woman of color making a bold statement against 400 years of slavery!

Even if her license were to be revoked, she would quickly find employment in any of the following fields:
* Commentator on CNN
* Consultant for Hollywood's next blockbuster movie on the civil rights movement
* Recipient of a genius grant from any of the corporate foundations
* Outreach coordinator for the GOP cuck wing

In BRA, there is always employment for a feisty, sassy, outspoken woman of color!

PB said...

"can her license be revoked...teach her a lesson? if she can learn."

Revoking her license could actually save lives.

Anonymous said...

To further the point made by anon at 6:07, there's a simple reason why voter ID laws supposedly keep blacks from the polls, why a black is prone to running when they simply see a cop in their vicinity, or why blacks fight and/or kill police officers that pull them over for (initially) minor offenses.

They all know they have committed numerous crimes that they have henceforth gotten away with, which probably range in severity from riding free on the subway to murder, and when they happen to see a cop, they wonder if they are there to arrest them for one of these crimes. Voter ID laws are considered "racist", because blacks don't want to show proof of who they are at voting stations which always are staffed with a police officer, fearful that that officer is only there to issue a warrant for their arrest for a carjacking they pulled last year. They see a random cop walking the beat across the street and they think that guy is there to pick them up because they robbed a convenience store earlier that day. They think that an officer that pulls them over in their friend's car for going through a stop sign really pulled them over because they know he raped a white girl last month.

They are constantly breaking the (white man's) law, and superstitious by nature, are afraid that every cop they see knows about all the crimes they have committed.

I recall getting blackout drunk years ago. I had somehow walked home safely, but the next day, walking through the mall I had been at the night before I was paranoid going by every security guard, worried that I might have made a scene or caused a disturbance the night before, and that they might be on alert to detain me. I imagine that blacks live with this sense of paranoia in the back of what minds they have, only non-stop and the result of real (at least to white people), not imagined, transgressions.

Anonymous said...

Lifestyle choices are responsible for 40 percent of the cancers in the USA. I wonder if the lifestyle choices of the black people who are cancerous to our nation will ever be brought up for intelligence to public discourse.

Anonymous said...

A black womanizer doesn’t have to raise a black son for it to be a detriment to society. Black males are a detriment from the moment of conception.

chattanooga gal said...

" They see a random cop walking the beat across the street and they think that guy is there to pick them up because they robbed a convenience store earlier that day. "
pretty well exactly describes what happened with Michael brown. Darrin Wilson pulled up to tell him to stop walking down the middle of the road and he thought that the cop knew about the robbery he had just committed.

the Watcher said...

Seems WishTV (Indianapolis news station) is reporting Taiyesha Baker is no longer employed at the IU Health Hospital.

Pat Boyle said...

The readership seems to be well informed about slavery. That's good. So I'll just make a few points.

The 400 hundred years of slavery factoid is widely cited in the press and media even though it makes little sense. If you take the Emancipation Proclamation as the endpoint of American chattel slavery (1865) four hundred years before that would be 1465. That's before Columbus. That's before the Spanish colonies too.

The first black slaves in the English speaking American colonies is usually attributed to Abraham Piersay who came to Jamestown with a lot of white indentured servants from the London slums. But the whites died in the semi-tropical fields of Virginia like flies. This was probably from one of the milder forms of malaria (perhaps plasmodium vivax). The white field hands typically worked off their passage cost over seven years but few of them lasted even a single year.

Piersay as the richest Englishman was asked to procure some blacks who should do better. He sailed off and located some Dutch slavers and saved the colony. Blacks have some immunity to all forms of malaria and absolute immunity from some of the milder variants.

You read a lot about the horrors of the "Middle Passage" - and it's true - being locked below decks on a slave ship was unpleasant and deadly for the blacks. What is seldom mentioned however is that the whites above deck also died at substantial rates from diseases contracted from the slaves.

The more substantial point is that organized large scale chattel slavery was only associated with Africans in that tiny slice of history after the discovery of black Africa by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century and Brittan's crusade against slavery in the late eighteenth.

Slavery on Earth began with agriculture. So it probably started six or more thousand years ago in the Fertile Crescent. It moved to Sumeria, Egypt, Mohen Daro and China. It only got to Africa much later because Africa's Neolithic Revolution was so much later than elsewhere. Hunter-gatherers don't keep slaves. When you beat a nearby tribe in battle a hunter gatherer culture usually eats the captives. There are still some tribes and peoples who have never had slavery but in general Africa was the last place to get large scale slavery. If it were true that blacks were slaves for 400 years that would be remarkable. Most European peoples have endured slavery for thousands of years.

BTW, I am reputed to be a direct descendant of Piersay, so blame American slavery on me if you like. If any black people want reparations, they will be disappointed by my bank balance.


Non PC Infidel said...

There's an excellent video on youtube about gun ownership and gun violence entitled "Number One With A Bullet." Of course, as we already know, gun violence is highest in cities with a high black population and they're the ones most responsible for the high rate of murders and other crimes taking place. Remove blacks from the equation and our "gun violence" and murder rates etc. drop like a stone. However, as long as political correctness (the religion of cowardice and appeasement with all its excuses for black dysfunction)continues, the issue will never be dealt with in a practical manner and the carnage will continue and only grow worse. It makes me wonder how bad things have to get before the nation wakes up and faces the fact that blacks are the problem and they're finally dealt with. At this point, even attempting to get them under control would result in widespread chaos and disorder and create a societal upheaval of the first order of magnitude. So, the problem is just allowed to fester and grow worse in order to avoid having to deal with that. The nation has become like a cowardly weakling who's being bullied and won't fight back because if he does, the bully will escalate the severity of attacks and the coward wants to avoid that at all costs.

Political Correctness Kills and this police officer is just another sacrifice on the false alter of equality.

Anonymous said...

In response to the Watcher, I am glad Taiyesha Baker no longer works at that facility. With that dangerous attitude, she could harm whites in her presence. Do you remember the black women at the old folks home and how they did that white veteran pleading for help? This is how these people work!

Ex New Yorker said...

If the cop shot Black when he pulled out the rifle there would be busloads of protestors heading for Texas. There would be 24 hour TELL-LIE-VISION coverage and his "mama" would be talking how "He din have no gun. He done be holding a ham samwich in one hand and a book in the other". The TV broadcasters would be showing pictures of the "innocent" victim at age 12. All the community leaders would be marching and holding candle light vigils and complaining about all the poor innocent black people being killed by thousands and thousands of racist Nazi cops.

And of course within a few days you could buy a "memorial" tee shirt reading "Shot dead for a ham sandwich".

Anonymous said...

My condolences to his family, friends and co workers. Another terrible tragedy because someone was simply doing their job.

I hope his family can sue the county or state that released the perpetrator prematurely.

I agree with a lot of the comments regarding the open warrants. They probably have them in multiple states, or they do know that welfare fraud and housing benefit fraud is a crime.

OT- I live in a building that's over run with savages. I didn't know this when I moved in and more have been relocated to this building out of shelters which means they have the housing subsidy that I can't get. Pays 70% of a monthly rent so they don't care if the landlord is illegally raising the rents or not providing services.

Every dam holiday and on every weekend, but holidays it's the worst - they throw huge bags of mixed trash including old food and bottles in the entrance way. There's garbage chutes on every floor and two chutes for recycling on the first floor. This blocks the entrance. They don't bother to separate the garbage, bottles, cans, paper. It's always the same garbage - huge disposable aluminum baking trays stuck with food residue, liquor, beer, soda bottles. Huge empty snack food boxes. If something is really too large, there's a place where they could put it to keep it out of the way, but they don't bother. There's surveillance cameras no one says a word to the people dumping the garbage. It's disgusting. Who thinks that this is normal? Not me. It's a health and safety risk, but because blacks are doing it, there's no problem from management.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- November 26, 2017 at 8:41 PM said:

There's garbage chutes on every floor and two chutes for recycling on the first floor. This blocks the entrance.


ANYTHING blocking or even partially obstructing the entrance/exit path is a HUGE fire code violation. A quick phone call to your local FD Inspections and Prevention Office or to your city or county Code Enforcement Division ought to clear that right up.

Wayne and His Wife said...

My wife and I want this negro to have a good lawyer and a fair and impartial trial. We want it afforded all the rights of due process. If convicted, we want him publicly hanged from a short drop in the area where he committed the crime. Sometimes lessons have to be pounded into violent, stupid creatures

Anonymous said...

Many of our white leaders are now childless aging adults. They open their arms to those that will decieve them.