Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SBPDL Needs Your Help

SBPDL NOTE: It's coming! Because We Live Here: The Paul Kersey AnthologySecure your signed copy by contacting us at A $25 donation gets you a signed copy! For a donation of $300, you get signed copies of ALL books published by Paul Kersey. 

I'm building a new site at the moment to be housed off of Google. All content has been backed up, but the unveiling of the new site is coming up. At this point, if you believe in the message of SBPDL, we need your help. A lot is going on behind the scenes, but the growth of this site has always been because of loyal readership. 

To be brief, SBPDL needs your help

If you can, contact for more information on how to use PayPal to help SBPDL (Bitcoin compatible as well ). No one works harder than Paul Kersey. No one

Tax-deductible donations are available through the Paul Kersey at (select: Make Contribution to an author_ Paul Kersey)

Because We Live Here is coming, but SBPDL needs your help today


Nomad said...

In all honesty, I can think of no wiser financial investment in my White childrens' future than to donate to PK.

In fact, I would love to learn of any other individuals, organizations, and businesses who are actively working in the interests our people. A quick search of (((Google))) produced laughable results even by my red-pilled standards.

The list of entities that I am actively boycotting (all MSM, Comcast, Amazon, Allstate, Walmart, Target, Hollyweird, all professional sports sans hockey, etc) has now become so large that I am running out of places to spend my hard-earned money. This probably isn't such a such a bad thing, but I still need places to buy my families food and clothing, banks to handle financial transactions, lumberyards to buy construction materials, nurseries to buy plants, etc.

Are there ANY businesses left that haven't flagrantly taken a "Brown Good / White Bad" approach to hiring practices and customer relations? If so, each and every one of us should make every effort possible to give our business to these companies, and only these companies.

Votes can be bought, imported, or even ressurected....but we Whites (and, with all due respect to fellow posters like AChineseInCanada, red-pilled Asians) still possess a majorative wealth of purchasing power. We should leverage this to our advantage while we still have the chance.

CENTURION (the suicide survivor) said...

I would like to by T-Shirts that say:

"Because We Live Here"

and a few that say:

"You Are Not Alone: SBPDL"

can I get them for $19.95 each?

Non PC Infidel said...

As I mentioned in a previous post, negroes want buildings, streets and schools etc to be renamed after negroes and to eliminate any reference to all the horrible whites who built them so they can pretend that they were responsible for and built it all. Everything has to be negro-centric so their fragile primitive minds and emotions are placated.

Can it get worse? Of course it can! As they screech for statues of horrible, racist whites to be torn down, what do negroes and their coddlers want to do? They want to erect a statue of the drug addicted, corrupt former negro mayor (Marion Barry)of Washington D.C.

Hey! As long as it's a statue of a negro, it's all good. Doesn't matter if it's someone of low and vile character- he black! That's all that matters.

Nomad said...

The perfect slogan should subtley and benignly identify you as an ally to other red-pilled Whites, without acting like a target on your back for all the opportunistic antifa thugs roaming about.

I fear that any shirt with the SBPDL acronym on it will prompt an immediate Google search by the first SJW who happens to glance your way. Within seconds of clicking the first search return, you will be labeled a Nazi, photographed, and doxxed out of your job and home - just as the Constitution intended, right?

One should either be prepared and unafraid of such an inevitability, or we could find a way to lead the curious directly towards SBPDL's teachings, while still permitting "plausible deniability" as an escape route.

Perhaps there is some obsure club that shares the same SBPDL acronym that we could use to our advantage? If not, such a club (and associated webpage, TWitter account, etc) could readily be created as a cover.