Saturday, November 11, 2017

His Name is Jason Spencer: White Male, just back from honeymoon, gunned down by black teens while walking with his bride in almost all-white community in Louisville

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Sorry white people, but even the best parts of town you aren't safe from black crime. Louisville is an overwhelmingly white city with an overwhelming black crime problem. 

Jason Spencer at some level knew this, which was why he was caring a gun with him as he went on a walk with his wife
Jason Spencer, with his wife in the background, was gunned down while going on a walk in a 93 percent white neighborhood in Louisville by black teens.

They had been married only nine days prior. 

What we do know is Jason Spencer - a white male - is now dead, murdered by black males in 22 percent black Louisville. Not just black males, but four black teens. [Fourth juvenile suspect in Cherokee Triangle shooting arrested, all face murder charges, Louisville Courier-Journal, 11-11-17]:

A fourth juvenile suspect, who is 13 years old, has been arrested in connection to Sunday's homicide in Cherokee Triangle.
The three other suspects, all 15 years old, were taken into custody this week. They are all charged with murder, robbery and theft by unlawful taking (auto) in connection with the case, police spokesman Dwight Mitchell said Saturday.
Jason Spencer, a Humana employee and creator of the Louisville Humor Twitter account, was killed while walking with his wife. Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell called the incident a "botched robbery attempt" earlier this week.
A police statement on Tuesday said Spencer had a gun and returned fire at the suspects. 
The first suspect was found shot Sunday near the intersection of 11th and Hill streets in the Park Hill neighborhood. Two other suspects were taken into custody Thursday
Police have not said whether they expect additional arrests in connection with the homicide.
The homicide in Cherokee Triangle prompted alarm from neighbors, leading to more police patrols in the Highlands neighborhood, according to a newsletter from the district's councilman.
"Murder and violent gun crime in the Highlands are rare, so, naturally, District 8 is shocked, saddened and scared right now," Councilman Brandon Coan said in a newsletter to constituents Tuesday night.
This year, there have been 99 homicides in Jefferson County. Last year, LMPD handled 118 criminal homicide investigations, the most in its 14-year history.
Spencer's death marked the first murder in Coan's District 8 since December 2015 and the seventh since 2011, according to Coan.
The Highlands community in Louisville is 93 percent white.

One writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal is upset police are dedicating more resources to the Highlands community, when black people are killing each other at shocking levels in the city. One problem: white people actually demand police stop crime and arrest criminals, whereas black people protect their criminals through a policy of 'no snitching' only ensuring crime rates increase in their community. It seems this writer took great interest in pointing how white the Highlands area is and how disappointed he is in seeing police resources squandered on being deployed there. [We're finally cracking down on murders — in the Highlands. Gimme a breakLouisville Courier-Journal , 11-10-17]:

It's about time that the Louisville Metro Police Department did what it should have done a long time ago to deal with the city's soaring murder rate.
Focus on the city's rampant murder problem; beef up patrols; send in more officers and stop the senseless killings that have turned the streets of one community into a killing field. 
I speak, of course, of the Highlands. 
I know what you're saying. What about Park Hill? What about Russell? What about Shawnee?
You obviously don't get it.
That's not where the voters live. That's not where people pay big tax bills. That's not where the (whisper) white people (stop whispering) go.
Don't get me wrong. The death of Jason Spencer, in a gunfight after several teenagers allegedly tried to rob him and his new wife last weekend, was a tragedy.

There are only 61 officers assigned to the 5th Division, where the Highlands is located, while there are as many as 93 officers assigned to the 1st Division, where there have been 19 homicides this year. 
And specialized units that deal with gangs, drugs and violent crimes are more likely to spend their time in some of the higher-crime areas of Louisville's West End.
But the optics of shifting officers' duties in a low-crime, predominately white area while black bodies are stacking up like cordwood just a few miles to the west sends the wrong signal.
It says that those who worry after they hear gunshots in their neighborhood for the first time after two long years of peace matter more than those who hear it most every night. 

Last week, we learned the elite in control of America believe it's not okay to be white.

Jason Spencer, a white male living in an area of Louisville where more than 9 of 10 residents are white, found out just how little it matters to be white in America.

Having gotten married on nine days prior to his murder, Spencer was gunned down by black males (teens) while out for a walk after just returning home from their Disneyland honeymoon.

There's no happy ending here folks.

Just another white male murdered by blacks in America, with virtually no media interest outside of the city where it happened. And even in Louisville, writers for the Gannett-owned paper are upset additional police resources are going to help make predominately white areas of the city (you know, areas of Louisville where actual taxpayer live) safer after a white male was gunned down by black teens while walking with his new bride. News, Weather & Sports


Anonymous said...

Please-don't use the word "male" like all the anti-White media-call him a White MAN-not a "white male".

Anonymous said...

Jason Spencer joins, albeit posthumously, the millions of whites brutalized by Africans-in-America. Except for family and friends, nobody cares. I care. Whites, who are really a nation unto themselves, are officially sojourners in America; I think the term Displaced Europeans is more appropriate.

The White Natuon compromised of 200 million whites are not a free people. We need a country that we can call our own where we can: walk the streets without black terrorism; our money will not be confiscated and given to those who seek our demise; a right to keep out those who are meant to replace us; establish programs and financial support to those who want to procreate (God bless the Polish President for asking his people to multiply like rabbits. Any Displaced European politician in America would face the riot act); and our children would have access to the best education in the world. Specially, they would all get nutritious school lunches, regardless of income, and attend schools where they will not be bullied and beaten by negro thugs.

Jason Spencer died as a stateless man with no representation. We have to toss off garbage like the NFL and unite for national liberation. The VietCong and North Vietnamese were our enemies. But you have to admire them for not giving up until all foreigners were ejected from their country.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

Thank God SBPDL and Paul Kersey is back. (No apologies to you God hating heathens in the group). I was having serious withdrawal symptoms from no SBPDL. It's great to have everyone back. I feel like I'm home again.

Anonymous said...

/A fourth juvenile suspect, who is 13 years old/

Even at my most cynical and nihilist, I thought I could be willing to give my all for children who are our future after all.

I'm beginning to redefine what 'children' includes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the uppity white general in the Air Force who accused his white cadets of the unforgivable sin of racism would say to this. Why this white man general? Why the damned weekly carnage of white people at the hands of thugs? I don't think the white moron general looks at the news other than MSNBC. He is obviously a braindead liberal and democrat supporter.

We read the weekly tragedies of young, old, and middle aged whites dying at the hands of these feral black beasts. What would YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and MSN have white people do? Say the white guy was at fault? IF those liberals would for once pull their heads out of their asses and look at the facts they would see that blacks are the problem with America; not white people.

Here is my prediction, the same will happen next week. White people will be killed in a robbery, or a white woman raped by a feral black. There is no cure for blacks. They are what they are so we need to stop being disingenuous about black character. I do base my judgement on the content of their character, and want nothing more to do with their race.

Brian in Ohio said...

At least he went down fighting. I just hope to god we don't have to hear his wife say she forgives his killers.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Dean Buvia said...

The silence of the civil rights mafia is deafening.

Mr. Rational said...

the optics of shifting officers' duties in a low-crime, predominately white area while black bodies are stacking up like cordwood just a few miles to the west sends the wrong signal.

I note that the reporter can't be bothered to ask "what were four Black teens doing in that 93% White neighborhood with a gun... or doing there, period?"

The only thing that will fix this is Jim Crow on steroids.  Not just "don't let the sun set on you here, Blackie"... but "show your face here and anyone who shoots you gets a bounty."  Unfortunately, that would take a revolution.  And it may be coming anyway.

Anonymous said...

The only solutions to this Shit: Segregation, Separation, Sentinels, Sentries, or Suicide.

North Detroit said...

It might be okay to be white, but it is not safe.

Non PC Infidel said...

If bodies are stacking up like cordwood in black areas, the reporter needs to place the blame where it belongs- on the black residents and their thug children. Additionally, he needs to stop expecting or demanding that white people do something about a black problem. It's NOT our problem unless they bring it to OUR areas and that's what white taxpayers are paying their taxes for- to have the cops protect their areas from the uncivilized, low IQ, violent jungle inhabitants. That being said, most whites I know don't give a flying f*ck what blacks do to each other and couldn't care less- blacks can kill each other by the hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands- whites just want it kept out of their areas by any means possible.

As for the reporter moaning about cops being reassigned to white areas where most of the taxes are forthcoming from, that too makes me sick. Why should whites have to pay for anything for blacks? That includes using their tax money to provide police and any other services to negroes. Let the rotten negroes fund that themselves and, if they can't, that's just too damn bad. They can live in the 3rd world pestholes they create for themselves. None of my business or concern. In fact, I wouldn't care if the rotten things started eating each other just as they do in Africa or hacking each other to pieces to get magical ingredients for their juju rituals.

Sentence the moaning, bleeding heart reporter to live in da hood. He'd deserve it! Maybe then he'd learn a thing or two and stop moaning~ or simply be moaning from the stab wounds, broken bones or gunshot wounds he receive for being "dat white boy dat don't belong in da hood."

Anonymous said...

PK, when I tried to preview a response to the prior article (on the NAACP vs the national anthem), I got a message stating invalid domain name then a redirection to Google sign in.

Californian said...

A fourth juvenile suspect, who is 13 years old, has been arrested in connection to Sunday's homicide in Cherokee Triangle. The three other suspects, all 15 years old...

Think about this next time some news item refers to "teens." 13 and 15 year olds gunning down people in the streets.

Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell called the incident a "botched robbery attempt" ...

Ah, yes, of course. Another robbery-gone-wrong(tm). Had it only gone right and Mr Spencer just been relieved of his cash, cell phone, automobile, and sense of security.

A police statement on Tuesday said Spencer had a gun and returned fire at the suspects.

Good for Spencer!

The first suspect was found shot Sunday near the intersection of 11th and Hill streets in the Park Hill neighborhood.

Cue the chorus: the teen was an honor student who was turning his life around by aspiring to rap stardom. One awaits the announcement of his being conferred with an honorary degree in aeronautics.

"Murder and violent gun crime in the Highlands are rare, so, naturally, District 8 is shocked, saddened and scared right now,"

Let me fix that: "Africans-in-America in the Highlands are rare..."

But the optics of shifting officers' duties in a low-crime, predominately white area while black bodies are stacking up like cordwood just a few miles to the west...

And who pray tell is "stacking up" black bodies like cordwood?
a) Gun violence
b) Robberies gone wrong
c) KKK-Neo-Nazi-MAGA-Hat-Wearers
d) Africans-in-America committing homoicides

It says that those who worry after they hear gunshots in their neighborhood for the first time after two long years of peace matter more than those who hear it most every night.

And who is firing off those gunshots?

a) Guns discharging of their own accord
b) Robberies mysteriously going wrong
c) KKK-Neo-Nazi-MAGA-Hat-Wearers
d) Africans-in-America

You will be tested.

Anonymous said...

Were White people gunned down by blacks right after their honeymoons when segregation was in force?

Just askin...

Anonymous said...

What you're not getting is that this sort of killing is EXACTLY what is supposed to be happening. The scope and pace will

(((They))) are attempting to wreck your nation. They're doing OK aren't they?

Brainwash Humans so they don't fight back, accept hordes of savage blacks amongst them, and then sit back and watch the invaders breed, age, and kill their host. Easy-peasy.

Look at who controls the media and then you'll see why these stories are buried, and the Trayvon ones are played 24/7 in flashing lights nationwide. The civil war started awhile ago...the casualties are coming in faster and faster...

Ohio born said...

Wikipedia claims non hispanic white world population at 6.5%. We are the minority folks. Its ok to kill yt is the message! The message I got from the article is that whites are tax slaves and easy picking for the orcs. No need to worry about killing yt or wasting tax money keeping the slaves safe. "It's ok to be white?"

Anonymous said...

More cops won't help anything, all they can do is take a report after the deed has been done. And 'profiling' is of course a 'no-no'.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Black Lives Matter terrorists!

Anonymous said...

"I think the term Displaced Europeans is more appropriate."

No, you are Americans surrounded by displaced African savages.

Anonymous said...

age is sometimes not a meaningful term.
13, 6 foot, 140 pounds, low IQ and High T[estoserone]..raised in the projects. his mama is 29 and his grandmamma is 45. they are mentally retarded.

get it?

Anonymous said...

Not in MSM headlines.

Big shock.

Mr. Rational said...

Ex-Detroiter has found us again!  You and I still need to find time to have a beer.

Anonymous said...

Send them all to chappaqua. Let Bill and Hillary rehabilitate them. Low income criminals housed alongside working, law abiding citizens. Another great idea brought to us by social justice lunatics. Funny, the social justice warriors never bring the dregs to their communities.

Anonymous said...

"But the optics of shifting officers' duties in a low-crime, predominately white area while black bodies are stacking up like cordwood just a few miles to the west..."


1. White areas are low-crime
2. Unpoliced negroes stack up like cordwood

I'm trying for a Ph.D in Black Studies.

Brian in Ohio said...

"While black bodies stack up like cordwood."

A little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark story.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Pat Boyle said...


As winter approaches the number of commercials for Caribbean resorts seems to grow.

If you watch very much TV you will have noticed that about a year ago we suddenly started seeing more negroes than ever before in the commercials. It seems to grow more and more each week. Six months ago we started to see groups at restaurants and in other social setting which had a black person just sitting there with the white people. This of course is possible and probably happens occasionally. But in general white couples do not have black couples with whom they dine.

Then a few weeks later we started to see more and more mixed couples. There would be a white woman whose companion would be a black man. I don't think this observation is just a reflection of my personal prejudice. There are other elements that are noteworthy.

Blacks are not the majority minority in America. About 13% or 14% of the population is black. But probably 16% or 17% of the American population is Hispanic. But you never see Hispanics in TV commercials or East Asians. Only blacks are so favored. This seems to point toward a federal racial policy forced on broadcasters.

So in general nowadays when you see people in a commercial they always have a couple negroes in amongst the whites. Except in those aforementioned Caribbean commercials. The vacationers frolicking in the sun all seem to be white.

That's odd because Jamaica where they have the big resorts is 97% black (according to Wikipedia). So we have a perfect symmetry - whites are portrayed as completely mixed with blacks in the white mainland, and in the black islands everyone in sight is white.

This is not just a coincidence. It is wise for Sandals to try to whitewash the people it shows on TV from Jamaica. Kingston and Montenegro Bay are rife with petty crime, rape and murder. Kingston is a perennial contender for the title "The murder capitol of the world". But you would never guess that from the glitzy commercials filled with happy carefree white people.


Anonymous said...

Pat, you are spot on. The recent Wal-Mart kids Christmas flyer arrived last Sunday. There are 39 kids pictured and 16 of them were niglets!
Macy's often has a coalburner on the front page.
It's appalling to see this propaganda. Every single day I read about a mudshark either being killed or beat up to a pulp.
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. And the article quoted tries to make it seem like he was basically having a gun-battle with these teens, and that they were somehow just unlucky to be there or something. This is absolutely sick. I think honorable men need to start coming together and figuring out how to take control back, and keep their areas safe. And I highly doubt that the police wants to take more risk in trying to fight the unbeatable crime rate happening in all the negro areas. Why would they want to put themselves in danger to protect these people? And why should they? I can´t come up with an answer.

Anonymous said...

The Courier (above link) says: A 30 year old man was shot and killed following an ALTERCATION. The way black-on-white crime is obfuscated and downplayed is nefarious. What "altercation"?!? The ROBBERY & MURDER by three depraved violent Africans?

The degree to which the media and other institutions coddle, excuse, and favor blacks has me at the end of my patriotic rope. This country is toast. My nation is my people.

Non PC Infidel said...

In reading one of the articles about the murder, one thing stands out above all others- everyone quoted is trying to blame everything on "gun violence" rather than on the negro violence that it truly is. I wonder if they'd feel better if the victim had simply been stabbed or perhaps slashed to death with a machete? No doubt they'd be babbling about knife and machete violence instead of the negro violence responsible.

A neighbor (Mutchnik) who tried to help the victim babbled, "While each of those individuals felt like they were using their guns for something they felt was justified, the ownership and use of a gun has one purpose: to enforce an individual or a small group of individuals will over another." He further babbled that, "I think the larger issue is that the danger that the presence of literally dozens of these guns poses to people in the surrounding areas is something that needs to be addressed." No, fool, it's the presence of feral negroes, not guns.

Until whites (like the fool quoted) stop blaming inanimate objects like guns for the violence committed by negroes, no solutions will be forthcoming. Additionally, he misinterprets someone carrying a gun for protection from murderous thieves as "trying to enforce an individuals will over another." Yes, fool, it's the will to survive and to be prepared to the best of one's ability in case of an attack by criminal negro scum. The solution is not to ban guns but to ban negroes from coming into areas where they don't belong and have no business being.

I'd like to say all that to this Mutchnik fool but what do you want to bet that he'd start babbling about racism, multiculturalism, inclusiveness and diversity? Or making excuses for the feral negroes due to their life circumstances and how it's all the white man's fault and "more needs to be done" for them.

I think I'll go throw up in disgust now. White cucks just affect me that way.

Anonymous said...

The Gap Christmas family, in its advertising, is a black family. I was at the mall and found myself standing there staring at the billboard for a black Gap Christmas. Keep spoon feeding it but it doesn’t become more palatable.

Anonymous said...

While District 8 is shocked, Section 8 say, "It just anudduh day in da hood, homie!"

"Murder and violent gun crime in the Highlands are rare, so, naturally, District 8 is shocked, saddened and scared right now," Councilman Brandon Coan said in a newsletter to constituents Tuesday night."

Anonymous said...

I think I'll go throw up in disgust now. White cucks just affect me that way.

I know the feeling.

The cucks can get away with cucking because there are White men and women with guns who are going to protect them, regardless of how idiotically they behave. But what happens when those Whites with guns are no longer there to hold back the rising tide of color? Look at South Africa, post apartheid. Or countries like Britain where the civilians have been disarmed. The cucks learn, too late, why Whites need guns.

D-FENS said...

This story reinforces the 5-10 percent rule. At a negro population of 5%, you should be preparing to move. At 10%, you should be out. Obviously, a White enclave in a 22% negro city is not safe. The victim must have sensed this as he was armed for a simple walk around his “White neighborhood”.

Texian said...

I have to agree with Pat above about the TV commercials. It is very rare to see one that doesn't include Africans and most of the time they are the main spokesman. And now a lot of mixed couples and kids.
If you see a commercial with more than three people in it, they are likely to be a black, an Asian and a white. Just amazing.


To all the Liberal-Leftist Supremacists:

Which will LOWER crime in any area?

A) Banning all GUNS

B) Banning all Negroes

Anonymous said...

Obama and his Section 8 housing money to blacks has put many black criminals into White neighborhoods. Also blacks know most Whites know the nogone zones where they live and don't go there so the blacks come into White neighborhoods hunting Whites.

Anonymous said...

If you watch very much TV you will have noticed that about a year ago we suddenly started seeing more negroes than ever before in the commercials.

Marketing as a degree isn't as dry as accounting or an MBA and there are a lot of cush classes which makes it attractive to liberals. This is why there are so many liberals in marketing. Multi-national corps just hand money over to these NYC based marketing companies.

Liberals are still angry about the election and blame White America and they are going to inject their message wherever they can. Most liberals think everything is merely a matter of environmental conditioning. Hence White America just needs to be conditioned into being good little negro loving globalists.

It really is overdone these days though. Seeing a family of Negroes (with a polite dad) driving a 4x4 through snowy mountains is really amusing. I'm also seeing a lot more commercials where a nice well dressed Black family has to deal with a White idiot. Meanwhile here in reality some report came out not long ago that showed how it is now normal for single Black mothers to have multiple donors I mean dads.

One giant taboo in TV commercial land is that you cannot have a Black criminal in a commercial. Burglars and scammers MUST be White. I wonder if these marketers really think we don't notice this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well at least this guy went down shooting. A real tragedy but at least it wasn't a case where he begged for his life only to be executed or have his woman raped.

We need more than concealed carry. White people need to start carrying 10mm handguns and mini-AKs. Pack heavy with hollow points. Always have a knife as well for backup.

Black youff need to be scared of Whites putting big holes in them that White man's magic medicine can't fix.

Let them stick to robbing their own.

Anonymous said...

Look at South Africa, post apartheid. Or countries like Britain where the civilians have been disarmed. The cucks learn, too late, why Whites need guns.

Well in all fairness the South Africans weren't given a choice. The government handed the country over to Blacks and those Blacks basically elected their equivalent of Democrats.

But yes to Britain. The British turned weak after WWII. Makes me wonder if the eugenic societies were right about war being dysgenic for strength.

Anonymous said...

So this idiot journalist is trying to downplay his death a mere 2 days after it happens?

It's called Black creep you moron.

Yes the cops should be focused on White areas. Why shouldn't they? Black communities have shown that they don't want to work with the police.

Anonymous said...

This proves that even an almost all-white community is not white enough.

Non PC Infidel said...

I killed my tv many years ago so I don't know how bad the propaganda has become. However, I do recall it was already pretty horrible back in the late 90's. After I'd killed my tv, there were incidents where I'd go to a friend's house and they'd turn on the tv and start channel surfing only to start cussing like sailors because every show and commercial had blacks in them.

In my own case, when the cable company asked me why I was canceling cable, I explained the situation about blacks infesting everything on tv even though they're a minority population and concluded with the statement, "I live in Knoxville, Tennessee-NOT Nairobi, Kenya!" I mean, it would make sense to see so many blacks on tv if I lived in Africa but I don't! Enough is enough!

chattanooga gal said...

"A 30 year old man was shot and killed following an ALTERCATION. The way black-on-white crime is obfuscated and downplayed is nefarious. What "altercation"?!? "
I once had a relative who was jumped on by 4 feral blacks and robbed. the police put it down as an altercation.

Anonymous said...

The commercial comments are spot on, same with movies any mainstream nonsense. Try this Google american family and look up images generated.Then Google happy american family and do the same. So obvious and so pathetic but is how the cultural left works.

Anonymous said...

They should restore the stop and frisk attitude in todays policing. Get the guns off the streets. But racial profiling seems to be the reason they stopped......which to me is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If you have a city that is 85% black, of course there is going to be more blacks than whites getting frisked.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Most liberals think everything is merely a matter of environmental conditioning."

Stoddard calls this "environmentalism"

The modern philosophy of the Under-Man is at bottom a mere "rationalizing" of the emotions of the unadaptable, inferior, and degenerate elements, rebellious against the civilization which irks them and longing to revert to more primitive levels. We have already seen how the revolutionary spirit assails every phase of our civilization, the climax being the Bolshevik attempt to substitute a "proletarian culture." Most significant of all are the attacks launched upon science, particularly the science of biology. Revolutionists are coming to realize that science, with its stern love of truth, is their most dangerous enemy, and that the discoveries of biology are relentlessly exposing their cleverest sophistries.

Accordingly, the champions of the Under-Man, extremists and "moderates" alike, cling desperately to the exploded doctrines of environmentalism and "natural equality," and dub modern biology mere class snobbery or capitalist propaganda.

----The Revolt Against Civilization

Required reading around here.

Anonymous said...

The take-away from this is that even being armed is not a guarantee of survival.

As Sean Connery asked Kevin Costner's character (Elliott Ness) in "The Untouchables",...

"What are you prepared to do?"

Approached by four wild, black, loud teenagers should be advanced enough warning for anyone. Don't wait for the 'fight' to start to have your gun in your hand. Don't wait till you see a pistol to use yours. The numbers tilt the scale. Try to tilt it back. The fight doesn't start with the first punch or first starts with intent. If you're accosted by four people you have no familiarity with, you are in danger. Getting out of danger should be your ultimate goal.

"What are you prepared to do?"

"Anything", should be your answer.

Fire first when you recognize a threat? Yes. To me, four to one odds constitute a deadly advantage. You are at their mercy and you should not remain there.

Train with your pistol like your life depends on it. Guess why?

These miscreants you meet are not high-end trained mercenaries...they're kids with no conscience who will cut you open just to see what's inside. There is no training behind what they do. There is only viciousness. We, on the other hand, have traded in our viciousness to live in polite society. We must supplant that viciousness with proper training. Be prepared in your mind to take a life. Ease your conscience with the fact that they would tapdance on your face and high five one another all the way back to the ghetto if the chips fall in their favor. Your violence must be switched on and off. You must rise up suddenly and unexpectedly like a tidal wave from a still pond. Learn to 'stack' your opponents to minimize the strength of their numbers. Don't stand in the middle of a gang and expect a good outcome. Be a moving target.

We've lost our country, my friends. We are moving towards a South African Post-Aparthied government. It was done before here after the civil way. Blacks were put in charge of local government in the south and the result was catastrophic. At the point you can no longer legally defend yourself against them, then you know the writing is on the wall.

Left Coast White Guy said...

That black reporter at the end of the video looked pissed about have to report on this white guy's death.

10mm AUTO said...

So here we have a man, aware enough to carry a gun and still killed by Orcs. This is the best we can hope for given the circumstances. I mean he had the situational awareness that he was being hunted, he was equipped with a weapon, he got his weapon out, he pointed at the right threat, he got a shot off hat hit the Orc. What more can we ask? We can't expect every person to be Harry Callahan, nor can technology make them so. What is the answer?

A White Nation.

We can not live under these conditions. It is bad enough to worry about your children being killed by the usual accidents of life, car accidents, falls, etc. But now a huge worry for parents is the loss of children by Orcs. They are everywhere and they are breeding rapidly, pushing you out of health care, pushing you out of your home by the "Black hand of Economics", and hungrily waiting for the day you become a minority in your own nation.

All Whites, together can fix this problem.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Ohio Machinist said...

Sundown Laws need to make a comeback .

Rebel said...

I'm working in the Louisville area. I don't watch a lot of news, but a place I eat dinner a few nights a week has the TV tuned to a local channel. The news is usually on when I'm there. I hadn't seen this story until here. I haven't heard anyone locally say anything about it. The local news has been preoccupied with University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino's cheating/corruption/firing and what's going to become of the basketball team. How sad.

I'm also stunned to learn Louisville is only 22% african. I stay away from the city. Kentucky is actually beautiful all around Louisville. Full of good, honest (white) working people. The city? It's rough. I presumed Louisville is 50-60% black. Dirty, crime-ridden, violent. It's got the usual filthy ghetto, mostly blighted downtown with the usual hopeful white people trying to make a hip, vibrant urban scene, the usual neighborhoods of Victorian homes that have been gentrified and restored by the usual white professionals composed of an outsized percentage of wealthy gay couples. The hopes are always the same. For a diverse, cool, urban place where blacks will behave.

But, just like the white suburbs that sprung up as white flight accelerated to escape africans being africans in the suddenly desegregated cities, the hopes and dreams of this generation of white hopefuls will be dashed. As we know, the suburban escapes of whites legally included blacks who could escape the africanization of the cities. And any african necessarily includes other africans. Just as day follows night. Increasing numbers of africans always corresponds to decreasing numbers of whites & asians. Which leads to increasing numbers of africans.

These hip millenials think they're going to revitalize Louisville (and every other city) and it'll include a new cooperation and love with local africans. As always, the first ones there when the clubs are trendy, the young professional girls are hot and the drinks are expensive...those africans will behave themselves. But wherever there is even one african, there are more on the way. And they bring crime, flith and unspeakable violence with them.

Seems every generation of whites has to learn the awful truth about africans for themselves.

I call it suicidal altruism.

Rebel said...


Regarding africans in every commercial: You're correct. But it's not any sort of broadcast mandate. It's just simple virtue signaling by the advertiser. Basically, they're signaling "Hey! We're not racist at our company. Use our product!" It's not just on TV. It's in print advertising and billboards, too.

There's a stretch of highway I travel frequently. Lots of billboards. The city doesn't even have too large of a black population. But I noticed one morning that billboard after billboard featured blacks and only blacks. Large companies. Large, expensive billboards. I noticed because there was a silliness to them. They weren't the least bit realistic.

A handsome black father, dressed like a white man (as opposed to FUBU, South Pole, or other 'urban wear' hanging low off his butt as typical of africans), frolicking with his adorable black son on the neatly manicured lawn in front of a large suburban home. I laughed as I though about the last stat I saw where +/-75% of blacks are born to single mothers.

A handsome (white-ish) black couple thoughtfully considering their options for life insurance.

A black woman burning the midnight oil pouring over books working on her college degree.

I noticed a few trends with all these billboards.

#1: All of the black females are portrayed basically the same. Extremely caucasion features (smaller lips, no giant-nostriled african nose, no sloped forehead...just very caucasion facial features), very smart-looking white girl clothes, but with wild african hair. The unmistakable message is "I'm black, but I'm exactly like you. Same face, same clothes, same interests. But I'm also uniquely black, therefore very cool."

#2: Billboards advertising colleges and universities are almost 100% exclusively black. No matter the college. Black people (usually with that wild hair) in cap & gown getting a diploma, black people sitting on the quad studying, black people wearing lab coats and eye protection holding up a beaker of liquid and looking at it with curiosity, etc. I'm convinced there's market research out there that africans under-utilyze the student loan system and there's a gold mine for the schools if they can just convince africans to come to their college.

#3: The products & services advertised are almost never things that blacks want. Colleges? Life insurance? Investment planning? This is the giveaway. These billboards featuring africans aren't meant to impress africans. Maybe the college ones are. But the rest of them are aimed squarely at white people. "Look at us! We like black people! We're so NOT racist, we'll put them right up front in our advertising! You can show YOU'RE not racist, too, by using our product or service!" It's an appeal to whites who want peace. Not blacks. It appeals to the image of africans that white people WANT to be true. It has nothing to do with the reality of africans in America.

I counted the other day. Over about a 10 mile span of highway there were 12 billboards that featured pictures of people. 10 featured exclusively black people. 1 featured former NFL coach Tony Dungy (black guy) with 2 white kids and some message about him being a "SuperDad". The last one of the 12 featured a black woman with some barely discernable friends who I think were white. 12/12 featured africans. Whites played a supporting role in 2.

All this is to say nothing of the TV commercials that seem to have blacks in every one and many interracial black/white couplings.

Corporate America is disconnected from regular America. They think we WANT this.

AnalogMan said...

Rebel said...


Regarding africans in every commercial: You're correct. But it's not any sort of broadcast mandate. It's just simple virtue signaling by the advertiser.

No, it's not that. That may even be what the advertiser thinks he's getting. In practice, advertisers do what their advertising agencies tell them. After all, they're the experts, and we're paying them a lot of money to design our advertising, right? It would be silly to pay top dollar for expert advice, and then not take it, wouldn't it? These guys know what sells.

But just because you're paying exorbitant fees for a service, doesn't mean they're on your side. Look into who owns those advertising agencies. It's the same demographic as owns the rest of the media. Newspapers, TV, Hollywood. And they have their own agenda.

Corporate America is disconnected from regular America. They think we WANT this.

They don't give a dam what you want. You will want what they tell you to want.

But you know what? It's not compulsory. Not all of it. Stop exposing yourself and your children to this crap. Kill your TV. You'll be so glad you did.