Sunday, November 19, 2017

Since Blacks are arrested disproportionately for fare evasion on public transportation, nationwide movement for decriminalization

If nothing is done and the egalitarian world order (EWO) isn't stopped, a misery and darkness will engulf the planet far beyond apocalyptic visions prophesied in end times literature. 

A glimpse of the hellish future is found in Washington D.C., where we learn a massive budgetary shortfall for the Metro (public transportation) falls squarely on fare evasions. Only problem: those getting a free ride vying fare evasion are almost all people of color - black - which means the state must look the other way. [Here’s why some lawmakers are pushing back against fare evasion crackdowns, Washington Post, 11-12-17]:

Allen’s conclusion — that a ­business-suit-wearing white man would be an unlikely target of a fare-evasion sting — is part of the perspective propelling proposed legislation in the District that would decriminalize fare evasion, lowering the maximum possible fine to $100 from $300 and eliminating the possibility of jail time. 
Public transportation can not work in a multiracial society
The D.C. Council’s move mirrors a trend in cities across the country based on a growing awareness among lawmakers of how issues such as legacy policing practices, unconscious bias and systemic racism can unfairly target communities based on race or age — even in the seemingly mundane case of fare jumping. 
Some legislators are questioning whether fare evasion should be a crime at all, arguing that targeted enforcement campaigns are bound to ensnare poor and low-income people who don’t have the money to pay their fares — let alone fines. 
“Absolutely there’s been a raised consciousness on this that did not exist 20 or 30 years ago,” said Nassim Moshiree, policy director at the American Civil Liberties Union of the District of Columbia. “Activism like the Movement for Black Lives has had a positive impact on raising awareness that policing — and the explicit and implicit bias in policing — means that certain communities are impacted in unfair ways. Even when it comes to something like fare evasion.” 
Metro does not get any of the money raised through the fines; those dollars are funneled to the corresponding jurisdictions where the tickets were issued. But the cash-strapped agency is worried about lost fare revenue. Metro Transit Police Chief Ronald A. Pavlik Jr. estimated that the agency loses up to $25 million a year in unpaid fares — a hefty sum for an agency that just announced that it will seek a $29 million increase in the operating subsidies from the jurisdictions that fund it.  
Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said he understands concerns about unfair targeting, but he also thinks that people across demographic boundaries feel a sense of injustice that some people flout the rules and ride free, while others dig deep to pay their fares. 
“It’s a fairness issue, across the entire community,” Wiedefeld said. “You have people in those same communities that they’re concerned about being targeted, who are paying their fares. And I think it’s right that everybody pay their fare.” 
Earlier this year, in Oregon, prosecutors vowed to quit pursuing charges against the majority of fare evaders on Portland’s TriMet light-rail system, after a Portland State University study concluded that black riders were significantly more likely to be suspended from the system for repeat violations.
Wait, what about six percent black Portland?

You read it correctly, the almost 73 percent white city of Portland has abandoned prosecuting fare evaders to protect black people from public displays of perpetuating racial stereotypes. All based on an academic study finding no racial systemic disparity, but just enough of the smell of racism was present to denote something foul going on (even though the study noted blacks were more than likely repeat offenders...). 

We've dismantled our civilization under the auspices of equality and the belief only perverse inherent white racism keeps a racial utopia from spontaneously erupting euphorically nationwide. 

Wherever blacks fail, racism must be blamed as the reason why. [Prosecutors will stop pursuing charges against most TriMet fare evaders, Oregon Live ,1-6-17]:

The district attorneys for Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties announced Tuesday that they will drastically cut back prosecutions of people who evade paying TriMet fares. 
The prosecutors said the move is in response to a Portland State University study in December and their own research that found African American riders caught riding MAX trains without paying faced bans from TriMet at a noticeably higher rate than white riders. 
Fare evaders who are criminally prosecuted have frequently been charged with interfering with public transportation, which is classified as a misdemeanor under state law. Prosecutors say they plan to stop pursuing criminal charges against hundreds of fare evaders caught annually -- except in extreme cases or cases of chronic offenders. 
They don't want the public to take this as a sign that they're going easy on evaders, the prosecutors said, and stressed that people who don't pay to ride will still face consequences. 
Fare evaders could be ticketed and fined administratively by TriMet, they said. Riders who threaten or assault operators or other passengers will still face criminal charges in state court. 
"All people who ride TriMet need to feel safe," said Rod Underhill, Multnomah County's district attorney. 
Defense attorneys cheered the change. 
"I've already sent them a congratulatory email," said Lane Borg, executive director of Metropolitan Public Defender Services. "It's a great thing that they've done this. ... We need to call out racism in the system." 
Borg said he also agreed that the charge of interfering with public transportation didn't fit the act of fare evasion. Those who have been prosecuted repeatedly find themselves in a hole of fines and court obligations that keeps getting deeper -- and often is difficult to escape, he said.
Why not just let all black and brown people ride public transportation for free? Call it the Rose Parks Plan and forever end unfair stigmas of black people being suspects for fare evasion, allowing them to ride free of charge. 
Our civilization was sacrificed to the EWO, and wherever racial differences flare up (mother nature returning with a vengeance), the only logical reaction is to scream "racism" and find a white person/people to blame. 


Detroit Refugee said...

Well, YT is giving up more territory.
When do we push back again?

Negro Antidote said...

Good Lord..... Are Negroes held accountable for anything? Can't offend the POC (People Of Crime)

Roberto said...

Next they'll decriminalize selling crack and drive by shootings.

Non PC Infidel said...

Having never ridden mass transit systems in the USA, I don't know how it works as per ticket monitoring. However, in Japan, you'd never get out of the train station at your destination without a ticket. The ticket had also better be the appropriately priced ticket from point A to point B when shown to the staff manning the exits/turnstiles from the platform or you're not leaving until you pay the correct price. Get belligerent and show your ass and the police would deal with you very quickly. No one rides free and no one gets away with trying it- not that such behavior is a problem there.

Where I live now, we have lots of buffet restaurants- mostly American, Japanese, and Chinese buffets and you have to pay BEFORE entering. Additionally, no one's allowed to try and leave/abscond with a ton of "take-out" food they've stolen for later or for friends and family waiting at home. Can you imagine if street bums were jumping the line, trying to eat for free and trying to carry off lots of food when they left? No one would be screaming that they were being arrested disproportionately or that the behavior should be decriminalized because they're poor or for any other reason or because of "disparate impact." Ditto for shoplifting, burglary, driving without a license, no insurance or any other crime.

That begs the questions: Why do black people and their coddlers think blacks should get a pass because they're committing more crime on public transportation than others and being arrested more for such behavior? So what if it has a disparate impact? The impact is earned and richly deserved or are they somehow special and entitled to commit crime because of the color of their skin? And how is it racist to demand they obey the laws as everyone else is required to do and hold them accountable for their behavior?

All the coddling and excuse making for blacks and the whining of blacks themselves needs to stop dead cold. It's ridiculous in the extreme and it's shocking that anyone even listens to it and sympathizes with the thieving little bastards. Instead, blacks should be told to stfu and get over themselves!

Truly, liberalism is a mental illness! I wonder if this nation can regain its sanity but I'm seriously beginning to doubt it. The rot may be too deep.

Anonymous said...

But the cash-strapped agency is worried about lost fare revenue.
So they believe they're losing $25mil to fare jumpers. How many million$ do they lose from paying customers finding alternative transportation, to avoid the groid criminals roaming the trains? Don't answer, Chief Whatsyername, because we know you don't care about the money: you'll just demand additional "operating subsidies from the jurisdictions that fund it."
PK: "Why not just let all black and brown people ride public transportation for free?"
Sounds like a plan. Can Whitey ride for free, by simply stating "I self-identify as a POS/POC", or does he have to put on some makeup like Rachel Dolezal?

Ex New Yorker said...

I have to admit....I love this kind of shit. The best part is that I learned more NEWSPEAK. My favorites in this story was DEMOGRAPHIC BOUNDARIES (aka...slums) and SYSTEMIC DISPARITY (aka....crime). Who and the hell writes this crap.

I think I have reached the point that I no longer GIVE A SHIT about what happens in these cities filled with DISPARITY (aka...teens) and stupid white people. I love to see these geek dip shits get down on their knees so they can kiss blackies ass and prove they are not "racist". This stuff gets more unreal by by the day.

Anonymous said...

At least liberals will be suffering their own punishment on this one. More criminal Black riders for them to sit next to on their way to work. More random youff running around and yelling gibberish.

What gets me is that liberals and Black leaders don't seem to think it is realistic to expect these youff to walk.

When I lived in the city I could not believe how many people would sit and wait 20 minutes for a bus instead of walking.

Why sit on a smelly rambling bus when you can get a nice relaxing walk? The other thing that got me was seeing White people walking on treadmills in the gym when it was nice out.

Anonymous said...

They've been coddled, excused, and favored for 50+ years. The country obsesses over trying not to offend them. Instead of recognizing the countless ways in which this country's institutions have made their advancement a priority and showing gratitude, they are angrier and more dysfunctional than ever. Imagine a planet without them and then tell me with a straight face that they're not a net negative.

I'm embarrassed to admit that there was a time when I was naïve enough to think that the only difference was "skin color".

PB said...

Safe, rapid mass transit. Yet one more nice thing America can't have.

D is for depressing said...

"$25 million a year in unpaid fares — a hefty sum for an agency that just announced that it will seek a $29 million increase in the operating subsidies from the jurisdictions that fund it."

From the suburbs I suppose? Another reason why no one with a sane, rational mind should support public transportation. Not only because of the fact that it brings the dindus to the suburbs but also because it is a well disguised plan to redistribute wealth.

Here in Detroit, the recent RTA plan would call for a percentage increase in tens of thousands of taxable value on a home. Of course, the houses in the suburbs are worth more than those in Detroit, so the BURDEN to subsidize the RTA plan would have fallen disproportionately on the suburbs, while most of the passengers would have been from Detroit bringing their dysfunction to the suburbs. Thankfully, the plan was voted down.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they deal with fare jumpers in Wakanda?

Oh wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

Black as a sword against white civilization, and as a shield against the resulting conveniences from poor, typical negro decision making. The new black entitlement: freedom from being held accountable to law- the white man's law.
Everywhere in the world, across time and space, the same dysfunctional attributes can be found in Africans.

juvenal said...

That's right. Can't let those " whites in business suits" get with not paying their" fare ". You know, the ones paying ninety percent of taxes in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Then what WHITES need to do is start fare evading every chance they get and then complain they THEY are unfairly targeted. What's next, most blacks don't have driveers licenses or insurance so stop enforcing that as well? Something tells me that's next.

Anonymous said...

I think this lessening of the law is cowardice on the part of blacks and whites to surrender to the black thugs. I have no idea what kind of third world piece of crap they want to live in, but if we don't kick back as a people, negroes will destroy everything. The bad ones are about 3% of the population. We need to deal with them in a forceful manner that gets even their 80 IQ points to notice.

chattanooga gal said...

"they somehow special and entitled to commit crime because of the color of their skin? "
Yep, that's it. they use this same excuse from everything to murder- blacks get arrested for it more, so make it legal for them. Maybe all we white people need to refuse to pay our taxes and then scream disparate impact that more whites than blacks are being arrested for tax evasion- must be racism!

Anonymous said...

The bad ones are more like 40%, while the other 60% cover for them.

Poor impulse control, lack of future time orientation and a complete absence of empathy is what we're dealing with here.

Even that UCLA sportsball nog's dad thinks it's no big deal to take unlawfully from others.


It's All So Tiresome said...

Since those arrested for rape is disportionately male, is the criminalization of sexual assault misandrist? No it's not! Somebody, some group, is ALWAYS going to be the most OR the less at something, regardless of any system bias.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is impossible to avoid the groid on the Toronto subway now, I wonder how many of them got on without paying? If blacks in Toronto are same as they are in America...this explains the TTC funding shortfall.

It wasn't like this twenty years ago. I saw maybe ONE black per subway trip ten years ago, panhandling, now there are bucks and sheboons in every subway car, and those that don't know each other spread out.

I used to avoid sitting next to men because both of us would be uncomfortable - my father says whenever he sits next to women on the transport in Hong Kong he would he keep his elbows tucked in and hands clasped to avoid misunderstanding. Now, on a particularly negroid infested car, I would sit or stand near a human man rather than an empty row of seats for safety reasons.

Ohio born said...

It's 13% that are bad!! All of them!!

D-FENS said...

I despise the CATO Institute’s advocacy for an open-borders policy, but they have a study that predicts a collapse of mass transit by around 2030. This would remove a conveyor belt for criminals.

“Four trends that are likely to become even more pronounced in the future place the entire industry in jeopardy: low energy prices; growing maintenance backlogs, especially for rail systems; unfunded pension and health care obligations; and ride-hailing services.”

I am skeptical that energy prices will remain low for the next decade, but the other trends are sure reasonsble.

Anonymous said...

What about MLK Jr.'s dream that ALL should be treated equal?


Perhaps I shouldn't mention this idea.....but.....for Social is my solution:

Whatever the fair fare is, presently, should be TRIPLED and all White (Racist) riders must be forced to pay it.

From the payments of this Fair Fare, all negroes should be PAID when they ride the metro.

In this way, the White (Racist) riders can thus volunteer to make up for past racism against negro riders, who were denied access in the 1700, 1800 and 1900 centuries.

Anonymous said...

“B----, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b-----s
like you f---ing c---!”!” the man yelled, according
to Saia.

This is our future. As the nation continues to get 'browner' incidents like these will become more and more common.

It is also important to note that the good samaritan who came to Ms. Saia's aid was a white male. The police officers who arrested this vile creature are in all likelihood mostly white males also. I suspect the desk officer that turned her away initially is an affirmative action hire.

Something for white women to consider in the coming storm.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, white people are more likely to be targeted by the Free Fare Brigade, hence some white people paying unreasonable sums of money to excercise.

Remember the gal who jumped out of the car after being carjacked, robbed and then threatened with gang rape? She was befriended by Youths Experiencing Systemic Racism (Pronounced "Yes sir!" after the well known deportment of these truthful and work-oriented people worldwide).

Remember the jogger who was hacked to death by the mentally ill, failed feetsball "playa"? Yeah, nice day for a jog, huh? Never a nice day to be hacked to death by a jungle ape alongside a trail (like his Bantu ancestors programmed him to do!)

Anonymous said...

"Imagine a planet without them and then tell me with a straight face that they're not a net negative".

Imagine the planet without us, and then tell me with a straight face we're not a net positive.

Strange how logic works, sir. The inverse of your assertion seems immutably true!

Unknown said...

It looks like the Dems have finally accepted the fact of racial inequities and are doing their best to hide them.

Anonymous said...

Youtube star Rucka Rucka Ali has a great parody song that addresses black people's apparent lack of free will- it's called "Can't Stop Stealing".


"Nothing I do's my fault because I'm black, black black

And the things I do's determined in advance"

Expecting black people to follow laws or abide by any social contract is just too much for them. So we are basically told that we are all the same when certain demographics routinely disregard the laws that the rest of us have agreed to follow.

Keeping someone for experiencing the consequences of their actions stunts their growth. In this case there seems to be no problem as blacks don't seek to grow much beyond money, bling, drugs and sex. It is amazing to watch the bar being continuously lowered for these "people"- and of course there is no shame in dumbing down our entire society so that they can feel comfortable and not riot and destroy their surroundings.

The fairness of public transportation is that EVERYBODY pays their way so that it can keep operating. The real question is why blacks seem to have no conscience or concern for others- even other black people who are purported to matter. I am so sick of women and other people standing up for these male sociopaths that would surely rape them if given sufficient opportunity.

Why don't you bring them pacifiers

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that there was a time when I was naïve enough to think that the only difference was "skin color".

Nothing to be embarrassed about. Most of us were that naive once and for good reason.

It's spoon fed from birth by the media, schools, government, and churches.

The Great Lie is wrapped into every aspect of Western society.

Practically everyone is raised in a false reality.

Only because of the internet is this false reality questioned.

Sal said...

Because blacks are good in sports, dance music, and pleasure women with big dongs, they have ICONIC and IDOL power. Idols are pagan objects of worship and override any moral consideration. So, blacks can rob, rape, and murder all year around. Moral disapproval of black behavior is overridden by white worship of black idols in sports, sex, and music. Come superbowl time, and even 'racist' whites are cheering for black athletes who hump 1000s of white female fans.

It's like the story of pagan gods. The gods are vain, fickle, egotistical, and destructive. But they are still worshiped and honored for their idolic and iconic power. Their idol power means they are beyond good and evil. They are just awesome.
And women are honored to have sex with gods and have half-god babies even if they will be single mothers. Achilles is the son of a single mother who did it with a god. Today, we see this with white women who would rather be single mothers with mulatto kids than married mothers with white husbands.
Even though black men don't stick around, the white single mother feels blessed to have a child with a REAL man. Jungle fever idolizes black men as the gods of manhood.

Female psychology works that way.

The fatal formula for any race is (1) female freedom + (2) presence of men tougher than the men of your own race.

Female freedom is not a problem IF white men are the toughest in society. Then, white women will use their freedom to stick with white men who are deemed best. But female freedom is a problem in a society where black guys routinely demonstrate their superiority over white guys in sports, fighting, sex, and dance music.

This is why white manhood needs safe space from black threat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe white people shouldnt be allowed on the metro or subways unless they pay for a minority rider. Geez, talk about a burden society.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 3:54 am. You’re not to far off the mark. Southeast Michigan is full of drivers with no insurance. Blacks but what is called L.A. insurance. You buy a two week policy. Get you license or plates and let it expire. Many hit and run accidents due to this problem. No one addressing it either. Car insurance rates in Michigan are the highest in the country. Sure we are paying for those that aren’t.

Californian said...

Well, the System has been giving Africans-in-America a "free pass" for decades:
* Media covering up flashmob attacks by assigning the blame to "teens."
* Academia and emergency services dropping standards for African-in-America applicants.
* Pushing an utterly bogus black "history" narrative.
* Politicos giving rioters "space to destroy."

So why not allow Africans-in-America to ride free on public transit? Look at it this way: if they are on the buses and subways, then the streets are left clear for healthy White perambulators. And, it goes without saying, those perambulators ought to stay alert, stay armed, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"Whatever the fair fare is, presently, should be TRIPLED and all White (Racist) riders must be forced to pay it.

From the payments of this Fair Fare, all negroes should be PAID when they ride the metro."

Centurion, I think you're onto something. I have always admired your imagination and brevity, but this one takes the cake. Think about it for a moment:

It would highly disincentivize white ridership while simultaneously cause even more blacks to flock to "the conveyor belt of crime", as D-Fens aptly stated. Everything near these subways and other public transit is already highly infested for the most part- for some places it is only a matter of time before it goes black and can't come back.

Create duplicate services/businesses that offer the same services and goods, only at a higher price in areas that are not accessible to the crime trains. Basically create a "fake" party for them while we hold the real one somewhere else.

I assume this is already in effect in some areas (i.e. the cheapest bar is also the blackest), but I'm talking much larger scale.

For some reason making blacks follow rules is akin to getting picky children to eat their vegetables. They find them downright oppressive. And we are the ones that are supposed to adapt?

Marc B said...

Since a Great White Defendant will never be found for these kind of offenses, the bar gets lowered again...

Nomad said...

How about the "disparate impact" of taxation on White Men?

Anonymous said...

The subway in my city doesn't have gates that can be hopped over anymore, they have sliding plastic doors. This doesn't deter blacks in any way though. They just lurk near the gates and when some white or asian comes along and uses their card to open the gates they quickly shuffle through right behind them.

Boy do they howl with indignant fury if you dare turn your head to notice them sneaking in right behind you. Like children, they think they are pulling the most clever trick ever and start screaming "you don't know nothin about me!" or other such nonsense when you acknowledge you've caught them.

They do this during the day with an attendant in a booth watching the whole thing. But since 85%+ of these attendants are black, nothing is done. But if a group of drunk whites tries to get through the gates with one ticket, that same black attendant will spring to action, jump out of their booth, hit an alarm, and threaten to call the police if the proper fare isn't paid. After all, the only thing a black person might like better than breaking the white man's rules and laws and getting away with it is enforcing the white man's rules and laws against white people.

Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle and have, on quite a few occasions, seen Black Metro drivers be the ones to encourage people to hop on the bus for free. I've seen White drivers give in out fear or the understandable need to just get their shift over with. But it's completely aggravating to see public transportation taken advantage with consent of the drivers themsleves. Seattle started useing random ticket checks from Metro law enforcement but, like Portland, will the liberal Seattle City Council just give in to lawless ride service? Yeah...just give it time.

awakened white said...

O/T but also near the District of Corruption...

So You can have Diversity or you can have safely. I'll pick the last one.

Non PC Infidel said...

What we're seeing is the birth of a new religion (which has its origins in the 1960's)and which can be called "Dinduism." Similar to Hinduism except instead of allowing sacred cows, rats and monkeys to run about doing anything they want, Dindu's aka negroes are allowed to do so. Anyone objecting or interfering in any way will be severely chastised for their irreligious behavior, thoughts and actions and denounced as a racist heretic.

The High Priests of Dinduism are called Social Justice Warriors and their most sacred rite is virtue signaling combined with moral preening. This often takes place in the coffee shops where they gather for soy mocha latte's with foam but can and often does occur in any social environment or setting.

White Dinduists achieve the third level of sainthood in Dinduism by adopting a black baby straight out of Africa. The second level of sainthood comes when a white Dinduist marries a black and the most holy level, the first level of Dinduist sainthood, is achieved by giving birth to or fathering a black baby. It should also be noted that Dinduists often make holy pilgrimages to Africa (the fourth level of Dinduist sainthood)to dig wells for Dindu's and provide them with other services such as feeding them and so on or they'll donate money to those who do. However, Dinduists who just donate money do not have the same exalted status and are often sneered at by the others.

Today, adherents of Dinduism can be seen marching in the streets and screeching their sacred mantra of "Black Lives Matter!" Some of them even go so far as to reject their own racial identity, frizz their hair up and get a deep tan, join black organizations and try to pass as black in order to be worshipped.

Speaking in tongues- oops! I meant Ebonics- and using words such as dis, dat, dose, dese, dem, dey, and dere is a sign of deep Dinduist spirituality as is listening to the most foul mouthed rap songs possible but the supreme expression of Dinduist religiosity is expressed by tearing down statues of heretics who never worshipped negroes and shredding their flags. Some Dinduists have even been filmed prostrating themselves before negroes on the street and begging for forgiveness in order to receive sacred Dindu blessings. It should also be noted that when Dindu's have Dindu festivals (aka rioting, looting, etc) that it is imperative that a Dinduist place the blame on anti-Dindu heretics for causing it. To do otherwise, is a horrible and unforgivable sin in Dinduism.

Can you say Dinduism, boys and girls? I knew you could!

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

"Even that UCLA sportsball nog's dad thinks it's no big deal to take unlawfully from others."

It's a shame that those three entitled negroes were denied a taste of a non white legal system. Lessons were lost.

Remember the Marine veteran that President Obama left to rot in Mexico a few years ago?


This is what is coming to America: ARE YOU READY?

Anonymous said...

@ Non PC Infidel Best post ever. Almost died laughing


Non-PC Infidel:

Great rant.

Why, since it is the Holiday Time, we can have DinduMas. Black baby. Black daddy/uncle/brother as "daddy", and a scrawny white crack whore as "wholy motha f...ah".

What a wonderful sight to behold. No more "Silent Night" putting us all to sleep, but rather a stereo set of antique 18inch. Altec Lansings blowing out a new carol, "NIGGA NIGHT", with gun shots, rape screams.

I can hear it now.

Anonymous said...

The one that breeds and the one that feeds.

Pat Boyle said...

I know a bit about this issue. I was a grad student at George Washington University in Urban Planning when the Metro system was being built. Our class visited the facilities before they were completed. I had been living in San Francisco before I went back to Washington for school. I was a little bitter about the Metro because BART (the Bay Area system) had been financed by local tax payers but the DC Metro was payed for by the feds.

I said at the time that BART would likely be more appreciated because it was paid for by its users. But this was not the predominant opinion of my classmates. Liberal urban planners and rail fans have always held the view that public transportation should be free. But where this has been tried it hasn't worked well. People don't value what they are just given. That's why back when there were newspapers they always made you pay for a paper even though the paper was financed by its ads not by its price at the newsstand. This is also the kind of thinking that makes Bernie Sanders advocate single payer health care or has made Venezuela the worker's paradise it is today.

The long term result of letting blacks ride free will be a further eroding of the value of blacks. Blacks should worry about this sort of thing more. They march around carrying signs that declare that 'Blacks Lives Matter' but they clearly don't.

Romney said that something like 47% of the public pay no federal taxes. With the new tax proposals now in Congress even fewer people and a great number of them black will ever pay any federal taxes. So what else can they to for the nation? In the old days a country wanted a big population to fill up its army - cannon fodder. But today most blacks can't get into the armed services because they can't score high enough on the qualifications tests. Blacks have less than half as many employed as whites or Asians.

We are rapidly approaching a situation where the whole black race in America has nothing to offer the rest of the nation except basketball. They don't pay their rent. They don't pay their water bills. Now they won't pay for their train fares.

People will begin to wonder why we bother with maintaining such a population at all? That's a day that blacks should fear.



More on Ponte Flats, where I lived at one time.

The White guy who is so proud of living there? I think he mentioned he lives on the 51'st. floor, or something like that.

That would make it near or IN the Penthouse area. These were the primo apartments and my wife and I didn't want to pay the money. If memory serves me, these apartments (top floor?) had their own elevator.

If that is still the case, then this South African Preening Metro-Male doesn't have to ride in the same elevators with the Kaffirs. Imagine that. Sounds like your typical Al Franken voter.

Oh, here is a link to a great song that will make you know what it must feel like to be a White South Afrikaner:

D is for depressing said...

@ Non PC Infidel.

I was having a bad day. Thanks for the laugh. Comment of the day.

I.M. Klewless and Julie...Where are you when we need you?

Pat Boyle said...


I see that Mugabe has been ousted by his former ally who is called "The Crocodile". Fortunately for him that seems to be just a nickname. But in the old days it was quite common for African heads of state to maintain private zoos where they kept crocodiles. Charles Taylor, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, and Idi Amin regularly fed their political opponents to the big reptiles. Amin is thought to have fed hundreds (perhaps thousands) to his pets.

Bokassa and Amin also had special kitchens built where they could also personally eat the political opposition. Maybe when the crocs were full.

My friend and student Africa expert Calvin went to Uganda around the time all this was going on. He never came back. I wonder.


Anonymous said...

Christ on a crutch! Don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies so you can be strong enough to support those in "food deserts/crime oases"!

Brian in Ohio said...

This is why we cant have nice things.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

To hell in a hand basket...I think we’ve arrived.

Anonymous said...

A white man in a business suit isn’t the target because he’s not the one skipping out on the fare. What the hell is wrong with these idiots. It’s like an all points bulletin for a black Lincoln with four black males and pulling over a white Ford Focus with four nuns in it. Dumb beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

A Dinduism prayer

Ow fah-thuh
Who evuh dat be
Ow-no he name
An to da Republic
Fo wut dat be
One nation
Wiff dem White wimminz
An malt likka
Fo all


Unknown said...

Some random thoughts:

- Why would defense attorneys cheer this if it meant they'd get fewer fare evasion clients? Answer: because they know that more blacks on transit means more bigger crimes, and hence bigger fees.

- By lowering the "cost" (i.e. penalty) for fare evasion, they will clearly get more of it. Blacks who paid 90% of the time will now pay less than 90%-- I predict more like 20%. What will happen to make up the lost revenue? Have they even thought about the inevitable revenue shortfall?

- Of course, ridership among the anointed demographic will increase. And "they won't be sending us their best." Nope, if anything the extra ridership will have a higher propensity to commit violent crime. And it's not like we've never seen blacks commit violent crime on subways, is it?

Anonymous said...

I’d be happy to give blacks 2 states and take care of their housing, food, heat etc. but they can’t leave the two states. “Free”everything but with a price, like all “free” things.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of these black parasitic freeloaders who feed on the white host and give nothing in return. They are a burden to society and ruin absolutely everything. They are the opposite of King Midas because everything they touch turns to SHIT!

Anonymous said...

"How many million$ do they lose from paying customers finding alternative transportation, to avoid the groid criminals roaming the trains?" "Why not just let all black and brown people ride public transportation for free?"

Simply have paid carriages and free carriages. Heck - put the free ones at the front of the train, seeing as that's a thing. The platforms would be arranged so there's a barrier, and the trains would stop so as to line up the free/paid division at the barrier.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

"Wherever blacks fail, racism must be blamed as the reason why."
Paul, you nailed it.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"What's next, most blacks don't have driveers licenses or insurance so stop enforcing that as well?"

New Zealand has made it an unofficial policy not to ticket Maori's caught driving without a license...its considered racist to expect them to follow the rules.

I would expect that the US negroes will be next.

Anonymous said...

Same crap in NYC, they decriminalized not paying on the subway in one borough, Manhattan. Except, they've put on buses where you pay outside, get a ticket. If you don't have the ticket there are sometimes, random large groups of Transit security to give you a $150 fine. They're not always around. In my neighborhood, around 50% of the blacks who get on the bus, lean over to the driver to tell them they have no money. The black drivers let them on for free and the white drivers are afraid to say no or they will be attacked. Pretty soon they will be getting fines. Then the mayor will come up with money to pay all the black's fines.

The white woman who was punched in the face by the savage on the subway was kind of nuts. She said in the papers that she wanted to understand why he did it. He did it because you are a white woman and he assumes you will not hurt him back the way a black woman would. He has a record of sexual abuse and was screaming that he rapes white women. What about all he rapes he committed that he wasn't caught for? Violence against whites and white women is a daily occurrence on the subway. There was a case about ten years ago. A white woman was raped in a subway station. Two transit workers witnessed it and did nothing. Did not call the police, didn't yell, didn't chase the animal off. They were acquitted since their union backed them up.

AnalogMan said...

blogger said...

Because blacks are good in sports, blah, blah...

Beat it, troll. Nice try, but over the top. No White person is that cucked.

Mr. Rational said...

Why sit on a smelly rambling bus when you can get a nice relaxing walk?

Walking past the wrong Die-Verse-City can ruin your whole day.  This is the reason White people will drive 20 miles to a place where they can ride their bicycle.

The other thing that got me was seeing White people walking on treadmills in the gym when it was nice out.

No Die-Verse-City in the gym.

Because blacks ... pleasure women with big dongs

That's a myth.  Big Gay Steve over at Vox Day's blog is an expert on dongs, and says so.

Today, we see this with white women who would rather be single mothers with mulatto kids than married mothers with white husbands.

They are already shunned by White men (mostly*).  They will receive worse in the future.

I've found the joke that weeds out the coalburners with mixed babies on dating sites:

Q:  How's a black boyfriend like a woman's period?

A:  They both disappear when she gets pregnant.

* I saw an ad on a dating site from a coal-burner who had a half-dindu older child and a pure-White younger child.  I don't know what the second guy was thinking.  Woke, he was not.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in America, the transit commissioners of a mighty metropolis sit around a highly polished table, fear in their voices...

"What can we do?" the commission chief pleads, hands clasped, "African-Americans are being arrested for riding buses and subways without paying fares. It's not good for our public image!"

"Yes," the city district attorney shakes his head, "the worst crime in America, worse than theft or assault or even driveby shooting, is an allegation of (gulp) 'discrimination'!"

Suddenly, the window bursts open and standing on the ledge is a chill homie garbed in the Mighty Hoodie of Social Justice.

"He's he's..." gasps one commission member.

Continues another commission: "...faster than a hovering traffic control drone, more powerful than a study by a major university..."

And finishing the prologue, the commission chief declares: "'s Dindu Nuffinz!

All eyes are rapt on the Hero of the 'Hood.

"Fear not, oh metropolitan transition commissioners," speechifies Dindu, "just have the district attorney drop all cases against blacks who fare jump."

"Brilliant," the DA agrees, amidst a general nodding of heads, "no blacks in custody, no discrimination!"

A sigh of relief settles over the table of trepidation.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute!"

Everyone turns to the source of the interlocution, an elderly black woman waving her walker over her head to gain attention.

She declares, "Back when I was with the Selma bus boycott, we were proud to pay the fare, our money was just as good as any white's."

Jaws drop.

Has Dindu finally met his match?

Calmly mustering his Voice of Hustle, Dindu states, "It's simple, all we have to do is declare that enforcing fare payments will have a disparate impact on black riders."

Waiting only a moment for the interlocuting lady to be carted away in a strait jacket, Dindu makes his closing statement:

"With blacks now riding the metros for free, you release an announcement that you have taken a step forward for civil rights!"

And with the Hoodie of Social Justice flapping like Al Sharpton's mouth at a press conference, he flies out the window. But wherever there are blacks accused of jumping fares or assaulting people on buses and subways, the cry shall go up:

Dindu Nuffinz!

Katzkiner said...

You do not walk in an American city unless you want to contribute to the fellows party fund or be the life of the party.
Walk!? Are you out of your mind!?

Brian in Ohio said...

Today, we see this with white women who would rather be single mothers with mulatto kids than married mothers with white husbands.

"Rather be"? You mean have to be. They`re damaged goods. No decent white man... hell, no sorry white man, will touch them.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Non PC Infidel said...

"And with the Hoodie of Social Justice flapping like Al Sharpton's mouth at a press conference................" LOL!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor this summer that fare enforcement is not done on the Twin City light rail line in Minnesota for similar reasons -- an outcry against "profiling".

Not that I ever saw fares being enforced on that idiotic project from the beginning. There aren't even turnstiles to jump.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Once you go black don't come back.

Unknown said...

Yes, Negros using ILLEGAL guns commit more murders than all other races COMBINED. Know that even though there are seven times as many White as Blacks, Blacks still commit more murders and more robberies than all other races combined!

Anonymous said...

theyre already attacking whites, robbing and beating us up on public transportation . Let em on for free, that just makes it worse. whites should boycott the buses,if they wave the fee for the blacks , just take cabs and let the whole public transit system go bankrupt. How dare they think whites are gonna keep the bills paid while they get their SJWs points .