Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Operation Neighborhood Redemption in Macon, Georgia Launched by Police: 87% of those arrested are Black

Previously on SBPDL: ‘Worst of the Worst’ (All Black People) Removed From the Streets of Chattanooga; Black Community Comes to Their Defense

In every city in America, police have the data on where criminals are located - especially criminals just out of jail or on parole - and could easily engage in sweeps to make communities safer by arresting them. 

Take for instance Macon, Georgia. Located in Bibb County (52% black and 43% white), Macon is a majority black city where crime - particularly violent crime - is committed almost exclusively by blacks
Operation Neighborhood Redemption in Macon, Georgia was executed by police to make Bibb County safe for law-abiding citizens. 87 percent of those arrested were black

Which is why the police in Bibb County engaging in Operation Neighborhood Redemption is a reminder how we can Make America Great Again: getting tough on crime and unleashing police to arrest those who would dare make communities unsafe. [48 PEOPLE ARRESTED DURING FIRST SIX WEEKS OF OPERATION NEIGHBORHOOD REDEMPTION, NBC Macon, 11-21-17]:

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says nearly 50 people are facing charges following an effort to weed out violence in the community.
It is part of Operation Neighborhood Redemption. 
Since October 1st, deputies say they have been out in neighborhoods where recent acts of violence have occurred. That includes areas like Unionville, portions of East Macon, Pio Nono Avenue, Edna Place, Napier Avenue, Ibex Street, Houston Avenue, and Grosso Avenue. 
Deputies say during the sweep, 48 people were arrested, deputies collected 13 guns, impounded 25 vehicles and issued 50 citations. Deputies say they also executed three search warrants and served 43 arrest warrants. 
“Hopefully Operation Neighborhood Redemption will have a positive effect on these neighborhoods by identifying and removing some of the hoodlums and villains who have been preying on the good people on these streets and who have tarnished Macon-Bibb County’s reputation. We can be grateful for the work of the law enforcement partners engaged in this effort. We want to especially thank the honest and law abiding citizens in these areas for reaching out to the sheriff’s office to tell us of criminal activity around them,” says Bibb Sheriff David Davis.
It should be noted 87 percent of those arrested in Operation Neighborhood Redemption were black.

What does this tell you about how we can use police to truly Make America Great Again?



Detroit Refugee said...

How many of these angry faces could fire @ point blank into an innocent & unarmed white females head?

How many may not, but absolutly won't lead police to the trigger man?

the Watcher said...

Hm. My guess is that racial profiling will be citing as the reason for such a large number of Blacks being arrested.

After all. Blacks are simply held down by Whites.

Honestly I'm amazed such a thing was even reported given the climate in the United States.

Non PC Infidel said...

My step-dad was from Macon, Georgia. Grew up on Napier Avenue near the intersection with Pio Nona. Of course, he was born in the 1920's so when he was growing up, Macon was pretty much a white town and it was, of course, segregated and the negroes kept to their area. Crime was low because they were controlled and knew there'd be hell to pay if they crossed the line.

As is, he told me a very graphic story of what happened to a groid who had attacked a white woman on the street and "got a trip to the woods", a story about how and why Little Richard was chased out of town for "paying too much attention to white boys" if you get my drift. He also told me the Allman Brothers original name was the Allman Joys. Coca Cola was referred to as a "dope" because back when he was young, it actually contained a little cocaine.

Later, after he'd moved to Atlanta, he said he worked for an awning company and sold awnings to Martin Luther King and that King had paid the monthly bill that he went to collect with nickels and dimes. I suppose we can guess where all that change came from. I actually told that last story to some negroes once and they had an astronomical fit and started screaming about lying and racism. Lol. They were so pissed off that, at one point, I thought I was going to be physically attacked.

He also told a story about how he'd worked in a bowling alley back when they still had "pin boys" who'd have to set the pins up after they were knocked down. The building had rats and, after closing at night and the lights were mostly out, the rats liked to get up on the bowling balls (playing around)and sometimes would dislodge them and get them rolling a bit and making a noise. He said it scared the negro pin boys to death and they claimed the building had ghosts and was haunted and refused to stay after closing for any reason whatsoever. The pay for pin boys wasn't all that much but he said on pay day, they'd often come to him to get dollar bills changed into pennies, nickels and dimes so they could walk around in their neighborhoods jingling all that change in their pockets to attract the females who'd think they had lots of money. That kind of behavior is pretty much one of the reasons for the expression "n*gger rich."

In any case, over the decades the town became so infested with groids that after his parent's died, he said he didn't care if he ever set foot in that town again and he never did. Still, it's kind of sad to think that the area he grew up in has become a dangerous negro "paradise" but that's happened to numerous neighborhoods and towns.

Anonymous said...

Make America great again by sending them all back to Africa, and I mean ALL of them!

Ex New Yorker said...

There are now two type of places left in America where a person can choose to live.

WILDERNESS AREAS. This is where feral beast roam around looking for prey.

CIVILIZED AREAS. This is where a person is relatively safe and not in danger.

In these "wilderness" areas (aka....large metropolitan cities) it is very common to encounter subhuman vicious beast prowling the streets looking for their next victim which they plan on beating, brutalizing and butchering. In the late night hours many of these victims can be found hiding inside their homes. They live in fear behind locked doors with security systems. Most have small children and many of them are armed. The evening news always lets them know who was killed or crippled in the local vicinity. Armed robbery, rape, car jacking and home invasions are very common events caused by the local subhuman animals which have taken control of these large and barbaric cities. The local population is heavily taxed so they can subsidize and support the predators who pray on them. Anyone who complains about this is called a "racist".

In these "civilized" areas (aka....the country) the most common predators are raccoons, skunks and snakes (lately an invasion of chicken hawks) none of which will kick in your front door to rape and murder your family. Children are safe to play on the streets. No matter how small the town there is always a swimming pool open in the Summer. People can walk their dogs and not get mugged. No shootings at night. Bake sales to raise money for the high school football team. County fairs where nobody gets shot. The local schools don't have metal detectors. No street gangs. No body bags. No cops. No crime report on the evening news unless you get one of the stations from Denver. The most important thing is there are enough guns that we could invade Canada.

The gun grabbers call these country areas the "wild west". The ones who live here call it the "mild west". To each his own.

Anonymous said...

All of these young people look like Harvard University material to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now, Paul - I can clearly see at least TWO white people in that list!


Anonymous said...

Bad sh#t in the news??.... 'Cherchez la groid'.....look for the nig.

And look at this article!! Amazing comments!! Read em while they last.


chattanooga gal said...

expect to see blacks screaming " racism" and " disparate impact" when they see that picture, just like they did here in Chattanooga. then this whole effort will just quietly fade away, as the community doesn't want to offend the black community over arresting the criminals. same song, second verse.

Anonymous said...

As long as the punishment - incarceration in our joke jails where they do drugs and rim and blow their homies all day - isn't serious, they will keep committing crimes without real fear of being caught. That's why they are in and out of jail ad infinitum.

We need to analyze the Negroid "mind". What is their particular fear? What can we punish them with so that the threat is an actual deterrent to criminal behavior. You have to analyze the allele frequency differences in their genome and see what behaviors result. Go from there.

What scares you and me doesn't scare the orc. Cause dey dindu nuffins!

Get to work YT. Use your higher IQs to win this battle (...For The Planet Of The Apes!).

Anonymous said...

Harrisburg races chart
23,496 47.4%Black alone
12,306 24.8%White alone
10,228 20.6%Hispanic
2,299 4.6%Asian alone
2,066 4.2%Two or more races
860.2%Other race alone
380 .08%Native Hawaiian and Other
Pacific Islander alone
170 .03%American Indian alone

That's the problem!

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Harrisburg-Pennsylvania.html#ixzz4zAXmMHa5

Earl Turner said...

Hi all, glad to find the blog back online. Macon resident here. I had an interview for a job yesterday that will get me OUT of this African infested city. Just waiting on the call to go.

Paul could spend months blogging about Macon and all the other African infested cities and towns that make up a large part of Georgia.

Anonymous said...

We can have concrete enforceable laws or we can have a "race towards fairness".

In a way it reminds me of the kid you would play ball with when you were younger who would keep changing the rules constantly so he wouldn't "lose". So in essence, laws are good and necessary and all that, but if they end up making blacks look or feel bad (there go those pesky things called "consequences") we need to stop everything and reevaluate.

The lengths that whites and other SJWs are willing to go to in order to placate the endless "needs" of negroes is just painful to even look at these days. Every day they seem to get even worse, where is rock bottom for these people? Maybe white liberals are assimilating to Dinduism rather than Dindus assimilating to our lawful (and first world) society. After all, it's much easier to just roll downhill than to strive towards anything.

Why soar to new heights and attempt to reach your true potential when we can all be equal with no standards, no expectations, and no results necessary. The Dindu cannot be changed. Everything in this current "war" relies on whites getting on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Gee, there are no criminals and repeat offenders living near me. I can walk around the neighborhood at any time day or night and the only danger is not seeing a car when you're crossing the street. There is no litter. Kids play outside and people can be seen walking their dogs around the neighborhood constantly during daylight hours. I walk to a park nearby and have never had to worry about someone waiting in the shadows to just me or steal my stuff. The only loud obnoxious music that I am exposed to comes from WHITE teens and young adults and their worship of thug culture is only present for a moment.

I don't see any graffiti, I don't hear about any rapes. People who do commit horrible crimes are caught and shown front and center of the paper on the next day. We don't let each other get away with sht, and you could say that I live in a virtual paradise compared to most people in the world. The secret?

Little to no black people. Yes we have non-white diversity, we just don't have the black kind.

Anonymous said...


And look at this article!! Amazing comments!! Read em while they last.

Some typical comments:

* Clearly it’s time to reverse Brown [vs Board of Education]. Separate but equal worked fine. With far less blood shed.

* 12% of the population … 90% of the problems

* We’re not going to teach our way out of this.

* Sow. Reap.

* I would venture to say that most of these students dindoo nuffin’.

* Want to know what happens when you hit the 70-90% illegitimacy rate for a few generations? Here it is – acting up in school isn’t the problem, never learning how to act is the problem. The village cant fix what the broken family broke. Just don’t forget to vote for more of it and to thank LBJ for the “great society” programs that caused it.

* Nothing will be done as it goes against all that is PC in the world today. No issues in Black community are addressed. Only victimhood and money by political leaders.

* Kids no longer need to read ”Lord of the Flies ” they can live it when they go to school. [Me...Amen!]

Significant thing, there was maybe one comment supporting school policies, everyone else was telling the truth re race. The race realist internet insurgency continues!

Anonymous said...

Just going reiterate what another blogger wrote concerning Philadelphia schools . SEE COMMENTS, nothing here will surprise you though the importance of it just shows what a lot of other people are seeing the truth abut public education or let's call it what it is : government indoctrination centers. Thks Anonymous for your post!

Anonymous said...

99% of the millennials support "these people", they are that far gone, sorry there is no rescue ,done for. I talk about politics at work, however I do try to be somewhat careful on millennals that I do know. Immigration and race gets thrown in also. Their views are full of white guilt and little known of history, that's why I say : too far gone for redemption.


For any Liberals and Equalist reading this SBPDL blog. Here is your future. This is what you have done to SWEDEN, formerly a WHITE NATION.

They now have the American Infection. The American Disease.

They will pay a huge price if they don't do what is necessary and come up with a final solution to their problem.


Non PC Infidel said...

I looked more closely at the photos of those arrested and I can see three white people. You know what this means! The cry will go up from negroes that "White People Do It Too! It ain't just us! Ya'll racist!"

When this inevitably happens (along with screams of disparate impact and mistreatment of blacks) just understand that to the peanut-brained negro, the presence of even one non-black in the line up is proof to them that "other people do it too!" and that they should be given a pass and not be exposed and made to look bad. To them, you're not trying to maintain a civilized, safe and wholesome environment by arresting criminals and getting them off the street- you attackin' da black community and oppressin' black folks! This kind of peanut-brained black narrative runs simultaneously with their screeching about crime in da black community and how no one does anything or helps them and no one cares about them because whites and da police be racist. Please ignore this contradiction- you're not supposed to notice.

I've seen blacks get into some brutal fights when one is exposed by another as a liar, thief or low life. This is usually after a shrill, outraged and offended screech of "why you gots to make me look bad?" is heard echoing through the streets and their pretense of bein' a "good boy" is exposed as bull crap. Everyone knows what they are but it's not supposed to be publicly stated and everyone is supposed to go along with their "putting up a front." For peanut-brained negroes, image is everything, substance is nothing and having that false face ripped off and the ugly truth underneath exposed is a major offense. This is why baby momma's have a fit when they're howling that their criminal off-spring who's gotten arrested or is laying dead in the street was a good boy and dindu nuffin and a newspaper prints their extremely long rap sheet. The false face has been ripped off, the pretense shattered and the baby momma's can't strut around pretending and putting up a front, playing the victim and claiming that "her baby and her fambly done been done wrong."

This same sort of scenario plays out on the macro level when the entire community throws a fit because a newspaper's front page is literally covered in the photo's of black criminals. Or when some worthless thug is justifiably shot by the police and the entire community rallies around the thug, screeches that he dindu nuffin, was a good boy and the community is bein' victimized and done wrong again. It's all about protecting that false image, putting up a front, spewing a false narrative, playing the victim and being offended for being "made to look bad." Again, truth doesn't matter- only that sacred image and you betta not be exposin'!

This is your cultural anthropology lesson for today. Respect da cultcha!, fool!

North Detroit said...

I can't believe the Philadelphia msm station web page is allowing the comments I read.

This country may wake up yet.

PB said...


And look at this article!! Amazing comments!! Read em while they last.

Starts fairly poliely, then off come the gloves.

Anonymous said...

Being a private eye has occupational hazards, like bright lights and rubber slogans being shoved in your face. Let me elucidate...

I was on the trail of Gunnar Violenz, esquire, suspected as mastermind behind a wave of lead poisoning induced coroner cases. But I had a hunch that the real perpetrator wasn't the aforementioned Gunn Violenz. A hunch and 200 big ones a day (50 caliber AP, point of fact, paid by a blonde sporting a short skirt and a long NRA membership list) which put me on the snoop for Mister Big whose shots had rang out from Chi-town's South Side to the prayer vigils of Selma.

Armed with my portable genome centrifuge and a battered copy of Doc Rushton's "Race, Evolution, and Behavior," I hoofed a DNA trail which led me from the mean streets of Memphis to the fare jumpers of Portland. And I was coming up with dead ends, like the long defunct James Crowe gang.

That's how I found myself in Macon, Georgia, being "interviewed" by a couple of aspiring rappers whose idea of a rhapsody was strobes in my retinas and saps applied to my parietal eminence. Shows what happens when you order a double Southern Comfort in a Hip Hop Club.

"Memo," one of Jesse Jackson's Finest enunciated through a mouth which had more grillwork than a '63 Chevy, "we got orders for you to keep a lid on it, orders from someone whose name I am sure you will recognize: Noah Snitch."

Yeah, Noah "No" Snitch, the genius behind one of the inner city's biggest rackets, the Ghetto Lottery.

"What about the evidence," I looked straight into his glazed over eyes, "the DNA, the crime stats, the front page photos?"

"Evidence?" articulated the other socially aware citizen, whose portrait I recognized from a freeze frame video clip of a DC Metro turnstile, "so-called 'evidence' is a construct to hide the institutional oppressor causing violence to descend on otherwise vibrant communities."

"Oh yeah," I replied, "and whom might I inquire is the for-real criminal?"

"Dispara," the first PhD candidate gloated, flashing dental work like a mob trashing a convenience store, "Dispara T. Impact."

"Impact, huh?" I appeared to agree, "let's rap."

Thinking I was going along with the malarky, they relaxed. Their error, but then what do you expect from honor students with a lack of future time orientation?

I went into action, rapping them both upside the head with Rushton's hefty tome, the impact echoing off graffiti enriched walls, then made like a Section 8 applicant on opening day for housing vouchers out the portal marked EXIT.

An hour later I was relaxing in a local unlicensed establishment called the Bull Conner Lounge & Fire Hose Museum, sipping down a triple Southern Comfort. Gunn Violenz, "No" Snitch, Dispara T. Impact, it was all starting to add up...

(to be continued...)

Gene D. Terminizt, Esq.
Private Eye

Anonymous said...

Are these evil men the future of America? Will we continue to worship these Dindus or bring them to heel? Can the cancer that is consuming this nations bones be cured? Do we have a future?

I believe so. Nothing lasts forever. Not even the darkest night.


Anonymous said...

And I counted 4 white people.


Pat Boyle said...

Yes, no one not even negroes wants to live near negroes. Every week some commenter on this blog will advise the readership to get away from blacks. That's good advice, but how?

There is a way. When I first came to California from the Washington DC suburbs I lived in San Francisco. At that time there were about 13% of the City population who were black. Many of them were concentrated in the Fillmore district. Today the Fillmore has been razed and rebuilt. The black proportion of the population is today under 6%. The total black presence in the City has been cut in half.

Of course I moved across the Bay to Oakland about twenty years ago. But in fact my current neighborhood is actually more white than it was before I moved (you can't go above 100%). The black population of Oakland is now also dropping. Blacks are down 25% in Oakland since the year 2000.

Meanwhile the majority minority in Oakland is now Hispanic and the number of Asians (mostly Chinese) is also rising. The two high IQ populations are the white Europeans (British, Germans, Italians, etc.) and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans). Considering these two groups as one - the smart people are taking over in Northern California.

How did this come about? Two reasons. First Urban Renewal. The Fillmore and the South of Market areas were leveled. But the second factor was even more important - high wages for high skills.

In the Bay Area today an individual needs a six figure income to pay the mortgage, groceries and the cable TV bill. Blacks don't often earn those kind of wages, so they move elsewhere. Simple.

Earn at least $100,000 a year and you won't be bothered by a lot of black neighbors. Another factor is longitude. Most of the blacks in America are east of the Mississippi. As Greely once said - Go West young man. Avoid the hideous criminal Africans.


Anonymous said...

"Karlsson said that he had heard of many residents feeling insecure in the city: “It does not happen so much here, but people are influenced by events around the world and feel unsafe when it’s dark.”

I feel unsafe when it's too dark around!

D-FENS said...

When I went to look over the great comments on the Philly teacher story, I noticed another story about a negress daycare OWNER who was arested for literally dragging children around. This happened in Middletown, DE which is 94% White. Reinforces all that was said about being defenseless and in the “care” of negroes.


D-FENS said...

Pat, I’m in Orange County and, while I agree that pricing negroes out can work, it also prices out most Whites. I live in a town that is 55/45 White/asian. On occasion, an asian has been elected mayor. The town still functioned but I am pretty sure I would NOT like to live in an asian dominated town. There are several majority asian towns and they are functional and safe. They are very commercially oriented and would pave over every open space. They do NOT like negroes or mestizos but sit on the fence when it comes to anti-White issues. They did not seem to be opposed to the anti-White discrimination in the UC system until it affected them.

They sure do like White areas though. Many of the over $1 million dollar homes being built are targeted at Chinese trying to get assets out of China. The pictures in the model homes have asians as much as Whites.

I would like to move out of state in the next couple of years since CA is dysfunctional and I do not want to pay for the coming public employee pension tsunami.

Anonymous said...

I tried the link to the Philadelphia story about the teachers being afraid of the students, but I saw no comments. I suppose they did not allow them so as not to hurt any negro feelings.

Drudge linked to it the other day and I am sure his readership lambasted the CBS blog with negative negro comments...so they stopped comments. Most network affiliates don't allow comments when negroes are the problem.

About 99.99% of our problems can be linked back to having negroes around.

Martin Luther King had a dream, and now so do I. I have a dream that one day my children can live in a world without his children; they can live in a white world that is free of black thugs, and don't have to look over their shoulders to see if a negro is following.

Keep up the good work Paul Kersey, and I do enjoy your podcasts with Mr. Taylor. You are one of the few race realists who do real journalism. I enjoyed your work on Selma and Ferguson, Mo.!

the Watcher said...

To those talking "separate but equal". While it's agreeable in theory, it will never be put into practice. Especially not officially.

The reason being it would be a tacit admission by authority that White Nationalism has a valid point.

Anonymous said...

Remove the 6 largest black majority cities from US murder statistics (Camden, Baltimore, Newark, St. Louis etc.), and the USA is as safe as Switzerland.

Tell that to those who want to take away our right to own a firearm.

Anonymous said...

The reason blacks can live in the Tyson's Corner, Virginia area is mostly because of welfare and subsidized housing. You can't run from these people, Pat, the government won't let us!

Anonymous said...

My comment on Anonymous post; nov 22 at 05:32 am

“As long as the punishment - incarceration in our joke jails where they do drugs and rim and blow their homies all day - isn't serious, they will keep committing crimes without real fear of being caught. That's why they are in and out of jail ad infinitum”.

“We need to analyze the Negroid "mind". What is their particular fear? What can we punish them with so that the threat is an actual deterrent to criminal behavior”.

What scares you and me doesn't scare the orc. Cause dey dindu nuffins!

Here is your answer:

When does society realize that the people in the “welfare system” simply transfer to the “criminal justice” system due to never learning to work, never seeing anyone who works, and their “alleged” mothers who demean those who work for a living. The envious black women is the main villain here, not the much maligned black father.

The main issue in the black community is those raised on assistance never learn to WORK or deal with the working world. They have no desire/need to work and rarely see sacrifice on the part of family or neighbors. Work is what the rest of Americans HAVE TO DO to survive.

<<<<<< The Orc is deathly afraid of WORK and we are not. >>>>>>

The only punishment that will succeed, is making the criminal WORK like the rest of us do!! If they are FORCED to work, they will hang themselves in their cell(problem solved), instead of watching cable and playing in the exercise yard.

YOU will punish the criminal by making them do what all taxpayers/workers in this country MUST DO... Which is WORK for a living!

Through section 8, food stamps, heating oil subsidies, they do not have to work to have a family. Since they are not burdened with the task of a 40 hour workweek, you would think they had more time to teach their children valuable life lessons.

The greatest irony is the criminal class is created through this corruption that pays the selfish and stupid to do nothing.

A previous post referred to “reverse dawinism” described as the useless and weak being paid to reproduce and to prey on the productive. If this is not stopped, we are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

For awhile the Philly article did allow comments. It was a thing of beauty. Comments rivaled what we see here at SBPDL. The Norms are waking up...

Californian said...

A previous post referred to “reverse dawinism” described as the useless and weak being paid to reproduce and to prey on the productive. If this is not stopped, we are destroyed.

"Reverse Darwnism," aka dysgenics. A century ago, this process was well understood. Again, look at the works of Lothrop Stoddard, among others, which can be found on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

"D-FENS said...
When I went to look over the great comments on the Philly teacher story, I noticed another story about a negress daycare OWNER who was arested for literally dragging children around. This happened in Middletown, DE which is 94% White. Reinforces all that was said about being defenseless and in the “care” of negroes

Let's never forget 8 month old White baby Reese Bowman, tortured to death by a feral black reprobate in Baltimore:


Anonymous said...

Earn at least $100,000 a year and you won't be bothered by a lot of black neighbors.

You could say the same thing in Brazil.

If this is the best plan then our country is doomed.

Yes some of us could afford to live safely but say goodbye to technological progress and any remaining social cohesion.

It's liberals that want to turn the US into Brazil. That's giving up.

Anonymous said...

Of course I moved across the Bay to Oakland about twenty years ago. But in fact my current neighborhood is actually more white than it was before I moved (you can't go above 100%). The black population of Oakland is now also dropping. Blacks are down 25% in Oakland since the year 2000.

Yea but it's not like they got on a boat to Africa.

The Section 8rs are just being moved into rural White neighborhoods where there are available apartments and cheap rentals.

This shuffle game is deadly. It's not progress.

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic but it provides some insight into what we're dealing with.

Several decades ago a friend told me of the time when he worked as a policeman in a rural area of Alabama. One day he and his partner received a call to go to a farm in the countryside and, when they arrived, the distressed farmer said, "Look what they done to my chickens!" and showed them chickens that had had their legs broken. Apparently some dindus had crept onto his farm, broken the legs of the chickens so they couldn't kick and scratch, and then raped the chickens, which were then flopping around on the ground. The partner took the report while my friend, who had never imagined people could do such a thing, went around to the other side of the police cruiser to throw up. My friend thought this was an anomaly, but over time he learned this was happening all over the state, and probably well beyond state borders, too.

Later that day friend and his partner took a meal break in a diner and his partner ordered a chicken sandwich. Just before he bit into the sandwich, the partner looked at it with a suspicious eye and asked, "Do you think maybe...?" Then he smiled and said, "Nah!" and bit into the sandwich.

Yes, he did have a twisted sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

And look at this article!! Amazing comments!! Read em while they last.

Starts fairly poliely, then off come the gloves.

I'm amazed this is still up. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

99% of the millennials support "these people", they are that far gone, sorry there is no rescue ,done for. I talk about politics at work

Same thing was once said about Gen X.

A few years of paying income taxes will make them explore alternative views.

Or working/living with Blacks.

It's the boomers that are holding up the great lie. They're the ones that are so emotionally invested in creating a utopia. Can't disappoint MLK and JFK, must ignore reality for sake of equality!

Anonymous said...


So are we at a dead cop a week? Is this the price of utopia?

Pat Boyle said...

I had a point when I wrote about how persons who make $100,000 or more a year had few black neighbors. But that point seems to have escaped the notice of some of the commenters. Or maybe I was just too subtle.

Let me be more clear. Inflation is the process that diminishes the value of money. But the presence of negroes enhances the value of money. This means that while it was pleasant to make big bucks when I was young, today it is much more important.

I made good money when I was still working but that was largely just luck. I never really pursued riches. I had other priorities. I was always much more interested in music than wealth. I took classes in subjects in school that interested me - not those most likely to make me rich. I went to colleges that were nearby and close , not those that would enhance my resume.

But were I to do it all again today I would probably attend to business a bit more assiduously. I went to a private high school that had no negroes in Washington DC. Then I transferred to another high school in Arlington Virginia that also had no negroes. Next I went to George Mason which again had no negroes.

The result of all this was that I didn't worry much about being around negroes. But today all young white men need to devise a life plan that keeps them from being around black people. As I said before one proven method is to earn a lot of money. So young men today should examine their career possibilities with negro avoidance in mind.

So go on the Web and look up which careers, schools, and businesses pay best. This is something I never did but I grew up in a simpler, whiter world.

In my day college was a good bet. But today that has almost been reversed. If you want to go to college it really only makes sense to go to a prestigious school. A Harvard undergraduate degree if you stay on campus costs about one and a half million dollars. My grad school George Washington in Washington DC is even more expensive and no one is impressed by my degrees there. On the other hand GW paid my tuition and paid me to TA in math and computers. I also won several paying fellowships. I did OK financially whereas if I had gone to Harvard I would probably die still in debt.

My advice: go to school if you can get a deal otherwise be an electrician. In general today's young white guy needs to examine his options more carefully than I ever did. I just drifted along enjoying myself, but America has become much more hostile to young white men.

But don't despair. You only have to compete against blacks who not too bright. Look up on the web all the jobs that pay a hundred grand or more. Many such jobs exist in a wide variety of fields are available. Most of the jobs are managerial positions. If you learn some skill that is needed somewhere they will need a manager. Become that manager and you neighbors will be white.

I never really tried to make a lot of money but you should. If you take a little time out and think about it you will soon find a career path that will give you a decent shot at the kind of income that keeps your family in a good area and your children in good schools. You may have to move or give up your dreams of joining a rock band, but you should face up to the brutal reality - the government wants set you down amongst the darkies. You can avoid that fate but it takes effort.


the Watcher said...

@Pat Boyle:

While, in theory, your idea is laudable, it doesn't precisely bear out in practice.

Essentially all you said was: "Get a good job, stay away from Blacks".

The notion of staying away from Blacks hasn't been working. We move out of our cities and they take over; breeding like roaches. There is plenty of Black-on-Black murder, however that doesn't offset the rate at which they are breeding or they would soon go extinct in the United States.

Eventually such avoidance will be impossible in the Continental United States as there is, obviously, only a finite amount of space in which to move around in.

If Whites breed more rapidly then eventually the two groups will come into contact.
If we do not, and keep moving about to avoid Blacks, it will be discovered they certainly outnumber us.

What would be suggested at that point, move out of the country?

The answer is not to keep running away but to deal with them now, before the problem gets any worse. It's bad currently, but if no stand is made. That's it.

Yes, recent projections indicate we (Whites) have until approximately 2040 before becoming a racial minority in our own country.

That doesn't mean though we should spend that time frequently moving to avoid lesser races. All that does is send the message to all minorites of: Pre-built neighborhood, just move close to Whites and they leave.

How many more like Chelsea have to die in the name of the Black murder-movement called Diversity?

American was created to be a White nation, not a racial slum. Which is all running will accomplish.


Another simple thing, Pat, is IF you are going to buy a house, PUT ALL YOUR MONEY into the "safest" neighborhood you can.

Yes, that sounds simple, but in a way, it is, even if you are "forced" to live in or near a city due to your day job, like me.

Ask, to the best of your ability, what the area around your home will be like in 30 years. (30 is arbitrary but it is your average mortgage length).

Then, get the best house you can for your money (and where is the money to come from?). Don't furnish it. Go cheap on everything else you own. Frugal car, frugal clothes. The Basics, since your home IS YOUR LIFE.

Forget about travel, vacations, and such. Living in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood and having few bills IS less stressful, will make you "happier", and will help you avoid the need to "get away". Here in South Florida relaxing in my "over-sizes pool", living in a 99% white suburb (nearest enemy zone about 5 miles and over a bridge, is the only way to g).

My furniture? Mostly 20 years old. My "stereo"? My TV is a 2006 SONY, Kenwood 1992 and still works through my JBL's. Clothes? Frugal and only bought on sale...but firing up the out-door "kitchen" barbeque on the pool deck is where live is worth living.

GET AWAY FROM THE NEGRO no matter what it costs and if living "frugal/cheap" is what it costs, it is a JOY to do so.

(YES, I know there is an infinite amount of thoughts I have not mentioned here....HUGE INFLUX on Hispanic, HUGE INFLUX of Haitians, More Hurricans, that Island that will collapse off of Africa..yes, yes, I know, but you must do the best you can because, in the end, you will be in a hospital, throwing up your own vomit, as you die....so do the best you can, OK?)

Antidote said...

The White man is being edged out of all managerial positions. Although he is NOT in competition with Negroes, womyn are at the front of the line and behind them Chinamen, turbanned Sikhs, and Dravidians. In other words, anything but a White man.