Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#152. Being Out-Rioted

Black people pride themselves on their ability to engage in civil disobedience that would leave Henry David Thoreau blushing (look at this list of riots for the 20th century).

Whether from real or imagined problems and issues, Black people have an amazing ability to conjure up anger and frustration at the slightest provocation, turning formerly peaceful streets into war zones resembling Mogadishu.

Black people love to riot after the mistreatment of a fellow Black person, regardless of the heinousness of the crime committed. We can all remember the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots in Los Angeles and Atlanta; causing more than $1 Billion in property damage and robbing 53 people of their lives. This riot eclipsed the Watts Riots from 1965, that saw only 34 people killed.

A recent riot in Oakland after the shooting death of Oscar Grant, lead to the arrest of 108 people, and subsequently, the shooting death of four white police officers by Lovell Mixon - who has became a hero in Oakland's Black community.

It was reported:
Police said the suspect, Lovell Mixon, 27, from Oakland, was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. He had no-bail warrant for his arrest for violating parole. The Oakland Tribune reported Mixon had prior convictions in Alameda County for grand theft and possession of marijuana.

More recently, Blacks have rioted in Cincinnati; engaged in violence in Seattle riots; and North African immigrants in Paris burned portions of that city in 2005.

Indeed, Black people riot in every continent of the world and nearly every nation where they have a population - significant or minimal.

There were even fears that Black people would riot if Barack Hussein Obama was not elected president.

Black people have become synonymous with fierce rioters. It is a tried and true manner in which to get their way.

Black people, who have a fierce love of sports, also enjoy rioting after their team wins a major championship. Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles have all seen riots break out after National Basketball Association (NBA) championship wins.

White people have tried to replicate riots on the scale of Black people, but have largely failed. Soccer hooliganism is relatively tame and frowned upon by the entire world. Black riots usually lead to rectifying of certain societal inequities, regardless of the validity of said accusations.

However, the recent 2009 Los Angeles Lakers win has put a new touch on riots, as images largely show Mexicans parading around downtown Los Angeles and engaging in previous-Negro approved behavior. Black people are scarce in the images and this raises a signficant question and conundrum: Stuff Black People Don't Like includes being out-rioted. Why were there so few Black people rioting after the Lakers win?

Black people are world class rioters. To be out-rioted by relative newcomers to the rioting scene, immigrants for that matter, has left a deep void in the Black rioting soul.

Black people do not like to be out-rioted and if their history of rioting is any indication, we are overdue for a massive riot in the United States.


Anonymous said...

This was fucking hilarious. So true.

Anonymous said...

This is RACIST!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


What? Pointing out who is rioting is now racist?

Anonymous said...

i cant see a riot in the second video.

Anonymous said...

The only fucked up thing is that you don't realize a small percentage of blacks do the majority of stuff that you complain about on this site. I hope you are not racist. I am black but read your updates. This was funny actually.

Unknown said...

I agree with the Anon two places above me. I do not see a riot in the second video as well. If people drinking and celebrating is a riot, then all the Saint Patrick's Day Parades are riots.