Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#210. Georgia Tech Students

Black people love Atlanta. "The City to Busy to Hate," is what many would consider the No. 1 Black city in the world (Detroit holds that title), and was recently called, by Ebony magazine the Black mecca:
"But with the push of the Civil Rights Movement and the leadership of a cadre of Black mayors, Atlanta has undergone an amazing transformation, becoming a booming international metropolis and a magnet for the legions of upwardly mobile, young Black professionals who flock there each year."
Atlanta is roughly 54 percent Black, although it was the biggest city in America to see a massive influx in white people between 2000 and 2006:
"Atlanta is also seeing a unique and drastic demographic increase in its white population, and at a pace that outstrips the rest of the nation. It increased from 31 percent in 2000 to 35 percent in 2006, a numeric gain of 26,000, more than double the increase between 1990 and 2000. The trend seems to be gathering strength with each passing year."
Black people do not like that at all, as Atlanta is their home and their turf. It is where the Martin Luther King Jr. Center is located, numerous Civil Rights Museums and The Varsity, one of the largest employers of Black people in the world.

When you enter Hartsfield-Jackson Airport's main terminal, you are greeted by a mural which depicts Olympic Park in Atlanta and has a large Black girl, whose beautiful Ebony arms metaphorically hug you, welcoming you into the loving arms of Atlanta.

Black people love Atlanta so much that have tried to dissuade white people from moving to Atlanta by making the city the No. 2 least safe to live in in the United States. Black people have made Atlanta a very unsafe place to live, the correlation due to the rising white population, which they wish to be rid of at any cost. Even by a massive increase in crime, if it means to keep the city in Black hands.

You see Atlanta is the Black mecca, so the rising crime rate is a warning to white people: this is our city, not yours.

Case in point the Georgia Institute of Technology, or as its most commonly known Georgia Tech, one of the top engineering schools in the nation. 65 percent of the undergrads at the school, located in the heart of Atlanta, are white, compared to only 6 percent African American.

The school, one of the top institutions of higher learning in world, has seen a rash of attacks on students in 2009 and all of the have been perpetrated by African Americans. This marks the 13th attack on students that has been reported in 2009, all by Black people trying to protect their city against the incoming tide of white people.
Police say the teens shot Patrick Whaley, 22, ( a white student ) last month at the Tivoli Tenside Apartments on Northside Drive.The teens robbed Whaley and a couple before fleeing, police said.
Three Black teens were arrested in this shooting.

In an email to Georgia Tech parents, the school is trying to calm fears of a growing epidemic, Black crime in the name of protecting the Blackest city in America, against white students at the school:
“I want to reassure you that we are committed to making our campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, where our students, faculty and staff reside, as safe as possible,” Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson wrote to parents... ,“Individuals walking alone at night are at significantly higher risk than those who practice basic awareness and prevention techniques."
Of course, the school did not come out and say that Black people are behind the attack on students, but they left the knowledge of ascertaining this fact to those who will be attacked, hoping that then the person robbed will begin to understand who pulls the strings of power in Atlanta, like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz.

No, Black people will continue to commit crimes in Atlanta, in the hope of making it 2009's least safe city in America and bidding to keep Atlanta the No. 1 Black city.

Stuff Black People Don't Like will include Georgia Tech students, because dorky white kids are the easiest kids to pick on in the world.


Frank in Georgia said...

I cant wait for the civil unrest in America to start so I can eliminate many of the Whites that worship and fawn over blacks.....

I dont hate blacks.....I hate Whites that love them....

Anonymous said...

If it's the "city too busy to hate"....um....

Anonymous said...

This post is idiotic.

My black sons are majoring in engineering and will go to any school they choose, WITHOUT fear of being jumped by stupid black people who are "townies" to one of the best engineering schools in the country.

What a stupid blog....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:
"My black sons are majoring in engineering and will go to any school they choose"

That's affirmative action for you. I'd never hire a black engineer.

Indra said...

This site is great. I couldn't write anything more effective that the typical article here! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Watch ANY television news station in Atlanta and all you see is the parade of black people who have killed, raped, robbed, stolen from, carjacked and in general ruined the lives of all people in the metro Atlanta area that are white. I have lived here all my life, 50 years, and I have never seen anything like their violence. Yet, we keep the affirmative action going through the new "Diversity" movement that every company and government with a web site has to have a "Diversity" statement on. Either we all need to move to Europe or they all need to move to Africa. If we all left the U.S. how long would it take before our country was in the exact same shape as Africa is today?

Anonymous said...

Another robbery at Ga. Tech intersection
Purse snatched at same downtown street as Thursday mugging.The suspect, described as a black male, 25 to 35 years old, with no facial hair and wearing a white T-shirt, blue.near Hunnicutt Street, a few blocks south of campus, when they were accosted, Georgia Tech police said.

According to a crime alert sent out by campus police, two men approached the women, displayed a handgun and demanded their purses.The second suspect was still at large. He was described as black, 25 to 35 years old, with a “short, stocky” build and wearing a gray or silver hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

'Black agenda' memo stirs mayor race.Specifically, the letter strongly implies that the city would be better off electing a black mayor. Long-time Atlanta political insider and consultant Aaron Turpeau has been distributing the letter, but has denied actually writing it. He said the paper was produced by an ad hoc group of black Atlantans who have been meeting on and off since 1994 to promote a “black agenda.”
All above taken from The Atlanta Journal-August 28, 2009

Anonymous said...

This is not a racist blog. It is explaining the facts just like it is. The information age will turn the mainstream media on its ear. I have been victimized by blacks. My brother was robbed by gunpoint in Atlanta. Crimes against whites by blacks is bad enugh. Worse still is the negligent reporting of targeting black perpetrators for who they are.

Anonymous said...

Let's tell the truth ...white ppl run everything...EVERYTHING,that includes atl.
Yea its a lot of blacks in atl,even sucessful and professional ones,but honestly the whole socioecomonocic infrastruture,..ie,commerce,construction and workforce is instituted and control by whites who would rather hire illegal ppl and or white convict before my black ass with no legal henderence.Now,these GT students that keep getting they world f**ked up for being nonchalant about where go at night and whether alone or not,could just as well be me(BLACK DUDE),U know thinking ain't shit supposed o happen to me because i'mma little white kid and don't have to worry about other hardships and nobody doing shit to me because im white.Its wrong to take anything from anybody,but don't think nieve and thinking white will guard ur ass from any crook BLACK OR WHITE,BTW THIS IS A DUMB RASCT ASSS SITE< I HOPE AIN"T KID AT ANY COLLEGE IS WASTING THEIR STUDY TIME CREATING LESS THAN CREDIBLE SHIT LIKE BS BLOG OR SITE...WORRY ABOUT UR LOVING SOCIOECONOMIC CARD GIVEN AT BIRTH(WHITE)...AND THAT WERE'NT BORN BLACK AND NOT FOCUS ON DUMB ASS OBSEVATIONS THAT PISS GOOD PPL OFF!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the proior poster just above this one. You can thank affirmative action programs. You can thank your "people of color" who presently are taking advantage of you by throwing the race card every chance they get.
You are not treated "equal" on the work force. You are treated "special". We cannot fire you like other people. There are way too many ramifactions involved. Blacks in the workforce know it and use that to their advantage. Go and thank a brother for your plight.
Some companies in the industry will settle paying the punishment by not hiring blacks than hiring them in. For in the long run there is competition and company survival at stake.

Anonymous said...

there are SOME things in this site that cross the racial line, but really for the most part, the post above this one is right. Its blacklash. Whites have walked on eggshells so long that the younger generation has no idea why in the hell they have to treat blacks special. Slavery was a looooooong time ago. No one involved is still alive, yet you still have jesse jackson, al sharpton, eric dyson, those guys still perpetuate the myth that white people are making it so hard on blacks. Im 33 and my generation was VERY open to black culture, and even seemed to wonder what al the fuss was about. But have learned that blacks are the ones keeping the cycle alive. I grew up in a trailer park. Yes, a dirty lowdown trailer park, and I made it my business to get educated and have a life, even though my ignorant azz parents didnt even go to my graduation because jerry springer had a special on that evening. And if blacks dont like the "N" word, THEN QUIT FxxKING USING IT AS EVERY OTHER WORD OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!!. That, I will never get. Quit blaming whites, as if every white person you meet has it out for blacks. Even on real world back in the day, there was always some pist off black girl that had to fight everybody and call the race card, when no one even brought it up but HER. i COULD GO ON ALL NIGHT, bLACK PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS IN YOUR HEART. iF YOU DONT, THEN think about it. Its your own self conciesnous that gets in the way. We all have it hard. Its just that when blacks have it hard, they want to throw a fit and blame it on being black. Stop that ignorant shxt. Wise the fxxk up. Now i could give a shxt less about white power or any of that silly bullshxt. Im just laying down the truth. here it is.

Black Woman said...

This entire site is blatantly racist and disrespectful. The author of this site is very ignorant of the black culture. Any individual that relies on garbage like this is clearly an idiot too. All black people are not the same. Just like all white people are not the same. What if someone said, "All white people were serial killers. Only white people live in trailers and they sleep with their sisters, cousins, and uncles. In fact, everyone who lives in a trailer park is related. They are all cousins."<<<--- Makes no sense at all. Stop trying to generalize entire races based on a few bad apples. The whole concept is rude and disrespectful. GET A LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds a lot like Duke, where local black Durhamites often commit crimes against Duke students
speaking of Duke, black people also hate lacrosse

Anonymous said...

You know I agree with what the black woman says and I also agree with what some of what oct 21 3:35 says. First of all character is based on the individual rather than the color of their skin. Of course our races are culturally different and thats what makes the world go around. We are all equal in Gods eyes (remember that) The thing is blacks and whites have to pull together to defend our country from terrorist like bin Laden. And I happen to like Obama too. Whites and Black need to remember he is not all Black and he is not all white he is 50% each. So Whites and blacks need to stop yelling we finally have a black man in office and whites stop yelling you don't want a black man in office. Again he is both. And he has more character in him than any president we have ever had. and I happen to be white by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds a lot like Duke, where local black Durhamites often commit crimes against Duke students
speaking of Duke, black people also hate lacrosse

As does a talentless lesbian poor excuse of a sportswriter

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the ignorant ranting commentary for this GT/Atl series. Appears SBPDL has hit the mother load of truth about the curse of Atlanta and its Black uber-class of racist crooks and criminals. Keep up the good work and would love to read more about college football teams such as Boise State and their steamroll of the crappy UGA!

Bailey said...

You MUST be kidding me. This entire post is rasict and egregious! Don't act as if blacks are the only race who commit crimes, get real! Secondly, to the halfwits who want to refer to blacks leaning on the race card and affirmative action, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. All I've been seeing on this site is people who I'm assuming are "white" bellyache about the rules not being "bent" or "used in their favor". You guys are living proof that ignorance IS NOT defined by race. I
AM an educated black male who knows that ignorance and stupidity comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, genders, races and religions. You must be careful and vigilant in ANY city you may go. People are people; that's just the way life works, GET OVER IT!