Sunday, June 21, 2009

#57. Father's Day

Black people love holidays so much, that they have created a number of them that are only for Black people. Kwanzaa, Juneteenth Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and of course, the entire month of February, are all events and holidays that Black people love to celebrate.

One holiday exists that Black people do feel uncomfortable with and by and large tend to skip celebrating it entirely: Father's Day.

Like the shunned Black kid who tries hard in class and is deemed "acting white" by his peers, Father's Day is a holiday that many Black people deem "too white" to celebrate.

These statistics illustrate why Black people don't like Father's Day:

"In 2001, according to the U.S. Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.9 percent of black women in America had never been married, in contrast to 27.4 percent and 20.7 percent respectively for whites. African American women are the least likely in our society to marry. In the period between 1970 and 2001, the overall marriage rate in the United States declined by 17 percent; but for blacks, it fell by 34 percent."
President Barack Obama wrote an entire book dedicated to his deadbeat father, Barack Sr., and he recently came under a lot of fire in the Black community for taking deadbeat fathers to task for being, well deadbeats.

Statistics show that more than 70 percent of African-Americans are born out of wedlock.

June Perry tells us that:
"Many black women don't have a large pool of candidates for marriage due to social realities." Reasons for the limited pool include lack of employment, incarceration rates, and the general reluctance of black women to marry outside their race are highlighted."
Bill Cosby, America's favorite fictional sitcom father who helped create the (fictitious) image of the loving Black family in the 1980s, has got in a lot of hot water with the Black community for daring to criticize Black men.

Casey Gane-McCalla writes:
"Just like Jackie Robinson, Bill Cosby has paved the way for America to accept an African American in their household, and even the White House. The Huxtables not only humanized African American families and showcased professional African Americans, but it allowed Americans of all backgrounds to admire a black family...

In 1982 ... the images of African Americans in the media were mostly criminals, raunchy comedians, and blacksploitation movie stars. TV shows like Good Times and the Jeffersons showed Africans Americans as hard working and funny but without any professional polish."
The problem, outside of the largely media created image of Barack Obama as the perfect emblem of fatherhood and manliness - for whites as well as Blacks - Black people are largely defined by criminality, raunchy comedians and movie stars that are movie stars because they are black.

With a nearly 75 percent out of wedlock birthrate, Black people are raised primarily by their mothers. Cosby - who created the false image of a happy Black family - took Black people to task over their hatred of anything that can be deemed "acting white":

"No longer is a person embarrassed because they’re pregnant without a husband...No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child...Ladies and gentlemen, listen to these people. They are showing you what’s wrong … What part of Africa did this come from? We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans. They don’t know a damned thing about Africa— with names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed, and all that crap, and all of them are in jail.”
Dr. Huxtable was attacked by the Black community for daring to bring to the light the idea that Black people aren't good fathers, and that Black people don't care about their community. How dare he do such a thing!

Black people care about their communities a lot. The Atlantic Monthly magazine reports:
"Blacks are 13 percent of the population, yet black men account for 49 percent of America’s murder victims and 41 percent of the prison population. The teen birth rate for blacks is 63 per 1,000, more than double the rate for whites. In 2005, black families had the lowest median income of any ethnic group measured by the Census, making only 61 percent of the median income of white families.
Judging by the state of the Black father in the Black community, one can only conclude that Obama was talking to Black people in a recent Parade article:
"Our children can tell. They know when we’re not fully there. And that disengagement sends a clear message—whether we mean it or not—about where among our priorities they fall."
Stuff Black People Don't Like obviously must include Father's Day. It's a holiday that is just too white, and Black people do everything possible to refrain from acting white. Thus, the reasoning behind not liking Father's Day.. it's too white a day.


Satori said...

But Black men, really don't make good fathers. Especially in this day in age, where all the black guys want to mimic what they see on BET. They all want to be, pimps, hustlas, and/or "players". They funny thing is, it starts from childhood. I swear this New-age rap mess needs to be banned from humanity.

Dkelsmith said...


I disagree with you completely. I don't argue that the statistics regarding crime and out-of-wedlock births are atrocious. But when you say "But Black men, really don't make good fathers.......They all want to be, pimps, hustlas, and/or "players". You are labeling all of us. I am not perfect, but I am a good father, and a good husband, and a man who has served his country in the armed forces for the last nineteen years. While I do understand the frustration that EVERYONE feels about this nonsense, to generalize that all of us have no sense is unfair.

joy said...

Dk, it is not "generalizing", it is a fact that the Majority are bad fathers, the Majority of black women have never been married with several children, don't confuse the issue because there are Some cases where this is not true.
Yeah Eric Holder, how's that for "dialogue with race reality"?

joy said...

Also Dk, no one ever said the 'truth' had to be fair, it is simply the Truth.

To label folks as 'unfair' and 'racist'for stating the truth is "Unfair".

Do you get it?

Stand up and acknowledge the truth of your race and take responsibility instead of accusing and pointing fingers with the accusation of "UNFAIR". Stop "generalizing" everyone who points out the obvious with characteristics as "unfair", as if that somehow it is not true, or it is someone else's fault.

You are still stuck in the denial and a accusatory mode.

Anonymous said...

This fact is most likely the reason that so many blacks grow up to become criminals. Yet instead of facing the "HATE FACTS" they blame "Whitey".

Anonymous said...

Yes black people in general, not all, but in general neevr seem to want to take responsibility for anything. Not all but most,until black people can look at themselves and say,"we have to fix this,we have to admit to ourselves we have a problem" they will be stuck in this rut.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It would also be truthful to say that behind every white collar crime there is a rich white man and that 99% of serial killers are white. It is for black people to deal with their issues and it is not right for white people, knowing the horrific things that they put our ancestors through, to make judgements on our black men. Our ancestors that we are not told about civilized white people and we were also Muslims. Our history was systematically removed and we are trained that we lived in the jungles of Africa and we barbaric. We are not taught about our true history and in fact our ancestors were forced to change their names through slavery to erase any trace of lineage. There are a lot of single parent homes when it comes to black people, but how can a person really know where they're going if they don't know where they've been. White people need to take some responsibility and black people need to search for the truth and not just take what is handed to them. I am quite sure that black people, especially black men will do a lot better once they know the truth of our ancestors and also the truth about America and the Native Americans.

Anonymous said...

"Our history was systematically removed and we are trained that we lived in the jungles of Africa and we barbaric."
......ah the conspiracy fo the White man continues on as does the excuses

Anonymous said...

How about about black people deal with Black Dead Beat Dads and White People deal with their own White Trailer Trash. No need to play the race card, every race has trash. Here's something else to ponder on....things white people don't like is showing that their ancestors didn't wash up throughout their lifetime, in fact they lived in Europe with their feces in the Street...yet when we see your movies glorifying your so called history..everyone is squeaky clean (how convenient). Queen Isabella admitted to only washing up twice in her lifetime and the first time was at birth. Truth of the matter is, no race likes for their dirt to be pointed out by another why don't you clean up the trashy whites and let us blacks clean up our own with your own before you point out someone else's

Anonymous said...

In reply to the comment about Isaballa, that was Spain, Britain was totally different. Elizabeth I
is know to have taken a bath every year, whether she needed it or not, only as an example to her subjects.

Anonymous said...

Black people don't wash their hair

Anonymous said...

"Our history was systematically removed and we are trained that we lived in the jungles of Africa and we barbaric."
......ah the conspiracy fo the White man continues on as does the excuses

Both are true (to me). Yeah, I have no concept of heritage farther than 2-3 generations, but that's neither here nor there (really doesn't matter). Despite any explanation, the situation is what it is, and my generation (90s babies) has to clean it up. Anyway, most of you guys aren't part of the 12 percent of whom this blog is backhandedly dedicated. It's very intersting to me that you all have so many opinions about us. You don't know us. Why do you care? I highly doubt it's because you care about your fellow man (since according to many of you, we're somewhere between human and some other primate). However, you do seem to care. Maybe the caring is out of hate, but either way, hate and love are both forms of passion, and one needs the other to exist.

As far as fathers go, I couldn't ask for any better. My dad taught me countless life lessons in ten years (he died... heart attack... ). My parents were married before I was even an idea (I know, right? And I'm a colored). Anyway, I'm told that I'm the exeception when it comes to the 12 percent, and that sucks. Shit's gotta change...

p.s. None of us think that being intelligent is 'acting white' It's funny to me that you guys translate 'acting white' as "black person doing constructive things". Acting White is is going out of ones way to act out white stereotypes (not saying that I agree with any of it).

I know I'm not changing any opinions here, but I had to throw my hat in this ring that is SBPDL.

@ joy: I read somewhere on here that Black people are so loyal to each other that we'll blindly follow Obama (Aside... Black people don't love Obama, they're just glad to see one of us made it. And for the record, I'm not a fan of Politicians in general, let alone Obama) See it's kind of like a family thing. You know when you have a knucklehead in your family. However, if somebody attacks your relative, are you not willing to defend said relative?

Anyway, point is, you don't know us. You don't want to know us. You obviously don't respect us (and won't even if and when the stats reverse) So why the hell do you care? We're just niggers, right?


Anonymous said...

I do know you. I work with you on a daily basis and have for 20+ years. I see some great black people. I see more niggers though. That saddens me. I would like to believe that we are all human and decent and kind. What I see is something else entirely. Setting up a straw man fallacy to defend ones own race is a 7th grade tactic, we all have jerks in our clans, but its obvious that blacks have a level of dysfunction that is above and beyond any other race by proportion. Black males are at most 8% of the population and 49% of the homicide victims? Black on black crime is the cause! Theres no Irish gang out there shooting blacks, if there were, we would never hear the end of it!!
Its not racist to point out the obvious. Fish don't fly, and its not racist to point that out either. Organized discrimination? We whites arent that organized to plot the destruction of the black race. We are working as hard as we can to keep ourselves afloat. We dont like white trash, and have no loyalty to those types. They embarass and offend me too. I would expect blacks to do the same for their black trash.

Blacks are the ones suffering, mostly at their own hands from violence, drugs and illegitimacy. I see it on a daily basis. If blacks want to move up, the ghetto black culture of violence, ignorance, and stupid behavior has to change. Chris Rock has made a fortune pointing out the stereotypes of blacks, and should I say exactly the same thing, it would be some form of hate crime.
Dont expect whites to care for you any better than you do yourselves. Thats simple human nature.

Anonymous said...

Black people need to accept responsibility for their own mistakes, correct our negative behaviors, help each other & stick together as a race. That is not to say, we shouldn't love other races as well! I see & hear far too many black people in denial, putting each other down and turning against one another. Build a strong community! Black people should own more banks, shopping centers, real estate, become positive teachers & mentors, seek business investments together, as well as raise their children with both biological parents in the home. We have come far, but we still have a lot more work to do within the black communities and for our children! Children are our future.

Question: What will African-American’s do when the next Republican President of the USA decides to terminate the Affirmative Action Plan? Do you feel like racism has ended?

Most White people apparently feel that we do not need affirmative action, due to Barack Obama being elected the 44th President of the USA.

Anonymous said...

The black family was largley intact and doing pretty good until the advent of welfare and crack cocaine. Barrack Obama should be a black kids role model, not some dick head rappa or
basketball star. Raise the standard in the community!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous said..
So you think the Republicans are against you?
You think Welfare, Affirmative action are good for the Black Community? You're wrong... The Democrats are keeping the Blacks DOWN!!!! They are the people who encourage the Deadbeat community. Wake up already!

Anonymous said...

If you are of the black culture and you make a very bias statement concerning black men as fathers, you have improperly judge the matter as a whole. What broken homes and marriages can produce in black families is broken homes and marriages, but it is up to the next generation to break this malicious cycle. In every ethnic group men have been targets of supporting or not supporting their families. There a women that abandon their families as well and the fathers are left to take care of the family.If you judge through the eyes of prejudice you will miss the truth.

Anonymous said...

Honest Crusader/typical black victimologist said:

"If you judge through the eyes of prejudice you will miss the truth."

I, like most people on SBPDL, judge blacks based on personal experience and hard statistics. Do you think that that is not legitimate?? Blacks are horrible at parenting, money management, civil order, following rules and laws, staying out of trouble, resisting temptation, and many other things.

In my 40 years, I have known, lived next to, and worked with several blacks and they all follow the same cultural rules no matter how middle class or educated they think they are. By white standards, most black people have a long, long, long, way to go. They will probably will never make it to the point where they can actually compete with whites. It is no wonder that such a bright light has been cast on black dysfunction. You are comparing apples to oranges when you compare blacks to whites. We are all human, but not all as capable.

Any black person will claim to support all blacks no matter what, but black people hate other black people more than anyone else. It is not because of anything that the white man has done, it comes from deep within. Black Americans would have the exact same grievances if they all moved to Africa. The victimologist and entitlement mentality. So full of self-imposed grievances.

Blacks are very different from whites and should not be expected to compete on a level playing field with whites. Your Founding Fathers knew this and we did not listen to their wisdom. Blacks, however, do compete with each other and distrust each other. There is no cohesion in the black "community", that is only a ploy to try and convince white people that blacks have a special members only club, but they don't. They are as scattered out as individual as a bunch of insects. This myth is only more black mythology and story-telling.

Ask any black man, he will tell you how much he hates a nigger. Blacks are their own worst enemy. You all should stop repeating the same old black victicrat rhetoric and get with the times. This site can help you move into reality and take a good hard look at yourselves. It does not look good from the outside looking in. White people are tired of paying for this social experiment and it must end.

Anonymous said...

*long eye roll*

You guys are Stop pointing fingers and work on YOU, regardless of your race. And no, not all black men are deadbeat dads.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. June 18 2011, 9:32PM

Not all are deadbeats but the majority of them are. We're a not the ones with this issue here, you are.