Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#309. Barack Obama's N*ts

Black people love Barack Obama. To many, he is a God, a messiah. 96 percent of Black people in America voted for him in the 2008 election that gave him the presidency. A large segment of White people still love him as well.

Michelle Obama obviously loves Barack Obama, as ample evidence is given here and here. Women obviously love Barack Obama, as many have taken to fainting when in his majestic presence.

However, one man - perhaps in jest, perhaps in antipathy - voiced his distaste for Obama during the 2008 election and noted his desire to "castrate" the candidate for his talking down to Black people.

That man - the self-appointed, righteous purveyor of monolithic wisdom for Black people - the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Jackson has pledged his life to bringing about social justice for Black people, while also enriching himself in the process. The one-time presidential candidate himself found himself in hot, hot water for a comment he made regarding Barack Obama's, ahem, n*ts.

Wikipedia reports:
"On July 6, 2008, during an interview with Fox News, a microphone picked up Jackson whispering to fellow guest Dr. Reed Tuckson:"See, Barack's been, ahh, talking down to black people on this faith-based... I want to cut his nuts out."Jackson was expressing his disappointment in Obama's Father's Day speech chastisement of Black fathers. Only a portion of Jackson's comments were released on video. A spokesman for Fox News stated that Jackson had "referred to blacks with the N-word" in his comments about Obama; Fox News did not release the entire video or a complete transcript of his comments.Subsequent to his Fox News interview, Jackson apologized and reiterated his support for Obama."
What's interesting is the context of the criticism for which Jackson was joking about castrating the soon-to-be president. Obama had just given a speech attacking dead-beat Black fathers, and Jackson was upset about this. Never mind that nearly 75 percent of Black kids are born out of wedlock, Jackson was upset that Obama would "talk down to Black people."

Again, Jesse Jackson had this to say about Obama:

"See, Barack's been, ahh, talking down to black people on this faith-based... I want to cut his nuts out."
Jesse Jackson did apologize, but the damage has been done. Remember, Barack Obama passes the Brown Paper Test, so many Black people will find him not authentically Black enough if he starts to fail as president. Jesse Jackson has put in years of service to the Black community and he is a respected speaker and voice of the people - Black People.

Remember what Wanda Sikes said, lauding Obama as the first Black president:

"the first black President--unless you screw up. Then it's 'What's up with the half-white guy?' 'Who voted for the mulatto?'"
Black people might love Obama now, but as Rev. Jackson made perfectly clear - and he has been the voice of Black people for many years on the national and international state - his n*ts better watch out.

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