Thursday, November 19, 2009

#510. 'Brothers' Being Hassled in Akron

Words are important in the Black community. Take for instance the term “Brother”, a fine greeting that Black people toss around freely to describe an individual of close relation whom they feel a certain fondness with and admiration for.

The interesting early 2000 film Zoolander perfectly describes this phenomenon in a scene you can find here, when Derek Zoolander discusses the importance of the term “Brother” in the Black community:

“Rufus, Brint, and Meekus were like brothers to me. And when I say brother, I don't mean, like, an actual brother, but I mean it like the way black people use it. Which is more meaningful I think.”

Yes, the term “Brother” has a deep, almost religious connotation in the Black community that binds all Black people together in a battle against the nefarious MAN, for Black people have long been at war against their oppressors. This unnamed struggle would leave Henry V at a loss for words, for the Band of Brothers that induces people in their cars to their lock doors at the mere sight of them, exercise an incredible power over nearly 200 million Americans.

White people joke amongst themselves about inner-cities being dangerous and speak in code so as not to offend the true masters of the universe – Black people. White people – when they are prepared to make a politically incorrect statement – will always look around two or three times in the anxious hope a commissar of Hate Facts isn’t around to brand them a bigot.

It’s akin to crossing the road: look both ways before you get cross so you don’t get hit by a car, but when unloading a politically incorrect statement about Black people, white people always look around in a 360 degree radius to assiduously ascertain that no offending ears are present.

A new phrase that can be added the growing list of offensive statements white people can make towards Black people is, "watch what you're doing":

“A Kent State student is hospitalized in critical condition after a brutal attack that witnesses say was unprovoked.

Kent Police say 23-year-old Christopher Kernich was walking home on East Main Street with two friends early Sunday morning, when they were nearly run over by a car.

Witnesses say one of the students yelled to the driver "watch what you're doing".
Police say the car then pulled ahead of Chris Kernich and his friends, and two men, 20-year-old Ronald Kelly and 21-year-old Adrian Barker jumped out and began beating the three students.

Members of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity saw what was happening and tried to help Kernich and his friends.

Kent State Senior Shawn Mullins says "this kid ended up getting beaten up and then they started stomping him in the street and he was by himself really."

By the time the members of the fraternity got to Chris Kernich's side, he was laying in the street.

Mullins says "it didn't look like he was breathing whatsoever and his body was like limp so we had to physically pick up out of the street."

While a couple of the fraternity brothers summoned medical attention for Chris Kernich, the others kept Ronald Kelly and Adrian Barker from fleeing until Kent Police arrived.

But they almost ended up being victims themselves.

Shawn Mullins says "when we chased the kid off, they tried to hit us, the guy, he came out from the driveway over here somewhere and he tried to hit us with the car too."

Akron, Ohio again, the same place where it was decided that this is a Black world, now:

“It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.”

Like the word “niggardly” and merely boarding a school bus in St. Louis, white people have been forewarned about the dangers of offending the palate of Black people, for the taste of white indifference toward Black people is a most indigestible fruit.

Many words exist that offend the auditory system of Black people, yet we are entering exciting new times when a phrase such as “watch what you’re doing” is the impetus for a Pier Six Brawl.

Of course, merely disagreeing with Black people is grounds for a swift punch to the face even if you’re a professor at Columbia. Avoiding a moving vehicle and admonishing the driver to “watch out” is hereby grounds for a pummeling henceforth.

We live in a Black world. To deny this is to brandish the laws of gravity a triviality.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like views Akron, Ohio as the epicenter for interesting activity that confirms the dispossession of the majority underway across the nation. It also views this as another example of SBPDL: ‘Brothers’ being hassled in Akron.

A Band of Brothers indeed.


nick said...

three black guys jumped 2 white guys that told them to watch out after almost being run over. They didnt fight like men they snuck up behind them and sucker punched the victims and then proceeded to stomp on them after being unconsious. I saw and ran to help them, hope you enjoy eternity in hell. Hopefully they like getting jumped in prison the cowards

charlie sierra said...

Whites should be armed at all times and trained with the weapon(s) of their choosing in order to defend themselves from the deadly groups of jackals that are allowed to roam our lands. Otherwise you are just a lost lamb waiting for the inevitable beating and/or slaughter. It almost seems that through media brainwashing and social engineering constructs encoded in our minds that we as a race are losing our survival instinct. We have been saddled with false guilt and I feel that causes many whites to almost feel they do deserve to be beaten, a sub-program always running in the background of our minds. This is why sites like SBPDL are so important in destroying the false guilt imprints and revealing the ugly truth, aka "Hate Facts", even as it is constantly under attack by the DWLs with their caucasion racial suicide agenda. Not to mention that our government is also a fulltime player in melting us all down into a complacent, compliant, low IQ, fat and happy nation of light brown sheeple. Just get the word out to your neighbors. We owe each other that much.

Anonymous said...

Brothers don't like the term "black hole" either. They will slow an entire City Council meeting to a halt if a white dude useth that phrase. And when you explain that the phrase has nothing to do with race they get even more upset.

Anonymous said...

2 chicken shit cowards who need jobs but prefer to go around and beat someone til they kill them, lazy sorry asses, and ok, let's wonder why black guys get a "bad rap" hello, why don't guys like this get jobs, and be upstanding citizens instead of creating chaos and fighting and acting like "oh, no one can say ANYTHING negative to me or I will beat them til I kill them!" Hello, this is American, land of the free, freedom of speech, like ignore people go about your business, get a job!

No you want to be a "homie" whatever, pimping around, oh ok whatever, retarded, sell drugs instead of working, ok, lazy ass, intimidate people, act like billy bad ass, and then think, we get such a bad rap and we have a hard time, boo freaking hoo,


Anonymous said...

Jesus, I pray against the demonic comments and views expressed here. I pray against Satan controlling the minds and hearts of people. I pray for people that have not really read the Bible or know Jesus Christ or who he really is. I pray you would show these people love although they do not know it or show it. I pray you would remove the veil of hatred. I pray they would see the true hatred that they have for themselves.

I pray that you would learn history, archaeology and anthropolgy because you would realize white people decimated people in order to get this land but really they have never owned it. They hold it with clenched and tight fists not realizing the next fact.

God owns it. And the thing history has proven is that the only Kingdom that lasts forever is the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom with every nation and people and tongue (Revelation).

Jesus edify and teach these people. Holy Spirit, penetrate their hearts with love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Reverend Sharpton...Do you also pray for the ever increasing number of people who are victimized by black criminals?

charlie sierra said...

To the holy roller above: get your head out of your posterior. You are defending negroid violence and telling us it's "God's divine will". Don't you realize that all christian blacks have been permanently enslaved by taking on your enslavers belief system? You've turned your back on your african root religions, making you true slaves forever.

B. Cosby said...

Love the site.

Preacher man, help your people live better... through decency and pride, dig.

Those who find the truth hateful just hate hearing the truth.
Playing history teacher helps nobody man, live it today not for what happened 200 yrs. ago.

Peace to my peeps

Anonymous said...

You guys are all assholes. Its sad how dumb Americans like you are. Its pretty embarassing. There's just as much white trash as there is black--thanks for being the example. Its funny that Kelly and Barker are both college students, not pimps or thugs. Do your research before you blindly quote Fox news for your source of information.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To ANON above,

Why are we "assholes"? Why are we so "dumb", and why is it embarrassing?

Being "white trash" now constitutes pointing out heinous crimes and the race of those who commit them?

Kelly and Barker are both college students and not pimp and thugs, huh? How does that make the situation any better?

Shouldn't that make it worse anon? If these are the best and brightest the Black community can provide Kent State, shouldn't it be increasingly upsetting to you that they committed such a disgusting crime at the slightest provocation?

Research? SBPDL gave you the whole story in this entry. Read "Fox News" entry on SBPDL to see our views on that station.

These two Black "college" students showed their academic mettle in killing this guy didn't they, throwing away their scholastic dreams to lay in the same muck as pimps and thugs!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo tired of this shit - the only people making black people look AND feel oppressed is their fellow "brothers" and "sisters" - enough already. If this generation of parents would spend as much time teaching their black children about love and acceptance of others as they do teaching them that they are somehow entitled to be aggressive, we may have some glimmer of hope for the generation that follows us.......

Ezhel M. said...

Yo is this a racist site or what? I thought this was a site run by black people, but most of these posts just make blacks look bad. Then I look at the comments and they're all white racists calling blacks animals and shit. I think the next post should be #1025 - Stuff black people hate. I don't much like this site any more. There's no way blacks run it, they're just making us all look bad. And making mad white people look at us like dangerous animals. I don't in any was condone lynching or beating or mugging anyone black or white. Just cause a few niggas don't know how to act doesn't mean the rest of us act like that. This site should also change it's name to stuff African americans don't like. I'm a black Canadian and I don't understand half the shit posted on here.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Ezhel M,

No, this is not a racist site. On the contrary, it is a website devoted to Stuff Black People Don't Like.

The posts are just stories from the news that few ever see or dare read.

I approve every comment, and I delete a number of them.

Haiti, South Africa and majority Black cities are scary places, and it is precisely because of the lack of white people that create these unfortunate circumstances.

This site condones justice in the face of era where injustice and crime reign free.

I'm glad you read the site though, Ezhel. What part of Canada do you live in?