Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Jayson Blair Award goes to Chris Matthews

Sarah Palin is able to arouse the most venomous anger from disingenuous white liberals, because she represents MARs anger unlike any other political figure.

At a recent book signing for her new tome, Palin was victimized by MSNBC's Chris Matthews and pilloried the crowd as being an all-white affair, or in his words 'monochromatic':

MATTHEWS: I think there's a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, white vs. other people. I think she's very smart about this....
Of course, Black people have a monolithic view of life in America - everything is Black vs. the rest - and our encouraged to practice tribalism at every turn by the media, academia and politicians.

According to Gallup, Obama's approval rating among Black people is at 95 percent (for the week of November 9 -15), which is a six point swing from the week before (we guess bowing to a foreign head of state is a big boost of energy for Black people).

And remember, according to exit polls, 95 percent of Black people voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.

The question is what Chris Matthews hopes to gain by his sycophantic rants about Mein Obama, for his love of our president is reaching new boundaries of obsession and his journalistic integrity is comparable to Jayson Blair. Remember him? He is now a life coach in Virginia, but before his decision to mentor troubled individuals and give them positive direction, he was a rising star at The New York Times until this happened:

“After a summer internship at The New York Times in 1998, Blair was offered an extended internship. He indicated that he had to complete some coursework in order to graduate, and The New York Times agreed to defer it. He returned to The New York Times in January 1999, when "everyone assumed he had graduated. He had not; college officials say he has more than a year of course work to complete." That November, he became an "intermediate reporter."

Despite recurring criticism of his performance, he was assigned to the Beltway sniper attacks, in particular because he knew the area and seemed "hungry." Blair wrote 52 stories during the sniper attacks. His reporting errors were so serious that one led a prosecutor to hold a press conference to denounce the claim that "all the evidence" pointed to Lee Boyd Malvo being the shooter. The error rate of Blair's material again became an issue internally. In another instance, Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutor Bob Horan claimed that 60 percent of a story written by Blair, in which he was quoted, was inaccurate.

Despite such accusations and many corrections the paper was forced to make in the wake of his reporting, Blair continued to cover critical stories for The New York Times, moving from the sniper attacks to national coverage of the War in Iraq. In his four years at The Times, Blair wrote more than 600 articles.

The Blair scandal also stoked much controversy and debate over affirmative action hiring. Landman told the Siegal committee he felt the fact that Blair was African-American played a large part in his initial promotion to full-time staffer. "I think race was the decisive factor in his promotion," he said. "I thought then and I think now that it was the wrong decision."

Newsweek reporter Seth Mnookin similarly said that Blair was fast-tracked because of the Times's desire for a more racially diverse workforce.”

Matthews has the credibility of Blair at this point, which conversely are mirrored in his dismal ratings for his show and for MSNBC in general.

Sarah Palin represents the tip of the iceberg of MARS anger, and Matthews knows this. To discredit her constantly and attack her crowd for its monochromatic hue is a flagrant attempt to demean and discredit her.

Palin’s book will sell a lot of copies, because people are clamoring for hope.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like won’t be reading Palin’s new book, but we will keep close eyes on how she is treated during her book tour. The media might have to bring back Blair from his vocation of life-coach to try and come up with fascinating new manners of character assassination, because he even has more credibility than Chris Matthews at this point.


Anonymous said...

About the Chris Matthews video above and profiling (re: Major Hasan) by race, religion, sex, age and other factors:
Isn't profiling what law enforcement does to find suspects?
Isn't profiling what Israeli's do to fight terrorism?
Here's an odd one. Isn't profiling what social service agencies do to determine "at risk children"?

DaveC said...

Chris Matthews knows fuck-all about *anything*,save for his ability to apply vigorous oral-anal pleasure to his Left Wing Masters.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone one in the 2nd video is a 60/70 year old southern Ohio farmer and the video presents them as the white persons view.

I'm tired of the Larry the Cable Guy view of white people. I am an over education IT professional and I can tell you uneducated people come in ALL shapes, sizes, colors, and from all different backgrounds.