Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#112. Waiting Until Middle School to Start Freak Dancing

Just as a previous post discussed Waiting Until Graduation to Start Stripping, this brief entry will detail an event SBPDL is even shocked about.

The people in this video are obviously speaking Spanish, but don't appear to be Non-Hispanic white people, but those of obvious African heritage. They are children, and they are partaking in a dance that would make those in the Matrix: Reloaded rave scene cringe.

We have seen the future, and it will be.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Waiting Until Middle School to Start Freak Dancing, for if the future is to be one in which the amalgamation of the races is complete, Black people don't want to be denied the right to dance how they want anymore:

"Their solution: Fight explicit teen dancing with an equal dose of explicitness. Downey and Aliso Niguel are among the first schools to draft "dance contracts," binding agreements that parents and students must sign before a teenager can step onto the dance floor.

Administrators say the graphic descriptions in the contracts leave little room for arguments over interpretation and put everyone on notice about appropriate behavior."
Remember, this is a Black world now, and it is important we all stop Acting White, and start Acting Black to fit in. So, to keep things 365Black, elegant Ballroom dancing of the past is out and the embracing of Freak Dancing must now begin.

But remember: the only alternative to this future - as epitomized in the Matrix rave scene - is to embrace The Lord of Dance, one of the ultimate forms of SBPDL.


Steve said...

Thanks for popsting that Matrix scene. I remember when I first saw that I was like WTF? No wonder the robots are kicking ass, there are no humans left.

Segregation now, segregation forever!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is important for negros to start their mating rituals early in life. That's the only way it can be assured that the young men have fulfilled their duty to be reproductively fruitful. They wouldn't want these men to go fruitless before they have to go to jail for torturing a kitten [link 1] or trying on women's clothing during a home invasion [link 2].




Anonymous said...

This is so shocking. All the adults should be arrested. TNB.

charlie sierra said...

Now I hope nobody is surprised when little Shanteequa turns up pregnant at ten years of age. What if this were a white mother and white children? That white mom would (and should) be charged with felony child endangerment. In this case though it's laughed off as ethnic "cute kiddy fun". The very bottom of Maslows chart, I'm tellin' ya.

tc said...

Child abuse, endangerment, child porn? My mouth is dropping in disbelief in video #1.

This is acceptable? What a clash of cultures!

Anonymous said...

This was in the dominican republic not america.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Thanks for pointing out the origin of this video anon.

I was unable to ascertain the nation of origin, but the children are all Black kids nonetheless.

A longer article will address "Freak Dancing", but for now, let this link suffice.


Porter said...

Re: the first video...I can't believe what my eyes just showed me.

Teaching children to hump and grind like rutting baboons? The depravity of black "culture" never seems to hit bottom. There's always farther to dig.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell!!!
Child porn...these adults should be beaten for ever endorsing this behavior...why is that grown woman sticking her butt out for that child to hump on....this is sick and disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Note how no blacks respond to posts like this. Or was that African Dominican not African American comment from a black? That is all.


Anonymous said...


Based what I've been seeing maybe revisting the idea of segregation may not be such a bad thing. That half white dude in DC may not like it, but I wouldn't mind it at all

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

First white people dance the same way. I went to a white school were half the girls got pregnant but quickly ran to get abortions. So white people can be just as ignorant. Who gives a shout out during a debate? White people always try to put the blame somewhere. Like you all are the first to complain about illegal immigrants but are very quick to go pick up a few and pay them a little of nothing to do work. No one race is better than the other we are all just human and are not without faults.

Mark said...

Face the facts, white people are not just like blacks and mestizos. Traditional white America never engaged in "freak dancing" and other such nonsense. Jews, blacks and mestizos are a plague upon our nation.