Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Told You Rape is a Tool of War - the Richmond Horror Explained

SBPDL doesn't want to be right. In a perfect world, we would live harmoniously with each other - all the various races of mankind together - living peaceful, monotonous lives of pleasure, devoid of pain, suffering and horror.

However, history proves that this idea of world peace is but a fools' dream and one that has never been a reality on this planet, nor ever will be.

We told you that rape is a tool of war, practiced by those who view their conquered subjects as nothing more than sexual toys. The vanquished population is powerless to fight back and can only watch in horror as their people are brutally subjected to the most heinous crime that man can be party too:

"The use of rape as a tool of war is not a modern occurrence. Rape during wartime is a well-documented phenomenon that has occurred since writers and philosophers have recognized its existence. Gottschall notes, “historical and anthropological evidence suggests that rape in the context of war is an ancient human practice, and that this practice has stubbornly prevailed across a stunningly diverse concatenation of societies and historical epochs.”

This claim, supported by APAP (2002), “In primitive warfare, women were targeted as a means to avoid facing the enemy again by eliminating the source of manpower for future supply,” shows the deliberate means in which a society may suffer through the use of rape as a tool of war. Wartime rape does not indicate solitary examples of rape by individuals but rather a pattern “of rape by soldiers at rates that are much increased over rates of rape that prevail in peacetime.”
We have discussed previously on SBPDL how rape in the United States - interracial rape - is practiced by Black males on white women at an alarming rate in the United States (the statistics cited below come from the FBI):

"In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man."

First, we have Black women doing everything in their power to look like white women by spending vast amounts of money on their hair; now we have Black men committing vast amounts of rape, just to be with white women. Or, could it be a form of warfare - primitive warfare - against the remnants of Pre-Obama America?

Rape is a tool of war, and the more than 37,000 white women raped by Black men in 2007 alone, these numbers delineate a vicious warning to Pre-Obama America for what the future will portend: Richmond High School repeating itself in every part of the country, for how California goes, so goes the nation:

"Police investigating the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl have arrested five people, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

Authorities have described the incident as a two-and-a-half-hour assault that occurred on the Richmond High School campus, in the Richmond community north of Oakland on San Francisco Bay."
The victim of this horrible gang raping - just another causality in war - is a white girl. Before we go on about this story, it's vital to quote from The Wall Street Journal, as they attempt to downplay the Hate Fact War being waged on white people:

"The source of Bodeker's numbers is Table 42 on page 30 of this Justice Department publication. In 2005, there were 111,490 "single offender" rapes and sexual assaults of whites nationwide. In 33.6% of those, the "perceived race" of the offender was black. That comes to a bit more than 37,000, consistent with Bodeker's number.

Bodeker is correct that the statistics show white-on-black sexual assaults are vanishingly rare. The chart lists number of rapes and sexual assaults against black victims as 36,620, and it says that the perceived offender was black in a whopping "100.0%" of these cases and white in "0.0%" of them. That would put the number of white-on-black sexual assaults at somewhere between zero and 18, since 19 would round up to 0.1% of the total. (Bodeker's figure of 10 seems to have come from a footnote that actually refers to sample size, but it is in the right range.)

It is true that blacks, who are less numerous than whites, commit a disproportionately high share of violent crimes, including sexual assaults. To present rape as a racial problem, however, is at best an example of the kind of disparate-impact logic that Bodeker rejects elsewhere in the film when it is used to depict blacks as victims of racism.

Further, the stereotype of black men as sexual predators is an old and ugly one, and this segment of Bodeker's film calls it to mind, whether or not that was his intent. As a practical matter, a white person who wishes to challenge the conventional wisdom on race would be well-advised to be sensitive to such questions of history and tone.
The Wall Street Journal is a newspaper that is afraid of Hate Facts, for they show that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason: they are true.

The gang rape of the white girl in Richmond, California is but a precursor (oh wait, the 37,000 rapes in 2007 wasn't enough?) of the war to come in the United States.

Disingenuous white liberals (DWL) will forever have their head in the sand, like an ostrich, at the grim reality every citizen - regardless of race - faces in the coming decades. The blame for the gang raping of this girl in Richmond, California, rests solely on the soul of every DWL who has ever breathed a breath of air on this earth.

(It must be stated that this horrible gang rape in Richmond was the work of numerous Hispanics, one Black person and potentially one white person. That doesn't disqualify SBPDL from bringing up the point about Black men and the raping of white women, but only further expounds upon the necessity of talking about the problem of non-white attacks on white people).

One writer has tried to downplay the racial angle of this story:

A 15-YEAR-OLD GIRL chugs brandy after her homecoming dance and becomes incapacitated. She is lying semiconscious on a bench in a secluded area at Richmond High school. All of the sudden, authorities say, the boys and men she'd been partying with begin to rape her. As many as seven of them take turns. They beat her. They jeer. They snap photos of their heinous acts with their cell phones. As word of the attack spreads, others come to gawk. No one tries to help the girl. The vicious attack goes on for a good two hours before someone finally alerts a parent who calls the police.

There are those who have sought to inject race into the public dialogue about the gang rape at Richmond High.

Yet there is no evidence that this attack had anything to do with race.

This is about young boys and men — fueled by alcohol — conducting a cowardly assault upon a defenseless young girl. Period.

In fact, the four suspects charged so far span the racial rainbow.

They are Hispanic, black and white. The victim, is white.

The fact is, young males raping young females is not just an urban problem — code word black and brown."

The time to discuss race frankly and honestly in America is now and the inclusion of Hate Facts must be allowed in this dialogue, or we will continue to do every citizen in this nation a great disservice.

No girl - regardless of race - should be afraid that she will be a victim of rape (of course some girls do cry wolf over rape), and any male - regardless of race - that dares to commit this insidious crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. That people watched the gang rape transpire in Richmond and did nothing but take photos and video for future viewings bespeaks the sordid nature of America in 2009.

Race in America. 2009. One year ago, Mein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. The post-racial president has done a great job of doing absolutely nothing, especially in th realm of race relations, where every fault of the Black community is yet another example of evil white racism.

Of course, some do have a rosy view of America's future, under the watchful guise of Mein Obama:

Despite America’s decades-long struggle to achieve racial equality and the election last year of the country’s first African-American president, Americans remain hopeful but highly skeptical that race relations will significantly improve in the near future, according to a new Gallup Poll.

In the survey, 56 percent said they believed that race relations would “eventually be worked out,” an almost identical result as the 55 percent who answered that way in 1963, Gallup reported.

“In short, despite all that has happened in the intervening decades, there is scarcely more hope now than there was those many years ago that the nation’s race-relations situation will be solved,” the company said.

Blacks remain much more pessimistic than whites that race relations will eventually improve, the survey found.

Last summer, during the presidential campaign, 50 percent of African-Americans said things ultimately would get better, but that number has fallen to 42 percent now."

"Eventually be worked out." The ultimate DWL phrase, and the words of Hollow Men. It is time for a dialogue on race. Richmond High School won't be the last gang rape in the war on Pre-Obama America. But we can work to ensure that this horrible crime can be recalled as the moment when Stuff Black People Don't Like began to include "ducking a real conversation about race".

If not, Whitopia's will only grow larger as white people begin to realize that the audacity of hope can only be found among other white people and DWLs will be left to enjoy the fruits of their labor in cities similar to Richmond, California and the ethnic makeup that it enjoys.

Of course, DWLs can't discuss Hate Facts, but must cover them up at all costs (just ask Eastern Michigan student Lauren Dickinson... oh wait, she was raped and killed by a Black dude, and the DWL administrators covered it up).


Anonymous said...

California is a real testament to diversity isn't it? Rich white people live in exclusive (Whitopian) communities along with our interest charging friend. These rich people advocate for a diversity that they themselves will never endure. They sell this hopeless ideology all across America (and the world) with the biggest bullhorn that exists, television.

I'm sure that this advocacy of 'equality' and 'diversity' makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Why wouldn't it? They are helping the 'victims' of the 'horrible atrocities' that white men inflict upon all others.

Who pays for this flawed and mentally deficient ideology of theirs? Certainly, it's not them. Their children go to an affluent whitopian school. Those who pay for it are the ones that live in these diverse nightmares. On that day it was a 15 year old girl.

Do not be fooled people. There is a war, right here in America. They sweep crimes against Whites under the rug (or hide the races involved). They hold any crimes against minorities up as an example to all of the evil White man.

Yes, there is a war and there are atrocities. It's just not the 'blue eyed devil' that commits them.


Anonymous said...

Rape is a race issue. It's a male issue. There's a problem with the XY chromosome and it needs to be studied for all its violent tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Dave - as a So Cal resident - I concur with your post.

The same traitors who hire the illegal Mexicans don't live near them. The illegals do the job and go back to the ghetto while the self-hating whites feel a sense of social justice that they helped an "illegal immigrant" earn a living. They only come here for a better life right?

Give me a break.

These same illegals are not just working for minimum wage - they're all over, taking jobs that now Americans will do as Californians are broke.

The EDD is flooded with applicants daily. They can't handle the current case load they have now! We have white California natives broke, out of unemployment benefits and sleeping in cars or on friend's couches.

Yet the self-hating limousine liberal in CA continues to betray his country and knowingly hire illegals. I'm really sick of it.

The hatred towards these people are palpable in California. Meg Whitman who is running for governor said we can't practically deport 12.5 million people. Oh yes we can.

Put these pukes on a military hop and bring them to their country of origin. Pull our troops out of these illegal unjust wars and bring them here to protect our country!

Anonymous said...

"Rape is a race issue ... problem with the XY"

Yes, anonymous, it is a race issue. The chromosome you are referring to develops the required organs necessary for a man's seed. Perhaps in ignorance you are implying that we should edit human DNA to emasculate or eliminate males from existence. Without males there would be no rape, right?

On the other hand, there is a hormone that CAN be blamed for rape and violent behavior. This hormone is called testosterone. All humans of both sexes have a certain amount of this hormone. Certain RACES have an extremely high amount of this hormone. These RACES commit rapes and other violent behavior at a much greater level.

Thank you for bringing the genetic issue up. I almost forgot!


Anonymous said...

Dave, if that is the case, then it would make sense as to why 95% of Blacks in America have some sort of European admixture. :) Seems like forced miscegenation isn't as foreign to your people as you'd care to have people think. DNA does indeed speak for itself.

Anonymous said...

How about mentioning the rape of white males in prison, if we are talking about interracial rape? This is a statistic worth mentioning everytime rape of white women is discussed.

Anonymous said...

"95% of blacks in America have some sort of European admixture"

Are you insinuating that the White man has a greater tendency for rape than the negroid man? I know that negroid men enjoy looking at a certain point in their past to vindicate their behavior. I hope you aren't one of them.

Regardless, we are addressing the present here (not the past) and the statistics directly counter any point you were trying to make. Vindicated or not, the animalistic behavior of the negroid man does your kind a great disservice in any attempt to join the ranks of the rest of the tribes that populate this planet we share. Instead, it only serves as a call to arms for your 'enemies'.

On a side note, the "European admixture" you mentioned could go a long way towards the explanation of the IQ gap between african-americans and their counterparts in sub-saharan Africa.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:14

You're right. I looked back at the statistics and it turns out that Whites rape negros all the time. Smooth move not pulling the old 1800's history lesson on me. You know us weird whites, always living in the past. If we could only look to the future perhaps we could find a way out of our Caucasoid rut.



We hear today that a court in Italy has reduced a negros sentance for murder,on the grounds that negroes have a genetic tendency toward violence,and as such can not be held as responsable as could a european for the same crime.

Anonymous said...


Please provide a citation for your claim. I don't doubt you, I just prefer to get my 'meat' from the 'bone'.


Anonymous said...

"If we knew then what we know now, we'd have picked our OWN cotton."

-- a wise man

Anonymous said...

for a wise man and dave, it seems as if you two do not like black people. i do not know for sure but it seems that way. i am black and white and just to let you know, not all black people are the same ;)