Sunday, November 15, 2009

Don't Try This at Home

New post(s) coming tonight. It's a beautiful day where SBPDL lives, and the day must be enjoyed. However, we have discussed passing on seconds and the Black community before, so this video might be enough to dissuade anyone from ever jumping on a treadmill and instead spending time outside.

Log off your computer and go enjoy the beautiful outdoors, for when you get back SBPDL will be here with new entries.

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Anonymous said...

I worked as an electrician at a factory and we had one black guy in our dept. Whos nickname was "Bacon". Would not listen to anyone as far as safety was concerned, because "White boys were scared bitches". Well one day "Bacon" became "Toast" because he failed to lock out the panel to the machine he was working on. To this day we laugh about it. In secret in of course.