Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back... to the Future

SBDPL will return with a vengeance tonight. We have two new posts for today and will post two posts each day this week - yes, even on Thanksgiving you can expect a heaping portion of SBPDL served extra delicious, with the stuffing on the side - to brighten the holiday.

Did you see 'The Blind Side'? It brought in $34 million over its opening weekend, which is an incredible amount of money, considering it was up against Twilight: New Moon (which did more than $140 million in three days).

For those who haven't read it yet, we offer a two-part (which will be part of a trilogy) introspective story on adoption - through a black and white glasses - by discussing the Michael Oher Story as honestly as we can here at SBPDL (perhaps the only honest review of the story on the internet).

Read the Reality of Adoption entry and Michael Oher Story entry and comment there. Quite interesting discussions are developing regarding adoption and white altruism, as opposed to Black altruism in the form of a Rolex watch being offered to Dr. Cleveland Enmom for his fine ability to resuscitate a patient:
Dr. Cleveland Enmon Accused of Neglect To Steal Rolex Watch10.0105

"Dr. Cleveland Enmon is an emergency room physician at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton . Dr. Enmon is accused of abandoning attempts to resuscitate a patient from cardiac arrest to instead pocket the dead man’s valuable Rolex wristwatch. The suit, filed by the adult children of Jerry Keith Kubena, Sr., alleges that Dr. Cleveland James Enmon on June 1 “formed the intent” to swipe the Rolex from Kubena’s wrist while treating the man at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton."

Black people find Rolex watches to die for, apparently, or worthy of abandoning the Hippocratic Oath over.

Also, if Youtube.com won't take it down, SBPDL has set up a Youtube.com channel, where we will begin uploading "newscasts" by the creator of the Stuff Black People Don't Like. You can follow us on Twitter; you can be a fan of us on Facebook - just type in SBPDL - and now, we will have the Youtube.com market cornered with the very first SBPDL video post.

So, enjoy the turkey and ham, the green beans and potatoes. Eat until your heart is content and spend quality time with your family. When you are ready for dessert, head on over to sbpdl.com, for the treats we have prepared for you will quench even the sweetest tooth imaginable.

SBPDL is going back... to the future this week. And where we are going, you don't need roads.

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