Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Year Ago Tonight...

History was made one year ago tonight, as Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States, with fully 96 percent of the Black vote behind him.

We at SBPDL would like to congratulate Mr. Obama on his first year in office and wish him much more success in the White House, for he has not acted stupidly during his tenure thus far, but has given us many teachable moments that we believe will have a profound impact on the future of the country.

Even though we won't be invited to have a beer with Mein Obama at the White House, we will raise a glass to the president for in his interesting first year Obama has done a remarkable job in improving the vocational prospects of 50,000 Detroit citizens and in finally giving Washington DC a glimpse of what a real million man march looks like.

Stuff Black People Don't Like looks forward to the next 365Black days of Mein Obama's reign of power. If they were anything like the first 365, it will make for one hell of a year:
A year after he was elected as the US President, American citizens are less sure about Barack Obama, with the leader getting only 53 per cent job approval rating, says a latest opinion poll.

The US President is almost near the bottom of the list of elected presidents since World War II, ranked on the basis of their approval ratings one year after their initial election, a poll by US agency Gallup has said.

"Americans are much less positive than they were a year ago that President Barack Obama will be able to accomplish a number of challenges facing his administration.

In particular, far fewer Americans believe he will be able to heal political divisions and control federal spending," the poll said.

"Two-thirds of Americans now say the country is more deeply divided on major issues facing the country than it has been in the past several years, an increase of 11 points from the record-low reading on this last November," it said.

However, Obama's popularity with white people may be slipping he still remains in the 90s with Black people - as of November 1, 2009 - with a 91 percent approval rating. In the eyes of Black people, even 50,000 lining the streets of Detroit for stimulus checks, he can do no wrong.

Please leave your thoughts on Mein Obama and his first year in office in the comments section (keep them clean or they will not be published).


Anonymous said...

He won because of lack of options. A drunk crack head who just got out of prison could have beat Bush. Where have all the great leader gone? These guy in office right now could not lead a blind man out of a round room.

Anonymous said...

Obama is doing his job quite well. He reads his speaches just as well as any other profesional talking head we see in the box in our living rooms. He delivers those catchy three or four word sound bites with authority.

The failures are those on the other side of the glass in that box. The future of our country and world is being decided everyday. A whole generation has been taught to agree with those talking heads. Nary a citizen thinks for themself.

Those who lack the ability or will to engage in objective/critical thought are the failures. The utopia is a lie. All one has to do is look around themselves. Stop floating along in your ignorant complacency!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble there, anonymous #1 but President Bush was not up for re-election for a third time. It is, however, a sad state of affairs that this country decided to bow to the black gods of "racial justice" and political correctness in 2008 and elect a blatant socialist that wants to make "fundamental changes" to this great country. All because he happened to be black.


Anonymous said...

Dave you are a prefect example of the leaders of this country. Highly intelligent very well spoken and so arrogant because you believe you are right. Ignorant to the fact that what you believe is wrong. So self centered that you would let this great country be destroyed then even come close to admitting you are wrong.Obama has done nothing to try to fix the crisis going on in this country except spend more money then any other president in history. Obama's personal agenda is on the top of his list, mean while The American people get pushed to number 10 one his list of importants. We need leaders not some one trying to make a name for themself so they will be remembered in history. We don't need more visionary or dreamers defiling this great nation.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:04

What I believe is wrong? All I said in my comment was suggest people think for themselves. Yes, I praised the 'messiah' for his reading ability. Never did I imply what he is doing is right.

I'd suggest you read through this blog a bit deeper. You seem to be listening to the people in the box as well. No, I don't care if your talking heads are on Fox News. I want you to think for yourself!

Once again, stop floating along in your ignorant complacency!


Anonymous said...

Again, I am so disappointed. Perhaps this is why our progenitors commit suicide at such an alarming rate. Please, negro man, mock me now in my discouragement.

"Dude, I just got like 10 frags on halo"


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11/07/2009 are you reading what i am reading? Did you read past the first sentence? I dont think he was supporting obama in any way! In fact its just the opposite! He is right though.... obama can sure read those speeches like a seasoned pro!


Mgrub said...

Think for ourselves? HA! I believe we all do to a small extent but guided so easily into following certain beliefs we might as well be sheep. That fleeting inkling of questioning rapidly evaporates due to wanting to fit into the greater societal thinking.
People who tend to question such a solid block of thought are far and between spread around and shunned so quickly remain silent. Only when they consolidate into the MARs effect do they appear more valid and less like the "crazy right wingers".

Anonymous said...


"That fleeting inkling of questioning rapidly evaporates due to wanting to fit into the greater societal thinking"

I refer to that tendency as collective ignorance. There are others that have coined different names for this phenomenon such as, herd mentality, herd behavior, wisdom of the crowd, group intelligence, collective intelligence.

Today the bottleneck to all of these collective thought process' is the nationwide television. That is where all the elements that are hashed through this collective process originate. These sound bites, etc. have permeated the thoughts of so many that they drown out anything else. In the end people just end up arguing the points they are told to.

What if there is more than just a red pill and a blue pill?


Anonymous said...

First.., McCain was a gutless, dull candidate and the Republicans were fools to select him to run (I Know...primaries...but they are somewhat manipulated).
Secondly..., ACORN and other groups helped skew the vote number. Many conservatives and moderates stayed home because they had no one to vote for.
Thirdly..., the fools that held their noses and voted for obama (except for ultra-libs and blacks) thought they were being soooooo enlightened by voting for a black. Surely...they thought.., obama cannot be as socialist as people are warning. Guess what...he is socialist and even more than was predicted.
Obama did do one thing. He is so bad he made sure that no other black will be elected to the presidency for a while.