Friday, December 11, 2009

Toby Gerhart Wins Doak Walker Award

Well, SBPDL was the first to bring up the interesting idea of the top award for the best college football running back being named for a white guy - when white people rarely play tailback anymore.

We published a piece entitled The Doak Walker Award, the annual trophy given to the best college football running back. We'll quote from it now:

"Sports are the only manner in which many white people come in contact with Black people (largely through their television) and the games help shape people's attitudes toward them in a very positive manner.

Stuff Black People Don't Like, however, includes the "Doak Walker Award" name, for white people playing tailback is a silly notion, considering that Black people dominate the position and how few white people actually play that position now. Remember, the goal in THE AGE OF OBAMA is to make everything Black - coaches and players a like - and any vestige of Pre-Obama America must be swept into the dustbin of history.

Or, if white guys want to play tailback, they can play for the Air Force Academy. We do need fighter pilots still."
Well, one of the players profiled in that piece was Stanford's Toby Gerhart, who just won the Doak Walker Award for the 2009 season:

"Stanford running back Toby Gerhart diligently slogged through two final exams after arriving in Orlando for The Home Depot/ESPNU College Football Awards.

But after he turned in his archeology test Thursday morning, "the day just got 100 times better," said Gerhart, a management science and engineering major.

Gerhart was named the 2009 Doak Walker Award winner, announced by former Cowboys' star Tony Dorsett during the show. The award honoring the nation's top running back will be presented by the SMU Athletic Forum on Feb. 19 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

Gerhart is also a finalist for the Heisman Trophy and will head to New York for Saturday night's Heisman presentation."

Once again, SBPDL is proving to be prescient in our ever growing list of Stuff Black People Don't Like.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Toby Gerhart from SBPDL. Here's a great article on Gerhart from Sports Illustrated:

"Maybe you're thinking that the racial imbalance is because Caucasian backs just can't keep up. You watch Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones-Drew and say, "Find me a white runner who can do that." But there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that white backs haven't been competing just against other players; they've also been battling the perception that they're not cut out for the job.

Four years ago Gerhart was a hotshot at Norco (Calif.) High, visiting USC on a recruiting trip with fellow runners C.J. Gable and Stafon Johnson, who are black. The Trojans told Gerhart they would love to have him -- as an outside linebacker or a fullback to block for guys like Johnson and Gable."


Anonymous said...

Wow, another filler post about sports.

Ryan S. Kelley said...

That quote by Dickerson, which would considered blasphemous if he was white and claiming that white QB's are naturally superior to black QB's, is a perfect example of the double standard for discrimination in the US.

Despite no scientific evidence that black athletes are superior to white athletes, and despite the fact that they are a glaring minority in most of the world's major sports--- baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, track and field, alpine skiing, swimming, motor sports, sailing, rugby, cricket etc...-- it is complete acceptable to claim that they are superior. Despite the existance of movies entitled "White Men Can't Jump," there isn't any movies entitled "Black Men Can't Read" or "Black People Can't Score Favorably on the MCAT."

However, if it is acceptable for Dickerson and Jim Brown to claim the black athlete to be superior, without any basis except clearly discriminatory practices, then it should be equally acceptable to claim that white athletes are superior in positions and sports where thinking is involved. This claim DOES have substantial backing...

While the average caucasian (non-hispanic, this is an important fact as otherwise it is 101) IQ is now above 104, the mean "black" IQ is just 75, with many "African Americans" scoring at a level that would be considered mentally disabled by white or Asian-American standards. Even when economic standing has been controlled for in these studies, this gap in IQ has actually widened between whites and blacks. So, at a position like QB, football coach, baseball pitcher, golfer, tennis player and other sports/positions that require considerable strategy, the white male athlete is obviously superior. An even more taboo argument, would be to say that white QB's are even more desirable over black QB's--not just due to superior intelligence--but due to a more aesthetically pleasing complexion. For marketing purposes, especially children and those of the opposite sex, having a QB with a complexion that is more-perfect by the standards of The Golden Ratio, would certainly raise more revenue for that player's team.

So in conclusion, my argument is the age-old one, that caucasian people should get a fair shake. For instance, I'm of Irish decent, and while everyone is well-versed in the history of US slavery, very few school textbooks discuss the fact that more Irish (white) slaves existed in the Americas in the 1600s than any other race.

White guilt/fear of losing one's job/opportunity to discuss one's promotable "progressive ways" was what cheated Gerhart out of his trophy.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan