Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#108. Jam Bands

Black people love music. During the erection of Black Run America (BRA), sports and music were important integrating devices for helping white people gradually accept Black people into the social fabric of Pre-Obama America.

Sports played a significantly greater role in the various attempts at assimilating Black people into everyday life in America, but music was another avenue for white people to identify with a group of people completely alien to them.

Music helped break down societal boundaries that had been built to separate the races, but sadly some forms of music seem auditory pleasing to racially cohesive groups. Classical and country music have become solidly white forms of entertainment, while rap music – though it is declining from its gangsta roots – is solidly a Black form of music with a rabid white following (primarily because white girls enjoy dancing to it, guaranteeing that white males will too).

Interestingly, most modern music seems to bifurcate over time between how white and Black people appreciate it and adapt to the changes within the various genres that have some overlap between the two racial groups. No greater form of music could display this point save the Jam Band:

Jam bands are musical groups whose albums and live performances relate to a fan culture that originated with the 1960s group Grateful Dead and continued in the 1990s with Phish. The performances of these bands often feature extended musical improvisation ("jams") over rhythmic grooves and chord patterns and long sets of music that cross genre boundaries.

While the seminal group Grateful Dead were originally categorized as psychedelic rock, by the 1990s the term "jam band" was used for groups playing a variety of genres, including those outside of rock such as funk, progressive bluegrass, and jazz fusion. The term is also used for some groups playing blues, country music, folk music, world music, and electronica.

Attending a concert performance by a jam band is to step into a world seemingly out of the 1950s where integration was never mandated by the federal government and white people frequented establishments exclusively with other white people. However, jam band performances usually provide a plethora of disheveled and olfactory unpleasing white people moving inexplicably to music that ostensibly is being played extemporaneously.

The jam band normally consists of improperly nourished white males of questionable showering habits, performing music that Black people find shockingly unappealing and incompatible with their normal melody, harmony and tune predilections.

Talented at improvising and at actually performing with an instrument (and largely devoid of the synthesizer and other equipment necessary to create the sounds heard in rap or pop music many Black signer employ) jam bands perform in front of crowds teeming with white people who have rejected implicitly the manufactured musicals sounds so many embrace.

Token Black people are rare at jam band concerts as this form of acting white is anathema even to Black people desiring acceptance into 21st century white culture. Black people find any situation where they represent but a fraction of the thousands of people in attendance totally untenable, and one that must be avoided at all costs.

Of course, college football games (and most sporting events) across America represent one such event that Black people proudly disregard this rule as tens of thousands of white people sit in rapt attention to the exploits of the players on the field.

But jam bands force Black people to be reluctant at embracing such an obvious white-dominated genre, where white hippies proudly grow dreadlocks, scorn proper hygiene and become completely indifferent to polite society and in holding down positive employment.

Though fans of jam bands proclaim to being open-minded individuals embracing the ambiguity of life and search vainly for some higher form of reason, Black people and Black performers are a rarity at concerts:

Although the post-hippie jam culture is generally considered one of the most welcoming communities in the music world, music from the African-American tradition has not been particularly well represented in the scene.

Perhaps the ultimate jam band event transpires in Tennessee each year at Bonnaroo, the Mecca for the white fans of this genre of music. Stuff White People Like individuals flock to Bonnaroo to revel in the jam band atmosphere, all the while failing to acknowledge the shockingly high lack of diversity in the attendees.

In an attempt at minority outreach, the 2008 Bonnaroo was to be home to a Glasnost when it came to an admitting the lily-white shortcomings of jam bands perennial event, as Kanye West was to perform. Sadly, he was booed by the stoned white people with the ferocity of a hypothetical Journey concert at the Apollo:

Kanye West’s late night performance at Bonnaroo was delayed nearly two hours, angering the festival crowd who responded by chanting “Kanye sucks” and pelting the empty stage with glow sticks.

West had been scheduled to take the main stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival at 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning. While the sleepy thousands in the audience waited, a message on the jumbotrons told them West’s show would be delayed until 3:15 a.m., and when that didn’t happen, that he would start at 3:30. West didn’t hit the stage until 4:25 a.m.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes jam bands, for performances by groups with names like Phish, String Cheese, Wide Spread Panic, etc., have little artistic appeal to Black people. The throngs of white people who show up to be entertained by this form of music leave Black people uneasy, and the fluid nature these bands actually play their instruments causes consternation among them as well.

Why do so few Black people – notable exception being Prince – that are deemed musically inclined lack the ability to be proficient with an instrument? These goofy jam bands comprised entirely of white people and followed with religious zealotry and fervor by white people appear to actually have musical talent.

Pulsating, symphonic beats manufactured by synthesizers and computers that accompany rap lyrics seem paltry and unimpressive compared to the originality on display by jam bands.


Phalluster said...

'The Roots' are about the closest thing to a black jam band. Predictably, their fanbase is very white, even leading to a gig playing for Jimmy Fallon's Late Show.

Hirsch said...

Yeah, I suppose Parliament Funkadelic or George Clinton and the P-Funks is as close as blacks will get to jam bands. Living Color, of course, was a solid rock band, and Vernon Reid a bad ass guitarist.

As for jam bands in general, most of their fans, at least the ones who travel behind them from gig to gig, are pretty annoying. Show up at a "String-Cheese Incident" or "Phish" concert and you're liable to see a girl with unshaven armpits spouting off every lyric before the lead singer.

I think this is as much an issue of age as race, though. Go into a guitar center, like I did two days ago, and you will a see a definite demographic skew. There will be some young kids, but for the most part, the guys there look like Frank Zappa if he had lived and developed a gut.

Young Americans for the most part prefer bad music. And with the emergence of American Idol, Guitar Hero, and ring-tone only songs, they never had a chance.

Desiree said...

Well, friend, Prince is not the only black person 'most notably proficient' with an instrument. But I won't bother dissecting such an ignorant comment or even trying to convince you to think otherwise. Seriously...not worth the potential 'derailing'. Oh, and I found out within the last few years that country music was started by blacks as well. Go figure! But, then again, there are many, many musical examples of culture banditry, especially since black people, being the origin of the human race, created music.

Like someone (they know who they are) on here saying whites created R&B and rap? That music is the essence of 'pink vaginal skin'?

Silly little sexist thing. Can't you just be happy with having the European invention of classical music, one of the most beautiful musical forms, without wanting to take everyone else's shit? Well, gee...

First picture makes me think of one thing: I hope they all got their shots ahead of time. Maybe you are right (sans the ignorant shit) about black people not wanting any part of anything represented by that picture.

You wouldn't catch me dead in there. I am actually afraid of white people en masse.

Anonymous said...

Why do so few Black people – notable exception being Prince – that are deemed musically inclined lack the ability to be proficient with an instrument?
Don't overlook Jimmi Hendrix...arguably the finest rock guitar player ever. But back to your question. Because they are lazy?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Site, site and site when you make claims!

Of course there are other talented Black musicians, however Jam Bands are a uniquely white enterprise.

Go to Bonnaroo or any Jam Band show on a college campus. You will see a near endless of supply of white people shuffling about to music performed by other white people.

And Desiree, to your point of being fearful of white people en masse, there you have one of the underlying themes of this post.

Most young Americans do enjoy music that is less than impressive to the ears. Just look at the top downloads on iTunes currently to see an interesting display of the degeneracy of music and its continued devolution (this goes for a lot of white artists as well).

Again, a lot of the posts on this website are written in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion, however Jam Bands have a monochromatic following: white people.

Anonymous said...

While not a "jam band" Richie Havens was a regular at many multiple day outdoor concerts in the 70's (at least some of the ones I attended).

He typically started off his set at sunrise singing the Beatles song, Here Comes the Sun. He was always well received at the concerts I attended although I do prefer the Beatles version of Here comes the Sun.


Anonymous said...


-Blacks did not "invent" country music. Country music is a fusion of multiple different genres, including some invented by blacks, such as gospel and the blues, as well as some invented by white people such as Celtic music.

-Blacks are not the origin of the human race. It is believed the human race evolved in Africa, but that does not make the first humans black just because the current day inhabitants of Africa are black. The first humans were most likely a race that doesn't exist today as every race evolved for their environment, and the environment of East Africa, where it is believed humans evolved, was different then.

-But even if the first humans were what we refer to as "black" today, then that would mean that every single human has black ancestors, and therefore your claim that your people, blacks, invented music, and any form of music created by other races is "culture banditry" doesn't make sense because those would be our ancestors just as much as they are your ancestors, dummy.

But again, I don't expect you to comprehend any of this. Your whole presence here is based upon being on the knee-jerk offensive and trying to be clever and insult whites.

Desiree said...

Seeing that this is your site, with your theses, SBPDL, it is up to you to cite your claims, not me. That is just a derailing technique and I will not be derailed. (But, if you were curious, it was in a PBS documentary called 'History of Pop Music' I believe, and I've been searching high and low for it ever since I saw it as a teen with no success. I was outraged at the Culture Banditry!)

Yes, being fearful of white people en masse is most likely ignorant, although I still have flashbacks to my freshman year of college for examples.

But if it IS ignorant and narrow-minded, then you can acknowledge (hopefully) you are on the same level?


*American* popular music is based in black culture. I will not debate this.

Also, first humans being from Africa but then NOT being black? If you believe that, you are clearly unintelligent. But I bet that is something that allows you to sleep at night? The same goes for Egypt being in Africa but NOT being a black founded civilization, right?


Also funny: claiming blackness (after disputing it as being the origin of humanity) when it is advantageous to do so (ie. the music debate). That may be a good topic to suggest over at Stuff White People Do!

Anonymous said...

I will not debate this

So why are you here?

You heard a documentary when you were a teen that proved blacks invented music? LOL. You are a fool but at least your funny!

The out of Africa theory is just that a theory. It has never been proved nor can it be. DNA evidence suggest more multiple regions as the source of human evolution. Egyptians being black - sorry there is that pesky DNA of mummies that shows they were related to Arabs not subsaharan africans. But I guess that is what you would call an incovenient truth. Blacks = subsaharan africa, not northern africa. People of northern africa are related to all other people of the Mediterranean not subsaharan africa. Also the origins of country music are from celtic and scottish folk music and nothing to do with black influence. Country music began hundreds of years before the blacks in America started learning how to use the white man's music instruments. But what ever you need to tell yourself, des, to feel not feel so worthless.

Anonymous said...

The knuckle dragging ghetto rants, is that a black thing? Is anything you think beyond what you are told or does it all rely on what your mother told you from her job at the DMV? Taking credit for other people’s accomplishments just makes you and your people look pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"rap music – though it is declining from its gangsta roots – is solidly a Black form of music with a rabid white following (primarily because white girls enjoy dancing to it, guaranteeing that white males will too)."

Well said. My fraternity in college was pretty much divided into the group of guys who wanted to listen to good music at parties, and the group who wanted to play rap/top 40 because that's what (white) girls danced to, which led to lots of girls at our parties dancing and later hooking up.

CWN said...

Adam and Eve were most likely a middle brown color with both dominant and recessive genes for the pigment melanin in the skin. Children who received all the dominant genes would end up with a lot of the color and be very dark. Children who received all the recessive genes would end up with only a little color and be very light. Children with a mixture of the genes (both dominant and recessive) would be middle brown.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, you forgot to mention that blacks also invented computers, automobiles, and rocket engines.
You also forgot to mention that Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Edison were all black men.
You also forgot to mention that Riverdance was invented by blacks.
You also forgot to mention that Neil Armstrong was black.
You also forgot to mention that the reason blacks commit so much violent crime and have so many out-of-wedlock children is because of white racism and slavery.
You also forgot to mention that lots of white guys have almost molested you, but not quite.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to brag, but when Desiree posted her "threat" to leave, I rolled my eyes and responded thusly:

"Desiree, although I will not be heartbroken if you leave...I do not take your "threat" seriously, because I think you seriously have a thing for white guys.."

Hirsch said...

@ Desiree...

Many times I've heard black people assert that they were the first/original humans, and there is definite anthropological evidence of this. So I suppose we should assume that we evolved from you. Thank you for getting things started, my pre-human friend!

Anonymous said...

Des...please don't go. You bring such joy to my life. BTW, where's your good buddy, Black Guy? Haven't heard from him lately.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, I admire your use of "I WILL NOT DEBATE THIS". It allows you to make the most absurd or outrageous statements, yet saves you the drudgery of having to actually support or substantiate your arguments.


Anonymous said...

Phish are phaggots.

Miss Ann said...

"Yes, being fearful of white people en masse is most likely ignorant, although I still have flashbacks to my freshman year of college for examples."

Let me guess. After graduating from an all negro high school, you somehow managed (see: affirmative action) to gain admission to an institution of Human Higher Learning. Once you were exposed to large groups of humans with triple digit IQs, you finally realized that you were woefully unqualified to compete and completely unprepared to live in anything but the negro world, where genuine effort, daily bathing and proper etiquette are ridiculed and shunned.

I can totally understand your fear. A rabid, mongrel dog will always fear a well-formed, high-functioning pack.

I do wonder, though, why you just didn't flap your eegypshun wings and fly away?

Anonymous said...

The greatest jam band to ever live...

The Allman Brothers Band

Anonymous said...

or how about this diddy:


Anonymous said...

Just heard one of my favorite songs. I don't know how to classify it. Its not really bubble gum rock or maybe just romantic rock, but remember the song "Really love to see ya tonight" Dan England and John Ford Coley. I just heard it on the radio. What memories and lyrics. I still have my 72 Fiat convertible, driving down the Lake Huron coast shore road with my woman - that stuff was ear viagra. Now kids listen to crap like the outhere brothers like this:

Babie Be Racist said...

"I do wonder, though, why you just didn't flap your eegypshun wings and fly away? "

Too funny - but I think you were thinking of the old negro space program - I think that was what Des was thinking of for the PBS documentary:


Desiree said...

Miss Ann:

Please. The University of Nevada, Reno (my first school) was filled with three digit IQs of the average-low average range. I enjoyed being the best student in my classes because my IQ is much, much higher. But, then again, you were to busy pontificating about my intellect to understand that I do not fit some white-created stereotype about blackness.

Go to Reno. You'll see what I mean. I was in shock.
Egyptians were not 'Arab'. Arabs were not around when Egypt was formed and, thus, should not stake any claim in Egypt. The current Arab government in Egypt does not allow tourists to take real historical tours of Egypt because they have systematically tried to cover up its black roots. Uncensored tours by the indigenous peoples reveal this. Look through Youtube, dummies, if you want to see *real* Egyptians. Shock! They don't look like Liz Taylor or that paper-white Vivian Lee. They look more like Iman from MJ's 'Remember the Time' video.

Testing has shown that ancient Egyptians were 'super Negroids' in bone structure, meaning they were blacker than modern-day sub-saharan Africans.

The whole debate about Egypt was formulated, fostered, and foisted onto academia by whites in the heyday of social darwinism and other racist bullshit.

Actually, many genetic/native Egyptians look black. They say black American and black European tourists are frequently mistaken as locals.

Egypt was indeed black. Why whites have co-opted and stolen such a civilization from our history is just another example in the catalogue of white supremacy and colonization. 'Take from them everything and give to them nothing' is their motto.
On the musical tip, I will not debate the formation of american popular music and its obvious black roots. That is not debateable; it just is. When you people realize white hegemony is not the answer, you'll discover the truth.

Blackshave always and wil always be a musical people. We breathe and live music. It is in our very beings. We discard better music than most whites play. This is a fact, not an opinion. If it was merely an opinion, the current cultural landscape of music would be very different.

The culture banditry to which black music has fell victim is evidenced in your Justin Timberlakes and Beibers, your Beatles, or Elvis Presleys. The very use of melismas while singing is BLACK. The layering of sound, beats, elements is BLACK.

Black musicians have forever and a day improvised music! Listen to the progressive RnB of 70s black bands! Listen to James Brown! I had the displeasure of hearing Joan Jett at the supemarket and the track had 2 layers, drums and a weak guitar riff? Jimi Hendrix is probably the best guitar player in American music; he's black and our innate musical drive pushed him to *master* that so-called white instrument! Hello?

You people are ignorant. The deliciousness and textural bliss that many enjoy in today's music NEVER started with whites. Listen to classical (while sonically interesting, it is very ordered) or European folk songs (which are so simple they are dreadfully boring!). Face it: whites eat up black culture; always have, always will.

Anonymous said...

Negroes, while certainly a 'musical people', rarely have the discipline these days to actually master a musical instrument beyond the drums of their tribal past. They are good at jumping, though.

Miss Ann said...

"I enjoyed being the best student in my classes because my IQ is much, much higher."


Anonymous said...

It is well known that black Africans in ancient times knew how to fly. Whites stole that knowledge from them, and rewrote history. The greatest structures on this planet, the great pyramids of Egypt, were designed and built by blacks. The greatest geniuses of all time were black men, but whites stole their ideas, then made them slaves.

Desiree said...

"Negroes, while certainly a 'musical people'"

You're conceding; well done...

"rarely have the discipline these days to actually master a musical instrument beyond the drums of their tribal past"

Oh, no! Three steps back! You were almost there. You conceded that we are a musical people (which is true) and we can master instruments. But then you had to go and add the qualifer of 'these days' to make it look as if you are not *completely* bending over without the grease. SMH.

Boy, boo! It's 'pride', isn't it? You can kiss my feet if you find that a little less shameful...

"They are good at jumping, though."

Half-assed diss which turns out to be yet another concession to our natural athleticism, since we kick ass at sports, too.

What are you guys good at? It's 'Sharing Time' and we all have about two minutes to spare...

Anonymous said...

No Des, DNA shows they were related to middle eastern or arab people if you want. Huge difference between north africa and subsaharan africa. No similarity at all. Black super race LOL.

In regards to black music - nigger please. Since whites colonized and brought civilization, subsaharan africans did evolve beyond banging on logs, but by not much. Modern rap is de-evolution gone bad. Even Barry's inaugartion ball dance that all you negroes think was by Etta James - nope twenty years earlier written by a Jew and made popular by a white woman. Its a pretty pathetic people that need to plagiarise other people's culture to find some self worth

Anonymous said...

Testing has shown that ancient Egyptians were 'super Negroids' in bone structure, meaning they were blacker than modern-day sub-saharan Africans.

What testing? - a DMV testing from yo momma. Bone structure - how about DNA testing and never mind the fact that those mummies had straight red and even blonde hair. Try and understand this, blacks are SUBSAHARAN meaning below the sahara. Miles of desert with little contact between north of the sahara and south or subsaharan. Only blacks that came into Egypt were Nubian slaves and most were castrated so as not to reproduce, so if there are any blacks in Egypt they came up there in the past ten years from Rhodesia now that that country is black ruled and in ruins

Anonymous said...

Who cares what your views of classical, country and European folk music are. Oh I forgot you are black and hold the standard of what music is, and for that matter what culture and civilization is - God help us if that is ever true. We will surely be swinging from the trees and dragging our knuckles like you peeps

Anonymous said...

"That is not debateable; it just is."

and there you have the bulk of all negro theory, black supremacy and out of africa myths. Almost as bad as seeing it on some PBS show when you were a teenager!

Anonymous said...

"I do not fit some white-created stereotype about blackness."

LOLOLOLOL @ "white created"

Blacks commit 50% of all murders in this country, and a huge disproportion of violent crime. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

33% of all black men between 18-34 are either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

Blacks have a 70% out-of-wedlock birthrate. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

Blacks have the lowest marriage rate and the highest divorce rate. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

Blacks have the highest high-school dropout rate, and are the poorest performers in school. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

50% of all new AIDS cases are in the black community. AIDS is the #1 cause of death among black women aged 25-44. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

43% of all black children are aborted. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

Every city, every county, every country, and every institution that comes under black control descends into utter chaos and destruction. Detroit and South Africa illustrate the point perfectly. Did whites create this "stereotype"?

Yet in spite of all their irresponsible and self-destructive behavior, blacks continue their infantile habit of blaming whitey for their colossal failures.


Anonymous said...

"The current Arab government in Egypt does not allow tourists to take real historical tours of Egypt because they have systematically tried to cover up its black roots."

Egypt does not have black roots, the only ones making this claim are black racists. Blacks have no history of accomplishment, therefore, like children, they are constantly trying to steal credit for the achievements of others.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks have always and wil always be a musical people. We breathe and live music."

You also live and breath violent crime, murder, mayhem, destruction, and irresponsibilty.

This is not debatable, I will not debate this.

Anonymous said...

The only geographical area of the globe with an indigenous negroid population is sub-Saharan Africa.

Coincidentally, the population of sub-Saharan Africa never developed a written language, never developed use of the wheel, never developed any sophisticated tools or building structures. They lived a primitive lifestyle because that's all they were capable of.

This is not debatable, I will not debate this.


Anonymous said...

"Jimi Hendrix is probably the best guitar player in American music"

This is true, he was a master of electric guitar, which was invented by a white man, Les Paul.

Guitars, keyboards, synthesizers...virtually every known musical device was invented by whites.

Hirsch said...

Desiree is right on this one.

Anonymous said...

"Desiree is right on this one."

Desiree makes one correct point, that the black contribution to popular American music has been enormous. Almost everything else she spews is idiotic and racist.

Blues and Jazz are uniquely black musical innovations that originated with black musicians. This is not in dispute. The influence of blues and jazz in rock and pop music is significant, to a lesser degree in country music. The roots of country music are mostly celtic, as previously mentioned.

Ironic that today, blues and jazz musicians and audiences tend to be white.

Anonymous said...

Since they have such a "rich musical history", could someone name any actual musical instruments designed by people of Negro persuasion?
Piano? Trumpet? Harp? Violin? Oboe? Flute? Clavichord? Snare drum? Cymbals? Recording devices? Microphones? Anything? Anything at all? Beuhler? Beuhler?

I think that maybe, like Obama, they are just good 'rappers'...

Desiree said...

The vast majority of individuals living in Egypt look like black Americans. Again, a cursory look at Youtube will prove this. Egyptians are not european (LOL @ red/blond hair; you live a rich fantasy life! You should realize that their are people across the globe with black skin and blondish hair, BTW, such as some of the Melanesians of the South Pacific and Aborigines of Australia) and they are not arab. Arabs did NOT live in ancient Egypt when the civilization was in development.

You can believe what ever you'd like but the fact of the matter is Egypt's CLEARLY AFRICAN (ie. BLACK) roots came into dispute by racist Europeans in the 1800s. Why whites fight tooth-and-nail for Egypt--while never outright saying it is 'white', well, outside of the idiocy on this thread--is a mystery. I'm assuming it has something to do with Egypt being one of the oldest (maybe outside of Asia) civilizations in the world, greater than anything in Europe at the time (when the white heathens were still worshipping trees and putting rocks in a circle).

'Black racists' claim Egypt? LOL! And white racists claim Egypt, too, I presume...

As for music, its black roots should not even be in dispute! Blues and jazz influences in rock/pop? No, rock/pop sprung from these black artforms. The fact that whites have hijacked these forms is just another typical example of culture banditry! Always a-stealing, aren't you?

As for instruments, LOL, it shows you people's extremely limited and culturally imperialistic worldview. As with cultures across the globe, everyone creates instruments to play *their* music. Western instruments are not the be all-end all of musical contraptions. And even if they were, it is quite evident that whites have not made good use of them in terms of sonic *complexity*. Again, compare black bands to white bands...

And once again Miss Ann shows her feeble attempts at debate. Of *course* I excelled in my classes because the whites were less intelligent and ill-prepared for academic thought! That says less about me and more about their IQs, esp. with their cozy middle-class existences and extracurricular activities.

You can try and talk down to me but you should realize I am not some stereotype and your faulty assumptions because of your *racism* only make YOU look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Just want to comment here but not on jam bands because for the most part jam bands do suck almost as badly as black music. Rather I want to comment on my view of black music in general. Although it is true that at one time black were fairly innovative in many forms of music societal trends have acted to remove black musicians from any relevance in todays world. Blacks from the 40s to the late 60s made great contributions to popular music in many genres. But unfortunately the civil rights act in the late 60s caused a major reversion in black culture away from progress and self sufficiency back toward an revisionist and entitlement mentality. So while the precivil rights act black musicians actually had great influence and even created some truly timeless music the post so called "artists" actually just take the copyrighted work of white musicians and recut them and speak their ebonics rap crap over them. Its funny I remember in the 80s when the MC music style started which seemed to me to be the forerunner of rap. The first few songs where the black "artists" (lol) took the copyrighted work of white bands and remixed them caused the white bands to complain and talk of lawsuits. All it took was a couple of the so called black artists to publicly claim the white bands were guilty of racism to cause the same white bands to cave in and go on national tv and say how honored they were to have talentless negroes steal their work and claim it as their own. Because we all know thats what black culture is all about.