Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Much Potential... Gone With the Wind

Birmingham, Alabama... the home of one of the highest crime rates in America. Dubbed "The Killing Years" a whole generation of Black people have been eradicated by other Black people in a war that is not limited to this municipality.

Another life can be added to the ever-expanding list of Black people killed at the hands of fellow Black people. Snuffed out in the prime of their lives, these individuals leave behind grieving families and unfulfilled potential:
Just days ago, Tyrone Davis and his mother talked about his plans for the future and the kind of life he wanted to live.

"He had problems in the past but he said the only thing he wanted to do was raise his children," Mary Davis said.

Those plans ended Thursday night when Tyrone Davis, 35, was shot to death in Wylam.

The shooting happened about 5:40 p.m. in the 700 block of Albany Street.

Birmingham police Sgt. Sam Noblitt said witnesses heard the shots, and saw Davis on the ground struggling to get up.

They helped him up and drove him to Princeton Baptist Medical Center. Davis died while being transferred to UAB Hospital.

Investigators on Friday were working on several leads, but had not made any arrests in the slaying, the city's 22nd homi­cide this year.

His mother said she knew little about what led to her son's death. The father of four was living in Ohio, but was in and out of Birmingham and planning on moving back here permanently.

He was visiting relatives when the shooting happened.

"They were all talking to me, telling me what happened, but I wasn't listening," she said. "The only thing I thought about was praying."

Mary Davis said she heard there was a confrontation before the shooting, but doesn't know what led to the dispute.

"It's devastating," she said. "It's hard. Really, hard."

She described her son as hardworking and intelligent.

"I will miss that smile," she said, "and that he always showed me that he loved me."
This story reminds SBPDL of the melancholy demise of one Larmondo "Flair" Allen, a 25-year-old Black entrepreneur and father of nine who - like Tyrone Davis - was killed in his prime.

In Black Run America (BRA), any negative act by a white person is attributable to all white people. Conversely, any negative act by a Black person is attributable to white racism. This fact is beyond contestation.

Take the story of one Charles Coger, a 26-year-old Floridian who raped a women one night and then returned to the scene of the crime the following night:
A woman helped capture the man suspected of raping her after police say he returned to the victim's home the night after the assault.

St. Petersburg Police say 26-year-old Charles Coger entered the woman's home on Friday at 2 a.m., through an unlocked back door and then went into her bedroom.

That triggered an alarm, waking the victim, according to Coger's arrest affidavit. She told him to leave, but he grabbed the back of her neck and rolled her onto her stomach, the report states.

He told her he would hurt her if she didn't comply with his sexual demands, according to the affidavit. Fearing for her safety, and for that of a child in the home, she complied, the affidavits say.

Police say Coger returned to the woman's home the following night. However this time the woman and a friend held onto him until police arrived, according to Coger's arrest report.

What drove Mr. Coger to act in such a manner? The better question might be what drives so many Black individuals to repeat this same behavior in a near collective manner?

Have you seen the film Serenity, based on the television show Firefly? Not ruining the plot, the government in this futuristic story has inadvertently unleashed upon the galaxy an evil known as Reavers.

In an effort to make the perfect world, they created Reavers.

Disingenuous White Liberals have created the world we live in today, unleashing a never-ending tale of woe that few wish to acknowledge, in the process.

For the memory of Mr. Davis, late of Birmingham, and the long departed Mr. Allen (a budding entrepreneur) it is past time to show the world the true face of the Reavers who threaten to destabilize every major city in the United States.


CWN said...

" If they take the ship, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sow our skin into their clothing, and if we're very very lucky they'll do it in that order." LOL

Reavers or South Africans?

Anonymous said...

On this hollow earth
In this empty space
We all dance to a tune
Played by the 'master race'

Those faceless moneymen
Yeah, you're probably one of them
Hear their endless muzak tune
That plays on and on

And when the bullshit happy choir
Greets another grim day
When the angels swim to our aid
Well, here comes another cliché

While we hide from our barren end
The advertisers pretend
That the world is as they say
Well, here comes another cliché

Oh, the end will not be glamourous or exciting.
There will be no Mad Max or Omega Man...
a meagre man...

just a boring wait,
as the poisons saturate our state.
From head to toe, the fish DNA will go.

Oh the end will not be...
That toxic residue,
as a gift from me to you.
Microwave emissions,
that will leave us all dribbling.

Oh, the end will not be...

But our brains will curdle
and our muscles putrify.
It's not an aesthetically pleasing way to die.

Oh, the end will not be...

As out homes sink
into the universal stink.
My message will be forgotten
as our bones hit the bottom.

Oh, the end will not be...

A fitting but smelly grave
and a home for all the brave
T.V. drones and their cellular phones.

Oh, the end will not be glamourous or exciting.
It will bare no resemblance
to the product advertised.
No batteries included,
pay double if you're still deluded.

For this is my friend...
this is the end...

Anonymous said...

"true face of the Reavers who threaten to destabilize every major city in the United States. "

Here's to hoping they make good on that threat!

¡Ya basta!

Hirsch said...

Believe it or not, blacks and whites seem like they have an equal chance of going the way of the dodo bird. They are both now having children below the replacement level, meaning two children for two parents. People who see a black woman toting around ten kids really don't understand this, but most black (or white women) with some education are electing not to bring children into this nightmare. Latinos/Hispanics however seem to have fewer compunctions about the future or the consequences of jackrabbit breeding.

My advice to young black men in the inner-city is this: Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines. You'll definitely be in less danger than if you were on the South Side of Chicago, or anywhere in Detoilet.

Anonymous said...

Now, put the shoe on the other foot. Blacks all wake up one day, and guess what? All the white folks are gone. Imagine the parties. BBQ's and gunfire in every downtown USA, broken glass and destroyed cars, as far as the eye could see. Would make the L.A. Riots after Kobe and crew won look like a practice scrimmage. This would go on for weeks. Until the lights went out. Until the grocery stores stood empty. Those injured intentionally or accidentally by the previously mentioned gunfire would be hard pressed to find anything resembling competent medical attention. Law and Order? Seriously? Forget about it. Prisons would have been some of the first doors opened. Libraries (which would most likely have been the first fuel source for the great BBQ's) would be of no assistance to them for fixing anything. After the lights go out, anything not nailed down, and much that was, would burn at night, so that the party could continue. Portable gas generators, along with fuel to run them, would make kings and warlords of those that possessed them. Until they broke down. 9-12 months after the great white migration, when the beer/wine ran out, when domestic cattle, chickens, and existing agriculture were consumed, When great metropolitan centers were burnt to a crisp, along with their knowledge, when the negro has had a little time to sleep it off and then survey their destruction, that's when things will get BAD. They will awaken. They will look around and take stock of the fact that food is scarce, alcohol and drugs are now for the very very few among them that saw things coming and protected themselves, that medical science has been almost reduced to voodoo and witch-doctory, and that collectively, they will realize that when they look around for leadership, for someone who KNOWS how to get the lights going again, how to get the fires put out, all they will see is someone just as ignorant as them staring back, with the same confused look on his face. Most importantly, at least for the negro, will be the realization that all the attractive white women they are accustomed to conquering are all gone, and nothing remains, except the fat, stupid, loud, pork-rind eating negro female, all screaming amongst themselves about who gets which buck. Then the suicides will begin, because trying to salvage what is left of mankinds' written knowledge, most notably that which contains information about science, farming and medicine, just won't occur to them, and even if it did, there will be few who can actually make use of the knowledge, for lack of an education. When existing food, goods, medicines, clothing, alcohol, and fuel sources run dry, with nothing new being produced or replenished, the scarcity of these items will create great wars among those that didn't already take their own lives. Those that range far and wide will eventually find the left behind military armories, and I don't even want to think about the mess God's great work will become when they unleash that shit. Time from the Great White Migration to the end of intelligent man on planet earth: 4-7 years, depending on how long supplies last, and how long it takes them to find the weapons they will finish themselves off with.

The negro KNOWS THIS BETTER THAN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. Just how dependent they are on white civilization. And they HATE you for it.

Anonymous said...

This is why blacks hate whites so much. They contribute NOTHING to society. NOTHING. The small benefit they bring through menial labor is 1000x offset by their net drain on society.

The below quote (from another great site), illustrates this via a masterful trip through the hypothetical.
Let's assume we all wake up one day, and all the blacks are just.....gone. Where doesn't matter. How would most of white America react? My guess is, there'd be some news stories, rumors of alien abductions, a lot of dancing in the streets and celebration, etc. But, other than the price of chicken and wheel rims and the crime rate dropping through the floor, most everyone would simply and somewhat absently wonder about it for a couple of hours, and then go have a sandwich. Some of the more enterprising white folks may want to round up and photograph/database entry white women who let negroes dick them regularly, but's relatively safe to assume that the price of real estate would go down considerably, and for most of us, life wouldn't change all that much.
Continued in next post

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

And since black people subscribe to the insane "don't snitch" mentality, murderers, thieves and rapists continue to escape justice.

Anonymous said...

That's the black race's main problem and ultimate downfall, namely: it's everyone for themselves. The very few who do actually try to uplift others will quickly be washed away in the bloody free for all.

Anonymous said...

"They are both now having children below the replacement level, meaning two children for two parents."

This is correct, however...the main deterrent to having children is ECONOMIC...the IMMENSE expense of raising a child from birth to adulthood. Most working folks who pay taxes want to maintain a certain standard of living (nice home, nice car, etc), so they are less likely to want children.
But for people who depend on government handouts to raise their children, economics is NOT a deterrent. They will simply continue to mindlessly procreate, and allow taxpayers to subsidize their irresponsible behavior.

The net result is that whites (taxpayers) are having less children in order to subsidize the illegitimate children of non-whites.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! My mom's name is Larmomdriel.

Anonymous said...

Serenity is an under-rated classic!

The scene where River single-handedly slaughters the entire army of Reavers is incredible!!