Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 2010 World Cup Preview (Part I): Future South African Leaders Cheated at Monopoly on Robben Island

Preparing for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it was imperative to read every book possible that dealt with soccer and African history in an attempt to understand what to expect during this historic sporting event.

One book, More Than Just a Game: Soccer vs. Apartheid, The Most Important Soccer Story Ever Told, perfectly encapsulated that requirement:

There they suffered assaults by sadistic warders, who regarded them as subhuman, labored in a quarry under hideous conditions, and, beginning in the mid-60s, played soccer.

In More Than Just A Game: Soccer vs. Apartheid: The Most Important Soccer Story Ever Told,’’ Chuck Korr and Marvin Close make the case that organizing and maintaining the prison soccer league increased the confidence, managerial skills, and morale of the inmates. Working together to convince the prison authorities that they should have the opportunity to build a proper field and to wear soccer uniforms rather than prison garb a couple of times a week helped the men to increase their sense of self-respect, and ultimately persuaded some of the guards and administrators to acknowledge the ingenuity, talents, and tenacity of the inmates. Perhaps more significantly, members of the various organizations dedicated to dismantling apartheid learned they could work together.

A review of this important book is forthcoming (as part of SBPDL’s towering multi-part preview of the South African World Cup), but one quotation from the book stood out from the rest as revealing the true character of the men who would one day rule South Africa:

“It was not football, rugby, or even athletics that brought such smiles to people’s faces but long-running games of Monopoly, a board game modeled on rapaciously acquisitive capitalism, here, ironically, played by men who, generally, strongly believe in socialism. One former inmate remembered that ‘no one could cheat as well at Monopoly as the political prisoners on Robben Island.”

How this passage found its way into this book is truly shocking, for it reveals the true character of those who now run South Africa. One wonders if Robert Mugabe was secretly held on the island?

Black men, especially the leaders of the Rainbow Nation, never engage in such duplicitous actions. Like Nelson Mandela, all leaders of South Africa have only numinous qualities – saintly even – and to print a rumor they cheated at Monopoly threatens to extinguish the hagiography of these courtly Black men.

Genteel and urbane Black leaders of South Africa – such as the ones who played soccer on Robben Island and engaged in crooked Monopoly dealings – are on the way out of power in South Africa. The new youth movement will ensure the policies of “land redistribution” (the stealing of white owned land and distributing it among the Black majority) that ruined Zimbabwe is enacted in South Africa:

The firebrand youth leader of South Africa’s ruling party, who has been tipped as the country’s next President, has praised Robert Mugabe’s land grab policy in Zimbabwe and compared himself to Nelson Mandela in an outspoken interview.

Julius Malema, who was disciplined by President Jacob Zuma for being 'out of control' by repeatedly singing anti-white songs and embarrassing the African National Congress, sought to defend his behaviour after being ordered to attend anger management classes and carry out community service.

In typically defiant tone, Mr Malema praised the eviction in Zimbabwe of almost 5,000 white farmers from their land in the last decade, although with a qualification that the policy ' was very good except the violent part of it'.

He added: 'In South Africa we must use the democratic means to redistribute the land.

'We've got a majority in parliament to make legislation that will give us power to expropriate land with compensation.'

Zimbabwe was once known as the ‘breadbasket’ of Africa for its ability to feed not only its own population but export large quantities of food to neighbouring countries.

Now, it relies on food aid and imports, a fact that appeared lost on Mr Malema who wore shirts printed with the face of Robert Mugabe during a recent visit.

Mr Malema is loathed by South Africa’s white population, who call him 'Kiddie Amin' in reference to Uganda’s former ruthless dicatator Idi Amin.

His latest outburst will further unsettle those who fear his growing influence and popularity within the all powerful ANC.

In an interview with the BBC, he refused to admit he had done anything wrong, and brushed aside the measures taken against him.

If you believe the film Invictus shows the real South Africa then you probably believe pigs fly. If Mandela dies before the World Cup (or during the soccer tournament), you will see the real South Africa unfold before your eyes and the new leaders don’t waste their time cheating at Monopoly.

That nation already has 19,000 murders a year, which The USA Today attributed to the sordid legacy of Apartheid:

When South Africa was named the host of next week's World Cup in 2004, the country was a decade into democracy.

South Africa was still recovering from 46 years of apartheid rule, which deprived its black majority of economic and political rights and left a legacy of violent crime. Skeptics said the country lacked the infrastructure, manpower and money to stage a secure tournament.

Six years later, the government and FIFA say the country is ready to welcome teams and fans from around the globe and, more important, will keep them safe. Organizers estimate 373,000 visitors will come for the World Cup.

"We are ready for any eventuality, from terrorism threats down to petty crime," South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Vish Naidoo said.

South Africa has poured $180 million into World Cup security preparations, according to SAPS. That includes $89 million on equipment such as helicopters, water cannons, patrol vehicles and body armor.

While South Africa's murder rate has declined since 2004, it is eight times higher than that of the USA. In Gauteng, a province that's home to 10.5 million people and the World Cup host cities Johannesburg and Pretoria, there were 1,940 violent crimes reported for every 100,000 people in 2008. The violent crime rate in Michigan, which has a similar population, was nearly one-fourth that number.

While crime in South Africa is commonly portrayed in media reports as an attack against the white minority, much of the violence is confined to townships, underdeveloped areas on the peripheries of the city.

Still, there is a fear that criminals will prey on foreigners in the host cities. Naidoo said the main deterrent to petty crime will be increased visibility of police.

The nation is not run by the white people whose ancestors settled in the sparsely populated region that became South Africa anymore. No, South Africa is heading to the finality of Zimbabwe, but in a much more painful trajectory. It is a Black run nation and in Black hands does it crumble.

And to think, the characters whom helped it all came about cheated at Monopoly.


Silent Running said...

South Africa was still recovering from 46 years of apartheid rule, which deprived its black majority of economic and political rights and left a legacy of violent crime.

Purest horseshit. Violent crime is the eternal legacy not of apartheid, but of the Black Man. Apartheid held it mostly in check.

Lime Lite said...

It always amuses me when everything is blamed on Apartheid (almost as much as Obama blaming GWB for all the ills in the USA today). One day the world will know the truth - after South Africa lies in ruins and its people starve and continue to murder each other. The Blacks in SA are not a great race - nor are they smart or particularly motivated to improve their lot. It's always been easier for them to steal and kill and blame than to work and succeed. When all the whites are gone, who will they blame? I spent 37 years there and had to leave from pure frustration. We know what we had to deal and live with and Apartheid was the policy that made sense at the time. Today people long for it to return. At least people were safe and looked after. Today they sit with a corrupt, inept government - STILL cheating at Monopoly!

Guliver said...

Lime Lite, I doubt it. Black people will blame everything on white people from here to eternity (it's apart of a larger characteristic of irresponsibility) and most white people because they are ignorant of racial matters or force themselves to deny them will accept whatever black people say. Black people in Haiti continue to blame white people for their problems even though black people in that country won their independence 200 years ago and killed the remaining white residence. Read "Where Black Rules White: A Journey across and about Hayti" by Hesketh Prichard written in 1900 to get a good look of what has already come to South Africa and will continue long into the future. The book is free on Google Books. I suggest reading the chapters beginning on pages 277, 232 and 169 especially.

The crime rate has fallen because the population is less white than it was in 2004. Violence and mayhem are techniques black people use to make areas unlivable for white people and easier for black people to take over. If you look at crime statistics you will notice a pattern of increasing crime with an increasing black population until the population is 80-85% black then crime begins to fall.

Lime Lite said...

@Guliver - I didn't mean that the world would admit the truth - just that they will silently realise what the truth was. I'm not so sure I buy your stats thats violence falls when the black population reaches 80-85%. What about 100% black Africa? It just usually means the people have moved on or the criminals have moved on...

Guliver said...

Lime Lite, if their were more white or any other non-black people in Sub-Sahara Africa crime would be higher because there would be more resources these non-black people create for them to steal or take (like lives) that are of value. When an area becomes predominately black the value goes down and most likely the resources either left or were depleted by the black people already.

The vast majority of black people will never admit their responsibility in their situation because there is always a few black people who will question their blackness if they don't blame white people. I think white people have to positively reinforce their heritage with their children and family to counter all the shaming and guilting non-whites do to get white people to give in to their demands. It's long past time white people went into survival mode and focused on raising the next generation to slowly take back what white people created. There need to be several white people that publicly say they will not be shamed for being white to stop the momentum of multiculturalism.