Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They Came for Hanson, Right: Concert Canceled due to Rioting, but Why?

A concert featuring 1990s teen-musical favorite Hanson was canceled when the crowd of ostensibly young girls hanging forever onto their adolescent infatuation rioted:

A free concert by pop band Hanson and up-and-coming Canadian rapper
Drake was canceled Tuesday after twice as many people as anticipated showed up and many became unruly, police said.

The show started at about 6 p.m. with an opening act at Pier 17 on Manhattan's South Street Seaport, a popular summer locale for concerts. Hanson, the Tulsa, Okla., brothers behind the 1997 hit "Mmmbop," and
headliner Drake, whose album "Thank Me Later" debuted Tuesday, were to appear on stage soon after.

Organizers were anticipating about 10,0000 people but nearly 20,000 showed up, police said. Many people climbed roofs and started throwing bottles, as concertgoers smashed together toward the stage, police said.

Witness Tamika Johnson told the Daily News newspaper: "People in
the front started leaving because they were getting crushed."

The concert organizers asked the New York Police Department for help dispersing the crowds around 7 p.m., police spokesman Paul Browne said. Two people were arrested on minor charges; six suffered minor injuries, police said.

The concert was part of the "Sounds Like Paper" series presented by Paper magazine, an independent magazine focusing on arts, culture and music. The magazine apologized on its website: "Wow, the crowd was much larger than we anticipated, and unfortunately the show was canceled. But we will make it up to you guys!"

The magazine posted several updates on Twitter during the night: "It's a
total madhouse -- in a good way" and "get off the roof!"

Telephone calls by The Associated Press to representatives for Drake and Hanson weren't immediately returned Tuesday night.

A spokesman for Drake, whose album features Kanye West and Alicia Keys and debuted to positive reviews, told the Daily News the rapper was disappointed the NYPD dispersed the crowds before he could

Hanson's "Mmmbop," from the trio of brothers' album "Middle of Nowhere," was one of the biggest debut singles of all time.

Oh, the crowd came for Drake, a rapper. Hanson hasn't been relevant since the late 1990s, when pre-pubescent girls (and no doubt guys) swooned at the mere vocalizations of the three brothers.

No doubt, the crowd rioting was attending the concert in hopes of Hanson staging a dramatic comeback and was overcome with nostalgia for their lost innocence as personified by the three crooners that comprise the group:

A free concert at New York City’s South Street Seaport featuring hip-hop
star Drake and the group Hanson was canceled yesterday when the organizers found themselves overwhelmed by the number of fans, some who turned unruly. A crowd of about 10,000 was expected, but Fox New York reported that as many as 25,000 packed the Pier 17 area for the show. Organizers said in a statement that the event was canceled after the situation was no longer safe. Fights broke out and video recorded chairs being thrown into the crowd.

The police arrested two people, for obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct, and three people were treated for minor injuries.

A video (must be 18 or older to view) can be found here of the riot at the Hanson concert... and below. Rumors of the rioting occurring because the three brothers who comprise Hanson no longer having their high pitched voices are still unconfirmed.

A true riot caused by Hanson can be found here, courtesy of Illinois State University. Can you tell the difference between the two riots?


CWN said...

Send in the zoo keepers, A.K.A. The Police.

CWN said...

Amazing! I think that I have possibly uncovered some unseen footage of some of the concert rioters below.

Steve said...

Ive said in many previous posts regarding the flash mobs with almost terrorist like organization, blacks do not belong roaming free in a civilized society. Sure white people do some despicable things but the numbers are squarely on the shoulders of the black race.
Pandemonium and mayhem seem to be their forte.

Or maybe they just really like yup that must be it.

Anonymous said...

By most accounts, it appears a more virulent, anti-social strain of offspring from an already generally sociopathic and narcotically immersed African culture are coming of age in our country.

Clearly, innocuous hooliganism has been replaced by antagonistic, violent and borderline terroristic acts performed at sonically high volumes.

It is becoming clearer and clearer in America that there is a widening chasm between the law abiding members of society and those who are mentally incapable of normally functioning within it.

Another case in point...(and perhaps another topic here "The Afri-Prom Showcase")

Desiree said...

The riot isn't what is important. It's why they have Drake with Hanson.

Much more interesting angle than discussing a stupid 'riot'.

Clearly the concert promoters think Drake is on the same level as Hanson, a pathetic, washed-up girl/boy band (Mmm bop was catchy, though).

That pairing is a microcosm for how whites see blacks in society: equal to their most lowest members.

It's a conspiracy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do Black people have to ruin everything?