Friday, June 25, 2010

Where did AIDS Come From?: The Sordid Tale of Byron Christopher Jordan

Sometimes you come across a story that is so revolting and so barbaric that one might assume it came from the lurid and tawdry imagination of a charlatan attempting to peddle more newspapers.

The following story is one such example of a tale so horrifying that it seems culled from the pages of a discarded Hollywood script penned by demented mind bent on perpetuating stereotypes of non-urban dwelling individuals.

Called Zoophilia, the story that you will soon read about is not something attributable to any group of people, but an abhorrent act against nature by an individual. Although published reports in National Geographic confirm that the origin of AIDS has been tracked to Chimpanzees in Cameroon:
Researchers have identified simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) in wild apes for the first time.

The virus, which at some point jumped to humans as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has been found in chimpanzees in Cameroon, west-central Africa.

Strange that National Geographic failed to deduce how such a disease could be transmitted from ape to human, when blood transfusions and sexual intercourse are the common method of acquiring the virus between different humans.

Though some theories postulate AIDS was created in a laboratory as a virus to eradicate undesirable populations, the painful truth is that the disease has its origins in Africa and came to the United States from that continent, via Haiti.

If AIDS were a form of biological warfare, then the scientists who dreamed up this lethal cocktail of destruction must have also been aware of the long-term inability for Black people to listen to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and properly protect themselves from the ravages of the disease.

Unlike the Black Plague that laid ruin to Europe’s population long ago, we are completely aware of how to prevent AIDS and stem the contagion. Black people seem the only group incapable of understanding this concept and in taking preventative measures that would stop the spread of AIDS instantaneously:

Bolstering years of reports that many black Americans believe AIDS is a plot against them, the most extensive survey of its kind suggests that the men most likely to believe such a conspiracy theory are the least likely to use condoms.

The new research doesn't shed light on which came first -- reluctance to use condoms or a belief in secret plots. But it definitely points to a major challenge in the world of AIDS prevention, said study co-author Sheryl Thorburn, an associate professor of public health at Oregon State University.
"These beliefs are very real for some people," she said.

"We need to address them and take them seriously."
While blacks make up about 12 percent of the American population, they accounted for more than half of the HIV and AIDS cases reported to the federal government in 2002, the researchers said.

Health officials warn that black women are facing a rising threat of infection, in part because of black men who keep their sexual affairs with other men secret from their wives and girlfriends.

Now we come to the unfortunate story that must be discussed, though it will take a strong stomach to read the following description of what transpired recently in Covington, Georgia. Reader, you have been forewarned:

A 37-year-old man was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with bestiality after several witnesses allegedly saw him having sexual intercourse with several horses. Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Lunsford Circle at 8:58 a.m.

When they arrived they met with the homeowner who was walking Byron Christopher Jordan toward the patrol car. When they spoke with the homeowner they learned he had witnessed Jordan having sex with one of his horses.

According to CPD Public Information Officer Lt. Wendell Wagstaff, Jordan was wearing only pajama bottoms which were extremely dirty and had the front fly opened.

He also reportedly had a strong odor about his person.
Officers spoke with neighbors who had witnessed Jordan allegedly have sex with one horse, walk away from that one and go to a second horse and have sex with it before moving on to the third horse, which was in the corral, and begin having sex with that horse as well.

They notified the owner, who had to physically pull him off the third horse.
“Witnesses said they figured if they called 911, dispatch operators would just think it was a prank,” said Wagstaff.

Jordan was charged with giving false name to an officer and bestiality and transferred to the Newton County Detention Center. He received a $3,500 bond and was bonded out on June 23, according to officials at the Newton County Detention Center. If convicted of bestiality Jordan could be sentenced to between one and five years of confinement.
Byron Christopher Jordan is a Black male.

AIDS wasn’t invented in a laboratory, a lethal virus concocted by mad scientist bent on utilizing the aggressive sexual nature of Black people against them (nor could these mad scientists have ascertained that using contraceptives to prevent the spread of AIDS would looked upon with disdain by the Black community). Its origins stem from a tribe of chimps in Cameroon, far removed from lab equipment and Periodic Charts.

Believing asinine conspiracy theories is anyone’s prerogative, as these ideas distribute the burden of proof from the believer to some shadowy group bent on world domination, no doubt bankrolled by The Man.

Of course, the ultimate conspiracy theory is that Black people have had their inventions stolen by evil white men since time immemorial, the SAT is racist and cultural bias and that any Black failure is attributable to a never-ending parade of white people bent on subjugating the perpetually oppressed for eternity.

This conspiracy theory is above reproach and incontestable. Sadly, The Economist publishes an alarming editorial that dares to demolish such wide held – and misguided – beliefs that seek to define why Black failure is ubiquitous across not just in America, but the entire world:

Genomics may reveal that humans really are brothers and sisters under the skin. The species is young, so there has been little time for differences to evolve. Politically, that would be good news. It may turn out, however, that some differences both between and within groups are quite marked. If those differences are in sensitive traits like personality or intelligence, real trouble could ensue. People must be prepared for this possibility, and ready to resist the excesses of racialism, nationalism and eugenics that some are bound to propose in response. That will not be easy. The liberal answer is to respect people as individuals, regardless of the genetic hand that they have been dealt. Genetic knowledge, however awkward, does not change that.

The decoding of the Human Genome begins to reveal what the true conspiracy has always been.

Regardless, Stuff Black People Don’t Like found the tale of Mr. Jordan a most tragic account of pure repulsion, but felt his story might be apropos when discussing the origins of AIDS.

In Black Run America (BRA), conspiracy theories – such as the one that predatory white mortgage brokers coerced Black people into failing to repay their mortgages – still reign supreme as fact. “The Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010” utilizes this conspiracy theory in supporting its broad changes to the financial systems of the United States.

The overwhelming power of BRA might seem daunting at times, pervasive in virtually every sector of society in attempting to crystallize some vague concept known as diversity – which translates to the replacement of any white person with a Black person – as the most beauteous virtue known to man. Sports that fail to have the prerequisite number of Black participants (i.e. the majority of participants) fail in the eyes of those who push for BRA’s continued dominance through this medium.

Remember, without sports, BRA doesn't exist and all sports must reflect the leagues where Black people dominate or else they fail to qualify as a sport worthy of following.

Alright, this narrative has attempted to intertwine ostensibly unrelated stories to showcase some sort of point that we’ll leave the reader to deduce.

Like the horses that Mr. Jordan is alleged to have buggered, perhaps we are all f***ed.


Anonymous said...

LOL Hillary and Dez' collective heads are gonna explode when they read this!

Anonymous said...

"Bolstering years of reports that many black Americans believe AIDS is a plot against them"

Snapple, Church's Fried Chicken, Liz people will believe ANYTHING that portrays themselves as helpless victims of evil whitey.

How sad.

Hirsch said...

Noam Chomsky is hardly my favorite intellectual, but he said something about the 9-11 conspiracies that is just as relevant to the AIDS conspiracy. Talk to a scientist about his experiments, and he will tell you that when you plan for every variable, taking painstaking care, you will always get some margin of error.

The same holds true for the most well-orchestrated conspiracy. If a group of scientists, engineers, and politicians all conspired together to create AIDS, there would have been a leak, a gaffe, some smoking gun.

To put it simpler, as Ben Franklin said: "The only way three men can keep a secret is if two of them are dead." There would have had to been a lot more than three people to feasibly engineer AIDS and then to disperse it among the black population. This is not the Tuskegee Experiments. A Deep Throat rogue scientist or engineer, or Christ even a security guard or lab technician would have made that well-placed call to Bob Woodward or to some lesser surrogate tabloid.

Anyway, I predict this post is going to cause a sh--storm of debate. Let me just finally say that if you're going to have sex with an animal, it might as well be a horse, because at least you know you have a ride home.

CWN said...

"The same holds true for the most well-orchestrated conspiracy. If a group of scientists, engineers, and politicians all conspired together to create AIDS, there would have been a leak, a gaffe, some smoking gun."

Not necessarily. You are assuming this to be true, all because one of our founding father's, {a degenerate one at that}, made a statement.

Sometimes things come out years later, sometimes not at all. Has no relevance on the truth of a conspiracy. That is just a lazy way to shun those making conspiracy claims. A must not be true because B never leaked information about A, therefore C is just a conspiracy nut. The ABC's of ignoring.

No no no, A truth is not a truth only if that truth is leaked. A truth is a Truth leaked, not leaked, or half leaked. A truth is a truth is a truth.

Interesting side note. Speaking of Horses, funny how the greeks had the whole trojan horse thing ,and had noses the size of a horse's package. Is there a connection? You be the judge.

Name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. And please do not be a popinjay.

Anonymous said...

@Hirsch: Noam Chomsky is a jew, just as the bankers and the marxists are/were. There is no "conspiracy". The downfall of all civilization is being orchestrated right in front of our faces. You only need to dig a bit deeper than the soundbites and prepackaged material they sell on the airwaves every single day.

All humanity needs to understand this fact and be prepared. REAL "freedom of speech" has been usurped for political purposes. I wish you all the best of luck in your efforts to find the REAL TRUTH as you wade through the cesspool that has been shoved down your throats.

Carry on now, feel sorry for all the victims in the world. The White race is a genocidal infection upon humanity, right? We need to be eliminated for the betterment of mankind! We do nothing but enslave, gas and destroy! RIGHT???



Anonymous said...

You may be surprised(but then again maybe not)when I tell you that as a thirty plus year member of various YMCAs over the years that there has always been a large number of "down-low" blacks cruising for sex in the locker room and steam/sauna areas. Many blatantly roaming about with erections (and contrary to the hype no overly large members in sight, sorry Dez)and looking for any number of hook-ups with other men. Sometimes when leaving I have seen these same men with their wives/girlfriends and have wondered what she would think if she only knew. I was also a bit concerned for their health as there is no telling what they may be bringing home to mama. I don't even think a lot of these guys were gay, per-se, just unable to control their urges and using a risky public place to indulge in them.

Phalluster said...

I'm happy that the Economist article I provided long ago continues to serve purpose on this excellent blog. I used to read that magazine (or "newspaper") proudly on the train to work. Sadly, it's fallen off the pedestal of objectivity lately, though its world news coverage is still thorough primer for those obscure lands.

Anyhow, I would like to suggest another excellent piece worthy of citation here. The quirky savant Mencius Moldbug has composed a brilliant description of BRA. Feast on his composition:

"Let's say you were a person who didn't care at all about the Constitution, and you wanted to take America back to the past and establish a new order of hereditary nobility. What could be more deliciously reactionary than that? Real, live nobles, walking around on the street. So let's see what it would take to make it happen.

First, we need to define noble status. Our rule is simple: if either of your parents was a noble, you're a noble. While this is unusually inclusive for a hereditary order, it is the 21st century, after all. We can step out a little. And nobility remains a biological quality - a noble baby adopted by common parents is noble, a common baby adopted by noble parents is common.

Fine. What are the official duties and privileges of our new nobility? Obviously, we can't really call it a noble order unless it has duties and privileges.

Well, privileges, anyway. Who needs duties? What's the point of being a noble, if you're going to have all these duties? Screw it, it's the 21st century. We've transcended duties. On to the privileges.

The basic quality of a noble is that he or she is presumed to be better than commoners. Of course, both nobles and commoners are people. And people do vary. Individual circumstances must always be considered. However, the official presumption is that, in any conflict between a noble and a commoner, the noble is right and the commoner is wrong. Therefore, by default, the noble should win. This infallible logic is the root of our system of noble privilege.

For example, if a noble attacks a commoner, we can presume that the latter has in some way provoked or offended the former. The noble may of course be guilty of an offense, but the law must be extremely careful about establishing this. If there is a pattern of noble attacks on commoners, there is almost certainly a problem with the commoners, whose behavior should be examined and who may need supplemental education.

If a commoner attacks a noble, however, it is an extremely serious matter. And a pattern of commoner attacks on nobles is unthinkable - it is tantamount to the total breakdown of civilization. In fact, one way to measure the progress that modern society has made is that, in the lifetime of those now living, it was not at all unusual for mobs of commoners to attack and kill nobles! Needless to say, this doesn't happen anymore.

This intentional disparity in the treatment of unofficial violence creates the familiar effect of asymmetric territorial dominance. A noble can stroll anywhere he wants, at any time of day or night, anywhere in the country. Commoners are advised not to let the sun set on them in noble neighborhoods, and if they go there during the day they should have a good reason for doing so."

which is well-worth the hearty endeavor of reading

Desiree said...

"LOL Hillary and Dez' collective heads are gonna explode when they read this!"

LOL, not quite. I'm not so easily swayed by the aggregate of bullshit on this blog. Apparently you are, though. Sad.


This showcases your incredible amount of hypocrisy. I am amazed, but not at all surprised. Did you not have an entry about why White Watch was stupid?

There are tons of stories on that website that showcase the white propensity for perversion, especially sex with animals.

You found one black guy?



The origin of AIDS is rooted in bestiality by a homosexual. Funny that you'd want to casually suggest said spreader was black based upon the above story. The readers will nod their heads in agreement to this contention, disregarding the fact they will disavow any PoC's thesis that the spreader was a white homosexual.

Too funny. Note: people who have sex with animals are mentally ill. Regardless of color, race, ethnicity. Period. It has nothing to do with the genetics, or whatever it is, of race.

The guy in the above story is clearly mentally ill. Any person who has to be physically detached in the middle of violating the defenseless is not playing with a full deck!

See, I don't believe AIDS was created in a lab. I believe it was found in the blood of the western elite who dabbled in strange sex whilst in their colonies and was tested--in search of a cure--on African populations.

It was then allowed to explode among the peoples. Simple as that. In the west, the cases are based in homosexuality; not so in Africa.

If you thought this post was at all convincing or rational (BTW, labeling a theory a so-called conspiracy theory does not necessarily delegitimize it), you were mistaken. Please understand that your links are just as suspect as the ones you and your drones bashed in the last entry's comment thread.

Also, please find a list of other black people having sex with animals, as opposed to the volume of whites featured on White Watch.

Silent Running said...

Hirsch is right. People who think that the U.S. government is capable of such a conspiracy have no contact with the government itself. Robert Hanlon once said: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Ironically, the more "diverse" an organization gets, the less competent it ultimately becomes. If nothing else, a government conspiracy against blacks is unlikely due to the large number of blacks in government service. Blacks are their own worst enemy.

Jane Goodall said...

The fact is that chimps would never voluntarily have sex with a human and could not be forced to do so. Ever spent time around chimpanzees? This theory of sexual transmission is impossible but contracting SIV/HIV through the eating of chimp "bushmeat" is not.

Anonymous said...

This entire debate will be decided when USA beats Ghanna today, thereby eliminating the last African nation from the World Cup held in their own continent.

Miss Ann said...

"I'm not so easily swayed by the aggregate of bullshit on this blog."

Hmmmm. "Not so easily swayed" means swayed nonetheless.

TNB: Inadvertently revealing the truth while trying desperately to appear educated.

TNB: Lying at the drop of a hat. Lying in the face of all reason. Lying when there is no reason to lie. "I ain't dunz nuthin" lies in the face of absolute reality, eg: "I dint dun call nobudy no cracker."

You've been proven to be a liar, negro.

A human would have the good sense to be ashamed.

CWN said...

I personally think that AIDS spread so fast as a result of deviant faggotry, since it was intially mostly found in homo's. If you tried to have sex with an ape, then they might rip your dick off.

The eating of bad chimp meat might be a good start for AIDS tho.

Tuofu Zhu, et al., An African HIV-1 sequence from 1959 and implications for the origin of the epidemic, Nature 391:594–597.

Anonymous said...

"I've always had respect for Chomsky but never delved too deep into his world view and works (in other words, I've read a lot but never became a fanboy) chiefly due to the fact that, as I see it, his view is microscopic. That fails to fully convey what I mean to say, but it is the first word that comes to mind. What I mean to say is that his views and foci are (or "seem to me to be") restricted, limited by method of observation and already implicitly 'defined', as are most things that wind up under a scientists microscope (these days). I know many may disagree with me, though my intention is not to start a huge debate on the subject, but I feel that truth can never be approached from a "small picture" perspective, not when that picture is synthetically limited, because I feel that truth is perspective and without applying the full capacity of our perceptual apparatus truth will only reveal to us slices of itself in a typically protean fashion, as we have been witnessing since...well...since sense. In other words, if it is not utterly and absolutely overwhelming then it is not the whole truth and nothing but.

This is why I give no researcher or theory a 100% approval stamp (not that my approval is inherently valuable to anyone besides myself). None of them can even come close to comparing to the tiny slice of truth I have seen.

It doesn't surprise me that Chomsky thinks nothing is amiss when it comes to 9/11. He would have to restructure his ideas far too thoroughly to fit such a concept into his world view, and at his age (no offense) such a thing might prove to be an extremely daunting task at best. That he said "There's nothing even remotely like it in history" speaks volumes about what history books he's been reading and what he took away from them. In my view 9/11 absolutely pales in significance when compared to other events in history. In fact, if you read through a comprehensive list of recorded atrocities and then look at 9/11 the event seems equivalent to a serial killer/rapist vaguely thinking about touching a breast, i.e., it barely registers. I'd be more surprised if Chomsky thought there was a conspiracy, because then what good is anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian politics if we have a secretive and shadowy group of occult mass murderers and hypnotists staging staggering world events and manipulating global affairs merely because it is seemingly in their nature to do so? Not much. It's too close to their own design, and that may have become apparent on a subconscious level causing him to banish the thought."

Anonymous said...

"You've been proven to be a liar, negro. "

You have been proven a moron, caucasoid!

Anonymous said...

"Hirsch is right. People who think that the U.S. government is capable of such a conspiracy have no contact with the government itself."

LOL, keep sleeping! I thought there was a black/liberal conspiracy?!?

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleeeeep, little baby...

Anonymous said...

that shit is annoying ain't it?

Anonymous said...

"This entire debate will be decided when USA beats Ghanna today, thereby eliminating the last African nation from the World Cup held in their own continent."

Yeah, we'll see caucasoid!

Anonymous said...

My friend's uncle spent 22 years in federal prison. He had a saying: "Put two whites guys in a cell together, after two years they'll be best friends; put two blacks in cell together they'll be screwing after two hours".

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever tested Jane Goodall for HIV?

Anonymous said...

Desiree, in Africa there is no such thing as homosexuality or heterosexuality OR even bestiality. Black Africans only practice HYPER-sexuality: the practice of having sex with anything that walks (or crawls).

You can tank western man for domesticating your people, so much like a tamed pet you get to enjoy the DWL's bed. I believe you stated your grandfather was a white who engaged in miscegenation, so you obviously owe your above average iq (for a black) to his indiscretion. Congratulations, you have essentially won the "black lottery". You are a "magic negro".

Desiree said...

""Not so easily swayed" means swayed nonetheless."

No. Dumb comment.

"You've been proven to be a liar, negro."

LOL. Why don't you call me what you want to call me?

Your retorts are so pathetic it's not even funny.

"A human would have the good sense to be ashamed."

I know; I feel sorry for you...

Keep loving that 'gilded pedestal', white woman.

Anonymous said...

"This entire debate will be decided when USA beats Ghanna today, thereby eliminating the last African nation from the World Cup held in their own continent."

Ghana, which you misspelled, crushed America! So That means we win. The debate has been decided. Thank you, and good day.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is that chimps would never voluntarily have sex with a human and could not be forced to do so. Ever spent time around chimpanzees? This theory of sexual transmission is impossible but contracting SIV/HIV through the eating of chimp "bushmeat" is not."

You can force a dead chimp to do so.

Miss Ann said...

"Keep loving that 'gilded pedestal', white woman."

TNB: ASSuming that one must be a Caucasian in order to understand the truth about negroes.

(FYI: Humans come in a variety of colors, just not negro.)

TNB: "I don't use the word 'cracker'"

Oh yeah?

TNB: "As for self-esteem, cracker please."

Blood and breeding always tell. Always.

Anonymous said...

I had never intended to imply that AIDS was a conspiracy. My intention was to point you in the right direction. I could care less whether Hirsch is a jew or not (The odds are against him). Any decent and intelligent person should have the capability to see where this all heads...

Jews are the real racists. Germans are kind and welcoming (they even welcomed the jews). STOP!

Now let's get back to our racist roots and nuke Iran or something else productive!?#$?


Desiree said...

Poor Miss Ann. I believe I said it simply when I stated your retorts were pathetic.

Yes, I did.

I hope you have found peace after your foot-in-mouth moment re: the word 'commenter', when one of your own schooled you.

That turned into a funny thread, Miss Ann.

Whew! Your pedestal is so, so high. But I'll always be here when you'd like help down. I don't think you understand how imperative it is for you to come down off that thing but in'll know. I won't force you, though.

"(FYI: Humans come in a variety of colors, just not negro.)"

You may continue to deny my humanity if you'd like; that is okay with me. I understand lashing out makes your own pathetic place within this white-dominated patriarchal matrix more palatable. Because we all know he does not, nor has he ever, respected you.

Word of coaution: regardless of your own delusional responses, a repeated lie does not make it truth. However, someone in your position (ie. someone atop a shaky, gilded pedestal) doesn't need any real shocks to their foundation at this moment; that would be dangerous...

I wouldn't want precious white woman's blood on my little brown hands. No sir!


Desiree said...

"Black Africans only practice HYPER-sexuality: the practice of having sex with anything that walks (or crawls)."

What a dumb statemnet. You should be embarrassed. Please display your researcher's credentials since you seem to be an expert in African behavior. What, no credentials? I knew you were a phony. Listen: you should never pass your own prejudices off as fact; you will always end up embarrassed, okay, hon?

What you typed above can be the same sentiments said by blacks if one were to replace 'Black Africans' with 'Whites'.

"I believe you stated your grandfather was a white who engaged in miscegenation, so you obviously owe your above average iq (for a black) to his indiscretion. Congratulations, you have essentially won the "black lottery". You are a "magic negro"."

My white bloodline has nothing to do with my above average IQ. Love the way you said 'for a black'; that's rich. Backhandedly acknowledging the inconvenient truth (my intelligence) all the while denying me my humanity.

You are an efficient member of your race. They are lucky to have you.

Indiscretion? Yes; it was probably a rape, the typical way white men have dealt with black women for centuries. Women, in general, for centuries.

I am proud to have his 'superior' yet frighteningly predictable blood coursing through my veins! He, too, is a credit to his race!

Miss Ann said...

"I hope you have found peace after your foot-in-mouth moment re: the word 'commenter', when one of your own schooled you."

"Commenter" is STILL not proper English, negro.

It never WILL be proper English, negro.

Had you attended decent schools, you would understand the difference between negrospeak/ebonics and proper English.

Blood, breeding and education* always tell. Always.

* dat beez edumacation when u beez speekin da 'bonics.

Miss Ann said...

P.S. You're still a liar, negro!

Anonymous said...

@Miss Ann:

LOLOLOL! You're hilarious.

n. 1. One who makes or writes comments; a commentator; an annotator.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.


Now please shut up!

Desiree said...

Apparently, Miss Ann speaks better ebonics than I do!

Lucky little polyglot! Little polyglot on her gilded pedestal as the white man destroys her day in and day out. Too 'pure' and 'fair' to come down, even with an enticing chew toy goading her and the promise of a nice scratch behind the ears. Because you are indeed his pet, White Goddess! Woman's Suffrage tried, dammit, but are singlehandedly undoing a revolution.

Must be nice! Must be mighty, mighty nice! I would urge the blog owner to not allow you to call me 'negro' but he will not listen to me. Plus, I don't want to be drowned in a cascading river of phony white woman's tears (a la Sheila from the last thread).

I am done with you.

Good day, you confused fair-skinned damsel.

(Psst. Brits don't think American English is proper English. It's all a matter of personal preference. And seeing that opinions are like assholes--everyone has them and most of them stink--yours matters nil in my book. Sorry, White Goddess. I don't mean to make you angry on your shaky gilded pedestal. I do care about your safety; I just think the Truth is more important at the end of the day. Still ready to help you down, though. Thank you for your precious time...)

Miss Ann said...

"Lucky little polyglot! Little polyglot on her gilded pedestal as the white man destroys her day in and day out. Too 'pure' and 'fair' to come down, even with an enticing chew toy goading her and the promise of a nice scratch behind the ears. Because you are indeed his pet, White Goddess! Woman's Suffrage tried, dammit, but are singlehandedly undoing a revolution.

Must be nice! Must be mighty, mighty nice! I would urge the blog owner to not allow you to call me 'negro' but he will not listen to me. Plus, I don't want to be drowned in a cascading river of phony white woman's tears (a la Sheila from the last thread)."

This is your brain. This is your brain on negro.

TNB: when in doubt.........chimpout!

Abe Stinkin' said...


I find it absolutely incredible that a black person, oh, excuse me, African American, would have the audacity to make a comment on a post related to AIDS, being that they carry more than half of the AIDS cases, while being only 12% of the population in America. Also, being that 56% of American black women have genital herpes, its a bit absurd for one to post on any topic related to STDs. I guess there is no limit to the power of denial inherent in the Black Blame Shift.

It is an established fact within the medical community that the AIDS virus originated in Africa due to sexual contact by sub saharan blacks with the Rhesus monkey. It is also possible that blood exchange occured in other ways resulting in the genetic mutations which created this retrovirus, i.e., blacks fighting with monkeys. Go figure. But, the result is the same, another great African contribution to mankind.

AIDS is, like so many diseases, especially retroviruses, African in origin. Retroviruses are, biologically speaking, generally Simian in origin. Simian species are native only to Africa. AIDS is an African disease, end of story.

In America, blacks, though a small minority of the population, carry more than 70% of all STDs.

You have no pithy come back here Desiree. Once again, I must state that your kind are indefensible and incomprehensible. In light of black STD stats world wide, black crime stats world wide and black i.q. stats worldwide, your uppity air of superiority and your dismissive arrogance are unfounded and downright laughable. If the numbers were reversed there would be no argument whatsoever from anyone.

Black sexual irresponsibility and filth are the reasons for black disproportionality in STD rates, not DA MAN. Its not DA MAN who has entered Shaniqua and Tayshawn's head and forced them to breed like crack crazed flies without use of contraceptive devices along with soap and water. Only blacks have seemed to not get the Memo about the ills of extreme promiscuity, not using rubbers and not washing their own asses. My cat and my dogs do nothing but attempt to cleanse themselves, they are obsessed with cleanliness. Apparently, Slyvester and Rin Tin Tin got the Memo that DeMaricus and Propecia missed.

I simply can't believe that you would approach this topic Desiree. No rational or intelligible response on your part is possible here. The facts are in. There is no argument. I am not stating an argument. Your opinion is irrelevant here. My opinion is irrelevant here. Only the facts are relevant here, and they speak for themselves. Res ipsa loquitor, if you will. The facts are in. I am stating that 2 + 2 = 4 here. Don't go away mad Desiree, just go away.

Desiree said...

LOL, Miss Ann. You never fail to live up to my very low, very soft expectations for you. I cannot think of a post in which you have left a comment that actually tries to refute any of my points. Instead, since you cannot think, you point out a word (for which you were wrong about and your refusal to admit this speaks volumes, let me tell you) or resort to name-calling. Name-calling without any substance to surround it, mind you.

Very funny. If I'm a negro and you have a brain rattling around somewhere in that skull of yours, better get your brain on 'negro' because what you've got so far is...well, it isn't very good, now is it?

'Chimpout'...funny; would you even like to explain such a designation, or am I beating a dead horse? You are predictable as well as whiny and stupid.

For the record: Miss Ann should not be allowed to sign in without commenting on an actual post, esp. if she uses any term that was supposed to be disallowed under the soft new so-called commenting rules. (What was the point of that anyway, SBPDL?)

Miss Ann, I hope in the future you can learn. LOL, who am I kidding? Your near-pathological stupidity and knit-picking has revealed someone with truly inferior intellect.

Enjoy the pedestal. It might be the safest place for you anyway; airheads shouldn't be in the real world. They might hurt themselves without a helmet...

Desiree said...


"It is an established fact within the medical community that the AIDS virus originated in Africa due to sexual contact by sub saharan blacks with the Rhesus monkey."

LMBAO. You need to source this! Everyone else on the thread seems to believe that it had something to do with eating tainted meat. I agree with you on the beastiality front, however; although I am pretty sure it was whites--in their savagely backward sexuality-- who spread the disease to the west. White homosexuals engaging in bestiality; they were elites. Elites had the money and wanted to find a cure; the virus was injected into blacks, most likely under the guise of some sort of trial medical treatment. When no cure could be discovered, or at least a treatment that could control the symptoms or stifle the progression, they were like 'Fuck it' and let it spread in the test subjects without any warning to others. Heterosexual activity is what spreads AIDS in Africa, including most PoC nations. This is not the same in the west, pal. Open your eyes. Tuskeegee happened; this is no different.

"being that 56% of American black women have genital herpes, its a bit absurd for one to post on any topic related to STDs."

LOL. Source this, too. The math of the study I believe you are quoting has already been criticized. The vast majority of my friends are black women and there are 4 black women, including myself, living in my home. None of these aforementioned black women have herpes, or any STD for that matter! I thought your stat was basically 1 in 2? Silly Abe! Also, this post has to do with HIV, not herpes. AND I can comment because I have neither. Are you insane? LMBAO...Nothing is absurd about an STD-negative individual posting a comment. That's reasonable, isn't it?

"In light of black STD stats world wide, black crime stats world wide and black i.q. stats worldwide, your uppity air of superiority and your dismissive arrogance are unfounded and downright laughable."

Laugh away, my friend. You'd be wasting your energy but I cannot stop you! But check this: seeing that I have what is considered 'high' IQ (and I am newly 21 y.o. so it will continue to blossom), I have never been arrested, nor do I have an STD, I believe my alleged arrogance and air of superiority is absolutely warranted! You seem to be making use of both of those extremely well, too. I won't bother debating IQ numbers; if you are too stupid to understand the 'duh'-level cultural imperialism of western-made IQ quantification tests (have you ever even wondered *why* European/white IQ is baseline average? hello! They set up the system!), then this whole issue will be absolutely fruitless to discuss. Enjoy your giggling, though.

What is this 'filth' and 'uncleanliness' you're blathering on about? Of course STDs are spread by the sexually irresponsible. 'Washing your ass' has nothing to do with that (maybe unless we are discussing crabs and scabies). You are so silly! I cannot believe you can open your gaping pie-hole on the topic of an entire group of people's bathing habits! I would never even assume all whites are hydrophobic just because there are large numbers of filthy white hobos in Downtown Las Vegas!

You are right, though, Abe. 2 plus 2 does equal 4. Smart little boy; would you like a cookie?

Anonymous said...

LOL. I didn't even deem Abe worthy of a response, and I'm glad I left it alone as I was able to read yours Desiree! True entertainment, that fellow. And I thought black people were supposed to be the best entertainers?!? HE TOOK OUR JOB!!! LOL.

Abe Stinkin' said...

A fact cannot be debated, thats what makes a "fact" a "fact". In court, we "Stipulate" to or take "Judicial Notice" of, "facts". The facts are then assumed, and we are not allowed to argue them, as you illiterately attempt to do regarding facts contained in my posts. You can argue false premises all you want on the INTERNET but in COURT, you would be OWNED. Take out your "grillz" and laugh away:

CDC facts:
Chlamydia: In 2008, the rate of chlamydia among black men was 12 times higher than that in white men, and was 8 times higher in black women than white women.

Gonorrhea: The gonorrhea rate among blacks was 18 times greater than that for whites in 2006. From 2005 to 2006, the gonorrhea rate among African Americans increased by 6.3 percent—the first increase since 1998. In 2006, blacks accounted for 69 percent of reported cases of gonorrhea. Currently, 15 to 19 year old black women still have the highest gonorrhea rate of any group (2,898.1 per 100,000 population).
In 2006, the gonorrhea rate among black men was 25 times higher than that among white men; the gonorrhea rate among black women was 14 times higher than that among white women. Gonorrhea remains the second most commonly reported STD in the United States. Moreover, the rate of gonorrhea among African Americans was 20.2 times greater than among whites in 2008.

Syphilis: In 2006, 43.2% of all cases of syphilis reported to CDC were among blacks. In 2006, the rate of syphilis in black females was 16 times higher than in white females, while the rate among black men was more than five times higher than that among white men. Rates among black men have increased 25 percent in the past year (2008) and 99 percent since 2003. Rates among black women have increased 12 percent in the past year and 31 percent since 2003.

HIV and AIDS: During 2007, 50% of all new HIV diagnoses and 42% of new AIDS diagnoses were in black people yet they comprise around just 12% of the population. In 2005, blacks accounted for 50% of the AIDS cases diagnosed in the U.S, while being only 12% of the total population.
The rate of AIDS diagnoses for blacks overall was 10 times the rate for whites and nearly 3 times the rate for Hispanics. The rate of AIDS diagnoses for black women was nearly 23 times the rate for white women. The rate of AIDS diagnoses for black men was 8 times the rate for white men. During 2005, among men, 41% of men living with HIV/AIDS were black, and among women, 64% of women living with HIV/AIDS were black. During 2001–2004, 61% of all people under the age of 25 diagnosed with HIV/AIDS were black.

Herpes: Blacks overall are 3 times more likely to have herpes than any other racial group. According to the 1988-1994 NHANES III study, 55.7 of African American women had herpes. This is the most recent and comprehensive study. (Feel free to run the bottom most link Desiree).

Primary Sources:
•Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2009, November) 'Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, 2008', Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Abe Stinkin' said...

You lose Desiree. End of story.


Desiree said...

As I said above, moron, the herpes study has already been criticized. Those type of extrapolation studies are just ridiculous; you should get that. Please think: who do you think they are testing? People who are easily accessible and who researchers know will give them the results they are looking for! 'If ye seek, ye shall find'! This means people in a particular area, probably low-income individuals who'd use the services of a free clinic. Or even those women in the penal system.

That is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ENTIRE BLACK POPULATION, you fucking pea-brain! Are you so gullible? Are you dense?

OMG ROTFLMBAO!!! Oh, God, you are friggin' hilarious.

If I randomly chose 100 white dudes from a trailer park and asked them 'How often do you brush your teeth?' If 55 of them said 'every other day to once a day', it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to announce in front of Congress, 'My study has revealed that 55% of the white American population has halitosis.' LOL. You are such a pathetic simpleton...

Have a good time thinking you won this debate. You can show the stats if you'd like but, as they don't apply to me, they don't mean anything. I am highly intelligent, I'm STD-negative, I've never broken the law (not even a speeding ticket), I've always had high marks in school, I'm upper-middle class. What more can I say, loser?

I'm sorry you spent so much time on that. I hope you had a good time at least.

Please read 'How to Lie with Statistics'. You are a very dumb fellow, mon frere. I have never encountered a black person, a black woman, with an STD.

Good day, sir. Tell your brain I said to 'get well soon'.


Phalluster said...

yes, well... those stats are racist

Desiree said...

"yes, well... those stats are racist"

Not so much racist, but mathematically unsound, improbable, and just plain nonsensical. Nice try at a witty retort but it will not work; it will not make those statistics, esp. the herpes one, legitimate. You cannot put a blanket over truth, pal. I live 'black' everyday; you do not. You rely on so-called studies and some random white dude's surmises on black existence, which is very ridiculous to say the least...

What I want to know is why the hell are whites consumed with black 'statistics'? What does what we do--or are presumed to do--have to do with what you people do?

You all need therapy to get over your rampant negrophilia. Yes, it's negrophilia, just in a very, very unhealthy form...

Anonymous said...

"You all need therapy to get over your rampant negrophilia. Yes, it's negrophilia, just in a very, very unhealthy form..."

Says the person who spends her days and nights endlessly pursuing whites through cyberspace.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Desiree, you lost, way before this post. "Out of Africa"? I think not.

Moron? Me? In light of your stereotypical ghetto goofiness about AIDS, for example, I will consider the source and its mental age. You have boarded the short bus and you have been taken to school, as a friend of mine would say, but of course you don't get that. I got news for you "boo", you ain’t Angela Bassett and this ain't Boyz in the Hood; this is reality. I have "negrophilia", from the French "negrophilie" i.e. love of the negro? You clearly don't know the definitions of terms you illiterately use. I am not the one making upwards of 40 troll posts per day on this website. Moreover, I do not run a website devoted to a sickening pedophile.

My response to "trailer park" is "Section 8 housing and Mudhut".

I used Centers for Disease Control numbers which are very accurate and were properly sourced. You asked for proof, I provided it, and you do nothing but scream negro logic; predictable, unsupported suppositions about sample size, blah blah blah. Negro logic is pure nihilism, there are no facts, only unintelligible, self serving distortions and endless blame shifts to hide uncomfortable truths. Studies I cited have been "criticized". Wow, thats solid argumentation, I really am a moron. Thanks for your holy decree from Mount Olympus, Goddess Desiree. As you would say: source? I know how these numbers are generated and I am fully aware of state laws regarding mandatory reporting of STDs, free clinic or not. These STD reports are coming from mandatory state reporting laws and Federal mandate. I also know that "HIPAA" is not a rapper.

I can assure you that your ad hominems about my intelligence coupled with your esteemed up cries about your “superior” i.q. are falling on deaf ears. I know where I went to school and I know what kind of “superior” numbers whitey needs to get in there without affirmative action. Moreover, the term "moron" is a term SPECIFICALLY derived from the measurements of those "culturally biased" i.q. tests about which you erroneously pontificate. Please refrain from the use of "moron"; you can't have it both ways.

IQ tests are heavily "G" loaded in order to test for universal cognitive tasks such as math ability, pattern recognition and basic deductive and inductive reasoning. These are the best indicators of "intelligence". Culture has nothing to do with these universal measures of brain function which are thought to be linked to BRAIN SIZE. "G" loading minimizes any type of "bias". Math from even alien intelligences would be virtually identical except for the symbols used. Pattern recognition has no cultural component here on Earth nor does basic reasoning. The "G" factor is universally supported by the HARD SCIENCE of psychometrics and it is easy to test for. I guess that isn’t “The Knowledge” to put it into Ebonics. The type of i.q. questions that blacks have decried as cultural bias: “What doesn’t belong here: dog, cat, bird, horse, airplane.”

You want to talk math, Desiree? Really? Since math genius is the basis for your "arguments" against peer reviewed stats, I think I will now call you on your bullshit. I didn't spend my days in wimpy social "science" courses where the hardest math you have to take is elem. stats for behav. sciences 101 for your bullshit psych major. I'll play....

Describe for me the Graph for this extremely rudimentary adjacency matrix. There are four vertices, V1-V4, and three edges. This is BASIC material if you intend to play on my court:

Place your answer in correct form by filling in the blanks below:

V= { , , , }

E= {{ , }, { , }, { , }, { , }, { , }, { , }}

Note: "Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis", is not an acceptable answer.
Again Desiree, don't go away mad, just go away.

Desiree said...

"your bullshit psych major"

I'm not a psych major, Abe; I'm a biological sciences major concentrating in Microbiology. You know, little species you poke and prod under a microscope? Microbes?

You know, you wrote way too fucking long; this subject is just way too sensitive for you, Abe Stinkin' (I am sure you didn't catch the irony of your name and your insistence on the lack of bathing habits of the black race. LOL, I'll let that one slide, genius).

As you probably expected, I will not be baited by your 'math question'. You'd probably just lie about the right answer anyway (hats off to rigging the game). Even if I did get the wrong answer, it doesn't change the fact the math in the herpes study is fucking flawed! 1 in 2 BW do NOT have herpes, you idiot! You claim you're so smart and blah but you cannot even see how ridiculous that is? It's impossible! You're talking about 1 in 2, 1 in 2! Over half of BW in the US; that is not reality. I don't care what you think about it, honestly. You are a fucking joke.

If you don't understand any of the bullshit you just wrote above with regards to IQ tests and 'g', then you seriously need your head examined. Do you not know that 'universal measures' are not universal at all? They were created in the West; by the West! No one can ever go against these unless they are subscribed tot he western culture! Duh! How can you not see that! You sound exactly like those long-discredited phrenologists! 'Brain-size'? LOL! Brain size has nothing to do with intelligence. They actually said Einstein, the paradigm of genius in western culture, had a smaller than average brain size. I was under the impression that what mattered more was the folds of the brain, not the weight or size.

But whatever.

What I want you to answer is why the hell do you care? Why the hell do you care about these culturally imperialistic quantifications? You call that copping-out but I say you'd be refusing to answer a basic question.

Why? Because you know that your obsession with maintaining a racial hierarchy is indicative of your shaky mental state. Also, criticizing my IQ is absolutely pointless. You are a very fearful man.

No, I did NOT misuse the word 'negrophilia'. The term does indeed apply to you, the blog owner, and every other white on the site. Of course, you display you tortured love in a bizarrely sadistic way but it is negrophilia nevertheless.

By the way, seeing that the jerryrigged constitution endowed me with freedom of speech, I can devote my blog--or a portion of it--to a 'pedophile' if I want. That is not at all a refection of IQ, but of interest.

You are, and will always be, a pathetic sheep. Believing your government? Really? I don't need to play on your court, Abe. I'm so done with this topic and your whiny ass bitch-fits.

You intellect is dubious at best if you think AIDS started because of contact between blacks and rhesus monkeys. LOL! Wow.


Hillary! said...

LOL! Des, that was excellent. Just had to say... I was gonna ask him if he could set up my studio to record a session and sync everything to 30 ÷ 1.001, or transcribe and then fully analyze Miles Davis' solo on a particular recording of "So What" and then fly an airplane and then live solely off of a garden he planted himself for three months and so forth and so on... but really that was just excellent.

Oh, and this:

And this:


Abe Stinkin' said...


Your simian ad hominems do not take you off the short bus you have boarded. I find it incredible that a microbiology major would not understand Graph theory and Finite Math. Where do you go to school again? Your math ended at elem. stats as I predicted.

Only a math illiterate would think that I could lie about the answer to this rudimentary adjacency matrix with four vertices and three edges. V1, V2, V3 each have their own edge which touches V4. V4 thus has 3 edges which touch V1, V2, V3, but V1,V2,V3 do not ever touch each other. I WROTE OUT THE MATRIX FOR YOU IN THE QUESTION. DUH! DUH!. See, I can use the word “Duh” too. Graphs are essential to epidemiological stats. If you don't know remedial Graph theory, you are unqualified to comment on the math you criticize.

Only being able to read WORDS about MATH written by Marxist social scientists or Jet Magazine authors who ALSO DON’T KNOW MATH does not make you a MATH EXPERT. You criticize my i.q.? You don’t know what vertices and edges are, do you? Score one for the trailer park. Math is the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, it cannot be faked and it is not culturally biased. Perhaps the simian intellect which creates hip hop cultural idiocy is the reason why blame shifting blacks, unlike ALL other cultures, can’t assimilate into the culture that surrounds them, within a society completely reordered to DISCRIMINATE IN THEIR FAVOR FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS, so they blame the tests that the rest of the world has no problem with. Even the fireman’s exam is “biased”. Cultural bias is codeword for black failure and blame shift. Perhaps YOUR culture which celebrates “bling bling” materialism, sexual irresponsibility, poor citizenship, criminality, violence, drug dealing and “keeping it reel” by refusing to “act white” by learning how to speak properly and study, is what needs to change, not the tests or Western culture. If you so despise Western “biased” culture, then go back to your Mud hut thatched with dung in Zambezi.

Only soft science libtards with similarly limited math skills support your cultural bias argument for i.q.. Disagreement with their agenda is far from moronic. I simply disagree here and I support my argument with facts. Marxist political theories have no place in science. You are unable to debate the matter, so you engage in ad hominems, once again. Cultural Marxism is intellectual fascism. If you disagree, you insult your opponent rather than debate his points. Insults are the hallmark of one who is losing a debate. Another thing, you boast that your iq. is “Superior” meaning 120-129, yet you scream these tests are biased and worthless. Again, you are having it both ways, as you are by using the word “moron”. Your reasoning is the hallmark of idiocy.

I do not want to maintain a racial hierarchy. I want insane levels of black crime, racist violence, double standards, blame shifts, and slander to end. I want to stop paying high taxes for black welfare vampirism. I am tired of militant blacks who raise a militant fist with one hand and claim preference with the other. I am tired of affirmative action racism. I am tired of a media that ignores epidemic levels of black on white crime but invents racism hoaxes on a daily basis. I am tired of black men raping 40,000 white women per year while we rape zero blacks. I am tired of being racially insulted anytime I am near urban blacks. I am tired of risking my life every time I have to enter urban areas go to Court in D.C., Richmond, Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Thank you for playing Desiree, I knew my math post would expose you and it would be the end. But, despite my thermonuclear destruction of you, you will attempt a “reply”, and you will engage in the same predictable ad hominems as your previous post, incredibly still believing you have prevailed.

Oh, and my name Abe Stinkin' is intentional. There are several levels of irony at play there that your simian intellect doesn't grasp.

Anonymous said...

"a society completely reordered to DISCRIMINATE IN THEIR FAVOR FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS"

LOL! Yeah, because the CIA floods cocaine and heroin our way for our BENEFIT! Because crack and cocaine sentencing disparities really work to our advantage! And the cops firebomb whole city blocks for our benefit! I remember being 16 years old and applying at Barnes and Nobles and, after handing in my application, going to the physics section to pick up a book by David Deutsch. As I returned to the counter to purchase it I saw the (white) woman who I had given my application to tearing it up and throwing it in the garbage. I didn't buy the book after that. Just because a law is on the books obviously doesn't mean that those who disagree with it will obey it. And either way, 40 years is NOT a very long time, even if that assertion WERE true!

Also, what makes you think you have a right to accuse anyone of relying on the "same predictable ad hominems" when all of your posts are peppered with the most ignorant racial stereotypes and your handle is Abe Stinkin'? LOL! Are you that blinded by your irrational rage that you don't see that? I guess so. When you act like an animal and call other people animals you can't expect to be respected!

And math is NOT universal! You have absolutely NOTHING to prove that! While math may be able to predict the existence of other dimensions it has no bearing on the absolute structure of them and in all likelihood breaks down in them! And you can't present one single shred of evidence for your claim! Bring me an alien life-form that agrees that one plus one is two, regardless of the symbols it uses, and maybe then you'll have some semblance of a platform, but even then, there are (at least) BILLIONS of possible manifestations of mathematical thought. Grad students on EARTH have created different mathematical systems! Indigenous cultures have created different mathematical systems that STILL WORK!

Anonymous said...

The IQ thing is tired, mostly desperate racists like yourself support it, and it's really boring when it has already been established that not only are there different types of intelligence, but that the conditions in which the tests are administered have an effect on scores, the relevancy to an individual of the subject matter has an effect on scores, and the majority of black people HAVE NOT EVEN TAKEN THE DAMN THINGS! It is also extremely obvious to the majority of people that to use a blatantly euro-centric methodology to denigrate non-European peoples is RACIST! An African putting a spoon with a bowl instead of a spoon with a fork is absolutely no indication of their intelligence level, rather, it is an indication of the way they organize the world in functional terms rather than abstract, in some senses, and in abstract terms rather than functional in others! Indigenous peoples have also developed their own geometry and syntax, often based on religious ritual experiences, and therefore European geometry and syntax has very little relevance to them!

Your reliance on statistics gathered by Europeans to predict racial trends is telling, your insistence on attempting to predict racial trends is telling, and your handle and the language in every single one of your posts thus far is extremely telling of your BIAS!

Anonymous said...

But, while I think the evidence states that using statistics as a proof is an often incredibly flawed practice and that statistics themselves are often juked both in advance and prior to data collection, lets use a few statistics, for the hell of it. Statistically speaking, more black women have indeed been raped and sexually assaulted by white men in the history of this country than white women by black men. Rape was a tool to increase the labor force during the time of slavery. The many shades of black skin serve as blatant testimony to this. The average rapist is 31 years old. 52% of rapists are white. Black women are far less likely to report rape to the authorities than white women, and when they do it is far less likely that their cases will end in the conviction of the accused, particularly if the defendant is Caucasian. Women in general are extremely hesitant to report rape cases due to the social stigma involved and the shame and powerlessness felt, and the justified belief that even if they go though the whole tedious legal process their attackers will still remain free and will probably assault them again. It is estimated that as little as 16% of all rapes are actually reported (the FBI and Justice Department give slightly higher numbers, while Rape activist Groups give lower ones). Only 13% of all reported rapes are interracial, with the majority (approx. 73%) being committed by friends, associates and relatives of the victim. 1 in 8 black women have suffered racist sexual assault. Only 6% of rapists will ever spend a day in jail. 15 out of 16 accused rapists walk away free men. Since there are already more white rapists than black, and the majority of rapists walk free, and black women are far less likely to report rapes or win a conviction in court, even more so if the assailant is white in both cases, and since 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes and since black people make up only about 13% of the population (40 million), of which nearly 1 million males are in prison while only approx. 700,000 are in college and college age women are 4 times more likely to be raped, again, by friends and family, and while whites make up about 68% of the population it is then reasonable to then assume that not only are the majority of rapists white, but the majority of rapes committed against black women are perpetrated by whites but go unreported or unpunished since the majority of white rapists walk away free men while the majority of black rapists get convictions handed to them. Utilizing a 80-year time-line, refute that. One year is not good enough. And you must also use multiple sources. Not just David Duke.

However, the bottom line is that WOMEN ARE NOT WEAPONS! They should not be used as cannon fodder in your race war! The fact that you guys DO this so often just shows how much disrespect you have for women in general! So does porn...the majority of porn actresses are white and the majority of porn actresses have been raped or molested by, you guessed it, white men. Address yourSELVES before you address anyone else!

And to state that white men rape 'zero' black women is such an obvious distortion, obviously brought about by your reliance on faulty and biased statistics reporting.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure Desiree knows what your childish neanderthal handle means, it's quite obvious. "Several layers of irony," oh, get off it already!

"I am tired of being racially insulted anytime I am near urban blacks. I am tired of risking my life every time I have to enter urban areas go to Court in D.C., Richmond, Virginia Beach and Norfolk."

Well, now you know a little about how it has felt to be black in Amerikkka for the past 400+ years. Ingrate. But instead of learning the life-lesson of empathy, you instead allow the anal pain experienced during what small little bits of racial insults you've been the poor victim of to override history and common sense and turn you into a horridly garish caricature of the very people you're so damned angry at!

Grown white men whining about being victimized...what's next?!?

Abe Stinkin' said...


and the Hillary troll,

A musical genius, to go with the math genius?

Miles Davis couldn't have played in key to save his own ass. Without Coltrane, he would have been completely fucked. It’s okay to go outside a little, but sticking within the modes is kind of important. With some exceptions, Jazz is usually just an excuse to break rules because you don't know them, kind of like musical Ebonics. I at least give you credit for not listing Snoop Dogg as your musical hero though.

I should have no problem transcribing any of Miles Davis' off key, out of time gibberish. But, I admit, all those arbitrary, fragmented chromaticisms randomly floating around like paint thrown at a wall would, I admit take some time to transcribe. I have more difficulty transcribing outside a correct diatonic modal structure. "So what"? I listened to it. D Dorian to Eb Dorian? Ugghh! I need to barf. When I am playing in D Dorian, and I want to go to E, I play E Phrygian and the sound of two minor 7th chords a half step apart that the tonality implies does not sound very pleasant to me. Why don't you try transcribing
"Scarified" by Racer X? Those 32nd note triplets will be real easy on a trumpet, I'm sure. Or maybe some Zappa at 205 bpm?

I don't know how to fly an airplane and I have never grown a garden. I will now go in the corner and put on my dunce cap while I ponder all those great African inventions.

Sure, Hillary I think I can push the two buttons it takes to sync the timecode on your shitty Pro Tools rig so you can play the three lousy keys on your trumpet. Maybe you could come over and help me double track some guitar solos on my friend's Neve board, a real rig unlike your cheap Pro Tools and one that requires real engineering knowledge to use. While you're at it, maybe you can help me bias the 6L6s on my Soldano SLO 100. I am thinking of changing the bridge pick up on my PRS; I want over 1000 m.v. and I want to go low impedance, should I get EMGs or DiMarzios?

I think a more challenging discussion regarding your audio sync issue would be to engage in Fourier analysis of the graph of the sine wave of say, A 440. Perhaps we should then discuss how to derive the discrete Fourier transform, since we are talking digital signal processing here with shitty Pro Tools. I think we should begin with a continuous function. What do you think, Hilarity?

We can argue obscure shit all day long Hilarity.

Phalluster said...

"What I want to know is why the hell are whites consumed with black 'statistics'? What does what we do--or are presumed to do--have to do with what you people do?"

Whites let blacks vote in our democracy, much to our folly. Barack Obama retains a 92% approval rating among blacks, and unemployed, arraigned, anonymous Alvin Greene defeated a white career-Democrat in South Carolina's primaries by the narrow margin of 53% to 37%. That's one blatant statistic of importance.

As for the "alleged" disease rates, this is relevant to whites because they will now be taxed for universally-available healthcare. Indeed, any expanded social service is distributed disproportionately to non-Asian minorities. Any growing government job offerings are assumed disproportionately by blacks. True, some merit-based positions have not always over-represented blacks, like fire department chiefs (this, of course, was solved by halving proficiency requirements).

This could be atoned for with black achievement in the hard sciences, but that doesn't much exist. There are minimal black inventions to compensate for their racial price-tag. We are a 'nation of cowards' for failing to discuss this openly.

Anonymous said...

Abe, I can do all that shit you listed! I'm a CERTIFIED AUDIO ENGINEER. I WORK IN THE INDUSTRY! I'M TRAINED ON NEVE AND SLL BOARDS! MY PROTOOLS RIG IS FAR FROM SHITTY! IN FACT, I MOSTLY USE NEUNDO THESE DAYS! I love Frank Zappa! And I don't play trumpet, I play piano and some guitar (mostly! I can also fly a plane! And can live off of my own garden! And your opinion is your opinion, speed doesn't equal greatness, maybe that's why I never heard of Racer X. 3nd notes make it EASIER to transcribe. Shredding is easy. It is complexity, ingenuity, that I'm concerned with in music. And yes, I can play fast notes. Piano gives you crazy muscles! But Zappa I love. In fact, I recently quoted him here, you might wanna look it up. Concerning Miles Davis, the internet is great, isn't it? You can just look it up and find out what someone else said! I guess you don't understand or appreciate unresolved tension, but really, to say Miles Davis didn't know what he was doing is...retarded. As far as your pick ups, dimarzio, cause my guitarist uses those (he's a Romanian Jew, BTW)! I'm not looking up the specs on any pick-ups. Oh, and I never said any of the things I mentioned were black inventions. But you didn't invent them either. So you should really just shut up about it! Anyway, I'm going parasailing today so I don't have time to sit and fuck with you angry people right now.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Hey troll, above. Where did you get your law degree?

"Sentencing disparities" for crack vis a vis cocaine exist due to the fact that the black community cried out for federal help due to the crack crisis of the late 80s. The extreme violence within the black community surrounding crack distribution, as compared to cocaine distribution was the motivating factor. The gubmint gets on its knees and bows to black demands. What happens, they then cry rayciss because we tried to protect their communities. You can never win when dealing with blacks. White people need to take the kid gloves off and quit trying.

Blacks are simply at war with us, period. It is simply not acceptable to hold blacks accountable for anything in our society. 6% of the population committs 3/4 of all violent crime and we are supposed to believe that white people are the real problem and must be punished for eternity for something that happened to all races worldwide.

Moreover, so many crack offenders that have been sentenced have lengthy violent criminal histories which skew upwards the points on their sentencing guidelines on their presentence reports. Sentencing guidelines mean that your prior violent criminal history will mean more time for subsequent offenses.

There are very sound legal reasons why so many crack offenders get lengthier sentences. Malcom Excrement blame shifts will not suffice here.

And to the other troll, yeah more black women have been raped by whitey. Sure, thats why nearly 40,000 white women are raped annually by blacks and whites rape statistically zero blacks per year here. This is a proven fact. Afrocentrist black studies nonsense provides proof of nothing but black stupidity. Nobody is attracted to black women. Not even black men will have them. This is demonstrated by the black man's obsession with white women.

The esteemed up trolls are really dumping some real dung here. They need to wipe once in while. The smell is getting unbearable.

Excellent post by Phalluster.

Since Desiree is now anonymous I'll say I'm anonymous too but everyone still knows who I am said...

Desiree finally accepting the reality of her Extinction Level Event now hiding and posting as anonymous. How au curant.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Dave, June 25 at 9:43:

Thanks to the trolls I missed your incredibly well put post until just now.

I agree with every word. Especially since you spoke several volumes in less than a hundred words, something a pompous, narcissistic blowhard such as myself could never dream of accomplishing.

As I drunkenly await Brock Lesnar's hopeful destruction of Shane Carwin tonight, I take yet another drink in celebration of your magnificent work. BTW: Good job taking the gloves off and using that off limits three letter word to name society's true enemy.

I will not reenter my drunken oblivian, or Bolovian, as Iron Mike would say.

Abe Stinkin' said...

A better math test. Here goes:

I think with all the Graph theory and Finite Math, I have been making it too hard on the math genius trolls. I'll lighten up. After studying bout Gypshuns n' sheeitt, I have learned that I can not only levitate myself, I can read minds too. Before you laugh, just do the test below, and please, no affirmative action here, DONT SCROLL DOWN AND CHEAT. Do the test first.

Scroll down and do the quiz as it instructs and find out what movie is your favorite. It really works! This amazing math quiz can likely
predict which of 18 films you would enjoy the most. Don't ask me how, mind reading is a complex art.

Pick a number from 1-9.

Multiply by 3.

Add 3.

Multiply by 3 again.

Follow the instructions very carefully. Now add the two digits together to find your predicted favorite movie in the list of 18 movies below. (For example, if your final number turned out to be 69, add 6 to 9 to get 17 and compare it to the list below.

My favorite movie was "Citizen Kane" - exactly right, and clearly the greatest movie of all time. So be honest, and do it before you
scroll down to see the list below. It's easy and it works. Like I said, I have become Gypsuns n sheeitt and I can read your mind.

Now look up your number in the list below...

1. Gone With The Wind
2. E.T.
3. Beverly Hills Cop
4. Citizen Kane
5. Forrest Gump
6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
7. Jaws
8. Grease
9. AIDS was started by Africans screwing apes
10. Casablanca
11. Jurassic Park
12. Shrek
13. Pirates of the Caribbean
14. Titanic
15. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
16. Home Alone
17. Mrs. Doubtfire
18. Toy Story

It is really amazing, isn't it? I read your mind, didn't I? We beez Gypshuns n' Sheeiitt

Anonymous said...

Scarified by Racer X? Are you KIDDING? Against Miles Davis? You're not serious. That was mostly just some modulated arpeggios with some scale runs, and a shit solo patched together from Malmsteen tracks (who is much better at this sort of thing than these guys anyway, if this sort of thing is your cup of tea). If you like bland and uninspired shredding because you're one of those people who is dazzled by anything fast and technical regardless of the level of innovation and creativity involved, then by all means, please continue listening to this drivel. But don't try to compare that cock-rock b.s. to Miles Davis. That's musically ignorant and only a person blinded by racism would do such a dumb thing. I could transcribe that song in less time than it takes to listen to it since all I'd really have to do is transpose two or three figures. Either way, outside of jazz Bach is my first choice when I want to hear some technical shredding. Or Chopin's etudes. Or Secret Chiefs 3. Or Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Or Dillinger Escape Plan. And concerning Zappa, have you ever LISTENED TO THE MANS LYRICS? Lol... You ought to try it. Though you may not want to listen to Zappa anymore afterward...

"Out of time"? Lol, it's called syncopation, and it takes a GREAT and flexible player to be able to pull it off (like Zappa, or Terry Bozio), and a refined ear to appreciate it. If you like your music boring and rigid and locked to a metronome then please, continue to be rigid and mechanical. It shows in your views too, by the way...

And besides, I know you just looked that shit up anyway and then used your experience as a litigation attorney to compose a bullshit argument that would only sway an idiot, since idiots are your usual audience (i.e. most people who can't get out of jury duty).

Anonymous said...

"I think a more challenging discussion regarding your audio sync issue would be to engage in Fourier analysis of the graph of the sine wave of say, A 440. Perhaps we should then discuss how to derive the discrete Fourier transform, since we are talking digital signal processing here with shitty Pro Tools. I think we should begin with a continuous function. What do you think, Hilarity?"

First off, this has very little to do with sync in practical terms, i.e., you don't need to be a mathematician, understand FFT or know what the Nyquist frequency is in order to lock sync. Second, we already use the FFT algorithm to great effect, so it's pretty pointless to sit around and talk about it unless in you're in a lab or a classroom, especially when you could be making some music instead. Third, my rig is not all digital. Fourth, I think I already pointed out that I don't only use Pro Tools and mostly use Nuendo (but Pro Tools HD is far from shitty). Fifth, the A 440 sine wave is the continuous function. Try your tricks elsewhere.

Either way, I was kicked out of high school in the 9th grade. The only trig and algebra I got involved in was through my Muslim uncle, until I picked up some books and started learning some on my own. I don't pretend at all to be even good at math (memorizing formulas has never been my strong point, my mind wanders in strange directions), but I understand a lot more than you might think internally, geometrically in a sense, fluidly, and sometimes (well, oftentimes, no need for false humility here!) almost instantaneously, and in ways silly English words or 2D formulas can never approach. Gestalt.

Oh, and Abe, memorizing shit doesn't make you intelligent. It makes you programmed.

Anonymous said...

"Sure, Hillary I think I can push the two buttons it takes to sync the timecode on your shitty Pro Tools rig so you can play the three lousy keys on your trumpet. Maybe you could come over and help me double track some guitar solos on my friend's Neve board, a real rig unlike your cheap Pro Tools and one that requires real engineering knowledge to use."

Oh yeah, I was referring to all my outboard and MIDI gear as well, hence the usage of the word 'studio'. Were it just PT then quick keys would suffice. Try pulling the same amount of range and expression that trumpet players in all genres are capable of on their instruments on three frets. And you'd never actually invite me over because you'd be too AFRAID of me. And I wouldn't bother double tracking your 32nd note solos, I'd just double the track, nudge the copy, flip the phase and pull up a turd-polishing preset or two while you wanked away and just let you think I was recording you.

Anonymous said...

And Abe, since I am in 3-6-9 Dreamtime most of the time anyway your little trick was obvious before I even finished your silly intro. But you wouldn't know about that, would you? And you never specified that they had to be whole numbers, so you fail anyway. I could lay out a whole realm of interesting numerological facts about the number three, it's multiples and particularly the number 9, which I wear around my neck every day for reasons you probably couldn't even begin to comprehend with your mechanistic education.

"“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Anonymous said...

Eh, I hope this isn't necessary, but... You should have specified that they had to be whole numbers, by the way, because there is no 9.9 on your list. Just in case you thought I didn't know what I was talking about and ended up wasting two or three paragraphs on how dumb you think black people are again.

Anonymous said...

...or 1.8 or 3.6 or 4.5 or 5.4 or 8.1 or 2.7 or 7.2 or 6.3...

And besides, the entry at 9.0? That's not a movie.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody is attracted to black women. Not even black men will have them."

I love black women. A lot. In fact, women of all races are attractive to me. That's because I'm heterosexual and don't require my sexual partners to look like my brothers and cousins or their horses.

Anyway, that's some stupid shit to say. Thanks for putting your foot in your mouth and swallowing.

And why don't you just admit that you're a fucking Nazi and validate our claims that the legal system in America is growing more and more fascist everyday? You're doing a smashing job of it already.

Anonymous said...

And it's spelled O-B-L-I-V-I-O-N. Oblivion.

Anonymous said...

The majority of crackheads are white!

I discovered this while I was a teenager, though the media would have preferred it if I thought otherwise.

But yes, it's true, the majority of crack users are white.

And many of the repeat offenders you mentioned with previous records BECOME MORE VIOLENT AFTER THEIR FIRST INCARCERATION! DUH! Prison does not reform 'criminals', it creates them.

Abe Stinkin' said...


Lotsa posts there. In light of the mental age of my afrocentrist target audience, whole numbers are implied by necessity. Moreover, 9.9 can't be a number between 1-9, by definition, can it Euclid? I’ll go back to Finite Math if you insist.

You can transcribe Paul Gilbert’s string skipping 32nd note arpeggios? Transcribe some Steve Morse for me while you're at it? Oh, he sucks too? Should we discuss some Chick Corea, maybe I could analyze some of those Frank Gambale solos for you? Holdsworth? Oh, arpeggios suck, that’s right.

Ask yourself what is the 5th mode of A Harmonic minor? If you don't know this, off the top of your head, which we both know you don’t, you are hardly capable of transcribing a Paul Gilbert solo even at half speed. Wiki can't transcribe it for you!

If you are going to play the race card then go transcribe Tony MacAlpine's Empire in the Sky. My thoughts are that you wouldn't be making 30 year old Malmsteen insults. Moreover, Malmsteen has more talent in his fingernail dirt than Miles Davis had in his whole doped up, drunken body. And, I would say that black people can play as good or better than anybody, just not Miles. I am not alone in this.

Hillary, the typical negro internet claim that I am "afraid of you". How original. I've never seen that one before! I'll go put up another rep of 410 lbs. to go with the other 5 on my flat bench after I do my weekly jits rolling at my local gym wherein I will ponder how scared I am of black men, especially when they have a girl's name.

Hillary, I double my solos, MANUALLY. I want them to be thick, I don’t digitally copy. Why don't you just simply quiz me on some esoteric music theory, you know, something not contained on Wikipedia, and see whether I fall as flat on my face as you have. Maybe you could ask me to write out all 7 modes for all 12 keys and every lead off chord for each tone, perhaps. I'm pretty sure that’s not on Wikipedia. I can do it in under 5 minutes, flat. I can play them, much faster. I do this drill every day, in addition to exotics.

You Wiki'ed the term "sine wave". Brilliant. Clearly, you understand very little about digital signal processing other than pressing a button, otherwise you would know that your whole issue of synchronization is mainly a digital issue. I am no engineer though, just a musician, a real one. And, digital signal processing couldn't exist without the discrete Fourier transform; it’s very much on point. Please don't bring up topics about which you have no depth of understanding; it’s not me that you're making look stupid there. I bring up Fourier analysis because you bring up obscure Wiki runs which you think will stump me and I ask for an in depth, topically relevant debate demonstrative of knowledge beyond Wikipedia key word searches. Maybe we could discuss Boolean search logic, Run this boolean search on LexisNexis:

(you) /150 (a*****n) /15 (m /5 y).

Except at extremely low levels, math isn’t about "memorizing". Try solving a differential or non linear equation with “memorization”.

Music theory is my strongest area. Feel free, Hillary, to see if you can win Ben Stein's Money here bro.

You've still yet to explain to me why anyone playing in D Dorian would play Eb or any other flat note.

Again, Hillary, WRONG, if I wanted low impedance and more than 1,000 m.v. of power, I would have to use an ACTIVE pick up, hence, a 9 volt powered EMG and not a PASSIVE DiMarzio which, at most, can pump 500 m.v. at high impedance. Any "certified engineer" SHOULD know what I am talking about. I guess this one ain't on Wikipedia. Don’t feel bad, Puff Daddy wouldn’t know this either.

And Hillary, don't you mean “SSL” board, rather than “SLL” board? Tough to believe a "certified engineer" could make THAT mistake. More Wiki, huh? Hahahahaha! Thank you for playing, once again.

Anonymous said...


You are truly a piece of work, BRO! I never thought I'd even hear of a head so far up ones own ass as yours must be! And FUCK Puff Daddy! What does that have to do with ANYTHING? I really didn't think it was possible to hate lawyers more than I already did! You're hilarious. So you're a lawyer, so what? So you're good at math, so what? So you know theory, so what? The sole reason I mentioned anything about any of this was because NO ONE CAN DO EVERYTHING.

And as far as SSL, or my TYPO SLL, goes, it was a TYPO. In the midst of typing in all caps that can sometimes happen. But believe what you want, I don't care. Your belief just makes you that much more ignorant.

And I'm not running any search on lexisnexis, it's obviously some insult and I don't have any interest in it. I could insult you with a lot of different ciphers as well, but I'm not boring enough to do that. I prefer the direct method, because I'm not a lowly snake.

And as far as why anyone would play a flat in D Dorian...they're called accidentals, it's a matter of taste, people hated on Chopin for very similar reasons yet I love his colors and tones, just as I love Miles' colors and tones, or those of Scriabin, or Shostakovich, or Bartok, or Philip Glass, or many other avant-garde or experimental composers and innovators.

Any other dumb shit you wanna say?

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Abe. Point by point. 9.9, that was in reference to YOUR LIST. Which had 18 entries. Of course it's not between 1 and 9. I was just making a point. You can continue to think I'm a fool if you want though, that is fine, and expected. I don't know who Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale (though the name sounds familiar) or Steve Morse are. But generally, if they're monophonic solo lines, yes, I'm pretty sure I can transcribe them. I love Chick Corea and Allan Holdsworth though. Should mention more fusion players for you? I never said arpeggios suck. I just didn't like that Racer X song. And I play extensively in gypsy scales, being that I was raised almost exclusively on Indian and Arabic music (along with jazz and classical) during my formative years it comes quite natural to me. ANATOLIA! TURKEY! ANDALE! Quite presumptuous of you to assume that I don't know my own favorite mode! (Well, the Hungarian Minor is actually my favorite, along with the Arabic and Romani, but I digress.)

It is good to know that your bias against Miles Davis is not entirely racially motivated. I do like Malmsteen however, as I said before, I simply prefer Bach. When it comes to metal I generally prefer Black Metal. Not the NS shit, obviously, but overall it resonates more with my mood than men with big hair in spandex singing about...whatever they sing about. It's a personal preference. And comparing Malmsteen and Miles is really like comparing apples and oranges. It would come down to a personal preference. Mine is Miles.

You were the one who said you were tired of fearing for your life when you had to make the trek into D.C., were you not? I've got friends and family out there, by the way. I just left from a visit a little while ago, actually. And I don't recall who it was, but one of your cronies here changed my name to Hillary, and since I'm really not at all concerned I adopted it. I originally posted as Hilarity Ensues. Real clever, that guy. And as far as your bench pressing prowess, I'll leave you to ponder the words of a famous rapper: "Bench press for what? I lift four pounds." I doubt I could bench 410, so in defending myself against you I'd have to use more drastic measures. I'll still get at your neck. I prefer swift resolution. And before you become a raving hypocrite, I only bothered because you did!

And good for you, you double your solos manually. The obvious implication was that you should, but that I wouldn't if I were tasked to record your silly racist ass! But I guess that went over your head.

And I have absolutely no need to wiki sine wave. Or anything else I've typed in this conversation. Like I said, I. Am. A. Certified. Engineer. I went to school in LA. I knew what a sine wave was far before that though. I've been into synthesis for quite some time now. The first synth I played with was an ASR-10. Then an XP-80 (which I still have). Then a Moog and a Juno. Now it's mostly in-the-box synthesis and organic instruments.

And *sigh* I KNOW sync is 'mainly a digital issue'. And I know DSP wouldn't exist without DFT, I was simply pointing out that FFT algorithms take care of all of that UNDER THE HOOD so there's really very little point in sitting around running your pompous mouth off about DFTs if you're not in a classroom! NO ONE has to crunch those numbers to record ANYTHING. No one but the processor. NOTHING would ever get recorded if we did. So PLEASE. And for god's sake, I know the difference between passive and active. I DO LIVE SOUND YA CUNT! I CLEARLY stated that I went with DiMarzio because my guitarist uses them and that I WASN'T going to look up any specs to satisfy your STUPID little questions! It was to SPITE you, but I guess that went over your head.

Anonymous said...

And you're right, I don't know anything about Boolean search logic. But I won't cry in the corner, because I don't feel any need to be superior or appear knowledgeable in all fields. That's a sign of neurosis.

Abe Stinkin', no wait, I'm anonymous, change that said...

Anon at 3:24, "my foot in my mouth", regarding black men not liking black wimminz? Say whu? I am only making an observation about the black man's overwhelming obsession with white wimminz. Equating not liking black wimminz with homosexuality? You may be right, that must be why so many brothas be on the down low, being that the vast majority of male AIDS cases are in black males who are only 6% of the population. And we know that homo activity is by far the most likely way of spreading AIDS. That suggests rampant, wanton homo down low activity in the black male community. All those gangstas be bad muhfuckkas. True "G"s fo reel. I guess we finally know what word the letter "G" really stands for now, don't we.

Ad hominems about bestiality, pretty original from a black, once again. Whats next, "muh dikk" and "whitey wuh-int say dat sheeitt to black mayne face"? How avante guarde. How cutting edge. I am a "Nazi"; my introduction to the avante guarde continues. In light of insanely disproportionate levels of black on white crime, including epidemic rape, I can only say that blacks are at war with whites.
What is the black equivalent of "Nazi" I wonder? Oh, yee-yuh, it be "gangsta n sheeit".

Same Anon at 3:29, oh boy, I misspelled oblivion, it was in fact, not a typo. At least I have the excuse of being stone fucking drunk, whilst watching all those "scared white boyz" beating the fuck out of each other in the Octagon with all those BJJ black belts and NCAA All American Wrestling pedigrees. I spelled it wrong, I didn't know any better, any more than you know any better than to fill in the blanks to my Graph problem above, even AFTER the answer was given. A hint, you can use unordered pairs for the 3 edge pairs for the 4th Vertice. Damn, I gave the rest of the answer away. And you still won't be able to fill in the blanks! Any you will still think u be smot muh fuckka.

Same Anon again, at 3:45. Good sourcing to go with your Yale Law degree there. I would not be surprised to learn that a population which outnumbers your race of aspiring rappers and future rocket scientists by 6 to 1 may actually make up a larger total of the crack users. However, there is no disputing the fact that more blacks as a proportion abuse crack and an even more disproportionate number are dealers. "Disproportionality" is the key to your whole "disproportionality" argument, yet, you will deny its significance when it destroys your goofy ghetto superstitions. Negro logic at its best. Hint, look up the word "disparity" and see what it really means, Professor Gates.

At the end of the day, its simple, quit stealing, raping, killing and dealing drugs. Quit worshipping gangsta rap candyasses who couldn't beat up a 12 year old girl without a gun and without ten homies to back them up, and get a fucking job, homie. Pull up your fucking pants. And learn to speak the language that all those immigrants learned to speak so well a hundred years ago. You can't blend into society by killing and bullying your way through, then crying "Ah din doo nuffins". All the good jobs are open, exclusively, to you.

Quit spitting in whitey's face. Maybe we'll all just quit going to work one day so we can't pay for your lifestyles nor will we man the machines that make them possible. You'll last about as long then as it takes to say H.A.I.T.I. Did I spell that right?

Tell Alfalfa and Stymie I said hi.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Abe got a little mad, huh? Ruffled the soft feathers on your bird chest, did I?

Is that the reason for all the archaic slang? Do you think that bothers me? It just makes your posts look silly. I love slang, when it is used correctly (i.e., by someone who actually knows it). It's visual and resonant and flexible and expressive and original and shifting and mutating and melodic, and it also serves to encode messages not intended for comprehension by those like yourself who don't understand it. Like you obviously don't understand what G stands for (though, neither do all too many black people these days, thanks to corporate-sponsored rappers). Here's a clue: It doesn't stand for gangster! Or guerrilla! Or gorilla! Or gay, as your silly implication suggests.

And yeah, there are black people on the DL. Whites too. They call it 'in the closet'. So what? That proves nothing. Where do you think all the babies are coming from? Storks? And as far as the AIDS stats, it really doesn't suggest what you claim at all. The much more likely possibility would be that most black men catch it from tainted needles and from other black women who have been with bi-sexual DL men. But you can order things in whatever manner you wish if it helps you keep your sad prejudices alive, since it's obvious that they are so important to you.

And you WOULDN'T say ANYTHING you wrote, in the manner you wrote it, to my face, so you CAN eat the proverbial dick! I would, and do, and will continue to say everything that I've written, in the manner I've written it, to the reddening faces of anyone who espouses the type of nonsense you do in my presence. And it's spelled 'garde'. And you have no grounds to stand on when accusing someone else of ad hominem attacks, seeing as how every post you leave is rife with racial insults. And besides, I doubt you really think black women are unattractive. Or maybe it's just that you find black men more attractive? That would explain all the interracial porn on the internet, wouldn't it? I'm sure you're no stranger to that. It seems that a very large number of white men just love watching black dudes run through white women.

And it's funny that as a lawyer you have so little understanding of what causes most 'crime' in the first place. But I'm not at all surprised. Keep toeing the line then. Maybe they'll reward you with...oh yeah, death. And yes, bangers share many similarities with Nazis and republicans. Surprised you just now put that together. It's just that republicans have written the laws in their favor, so that alcohol and tobacco and prescription drugs are fine and dandy, but marijuana and cocaine, etc., are not. Funny. I wonder why that is?

And you like watching white boys "beating the fuck out of each other," huh? What is the definition of savage again? And don't you think that's just a little homoerotic? The scale continues to tip...

Fuck your graph, it's pointless to keep talking about it. I already admitted I have no idea how to solve it and I just don't care. I didn't have the same life experience as you. So what? What does this prove? N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I can recite things as well. Can you speak, and correctly pronounce, any Sanskrit? Can you tell me the names of the men who run the men who publicly run America? Can you speak any Native American languages? Anyway, we already went over this: one who is knowledgeable in one area is ignorant in another. All this talk of drugs and I bet you can't even make any. Can you extract DMT? Do you even know what you would extract it from? Do you even know what it is? If so, more power to you. You probably can't even make crack, yet you seem to think you know so much about it and the motives of those who do. All you've done is given two or three math riddles. Congrats, you went to college. Good for you. Do you want a cookie?

Anonymous said...

The only question is this: Will you continue to embrace your puppet-hood or will you one day acknowledge that you have been duped and used, and with very minimal reward considering what you have been used for and what you have allowed to use you?

Blue pill or red pill?

I wonder...

(Which just happens to be the title one of my favorite Mahavishnu Orchestra songs, I'll go listen to that now in fact...)

p.s. I'm not "spitting in whitey's face". And I can only hop that one day people stop manning so many damned machines! But alas, it may take man being machined before people realize what's been going on all around them. By then it might be too late.

Anonymous said...

*And I can only hope...

Abe Stinkin' aka Ben Stein $$$$$ said...

John McLaughlin=2 finger pentatonics. At least Django only had 2 fingers. How bout some Paco de Lucia bro? Can U hang? Hungarian Minor; you mean ABCD#EFG#, off the top of my head? Just a harmonic minor with a raised 4th. Randy Rhoades used that one a lot, but in D:DEFG#AA#C#. You’ll have to dig deeper to win Ben Stein’s Money. Not bad though.

You didn't answer one point with that other simian slop. Your affirmative action homies with the Harvard degrees fare much the same. They usually just give up after one objection against them, if they are allowed to argue at a shitty motion hearing. They are rarely used as anything but 2nd chair in depositions and then they just fuck around wit they sail fawns.

More whites on welfare? HHS reports that there are more blacks, as a whole, on welfare, even though whites outnumber them 6 to 1! As always blacks don’t grasp ratio and proportion.

If this country is so rayciss n sheeitt, then how does a negro who got "kicked out of 9th grade", (dope slangin), afford a full recording studio, full of state of the art analog and digital equipment, Solid State Logic boards, Neve pre amps and boards, Pro Tools HD, a piano, a fucking Airplane, blah blah. Sure Master P.

You can brag about how bad you are; getting to my throat with a strike is impossible but it would make no difference to my 20 inch neck. In addition to training you have never heard of, I’ve beat your chickenshit pack hunting kind on the streets for 25 years. I would bet that when I was 12 years old, before I had any training, I could whip you, your daddy, your brother and anybody else in your simian bloodline, at their full prime age, and anybody on your block.

As far as the throat goes, I know every choke there is. In grappling, we intentionally let ourselves be placed in a multitude of chokes, at full strength. Pain tolerance to submissions takes years to build up and we are constantly torturing ourselves, literally fucking torturing ourselves, for fucking fun! We work on breath control, oxygen conservation and how to relax under pressure and ignore pain. We also work on working our way out of every possible bad situation, including chokes and mounts. There are dozens of chokes, I'm sure you can Wiki a whole bunch of names like Darce and Anaconda and guillotine. But, I guess you'll just give me the Din Mak or the Five Finger Death Punch to my throat, right Bruce Lee? If you approached me, I wouldn't even have to throw a punch, I could get you down and blood choke you out in 30 seconds. I could wake you up, then do it again. Rinse, repeat. Until your brain strokes out on you. I could break your arm in the same amount of time.

You are likely five foot seven and weigh less than a hundred and seventy pounds. I am not going to brag about my size, it is unlikely you are worth debating this point with. Size doesn't necessarily control, but whatever size you are, I can guarantee you an ass whipping. I can e-mail you the name and address of my local gym. Since you own a plane, you can fly in. If you will agree to sign a legal waiver, I will get in the ring with you. This is EASY to set up and COMPLETELY LEGAL. So quit yapping and put up or shut up. Of course, we know that will never happen, any more than the average urban "gangsta" would ever fight a white man of equal size in a one on one situation. Don't kid me with your "scared white boy" shit, I have heard it all before, and I have been there, hundreds of times and I bet you have never been in a real fight Dorothy.

I have never lost a one on one encounter with a negro. I have never met the Big Bad Leroy Brown that all black boys claim to be. It is unlikely that an internet trolling beta male like you would be the 1st negro to win the belt strapped around my waist.

I love it when black boys talk tough over the internet. It’s so original. It’s real scary too.

EEeeekk, ooookkkk. I be bad muhfuckka. OOOkkkk, eeeekkk.

Abe Stinkin' aka Ben Stein $$$$$ said...

Hilarity ensues, indeed. The esteemed up troll with the girl’s name actually cites in one of his posts the fact that I am likely unable to freebase cocaine into crack rock as an example of my intellectual inferiority!!! Now he wants to argue about who is the biggest drug addict. I am not a crack head, sorry Dorothy. I get no higher than 4:20 will permit, and its High Times budz when I do, shit you’ve only seen in a magazine.

July 7 at 12:15 pm is where he posted this. I am talking about the destructive violence surrounding crack dealing and I am talking about the fact that crack kills; ask Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. But, this idiot is using my inability to put some coke, baking soda and water on a spoon and heat it up so that it can kill people as evidence of how stupid I am. THAT IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I AM SHOCKED AND THAT DON'T COME EASILY. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE IQ GAP MEANT THIS MUCH. OH BOY.

After the initial shock, this type of reasoning should be no surprise. These are the same narcissistic, nihilist sociopaths who believe that 6% of the population committing 3/4 of all violent crime is of no consequence nor worthy of a word of discussion.

To Hilarity:

Usted engendra y su madre es los monos de mierda estupidos del desplazamiento de la culpa que crearon otro mono de mierda estupido. Todo lo que usted lo hace es esta sin hacer nada en su asno de la perra y perra todo el dia en el whitey. Vaya consiguen su diploma de la equivalencia. Mono sucio de mierda. Pare sus seguidillas verbales. Chupa usted la penga todos de los dio y los noches! Consiga un mayate del trabajo!

Anonymous said...

Love Paco de Lucia and have 482 of his songs. Blah, blah, who cares? Love Django Reinhardt. John McLaughlin did A LOT more than 2 fingered pentatonic, don't be silly. Detract as much as you want, you're only taking away from yourself.

I don't have any "Harvard homies" so I don't care. As far as whites on welfare, read the fuckin article. Barbara Ehrenreich. She's white. Wrote a lot of books.

Abe. After you went on about what you could bench and how you could whoop a black dudes ass and all that , you're going to say something to me about 'talking tough' on the internet? Please. And when I said I'd get at your neck I really didn't mean that I would choke you. You wasted a lot of time on that. Besides, anyone can get it, so come off your high horse. What are your chokes and mounts (this guy wants to mount me?) going to stop from 50 feet? You don't deserve a fair one. Yeah, I've never been in a real fight. You're right Abe. In fact, I've never even held a gun, much less fired one! I don't know shit about any of that! I've never even held a knife if I wasn't in the kitchen wearing an apron! I never held a razor under my tongue either. I've never smacked the shit out of anyone and I sure as hell never made a few white dudes puke blood.

And actually I'm 6' 4", 240(ish) lbs. But that doesn't matter. I took my lumps, everyone does. I've been through all of that little boy. I'm grown.

"If this country is so rayciss n sheeitt, then how does a negro...blah blah."

I never said I owned an SSL, or a Neve, etc. I was trained on and in those things. Flying lessons are pretty cheap though. The first lesson is only like a hundred bucks.

Also, if you have good friends in GC Pro you can get all kinds of shit at great prices. Duh. Everything else I had to grind for. Hard. You probably don't know shit about that though.

YOU are the one who's the quote: "I am tired of risking my life every time I have to enter urban areas go to Court in D.C., Richmond, Virginia Beach and Norfolk."

LOL. Sucks for you. "I breeze through areas [you] would fear to walk in".

"The esteemed up …actually cites...the fact that I am likely unable to ?freebase cocaine into crack rock? as … intellectual inferiority!!!"

No, Abe. It was to point out your IGNORANCE of that which you speak on. And I never said anything about freebasing shit. I was speaking in relation to hustlers, most of whom don't smoke crack, so I obviously meant weight. But spin it how you want to, it doesn't matter. You are a lofty litigation attorney who will never die.

"I get no higher than 4:20...shit you’ve only seen in a magazine."

Good for you, you're mild in all respects! I don't read weed magazines. Anyway, little old white ladies who live miles outside of the city and work with the feds to supply youngsters with vacuum sealed bags of various drugs with yellow serial strips on them, probably straight out of FBI warehouses, get really good herb. But you wouldn't know shit about that. Neither would I. The weed where I am is insane anyway, everyone knows that.

Babel Fish can come in handy, huh? Since I don't speak Spanish I don't know why you bothered. Something about how stupid I am and how my mom is a monkey or something. Real original. And biting. I tell you Abe, you know how to hit a man in his core.

Face it. You are a very sad person and your escalating slander and tough talk do nothing but prove how sad you are.

"If you approached me…I could get you down and blood choke you out in 30 seconds…Until your brain strokes out on you. I could break your arm in the same amount of time."


Anonymous said...


For someone who believes they have such a superior intellect you really seem to have trouble understanding that nothing you can say will ever bother me. Ever. I know you types. Very well. Call me monkey, nigger, coon, jungle bunny, porch monkey, spear-chucker, spade, simian, ape, gorilla, savage, primitive, whatever you can think of. Go ahead. It doesn't bother me. I don't even care if you talk about my family. Nothing you say has meaning to me. You're like a robot, programmed to say pointless shit until someone unplugs you or rips out the battery. You're just a funny little toy on its back, waving its mechanical arms around on the floor, waiting for its power supply to run out. One day it will and you will speak no more. It doesn't matter when or how.