Saturday, June 5, 2010

SBPDL Returns... Tomorrow

In the words of Arnold, "we'll be back."

Tomorrow. Unexpectedly, we had to take a couple days to attend to business matters outside the realm of SBPDL.

The World Cup preview will back on full-kick, plus a few new entries.

Quick update: the transfer (and re-editing of every entry) of this website from Google to another platform is underway.

By July, will be the main home of this website.

Thanks to all the loyal readers of this website. We'll see you tomorrow.


Donald said...

Good luck with the transfer. I hope it brings more viewers. This website will have the most important coverage of the World Cup. I hope you can find a way to target people searching for World Cup news.

Keep up the good work and glad you have a better home,

Phalluster said...

looking forward to it