Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scott's Tots it's Not: Flocabulary to Save the Day

The skies are clear, no superhero is near. Black people wait with bated breath for that hero to arrive that will provide the knowledge and knowhow necessary to cause of cessation of Waiting for “Superman”.

A hero with the pedagogic dexterity to steer the rudderless and capsizing ship that represent the attempts at educating Black children has yet to found.   No didactic compass has been located to point Black children in the right direction, for Black children fall behind in the educational game and drag the rest of country to Davy Jones’ Locker.

No amount of money from the state or private charities nor instruction from Crusading White Pedagogues has been sufficient in addressing the distractions that plague Black children and cause the racial gap in learning.

Though the promise of free scholarships from Michael Scott in an episode of The Office did motivate Black children to perform solid enough in their academics to garner tuition from the hapless manager of Dunder-Mifflin Sabre, this fictional TV show is not representative of real-life (consult Scott’s Tots episode).

In the real world, hundreds of organizations offer scholarships that help-out Black children at the expense and exclusion of other races (which is why middle-class white voters flee the increasingly Minority Rainbow Coalition (MRC) run Democratic Party).

Reports have been circulating that indicate a superhero not unlike Meteor Man is at work creating curriculums utilizing Flocabulary, hip-hop style teaching, in a last ditch effort to offer Black children the opportunity of closing the racial gap in learning:

Concern over a new hip-hop curriculum that refers to the founding fathers as "old dead white men" has delayed the program's rollout for at-risk students, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Karl Springer said.
"We're making sure that whatever we do, first, we do no harm," Springer said. "The science behind the concept is wonderful. There may be some things, though, that are inappropriate that we need to be careful about."

Known as Flocabulary, the program is a music-based educational tool that uses raps, rhythms and rhymes to help students learn and memorize everything from vocabulary and English to math and social studies.

About 15 teachers have complained or expressed concern about the rap song lyrics, said Ed Allen, president of the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers.
"I just don't think we were real careful where we deployed it," Allen said. "Not all parts of it are real affective for the more troubled youth."

It is the U.S. history curriculum that has raised concern.

One of the rap songs — "Old Dead White Men" — chronicles the shortcomings of the early leaders in the United States.

Of President James Monroe's tenure, the rap says: "White men getting richer than Enron./ They stepping on Indians, women and blacks./ Era of Good Feeling doesn't come with the facts."

That's followed up by an assessment of President Andrew Jackson's checkered dealings with American Indians.

"Andrew Jackson, thinks he's a tough guy./ Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky./ Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles./ Saying hello, putting Creek in the hell holes./ Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution./ 'No, Indians, I don't want you to live here anymore.'"

Springer said he was concerned about some of the lyrics, and that's why the district is holding off on the program until it's been evaluated.

Flocabulary CEO and co-founder Alex Rappaport said the lyrics are made intentionally provocative and sometimes humorous to create student engagement among some of the toughest-to-reach students in the nation.

"In general, the purpose of our program is to motivate students, and we often say the enemy here is student apathy," Rappaport said. "We want students to ask questions and challenge assumptions that are made and think critically about historical themes."
Hip-hop is what the kids are listening to these days, and because Black Run America (BRA) dictates the Ebony-tilitarian (what is best for Black people will be implemented at the expense of everyone else) philosophy, schools across the country will come to rely on Flocabulary and might even start hip-hop schools to plug the racial gap in learning:

The Portland School Board's charter school committee recommended approval of the High School for Recording Arts Portland -- the first recommended approval by that committee in at least four years.

The committee passed the resolution in a 2-to-1 split vote Friday morning.
If the full school board approves the charter application at the Dec. 14 board meeting, the High School for Recording Arts Portland would be the 10th charter to operate within Portland Public Schools' boundaries. The district has more charter schools than any other place in the state, but it also has a tougher application than most school districts and turns down most applications.

Superintendent Carole Smith also recommended the Portland School Board approve the charter school, which wants to use an arts-integrated curriculum, hip-hop music and credit by proficiency to serve about 200 students.

But Smith's report also recommended the school revise its budget, provide a more detailed curriculum outline and consider postponing the opening to 2011 in order to integrate the school into the district's high school redesign process.

Supporters said the school was an innovative idea that could engage disinterested students by drawing from hip-hop music and other recording arts.

Board member Dilafruz Williams cast the only dissenting vote among the three committee members, saying the school didn't have a strong enough academic foundation.

"I don't understand how, through the recording arts, you will be able to teach all those other critical subjects -- math, science, physics, algebra," Williams said. "I appreciate the strength of the recording arts. But we are in the business of doing that other academic piece and not the recording arts."

All board members said they were concerned about the low achievement scores posted by the High School for Recording Arts Minnesota, a 12-year-old charter school in St. Paul, Minn., that is sharing some of its strategies with the Portland school. Since it is not a replication of the Minnesota school, board members can't use concerns about the Minnesota school as a reason to deny the High School for Recording Arts Portland.

The Word Up Project by Flocabulary has shown stirring results, though any individual who points out the dumb-downed tests that students are taking now to create the impression of successful teaching will only be greeted with scorn and ridicule. 

Other teachers who work with Black students have used more unorthodox methods to improve education:
During the 20-plus years Harriett Ball taught in Texas public schools, her methods weren’t always applauded. She sometimes butted heads with a system that didn’t appreciate deviation from the norm. However, Ball was committed to her rambunctious teaching style, which is now nationally celebrated…
She used songs, chants and games to get kids excited about learning. “I take whatever the kids are watching and make it educational,” she said.

Ball once taught math using a McDonald’s commercial tune; another time, she used a mock boxing match to help students “knock out the continents” for a geography test.
“They all aced the test,” she remembers.

Interaction is the cornerstone of Ball’s method. “They’re not just listening to me, they are responding.”

The dramatic improvement in her students’ test scores soon attracted attention.
We will continue to impatiently practice Waiting for “Superman” all the while implementing the most foolish, pathetic and inane (costly) programs possible to try and uplift those who fail in every school system in America they be found, yo. 

SBPDL believes that the only way to improve education is found in the story of Ken E. Bonds, a man who has decided to take up arms against the prevalence of pants on the ground, non-belt wearing individuals on his Memphis street. 

If change is to come, it must come from within. With a 70 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate, the times they ain’t gonna be a changing. To see Harriet Ball rap to her school, click here.


Anonymous said...

Here's a crazy idea: How about we bring BRA's children up to civilized, Western standard instead of allowing them to kick our legs out from under us in order to bring us down to their level?

John T. said...

How about whites crash the system by living beneath their means for 20 years or so and paying less property taxes for the "skrools" while sending their kids to private schools. Spend where it matters whitey.

More than one way to skin a cat. They are already so far behind in cognitve thought as a collective they will never catch up. Drive the final nail in.

Withdraw yourself from the system that supports them. Kill the organism that the parasite feeds on and you kill the parasite with it.

Anonymous said...

"If change is to come, it must come from within. With a 70 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate, the times they ain’t gonna be a changing. To see Harriet Ball rap to her school, click here."

There is a big difference between 70% of children born versus 70% of black children. I realize you people really love stats(certain ones), but they can and are often time manipulated for a multitude of reasons.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Hey are being milked and enslaved by the poor simple you and your wife both work 50 hours per week; you slave, you earn 250K...guess what?????????

a lazy, crak head dumps a child on her linoleum floor, and because she is of a chosen minority, she gets a scholarship to xu, AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

So, we subsidize people who cannot perform, and you work 100 hours per week to support this fucked up BS system!! They either fail out, or design bridges that kill people...

wow..when will you lean, and just throttle back on your income, and let the shit drown on their offal?

You imbeciles who struggle to pull the trash ahead are really the enemies of America, and we all laugh at you!!! Work, Slave, WORK!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Most residents (Note, not Americans - Americans and illegals) wake up at noon after boozing all night, and you pay for their dumb, worthless fucks....I laugh at you idiots who work and pay the big taxes!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

you are nothing but slaves, and we thank you for your output. keep it up, gutless, dickless, mindless losers...we will feed on you we've done for 50 years...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm more mexicans, guatamaulans, brazilains are coming....feeed usssss LOL LOL LO L

as we 30 years we will be the majority, and you will do as we say! MY GOD I Laugh at you wortless shits...I'm young enuf to enjoy your destruction,,,,

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ball once taught math using a McDonald’s commercial tune; another time, she used a mock boxing match to help students “knock out the continents” for a geography test.
“They all aced the test,” she remembers."

They all aced the test? On the continents? 4th grade students had a test on the continents? Hahaha - you can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Dear SBPDL: Please write some Halloween related entries. Why don't young blacks Trick or Treat in their own hood? Could their 'hood' be filled with real life psychopathic monsters?

Anonymous said...

"There is a big difference between 70% of children born versus 70% of black children."

So, the 70% out-of-wedlock birthrate applies to blacks, but not the general population??
Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Come on Black guy... the out-of-wedlock birthrates for BLACK PEOPLE is 70 percent.

The rates for white people, Black people and Hispanic's is found below, from an article on

"Culturally speaking" taking vows wasn't expected, said Henry, who runs the Black Moms Club, an online social network, and the Web-only Mahogany Momma Magazine. "Do we want to spend that money on a wedding or a house? ... I guess it's about priorities. I was never one of those girls that dreamed about the wedding dress."

What she said about cultural differences and expectations might help explain some of the numbers. Other data released last month showed the percentage of unwed mothers differs from race to race. While 28 percent of white women gave birth out of wedlock in 2007, nearly 72 percent of black women and more than 51 percent of Latinas did."


So, 72 percent of Black babies are born out of wedlock.

Anonymous said...

I think that the solution, and this is an across the board solution, should entail birth control for all welfare recipients. If a welfare recipient gets her tubes tied, she should get some kind of incentive, like a discounted net present value of all the welfare payments they would need to raise the child. So, if she would receive 1,000 a year for a child for 10 years for a total of 10,000, then give her 25% of that value half in cash and the other half in food stamps. Or if you want to really play to their need for instant gratification, give them the payout in state sponsored lottery tickets!

Steve said...

Flocabulary? You have got to be kidding me. Why on earth do we continue to legitimize the total stupidity of blacks?

If they want this garbage in their own schools fine but don't export this crap into ours. We actually want our kids to get jobs.

Anonymous said...

The "Scott's Tots" episode is one of the top Office episodes ever.

Michael Scott expected the inner-city, underprivileged (BLACK) students to fail, which is why he made the promise in the first place.

Please follow through and showcase how "The Office" is an SBPDL.

Shadowllac said...

LOL.....Flocabulary. When this fails, then what? Mobile learning centers on 60 inch rims with some bass pumping beats to further enhance the learning enviroment.

Deshookoo: "Yo Dawg!!! This new way of learning is off the mahfuggin chain Yo. I learned my times tables in a half hour. I ain't even frontin."

One gimmick after another. The only thing pulled from said gimmicks is the gimmie, gimmie, gimmie part.

Phalluster said...

It should be worth noting here, as it is noted elsewhere, that this "Flocabulary" program is run by a Jew.