Saturday, October 2, 2010

Has White America Lost its Mind in the Age of BRA?

This past week, two articles were published that bring to light the quickly fading fortunes of both Mein Obama and the long-term prospects for the continued existence of Black Run America (BRA).

Time published a cover-story on the rise of militias in America and The Village Voice published an article stating White America Has Lost its Mind (Disingenuous White Liberals ((DWL)), who live far removed from Black and Brown people, are not included in this article condemning right-of-center whitey's because they comprise the bedrock of the Minority Coalition), which argues:

Is there any hope? Can the white mind be cured? And what—other than a massive lobotomy—can salvage it? It's hard to imagine a cure when, at this point, the patient doesn't seem to realize that he's sick.
It is true, as Brownstein says, that the graying boomers will hate to pay for the education, health, and welfare of the coming browns. They'll be stingy about it. They'll scream about it. But they'll have no choice but to do it.
After all, who but the hordes of young browns will be around to work when the grays retire? To pay taxes? To fund their Medicare and Social Security? And how will they earn enough money to finance boomers in their retirement if they're not well educated and healthy?
To do this dance effectively, the white American mind is going to have to focus and prioritize. Maybe, just maybe, it might be required to act with a little ever-loving sanity every now and again.

When the writer mentions "grays" he alludes to the aging white population that will rely upon the many barbershop workers and single Black women with a net worth of $5 to sustain the economy. We won't mention what jobs recent Hispanic immigrants are working, but suffice it to say these vocations don't require anymore than a 4th grade education.

Though they refuse to acknowledge it and attempt to surround themselves with Lloyd Marcus-types and exculpate their movement from the smears of verbal tar and feather (racist!) by finding Token Black people to attend and speak at rallies, the Tea Party movement is predicated upon white anxiety.

What those who believe in the preeminent, paramount and vital importance of BRA's continued existence and hegemony fail to recognize is the legitimacy of the grievances those blessed with "white privilege" hold.

In BRA's lexicon, white people can have no legitimate concerns with the continued preference of Black people through the prolonged existence of programs like affirmative action, racial quotas and preferences, and (dare we say it) reverse-discrimination. Though Hispanics are part of the Minority Rainbow Coalition (MRC) at war with Pre-Obama America, Black people would be wise to confront immigration lest they get left behind in the racial spoils system.

That would only seem logical, but Black people are engaged in a war with that very white America that The Village Voice claims has lost its mind to even consider organizing implicitly in its own defense. Read this Web site's archive and you'll find all of the ammunition needed to articulately and factually debate those who would desire performing a lobotomy to rid the world of whiteness.

Such a maneuver would quickly bring about the fate of Haiti to the shores of the United States (though DWL's have beautifully crafted cities devoid of Black people to sustain their superior culture once the MRC coalition executes Order 66 to decimate the right-wing whitey's).

The MRC want you to die, believing that prosperity, wealth and sustained opulence would endure, though the people who created such opportunities would be carrion.

The MRC consider white people who dare defend their interests (the notion that white people even have interests is a form of mental illness in their minds) as the bane of all that is good and decent, while every attempt to augment their own power is a victory for human rights.

The MRC consider whiteness to be the height of anti-intellectualism, forgetting that the Super Soaker represents the zenith of Black ingenuity and inventiveness.

Real problems that require immediate action and intervention in BRA include: the lack of Black people in the Coast Guard; Black people dying at greater rates in motorcycle crashes than white people; Black people dying in fires at greater rates than other racial groups; Black people drowning at rates greater than white people; a lack of Black people employed in sports front office jobs; and, finally, Wal-Mart pranksters who dare joke on a PA announcement that "All Black people must leave the store".

Everything in America is measured by the maximization of advantages for Black people  and anytime a situation arises running counter to this notion a travesty of justice and revocation of the civil rights has transpired.

With the publication of White America Has Lost its Mind (sans DWL's), we learn that the MRC believes white people must capitulate before BRA and grovel in its subservience. Anything else is deemed seditious and grounds for a lobotomy.

White America would have lost its mind had it not started to rumble, however tepid at first.

It is becoming increasingly aware that those who can see number far more than the MRC want to admit.


Anonymous said...

First lesson for white non liberals
IF ain't white it ain't right

It's like the movie American History X.Nonwhites are a burden to the advancement of the white race.Some nonwhites are okay.But their few and far between

Anonymous said...

What America really needs is a war between the whites similar to what happened in South Africa between the British and the Dutch. DWL's really wish for anti-white pogroms (This Is a Black World)that they can then explain away on the news as a form of social protest.

Yesterday's rally in DC was representative of the future of America. La Raza supremacists, Jihadists, white communists, black poverty pimps, black racial shakedown artists, and union members who don't give a shit but were forced to attend. Those people all want their piece of the pie and they will get it. White middle America trying to keep the fruits of their own labor is racist and evil.

The DWL's are the most insidious hate-filled people on the planet they just hate the right people (whitey). The individual states need to secede in order to survive, Arizona should try first.

Silent Running said...

After all, who but the hordes of young browns will be around to work when the grays retire? To pay taxes? To fund their Medicare and Social Security? And how will they earn enough money to finance boomers in their retirement if they're not well educated and healthy?

Of course, it follows from this proposition that the brownskins will be running these organizations as well as working in them. Given the vast amount of data we have that points to brown and black organizational inferiority, not the least of which is the racial disparity in IQ, the organizations themselves will collapse almost immediately anyway, so having the brownskins working and paying taxes to fund them is a moot point.

They'll be stingy about it. They'll scream about it. But they'll have no choice but to do it.

I believe Pat Buchanan said that inevitability is the language of the tyrant. Nothing is inevitable. The browning of America is not inevitable. There are ways to reverse demographic trends, but most decent people would rather not consider them. As our situation becomes more desperate, however, the methods of men like Marius, Cortes, and John Joel Glanton may become viable. Woe to the brownskins on that day.

SBPDL, if you haven't yet read The Camp of the Saints, I highly recommend it. I consider it required reading for every Caucasian person.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Looks like Forrest Gump is trying to explain the black white i.q. gap to Desiree in that picture above.

Looks like she is getting pissed. All that post egalitarian eco feminist neo marxist afro american studies nonsense is being thrown down the portajohn. Good job Forrest.

Meanwhile, Jen-eee is being raped by a gang of aspiring rappers and future rocket scientists, one of whom is "just getting his life together." Forget Desiree, you might as well explain nuclear physics to a tree. Run Forrest Run!!! Save Jen-eee!!! No wonder she got AIDS.

I await with baited breath Pavlov's chimp coming back with the inevitable and prescribed response I have elicited from her. Lets see if a puppet can resist a pull of its strings......

Phalluster said...

That Village Voice article is one of the most vile things I've ever seen. I assumed the author was a Wandering Undesirable, but he actually appears to be a Blessed Half-breed.

An intellectually-honest refutation might replace the "White People" villains with those of another race, to see if the same critique passes muster. Unfortunately, intellectual honesty is not the province of the anti-white mind. They have invented a criteria that eliminates anti-white racism as an impossibility: the nebulous "position of power". If you are not in a Position of Power, you cannot be a genuine racist, and you cannot be a victim of racism if you are in such a Position.

Of course, our Ancient Friends have figured out a way to avoid this classification by carrying the 1941 victim card. But this is an unsustainable system - if/when whites have finally been marginalized to true minority status, when affirmative action is beefed up enough to sufficiently limit white success, will the plug finally be pulled on this ideology? I wonder what the breaking point will be.

Porter said...

I'm almost heartened by regurgitations of bile like this Village Voice piece. As demographics continue to rapidly shift in its favor, the left is, with increasing frequency, allowing the facade of "tolerance" to drop.

In these glimpses behind the mask we see the truth they will continue to thinly conceal until they believe they no longer must. That truth is utter, unbridled hatred for western civilization and the white race which is its fountainhead.

As poll numbers indicate, and with pieces like that of the Village Voice facilitating, whites are slowly, painfully emerging from their long multi-cult opium dream. They wake to find a hostile alien in the white house, a supreme court packed with Preciousmetalsteins (and soon more wise latinas), and practically every American institution aligned against them.

"Civil rights" and "hate crime" laws prevent them from defending their neighborhoods, their women, or their places of work. And they for damn sure better not try to have a private swim club. Now the left openly calls for their "massive lobotomy." This will only hasten the awakening and embolden the less craven to speak forthrightly of our people's situation and their common bonds.

The left is prematurely tipping its hand in the assumption that whites are necrotic rather than merely narcoleptic. I hope the penalty for their error is severe.

Anonymous said...

The "Dutch" in South Africa eh?

2/5 of the people mentioned in that article aren't racially White in the first place. I scoff at all of you. Yeah, I'm a real German and I know my own kind.

I'll tell you one thing. If you want to know who "The Man" behind the curtain is... Yes, If you want to find out who "The Man" is...

Try renouncing our "alliance" with israel. See how far that gets you. Then sheepishly say how all these wars are over oil...

You're all niggers.


Anonymous said...

Black hatred for Caucasians is not rooted in anything that Caucasians have done to them. It's because of who we are, not what we've done. The Black hatred of Caucasians fueled by their ever-present inferiority complex. Caucasians make Blacks feel inferior just by the Caucasian's presence. Blacks are a jealous, hateful people, and are the true racists.