Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uninhabitable Cities, DWLs and You: Vigil in Richmond Turns Ugly

Richmond, Virginia. The home of immense Southern history, charm, elegance, Black people who beat up streakers and vigils that turn into full-scale brawls:
A memorial service was held for 18 year old Joshua Franklin.
The Chesterfield teen was hit by a train Friday night near the Defense Supply Center of Richmond. His mother said he was walking along the tracks in a hurry to get home before his 10 p.m. curfew.

The vigil took place near the train tracks where he died.

Hundreds of people were there. The crowd resembled a crowd at a rock concert. A testament to the impact Josh, described as a good student, a good boxer, and a fabulous friend, had on his family and friends.

"Josh came late to [boxing] practice faithfully everyday. His smile brightened up a room, and I will miss him….and when I see him I will tell him to be careful next time", said a grieving student and friend, Jada Montague.

"I was crying in school today. My nose was bleeding. I've never cried so much in my life", said student and friend, A.J. Wilson.

But 30 minutes into the emotional tribute, a vigorous verbal confrontation broke out, and escalated.

People were screaming, and running. It was complete chaos.

Police who were already there called for back-up. CBS 6 counted eight police cars. Within minutes the crowd was dispersed.

Many of Josh's friends were angry.

"His mother was there…Why would they do that?.." said Cierra Chavis.
Disingenuous White Liberal's (DWLs) have made most major United States cities virtually uninhabitable, though cities that they call home happen to be the whitest cities around.

A riot at a vigil? Something tells me Christian Lander won't be profiling Richmond in his new book on cities that Stuff White People Like (SWPL) people reside.

With that in mind, Stuff Black People Don't Like humbly asks readers to submit cities (or counties) that should be profiled on  We have done a number of them (Birmingham, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Clayton, etc.), but feel that a respected readers suggestion of compiling the "A,B,C's" of failed United States cities would be illuminating, in light of the book Lander is close to publishing.

Thanks to those wonderful images from Flickr, which show the  patterns of extreme racial segregation found in EVERY United States city, one begins to understand the lie of a post-racial America developing. It never will, regardless of funds spent inculcating school children to that dream.

DWLs might believe that lie, but curiously, they seek shelter in towns like Portland, Boulder and Seattle

Everything in America is about race. Everything. And those uninhabitable cities in America have one thing in common and white flight is a good indicator of what that correlation is and how these municipalities can be spotted.

So, which cities do we profile?


Phalluster said...

"The crowd was so large, it resembled a rock concert."

Yes, I'm sure it looked very much like a 'Journey' audience.

Anonymous said...

kansas city...4th in the country as most violent. St. louis.....3rd in the country...MO is a pit.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles ,Ca is the best in the nation

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

Try Oakland and Philadelphia. The thing both of these cities have in common are that their black populations are harassing and attacking terrified Asian immigrants. No Justice, No Peace and all that. I believe the Asians stole the blacks good grades. Dat "A" be mine, chink.

Anonymous said...

"The crowd was so large, it resembled a rock concert."

A crack-rock concert?

Anonymous said...

Great article!

"Diversity, our greatest strength." NOT!!!

Diversity, our greatest PROBLEM!

Anonymous said...

"I believe the Asians stole the blacks good grades. Dat "A" be mine, chink."

Yeah, 'sure' they did. Keep thinking "dat."

Anonymous said...

""The crowd was so large, it resembled a rock concert."

"A crack-rock concert?"

Yeah, I picked right up on that! For that station to really "tell it like it is," i.e., it resembled a cRap concert, why, horror of horrors, that would...BIG racist.

John T. said...

Regardless of ethnicity, how does a person with functional senses of sight and sound get hit by a train?
My peeps are under strict instruction to not draw any further attention to my death should I die through my own stupidity. No wreaths and flowers near a telephone pole if I get drunk and eat it, and no vigils at train tracks if I try to re-enact my favorite scene from the first superman movie.

How in the hell is Memphis, TN not on the list. Jesus, I saw an episode of Gangland that featured a Memphis gang and the interviews were subtitled when the "locals" were on camera.

Plus it is BRA at its finest as it pertains to the school board and city government.

joe said...

You can imagine how much goddam trouble the station would be in if they said 'rap concert'

B. Herder said...

How in the hell does one get hit and killed by a train like that? What, you don't SEE the train coming? You can't HEAR the train coming? You don't FEEL the vibration from the ground or the rails? How does this happen?? You'd have to be either really REALLY loaded, or really REALLY stupid.

Anonymous said...

Two places to try: East St. Louis, IL and Cairo, IL. East St. Louis (ESTL for short) was an "America's Best City" in the 1950s, winning awards. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ESTL went quickly downhill. With some research, you can come up with more accurate dates. Today, we all know what ESTL is.

Cairo, IL: Highlight how a town, population 5000, had race riots circa 1969, killing maybe close to a dozen. The National Guard was brought in. It was the KKK vs. Black Panthers during the height of polarization in the Nixon era. You can also do research to find how Cairo has steadily deteriorated to the toilet it is now.

Anonymous said...

Animals belong in cages.

Anonymous said...

The train was racist.

Anonymous said...

Forgive this off topic remark, but is SBPDL working on an 'Unclean Spirits' posting? Because surely BRA doesn't like Unclean Spirits.

Anonymous said...

"Everything in America is about race. Everything."

Ain't it the truth. But try telling that to a coward "conservative." What's your Constitution going to mean when whites are a minority?

Anonymous said...

What's your Constitution going to mean when whites are a minority?

You are aware there are not many blacks in Hispania. They are not going to work two jobs to keep you in welfaretopia.