Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Republicans not Pandering to Black people in 2010

Black people don't like Republicans. This is a well known fact that not even the Notorious GOP Michael Steele can help change.

Regardless of what people state, the Tea Party remains a monochromatic affair completely devoid of Black people save Lloyd Marcus and a few token Blacks. Why is this? Why don't the policies of the Republican Party attract Black voters?

Though Black people don't like Fox News (failing to produce shows such as CNN's Black in America might have something to do with this), the network and the Republican party never stop reaching out toward Black voters: 

Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman stood before a roomful of black journalists last week fielding pointed questions about his party's mostly shaky relationship with black voters. 

Asked about the southern strategy that used race as an issue to build GOP dominance in the once Democratic South, Mehlman acknowledged that Republican candidates often have prospered by ignoring black voters and even by exploiting racial tensions. But he pledged that such neglect is a thing of the past. "Our plan for 2006 and 2008 is to increase African American turnout," he said crisply. 
Republican candidates who exploited racial resentments to solidify white support, he added, were simply wrong.
The Democratic party enjoys monolithic Black support, primarily because that party spends a lot of time promising an increase in programs that seem to help out a majority of black people.

Black people have made the claim that Republicans have given up on pursuing their votes, though they forget it was George W. Bush who pushed for a lowering of qualifications for home loans to ensure that Black people would not be denied the pursuit of the American dream.

Now it is Black people who fret about this decision, because it is Black people who failed to pay their mortgages. It is because of these failed payments that many Americans no longer have the ability to pursue the American dream.

Black people still support Mein Obama with more than 90 percent approval,  yet Black people still desire a courtship by Republicans for their vote and will always ask "and then?" when the pandering begins.

A number of Black candidates have appeared that are running as Republicans, though the bulk of Black people will always believe these individuals merely act white. Do they have a shot at winning?:

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Obama gave a coded version of the standard liberal smear of the anti-tax Tea Party movement as being racist, referring its "darker" elements that "are troubled by what I represent as the president".

It's little wonder that a recent Rasmussen survey found that just 36 percent of voters now believe relations between blacks and whites are getting better, compared to 62 percent in July last year.

Scott, an avowed Tea Party supporter, dismisses the accusation that the movement is racist, saying: "this whole race issue is a diversion away from the real basic platform of the Tea Party".

For far too long, Republicans have ceded black votes to the Democrats and failed to recruit candidates like Scott to winnable congressional seats.

If Scott is the only black Republican on Capitol Hill in 2011, he will be all too easily marginalised and treated as a curiosity. That would be a shame because he has some interesting views on cutting the deficit and shrinking government.

"I've been black for a long time," Scott says wearily whenever he is asked about race. He wants to be judged on his character and policies rather than the colour of his skin. At Fort Dorchester, encouragingly enough, not one pupil asked Scott about race or why a black man would be a Republican.

Obama made history by winning the White House. But it will take the likes of Scott to break down the racial barriers in America that the first black president has been content to leave in place.
At a time when the white working class abandons the Democrats, this same party becomes the de-facto political organization for Black people.

This poses a problem, with the incarceration rate for Black people skyrocketing and felons being denied voting rights:

On Election Day it will not matter to some 4.7 million Americans whether they are Republicans, Democrats, independents or whether they have an opinion on anything at all. Under various state laws, they are barred from voting because they have felony records. This includes not just prison inmates (48 states), parolees (33 states) and probationers (29 states) but also a large number of people -- one third of the disenfranchised in all -- who are off parole and "free." Minorities are hit particularly hard by these state laws: They deny 13 percent of African American men the vote.

We once asked what would happen if the Tea Party were Black? The truth is simple: Black people are rarely found in the Tea Party or the Republican party, though they never stop asking why that might be and demanding that both pander to them incessantly


Porter said...

Every election cycle we witness the same venal politicians offering the same discredited platitudes and learning the same lessons on race; those lessons not being the ones imparted by reality, but rather liberal theology. To wit...

Republicans: Please vote for us majestic black people.
Blacks: Fuck you, whitey.

Republicans: Ok. Then we'll renounce every fiber of conservative principle as "racist" and prostrate ourselves, supine at your feet, in the hopes that you will deign to express only mild rather than staunch contempt for our unworthy party and race.
Blacks: Go to Hell, cracka.

Republicans: Alright, we've learned our lesson with you people: We just haven't asked nicely enough.

Anonymous said...

Redistribution of wealth?...in the state of maine,"you dont work; you dont eat". If you dont like it, stay in massachusetts, quickly becoming the detroit of the east coast. I choose not to live in a toilet....and give my hard earned money to a parasitic tapeworm of a lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

There are tremendous differences between the niggers,brownies and cro-magnons of the welfare ilk that will never be compared to the WHITE MAN. THE USA wont admit it, but that is what is running my country into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are just heeding the advise of a Dead White Male, Ben Franklin. "We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately."

Also, Blacks are tribal, and communal. The Community Organizer In Chief has been adapted into the tribe/commune, and once you go black, you can never go back.

Live Free Or Die

Miss Lee said...

I am a Republican because I am sick of my tax dollars going to entitlement programs which are for the most part to blacks. They always have their hand out.

Anonymous said...

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