Thursday, October 7, 2010

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America and the District B13 Solution

In the movie District B13 the ghettos of Paris, France have been walled off, sealed and quarantined. 24-hour patrols guard those left behind the wall from ever escaping, keeping the high-rates of crime and therapeutic car burning sessions contained and confined.

This is just a movie – though we have learned who the real Crazies are in America – but a new study showcasing the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America offer city planner’s prime candidates for areas in need of immediate walling-off:

For the second year in a row, using exclusive data developed by Dr. Andrew Schiller's team at, and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, WalletPop reveals the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods with the highest predicted rates of violent crime in America.

This year, Chicago took the not-so coveted top spot from Cincinnati for the most dangerous neighborhood, while Atlanta has the highest number of neighborhoods making the list (four).
Atlanta, Kansas City, Memphis, Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chattanooga and Chicago offer neighborhoods that help bring the property value of adjoining “safe” neighborhoods down and drive Disingenuous White Liberals engaged in gentrification  to send their kids to private schools (lest they endure the travesty of having their children learn with those Waiting for “Superman”).
Whitopia’s exist for a reason and yet few dare point out the correlation to US News and World Reports best cities to live in and the demographic makeup found in them. The types of people who call Whitopia home aren’t featured often on Thug Report. 

Few people dare point out the obvious in regards to the inhabitants of these dangerous cities, and one writer questions the prejudicial reactions people might have when they read such statistics:

Cities with neighborhoods on the list include Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Philadelpiha, Charlotte and Memphis, among others.  It would be difficult not to note the obvious:  that the racial make up of many of the neighborhoods on  this list is predominantly Black and Hispanic.  It thus begs the question: what is the purpose behind this second annual survey in the first place?

What it seems to do more than anything else is rationalize preconceived misconceptions people already have about the race of people that make up high crime communities in America.   Perhaps,  the point was to warn anyone who may consider hosting a rally in any of these cities to be mindful not to use public transportation that pass through those neighborhoods, similar to what the organizers of Glenn Beck’s Rally to Restore America did when they warned out-of-state rally participants to avoid the Green Line on the DC area metro system – the one that passes through mostly all black neighborhoods.
Watch the local nightly news for any of these cities and the telecast will be littered with the bodies of Black people who family members will claim “was a really good boy” or “was just trying to make it so he could graduate”…

No more excuses. In Buffalo, a city replete with Black crime, a newspaper that dared point out this obvious fact was bombarded by 700 law abiding Black citizens who took umbrage with the printed assault on their community. 

Never mind the pervasiveness of Black-on-Black crime, that’s not the real problem. White people who dare point out the problems plaguing the Black community present the real, palpable threat. 

Volunteering is an obvious casualty in the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods, where kids who Act White find themselves facing the reaper

A modest proposal: District B13 offers a solution to containing criminality. Curfew’s don’t work, snitching is frowned upon and not every citizen of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods is named Michael Oher, so the obvious conclusion is to wall of these cities from humanity. 

Imagine how many barbershops would open!

People at least know which neighborhoods they need to automatically lock their doors in now.


Porter said...

What it seems to do more than anything else is rationalize preconceived misconceptions people already have about the race of people that make up high crime communities in America.

Misconceptions. That's simply exquisite. Like the Swallows of Capistrano those pernicious misconceptions about black criminality keep returning. No matter how many times they are told otherwise, whites keep believing their lying eyes.

And even when DWLs--whose eyes are as blind as cave fish--attempt to shunt aside such insidious incorrect thoughts, here is Schiller telling them that the most violent areas in the country are utterly bereft of white oppressors. But we certainly shouldn't derive any misconceptions from that data.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the"suburbs" of BOSTON,MASS. last week a 2 year old was shot and. Killed in his mothers arms, along with four others. Jamaica plain, roxbury, mattapan and dorchester. All lost, more like the movie'district 9' than a place in AMERICA.residents are calling for national gguard troops.

Anonymous said...

Walls? We don't need no stinkin' walls. The Anointed Ones have a better solution: give them loans and section 8 grants to move into YOUR neighborhood, assuming YOUR neighborhood is middle class and below. And they're sending you the bill, sort of like the Chinese government sending the bill for the cartridge used in an execution to family of the executed. It's beautiful really, they move blacks out of their beloved cities so they can move back in, and at the same time get to hound and punish hated lower class whites. And by hound and punish I mean rape, torture, and murder - and economic ruination. It helps ensure that the only group that is a political threat to the Nomenklatura will never be able to reverse their fragmentation. It also helps hide the embarrassing difference between the realities of multiculturalism, as revealed by places like Cabrini Green, and the myths of multiculturalism that the ruling class needs to stay in power. It's a win-win scenario for our beloved elites.

Stanley said...

SBPDL, I've enjoyed your website for some time, but, regarding your opinion of what constitutes a good movie, to quote Willem Dafoe in "To Live and Die in LA"....Your taste is in your ass.

Anonymous said...

Interesting movie trailer. But then again, a movie depicting walled off ghettos, especially in the US, would have to be politically correct these days, IE: portraying mostly whites living there, as opposed to their true nature. Otherwise it would be denounced as "Racist".

Anonymous said...

Only the French would think of using parkour to fight crime, no wonder they kept getting invaded by Germans.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Detroit? I guess that isn't a district, just a one time major citywide problem.

Douglas said...

Preconceived misconceptions!!!!!!!!!! How much evidence to it take to convince some people of facts?

He asks, "what's the purpose of this?" I will give him a good easy answer.
To warn white people to stay the hell away for their own safety.

Anonymous said...

God damn those evil, racist whites and their highly-developed powers of observation. They should all be ashamed of themselves. After all, "we prebzadamps now."


On a related note, one can either have a misconception, or a preconceived NOTION. "Preconceived misconception" is a somewhat redundant and horribly awkward phrase, and frankly I'm surprised that this "author" has any sort of credibility after a statement that sub-retarded. I won't even touch the irony of the "preconceived misconception" that the author displays by assuming that race would be the first issue on every white person's mind upon reading this info.

Where'd you find that little gem, SBPDL? Newsone?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Detroit? I guess that isn't a district, just a one time major citywide problem.

Might it be that after a couple of generations of being heavily majority black,there is:

a)very little left that's worth stealing and-

b)the remaining occupants are so heavily armed and prone to murderous fits that they even avoid each other whenever possible?