Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#164. Paying Rent

Black people don’t save money for the future, putting long-term thinking and planning aside for the gratification of short-term stimulation. In simple economic terms, Black people purchase  wants more than they do needs.

In the battle between luxury items vs. necessities, Black people will always choose the former. Street cred is vital in the Black community and those who lack the newest threads, shoes and car accessories will be left behind in the struggle for authenticity.

This struggle places a premium on short-term monetary strategies of questionable legality since employment at the barbershop precludes purchasing the requisite items to “keep it real”.

The purchasing of luxury goods means an erosion of funds present for true needs, such as housing. Single Black women, who have a net worth of $5 dollars and disproportionately raise children that Black males abandon (to the tune of a 72 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate), constantly find themselves without funds come the day rent is due:
Among young black men in America, about 10 percent are currently incarcerated. It’s shocking, but we’ve almost grown used to it.

But while those young men are in prison, what’s happening to their wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters?

Eviction. A new study coming out of Milwaukee shows that eviction is for black women what incarceration is for black men. One in 20 households there are evicted every year. In predominately black communities, that rate doubles to 1 in 10 families.

For those of us who are affluent, with relatively stable incomes, we’ve never even had to think about what it would be like.

Getting the eviction notice in the mail. The knot in your stomach, knowing you can’t pay the rent you owe. The court case, and the eventual knock on the door from the sheriff, telling you it’s time to go.
The study also found that women from predominantly black neighborhoods comprise 13 percent of the city’s population, yet make up 40 percent of persons evicted. The study cites to some of the obvious causes for eviction such as low wages and benefit amounts. In the Times article, Milwaukee property manager Tim Ballering asks, rhetorically, “On $673 a month, how do you buy tennis shoes for the kids, clean shirts for school and still pay your rent?”
Rent is not free, though many Black people living in Black Run America (BRA) believe it to be such a luxury that the government or Mein Obama will pay.
In many major cities, Black people are being priced out of homes, apartments and condos by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) who deem their presence acceptable only for photo-ops and in classrooms taught by Crusading White Pedagogues.

It’s politically convenient for DWL’s to live off of Black votes and appear to have Black people’s interests at heart, but Black people to dare live in a liberal enclave is unacceptable.

DWL’s, you see, are people who plainly can see, but rationalize any excuse, plausible or implausible, to absolve themselves from this reality that they otherwise embrace through mating habits and housing patterns.

DWL’s price Black people out of living in their communities, while most white people found the strategy of fleeing to faraway suburbs a positive tactic. Public transportation can only go so far, right?

Paying the rent, even rent at Section 8 prices, is a problem for Black people. Even at zero percent interest and built by Habitat for Humanity presents problems that can only be explained by some form of bigotry or predatory loans from an overzealous mortgage broker trying to reach a quota for the month to attain a performance bonus.

In reality, the simple economic idea of a need vs. a want explains the reason why Black people have high rates of foreclosures and evictions.
Is your rent too damn high?

Super long-shot New York State gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent is Too Damn High party, made the monthly nut the topic du jour on Tuesday, after stealing the show at Monday’s night’s debate. Mr. McMillan is such a tireless advocate for the renter, that during a cellphone conversation with the WSJ reporter Erica Orden, he stopped a man on the street to ask if his rent was too high.
It is our hope that after the election, The Rent is Too Damn High party goes nationwide with Alvin Greene as the organizations new head.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes paying rent, a superfluous expenditure that gets in the way of the pursuit of luxury items. Rent is a need that Black people want, as long as someone else fits the bill entirely.


Anonymous said...

Three easy rules to stay out of poverty:
1. Finish high school.
2. Don't commit crime.
3. Get married before having children.

Easy, right??

For black people, it's impossible.

Anonymous said...

Although blacks seems to exemplify this behavior more than any other group in America, this materialistic "the world owes me something" behavior is one reason why we're in the economic predicament we're in. Why should I have to pay for rent, health insurance, food, etc... when I have the important things to buy like Air Jordans for my toddler and a new flat screen TV? Shouldn't the government be picking up the tab on all those pesky bills?

Speaking of high rent, I'd like to introduce many a black folks into the thorn in the side of your average White renter. We shell out an additional $200 - 300 more a month for a crappy apartment just so we don't have to live in the ghettos where we fall asleep at night to the ambient sounds of subwoofers and thieves breaking your car windows.

Anonymous said...

Rent? Come on. Cant someone else take care of dat? Doc-tow bills? Not mah problem! I needs mo'money. Mah kid need clo' s shoe, special-ed.....where do i fiew out the foam?

Anonymous said...

Black people just expect taxpayers to pick up the tab for all of their food, housing, and medical care. And they'd like to take a Caribbean cruise vacation two or three times each year to unwind from all the stress of being black. Is that too damn much to ask? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

In case you did not know, it is a family value in the black community to teach young teen girls how to effectively line up all of the entitlements and benefits once your first baby is born in high school.

You learn which bus line to take to the various offices to "get on" Section 8, food stamps, AFDC, WIC, heat assistance, free diapers, free clothing, free childcare, free medical care, Head Start, free shots, anything you might need for your precious new "family". It is like one big baby shower for black women in America!!

Black Grandmothers and mothers carefully teach their young how to get all of this lined up, how to fool the white social workers, and how to "not get your shit cut off" in the future.

It is vital to keep your baby daddy around, even if he hits you occasionally. He can live with you on and off in your Section 8 apartment and sell drugs, breed putbulls, and hustle stolen goods from the front porch to supplement your "income". You will have plenty of extra money for movie tickets, cell phones, weed, liquor, brand name clothing and accessories, takeout food, cable TV and Rent To Own furniture.

You can live as one big happy family, watch cable TV all day, and eat over-packaged junk food together until the next baby comes along.

And yes, whites do pay higher rent just to get away from this black "lifestyle", and we pay more and more taxes to support it.


Anonymous said...

DC taxpayers now feeding black school children three meals a day.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy McMillan looks like Dr.Zeus from the Planet of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

It's Dr. Zaius


Anonymous said...

Stubborn white supremacist. You'll never learn. Take my advice and turn away from this. It's not too late, and you don't have to engage with us. You can keep your distance with a positive attitude and stop this nonsense. This blog is an example of manny more horrors in America.

I don't say this is a horror because it exposes a false truth about my people, but I say it because I realize what future is in store for you guys. Living a life of hate never leads to anything good. Move on while you still can because it's never too late. Don't shrug this comment off because I'm black, take this in consideraton.

I ultimately want you SBPDL to take this into consideration, for you're in position to make the ultimate change on this blog. Thanks for your time and hopefully you'll learn from my comment.

It's time we've moved on. Find peace in the darkest hours and know that you can make a difference. And no, I'm not some black hippy or DWL trying to pose as a black person who is actualy peaceful.


Anonymous said...

White people don't engage with Black people and vice versa. Just consult the racial segregation evident in where people choose to reside and call home:


The lies of multiculturalism and diversity are dying slowly. It is web sites like SBPDL and a few others that show this on a daily basis.

White supremacy? Really? You think white people who willfully endure BRA are supreme?

It is only in the comments section that you read hateful things. Whoever SBPDL is writes in a humorous and impressive fashion on issues most people would never touch.

He/she/it has never said anything hateful.

Don't stop, SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"Stubborn white supremacist."

LOL The negroes all write the same tired lines over and over again. Apparently this is how they spend their time when they're not busy having more illegitimate children.

Anonymous said...

Saint, I'm not a white supremacist. Hell, I'm not even white. You assert, incorrectly, that this is a hate driven blog simply because he repeatedly reiterates the facts that we all know to be true but which the pussy media is afraid to admit. Tell me, why do black men abandon their children? Why do half of black boys drop out of high school? Why do blacks expect people to pay their rent and give them food stamps? My dad came from a crappy 3rd world country with less than 200 dollars in 1975, and today he's worth well over a million bucks. I have absolutely zero sympathy or empathy for the black underclass because I have 9 year old cousins who literally work for nickels and dimes on farms while fat welfare mamas in the US ghettos are asking for a hand out for babies that they should never have had.

Porter said...

Well SBPDL, you're certainly fortunate to have received this sound--albeit unsolicited--advice from Saint. Though I can't determine whether this entity is the disembodied apparition of a canonized catholic or a member of the New Orleans football squad.

No matter. Though there are a few salient points you should internalize.

1) A thesis sentence can be constructed entirely from a noun and two adjectives.

2) You will never learn. He will teach you.

3) This blog is an example of Manny More's horrors. [I don't know Mr. More, though I suspect from his forename that he is another inebriated illegal mexican landscaper. I assume this is the horror to which Saint is referring.]

4) Ultimately it is you who must make the ultimate change to this blog. Ultimately this tautology is correct, though the ultimate point is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

"Saint" is the same person who also uses the name "Honest N*gger"...oops, I meant to say "Honest Crusader". Incapable of ever forming an original thought, he writes the same boring shit over and over and over.

Anonymous said...


You're F'ing hilarious!


Anonymous said...

'White Supremacist'. You know you are hitting close to home when the ole WS comes out. There is no refuting of the argument just attempts at misdirection from the truth.

Keep up the great work SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

" I realize what future is in store for you guys. Living a life of hate never leads to anything good. Move on while you still can because it's never too late. Don't shrug this comment off because I'm black, take this in consideraton."

This is a threat to whites, people, please don't take it an anything else.

Saint/Honest Crusader is black and knows the type of destruction that blacks are capable of when they get angry, feel slighted, or are denied their creature comforts. They make threats all the time, and guilty whites have caved to the pressure. We all have seen huge mobs of angry poor blacks rioting and burning things down, and that may be what the future holds, until the starvation sets in and the free insulin shots run out.

Saint, you might be afraid of your own people, but I am more than willing to take this risk, freedom is NOT free, whites have had to pay a huge price to live in a decent and safe places for years, we are becoming hardened to black temper tantrums, and we are ready for your backlash. You will find an increase in militia groups, a deployment of the military to restore order, and a high percentage of your people in prison for rioting, looting, murder and destruction of public property if they choose violence instead choosing to be responsible, law-abiding American citizens.

Once the gravy train stops, and it will, maybe blacks will be forced to use their extra testosterone for things like chopping firewood, wilderness skills, and growing food.


Anonymous said...

"Saint" is the same person who also uses the name "Honest N*gger"...oops, I meant to say "Honest Crusader"."

I find it hilarious how you guys talk about how violent and cold-hearted blacks are when yet, you have one post a sincere and harmless comment that's meant to help you, and all you guys do is ridicule and speak hateful, immature words against him/her. I also find it hilarious that the only mature one in this matter was the black guy.

And we have the poster's comment up above and others to thank for it. Thanks for proving how cold and imperfect whites are even though they preach that they're angels, at least the ones on here.

Yours Truly,

Honest Crusader

Anonymous said...

Hey Honest N*gger, your mindless repetition of the phrase "I find it hilarious" is just as boring as your repeated use of "racist" and "supremacist".

Anonymous said...

Honest/Hilarity, if you really want to "help" us, then have a talk with your fellow black brothers and sisters. Please tell them that they need work on becoming personally responsible for their own lives. They need to stop acting like animals in heat, stop the killing and violence, get jobs, stop having babies they can not pay for, and stop being victims. You are trying to "help" the wrong group.

Oh sorry, my bad. I just forgot that blacks in America are not able to function in a white western society.


Anonymous said...

"I find it hilarious how you guys talk about how violent and cold-hearted blacks are"

I find it painfully unfunny that blacks are only 12% of the US population yet responsible for more than half its murders.
And you're getting your feelings hurt over being called "violent"?
Nigga pleeze.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Honest N*gger, your mindless repetition of the phrase "I find it hilarious" is just as boring as your repeated use of "racist" and "supremacist"."

It's a shame you have to stoop down to ridiculing my phrases. This goes to show that you have no valid points whatsoever to offer. Then again, I would expect no more from you.

Anonymous said...

"It's a shame you have to stoop down to ridiculing my phrases."

It's a shame you're not capable of forming an original thought, or expanding your vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

i swear, my kids moved to a poor "minority majority" county in nc and they get free breakfast and lunch, no forms needed and no dentist visits as the mobile dentist truck comes to the school, wow, they even get free macbooks to learn with, . my son moved from a white county and now has to learn 2+2 again but he eats well,he did move to the a+g class and now there are 4 whites there, poor minority schools must get alot of $$$ from the gubment

millicent fink said...


Pointing out that the rent is too damn high isn't the same thing as not wanting to pay any rent.

F'ing idiots around here, I swear.