Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black people and Self-esteem

In the next five years, if trends continue unabated, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be forced off of television. Highlighting movies from a bygone era, littered with faces whiter than the ones nominated for the 2011 Academy Awards, this channel operates in direct conflict with the new regime dominating us today – Black Run America (BRA).

Seeing films that pay tribute to a time before integration (what we call Pre-Obama America) is just too much to stomach for 21st century Americans – Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and Black people alike – since they glorify a nation that treated Black people as second class citizens.

Every movie made that fails to showcase diversity in a positive light will be remade, more than likely starring Jaden and Willow Smith. The son and daughter of box-office star Will Smith, Jaden already remade The Karate Kid and Willow will star in a remake of the beloved play about an orphan named Annie.
No word yet on whether a white couple will portray the adoptees in the film or if it will be a white Hollywood actress in need of a cool, chic accessory.

Black kids need positive examples of Black people to emulate and movies might improve Black people’s self-esteem knowing that they could grow up to be stars too (though most Black kids grow up believing they can make a living in professional sports, something that many professional Black athletes fail to end up doing).

Watching movies that lionize a stifling world of rigid conformity and banal whiteness, Black people in America can no longer endure the sights of movies that run on TCM. As we learned in 1954 with a fictional Doll Study used to justify low self-esteem among Black children - which helped ensure the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Brown in that landmark case ending segregation – it vital that we do nothing to damage Black people’s self-worth.

Perpetuating images of a happy, prosperous America before integration – as TCM does – can no longer be allowed, for it might destroy Black people and their self-esteem. If poor test scores, high dropout rates, disproportionate crime rates, being incubators for sexual transmitted diseases, poor credit scores, a net-worth of $5 dollars for single Black mothers, a horrible track record for running major metropolitan cities and once prosperous counties, and white flight occurring once a few Black families move into the neighborhood doesn’t impact Black self-esteem negatively, nothing will.

Many have argued that seeing positive examples of Black people in academic settings will improve Black children’s test scores in science, math and English/ reading comprehension, areas that need drastic improvement if the vocational goals for Blacks are to exceed being a barber.

It was stated the Mein Obama would have a positive influence on Black people and radically improve the scholastic achievements of Black students. The election of a half-white dude to the Oval Office has proven to offer no quantifiable improvements in Black student’s performance, though the rate that Black students are disciplined in schools has risen dramatically.

We’ve already said it before: Black people love being Black. They see nothing wrong with how they act, what they wear and how the world views them. In fact they are shocked when private businesses enact dress codes or deny them entry, cities enact curfews and society demands obedience to laws that seem to prey upon Black people only.

Every racial group in America – even DWLs – realize that housing prices plummet when Black people move near; that school districts measure of effectiveness rise and fall with the amount of Black enrollment; and that malls and businesses shutter once they go Black (they never come back).
Every group, that is, save Black people:
In 2002, Jennifer Crocker and Jean Twenge conducted a “meta-analysis of studies of self-esteem.” They intended to discover which American ethnic group would score the highest on a self-esteem test. They also wanted to identify how each group’s self-esteem ranked in comparison to how positively society regarded that group. The researchers proceeded by making 712 self-esteem comparisons among five ethnic groups: Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans and European Americans.

The outcomes surprised Crocker and Twenge. They learned that African Americans scored the highest in the self-esteem category, but ranked last in the area of Society’s Positive Regard for the group. They concluded that African Americans consistently make positive statements about themselves even though society does not view them positively. European Americans were second, Latinos third, Native Americans fourth, and Asian Americans were last. Asian Americans’ ranking surprised the researchers because, outside of European Americans, the other groups hold them in high regard.
This is a Black world now, despite continued Black failures in high school, college, law bar exams and a complete reliance on the government for jobs and entitlements. It’s becoming obvious that this world can’t last forever, but one would never gather this from observing studies that discuss rates of self-esteem among Black people.

The belief that movies should reflect greater diversity and that a re-writing of actual history to conform to a pleasant Afrocentricism worldview is necessary to improve Black people’s self-esteem and ultimately destroy the racial gap in achievement belies the facts:
Indeed, black students enrolled in Afrocentric educational programs receive a full-course diet in self-esteem enhancement, all of it positioned on the shaky theoretical ground that injecting racial pride into black children will help them overcome obstacles to academic success.

But again, the value of self-esteem for black children is highly questionable, even if it does not come packaged in Afrocentrism.

Self-esteem theory made its first dramatic impact upon American schools in 1954, when the Supreme Court accepted that school segregation damaged the self-esteem of African-American children in its Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Low self-esteem, the Court said, "affects the motivation of a child to learn, and has a tendency to retard children’s educational and mental development." According to Barbara Lerner, this proposition makes three questionable assumptions about blacks: (1) Low self-esteem is the major cause of low academic achievement; (2) Blacks have a lower self-esteem than whites; and (3) Changing white attitudes toward blacks will raise black self-esteem. Taken together, these faulty notions provide the reasoning behind the current repudiation of high standards and expectations in our public schools.

In reality, black children at the same grade level and in the same school system as white children display a higher sense of self-esteem. African Americans usually report "slightly higher levels of agreement with statements about taking a positive attitude toward oneself, judging oneself to be a person ‘of worth,’ and being generally satisfied with oneself."

Studies also show that, like whites, enhancement of global self-concept is not a potent intervention for academic improvement for African-American adolescents.22 Stanley Rothman and his colleagues at Smith College’s Center for the Study of Social and Political Change found that while the self-esteem levels of blacks are now at least as high as those of whites, the average academic attainment among African-American students is still below that of whites. They conclude that the evidence "appears to show quite conclusively that the low self-esteem hypothesis is neither a necessary nor sufficient explanation of African-American achievement levels."
Black people see nothing wrong with Antoine Dodson, YouTube videos that display fights in public places and in fact glorify them at such places as World Star Hip Hop, a vast compendium glorifying Black achievement.

Atlantic monthly reported that in 30 years, all Black women will be considered morbidly obese. One wonders if the extra layers of skin will have any impact on their psychological well being, since Black women have some of the highest of self-esteem in the world:
African-American women will say positive things about themselves that Caucasian women are not comfortable with saying about themselves (Dent 1).

Rushton found that African-American women have equal or higher self-esteem levels then Caucasians or Latinos (Rushton 9). Gray-Little found that not only African-American adult women have higher self-esteem than Caucasian women but the same is true in children and adolescents (Gray-Little 17). Abba supports the idea that African-American's hold higher self-esteem standings throughout life (Abbas 2). Differences in self-esteem between African-American women and Caucasian's are less during childhood years and grow to adulthood (Twenge 1).
One study (found here) states that a conclusive link to why Black people have higher self-esteem cannot be determined. Indeed scientists studying the high rates of Black self-esteem have been befuddled in attempts at ascertaining why such rates exist, when empirical evidence for this belief is obviously non-existent.

The United States of America has been forced to lower standards in every profession (militarily, law, medical, academia, police, firefighters) at the private and public level to accommodate Black people’s inability to perform at the same level of whites, yet they maintain a higher level of self-esteem then Asians who outperform even white people.

Entire counties outside of major metropolitan areas that were once prosperous and white have been ceded to Black people and new counties further from these cities have become havens, enclaves for whites (and Asians) who desire a high standard of living.

DWLs price Black people out of living in their cities, yet utilize their relationship as the guardians of Blacks to position themselves as morally superior to untouchable whites.

Through it all, Black people maintain the highest rates of self-esteem while also maintaining the highest rates of unemployment, incarceration and contributing to the continued decline in educational standards despite the highest rates of educational spending in the world.

White kids and Asians don’t participate in Waiting for Superman, a task left to the Crusading White Pedagogues and their Black students.

All of the classic movies that are on TCM will one day be remade, with Black faces thankfully subbing for the smiling, ethereal white faces. Like the Soviet Union who once airbrushed pictures of people who had fallen out of favor with the Communist party, Black Run America will begin airbrushing out of United States history all memories of Pre-Obama America.

Black test scores won’t improve. Black-run cities, counties, schools and local governments will continue to crumble and when Black people flee what they have wrought and enter white enclaves, white people will move away, perpetuating this absurd tale.

And through it all Blacks will still have the highest rates of self-esteem…


Steve said...

The blackening of America.

blacks in Red riding Hood

The New Orphan Annie

Now I hear the AmRen conference is in jeopardy AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Black people have this unbelievably high unwarranted self-esteem because they possess not a trace of self-awareness. In addition, they are unable to perceive themselves as part of society; it's always all about them, right this minute, with no regard to anyone else, or the future--their own or anyone else's. Think of a rabid dog, then take away all reason and accountability--then you have the African mindset.

Anonymous said...

"Every racial group in America – even DWLs – realize that housing prices plummet when Black people move near; that school districts measure of effectiveness rise and fall with the amount of Black enrollment; and that malls and businesses shutter once they go Black (they never come back)."

OK, a little off topic here, but I need to ask, so what is UP with all of the conservative talk right now supporting a school voucher system? What am I missing??? We do not need vouchers for smart white and asian kids, so it is all for the blacks and mexicans. Do white people REALLY want low IQ "disadvantaged" black and hispanic kids moving into their communities, clogging up the private schools with violence and misbehavior, and bringing down the highest school averages?

Why are white conservatives supporting school vouchers when the next logical step is for the low income parents to demand "affordable housing" (more section 8 vouchers) and more low wage jobs in the decent white neighborhoods?? Are conservative school voucher supporters truly that stupid and unaware of HBD issues? Do they not know that the problem is with the STUDENTS not with the teachers and the buildings??

SPDL, please please explain this further and make a post about it. I don't think white people know that a school voucher program is just another form of forced integration, and an attempt to colorize the too-white school system.

Cry me a river said...

IF Turner Classic Movies is lucky they won't go down the tubes. Whites just need to show a little backbone. The blacks have high self esteem for all the wrong reasons. Being the child-raping, wife-beating, petrol-sniffing, white-bashing, alcoholic, welfare leaching under-race of America is nothing to be proud of. When depicted in a less-than-flattering manner they scream racist. Truth hurts -- especially if it's funny.

This won't be a black world for long. Asians, hispanics, and other races are also banding together and making demands. When you have Black, Hispanic, and Asian nations all in the same country you're just asking for trouble. So much for the Rainbow Coalition.

The DWL's world is ultimately screwed because they can't satisfy everybody.

White Guy said...

Black people have an inability to view themselves in the third-person - that deficiency, coupled with low IQ, is the reason for their inflated self-esteem, their poor performance in every aspect of life (save sport) or any number of pathologies found in black America.

It is just who they are - in contemporary BRA and in pre-Obama America. I really don't think the black underclass can be reformed - they will continue to be a well-hidden scourge on society until white people wake-up and start to judge these people by the content of their character.

Fortunately, I see this white awakening more and more everyday. SBPDL is an example of it.

Anonymous said...

The high self esteem of blacks is only a diversion from an inability to fully function in a challenging white society.

The self-segregation of blacks has allowed them to operate within a bubble separate from the rest of society and its troublesome laws and morals. Blacks are unable to participate in the larger white society because of their "disadvantage", so they carve out little third-world countries within every major city in America. They participate in a casual economy of drugs, prostitution, boot-legging, moving stolen merchandise, p-shakes, shady back door businesses, variety stores, and pimpin' in general. They destroy a neighborhood and trash it so that whites will leave them alone. Whites have standards, they realize. The black ghetto runs on its own set of rules and white citizens ignore it all for the most part so long as the blacks are pacified and do not riot or move crime into the white areas.

The police in my town don't really waste time patrolling black neighborhoods, besides, no one ever calls 911 in a black neighborhood because of the family value of "no snitching". Blacks cannot keep pace with white society and its many rules. The smart blacks have learned how, but the rest drop out and live in their own little black world, well funded by the white American Taxpayer. Because of PC, whites cannot admit the real problem and do something about it.

Hirsch said...

Obama machen sie der dunkeln leuten frei.

I Buried My Guns said...

Not apropos of this article:

There is a lot of great material on SBPDL that I am, unfortunately, unable to reference in mixed company. It's just a little bit too volatile.

The term "Hate Facts' is not one of them.

I revel in the opportunity to use it and raise the awareness of those folks who are beginning to transition from Unquestioning Sheep to "Those Who See". It's a timing thing; I can't bring it out too soon or the PC blinders come on, but whenever an acquaintance questions the disconnect between what is reported and what they see, I pounce!

The next step is to direct them to kick-ass sites like this one.

PS: What is/are "p-shakes"? Sounds tasty, but them again, no it doesen't.

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not straying away too much from the main topic, but in regard to the 'Annie' remake. I'm curious as to whether W.Smith will try to replicate what made the original so beautiful, or if he'll try to 'jazz' it up a bit like with what happened in The Wizard of Oz remake staring Diana Ross and a certain pop star. Don't get me wrong, 'Eaze On Down The Road' was a catchy track, but compared to 'Follow the Yellowbrick Road', the level of cheeze was incomparable.

Canadian Bacon.

Anonymous said...

"PS: What is/are "p-shakes"? Sounds tasty, but them again, no it doesen't."

Not tasty at all. A P-shake is a numbers house. lllegal gambling at the lowest level, draws a huge crowd, encourages crime, drinking and loitering. There are P-Shakes in the rear quarters of the ghetto variety stores in black neighborhoods. They are frequently busted by the Police performing warrant sweeps.

Anonymous said...

"I can't bring it out too soon or the PC blinders come on, but whenever an acquaintance questions the disconnect between what is reported and what they see, I pounce!"

I think we all share this same dilemma. Please keep posting. You can send the link to SBPDL anonymously with the SHARE button at the top and use a false google account. Can't be too careful these days!

Anonymous said...

"so what is UP with all of the conservative talk right now supporting a school voucher system? What am I missing???"

It's nothing more than a fundamental belief that parents should decide where their kids go to school, and NOT the government.

Anonymous said...

"There is a lot of great material on SBPDL that I am, unfortunately, unable to reference in mixed company."

I've already gotten myself into trouble multiple times by speaking openly about topics I read here.

Oh well...shit happens.

joe-6 said...

Might have been Desiree or another black commentator who said: Black people have high self esteem because they get more sex then people of other races. Maybe that's a good part of the resaon these dolts think so high highly of themselves

Sex has been called the beggar's opera. The poorest people on Earth are getting it on.

Anonymous said...


"Perpetuating images of a happy, prosperous America before integration..."

I guess you forgot about WW1, the great Depression , WW2,Korea, and Vietnam.

When did this integration thing actually occur?

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

"Blacks are unable to participate in the larger white society because of their "disadvantage", so they carve out little third-world countries within every major city in America. They participate in a casual economy of drugs, prostitution, boot-legging, moving stolen merchandise, p-shakes, shady back door businesses, variety stores, and pimpin' in general. They destroy a neighborhood and trash it so that whites will leave them alone."

Whoomp! There it is.

Thank you.

gordon-bennett said...

Here's a possible explanation for unwarranted high self esteem in black people.

The less you know then the more likely you are to think you know nearly everything.

Because if you've never even heard of nuclear physics, quantum theory, relativity, etc. then you don't feel humbled that you know nothing of these matters.

If you think of your knowledge as a sphere then the larger the sphere the greater is its boundary with the things you don't know, which is humbling.

Anonymous said...

School vouchers are to white schools what Section 8s are to white neighborhoods.
Someone mention that blacks destroy a section of a town or city to keep whites out. Sort of like bHussein Obama destroying NASA, in reverse, if you can't join them, then destroy them.

Steve said...

Joe-6; "Sex has been called the beggar's opera. The poorest people on Earth are getting it on".

Brilliant comparison to Gay's work.

Anonymous said...

"I guess you forgot about WW1, the great Depression , WW2,Korea, and Vietnam."

For whites, obstacles are to be overcome.
And in spite of these enormous obstacles, white America remained a happy, prosperous place.

Integration is like terminal cancer.

Anonymous said...

DIversity is a problem to overcome, not something to promote and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

"Whoomp! There it is."

Yes, there it is.
I live on the edge of this black ghetto mess. Moved here when I was a DWL wanting to participate in the vibrant and diverse "urban" life, LOL, restore an old historic home and increase the property values of the area that whites built a hundred years ago. Now I am "one who can see". I know that diversity is a sham. I don't want out though, because once the suburbs are flooded with inner city blacks and mexicans on vouchers, whites will be back to the inner-city and I will be operating the welcome wagon.

I have seen poor blacks in their natural environment every day, and it is very shocking. I don't think whites have any idea what is going on, it has been tolerated and ignored for so long. I would love to start a blog with video and photos examples of the squalor that poor blacks create, and teach brave white people how to get back in. I have stories that would shock your senses.

Anonymous said...

"Perpetuating images of a happy, prosperous America before integration..."

It's a white thang, you wouldn't understand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"School vouchers are to white schools what Section 8s are to white neighborhoods."

I can attest to this fact - my own children's school went from 10% to 70% "minority" in just 2-3 years of voucher availability. Of course, academic and behavioral standards went into the toilet coincidentally at the same time. We were forced to pull out our kids and send them to a private school which is using up all of our retirement investment funds. But what can you do? Sure can't move now that the housing market has lost 50% of it value of 5 years ago.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I am completely opposed to school vouchers. The history of the American educational system over the past 55+ years has been a sordid tale of massive white flight from one, once sterling school district to founding of another.

If this migration failed to prevent an unwanted admixture of disruptive diversity, private schools were created were pathetic white flighters could finally erect the ultimate barrier to Black entry: money (though athletic scholarship have been awarded to dexterous Black kids).

At the same time that whites flee deteriorating school districts, the curriculum being taught is one that castigates white people for every failure in America, while simultaneously gloating over every minor Black figure in US history.

This is because the United States of America (or what we can only call Black Run America) is effectually an anti-white regime at war with the historic majority population.

School vouchers undermine the sole reason "better" school districts exist.

Anonymous said...

I hope more people join the homeschooling movement. It is the ultimate private learning experience, and you don't have to spend your retirement savings. Ours operating costs are about $200 per child per year.

Anonymous said...

Another alternative, if your school district offers them, are "focus", "magnet", or charter schools. Our district makes one jump through a lot of hoops - application process, mandatory meetings, a lottery with far more applicants than there are spaces - but if you get in you can send your kids to a good school without having to pay the private school tuition. I spend half my life driving my daughter to and from school, but it's worth it.

She attends a history focus school. Do you know how many black families are interested in going through all of the steps necessary to get in, to send their kids to a *history* focus school? None! There are a few middle-class, mixed-race kids in her class (with white dads and black moms, interestingly enough), and other than that it's a sea of white faces, with a few Chinese and Orthodox Jewish kids. And since the families have all *chosen* to send their kids there, they're highly involved in the school, as are the teachers.

The school building has two wings - with fewer kids in the neighborhood than in previous decades, only one wing of the school holds the regular neighborhood kids, and the other wing is our focus school. The contrast is stark - what was a pleasant, middle-class white neighborhood is rapidly diversifiying. Somali and other muslim immigrants are everywhere. It is now common to see the bizarre spectacle of women in full burka, including veiled faces, walking along the suburban streets or waiting at a bus stop next to the upscale coffee shops and trendy boutiques. There are girls from high school all the way down to kindergarten-age wearing hijabs and floor-length clothing to school. But not in my daughter's focus school.

Wladimir Klitschko said...

Hirsch pecked with his beak: "Obama machen sie der dunkeln leuten frei."

Have any of us encountered a more self-loathing Jew than Hirsch? First this Judas schmoozes with this site's beloved low IQ, TNB chimp-in-heat mascot Desiree. Then he was defending his Dreidel usage while getting destroyed by another commentator. He has always managed a questionable and lukewarm "defense" of the white race but now he crazily believes this typing in German and his most recent behavior on this site will have us all fooled. (He actually called the black lesbian "ugly" under another post, which is pretty funny - beyond the obvious reason - because he used to troll her website seemingly lovestruck a few months ago. For someone with the Mensa level IQ that you claim to have, you should have known better than to stick your hand in the groid's monkey cage.)

Bravo, Hirsch. I can give credit where credit is due: half of you has sense. But I, for one, have a very long memory. Your offending half will always be a typical matzo ball-eating trickster, and it is dominant. No amount of sorcery will change this, my little horned friend.

Anonymous said...

Our magnet/charger schools are only brick and mortar facades for schools which help flailing underachieving minorities from the surrounding inner-city neighborhoods. A friend of mine sent her son to one of these "Math and Science" magnets, only to find the same troublesome black disruptors who are present in the public schools. These are an attempt for more "diversity" at the expense of white kids.

Smoke and mirrors.

Hirsch said...

@ Wladimir

I'm so proud of you. You took my advice and actually learned to spell your own name! See, my memory is equally long. And while I have you on the hook, might I make a simple request, please? Stop taking weak mandatories and fight either Povetkin or Haye.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like whites are getting angry. *sigh*. Blacks do have higher self esteem regardless of socioeconomic status. Deal with it.

This definitely supports why so many whites are racist. They have so much jealousy, insecurity, low self-esteem. They always feel the need put their shit on someone else. They see power in black people so they have to work overtime to take their power.

Whites, you all need therapy. Racism isn't a healthy way to think or feel. Its abnormal. You have to sort out your own insecurities, obsessions, and internal conflicts instead of scapegoating and oppressing an entire group of people.

Trust me. We see right through you. Its not blacks problem, its YOUR problem.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:55

PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN! No, I'm not "DA PO-LEECE" but still, you need to get a grip and a clue. I've heard some dumb crap from blacks, but you take the cake. In fact, you have to be a troll. Next time, maybe throw in some ebonics or something to give it that authentic "dumber than dog turds" black flava, because you be writin' too white and you be comin' across like an Uncle Tom or some sheeit, yaknowwhatimsayin dawg?

Anonymous said...

Is TCM that detrimental to how blacks feel about themselves? WTF is BET? Isn't that supposed to be an outlet for black entertainment and to reinforce their presence in the media? The problem with BET is blacks don't watch it because the real media is more interesting and captures them more than that bland channel. I guess the point of this article is to do as the Rolling Stones (a white band) sang about years ago - Paint it Black.
One thing that tickles my brain is the simple phrase that can be heard any time someone doesn't like certain radio or television content - Change the channel. Turn it to BET for the 30 minutes you can stand of it and go back to other channels that show the programs you really want to see. How would blacks remake "The Jazz Singer" starring Al Jolsen? Would they portray him as a black man in white face? How about the "The Godfather", "Thelma and Louise" or any John Wayne movies? Should they really be remade just to put black actors in those roles? I would have to say most older blacks enjoy those movies the way they are as well as 1000s of other films. This site is racially twisted as can be imagined.

Anonymous said...

All the negative comments I know come from someone who hate themselves, and can only feel better about themselves by demeaning another race. Every race have different socioeconomic statuses. To say all whites are educated and wealthy shows a pure sign of ignorance. It is the year 2011, and people are still so bored and lazy that they use their hatred of blacks to try and justify their time sitting around doing nothing. If you are sitting around thingking about how you can criticize a race then you are not being productive. You are just a sorry waste of flesh!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:55
You are so ignorant. All blacks do not talk that way. How does one talk white or black? Now that is funny. You are trying to sterotype blacks but you come out sounding dumb. You must be trailer trash because you seem to know ebonics pretty well. You have your own spelling and everything. Love yourself!!! If you did the article would not have bother upset you. Your words tell a lot about you. White people smoke crack. White crack heads and meth heads come in and out of the hospital all the time. All races have their problems. I do not think they should re-do the movies with all blacks but it would be interesting to see blacks in some of the roles. Some roles need to be left as they are. They are not even worth the time or trouble. It's sad when people can not have a discussion without ignorance. Oh here is something for you!! Did you know that some whites with blond hair and blue eyes have African heritage? If the hospitals find this out in most states you would have change the race on your birth certificate and license. Like the good old state of Alabama if you have any African heritage no matter how white your skin is you are an African American. I think since white people like yourself is so racist they should test you all. Then lets see how things change. Lets see if they kick you out the neighborhood. I would love to see the look on your stupid faces. Every race is beautiful. We all bring something great to this world. I just do not like hearing or reading anything anyone racist has to say. Oh and would the same person stop writing comments. Lets hear from someone else.

Anonymous said...

@ Ano June 15, 2011 6:17 PM

"To say all whites are educated and wealthy shows a pure sign of ignorance".

Thanks for using a pat phrase that's become a mantra for POC in justifying their inaction or failures in life.

Since you're being intellectually dishonest and posting half-truths on a post that is dated, I would invite you to join the current thread were someone clearly states: It was previously assumed that income differences explained the difference in black-white achievement, but it has since been shown that whites whose family income is less than $10,000 per year score higher on tests than blacks whose family income is greater than $80,000.

Just look it up, I'll give you the link and have you debate with someone who can challenge your sectarian view.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. June 15, 6:40 PM.

You cite: Oh here is something for you!! Did you know that some whites with blond hair and blue eyes have African heritage? If the hospitals find this out in most states you would have change the race on your birth certificate and license.


Can you come up with any valid link to back up your claim. That would be greatly appreciated.

Adrian said...

On the topic of the negro doing what someone with a great deal to think of themselves aka BS factor. Was on the way to work today on West Market and 17th street when a black crossing the street againt moving traffic decided to try and slow me down for alittle carjacking. Didn't work out that way as supposed super negro VS car going 35 mph doesn't even slow down when they tried to block my travel. No I didn't hit the bastard, just course corrected and accelerated.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:55 u r pretending 2 b black u r a def a lib

Anonymous said...

Possible explanations:


Illusory Superiority

See it in action:
For example, a customer demands $500 for an item worth less than half that, because she NEEDS $500. Great show, btw.

Harman said...

I agree with the article completely. It's time to admit that blacks are a problem. Left to their own devices, they have no worthwhile culture or advantages, just grass skirts and spears. They are completely worthless as a whole, and the best thing they ever did for the USA was act as farm equipment. Now that they're outdated, I feel they should be gassed at the most merciful, and worked to death at the most practical.