Friday, January 7, 2011

An Open Question to Black People: Why will the future be better?

Editors note: The SBPDL hat is off for this one, it's time for a serious question. 

Why do Black people think the future will be better?
Richard Spencer at Alternative Right discusses an important article recently published by The National Journal that delineates exit poll results from the 2010 midterm election. It shows that white people are abandoning the Democratic Party completely (save for those true believers, Disingenuous White Liberals) and that Black people comprise one of the trusty multicultural building blocks of the Rainbow Party Coalition that is the Democrats.

Spencer points out some interesting data from the exit poll results that show:
The data I find most striking are the responses to the question, “Do you expect life for the next generation to be better than today?” A majority of minorities say yes. Three quarters of Whites say no.  Both might be right.
Why is that Black people and other non-whites believe that the next generation will be better off tomorrow than today? Will the taxation on the dwindling white population be enough to pay for the continued sustenance of the Black population? At what point does the burgeoning Latino population decide it no longer needs to be part of the Rainbow Coalition and dumps Black people?

Based on what we know of majority Black cities that rely on stimulus money to meet budgetary requirements to pay for their bloated school budgets (see Birmingham or Detroit as prime examples), what will happen as the money runs out? Well, we already know as Detroit and Atlanta provide ample evidence for this contingency.

Black Run America (BRA) is fueled by white guilt and the tears of DWLs. White guilt is fading fast in America (all the evidence you need for this statement is the fact that Google went to the extraordinary maneuver to block all search results for this Web site. A friend in the Search Engine Optimization - SEO - business told me that this site should be getting 10,000 - 20,000 unique hits a day, based on what we were getting before Google pulled the plug on us) as any person viewing a video of Black people on YouTube would tell you.

I'm not trying to be arrogant with that statement above, but the fact is that Stuff Black People Don't Like has developed into one of the most unique voices on the web. We reached a point where people would type in questions on Google, Yahoo or Bing about Black people and SBPDL would be one of the top results that they would get back.

I have asked a simple question since Mein Obama swept to the Oval Office garnering a whooping 96 percent of the Black vote (and that approval rating has stayed consistently strong): what happens when Black people lose faith in Barack? Two + years into Obama's 1st term we get this from The Huffington Post:
A deeper dive past the headline numbers reveals a reality that ought to trigger national alarm but hasn't for the simple reason that it is already embedded in the country we have unfortunately become: the Divided States of America.
Among white people, the unemployment rate dropped in December to 8.5 percent -- hardly acceptable, but manageable were the government spending more to expand a fraying social safety net and generate jobs. For black Americans, the unemployment rate was 15.8 percent.

Professional economists will not pause for an instant at those figures. It is a truism that the black unemployment rate generally runs double the white one, and yet when did that become acceptable? How can there be so little discussion about a full-blown epidemic of joblessness in the African-American community, as if the commonplace incidence of despair -- and, more recently, reversed progress -- somehow amounts to old news?
"Can you imagine any other group at that level of unemployment and the media dismissing it as not important?" the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked during an interview this week.
He described deteriorating inner-city, predominantly-black communities in Chicago and Detroit.  In New York, a recent study found that more than one-third of African-American men aged 16 to 24 were unemployed between early 2009 and the middle of last year.
The picture becomes more vivid still using a broader Labor Department measure known as underemployment, which counts jobless people along with those who are working part-time for lack of full-time work, or who have given up looking for work but are eager for jobs. Among African-Americans, the underemployment rate was running just under 25 percent late last year, according to an analysis of government data by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington. That compared to a rate of about 15 percent for white Americans.
What happens when the lone white guy is gone?
Few people dare point out the reality Black Run America (Lawrence Auster is one of the most courageous)  and the intense drive to promote Black people above their station through affirmative action and by highlighting crises in various vocations from wine enthusiasts to doctors. Our military and the one hope for the future, NASA, have been forced to lower standards in a bid to increase Black participation (Blacks fail the military entrance exam at an alarming rate).

 The same can't be said for the would-be barbers or postal employees

Nothing is legitimate in Black Run America (BRA) unless it has ample Black participation (so that's why abortion is so accepted now!) and any vocation or avocation that dares lack Black people cannot be taken seriously until it absolves itself from this problem.

So here's the ultimate question: Explain Baltimore. Explain Prince Georges County. Explain Detroit. Explain Haiti. Explain Clayton County, Gwinnett or DeKalb County in Georgia. Explain Birmingham. Explain why Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have horrendous graduation rates and are failing across the land.

Why are 50 percent of Black people not graduating from high school?

What about credit and sound banking?

So, why is the future going to be better again? You had your shot with Detroit. You had your shot Atlanta. We saw what happens on a day without white people when New Orleans collapsed into anarchy (the same can't be said for Nashville).

Those who can see grow by the day, though those who govern the party that harness their energy steer it in pointless directions for the time being. 

I'm very proud of what Stuff Black People Don't Like has compiled over the past 18 months, for it represents one of the most definitive portraits of life in Black Run America (BRA) you can find.

This Web site started as a joke, and evolved into a blog that required censorship from a multi-billion dollar corporation to stunt its growth.

We have documented how the Black underclass is increasingly restless throughout the country: in Milwaukee; in Kansas City; in Cleveland; in Seattle; well, everywhere.

In the next two weeks, SBPDL: Year One will be coming out to purchase on Collecting a lot of the first year material from this blog, the book will be the first part of trilogy.

God Bless the Super Soaker: Tales of Black Fictional Heroes will be released for Black history month and College Football: America's Opiate will be released shortly thereafter.

Please be patient over the next few days as Stuff Black People Don't Like will be quiet for some important downtime and editing. We recommend you read the archives if you are new here.

Now, answer that simple question. Why is the future going to better?

History has one amazing story of what happened when white people went away and that gave us the Republic of Haiti.

And it gave us Detroit.

So the question is open to all: what will the future be?


Anonymous said...

So the Huffington Post thinks that massive government spending will create jobs. What a surprise.

South East Asian said...

Rofl @ blacks who think their life would get any better when white population in the U.S. dwindle down in the next few decades..

They will begging for the white man once the asians and hispanics becomes the majority and discovers that they have no white guilt.

Their "people of color rainbow coalition" deck of cards come falling down.

Anonymous said...

What will the future be? We will go the way of Brazil where different people live in their own segregated and separated communities in the same border. Balkanization will occur in mass.

Anonymous said...

"And it gave us Detroit."

These pictures of Detroit are astonishing, unbelievable, awe-inspiring. The pictures make it look like the Apocalypse has come to Detroit.

Which, of course, it has.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you SBDL for being such an important part of my life. Looking forward to the books!

Anonymous said...

South East Asian,

You have to realize that white is not a racial or ethnic group. White people have been around long before any of us here now and they will be here long after we are gone.

If the Germans, Irish, and the Italians couldn't bring down the white "race" what gives you the idea that Asians and Hispanics will. Yeah, the sad truth is they only "tolerate" you guys because they hate us so much.

There was never a "people of color coalition"

-Black guy

Desiree said...

Given the breadth of posts against black people on this site, as well as the obvious sardonicism of your tone when delivering the question, I am sure you are not looking for a serious answer, but one that will open an earnest black commenter to scorn from your white simpleton readers.

But a question for you, and hopefully you will not too quickly replace the SBPDL hat: how is it that you can do all that you do--working out your abs and gluts, dining with top financial minds, going to parties to harass gays, travel, read, work on your University of Phoenix online MBA--and still write this site with a new post everyday? Especially with all the links and the Youtube videos, etc.

How is this possible when there are only 24 hours in the day and the human body can only stay up for about 15 before desperately needing sleep?

Answer that question and maybe you'll get a wonderful Desiree answer to yours. I personally think you are a fucking liar and are living in a basement somewhere with your boxers around your ankles looking at lynching pictures on the web but we'll see...

Desiree said...

@South East Asian:

They will begging for the white man once the asians and hispanics becomes the majority and discovers that they have no white guilt.

What a joke! I would insult you on Asian men's shortcomings but you already know the truth. Besides you might be a dumbass redneck, anyway.

Many Asians possess the most disgusting self-loathing I've ever seen. Instead of being proud of their accomplishments and who they are as Asians, they marry whites, they embrace white culture while abandoning their own (becoming yellow carbon copies of white people), they bleach their skin (especially the darker ones), get eyelid surgery, dye their hair, etc.

Look at anime and the ads in Asia; it's ridiculous the level of self-hate Asians possess.

And I thought you people were so skilled? Much better than whites (as Lynn, Rushton, and Jensen say, anyway) but yet you want to 'lower' yourselves and be like them? What gives? Seems insane to me...

Matter of fact, I am a microbio major and all of my classes are in the chemistry and biology buildings, and I have yet to encounter a super smart Asian. I think it's a myth. Asian people are just hard workers; they say so, too. My last two bio lab partners were Chinese-Amer. girls and they were idiots, low grades on all of the quizzes. All they talked about were boys and Chinatown. I had another Chinese-Amer. girl in my Chem lab and she would constantly ask me how to do something during experiments. This will be my third year in college and I've yet to meet any Asian brainiacs!

And, by the way, no black person is afraid of Hispanics (not even a race, you know) so, in order to keep yourself from looking like a complete douche, stick to what you know: Asians. Latinos are notorious underachievers and they fail left and right. I've seen it firsthand, as some of my friends were Mexican-American. All they cared about, at least when I was in school, was being cool and being in gangs/cliques.

It seemed like none of them ever did their homework. And there are so few of them in college, both universities I've went to lacked a substantial Latino student body. But they sure as hell cleaned the bathrooms and manned the cafeterias!

I am not 'afraid' of people who work at fast food restaurants and clean hotel rooms, as well as those who stay to themselves in Little Mexicos.

They are not a threat. White people like blacks better anyway because Latinos refuse to learn English. Everyone shit-talks 'beaners'. White people on this site will deny that but it's true: whites like blacks. I remember being in traffic court and the white judge was a lamb to whites and blacks but was vicious to Latinos with tickets. If it were up to whites, there would be electric barbed wire, vicious dogs, and a 12-foot-thick, 3-story-high titanium wall along the Mexican border.

Your premonitions are just bogus. For them to be true, you would have to foresee a complete hostile Chinese takeover of the US (not based on debt or finance), not to mention that the millions of Mexicans in this country would have to suddenly be capable of doing something besides cleaning toilets. White people will not let any of that happen, first of all, and second, China would more like to be better than the US than physically come to our soil and inflict havoc on black people. I should add that the Asian pop. in the US is tiny, and all of them are diluting their blood anyway; they'll disappear if they continue. Mexico... LOL and blah.

You have nothing. Idiot.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

I don't know what to say about the 25% unemployment number for black Americans. I work for a huge, huge company known across the globe. In my division we can't get employees to come into work on time, or at all, on any sort of consistent basis, even though there's a recession going on out there. And the jobs I'm talking about are not made of champagne wishes and caviar dreams; I realize that. I am, however, talking about honest but challenging physical labor with a company known for great benefits and there is always work to do. The company has existed for over 100 years and survived all manner of economic downturns and labor strikes, and yet there is a significant portion of our workforce that is very aloof about having to come in on time, or at all.

Absenteeism is across the board, but for every 1 white employee that has an attendance problem I can name a minimum of 9 or 10 black employees that have an attendance issue, and the black employees are supposed to be the ones who are the most unemployed or underemployed according to job statistics and reports. And even when the employees do come in, never less than half of them are late by up to 15 minutes. And then when you try and discipline them or fire them, their union steps in and protects them; essentially the union serves as a form of affirmative action or welfare, always acting as a buffer zone between these peoples poor choices and the consequences.

My company is tough to work for, but they're reliable, they pay fairly well, there's opportunity for advancement, and it's money during tough times. But you wouldn't know that based upon the attendance records of mine, and other managers, employees.

As for Obama...he also got slightly over half of the black people who would have voted Republican, Libertarian, or Independent. Excluding 2008, Black Americans normally voting for Democrats at around 90%. That means about 10% of black voters have at least enough knowledge, self-awareness, or smarts to avoid the herd mentality in constantly voting for Democrats every election cycle. If I knew that 90% of 35 million black people were going to vote for me year in and year out no matter who the candidate is, I'd take their vote for granted to (just like the Democratic Party has done).

Donald said...

Sbpdl can you comment on the success of the new site? Has the multi-billion dollar corporation found a way to block out results for it too? I hope not, and hope that you continue to grow and garner many book sales in the future.

This site is one of my daily reads in addition to Alternative Right, which you linked to. That chart is both depressing and surprisingly hopeful in that the college whites are only ~4% out of alignment with non-college whites. That give me genuine hope for the first time in a long time.

Anonymous said...

"“Do you expect life for the next generation to be better than today?” A majority of minorities say yes. Three quarters of Whites say no. Both might be right."

Blacks expect life to be better simply because whitey will provide it, just like always.

Porter said...

South East Asian (Alabama or Laos?) is correct. Since the calamitous 65 immigration act began its inexorable destruction I've always thought that logically blacks should oppose this demographic transformation as vehemently as whites.

As an intelligent black man--I'm speaking hypothetically--you would very much want to maintain the comfortable parasitic stasis which America had fallen into. A 90/10 white/black ratio allowed the burden of black violence and dysfunction to be more evenly distributed across the white host body. With these numbers, whites were generally able to escape having obnoxious BLACKNESS shoved into their faces every three seconds; thus they were receptive to white guilt and the in loco parentis role it demanded. As a result, blacks could just snap their fingers, scream "dats raysis" and billions of white tax dollars would fall into their laps. This would have continued into perpetuity if both sides had played it smart--but neither did.

Now with the swelling ranks of mestizos, asians, and even muslims, the spell (along with the delicate racial balance it required) is broken. Whites are being systematically dispossessed and their replacements, along with the remaining whites, will have zero interest in coddling the violent and incompetent black community. They will come to understand this much too late.

Porter said...

What will the future be, you ask? I can certainly speculate. First, the two political parties will continue to coalesce in more and more explicitly racial terms. Whites will continue to flee the democratic party like a Detroit suburb. In a few years, there will exist the white party (Republicans) and the anti-white party (democrats). For any white democrats reading this, your days as a useful idiot are numbered. For once the "minorities" have achieved sufficient votes without yours, you will cease to be useful and will become merely an idiot.

As the anti-white party eventually swamps the white party numerically it will begin to experience furious internecine warfare. Blacks, jews, muslims, asians, and mexicans are not natural allies and will turn on each other savagely once whitey has been neutered.

Once the anti-white coalition fractures, there will either be a peaceful dissolution of the USA into racial blocks and enclaves or there will be anarchy and civil war. By this point, Those Who Can See will consitute 99% of the remaining white population and they will carve out a significant portion from the USA's dead body for their own. The traitors who brought this disaster on our people will live in infamy forever as monsters.

As for the blacks in America, they will fare much much worse. And none will weep for their plight.

Anonymous said...

"You have to realize that white is not a racial or ethnic group."

You're just as astonishingly stupid as that dumb fucking whore Deziarrhea.

Miss Ann said...

"Matter of fact, I am a microbio major and all of my classes are in the chemistry and biology buildings, and I have yet to encounter a super smart Asian."

Wow, what a surprise! You mean to tell me that the super smart Asian Humans know better than to attend a Tier 2 school that caters to the lowest common denominator of groids?

I dun beez gobsmacked, I tell yaz!


Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Porter said: "Once the anti-white coalition fractures, there will either be a peaceful dissolution of the USA into racial blocks and enclaves or there will be anarchy and civil war."

Bob, I'll take what's behind door #2.

There's no chance at all that California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado are going to peacefully dissolve themselves. Well, let me put it this way: those states will go back to Mexico by 2075 or, at the very least, will form their own sort of regional nation-state and will attempt to secede from the Union. Whether the rest of the country will be willing to let those states go remains to be seen, but since it is a virtual guarantee that California will be even worse off in 64 years than it is now, I can't imagine other states in the union trying to block California from leaving.

Black and Latino Americans tend to vote in blocks i.e. for Democrats. Especially black voters. But as you said, once the number of latino Americans (and illegals) reaches the tipping point, they won't need white Democrats anymore, and they'll probably chuck black Americans overboard as well.

Lastly...I admire anyone willing to respond to Desiree's comments, but I just can't do it. To respond to Desiree's comments you almost have to remove your brain; you can't try to logically respond to her or use reason. She's beyond the help of modern medicine. If she could understand the why she was so wrong she wouldn't be the way she is in the first place. And I'm afraid that if I shut my brain off in an attempt to respond to her that it may not come back on. Serious damage can occur.

White Guy said...

Black Guy said:

"You have to realize that white is not a racial or ethnic group."

Oh really? Define 'white' then, Black Guy ...

"If the Germans, Irish, and the Italians couldn't bring down the white "race" what gives you the idea that Asians and Hispanics will."

Ummmm ... what????

I just lost respect for you. Germans, Irish and Italians are racially white.

Do you understand the difference between race and ethnicity?

I recommend you read this book:

March of the Titans, The History of the White Race, by Aurthur Kemp.

White Guy said...

"But a question for you, and hopefully you will not too quickly replace the SBPDL hat: how is it that you can do all that you do--working out your abs and gluts, dining with top financial minds, going to parties to harass gays, travel, read, work on your University of Phoenix online MBA--and still write this site with a new post everyday?"

A personal attack.

The first sign a person has nothing intelligent to offer and evidence that the truth of this post can't be refuted.

"Given the breadth of posts against black people on this site, as well as the obvious sardonicism of your tone when delivering the question, I am sure you are not looking for a serious answer, but one that will open an earnest black commenter to scorn from your white simpleton readers."

This is the rationalization for the personal attack; the precursor to intellectual failure.

Anonymous said...

White guy,

It is a historical fact that Germans, Irish, and Italians weren't always socially considered white. The insane discrimination that Italians and Irish people faced in the early 19th and 20th century prove that theory.

Don't be a brick. I'm not saying they aren't white today.

-Black guy

White Guy said...

"I'm not saying they aren't white today."

They have always been racially white, regardless of what John Tehranian posits.

Again, read: March of the Titans, A History of The White Race, by Aurthur Kemp.

It will give you a comprehensive understanding of my people and our evolution and dispersion throughout Europe and the world.


The friction the Irish and Italians experienced assimilating into American society centered on differences in ethnicity, which was a non-issue within a generation because of the racial bonds with their kindred Europeans.

In 1924, immigration quotas were passed to ensure that the United States maintained its white majority, i.e., a pan-European majority.

Anonymous said...

This difference between "whites" of today vs. the "whites" of years previous is the need for the classification in the first place. Nobody used the term "white" until the early 19th century when people in the American South were drafting legislation on the classification of slaves and who qualified to be one.

Europeans had zero use of the term white because of Europe homogeneity. They DID use the term European to classify ethnicities. This term dates back to Peter I's Russia in his court and official records of him wanting to shift international opinion of Russia as one of an Asian state to one of cultural and ethnic European.

Modern times Europe has began to identify as white. Being "English" or "German" no longer means what it used to. The massive influx of Arabs, Indians, and Africans into Europe has changed the demography of every country which opened their boarders. With all these people gaining citizenship, nationality has become simply a legal identification. Whole pockets of Germany are filled with "German" citizens who barely speak German, are ethnically middle eastern, and have share virtually zero history with traditional Germans. White Germans are realizing they identify far more with traditional (meaning white) Austrians, French, English, Polish, Scandinavians, Americans, ect than they ever would with non-white "Germans." This is the cultural transformation taking place in Europe and across the white world. The definition of "white" has more to do with cultural perception and identification than anything else.

The future probably will resemble the history of Hapsburg's Austria. That nation had a plethora of ethnicities within its boarder and as it declined certain ethnicities embraced Nationalism and demanded self-government. Hence, Austria became Austria-Hungary and eventually the whole Balkan region broke off into increasingly smaller nations of ethnic homogeneity.

Our future will be one of class and racial conflict. Whites fall into a few categories which this site has outlined very well: DWLs, people who can see, etc. I would argue for another category being sheep. The analogy fits perfectly, white, soft, stupid, mildly productive and ultimately expendable. The "Sheep" believe in the lie of multiculturalism and embrace the illusion of safety provided by their herders. Their opinions and actions are easily malleable, just smart enough to do the paperwork and operate the machines. They are pacified enough not to get upset by their vanishing pensions and ever reduced benefits and stupid enough to watch their country be undermined by the bullshit that is multiculturalism.

Anyway. The future is far from certain but, as a student of history and politics, I can guarantee that people have not seen the end of war. Where it will take place and who will fight is unknown, but it will almost certainty involve race.


Anonymous said...

Looked at these photos of Detroit, notice the looting - wonder who is responsible for it.

"The so called "white flight" from the city centre began in the 1950s and, soon, as Sugrue puts it, "an increasingly black city was surrounded by a ring of communities that were all white". This "white noose", as one contemporary observer referred to it, helped strangle the inner city, both economically and socially, turning it into a series of large ghettos intercut by freeway."

A ring of white communities sounds like heaven to me! Blame everything on white flight. White flight did not cause the bullet holes in the windows. It is not the bad city, it is the bad people. If white people moved back in and saved Detroit, it would be a successful city once again. Blacks destroy everything they touch. Same thing happens in every place where the presence of underclass blacks exist in large numbers.

Shameful indeed. Why do blacks destroy everything once white people flee for their lives? Why to blacks continue to riot, loot, murder and pillage? Why were blacks not able to keep Detroit chugging along without the white tax base? All Americans need to take a closer look at this.

Anonymous said...

"I just lost respect for you. Germans, Irish and Italians are racially white."

Yes, White Guy, we all once gave Black Guy too much credit in the beginning, and then we learned the hard way that he is just another shakedown artist. All of the newbies on SBPDL make this mistake.

He is an ignorant, victimologist, self-loather, white-hater, token black guy, instigator with nothing much to say.

Don't let his articulate white-like online persona fool you.

Anonymous said...

Black dude - If immigrants fight assimilation, they will be forced into it by the dominant culture. Germans and Italians are caucasian. This was a culture issue, not a race issue. Most blacks are keepin' it real and have chosen not to assimilate into the dominant European culture.

"This comparison of immigrant experiences tells us that context matters; migrant groups that face, as the price of their ongoing presence in a country, enormous pressure from a healthy dominant culture to conform, will generally do so--or they will go home."

Anonymous said...

January 7, 2011 11:54 PM
Desiree said...

"If it were up to whites, there would be electric barbed wire, vicious dogs, and a 12-foot-thick, 3-story-high titanium wall along the Mexican border."

Do you realize how expensive a 12' x 30' titanium fence would be? Neither in sarcasm nor reality are any of you people worth a rat's ass when it comes to solving problems.

I'll answer the question: Why do black people think the future will be better?

The answer is because black people are cognizant of their mediocrity and have developed a disenfranchisement mentality. Their goal is to kick the legs out from productive citizens in order to bring creative people down to their level.

I'ma let dat soak in, yah-err-meh?

I'm not a very religious man, but it seems to me that the only way black people can end the cycle of inferiority is to complete the following steps:

Step 1: go to a Catholic priest and make an Act of Contrition,

Step 2: kill yourself

Step c: be reborn something better than being born black (like Indian or South American).

The ultimate goal is to be reborn Norwegian. Being born Norwegian is the last (human) step to Nirvana. For you blacks, that's the Meta-human equivalent to "makin' it rain" and "ballin' ". If you've already tried this AND you're black AND you can read this, then you fucked up the last time. Try it again and don't lie to the priest.

The Engineer

Desiree said...

I recommend you read this book:

March of the Titans, The History of the White Race, by Aurthur Kemp.

Yes, Black guy; read that shit. It is fucking hilarious. This white guy thinks white people lived in North America before the explorers 'found' it, not to mention that Ghengis Khan was white and he totally takes credit for the Indus River Valley civilization and Sumer and all places where white people did not exist. And it's all available online!

I took some time one evening and read and read his screeds.

It's a real riot. Read away! Remember, people on this site hate an Afro-centrist but they would eat up this guy's crap.

I don't like BS on either end, because ethno-centrists seem to have a few screws loose, but THIS was a gem. Truly the best fiction piece I've read in a while. I had fun reading about Nefertiti and the 'White Man' at Spirit Cave.

I mean, we get Rome and Greece but come on....... if you bitch about black people claiming Egypt and all of that, you have to be honest enough to acknowledge that his book is a little crazy.

Desiree said...

@ Miss Ann:

Wow, what a surprise! You mean to tell me that the super smart Asian Humans know better than to attend a Tier 2 school that caters to the lowest common denominator of groids?

There are TONS of Asians at my school; there were tons of Asians at my last university, as well. I have just not encountered the stereotypes of the super genius brainiac. I've encountered intelligent Indians, though. Just all of the Asians are normal. The girls I mentioned are indicative of many Asian girls I've encountered. The one in Chem lab was an A student in lab but she needed lots and lots of help with her experiments. Maybe she was just slower in that regard. Who knows.

Nut all of it is proof that there are no absolutes and ridiculous notions of superiority are just that: ridiculous, with no basis in anything.

Schools suffer due to a lack of funding. Harvard and Yale are considered top notch schools because of the government monies they get, especially since so many politicians are alumni. This allows them to develop more comprehensive and novel programs. You can find a crappy instructor in any school and poor students in any school.

College is what you make of it. The school doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure I could survive my mom's old school, Stanford, as well as just a state school. Just being in college makes you want to do well. Lowest common denominator of groids? Lowest common denominator of zoids, too, right?

That just tells me a lot about your (lack of) intellectual capacity, Miss Ann. And you still have a terrible ear for dialect. Might want to work on that.

Anonymous said...

We all know by now of Dezzies masochism and how she comes here to get a fix of her bizarre and neurotic fantasy of "white massa beatin' the po slave girl" as people continue to lambast her ridiculous posts. You'd think that her weird obsession with fellow mental deviant MJ and spending countless hours and dollars burning her scalp off in the attempt to get "good hair" would take up most of her time. She used the "good hair" reference herself many posts ago which clearly shows her own neurotic yearning for that which she can never have.

Desiree said...

@ The Engineer:

My hypothetical border fence would probably be incredibly expensive. No doubt. The War in Iraq was incredibly expensive as well, so is the War in Afghanistan.

If the hatred whites have for 'illegals' was actually solidified into a truly powerful voting bloc (sorry, Tea Baggers) and became a force in government, the wall would be there. We've spent pointless money before; why is this any different?

And if we needed more money, we'll loan loan LOAN like we do already... Simpleton.

Like Miss Ann, you too have a terrible ear for dialect. I thought I was reading cockney English for a second. Work on it.

Also, thanks for telling people exactly what white racists want blacks to do. SBPDL likes to be a tease and feign cleverness (NOTE: not working) but he agrees with you. I'm just glad you didn't say the ultimate goal was to be reborn Dutch!!!

Albert Einstein/Alexander the Great/ Caligula, etc. said...

It's nice to see everyone on this blog playing an intellectual form of "whip out," in an attempt to prove they have the biggest educational organ. Well, try to beat this: I have two (count 'em) PhDs and I know Karate, and I once shook Warren Buffet's hand, plus I was there when Paul Bunyan split a redwood down to nothing but toothpicks.

Studs Terkel was right about race being the American obsession. Although usually it seemed that blacks were the ones exclusively obsessed with whites, it's clear from reading many of the entries here (left by pompous ass hats who have the gall to call themselves something like "Tacitus" or "Mencken") that despite being superior to blacks or browns, you spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over people you claim to hate. The truth is you need blacks like Yosemite Sam needs Bugs Bunny. You need Kanye and Obama to get the steam frothing out of your ears. And of all the keyboard commandos out there who speak vaguely of some imminent race war, I'd be willing to wager that at max, maybe ten percent of you have real combat experience, either in Vietnam or Iraq.

But this blog is not entirely a waste. Now that I have visited, I have finally found the answer to that age-old question: Whatever happened to Eddie Munster? Answer: I'm reading his blog. It's nice to see that Butch Patrick made the successful leap from primetime television to domination of the racially-tinged blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey! Desiree!
How many whites have you robbed today?

White Guy said...


Great post ...

OneSTDV said...

Regarding Desiree's comments on Asians and Hispanics:

So if SBPDL is a racist for commenting as he does on blacks, then what conclusion would follow from that vitriolic screed?

White Guy said...

"The ultimate goal is to be reborn Norwegian. Being born Norwegian is the last (human) step to Nirvana. For you blacks, that's the Meta-human equivalent to "makin' it rain" and "ballin' "."

That's awesome.

South East Asian said...

@Desiree & Black Guy -

I am from a rather successful south east Asian country as it is famous for banning chewing gums, care to make a guess?

I have known poorer South Asian & south east Asian immigrants mainly from India, Pakistan, Philippines & Indochina knows how to come to our country, work their butts off for crappy jobs and send their kids to the united states for a better education.

All of their kids have commented on how unruly and anarchistic the black teenagers are.
They commented on latinos saying that even their parents will do some crappy jobs to take care of their kids.
Their kids only have white friends, spouses and colleagues.

Now I want the 2 of you to tell me how you guys can sincerely believe that once the evil white man is out of the picture, life would be better?

Do you think that in a few decade's time Asian Americans will continue feeding and caring for African Americans like White Americans do now?
Just take a look at South Africa for crying out loud!

Asian American & other racial communities might have some problems & prejudices against other communities, but at least they are self reliant and not living from cheque by cheque like African Americans are.

White Guy said...

I was reading Desiree's blog and came across a glaring contradiction in a comment she made on her blog and a comment she made on SBPDL.

She deleted the comment I posted on her site, so I will post it here.


Desiree said on her blog:

"[Are you black?] If you are not, you don't know anything about how a black person can become self-loathing.If you are black, you obviously lack the [awareness] that would make a black person question someone like Michael's behavior regarding his skin, wigs, and plastic surgery not to mention always being with white people."

White Guy replied:

'Are you black?', did you ask??

Where do you fall, then, Desiree: Black or White? Should I ask your 'high yellow' mother('high yellow' being the hallmark of European ancestry), or, your white grandfather, or, the many white relatives whom, judging by your complexion and admission that you are, in-fact ".25 percent" racially white, undoubtedly, extend from your multi-racial family tree?

Desiree said, on SBPDL:

"I am as uncomfortable in an all-white university as I am at an all-black store."

White Guy replied:

Awareness, did you say??

The scale of the contradiction in your two comments is measured by, and, is a consequence of, the inherent confusion of being bi-racial. In your case: not racially black or racially white and, as such, you can't fully identify with either - even though you are [ethnically] black, and, to a certain degree, identify with black culture, you feel uncomfortable around [racially] black people when they are in the majority, and, you feel uncomfortable around [racially] white people when they are in the majority.

This is why, Desiree, you prefer a pluralistic society, where miscegenation is the norm and nobody knows who they are, or where they came from, and everyone has been racially bastardized to the extent that the unique genetic and biological legacy, of every race, has been washed away in a mud colored fatherless tide.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Re:Southeast Asian Guy

I went to Beijing back in 2009 and spoke with some college students. Over dinner, when I spoke to them about visiting the United States, they asked me would they face "racism". I told them that they would not. That Americans have a very favorable view of people from China, Korea, Japan as being very smart, disciplined, orderly, conscientious, etc...which is true. Other than some concern over trade imbalances, Americans get along very well with people from Asia and are very impressed with them.

But that's not what they meant. They had used the phrase "racism" the wrong way. They then corrected me. They asked me if they would have to interact with black people and then proceeded to ask me why black Americans act the way they do (basically, if America is considered a foreign, exotic land, Black America is considered an even more foreign land within a foreign land).

I was kind of stunned. I wasn't expecting such a question. It was my first trip to China, so I wasn't absolutely sure how much they are aware of American culture, but they are ***SUPER AWARE***. They even asked me who are my favorite "Friends". When I told one of them that Phoebe was my favorite girl "Friend", one of the students asked me: "Why?" Why not Rachel or Monica? LOL! They didn't like that I liked Phoebe because Phoebe was an airhead; they liked Ross and Chandler the best because they were smart and educated. But I digress. They absorb everything about American culture that they can get, and they have a very bad impression of black Americans. On a side note, in 2009, Friends was the most popular show on Chinese television.

I wish I could say I had a great response for them about the plight of black Americans, but the truth was I think a real answer would've been too complicated for me to explain in English. Their English was very good, but there are some things you just have to live in, around, and through to understand. New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina came up and that was hard to explain as well. It's hard to explain how an entire city, at its worst moment in history, could just start tearing itself apart and destroy each other while the water was still in the streets and the live cameras were still rolling. What do you say? How can you say it? Some things are just beyond words.

South East Asian said...

@Percy Kittens Reloaded -

Have you heard of how asian parents would disown their child if they brought back a black girl or worse, a black man?

They will literally kick her out on the spot!
I think that this is probably true for other race groups in the states too..

If the black community were like this guy instead of the kumbaya attitude they have now, They could probably start fixing their problems and change stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

Percy, that's hilarious. I recently had a Chinese roommate who commuted from Philly, where his wife was attending Wharton, to NYC for and stayed in my spare bedroom. Upon his wife's graduation he intended to move back to China and had to sell his car, a yellow Porche 911,over Craigslist. Kind of naive to our culture, he was met with a litany of negro hustlers whom I advised to not even respond. The guy had a masters in statistics, spoke fairly good English, but was a bit trusting. Long story short, one guy stole an expensive wireless mouse from his car when he wasn't looking, another attempted to drive off without him, and the last guy tried to pay via personal check. They were all blacks and he was shocked as to how terrible his experience had been. He ended up selling to my landlord, who was a pretty well off Chinese guy.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I thought I'd respond to you first. There are 24 hours in a day.

For my job, I work 9-10 hours a day. It doesn't take very long to put together a post, an hour at most.

I'm in the process of transferring credits to a different school, so I'm not taking classes this semester, but most reputable MBA programs offer classes that fit your working schedule (night classes, weekend classes).

Going to the gym is something every one should do, and I'm there for roughly two hours a day. Hmm, that makes 14 - 15 hours.

I go to a lot of events in the city that I live in and enjoy the company of normal, successful people. The subject of race rarely comes up.

I think I reside in a nice house, though that is no concern of you.

As to the University of Phoenix bit, for-profit colleges exist to boost the ego of Black people.

More incredibly, the rate of student loan defaulting for Black people is incredible.

Black people seem to think that they all get free rides to college - like Black athletes - and decide not pay their loans back.

Anonymous said...

The black woman said: "...hatred whites have for 'illegals'"

So, enforcing our nations immigration laws equals hatred? You are either here legally or illegally, I am not sure why you are so confused about this. If you went to Mexico illegally, how do you think you would be treated? You are very ignorant and a victimologist.

It is like black saying that whites hate blacks and that is why we do not want to be around them. Not always true. We like whites much better and prefer to be with our own kind. We do not like the behavior and attitudes of the black collective. Is that hatred? It is not.

However, the feelings that blacks have towards whites IS pure hatred, and a wish for the destruction of whites. The hatred that blacks harbor for THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER is also true hatred.

Totally different that just a preference for your own kind. Get it now?
Turning my brain back on now.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else watch " The first 48"? Homicide detectives are always in the dark due to the "no snitch" policy in the community. Most of the time they get the suspect, but there is your present and future sadly.....

Anonymous said...

Here's the dealio wit black guy and desiree:

Both of them are floored that a place like this exists. A place where White people can come to discuss, uncensored, the damage blacks have done to this once great country. A place where they are powerless to intimidate with threats of physical violence, or censorship through the use of the rayciss card.

They are used to the real world, where Whites gleefully go along with them in an attempt to avoid violence and censorship. Where their mere presence allows them to win all arguments with any White - Whites knowing full well what fate awaits them should they "push back", especially at work.

So they try what passes for logic (for blacks) here, and....nothing.

They can't use any aggressiveness, which Whites hate, on the internet. All the posturing, and whatnot, is useless here. They are left to use persuasion, through well thought out reality, and, well, that ain't ever gonna happen.

Must be tough being them. In addition to being black, they are impotent here.


Anonymous said...

The use of illegals has destroyed wages in formerly high-paying occupations like construction and meat packing. The deleterious effect on the black working class is a fact and mentioning it has nothing to do with white people "needing" black people to get behind them on this issue. It's more an expression of bewilderment at their indifference to its effect on their own people. Since Desiree and Black Guy are so blase toward black working class disenfranchisement, I must assume they're basically the black version of SWPLs; yuppies who don't care about the destruction of the American working class because they are not part of it.

Silent Running said...

The scale of the contradiction in your two comments is measured by, and, is a consequence of, the inherent confusion of being bi-racial.

Miscegenation is inherently destructive. When you marry someone outside of your own race, not only are you shattering the bonds that tie you to your own heritage and people, but you are also consigning your children to a sort of permanent racial limbo.

I have yet to meet a mixed-race person who lacks a big racial chip on his shoulder. Usually, he will either 1) identify so fiercely with one side of his heritage (i.e. the non-white side) that he comes to despise the other side, or 2) he will adopt an explicitly non-racial philosophy (e.g. worship of capitalism, religion, libertarianism, etc.). The importance of race is forever closed to him; he can never identify with his ancestors, because none of those ancestors looked like him.

Children always pay for the sins of their fathers. That is a pagan truth. People who leave their race are traitors and have earned eternal shame.

White Guy said...

"Since Desiree and Black Guy are so blase toward black working class disenfranchisement, I must assume they're basically the black version of SWPLs"

I've dealt with many ethnic blacks which qualifies me to make this assertion regarding Desiree and Black Guy:

They're not 'authentically' black in the sense that they don't congregate with the majority of their own kind, which is to say: lesser blacks. If they were placed in any ghetto in America, they'd recognize an immediate need to remove themselves from that environment because they understand the intellectual disparity between themselves and the majority of their kith and kin.

If they have ever been branded a Tom or a sellout, this intellectual disparity is where it originated.

Moreover, they both prefer white culture, if not explicitly then implicitly trough action and association. Rhetorically, however, and depending on the social situation, and out of a desire to connect with the majority of their people, a connection they guiltily feel they lack, they will espouse black culture but their espousal will be seen as inauthentic to true ethnic blacks, i.e., the majority of black America.

To reconcile this guilt, rejection and cognitive friction, they'll perform a series of repeating mental exercises in which they'll immerse themselves in black media: e.g., black film, black publication, black television, ect ... however, by and large, this is the extent of their proximity to authentic black culture and their main outlet to exercise their ethnicity.

Intellectually, they know they don't 'fit-in' and their actions and associations reflect that acknowledgement.

They are, indeed, a variant black version of the SWPLs.

Anonymous said...

"They're not 'authentically' black in the sense that they don't congregate with the majority of their own kind, which is to say: lesser blacks."

This is true, however they're endless excuse-making (and blame-shifting) for atrocious black behavior qualifies them as authentically black.

Just like infant children, blacks take responsibility for nothing.

White Guy said...

"This is true, however they're endless excuse-making (and blame-shifting) for atrocious black behavior qualifies them as authentically black."


People like Desiree and Black Guy are not your average ethnic blacks; intellectually, at whatever degree or level of intelligence you may wish to ascribe, they stray many standard deviations away from the mean. If you have actual [experience] with blacks and their culture, the intellectual disparity is obvious and undeniable.

You can identify these types of blacks by their writing ability and speech. They're often branded as 'Toms' or 'house-niggas' by their own kind - again, a social flogging of this nature is the natural consequence of the IQ disparity between them and lesser blacks.

If you were to have a phone conversation with either Desiree or Black Guy, I guarantee, you would guess they were white. If they tried to sound ethnically black, their tones and inflections would be stressed and inauthentic; nothing more than a caricature of the black degeneracy documented on SBPDL.

Desiree and Black Guy have a very natural, understandable and primal need to connect with their kith and kin, despite the censure they both have, undoubtedly, experienced and received from lesser blacks.

Regrettably, excuse-making and blame-shifting are primaries in black ethnic culture so it's logical and natural for them to engage in this unproductive behavior, especially when considering their troubles identifying with the black majority.

As a consequence, they use a variant form of victim-hood because it provides an expedient and direct avenue to the identification they lack with the larger black majority, which, in-turn, provides the [connection] to that larger black community they guiltily feel they lack; however, at least subconsciously, they understand they are being intellectually dishonest.

I would argue, in the case of Desiree and Black Guy, that their excuse-making and blame-shifting are symptoms of their disconnect with authentic black [ethnic] culture - not necessarily a qualification of it.

Anonymous said...

"which, in-turn, provides the [connection] to that larger black community they guiltily feel they lack"

White Guy, I have already said this in many other posts, and black guy and desiree have argued over again that it is not true. I even posted the following rap song/lyrics to prove my point:

All blacks, including the "educated" and "middle-income" blacks keep a soft spot in their hearts for the third-world black ghetto, and will always protect, defend, and nurture it. The black ghetto is not always a place, it is mostly a state of being, but can create distruction of a place. That is why when blacks move to a white neighborhood, the ghetto mentality moves right along with them. It is where they return at Thanksgiving to eat soul food at bigmamas house. It is where their "boyz" still hang on the street corners and barber shop.

Once a black turns his back on the black ghetto, he is shamed, and will certainly lose his "blackness" and his connection to the black "community". It is one of the worst transgressions in the eyes of blacks. Black Guy and Desiree hate ghetto blacks, and hate themselves. They are conflicted about this, and come here to play out some strange racial drama and gain acceptance from whites in secret.

Anonymous said...

That's where I keep my ratchets
Get my instincts and survival tactics
Ain't nuttin like the hood nigga, I don't care
You survivin in the ghetto you can make it anywhere
Gotta love it

-Busta Rhymes "In The Ghetto"

Anonymous said...

Watch some of the Shelby Steele videos about Uncle Toms, House Niggas and Sellouts. These are the wonderful terms that blacks use for other blacks who decide to challenge the idea of "blackness", or to explore their own human individuality.

There is a code of conduct to be followed within the black collective. Blacks will be in serious trouble if white people ever find out that:

1. Blacks cheat the welfare system and use criminal acts to supplement their benefit payments by:
- doubling up in section 8 apartments and letting baby daddies live on the taxpayer's dime
- selling welfare food payments in exchange for cash or drugs
- stealing merchandise from malls and stores and peddle it out of the trunks of cars to make extra cash
- sell bootleg (pirated) CDs and DVDs and other items illegally to make cash
- refusing to report the deaths of relatives and friends and continue to collect welfare payments in the deceased person's name

2. Blacks are FULLY aware of their hatred for whites and the wish for the eventual demise of white people.

3. Blacks are hustlers and need for whites to feel guilty and feel sympathy for them so that they will still pay for blacks to exist

4. Blacks will never admit that they have low IQ and criminal tendencies.

Anonymous said...

- That's where I keep my ratchets
- Get my instincts and survival tactics
- Ain't nuttin like the hood nigga, I don't care
- You survivin in the ghetto you can make it anywhere.

Gotta love it!
-Busta Rhymes "In The Ghetto"

> Ahhahaha, LOL, Now that there is funny! Drop this "hood nigga" in the woods with his "ratchets" and 3 days food and water and he'll be dead in a week.
Hahahaha.... Damn, "bruthas" are so reality-challenged.

Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic blog. What honesty! I imagine this is what intellectual communities were supposed to be like. Thanks for giving a voice to non-black minorities like myself who have always been gobsmacked by the charges of racism from blacks who are without a doubt the most racist people on the face of the earth.